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Kshitij Doval

Kshitij Doval

By Kshitij Doval
Sharing my Learnings and Experiences with no non sense motivational talks; but practical advices as a serial Entrepreneur & Educator in the fields of Entrepreneurship, Closing, Copywriting, Digital Marketing, Advanced Communication, Branding, Career Guidance, Life Coaching & many more...
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Politicians need Personal Branding ASAP!
What a productive day today! All tasks done on time but I think it'll get even better now that I have an assistant to help me out. I spoke about personal branding for politicians, importance of staying productive and a great interview I had with Shivanshi, a student at the Business Acceleration Program. I did an interview with her. The YouTube video will be out soon!
May 21, 2021
My Personal Branding team Impressed me today
My team Impressed me today by understanding the Target Group so well. Didn't anticipate that. Social platform now requires some funding, so started making my list and roadmap to funding begins.
May 20, 2021
Learn from Freddie Mercury - The biggest mistake which stops musical artists from becoming famous!
The first half of the podcast talks about the update on the social networking platform and the team meetings with my personal branding clients team. While, the second half of the podcast talks about how musical artists can learn about personal branding from the personal branding icon - Freddie Mercury. I'm explaining further about the post that I posted about.
May 20, 2021
Teams ready to Execute and a terrible loss at the end of the day
The social networking website is ready with it's wireframe. The personal branding strategic meeting ended with a strong plan of action. Got a wonderful support from my friends about the social networking website. At the end of the day, got a terrible news of losing my dear friend and business partner, Anuj Ratnam due to Covid19.
May 18, 2021
Every problem shows an opportunity for Entrepreneurs
In this episode, I've shared my experience of 17th May, 2021. Tough times due to Covid but how I've taken it up as a challenge to build up 2 business of models in my 2 ventures. Enjoy and stay productive!
May 17, 2021
Work to get out of the "So called" Depression
We all have low phases in life but it is not fair to call it depression. It reduces the severity of the ones actually going through depression. Those lows in life can be fixed through the steps as mentioned in this podcast. Enjoy!
January 8, 2021
Hack for Freshers to Land Clients
How can you show a company your work if you're a fresher? If you're a fresher, there are two techniques. If the company is looking to hire a fresher, in that case, it makes sense to go out there and tell them what has made you enthusiastic about what you're doing. If you do this, it can help you. The second thing which is the most important is that you’ll have leverage. this means that you’ll have an advantage. What you can do here is you can go to agencies or freelancers and make sure that you're able to show a task that you have done there to land a client. This can be only a one-time thing. Once you have generated the results from this client, you’ll be able to have that initial thrust needed to kick start your career. What's your take on this? Mention down in the comment section below!
October 27, 2020
How To Become An Advertising Legend
In today's podcast of mine, you’ll be seeing a knowledge-filled conversation between Srijan Bhardwaj and me. A lot can be learned from this fruit-bearing conversation. We covered a lot of topics. How should an ad time slot be decided? This depends. If you're using Google, you should focus on two windows for 4 hours. This could be for instance, from 9 am to 1 pm to 5 pm to 9 pm. Use the timing where your audience is most active. You should ensure that you have a good amount of marketing stamina. Most companies that tend to have lower marketing stamina, fall first. Focus on creating different and creative types of ads that would help keep your consumers hooked. What's your take on this? Mention down in the comment section below!
October 20, 2020
The Power of your Subconscious Mind
How can we control and get a grip on our subconscious mind for good mental health and stability? Kashesh has an inspirational story to tell us! It was the year 2018, and my husband was traveling to Vietnam. That same year I was diagnosed with dengue. I remember the fever was not going away. Once your physical health is down, everything starts to feel gloomy and low. This fever was there for about three weeks and I was fed up with everything. My condition was so bad that I couldn’t get p and even walk. I came across this book about the power of your subconscious mind. There was a prayer in that book, and when I read it, I felt a lot of divine energy that flowed through my veins and blood. I took my phone and went down for a jog. That book has the power to shift your mindset, and I have experienced it myself. What's your take on this? Have you gone through anything like this? Mention down in the comment section below!
October 13, 2020
My Untold Story
"YOUR TRUE EVOLUTION HAPPENS WHEN YOU ARE NOT AFRAID OF FAILING" Hi, I'm Kshitij Doval, an Entrepreneur at heart and Managing Director of Sales for Brands: A sales-focused Creative Online Marketing Agency, where we build brands while meeting your Sales needs. I'm a Growth Hacker by profession, specializing in getting you results using Video Sales Funnels & Copywriting. Understanding & Solving your Core Business Problems and helping Business owners reach closer to their Vision is something that I'm a natural at. When we start, you can expect me to do a thorough analysis of your Customers, their core needs and then highlight your product/service as a necessity to have for them, through powerful Video Sales Funnels and persuasive Copywriting. I am an Entrepreneur myself, thus understand the importance of Results and not just bland promises that most agencies out there promise, about getting you Irrelevant Reach and Leads. Me my clients work together as interim partners, set quantifiable goals, and then surpass them with proactive actions.
October 9, 2020
How to Become an E-Commerce Expert
EP. 5 - THE DOVAL TALK: This time, we had Nishkarsh Sharma. It was an absolutely fantastic session where we discussed various opportunities in the E-commerce industry. Nishkarsh shared some interesting insights about his journey and how he generated 4 Million in E-commerce sales. We had a Q&A round where we took questions from our viewers and helped them get a better understanding of the topic. We also had a Rapid fire round and a lot of fun in between. It was overall a value-packed session with lots of fun.
October 6, 2020
Q&A With my Students
I recently asked my students (on Instagram) to put their questions regarding the topic called Growth Hacking and they have asked some really interesting ones, which I would love to take and answer one by one. I feel delighted seeing them growing and coming up with more specific and better quality questions each time. This shows that you guys are working towards your goals and are concerned about your bright future. Shoutout to Karminder, Sudhakar, Sufiyan, Poetry zone, Ananya, and Hitesh for these questions. I think I should do it more often. This way, not only you guys will learn more but I would also learn more about you.
October 2, 2020
The Ideal Resume
Let us talk about how to come up with a bomb resume that would help you crack your interview and get that job! 1- Always remember to add a picture of yourself. Doing this helps create a good first impression, and it helps them identify you. 2- Design it. You need to b able to design it well. Your resume could have a lot of skills about yourself, but the cherry on top would be a well designed classy resume. Based on the industry you aim at working in, you can play around with colors and come up with something creative. 3- Talk about the experience you've gained at your previous abs or internships and talk about your RESULTS. 4- Talk about your certifications. Speak about what knowledge you gained and learned. 5- The final game-changer HACK. Go to various job websites and see the job roles and responsibilities that they expect from you and add them to your resume if you've done it. Customize your resume for the companies you plan on joining. What other resume hacks do you use? Mention down in the comment section below!
September 29, 2020
The Concept of Legacies
Building a legacy. This means that someone has worked hard so that their offsprings can carry over their legacy in the future. You may be the best, but someone may want to continue their legacy and since you aren’t their blood, they won't select you. At the end of the day, it is the choice of the owner. There may be people who disagree with it but it is the choice of the owners at the end of the day. There are tons of talented people out there to handle Jio for instance — probably even more than the Ambanis. However, it’s all about the legacies, and its something we all must respect and accept. What is your take on this? Mention down in the comment section below!
September 26, 2020
How to Handle Setbacks
This was a part of my amazing conversation with Kashesh Chhabbria who is a Karam veer chakra awardee and a mental health coach. Setbacks are often taken as a negative thing but when you look at it for the long term, they always turn out to be a blessing. All the great achievers see their setbacks as a blessing because they think if setbacks were not there then they might not have achieved what they achieved.
September 22, 2020
Getting Selected at HCL
When I went for my HCL interview, I remember that I was not even on the list. I had a CGPA of 5.88 that is not much, and HCL had a cut off of 6! Those who were not on the list gave up. However, I, on the other hand, did not, and I stepped inside the room of the interviewer. I was the only person below a CGPA of 6 who actually sat down for the placement interview. "What is the worst that could happen?" I thought to myself. At most, they would tell me to not sit for the interview. It is all about being daring and confident. Don't let go of any opportunity. None of us want to grow old and look back at life thinking "this is what we could have done". What is the most daring and confident thing you've done? Mention down in the comment section below!
September 18, 2020
Dealing with Indecisive People
There are lots of indecisive people around you. This is the biggest trait of a mediocre person. It is important to be able to take quick and efficient decisions on time. If you can’t, you will be crushed by your competition. Learn how to be confident and decisive. If you're surrounded by indecisive people it can be difficult for you to succeed because they won’t give you a chance to grow. Listen to the full podcast to understand the thought process of an Indecisive person!
September 15, 2020
How to do Salary Negotiation?
How to do salary negotiation? In today's podcast, ill be talking briefly about how to do salary negotiation and how to play it smart! When working in a small company, you have a larger role. Thus you play a comparatively larger role in that company that you would not get in a big firm. For instance, if you contribute largely to the company by performing a task very well with commitment, you are highly likely to get a bonus or a certain percentage of the profit made by the task you carried out. It is easier to build a good reputation in a smaller company and go up the stairs. Moreover, smaller companies give you a more realistic insight as to how businesses work and the actual hardworking needed to make it successful. So, always remember, doing well in a company would give you more leverage to negotiate your salary. Be hard-working, skillful, and be committed. How do you negotiate?
September 11, 2020
Meme Marketing
There are several memes that are doing extremely well these days, and they are a great way of marketing your product or service. Its the perfect way to be able to grasp the attention of your consumers with something that they can relate to on a personal level. Meme marketing is blazing! It's hard to find people to find those that have the ideal creative mindset. Go fetch out those people, and they will find the perfect way to be able to connect your brand to your consumers using the perfect strategies!
September 8, 2020
Meaning of Life
People with scientific minds have a very unfair definition of 'the meaning of life'. Most of them believe that we happen by mistake and our existence is nothing more than the existence of any other creature on the planet. Here, I have spokenabout what I feel adds value to our lives and make our lives meaningful. Do hear it till the end as I've shared some really good insights with real life examples to make it more relatable. This was taken from one of my live interactive classes of communication masterclass that happen every week.
September 2, 2020
Industries Booming & Failing during Covid
Covid-19 has not only impacted lives but also industries and economies. The world's superpowers have knelt before this tiny, invisible virus. A lot of well-performing industries have been badly hit. Big Tycoons are dissolving with each passing day. However, every adverse situation has a flip side to it and something good will surely come out of this all. Industries that have not shown considerable growth in the recent past or which are ripe to flourish in the next 5-10 years are doing extremely well now. In this podcast, I have spoken about the businesses that are doing well and the businesses that have been hit by this.
September 1, 2020
9 Hacks to make more sales with Affiliate Marketing
Mastering Copywriting Program link - What is affiliate marketing? -Selling third parties products or services How to get more affiliate sales? -Identify the right target population -Set a target and make sure that you reach that target regularly 4 Tools that aid in affiliation -WhatsApp broadcast messages -Instagram platform : Put up some polls, a quiz maybe. - Put up eye-catching posts on LinkedIn -Engage with the people who comment on your youtube posts. *BELIEVE IN YOUR PRODUCT* -This will create an effective impact on the people to whom you are marketing. 80% of your content should provide value and 20% should be persuasion. Consistency and discipline are a must. DO NOT cut yourself any slack. What would be your strategy for affiliate marketing?
August 27, 2020
Lakshya: A poem on Ambition recited by Kshitij Doval. Original poet, "Major Gunananda Doval"
This poem was recited to me by my great grandfather, Major Gunananda Doval, back in 2004, when I was 9yrs old. This poem is like a magic spell for me. Helps me concentrate and focus on my goals & ambitions whenever I lose my path.
April 17, 2020
"Messiah" Part 3/3 - Xzy and the Legion of Al Takfir
The soldier faces finally has a face off with the mighty Captain Thaar while the old grandpa is the next one to die.
April 17, 2020
"Messiah" Part 2/3 - Xzy and the Legion of Al Takfir
Arun and the soldier have a talk about the Arths & the Al Takfirs.
April 15, 2020
"Messiah" Part 1/3 - Xzy and the Legion of Al Takfir
The village of Purukul is hijacked by the militants of the terrorist organisation "Al Takfir"; under the leadership of Captain Thaar. The village is in fear as the 35 Al Takfir men, torture the people of this once peaceful village. A soldier is rescued by an old man and his young grandson, as the only hope to save the village from this mayhem.
April 14, 2020
Correlation of Fitness & Success | The Doval Talk S01E02
In this episode, we have Chaitanya Bhutani, a Certified Fitness Expert and an old school friend, who I bumped into after 10 years; thanks to his regular Instagram content. This Podcast will talk about several practical things that will certainly give you the right push to start our fitness journey, right from today! Feel the video is too long? Here are some highlights of this Podcast: 1. Introduction of Chaitanya Bhutani 2. Chaitanya's Fitness Journey 3. Trip to Dubai 4. Busting the Frauds in Fitness Industry 5. Diet Plans are Rubbish 6. Why you should spend money on your Fitness 7. Advice to Beginners, starting their Fitness Journey 8. Correlation of Fitness & Success 9. The Power of Habit & Discipline 10. Are Food Cravings Bad? 11. Should you absolutely quit Smoking or Alcohol? 12. Entertainment is a Necessity today 13. Two Friends having some fun! Follow me on Instagram (for my moment to moment updates): Follow me on Linked In (for my professional write ups & articles): Follow Chaitanya on Instagram: Follow Chaitanya on YouTube:
February 24, 2020
Running a Restaurant, Cafe or Hotel Business [Hospitality Special] | The Doval Talk S01E01 Podcast
If you're planning to start your own Restaurant, Cafe, Hotel Chain or Resort, this podcast is for you! Watch this exclusive chat of Kshitij Doval, Founder of Unhu with Mr. Sandeep Sahni, Chairman, Brentwood Group of Hotels.
February 15, 2020
How to set your life goals and make money?
In the first podcast by me - Kshitij Doval, Founder & CEO of Unhu; I will be starting by talking about why listening to my podcasts is a good idea. This simple change in lifestyle can impact how you think and make you truly happy and aligned to your personal and professional goals. I will be giving a simple hack to help set your goals in life. Making money plays an important part in anyone's goals. How to make money and the simplicity of it is something else that we will be covering in this podcast. So tune in and get ready to pump yourself up with positivity, practicality and focus.
August 25, 2019