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Dover Court News

Dover Court News

By Dover Court Int. School
Welcome to Dover Court News, where we share the latest updates from the Senior Leadership team to events happening in Dover Court International School.
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Dover Diaries Episode 1 - Interview with Abie Longstaff, Author

Dover Court News

Dover Diaries Episode 1 - Interview with Abie Longstaff, Author

Dover Court News

PE Podcast Ep 2 - Interview with Mr Stephen Bates by Zach, Albert and Griffin, Year 6
On this week’s episode, we had a special parent guest, Mr Stephen Bates who joined Zach, Albert and Griffin to talk all about his sporting experiences from when he was at school to now as an adult. Stephen shares his motto of ‘Healthy body, healthy mind’ with the boys and other great ways to stay active as a family.
May 10, 2021
PE Podcast Ep 1 - PE and Sport at DCIS with Clara, Lexi and Sophie, Year 5
Dover Court talks all things PE and sport. With different hosts each podcast, students discuss how to stay active, who has inspired them to get involved, alongside opportunities that are on offer at Dover Court.
May 6, 2021
Everything Music Podcast - Ep 1 A Highland Fling
To wrap up a great year in music we are delivering a unit on Podcasting with Key Stage 3. In preparation for this, Ms Mackintosh kindly offered 20mins of her time to talk about Everything Music in her life. The students will be listening to this as a model for their learning and as a source of inspiration.
May 6, 2021
Parent Workshop - The Importance of Sleep by Mr Hugh Lindsay, Secondary School Psychologist Teacher
A short workshop exploring the importance of sleep. It will cover the negative effects of a bad sleep routine for adults and children. Advice on how much sleep is necessary for you and your child as well as some simple changes that can improve the quality and length of sleep for you and your child leading to a healthier life style.
November 12, 2020
Dover Diaries Episode 4 - Interview with Mr Christopher Short, DCIS Principal
In this 4th episode of the Dover Diaries, Joseph from Year 8 interviews Mr Christopher Short about him leaving Dover Court International School.
June 22, 2020
Week Beginning 15 June 2020 - Christopher Short, DCIS Principal
Dear DCIS Parents, We had a delightful Year 13 Graduation ceremony on Tuesday in Cooper Hall. It was lovely to see the students back on the campus and to celebrate their hard work over the last two years. Some of the cohort have been at Dover Court for a number of years, 8 years being the longest. This group now go onto Higher Education in a number of countries around the world, National Service or a gap year. After their celebration assembly last week Year 11 came in small groups on Friday afternoon for a face to face celebration in the Red Dot restaurant. Most students are returning for the IB Diploma or BTEC but a few are moving on to other parts of the World for their pre-university studies. We look forward to receiving both sets of results in July (IBDP) and August (GCSE). Thank you to all parents for their patience and cooperation at the start and the end of the day. The changes in the car pick up have improved the time for this to happen by 10 minutes. The separate pick up for Nursery and Reception children is working well and we would encourage parents of these younger children to use this facility. I know parking around the area is difficult with the Polytechnic Car Park still out of use. We have had reports of residents getting annoyed with our families so please ensure you are parked legally. We’d be grateful if parents waiting for the pedestrian pick up remember the safe distancing rules. As you will have seen in the news, the last couple of weeks have seen disturbances across the world as a result of the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. We have a hugely diverse community at DCIS which I think gives us a head start in the important discussion on the strength of diversity in society but it is still an issue to acknowledge, educate and discuss. The issues raised are important ones and ones that can and must be discussed in age appropriate ways. I was in two Year 8 classes last week helping to judge their abolition of slavery presentations. The timing fitted perfectly as our young people put forward reasoned and powerful arguments aimed at a 19th century audience but perfectly relevant, sadly, today. I was moved by the story of Patrick Hutchinson who carried one of the injured counter protesters to safety over the weekend – I would honestly hope that this would be the reaction of any of us, peacefully but passionately make your point but rush to protect someone who doesn’t agree with you but is in physical danger. As the school year draws to an end I’d like to share some information on staff and other changes for the new academic year. As you can imagine it is a very strange time for all members of our community especially those leaving. Due to the current restrictions we won’t be able to say goodbye in person to all staff and students who are leaving us. The updates for the next academic year can be found in the Week Beginning email. Preliminary details of our Summer Camps are also atatched in today's email. Because of the Circuit Breaker we need approval from the CPE which we are still awaiting – we will update you once we have this. A few parents have been contacted by the MOH following the QOs in March/April. If you are concerned about the legitimacy of the caller please contact the MOH helpline on 1800 333 9999. There is a study on antibodies that we are aware of – my son participated in this study and we know they are still looking for volunteers.
June 15, 2020
Week Beginning 8 June 2020 - Christopher Short, DCIS Principal
Dear DCIS Parents, By the end of the week all of our students will have had the chance to be back on the campus. Both last Tuesday and today we noticed a quietness from students as they got used to be back in school and wearing a face mask or face shield. The good news is that the chatter and confidence increased through last week and I’m sure this week will be the same. We had a delightful Year 11 celebration assembly on Friday led by Mr Tuckley. It was a lovely way to celebrate a milestone in their education as they finish GCSEs and prepare for the next step on their educational journey. We look forward to welcoming the majority back to the IB Diploma Programme or BTEC at DCIS, come August. Because of the regulations this had to be done virtually but that didn’t dampen the celebratory nature of the event. Tomorrow is our Year 13 Graduation. With the smaller number of students in the cohort, we are able to hold this in school but without the families present so we will livestream the event for them. It was meant to be one of the first events to be held in the newly renovated Eden Hall, the British High Commissioner’s residence. Apart from the word Hall there is not much in common between Cooper Hall and Eden Hall but we will ensure our graduating class have a great event to remember the extremely odd end to their time at school. We will have information out on our summer camp activities this week. These are dependent upon Singapore moving to phase 2 of the Circuit Breaker easing. I am delighted to tell you about an initiative that Nord Anglia Education is undertaking globally, to make sure that we learn from what has happened during the COVID-19 pandemic; that we listen carefully to the views of parents as we develop our NAE education strategy going forward; and that we make sure that, as we aim to integrate new skills and methods into our teaching, these align with the attitudes and aspirations of parents and students. We have therefore collaborated with the Center for Universal Education at the Brookings Institution to learn about parents' beliefs about their children's education globally. The first stage of this is a global survey, which we would like to be completed by as many parents as possible. May I reassure you that your answers are anonymous and do not identify your individual school but will of course be collated to compare the results from Nord Anglia Education as a whole with the global study. Please follow this link to complete this survey by June 19th, which takes approximately 15 minutes to complete and consists of 31 questions: Your study participation will help us better understand what parents believe makes for a good quality education for their children.
June 8, 2020
Week Beginning 1 June 2020 - Christopher Short, DCIS Principal
Dear DCIS Parents, We have had a very successful four days back on the campus with a small number of our Year 10, Year 12 and Pathway 4 children. It is delightful to see the campus back to its intended use and I am grateful to our cleaning contractors and our facility staff for working so hard to make the campus ready for our main return tomorrow. Thank you to all Secondary students who participated in the Endurance House Challenge, the form to register your distance is open until tomorrow noon. Year 6 enjoyed their third Year 7 transition day which, while a very different format, gave the Year 6 children an authentic introduction of their life in Secondary School. We held our second online Parents Evening last week as well. Some elements of the arrangements we have had to make over the last 2 months may turn out to be improvements and Parents’ Evenings may be one of these. We have had some inspirational creativity over the last few weeks and much of it is shared on our Facebook and Instagram page. The online On the Dot and At the Splat music recitals (except possibly one guitar concert by me!) have been fantastic. The big choir performance, with over 90 of our Key Stage 2 students signing as a choir is really worth looking at. The Secondary Drama Department held their first ever Virtual Drama Festival. A lot has changed since we last had students and staff on the campus. When we started temperature checking back in February we had a long conversation about how our youngest students would feel about this. Within a week we had children lifted their fringe to speed up the process. Mask wearing has gone from an activity that was not encouraged by the Government to one that is now mandatory. Again this seemed very strange at first but now, a few short weeks in seems second nature. Safe Distancing outside of schools was just being introduced as we stopped being in school and now it is the norm and the new phrase on everyone’s lips. The only parallel I can think of is the way we now wouldn’t ever think of setting off in a car without our seat belt on whereas only a few years ago seat belt wearing was still patchy and not ingrained in our way of thinking. The DCIS community has been through the challenges of QO or self-isolation then straight into a holiday as the Circuit Breaker started and on into the challenges of learning and working at home. We’re not quite back to normal but it is a good step in the right direction and I know staff can’t wait to see their classes either tomorrow or next Monday. The Senior Leadership Team of the school filmed their version of Rudyard Kipling’s poem If. Elements of the poem are now quite dated but the message is as true now as it was when Kipling wrote the poem over 120 years ago. There are some significant differences to the way we are obliged to manage the campus over the next four weeks so I would be grateful for the support of all parents. One key difference is that we are not allowed any parents on site at all. Parents will need to drop their children off and pick them up as indicated in the guides sent our last week. Parents dropping their children or picking them up by car must not leave their car. Please do not be offended if one of our staff reminds of this! We look forward to welcoming more students onto the campus tomorrow.
June 1, 2020
Dover Diaries Episode 3 - Interview with Simon Mann, incoming DCIS Principal
In this third podcast of our Dover Diaries series, Ayush from Year 7 interviews Mr Simon Mann, DCIS incoming Principal.
June 1, 2020
Family Wellbeing Series Webinar - Adolescents are Special by Ms Wigford
This webinar explores the particular needs of adolescents and how families can work together to help everyone get through these challenging times. This webinar was recorded on Wednesday 27th May 2020 at  8.00pm.
May 28, 2020
Family Wellbeing Webinar Series - The Emotional Rollercoaster by Angie Wigford
This webinar will explore the emotional experiences that have been brought about by the circuit breaker restrictions, the expectations of DOT and the general uncertainty that is prevalent right now. It will discuss approaches to helping oneself and helping each other through identifying, understanding and learning about controlling emotional responses.
May 21, 2020
Week Beginning 18 May 2020 - Christopher Short, DCIS Principal
Dear DCIS Parents, Many thanks to those who completed the second DOT questionnaire over the weekend. We are processing the results and will share them with you later in the week. Following my letter on the annual update of the contract I had a couple of questions around the removal of the vaccination clause. We still require children to have up to date vaccinations and require documentation on admission. However we aren’t able to reliably track children’s vaccinations against the Singapore standard as our families come from a wide variety of countries that all have their own vaccination schedule. We removed it from the contract to be clear on what we can require from families - essentially we didn’t want to be suggesting something we couldn’t deliver. Basic vaccinations are now also required for DP applications which also gives further cover. I also had a couple of questions around the Force Majeure clause. This is not a new clause, we are just making it clearer how we would deal with a Force Majeure in the future. I think this clarification will appear in a few contracts and terms & conditions in the coming months in a variety of areas. Condos, for example, will make it clear on when the use of shared facilities are suspended. Many thanks to all the parents who have returned their contract already. We received notice late last week about applying for dispensation to have specific groups of students in before the end of the Circuit Breaker - essentially those who are following courses leading to external examinations and those with specific learning needs (Pathway 4). We are currently finalising a plan that will allow us to have small groups of students on campus within the guidelines issued and we will contact parents in those classes once we have permission to do so. If permission is granted this will be after our long weekend. As you can imagine, although we have yet to receive formal guidance, we are also preparing for the main return to school after the end of the circuit breaker. Once this is confirmed we will be in contact with all parents.  Many thanks to those families who contributed to our Diversity Day video on Friday. It was a lovely exposition of the diversity we have within the Dover Court community. Have a great week. A reminder that we have a long weekend on Monday and Tuesday next weekend.
May 18, 2020
Into the Woods by Harriet, DCIS Year 6
We are extremely proud of our Year 6 student Harriet who was a runner-up in this year's FOBISIA Short Story Competition. She was alone. Trudging through thick snow, each step she took she could hear the crunching of snowflakes beneath her ice cold feet. Her breath was a wispy white smoke, the kind you would imagine a dragon to breath. The branches of the trees around her were twisted, climbing high above the ground, the roots firmly anchored, spreading across the ground like a spider's web. An ear splitting bang grabbed her attention. She felt afraid but her curiosity got the better of her and she ran towards it. A tree lay dead and snapped in half, she climbed over the slowly rotting, splintered wood that lay scattered on the ground. She reached a clearing in the forest with a strangely engraved stone arch in the centre. “Protect yourself before it gets you” she read aloud. “What does that mean? Before it gets you? Before what gets you?” She mumbled to herself. A strong gust of wind hit her. She started to frantically look around “ before what gets me?” she screamed. This time she got a reply. A cold, raspy voice whispered in her ear, “me”. The blood drained from her face. She ran. Faster than she’d ever run before, then she tripped. The voice let out a laugh “look around you, look at what you just tripped over!” She looked down at the frozen body of a boy. He blinked and mouthed the words ‘help’. She screamed as she saw hundreds of other frozen bodies strewn across the ground. “Who are you?” she shrieked. The voice replied “I've been watching you, in fact I brought you here. Did you find those trees luring you in? And that bang, did that make you want to investigate?” she paused for a while. “ Yes” she replied, “but that stone, why didn't you freeze whoever wrote that?” “That is the last time someone was able to finish my little game. You see the date on there? That's right, 1824. If you can win my game, you will set all these people free, if you lose you are stuck here.” His laugh made the hairs on her neck stand on end. “I'll play.” “ The game is What am I? Here are the clues but listen carefully, I will not repeat. I am light in color but dark inside, I'm ice cold, a million years old, the forest is where I lie. You have exactly two minutes to answer” “Dark in my soul, light in colour, a million years old…” Sarah trailed off. She frantically tried to patch together the clues. Sarah could feel panic rising within her and hear her pulse, louder than ever. She could feel the foul beasts excitement growing. Then something clicked “You're a ghost!” she shouted. The voice shrieked like nothing Sarah had ever heard before. Then she saw it, a pale figure just visible. She turned her head in fear, he was young, maybe in his teens she thought, but this did nothing to diminish the terror when she looked into his face, contorted in rage. He looked like he was fighting against some bonds, perhaps bound by the rules of the game, but still trying to reach out and claw at her as he faded into the gloom. She was surrounded, lifted gently by strangers and embraced. Nearly 200 years of victims freed from their frozen state. She felt bewildered, confused but elated. She worked her way through the crowd surrounding her and set off to the safety of home, hundreds of freed souls trailing behind her. The ghost watched from the shadows, angry, furious, but he would start his collection of frozen souls again, as he had so many times before.
May 15, 2020
Family Wellbeing Webinar Series - Family Coping by Ms Wigford
This webinar explores what individuals and families are having to cope with and how they might expand their coping strategies to help with their situation. Families Coping with the Curcuit Breaker and DOT Date: Wednesday 13th May Time: 8.00pm
May 15, 2020
Week Beginning 11 May 2020 - Christopher Short, DCIS Principal
Dear DCIS Parents, Many thanks to those of you who joined us this morning for the first of our forums on the DOT Plan. We started with EYFS and received some lovely feedback on the work teachers are doing and some great suggestions on how we can make the process easier for families, with the universal acknowledgment of the role parents need to play, especially with younger children. The forums continue this week for those who have signed up and we will send out a further questionnaire for all parents on Friday. We know that DOT can’t replace the full classroom based experience but we also know that our dedicated team of teachers will help bridge this current period of time and ensure children continue their progress over the coming months so that doesn’t impact on their continued development in any area of the curriculum. I have really enjoyed joining a variety of Zoom sessions over the last few days and seeing the enthusiasm shown by children in this challenging situation. A few of the other International School Heads and myself have been in contact with CPE about the possibility of small groups of students being back in the school next week. We have yet to receive any official guidance but I will update you once I do. Congratulations to Harriet in Year 6 who was Runner Up in the recent FOBISIA Short Story Competition with her story "In to the Woods". The registration for the Secondary Drama Festival is now closed and we look forward to seeing the entries during the Virtual Drama Festival later this month. On Friday we will celebrate Diversity Day, if you haven't submitted your poster there is still time. Please email our Communications Team, who are helping us compiling the material, by Wednesday the latest: I hope you have a good week.
May 11, 2020
Week Beginning 27 April 2020 - Christopher Short, DCIS Principal
Dear Parents, Many thanks to all of you who participated in our Well-being and DOT questionnaire over the weekend. We are currently analysing the results and will use this to keep making improvements to our virtual schooling. Our Virtual Book Day was a great success last week, many thanks to parents who sent in photos that we have shared in our Social Media posts. Thank you to our staff who read for classes or videoed themselves. I am also grateful for the general DOT videos and photos you have shared with us. It is lovely to see all the activities and learning going on. Wednesday is World Dance Day so please look out for our compilation of the dance activities across the Primary School. There may even be a cameo from a certain School Principal! Friday is a public holiday so please enjoy the long weekend as best you can within the Circuit Breaker regulations. The holy month of Ramadan started last week so Ramadan Kareem to all Muslim members of the Dover Court community. Finally, a huge thank you to all the families who were involved in the video sent to staff over the weekend. I have talked before about the strength of community shown within Dover Court especially over the last 5 weeks and even emails sent to me where someone doesn’t agree with a message I have sent out (it does happen!) are always very polite and respectful – given the stress and uncertainty at the moment I would understand the odd rant. The video really lifted our spirits as a staff body. As you can imagine we are all going through the same pressures and uncertainties as our families. Have a great week.
April 27, 2020
Week Beginning 16th March 2020 - Christopher Short, DCIS Principal
Dear DCIS Parents, We have entered another unusual week in our school. As you have read in my email sent out earlier today we have cancelled all overseas school trips for the rest of the academic year. It is never fun to disappoint children, but I am very proud of how well our students are taking the news. We have some very wise and understanding children in our school. I would also like to confirm that the Parenting Teen Workshop that was due to take place tomorrow has been cancelled, as well as the Year 3 Residential Trip Meeting. The Year 12: University Destination Workshop is still scheduled to go ahead tomorrow, 17th March, 8.15am, in The Lounge. The Secondary Environmental Committee are collecting clean, reusable cloth bags for an up-cycling project.  Any donations can be dropped off outside the School Reception between 8.00 and 8.30am this week. They are also selling bamboo straws in the Red Dot, this sale is open to all Secondary students. The straws cost $2 and the money will go towards inviting an environmental speaker.  On Friday we will be celebrating World Down Syndrome Day and we invite all students to get their silly socks on! The message this year, that will also be discussed in our older classes, is ‘We Decide’, acknowledging “All people with Down syndrome should have full participation in decision making about matters relating to or affecting their lives. Effective and meaningful participation is a core human rights principle supported by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD).”  Finally a message from our Medical Centre: Please ensure that all medications that are sent to school are in the original packaging, with the name of the clinic/doctor, student name and the dosage clearly shown. Our school nurses are not able to administer medication that is not in the original package. Have a great week ahead.
March 16, 2020
Parent Workshop - Introduction to IBDP and BTEC
What is the IB Diploma? ▪ A challenging and balanced programme of education designed for secondary school students aged 16 to 19. ▪ The programme has earned a reputation for rigorous assessment, giving IB diploma holders access to over 2000 of the world’s leading universities and preparing them for success in further studies and life beyond. ▪ The programme is a comprehensive two-year international curriculum that is taught through a variety of languages in over 140 countries. The Diploma Programme incorporates the best elements of multiple national systems, without being based on any one. BTEC Level 2 Vocational Programme The IB Diploma is challenging and not appropriate or accessible to all learners. From August 2020 we are pleased to be able to introduce our new programme. • Two-year full time programme of study: ❖ BTEC Level 2 Diploma in Business (equivalent to 4 GCSEs) ❖ Study to support Employability ❖ Functional qualifications for English, Math and ICT ❖ Opportunity to resit GCSEs as appropriate ❖ To include work experience and vocational opportunities ❖ Be part of IB CAS programme • Students will be taught as one class with Ms Pattie responsible for pastoral care and the vocational qualification, with specialist teaching in other curriculum areas.
March 11, 2020
Dover Diaries Episode 2 - Interview with Carla Hyland, Deputy Head of Secondary School, and David Burren, Deputy Head - Inclusion
In this second episode of the Dover Diaries podcast, we interviewed Carla Hyland, Deputy Head of Secondary School, and David Burren, Deputy Head - Inclusion regarding the BTEC International Level 2 in Business programme recently introduced in Dover Court International School.
March 11, 2020
Week Beginning 9th March 2020 - Christopher Short, DCIS Principal
Dear DCIS Parents, Our Year 13 students are half way through their IB Mocks, it is extremely exciting that our second cohort of IB students will graduate later this year. For those interested in our Sixth Form, Years 12-13, the IBDP/BTEC Parent Workshop will take place tomorrow, 10th March, 8.45-9.30am in Cooper Hall, we look forward to welcoming all who registered for this event. This week is British Science Week and the Science Department have created an exciting program of lunch time workshops for our Secondary students. Students interested in participating should see their science teacher to find out more. I have been extremely impressed by the resilience of our students during these unusual past few weeks, with trips and sports fixtures being cancelled and assemblies being run without parents in the audience. On Friday our students in the primary school performed two wonderful assemblies, our children in Reception taught us all about Holi and our students in Year 4 shared what they had learned through their IPC topic, Temples, Tombs and Treasures. We are very proud of how well they all did on stage. I was delighted to attend and participate in a tree planting ceremony led by our Year 4 students, it was wonderful to be part of such a meaningful event with such passionate global citizens. Have a great week, and as always, please get in touch if you have any questions.
March 9, 2020
Week Beginning 2nd March 2020 - Christopher Short, DCIS Principal
Dear DCIS Parents, The DCA Quiz Night on Friday was a great success, even though my team was defeated by most of the parent teams. Thank you to the DCA for another well organised event and thank you to Victus for hosting us at Mason's Table. A special thanks to our Quizmaster, John Fox. I would also like to thank those who attended 'A Coffee with David Burren' this morning. We understand that these events are much appreciated and it is something that we will try to do regularly. Our Year 13 students have started their IB Mocks today, a very important part of the preparation for their final exams in Term 3. We wish them the best of luck and thank the Dover Court community in advance for respecting their need of a quiet environment around C-block. As you are aware, we have unfortunately had to cancel and reschedule many events this term, this includes the Pre-teen Parenting Workshop that was due to take place tomorrow, 3rd March. The Year 8 Parent Teacher Conferences will go ahead on Wednesday, 4th March. Please note that we will check temperatures of parents upon arrival and will have hand sanitiser available to use. We also request that only one parent attends the conferences with the student, as this will greatly reduce the number of people on site. The Parent attending must submit a signed Travel Declaration Form, which was sent out today by Mrs Hyland, or it can be filled in on arrival at the school. The Primary Parent Teacher Conference booking email for the meetings on the 16th and 17th March was sent out today. If you have any issues signing up, please contact Mrs Sheila Abdul. Have a great week, and as always, please get in touch if you have any questions.
March 2, 2020
Week Beginning 24th February 2020 - Christopher Short, DCIS Principal
Dear DCIS Parents, 
Welcome back, I hope that you had a lovely break. As I wrote in my email yesterday, we are restarting the ECAs today, something that I know our students are very happy about. We are also looking at options to reschedule postponed events, we will keep you updated. 

The Global Campus Visual Arts competition is open, the theme this year is the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. To learn more, watch this video created by the Primary Global Campus Champions. A guide on how to access the Global Campus can be found here.

 Thank you to those of you who have already shared your dance videos with us! If you are yet to, please watch the tutorial by Ms Hughes and Mr Liperis and have a go at home. We'd love to see our Dover Court community dancing, so do share any videos with your class teachers. 

I am looking forward to the DCA's Quiz Night this Friday and hope to meet many of you there. The DCA are also planning their Family Movie Night that will take place on Saturday 28th March, the current situation permitting. The form to vote for the movie to be screened is now open and can be found here. 
 Many thanks to all the parents who have completed the new Student Travel Declaration, we ask all families to complete this, one per child, by Friday 28th February. Please note that this is a government requirement. As you know we have previously asked families to fill in Travel Plans on our Google Doc. These have proved very useful as other areas are identified as virus hotspots. As such we would be grateful if families could update the Travel Plans document (click here) as their travel is planned.

 As you may have seen, we have created a Health Advisory page on our website. All school communication regarding the COVID-19 virus can be found there, along with some useful resources. All this can also be found in the Health Advisory folder on the Parent Portal.

 Finally, do watch our hand-wash tutorial together with your children. We have been so impressed with how willing all children are to wash their hands and use the hand sanitisers that are placed around school. 
 Have a great week!

February 24, 2020
Newsletter January and February 2020 - Secondary School Highlights from Mr. Bull
A busy and interesting term for our staff, students and parents; however, I have been impressed by our community’s ‘blitz spirit’ showing stoicism and determination during a difficult time. We kicked off the term back in January with our Progress Review and Target Setting meetings.  Our students have made excellent progress in and out of the classroom in the last term.  I also appreciate parent feedback on the event via our survey which we have already analysed and discussed improvements for next year as a Senior Leadership Team. I would like to congratulate our Year 11 and 13 students on a successful round of mock exams to prepare them for this year’s summer exam period.  We are very impressed by how the students approached them, which bodes extremely well for the summer exams. The DCA organised a Secondary disco which I know our students enjoyed immensely, and it was great to see so many staff and parents volunteering to support these events which couldn’t run without their help. The Year 13 students presented their Extended Essay’s in our annual ‘CoffEE’ morning, which were all very impressive.  They have worked extremely hard, and there were some interesting topics presented and discussed.  Thank you to all the parents that attended and showed their support. On the week beginning 21st January, the DCIS Secondary Art Department organised and ran an Arts Week to celebrate and explore creativity and artmaking in its various forms. The week involved lots of exciting opportunities such as Textile workshops, art industry discussions and printing workshops held by our very talented Artist Teachers. Year 9 GCSE Art students also received an extraordinary opportunity to work with Gill Saul, a visiting artist who worked with them on their current 3D sculpture project. Throughout the week, students were also invited to contribute to the ‘Big Draw’ outside of the DT room, which was also a huge success! We also saw our first ever staff performance on ‘The Spot’ this term.  Students had voted for the members of staff they wanted to sing a selection of student chosen songs in a karaoke-style show in the Red Dot Restaurant with all proceeds going to charity.  Myself, Mr Jury, Mr Mainstone, Mr Lindsay and Mrs Hyland topped the voting and took to the stage today at lunchtime.  Despite our performance, we raised nearly $500 for the Tanzania project.  A big thank you to the staff and Student Leadership team for their support.  I think we can safely say that none of us will be leaving the teaching profession to take up careers in music! As you will understand, there were more things planned for this term that I had hoped to speak of; however, we have all had to adapt and be flexible, given the current situation.  I would personally like to thank our excellent staff and students for their support during these new and challenging times. We hope to be able to re-arrange as many of the events and activities that have had to be postponed this term and will do our best to ensure our students do not miss out. I wish you all a restful and healthy half term.
February 16, 2020
Newsletter January and February 2020 - Primary School Highlights from Mrs Lebihan
It was lovely to see the children back at school after the Christmas break, and also to welcome some new families to the Primary School. I enjoyed meeting many of new families at Orientation Day and also at our more informal coffee morning. Hopefully, all our students are well settled into their routines now and are enjoying being a part of our Dover Court community. Despite having to cancel some events this term, due to the precautions we are taking around the Coronavirus, we have managed to enjoy some fun activities. The Years 3 and 4 swimming galas were a great success and certainly something to splash about! I enjoyed watching some of the races and was astonished at the speed and technique of our swimmers. The atmosphere at the galas couldn’t be beaten and I know the children (and parents!) enjoyed a good cheer. A big thank you (and an equally big cheer!) goes to the PE team and also to the year group teams who supported the smooth running of the day. Our next big event was the Temple Fair which our fantastic Mandarin Team spend many weeks preparing. This was a great way to celebrate Chinese New Year but also to share a range of cultural activities with the children. There was much activity and excitement in the hall and the children had a great time learning new skills and finding out about the festival. A great deal of work goes into an activity such as this so a big thank you goes to the Mandarin Team and also to the parents who gave up their time to support the event. We were delighted the host the children’s author Abie Longstaff this week. Abie presented many workshops across the school to our eager young readers and I know each one was well received. As well as this, our EYFS students enjoyed a series of mystery readers who popped by the share a book and a smile. Thanks to our mystery readers for sharing their passion for reading with the children; we are very grateful for your support. Our two librarians, Ms Rachna and Mrs Smart ensured everything ran smoothly, and we thank them for their preparation and attention to detail! We excitedly introduced ‘At the Splat’ this term. On Tuesday mornings a selected student will perform in our Garden, ‘At the Splat’. In the inaugural event, Kai played New York New York beautifully on the keyboard and this week we watched Haley play Beauty and the Beast on the violin. Any students interested in performing should see their music teacher for an audition. Sadly, we have had to postpone some of our activities this term; this has included our Thailand and Kota residentials for Years 6 and 4. Some of our day trips have also been affected – we know the children have been disappointed and we have been talking to them about this. We will let you know which events we are having to cancel as they come up on the calendar. As you know, we have been recording our class assemblies and sending the link out to parents to watch at home with their children. Although we can invite a limited number of children to watch the assemblies, we will continue to record them for parents. We are delighted that the children have still had the opportunity to perform and develop their presentation skills. As we roll into half term, I hope you all have a relaxing half term break. Safe travels for those heading overseas - please do remember to complete the Travel Declaration form. Rest up everyone, and I look forward to seeing you all back at school after the break. Best wishes.
February 15, 2020
Newsletter January and February 2020 - Letter from the Principal
We have had some lovely activities in this relatively short half term. There was some fantastic sporting success, including a bronze in the U10 Boys’ Football ACSIS finals, a gold in the U14 Boys’ Football and a gold in the U14 Girls’ Netball finals. Amazing results! We held our Year 3 and Year 4 swimming galas which were both hotly contested. Congratulations to Ubin for winning the Year 3 inter-house competition and to Jurong for winning the Year 4 competition. We had some lovely celebrations for Chinese New Year, including our second temple fair, arranged by the DCIS Mandarin department. It was lovely to see our children, all wearing festive clothes, enjoy the traditional activities run by our staff and parent volunteers. The campus looked beautiful, thank you DCA for decorating our school. The DCA also ran the Secondary disco, which was enjoyed by all who attended. As always, we are very grateful for the support of our parent community through the DCA. Our students in the exam years; Years 11 and 13 have successfully completed their mocks and are studying hard for their final exams later this year. A highlight of the IB journey, at least from a teacher’s perspective, is the presentation of the Extended Essays. Our Year 13 cohort shared their work with their peers, teachers and parents during a lovely CoffEE event. There was an amazing spread of topics, from The Fall of Singapore, to Exploring the Mind of Christopher Boone and Rap Music and its Evolution Through Time. The first House Day of this term was a great success. The Primary students had a fun filled day of dancing, whilst the Secondary students had a more reflective day, focusing on the theme Enquiry. We have seen numerous charity initiatives this half term, starting with the big fund raiser for those affected by the Australian bushfires and Indonesian flooding in the first week of term. This was followed by the Year 2 Charity Shops, where the children in Year 2 were selling baked goods and used toys and books to support the Red Cross’ work in Australia and Indonesia. 8MM and 11ML organised a Valentine Day’s Bake Sale, also raising money for the Red Cross and their work. I am very grateful to the Dover Court community for your generosity and willingness to help those in need. The Secondary lunchtime performances ‘On the Spot’ have been a great success this year, we have some incredibly talented students in our school. This has also been seen in the newly introduced Primary version – ‘At the Splat’, where Kai and Haley have set the bar high, with two wonderful performances. The Secondary students travelling to Tanzania to do service work, as part of the Global Campus, have been raising money for their trip through various initiatives. Inspired by the ‘On the Spot’ performances the students ran a charity vote, where teachers with the most votes were invited to participate in a karaoke style show in the Red Dot. Mr Bull, Mrs Hyland, Mr Mainstone, Mr Jury and Mr Lindsay did a much appreciated performance, singing ‘Into the Unknown’ from Frozen and the Backstreet Boys classic, ‘I Want It That Way’. Seldom have we seen such a supportive and enthusiastic audience! This past week we welcomed Abie Longstaff to the school to talk about her life as an author. Abie ran some fantastic workshops with the children in our Primary school, inspiring them all to become writers. Do listen to the interview with her in our podcast! As we had to rearrange a few things due to the current situation, I was honoured to be chosen to stand in as the Mystery Reader to read to one of our Reception classes. It was wonderful to see the excitement as the children discovered that Mr Shorts was joining them.
February 14, 2020
Dover Diaries Episode 1 - Interview with Abie Longstaff, Author
This is the first podcast in our Dover Diaries series where our students interview professionals that visits Dover Court International School. In this episode two members of our Upper Primary Student Council, Eva and Ian from Year 6, interview Abie Longstaff, author of more than 40 children's books. Abie is here in Dover Court to conduct a series of workshop for Primary students where she encourages children to think of themselves as creators and to overcome their fear of the blank page.
February 13, 2020
Week Beginning 10th February 2020 - Christopher Short, DCIS Principal
Dear DCIS Parents, This certainly isn't an ordinary week and I am very grateful for your understanding and cooperation during this unusual time. We have now created a Health Advisory page on the website, where all information related to the 2019-nCoV Virus will be collated. We also encourage parents to log in to the Parent Portal regularly. The highlight of the week is author Abie Longstaff visiting us. Today's much appreciated workshops included "Ideas into Books" with Years 3 and 4, "Nature in Fiction" with Year 1 and "Writing Interesting Characters" with Year 5. Abie will continue to work with the students in the smaller settings over the next two days. I also enjoyed talking to the Year 1 children today as they did their modified Litter Pick around the school. I asked one boy what he was doing, to which he replied proudly “I’m saving the World’! I hope that you have enjoyed listening to the The NAE podcast, A Little Bit of Genius, together with your children. The next episode, where Andrew Jack, Financial Times' Global Education Correspondent, is being interviewed will be available on Wednesday, 13th February. As always, please get in touch if you have any questions.
February 10, 2020
Week Beginning 3rd February 2020 - Christopher Short, DCIS Principal
Dear DCIS Parents, I would like to thank you for your support last week and for being vigilant and understanding with regards to the current 2019-nCoV virus situation. On a lighter note, I would also like to thank Ms Hughes and Mr Liperis who arranged a wonderful House Dance Day for our Primary students. The energy and atmosphere on campus were fantastic and the action on the dance floor showed what our school is all about - a truly inclusive and supportive environment where every student gets the opportunity to shine. Primary parents should ask their children to share the choreography with them, for those who are brave enough, do share your family dancing with us in a video! During the Secondary Enquiry themed House Day the students enjoyed a range of enquiry based plenaries and activities during lesson time, such as a question matrix, gallery walk and collaborative reflection tasks. The Secondary disco took place last Friday and was a great success. Thank you DCA for arranging this event. Year 2 enjoyed running Charity Shops last week and did not only show some fantastic maths skills, but also managed to raise $400 for the Red Cross and their work in Australia and Indonesia. Well done! We look forward to welcome parents of children who are part of our English as an Additional Language programme to the EAL workshop that will take place tomorrow, 4th February, 8.45am in Cooper Hall. Elevate Education are joining us on Wednesday to conduct their much appreciated Ace Your Exams workshop for students Year 11. The Parent Teacher Conferences for Years 11 and 13 and the Secondary (Individual Learning Plan) ILP Meetings will also take place on Wednesday. Our Primary Head of ICT and Computing, Ms Cornes will run this year's Safer Internet Day, that takes place Tuesday 11th February. Ms Cornes and the ICT team are introducing the children to the concept Digital Citizenship. In class, the activities include discussions, videos, quizzes etc. Please continue the discussion about safe use of the internet at home. Finally, I would like to thank all of you who completed our Parent Satisfaction Survey. We managed to reach our target and our students might be slightly more excited than I was to hear that I will be taking guitar lessons with Mr Fernandez to be able to perform On the Spot and in the Primary assemblies.
February 3, 2020
Week Beginning 20th January 2020 - Christopher Short, DCIS Principal
Dear DCIS Parents, This week is another action-packed, albeit short week at Dover Court. We look forward to the Year 4 inter-house swim gala, that will take place tomorrow. Ubin took home the first place in the Year 3 gala and I know that Year 4 have been practicing both their strokes and their house cheering for theirs. All Year 4 parents are welcome to join in the cheering, as always, please remember to wear your parent ID badge when on campus. This week is Arts Week in our Secondary school, with many exciting workshops during lunch time. Today the students were experimenting with textiles. For more information on what's on, see Ms Kertrestel, Mrs Johnston or Ms Ryder! The Year 13 IBDP students are very excited about Thursday's CoffEE, where they will be presenting their Extended Essays, all Year 13 parents are invited to attend. The Primary school will be celebrating the Lunar New Year on Thursday with a Temple Fair. The children are invited to participate fully in the celebration of Chinese New Year by either wearing traditional Chinese clothing or festive red clothing. Children not wearing red or Chinese dress should attend school in school uniform, as this is not a non-uniform day.  As you might have heard, I have promised to learn to play the guitar if we reach more than 50% responses on the Parent Satisfaction Survey. Mr Fernandez will be my teacher and I hope that my experience as Major Resilience will help me! The survey is extremely important to us and I do hope that you take your time to complete it.   Have a great week and I hope that you enjoy the long weekend ahead. Please note that the school is closed on Friday 24th January and Monday 27th January. Gong Xi Fa Cai!
January 20, 2020
Week Beginning 13th January 2020 - Christopher Short, DCIS Principal
Dear DCIS Parents, We had a wonderful first week of term last week and I am so proud of how well our new students have settled in. Friday's Charity Drive in support of those affected by the Indonesian flooding and Australian wildfires was very successful and I am proud to share that the Dover Court community raised $5600. The money is being transferred to the Red Cross, who are working hard in the affected areas.   There has been a fantastic buzz around the campus today, with the start of this year's swim galas. Well done to all children in Year 3 who did their very best in the water and thank you to all parents who helped cheer the children on. The Parents' Support Network and the Japanese Parents' Network had their first meetings of term this morning. Both these networks are parent initiated and supported by the school.  The Mandarin Department are very grateful to those who have signed up as Temple Fair volunteers. There are few slots left, if you are able to help support this wonderful event, please complete Temple Fair Volunteer form. The tickets for the DCA Secondary (Years 7-9 and 11ML) disco are now on sale. Please refer to the email sent out by the DCA for further information. The ECA confirmation email will be sent out this afternoon, the ECAs start on Friday, 17th January. Please note that ECA buses are only available to students in Year 2 upwards and that there are no ECA buses on Mondays. Finally, a reminder that our school campus is completely nut free. We have students in our school that are severely allergic, so no food or snacks containing any nuts, including Nutella, are allowed. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.  Have a great week.
January 13, 2020
Newsletter November and December 2019 - Primary School November and December Highlights from Ms Lebihan
Dear DCIS Parents, With Christmas just around the corner, and at the end of another busy term, it seems the perfect time to reflect on what has been happening in the Primary School. We returned from our restful half term break straight into our busy UN Day preparations which saw the children busily researching the country assigned to their class, as well as making and collecting artefacts for their displays. The culmination of the week was UN Day itself with our annual parade and spectacular country displays down on the field. A big thank you to the teachers who supported to the children with their work, the parents who also helped to set up the displays and of course the Mrs Gray and Mrs Hyland who once again came up with the grand plan for the day! We have had several other celebrations this term. Our Deepavali cultural dress-up day saw 2RB and 2SL, and 3CD and 3AS present their assemblies to staff, children and parents, sharing some interesting facts and stories with us all. Thank you to the students and staff for their collaboration and hard work on this. The DCA treated us to a spooky affair for Halloween, the school looked truly terrifying thanks to the creative decorations and gruesome costumes around the place. Thank you to the DCA for frightening us even more than last year! This year, we raised awareness of Remembrance Day across the school too. You may have noticed the sea of poppies in the corridors; our first ever red and black day was a huge success and we were proud to hand over a financial contribution to the British Legion. Kindness Week, which linked with House Day, got us all thinking of ways to look after each other and was a thoroughly thought-provoking week for us all. Thank you also to Miss Sanderson and Miss Lindars for planning World Children’s Day for us. It was fantastic to see the children take a lead with their learning as they became the teachers and shared skills with their friends in other classes. Our trips continued this term with Year 1 taking part in drama workshops at Centre Stage and Year 2 visiting the National Gallery. There was great excitement as Year 5 headed off to Telunas for their annual residential, with Mr Odey and the Year 5 team. We were delighted to also send a group of children off to Ho Chi Min City for the South-East Asia NAE games led by Mr Carswell and Miss Hughes. As well as this, Mr Baines and Mr Northridge chaperoned a party of Y6 and Y7 students to the NAE STEAM festival in Bangkok. I know the children loved it – they were praised for their innovation, creativity and their impeccable behavior. Trips such as these take a great deal of preparation and planning – a special mention goes to Mr Odey for his work on the Telunas trip and to Mr Carswell for planning the NAE games and to Mr Baines for all the prep with the STEAM trip.  A great number of staff have given up their time to support the children – a great big thank you to each and every one of them for their dedication to the school. We were delighted to invite our Year 6 parents into school for an Open Morning in which they found out about the transition to Secondary School. Our Year 6 children thoroughly enjoyed a day in Secondary, meeting the teachers and having a taste of secondary lessons and life as a secondary student. Christmas crept up on us and once again the DCA sprang into action with reindeer, elves and some very familiar faced gingerbread people popping up around the campus! The lower primary nativities were amazing and well-enjoyed by children, parents and some lucky grandparents too. Both nativities were absolute bonanzas and certainly got us all into the Christmas spirit! Wishing happy holidays to you all and for those who celebrate Christmas, I hope you enjoy the festivities.
December 13, 2019
Newsletter November and December 2019: Letter from the Principal: November and December Highlights
Dear DCIS Parents, We have finally reached the end of a very busy and successful term and I am sure all members of the DCIS community are looking forward to a well-earned rest. The highlight of the half term was the visit by the CIS and WASC accreditation teams. As I write we are still waiting for the formal outcome of the process but we had some lovely feedback from the visitors and we eagerly await the formal reports. We are very proud of our achievements at Dover Court and (without getting too far ahead of ourselves!) therefore we are grateful of an external validation of this from two respected accreditation agencies. I will be in contact early next term with the official outcome of the visit and a summary of the commendations and recommendations the team makes. We have had some really interesting visitors to the school including Adrian Hayes, who holds the record for climbing Everest and visiting both poles in 18 months. He will be back next term to speak to more of our year groups. Zoe Griffiths enchanted our Secondary students with the wonders of the power of Maths and we had visitors from  Michael Ng and Esther Seah Hui En from The Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS) to support our students’ learning in History. We also enjoyed two very powerful visits from NAE Juilliard specialists in Drama and Dance. The UN Day was another wonderful success this year. It was fantastic to see our families representing and sharing information on the 55 countries and territories we have in the school community. I am grateful for the hard work of our UN committee led by Ms Hyland and Ms Gray for their great work pulling this together. One of my many regrets of not being at DCIS next year is seeing how the school continues to develop this lovely exposition of our diverse Dover Court community. Our choir have been involved in two high profile events this half term. The first was singing, with the choirs from the other British Schools in Singapore and southern Malaysia, at the annual Remembrance Service at Kranji. The second was providing the welcome entertainment at the Great British Ball organised by the British Chamber of Commerce and the British Club. We had a number of trips and expeditions this term. A group of intrepid Secondary students took part in the World Scholars Cup, firstly in Manila and then at the Grand Final in Yale, USA. The team came back with an impressive haul of medals. Year 5 started the year group expeditions with a four-day trip to Indonesia and came back with many an exciting tale of their adventures. In sport our first ever NAE games team made up of 19 boys and girls from Years 5 and 6 competed against 9 other NAE SEA schools in Vietnam. A great time was had with some good team performances. The ACSIS season 1 ended in November, with some fantastic results for DCIS. Our U16 boys football team won a bronze medal and our U12 netballers “cleaned up” with gold, silver and bronze medals in their respective divisions. There was also the Middle School Swimming Championships, with many swimmers setting personal records. It was really good to see over 90 runners from Years 3-12 representing DCIS at the ACSIS cross-country championships held at Pasir-Ris. A huge well done to our U14 Boys team who gained a bronze medal out of 19 schools. Within Primary PE it has been superb to see a record number of teams and students competing in a variety of sports in a non-competitive environment, with up to 15 teams playing each week. We have also been really pleased to introduce numerous new teams, including our first ever U11 boys and girls basketball teams, secondary girls contact rugby teams an U16 boys rugby team and several dance groups.
December 13, 2019
Week Beginning 9th December 2019 - Christopher Short, DCIS Principal
Dear DCIS Parents, The DCA Christmas Fayre was a fantastic way to start the Festive celebrations. I am very grateful to the DCA executive and volunteers for all their hard work organising the fayre. Our music concert in the Primary canteen was a lovely event and I am very grateful to Mr Dwyer and his team for their great work rehearsing the students and running the event. Mr Lewis deserves special mention for his resilience in keeping his MC role going with great distraction from the moving audience. We also had an inaugural dance recital in the Cooper Hall choreographed by Ms Hughes, but run on the day by Ms Robertson and Ms Torres as Ms Hughes was in Vietnam with our NAE Games team. I was very impressed with all dancers, it is hard to believe that they've only been dancing together for one term! There was no rest for the choir as they left immediately after the concert at school to head to the Shangri-La for the Great British Ball. They did a marvellous job of entertaining the 650 guests at this very high profile event. We had some lovely feedback from the people attending the Ball. We have a busy last week of term and I am very excited for the EYFS and KS1Christmas Performances on Wednesday and Thursday. I have seen a lot of farm animals, angels and even camels around school today as they are busy with their final rehearsals.  The Secondary school have their last PSHE Drop Down Day tomorrow, with a variety of activities going on in the different year groups, from a beach clean-up to preparations for university. Our Parent Satisfaction Survey is now live, we had a fantastic response last year, with a lot of valuable feedback. We want to give your child the best possible education and your feedback is vital to us. Access the survey here.  The Secondary Student Council are running a charity event all week, collecting books for the Salvation Army and money for ACRES. Any book donations can be left in the foyer, outside reception between 8.00 and 8.30am, money can be put in the charity boxes located in the reception and outside the offices in the Secondary block.  As per tradition, Friday will be a non-uniform day, we welcome a $2 donationthat will be shared between our school charities. The DCA are also collecting any outgrown uniforms in good condition, there will be a collection box outside reception. The Mandarin Department will, for the second year, organise a Temple Fair in celebration of Chinese New Year. The fair will take place on 23rd January and will be a cultural extravaganza featuring different activities as well as Lion Dances and musical performances. We are looking for parent volunteers to help support the department in running some activities for the students. If you would like to help out, please fill out the form attached below. More information will follow in Term 2. As Mr Williams said in his letter last week, I still have two more busy terms at Dover Court and look forward to my remaining time here.
December 9, 2019
Week Beginning 2nd December 2019 - Christopher Short, DCIS Principal
Dear DCIS Parents, Last week was an action-packed week with STEAM activities going on across Primary and in some of the Secondary classes. A big thank you to Mr Baines and Mr Northridge for planning the activities. We also have a lot of IPC exit points over the last weeks of term, I enjoyed seeing some fantastic and very creative buildings in Year 2. We welcomed Juilliard dance curriculum specialist Donna Costello to Dover Court last week. I unfortunately missed the practical parent dance workshop, but the feedback from it was very positive. Donna also worked with our students across both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, where the students were introduced to a series of movement based tasks and through improvisation they created their own choreography.   Last week also saw our students in Year 5 travelling to Indonesia for their Residential trip. We had over 160 very happy, sandy and quite tired children arriving back to our school on Friday afternoon, eager to share all memories made. Trips like these are wonderful experiences for both students and staff and I am very grateful to Mr Odey and his team for their hard work with the trip.  Tomorrow evening our counsellor Mr Moody will run the first Single Parents Network in The Lounge, 7.30pm. If you would like to participate, please sign up using this link.  Lice Lassies is giving a presentation filled with helpful advice and strategies for treating and preventing head lice effectively in a gentle and thorough manner, Thursday 5th December, 8.45am in The Lounge.   The Years 5 and 6 NAE team will travel to Ho Chi Minh City for the NAE Games on Friday, we wish them the best of luck as they will be competing in basketball and t-ball against the other NAE schools in the region. DCAs annual Christmas Fayre will take place this Saturday, 7th December, 3.00-6.00pm, I look forward to seeing you there! The Secondary Student Council is arranging a book donation drive during the last week of term. They will collect donations in the foyer, outside the reception, 9th to 13th December, 8.00-8.45am. Finally, a gentle reminder that Friday is the last day of ECAs.
December 2, 2019
Week Beginning 25th November 2019 - Christopher Short, DCIS Principal
Dear DCIS Parents, Last week we had a very successful visit from the Council of International Schools (CIS) and Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) accreditation teams. The Chair and Co-chair spoke to staff on Friday and gave some lovely feedback on our children and the school. We will receive the full report once it has been ratified by the CIS and WASC boards. This week is STEAM week and the children in Years 4 and 5 have enjoyed taking on the second STEAM challenge of the year, set by MIT, today. The rest of Primary and some classes in Secondary will enjoy their STEAM days during the rest of the week. We are also very excited to have Juilliard dance curriculum specialist Donna Costello visiting us for two days. Donna is running a number of workshops across the year groups, as well as with members from our PE department. We look forward to welcoming parents to tomorrow's dance workshop. There are a few places left if anyone is interested, please sign up using this link. There has been a certain buzz among the Year 5 students today, as they will depart for Telunas on their Residential trip early tomorrow morning. We look forward to them telling us all about their adventures upon their return on Friday. Our counsellor Mr Moody will run two workshops this week. During the Navigating the Exams Rapid parent workshop tomorrow, 26th November, Mr Moody will go through how parents can support their children during the intense mocks and exam periods ahead. This workshop is aimed at parents of children in Upper Secondary and will take place 8.45am in The Lounge. On Thursday, 28th November, 7.30am the second Forum for Dads will run in The Lounge. This time Mr Moody will be leading a talk about Parenting Teenagers. All dads are welcome! The DCA Christmas Fayre is just around the corner. It is usually a lovely event that puts all in the festive spirit. I look forward to seeing you on Saturday, 7th December at 3.00pm. Should you be able to support our parent association and help out during the event, please send them an email, I have heard that they are still looking for one Santa!
November 25, 2019
Week Beginning 18th November 2019 - Christopher Short, DCIS Principal
Dear DCIS Parents, We had a wonderful celebration of Kindness last week and the students participated in a range of activities and workshops across the year groups. The students in Secondary especially enjoyed the Kindness workshop led by Dover Court parent, author, educator and holistic well-being advocate, Mrs Forrester. I have mentioned our Council of International Schools and Western Association of Schools and Colleges membership and accreditation process a few times over the last two years. This process comes to climax this week as we have 8 visitors representing the two organisations with us this week for the final accreditation visit. The week started yesterday with a welcome function for the visiting team and all our staff. We will find out the outcome of the visit early next year. We performed this term’s lockdown drill last Thursday. As usual, the school community responded brilliantly – as you know, I’ve written before about my anguish on how easily we perform these drills, sad in the knowledge that we do need to do them. Wednesday, 20th November is World Children's Day and this year we will focus on the Convention of the Rights of the Child, that was signed 20th November 1989. Our Secondary Student Council has put together a fantastic video, with our students sharing what the declaration means to them. Watch it here: World Children's Day Video We have some exciting parent workshops coming up over the next weeks. Tomorrow, Tuesday 19th November, our PE team will lead the Health & Sports parent workshop. We look forward to welcoming you to Cooper Hall, 8.45am. Our counsellor, Ian Moody will talk about how to cope with the stress around exams in the Navigating the Exams Rapids workshop, Tuesday 26th November, 8.45am-9.30am. This workshop is aimed at Upper Secondary parents. Juilliard Dance Specialist Donna Costello and DCIS Dance Specialistand PE teacher Victoria Hughes will give an introduction to the NAE - Juilliard Performing Arts collaboration and the Performing Arts programme at Dover Court, Tuesday 26th November, 9.15-10.00am in Cooper Hall. Please sign up here if you'd be interested in participating. Mr Moody's Forum for Dads - Secret Dad’s Meeting will take placeThursday 28th 7.30am-9am.  This session will focus on parenting teenagers and is open to all DCIS fathers. More information to follow. The new initiative, a network for Single Parents, also led by Mr Moody, will meet in The Lounge, Tuesday 3rd December 7.30pm-9pm During the week beginning 25th November, Primary students and students in Years 7, 8 and 9 will be participating the second MIT STEAM Challenge of the year. The theme is Extreme Exposure. Our STEAM coordinator Mr Baines is looking for oceanographers, aquarium educators, scuba divers, mariners, and other people with expertise related to ocean exploration, as well as roboticists, engineers, electricians, camera buffs, and tinkerers who can help us build imaging devices like underwater cameras. If you are able to support us next week, please send Mr Baines an email: Have a great week!
November 18, 2019
Week Beginning 11th November 2019 - Christopher Short, DCIS Principal
Dear DCIS Parents, I was sad to miss yesterday's Remembrance Day service at Kranji War Memorial as I was attending the annual FOBISIA leadership conference, I've been told that it was very moving and I have seen some lovely photos. Our choir did a fantastic job signing with the other British schools in Singapore and Johor. Today at 11.11 we observed a minute of silence, with a live playing of the ‘Last Post’. This was very moving and I am very grateful to Mr Dwyer for playing the bugle. This week is Kindness week in school, during the week our students will participate in a range of activities promoting kindness and awareness, including pledges of ‘pay it forward’ and random acts of kindness. Mr Burren and the Learning Support team look forward to welcoming parents to tomorrow's Pathway Strategies workshop, 8.45-9.30am in Cooper Hall. Wednesday, 13th November, is House Day. The theme for the Secondary day is collaboration and the students will participate in a series of dance workshops, whilst the Primary students will focus on Kindness. We ask that all students wear their house shirts, PE shorts/leggings and trainers. Well done to our Cross Country teams, who participated in the ACSIS Cross Country Festival last week. A special mention to Emma in Year 4 who finished 2nd in her race and to the Under 14 boys team who finished 3rd. Finally, the DCA is looking for classes or group of friends to run stalls at the Christmas Fayre, 7th December, please sign up here if you're able to support this wonderful event.
November 11, 2019
GCSE Music: Ginny and Nakshatra interview with Emilia, a flutist
In GCSE music with Miss Jones, year 10s are exploring the different timbres of the orchestra and were asked to interview each other about the instruments they play as a homework task. Here is Ginny and Nakshatra interviewing Emilia, who talks with confidence and knowledge about her instrument, the flute. Prepare to be blown away!
November 6, 2019
Week Beginning 4th November 2019 - Christopher Short, DCIS Principal
Dear DCIS Parents, Many thanks to the parents that came along to the ‘Coffee with Chris’ session last week. It was an excellent opportunity to discuss some of the recent developments at the school and what is planned in the next 12-18 months. Parents were also able to give some feedback on critical areas like communication, buses and the canteen service and these are themes we will explore in more detail at future events. I would also like to thank the DCA for organising Friday's Halloween event, the campus looked fantastic. Events like these mean a lot to the Dover Court community and I appreciate the time and effort put in by all volunteers. Yesterday a group of Year 6 and Year 7 students left for Pattaya and the NAE regional STEAM festival together with Mr Baines and Mr Northridge, we look forward to hearing all about their experience once they return. Mrs Nesbitt, Mr Moody and the World Scholar's Cup team leave for NYC and Yale later this week for the final round of the World Scholar's Cup. We wish them the best of luck! Tomorrow, Tuesday, the Secondary School Open Morning for our Year 6 parents will take place and on Wednesday the Year 6 students will have their first transition day of the year. The DCA will be meeting on Thursday, 7th November, 8.45-9.30am in The Lounge. All parents are invited. Come and share your ideas and help shape the annual Christmas Fayre. We are very excited to be part of the IN exhibition held at the Australian High Commission. This is our second year participating in this collaboration between the international schools in Singapore and their visual arts departments, showcasing some fantastic pieces of art. The exhibition will be open to the public 7th November to 10th January. During the week we will be talking about the significance of Remembrance Day in school with the our students. On Friday 8th November, the theme of our assemblies will be Remembrance Day. On this day, we would like to invite the students to come to school wearing red and black, the colour of poppies and to make a donation of $2 which will be given to The British Legion Poppy Appeal. We would also like to invite parents to support our Secondary choir who will be performing at the annual Kranji Memorial Service on Sunday 10th November with students from Tanglin Trust School, Dulwich College Singapore and Marlborough College, Malaysia. Have a great week.
November 4, 2019
Week Beginning 21st October 2019 - Christopher Short, DCIS Principal
Dear DCIS Parents, I hope that you had a great break last week. We have a busy and exciting week ahead, with our biggest event of the year, UN Day, taking place on Friday. The school photographer is here Monday to Thursday, taking the official school photos. We ask that students come to school wearing their best uniform on the day that they have their photo taken. Please refer to the Parent Portal for the photo week schedule. Our parent association, the DCA, and the Secondary Student Council are running two charity drives this week. Caring for Cambodia takes toiletry donations and Toys from the Heart is looking for toys for 6-13 year olds, donations can be left at the main steps 8-8.45am until Thursday 24th October. For more information, please refer to the email sent out by DCA last Tuesday. For Primary students interested in being part of the Primary Student Council, the application deadline is Tuesday 29th October. We look forward to celebrating our diversity on Friday. We ask that all students wear an outfit that represents their home country or the commemorative UN Day t-shirt, arranged by the DCA. Parents are also invited to dress up! We kindly ask that students avoid wearing team football/sports kit, such as Premier League kits, they are however welcome to wear their national sports kit. As Deepavali will be celebrated next weekend, Monday 28th October is a public holiday and the school is closed. All Primary students are invited to dress in traditional or colourful clothes to celebrate Deepavali on Friday, 1st November. On Tuesday 29th October we will hold our Primary Maths parent workshopwhere we will share our approach to maths at Dover Court and explain how our curriculum is taught. We look forward to seeing Primary parents in Cooper Hall, 8.45am. The DCA's Primary and Secondary Halloween events will take place Friday 1st November. Please note that payment for tickets is due Wednesday 23rd October. Finally, a reminder that there are no ECAs on Friday due to UN Day. Have a great week, I look forward to seeing many of you on Friday.
October 21, 2019
Newsletter September and October 2019 - Primary School September and October Highlights from Ms Lebihan
Dear DCIS Parents, The first half term in any school is always busy and this half term at Dover Court has been no exception! We were delighted to welcome several news students and their families to the primary school; I have greatly enjoyed visiting classes and getting to know our newer children who have clearly settled in well. I have also had the great pleasure of meeting many of our new parents at the Coffee Mornings hosted earlier in the term, as well as at some of the Primary School events. Hopefully, you all feel welcome and your children are by now happy in their new school and familiar with their new routines. We literally hit the ground running with our educational visits in the Primary School this term, with our very first outing to the National Stadium where Year 3 were invited to watch the Walking With Dinosaurs performance. The children (and the staff!) told me that it was a great show and a brilliant entry point for the Year 3 Project Work, Footsteps From The Past. Thank you to Mr Neeson and the Year 3 team for giving up their Saturday morning to take the children to the performance, I know this was greatly appreciated. Following this, Years 4 and 5 went to the theatre to see the Mandarin version of Fantastic Mr Fox. Thank you to the Miss Hey and the Mandarin team for organising these trips. The children told me that they had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed the performance.  As well as this, Year 2 have visited the Cloud Forest and Flower Dome at Gardens By the Bay, Year 4 had a great session at the Science Centre, Year 3 went to Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum, Year 6 had a fantastic experience at the Forest Adventure at Bedok Reservoir Park and EYFS tested out many activities  (and gained many skills!) at Kidzania. We have many more visits planned over the rest of the term and we will keep you updated! As well as this, we have enjoyed our Primary Sports Days this term out on the track and field. It was a pleasure to see the children so engaged in their carousel of activities with everything from the long jump and the hurdles, to sprinting and shot put! Each child had the opportunity to shine and they were encouraged to do so by our amazing PE team.  The events ran seamlessly, apart from the Singapore weather playing a trick on Year 1, and this is of course down to the prior planning on the part of the staff. A big thank you to each and every one of the for super set of events and thanks also to the parents who managed to come along to support the children – it was great to see you there. Over the half term we have seen some great class assemblies presented by the children themselves. Thank you so far to for all the staff and students concerned. You may also have heard that our very own Dover Court Superheroes made a guest appearance at our first Vision assembly of the year.  This was a great opportunity to re-cap on the school vision and the characteristics we embody here at Dover Court. We have also been delighted to award our Care and Collaboration awards to some of our students this term. I know they were as proud to receive their pin badges and certificates in assembly as I was to award them.
October 15, 2019
Newsletter September and October 2019 - Secondary School September and October Highlights from Mr Bull
Dear DCIS Secondary Parents, The first half term of any academic year is usually one of the busiest for parents, students and staff at the best of times and this year was no exception particularly when you throw in moving into a new building. I am exceptionally proud of our students and staff and the way they have settled into their new home at Dover Court. Over the half term we have listened and observed to make some subtle changes as the term has developed and we will make further changes in terms of infrastructure ready for the start of Term 1.2. We are very proud of our new facilities, and we recently held an official opening ceremony which was attended by the British High Commissioner, Kara Owen, Dr Bicky Bhangu, President of South East Asia Rolls-Royce, parents students and staff. Ayush in Year 7 who won the naming competition and designed the logo for the Red Dot Restaurant was invited to cut one of the five ribbons; he managed to do so with one clean cut, something which I did not. As you will have seen and heard about from my various other communications, we were extremely pleased with both our iGCSE and IB results this summer. It confirms that students at Dover Court achieve extremely well, and most importantly, that we take students further than they are expected to achieve. We have had a good number of trips and visits run already this term including two Duke of Edinburgh Trips, a Red Dot Museum trip, a Geography IB trip and the World Scholar’s Cup trip to Manila, where nine students made it through to the final round at Yale next month. A fantastic achievement. The STEAM challenge week was a huge success. This term’s challenge was called A Different Lens, featuring Felice Frankel and it asked students to explore communicating Art through Science. Felice Frankel is the Artist in Residence at MIT. Her job is to help Scientists, Engineers and Mathematicians communicate their discoveries through the use of beautiful, compelling images. Many of these images have been used on the front cover of science publications such as Nature Magazine. I was amazed by the photographs produced. We then held a STEAM exhibition in the Cooper Hall, where a selection of the most captivating images were displayed. Despite the Singapore weather, our Secondary Sports Day was a success. We had some very close fought races, with Mr Lindsay even winning the teachers’ race. With everything accounted for, including football and indoor athletics, Newton came out overall winners with Jurong and Ubin close behind in 2nd and 3rd place respectively. A huge thanks should go to the PE team who have managed and delivered Sports Days across the whole school recently, which is no mean feat. I have had the pleasure of inviting ten students from Year 7 and ten students from Year 8 to join me for a Hot Chocolate and a brownie as part of my monthly Headteacher Reward. I was particularly taken back to hear the stories of altruism that led to most of the students being nominated by their tutors. We are hosting the other year groups, one year group each month as the year progresses. We also held our first PSHE Drop Down Day this term. Students attended a day of workshops and lessons to focus on key issues appropriate to each age group, from Looking after ourselves and each other in Year 7 to Relationships in Year 9 and Getting Ready for Exams further up the school.
October 14, 2019
Newsletter September and October 2019: Letter from the Principal: September and October Highlights
Dear DCIS Parents, This is the 19th Newsletter I have written at Dover Court and I think I am going to start this one in a similar vein to the previous 18. It has been an extremely busy but successful half term. Many of our teams worked through the summer to get the new Secondary Building and the Sports Hall ready for the new school year and we have been delighted by the response from students, parents and staff. There is still a little work to be done on the Sports Hall and this will be completed over the half term holiday. I’d like to thank all members of the school community, especially the PE team, for their flexibility and understanding while we worked around the logistics of our new buildings. The school year started with some phenomenal results from last year’s Years 11 and 13. As I wrote in my recent blog we do need to be wary of overall averages but we were delighted that we were above the World average for the IBDP and the UK average for GCSE. There are some great individual stories behind the headlines and our 10 graduates from Year 13 are now successfully onto their next exciting challenge. The new Sports Hall hasn’t impacted on our Sports programme yet but we have had a very successful start to the year. We have had record numbers of students attending the trials for the FOBISIA, NAE Games and other teams and we have had some great results in this season’s ACSIS fixtures to date. We sneaked in the Sports Days around the weather just before half term which were hotly contested in all year groups. We’ve had a full set of local trips already this half term. I have enjoyed talking to children about their exciting visits to local museums  and other areas of interest that Singapore has to offer. Our Duke of Edinburgh’s Award expedition hit the first hazy weekend in 3 years but they managed to get through most of their challenges. Further afield our Secondary World Scholars Cup trip to Manila was extremely successful and 9 students have qualified for the final stage at Yale later in the term. We’ve recently partnered with International SOS who have augmented our staff training and provide crucial planning and back up for all our international trips. More details will be available in specific trip information. Our Performing Arts have really benefited from the new facilities afforded to them in the Secondary building. We have long had a track record of some outstanding pieces of work from drama, music and art and we look forward to seeing this continue. We introduced Dance with the support of Juilliard last year and Ms Dodson did a brilliant job of starting this development. Ms Hughes has taken this over and we welcome our second Juilliard dance artist to DCIS in November. It has been lovely to see so many parents at our various events; coffee mornings, information sessions, parents consultations or the Parent Support Network. We welcome (suitably badged!) parents to use our Lounge at all times and I’m really pleased that this is being used more extensively. The DCA AGM was extremely well attended and I continue to be grateful for the support of the co-chairs, the executive and the volunteers for the plethora of activities they run each year. The DCA have also been instrumental in the feedback they supply – the recent improvements in lost property management are based upon discussions with them.
October 14, 2019
Week Beginning 7th October 2019 - Christopher Short, DCIS Principal
Dear DCIS Parents, This last week before half term certainly is a busy one. Our Secondary students enjoyed their Sports Day last Friday. The afternoon weather was unfortunately unkind to us, the athletics finals have been rescheduled for Thursday, 10th October, 11.00am.  The Primary Sports Week started today with Year 6, congratulations to Newton for winning the inter-house competition! Please find the events for the rest of the week below. We ask that the students, Secondary included, wear their House shirt on their year group's Sports Day. Tuesday: 8.45am - 10.15am        Year 4 1.00pm - 2.30pm          Year 3 Wednesday: 8.45am- 10.15am        Year 2 1.00pm - 2.30pm          Year 1 Thursday: 9.00am - 10.30am         EYFS 11.00am - noon             Secondary Athletics 1.15pm - 2.45pm           Year 5 The Primary Parent Teacher Conferences take place this afternoon and tomorrow. These are a great opportunity for parents to discuss their children's progress with the teachers. Please remember to wear youparent ID whilst on campus. On Wednesday, 9th October we have our STEAM exhibition - Communicating Science Through Art. It is open to parents between 3.00pmand 4.30pm, do come by Cooper Hall! The Sixth Form Opening Evening will take place on Thursday, 10th October 6.00pm-7.00pm in Cooper Hall. MrBull and the Secondary team look forward to presenting the options available for Post-16study. We will hold our Charity Awareness Day on Friday, 11th October. The school has been working on a new charity programme, where we will be supporting charities within the four categories Children, Climate, Health and Human Rightsover the coming years. The charities chosen were selected by the students last academic year and will be supported through a range of activities in school. Friday is a non-uniform day and the students are invited to donate $2 to the charity of their choice. Students are encouraged to design an A4 poster that raises awareness of the charities and their causes. The deadline for designs is Thursday 10th October and the posters should be passed to the Class Teachers/ Form Tutors. Students should choose the charity group assigned to their house below. Please note that the houses are only assigned a charity group for this first charity day, moving forward, the school will support the listed charities for different events. Finally, a reminder that there are no ECAs on Friday. This allows those families who are going away for the break a chance to leave right after school. The ECAs will resume on Monday 21st October.  Have a great week and enjoy next week's break.
October 7, 2019
Week Beginning 30th September 2019 - Christopher Short, DCIS Principal
Dear DCIS Parents, It is hard to believe that we have reached the last day of September. We have two busy weeks ahead of us before the half term break. Our counsellor Mr Moody is looking forward to welcoming Primary School fathers to the launch of his Forum for Dads. Do join him tomorrow, Tuesday 1st October, 7.45am in The Lounge. This first meeting will focus on parenting younger children. The next meeting, after half term, will cover older children. At 8.45am tomorrow we will hold a workshop for parents of children in our English as an Additional Language (EAL) programme. We look forward to seeing you in Cooper Hall. Tomorrow evening, Tuesday 1st October, starting 6.00pm, Blue Phish will run their workshop Parenting in the Digital Age. Blue Phish joined us last year as well and the feedback I received from parents after the workshop was very positive. Blue Phish will cover topics such as threatening apps, gaming, social media, digital footprints, cyber bullying, online privacy and much more, topics that are most relevant when parenting young people today. We are very proud of our extensive Residential Trips programme and the first year group to go on their trip this year is Year 5, who will be travelling to Sugi Island in Indonesia in November. The Year 5 Trip Information Meeting will be held Thursday 3rd October 6.00pm-6.45pm in Cooper Hall. Students and parents in Year 9 and above that are interested in the the Global Campus Tanzania Trip are welcome to the information meeting Thursday, 3rd October, 6.00pm-7.00pm in the Music Room, by the Primary Canteen. For any questions regarding the Tanzania trip, please contact Mr Fisher: This year's Sports Week will commence on Friday, 4th October, with the Secondary Sports Day. Details about timings can be found on the Parent Portal, parents are invited to come along and cheer their children on! Friday 4th October is also Dyslexia Awareness Day, the day will be celebrated across the school. A gentle reminder to those passing through the Singapore Polytechnic that scooters must be walked when on campus.
September 30, 2019
Week Beginning 23rd September 2019 - Christopher Short, DCIS Principal
Dear DCIS Parents, Last week's STEAM week was a wonderful experience for our Primary and Years 7 and 8 students. I would like to thank Mr Baines and Mr Northridge for coordinating the various activities. Our PE teacher and dance specialist Ms Hughes is in the process of developing the dance programme at Dover Court. Dance is taught in blocks in our Primary school and the feedback from the students participating in the first block has been extremely positive. I look forward to welcoming our Class Parent Representatives to school tomorrow. The meeting takes place in Cooper Hall, 8.45am. Our parent association, the DCA, welcomes all DCIS parents to their parent social, Thursday 26th September, 7.00-10.00pm. For more information, please contact DCA at Have a great week.
September 24, 2019
Parent Workshop - Phonics in Primary by Kiara Gray, Deputy Head of Primary
On Tuesday morning a group of interested parents, led by Mrs Gray, took part in a hands-on Phonics and Spelling session. Parents learned about the rationale for using the Read Write Inc scheme in school and the impact it has had on our students.  Mrs Gray shared more about what a Phonic or Spelling session looks like and how teachers reinforce new learning. We are very proud of just how well the Mums and Dads did in the session today!
September 19, 2019
Week Beginning 16th September 2019 - Christopher Short, DCIS Principal
Dear DCIS Parents, This week is the first STEAM week of the year. The NAE MIT STEAM Challenge this year is called REVEAL and is centered around the concept of communicating science through compelling images. The students in our Primary School and Years 7 and 8 will be looking at how images can tell a scientific story. They will use various imaging techniques as the art department and science department work together. I look forward to visiting the different year groups and see their work. The Year 10 students participating in the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award had their practice trip last weekend, paddling a dragon boat off the coast of Sentosa and practicing outdoor cooking. Thank you Mr Fisher and Mr Tuckley for arranging this. I would like to thank the students in 11ML for helping us set up and run the new Lost Property room. It is located in the E Block, by the turning circle and should make it easier for students to find any items they may have lost. To facilitate the process further we ask that all items sent to school are marked with the student's name and class. Tomorrow, Tuesday, Mrs Gray will lead a Primary Phonics Parent Workshop. We look forward to seeing you in Cooper Hall, 8.45am. The Secondary School Residential Trip meetings will take place tomorrow evening. More information can be found on the Parent Portal. Last Wednesday DCA held their Annual General Meeting, a meeting that was very well attented. I would like to thank outgoing Co-chair Aisling O’Leary and Secretary of four years, Ann Geehman for their hard work. Celeste Saunders and Karyn Pereira were re-elected as Co-chair and Treasurer. I am happy to welcome Rita Ransome as the new Co-chair and Joanna Ip as Secretary. JC Fulford is DCA's new Social Coordinator; Francesca Occhipinti, Social Media Coordinator; Deepti Mehra the DSE Coordinator and Tomoko Johnston the parent liaison Have a great week.
September 16, 2019
Week Beginning 9th September 2019 - Christopher Short, DCIS Principal
Dear DCIS Parents, Thank you to all Secondary parents who attended the Secondary Curriculum Evening last week. I would also like to thank Mr Bull and the Secondary team for their time and hard work. I am very proud of the Secondary School that we now have, the atmosphere in the new block is amazing. The Red Dot Restaurant is a fantastic place to gather and we fully understand that our students enjoy coming in early to catch up with their friends. Just a reminder that students should not be on campus before 8.00am, unless they are participating in an organised activity, such as swimming, as we are unable to supervise them due to morning meetings and planning time. Our students Emma and Sameeksha attended the Pearson Edexcel Outstanding Learner Award ceremony last week. They were awarded prizes for their iGCSE results, Emma had achieved the highest mark in Asia in Global Citizenship and Sameeksha the highest mark in Geography in Singapore. I would also like to congratulate their teachers, Mrs Hyland and Mr Woodhall, achievements like these truly reflect the dedication and passion of our staff. Tomorrow, Tuesday 10th September, Assistant Head of Primary Mr Tallett will lead the Parent workshop – Primary Assessment and Reporting. We look forward to seeing our Primary parents in Cooper Hall at 8.45am. Our parent association, the DCA, will hold their AGM Wednesday 11th September in the Music Room by the Main Canteen, all parents are invited! The agenda and events calendar are attached below. After almost three weeks of intense sports trials we have reached the last week of trials for this season, good luck to the Years 7 and 8 students who are trialling for the U13 FOBISIA Games. I would like to congratulate all students who were invited to a team after the trials and I would also like to say well done to all who did their very best in the trials but didn’t quite make it. Keep practicing and keep being active - next time it might be your turn! Our youngest students in Nursery and Reception will be celebrating International Dot Day on Friday, I look forward to seeing lots of dots around school. Our ECAs commence on Friday, 13th September, please note that ECA buses are only available to students from Year 2 and above. Finally, I am pleased to announce that Maylis and Ishita in Year 12 are our two new Head Students this academic year. Have a great week.
September 9, 2019
Parent Workshop - Secondary Assessment and Reporting by Carla Hyland, Deputy Head of Secondary School
This morning Mrs Hyland presented to Secondary parents about how teachers assess student progress, how it is reported, and how the school supports students who may be underperforming. The talk focused on the importance of finding out the students starting point by using CAT data and teacher assessment to form a baseline assessment, how we use CAT data to generate Key Stage 3 subject specific ‘thresholds’ and Key Stages 4 and 5 target grades, and how we measure progress towards these targets over time. She also shared the new reports structure for Key Stages 3-5 for this academic year and shared strategies for what parents can do at home to support their children’s learning.
September 4, 2019
Week Beginning 2nd September 2019 - Christopher Short, DCIS Principal
Dear DCIS Parents, I thoroughly enjoyed meeting so many of you at the Welcome Picnic on Saturday. I would like to thank our parent association, the DCA for their hard work organising this event. The parent support and engagement are invaluable to us and I am very grateful that we have such an active community in our school. The Parents’ Support Network, another parent initiative, had their first meeting of the term today. This group meets the first Monday of each month and welcomes parents of children with any additional needs. Their next meeting will be Monday, 7th October. Our Year 13 IB students started their mock examinations today. We wish them all the best for these upcoming weeks. The mocks are vitally important for the final exam preparation and the examinations next spring. I enjoyed seeing our Nursery and Reception students transformed into superheroes today, that is one of the things that I enjoy the most as the principal of an all-through school - being able to greet both three year old Wonder Women and well-prepared 17 year olds on the same steps in the morning! Our Parent Workshops are now up and running, we look forward to seeing our Secondary parents tomorrow morning, 8.45am in Cooper Hall for the Secondary Assessment and Reporting workshop. We are also more than halfway through this term’s Coffee Mornings. 8.45am on Thursday we will welcome our Years 11-13 parents to the Red Dot Restaurant. The Years 3 and 4 Coffee Morning will take place on Friday. See you in the Main Canteen 8.45am! Mr Bull and his team are inviting all Secondary parents to the Secondary Curriculum Evening on Wednesday. More information about the event can be found in the email sent out last week and on the Parent Portal. On 25th October we will be celebrating UN Day, this is our biggest event of the year. The first step in the preparations is the UN Day t-shirt competition. A reminder that all UN Day t-shirt design entries should be submitted to class teachers or form tutors by tomorrow, Tuesday 3rd September. The DCIS World Scholars’ Cup team is travelling to Manila together with Mrs Nesbitt later this week, we wish them the best of luck! Finally, a reminder that parents who wish their children to join the school in August 2020 should submit their applications by half term.
September 2, 2019
Reflection on Results - DCIS Principal
Over the past few weeks we have seen schools and school membership organisations celebrate some astounding results in (i)GCSE, at A Level and in the IB Diploma programme. Understandably schools celebrate the achievement of their students on each of these days and each school will compare themselves to the UK or global average – usually very favourably, sometimes incredibly impressively. Our school is no exception – we gleefully shared photos of our students celebrating their success in iGCSE and IBDP results and promoted our UK/World-beating averages. DCIS is a more inclusive school than most and as such, the average only tells part of the story. We live in a world where increased accountability and the need for shorter snappier headlines are a juxtaposition of priorities that don’t lend themselves to getting to the underlying story. Attainment is only one measure of how our students have performed and we are equally proud that our students on average achieved almost half of a grade better than expected. As an example, on results day last year we celebrated record averages for the school and on the very same day our student Annie came up to me to tell me, in equally excited fashion, that she had  been accepted at catering college. Annie had been a student at the school for 7 years, in our SEN pathway and this was a tremendous achievement. There are no simple statistics to share the successes in this pathway, each child is following a very unique path. We can and do tell the individual stories, but my fear is that they don’t get the headlines the iGCSE A*/A or 4+ or IBDP average point scores get, as they are more difficult to understand and simply take longer to read and comprehend. This, for me, is a real dilemma – education isn’t all about numbers, it is about stories. I don’t know the solution yet, but it is something that we have on our agenda at DCIS. How we celebrate every students’ success and make them understandable, so we remain accountable not only for some but accountable for every one of our cohort. Christopher Short DCIS Principal
August 28, 2019
Parent Workshop - Living in Singapore
On Tuesday 27th August, DCIS counsellor Ian Moody lead this year's first parent workshop on the topic transitions and how to settle in in Singapore. The workshop Living in Singapore - Tips for Settling in provided information for parents new to Singapore and new to DCIS. Settling in to a new school and/or country does have its challenges both physically and emotionally. Mr Moody presented some background information on living in Singapore , such as acts, figures, cultural curiosities, places of interest etc, as well as highlighting some of the transition issues parents and their children may experience when adjusting to a move overseas. (eg. response to grief, the transition cycle, what to expect, forming an identity and sense of belonging) If you are concerned with your child not settling well after a couple of weeks, do contact their class teacher and/or the DCIS counsellor to discuss the situation. We are always available to help.
August 28, 2019
Week Beginning 26th August 2019 - Christopher Short, DCIS Principal
Dear DCIS Parents, The 2019-2020 academic year is now in full swing. It is always amazing to see how quickly the new students settle in! I would like to thank our new parents for their support and our returning students for helping their new friends feel welcome and part of the DCIS community. Congratulations to last year’s Year 11 students on their fantastic GCSE results. We are very proud of their achievements. This year 78% of our students achieved five GCSEs between 4-9 (C-A**), with 21% achieving five or more GCSEs between 7-9 (A-A**). Attainment is only one measure of how our students have performed and we are proud that our school has supported students on average to achieve almost half of a grade better progress than they were expected to achieve. The results are testament to the resilience and determination of our talented students and staff and the support of our parent body. We will hold our first Parent Workshop of the term tomorrow, Tuesday 27th August, 8.45am-9.30am in Cooper Hall. Our counsellor Ian Moody will lead the workshop Living in Singapore – Tips for Settling in, focussing on transitions and reactions to change, such as a relocation. We hope to see our new parents there! Ms Lebihan and our Primary School staff look forward to welcoming all Primary parents to this year’s Curriculum Evening. The evening will start in Cooper Hall with a presentation of the Primary team and our Primary Curriculum and then we will split up into year groups for more year group specific information. Please note that there are two sessions as lined out in the attached Curriculum Evening letter. I enjoyed meeting our Years 7-8 and our Nursery and Reception parents during last week’s two coffee mornings. The coffee mornings are a great opportunity to connect with other parents in your class and to meet our leadership team. This Thursday, 29th August, 8.45am we will welcome parents of students in Years 9 and 10 to the Red Dot Restaurant and on Friday, 30thAugust, 8.45am, we look forward to seeing our Years 1 and 2 parents in the Main Canteen. We had our first week of sports trials last week. Well done to all triallists! This week the PE Department will run the second week of trials, for more information about sports and timings, please refer to the Parent Portal and the Sports Calendar on our website. Dover Court Association are busy with the preparations for the Welcome Picnic on Saturday, 4.7pm. If you are able to help out during the event, please send them an email: I look forward to seeing you there!
August 27, 2019
Week Beginning 19th August 2019 - Christopher Short, DCIS Principal
Dear DCIS Parents, It was great to see so many of you here for orientation last week, many thanks for your kind words on the refurbishment and improvements we have made over the summer. Our admin team has worked incredibly hard with our contractors to complete almost all our projects by today. I am very grateful to Mr Bull, our Head of Secondary, for all his hard work with the new Secondary building. The building certainly is the addition that we needed in order for our Secondary school to grow even stronger. We look forward to showing it to you over the coming weeks. The new Sports Hall will be finished by the end of the month and will be used by both Primary and Secondary students.  Thank you for your patience during car drop off this morning. We are aware that the new pedestrian crossing does affect the traffic flow and with the start of term across the schools on Dover Road we expect the traffic to be slightly heavier than normal during the first week. A reminder that the ECA registration for Term 1 is now open and will be available until 5.00pm, 22nd August. Please do take the time to review and choose the ECA options with your children. We will commence our Coffee Mornings this week and look forward to welcoming parents of students in Years 7 and 8 to the Red Dot Restaurant on Thursday 22nd August, 8.30 am and Nursery and Reception parents to the Canteen on Friday 23rd August, 8.30am. A schedule of upcoming Coffee Mornings can be found on the Parent Portal and in the calendar on the web site. At the start of every academic year we look for Parent Representatives to help support fellow parents, students and the class teacher. The role is supported by DCIS and the DCA Parent Association and is important for helping everyone get settled in their new class. The role can be shared by two parents and you can also be a representative for more than one class. If you are interested, please sign up here: Our first Parent Workshop of the year will be held on Tuesday 27th August, 8.45am-9.30am in Cooper Hall. The topic is Living in Singapore – Tips for settling in and will be led by our counsellor Mr Moody. We look forward to seeing our new parents there. Finally, a reminder that our parent association, the DCA, will hold their annual Welcome Picnic on Saturday 31st August, 4.00pm to 7.00pm, it is always a well-attended event and a great way to meet and catch up with other families. We certainly enjoy having your children back in school, the positive buzz around our campus today promises for a great year! I wish you all the best for the coming week.
August 19, 2019
Newsletter June 2019 - Primary School June Highlights from Ms Lebihan
Dear DCIS Parents, As the term draws to an end it is always rewarding to reflect on the highlights. As ever, it has been a busy term in the Primary School with lots taking place and much achieved. EYFS have enjoyed a fun-filled term exploring their interests in firemen, snakes, rainbows and superheroes through play. Nursery have been writing letters and numbers in their independent learning, which is fantastic. Reception have been working towards their transition to Year 1 by joining in with Maths and Literacy carousel activities. During their transport topic, ‘From A to B’, the children in Year 1 have been learning about transport from the past whilst in Year 2, the children enjoyed their unit on ‘Hooray! It’s a Holiday’, which began with a trip to Centre Stage School of Arts. Year 3 students have been enjoying learning all about our Active Planet. From the entry point to preparing for the exit point, students have been engaged and enthralled by the fascinating forces that keep our planet changing and evolving. Our Year 4 students have been learning about Land, Sea and Sky. The children have found out about fish adaptions, the difference between land plants, floating plants, fixed plants and underwater plants. They have even tested which bird beaks are the most effective when picking up different types of food! Year 5 have thoroughly enjoyed developing their scientific knowledge and understanding this term during their ‘Fairgrounds’ topic. In English, the children have covered a variety of genres, including suspense writing, poetry and rap. Year 6 have had a fantastic final term in which they have spent time preparing for Secondary and of course preparing and rehearsing for their wonderful Celebration Afternoon, which was full of reflections, performances and stories, all to celebrate finishing their Primary School education. Our trips have continued into Term 3 with our EYFS children enjoying a lovely visit to Singapore Zoo. The staff told me that the children had a great time; they certainly came back tired and full of stories about what they had seen, and they were fortunate that the rain mainly held off for the day. Well done to the children on their excellent behaviour and thank you to the staff for arranging the trip and supporting our youngest children over the day with the activities. With the end of term, parents should now have received their child’s final report. It was great to see so many of you here at the Parent Teacher Conferences. We have received some excellent feedback on the year to date – thank you for that. As ever, this is sad time of year for us as we say a farewell to several members of the Primary team. To the staff leaving us, I know you will join me in saying a big thank you to them for all their work, dedication and achievements over their time with us. Every individual will be missed and I hope each and every one leaves us with happy memories of teaching at DCIS. A special and thank you and goodbye goes out to Mr Rinaldi who many of you know as Deputy Head of Upper Primary. Mr Rinaldi will be hugely missed by us and we wish him well in his first headship in Qatar. Thank you for all you have done over your 5 year at DCIS, Mr Rinaldi. We are equally sad to have to say goodbye to some of our lovely students and their families. We wish all our leaving students and their families the very best for the future. Please don’t forget us and we promise not to forget you! On a final note, happy holidays everyone and for those travelling overseas, I wish you safe travels. Most importantly, have a restful break with time to recharge the batteries and enjoy some family time. For those returning to DCIS, we look forward to seeing you again in August.
July 4, 2019
Newsletter June 2019 - Secondary School June Highlights from Mr Bull
Dear DCIS Parents, I want to start my final newsletter of the Academic year by saying a heartfelt thank you to all of our excellent staff who have worked tirelessly over the year to deliver an outstanding learning experience for our students and such an incredible co-curricular offer. I would also like to thank all of the parents and students for making me feel so welcome as Head of Secondary at DCIS and as my first year draws to a close; I can say that I am very proud to be a member of such a fantastic school. As I have spoken about in previous communications, these are very exciting times for the Secondary School and for DCIS as a whole. I am delighted to be taking the school into the next chapter in its history, and I am determined to build on the current strengths and take the school forward on a journey to outstanding in all areas. The Secondary building is really starting to take shape both externally and internally, and we are very much looking forward to finally getting into our new building this August. Despite it being the final half term of the year, it is always a busy one, and this half term was no exception. Our Years 11 and 13 students have sat over 100 examination sessions over the last couple of months, and we are very confident and positive about their results this summer. We have recently held our inaugural Year 13 Graduation Ceremony at Eden Hall, the residence of the British High Commissioner. It was fantastic to be able to recognise the hard work and dedication of these students and formally bid them farewell on the next stages of their educational career. It is wonderful also to know that we have potential university destinations such as Stanford, Michigan, Glasgow, London, Canada and Singapore, to name just a few. We have also held our first Art and DT exhibition, which was attended by over 150 people with 95 pieces of student work displayed. I was very impressed by the quality of the work displayed. A special mention must go to the cast and crew of Arabian Nights for such a fantastic production. The nearly 90 students who took part have been rehearsing since January, before, during, and after school, giving up weekends and evenings and it indeed showed in their performance. I would also like to thank the staff for the Year 12 ESS Trip to Tioman, the Global Campus trip to Switzerland and the Year 10 and 12 Mandarin trip to China Town. The students all had fantastic experiences and are already talking about next year’s trips and expeditions. This term, we have been holding a ‘DCIS Golden Ticket’ competition, designed to reward and recognise our students who are always doing the right thing, helping others and being kind and compassionate peers. With over 1000 tickets given out, it has been a great success and highlights what we already knew, how incredible our DCIS student body is. Over the term, there have been two Golden Ticket draws in assemblies. This week 22 deserving students have experienced ‘gold class’ cinema in a private showing of MIB: International. Well done to everyone who received a Golden Ticket. We will be continuing a similar competition next year. I would like to congratulate all students on a great year of learning at DCIS. Our Year 7s have settled into life in the Secondary School exceptionally well, which is a credit to themselves and the Transition Team who ensured it was a smooth process for them all. Our Year 12s have flourished in their first year of the IBDP and are looking forward to their final year at DCIS. It is, of course, a time when we do have to say farewell to the families and staff who are leaving Singapore at the end of this year. I hope you have enjoyed your time at DCIS and remember, you will always be Doverians. Thank you for your support of your children and our staff this year, I look forward to welcoming you back with the new members of our Secondary team in August. Have a wonderful and restful holiday.
July 4, 2019
Newsletter June 2019: Letter from the Principal: June Highlights
Dear DCIS Parents, I was in a meeting for international school Heads in Singapore recently when I was made aware that, amongst this group, I will in August be the second longest serving Principal. That brought home two things to me, firstly that I’m no longer newly arrived and I need to stop saying ‘just’ in front of my replies to how long I have been here and secondly, the transient nature of certain quarters of expatriate life in Singapore. I am pleased that the core of the DCIS community is very stable and this core has been growing in recent years. This increased stability, both in families and staff, reaps dividends into terms of our continuous improvement. Our sports teams compete well above where you might think we would be, given our relatively small size and developing facilities. The school production last week was one of the best I have ever seen in 26 years of teaching, involving nearly 90 students from all the academic Pathways in the school. I am indebted to our staff body for their continued hard work running these and other activities that support our formal classroom curriculum. They are so important to developing young people. I am also grateful to parents who support our events whether that is helping with costumes for the production or flying to Phuket to support our FOBISIA games team. At the end of next week our students will receive their IB Diploma results, this is an especially exciting time for us as we see our first cohort complete their studies. All of the students have worked incredibly hard and fully deserve to do well. This month we also learned that two current students and one former student achieved two Highest in Singapore and one Highest in Asia awards in the EDEXCEL iGCSE examinations last year. This is a phenomenal achievement and is the second year in a row that we have won awards in Global Citizenship and Geography. Three longstanding students in our Individual Needs class left this year for local vocational colleges. We are equally proud of their achievements, their success is more difficult to define in statistical terms but not in terms of the outcome of their hard work and dedication to their studies. As they also embark upon the next stage of their academic careers we wish them the very best for their futures. This short half term has continued the theme of busyness that we have had all year. Our last residential trips of the programme ran with Year 3 going to the zoo, Year 12 Biology and ESS IB students heading to Tioman and a selection of Secondary students flying off to the NAE expedition centre in Switzerland. We ran our first Secondary Art and Design exhibition which was incredible well attended. The assembled patrons enjoyed the high level of work proceeded this year in the Art and DT departments. As mentioned above we finished 7 weeks of public examinations so our Year 11 and 13 students now have an anxious wait until the results are released in July (IB) and August (iGCSE). The campus developments continue. The Secondary building is moving into the finishing off stage – Mr Bull and I have been inside several times and progress inside looks far more progressed than the outside! After a long wait our pedestrian crossing will open over the summer – there were times where I doubted my own updates! I am grateful to parents for their patience on this and on the building work on campus. We have worked with our contractor to minimise disruption to the school operating as normal on the other side of the fence but I know at times it has been impossible not to do work that has impacted on the classrooms surrounding the site. I hope all members of the school community will be pleased with the new buildings when they open next term – the sports hall is for use by the whole school so the Reception children don’t need to wait 6 years before they can use the buildings that occasionally disturbed their lessons or playtime this past year. A final thank you to the DCA committee and volunteers
July 4, 2019
Week Beginning 24th June 2019 - Christopher Short, DCIS Principal
Dear DCIS Parents, It is hard to believe that we have reached the last week of this academic year, with only a few days left of term! I would like to start with congratulating Ms Hooper and her cast for an absolutely fantastic production. I have seen quite a few school productions over the years and I must say that the DCIS version of Arabian Nights definitely was one of the best. A big thank you to the parents who helped with the costumes. We welcomed our Global Campus expedition team back from Switzerland last Wednesday. They all had an amazing experience and you could tell that the mountain air did them the world of good. Last week’s Primary Parent Teacher Conferences were very successful, thank you to all parents for your continued support. The weather was kinder to Year 9 last week and the students thoroughly enjoyed their inter-house water polo competition. Congratulations to Jurong, Year 9 winners. We have just received the fantastic news from Nord Anglia Education that Reyna in Year 7 has received a highly commended award for the Global Campus Visual Arts Competition. Her artwork was in the top 10 for her age category of all the entrants. Her work will be displayed at the UN this summer when the NAE students are at the UNICEF summit. Congratulations to Reyna! The DCA have started collecting used, in good condition, uniforms. Boxes can be found in the foyer, outside the main library. The second hand uniform sale will take place on Thursday, 3:00-4:30pm, in Cooper Hall. Ten Feet Tall will be collecting used shoes on Wednesday and Thursday, their collection box can also be found in the foyer. The charity Kimbia Na Afrika (Run with Africa) will also collect GOOD USED running shoes and donate them to under privileged schools in Kenya. The running shoes need to be for men’s and women’s adult sizes, as they will be donated to secondary school children. We look forward to seeing all returning students in August. Please note that Primary, Years 11, 12 and 13 start on Monday 19th August, Years 9 and 10 on Tuesday 20th August and Years 7 and 8 on Wednesday 21st August. Have a great last week of term.
June 24, 2019
Week Beginning 17th June 2019 - Christopher Short, DCIS Principal
Dear DCIS Parents, Many thanks to parents who supported the DCA Sports Day on Saturday. Unfortunately I was attending my old school's (BIS Hanoi) graduation so I missed the afternoon but I have had some lovely feedback from Ms Good and some of the parents who attended. Once again, I am grateful to the DCA committee and their volunteers for their hard work. I look forward to seeing Primary parents this afternoon and tomorrow evening for the Parent Teacher Conferences, they give a fantastic opportunity to talk to teachers about how well your child is progressing.  Ms Hooper and her team are into the final stage of rehearsals and preparations for the Production on Wednesday and Thursday – Victus will have café open and there will be refreshments available at the interval. If you haven’t got your tickets there are literally a handful left, they cost $10 and can be obtained from Reception – all proceeds to Lombok Charity Peduli Anak Foundation. The last week of iGCSE exams take place this week – this finishes off 7 weeks of public (IB and iGCSE) exams – we are very grateful to the whole school community for their support during this time, especially being quiet around the Cooper Hall when our larger exams are on. On the subject of examinations we are very proud to announce that two of our students have received awards from our iGCSE examination body, Pearson. Emma earned highest mark in Asia in Global Citizenship and Sam earned highest mark in Singapore in Geography. This is the second year in a row we have won both of these awards so a mighty congratulations to Sam and Emma and to their teachers Ms Hyland and Mr Woodhall. A reminder that ECAs finish on Friday. Have a great week.
June 17, 2019
Week Beginning 10th June 2019 - Christopher Short, DCIS Principal
Dear DCIS Parents, This certainly is the final stretch of the academic year! I would like to congratulate the Secondary students and our Art and Design Department on a very successful inaugural Art and Design & Technology Exhibition. The level of the work on display was amazing, well done all. The Arabian Nights cast had a busy weekend with two full days of rehearsals. I am very impressed by the hard work and dedication put in to this by the students. A big thank you to Ms Hooper and the staff involved for all your time. There are still a few tickets left for the two performances, be sure to get yours from the School Reception. Our Global Campus Expedition Team leave for their Switzerland adventure tonight. We wish them all a fantastic time! The Primary School Reports will be available on the Parent Portal tomorrow during the morning. Should you have any issues logging in, please email The Secondary Reports will be available on the 18thJune. The Primary Parent Teacher Conferences will take place Monday 17thand Tuesday 18thJune. A booking email was sent out today, if you are having any issues accessing the page, please contact The DCA Sports Day is just around the corner, the DCA is looking forward to seeing you on Saturday afternoon.  The DCA used uniform collection will commence Monday 24thJune and their second hand uniform sale will take place on the last day of term, 27thJune, 3-5pm in Cooper Hall. Have a great week.
June 10, 2019
Newsletter April / May 2019 - Secondary School April / May Highlights from Mr. Bull
We have had a short but busy penultimate half term in our Secondary School. The Inter-house swimming galas and water polo competitions kicked us off early in May. Well done to all who competed. We also saw our strong Athletics team compete in the ACSIS Middle School finals with some fantastic results. Congratulations to all athletes on your achievements!
May 24, 2019
Newsletter April / May 2019 - Primary School April / May Highlights from Ms Lebihan
We were delighted to welcome some new families to our Primary School this term. I greatly enjoyed meeting you all at the coffee morning and hope that you are all settling in well. Just a few weeks in, it is already hard to tell who was newly arrived - that can only be a good thing! It is amazing to see how quickly the children settle in to their new routines and make new friends. Well done, everybody!
May 24, 2019
Newsletter April / May 2019 - Letter from the Principal: April / May Highlights
With no full half term break this term the busyness to the term seems more concentrated – it seems no time since I was last writing my newsletter piece. Over the last 4 weeks we have had a number of fantastic activities. 4 intrepid Year 5 students, accompanied by Mr Baines, travelled to Boston for the 3rd Annual NAE MIT STEAM festival.
May 24, 2019
Week Beginning 13th May 2019 - Christopher Short, DCIS Principal
I would like to congratulate the Primary FOBISIA Team on their achievements at the FOBISIA Games in Phuket last week. We are very proud of our athletes, who all did their very best. We saw some fantastic individual results, as well as a 1st place in U11 Boys’ football and a 3rd place in the U10 Boys’ football. I would like to thank our Primary PE teachers for their hard work in the preparations for the games and the parents who travelled to Phuket to show their support. 
May 14, 2019
Week Beginning 6th May 2019 - Christopher Short, DCIS Principal
I would like to welcome Mr Baines and our Year 5 students Giulia, Sophie, Jaiveer and Jeongwoo, back from the Nord Anglia STEAM week at MIT in Boston. I have been told that it was an amazing experience and I look forward to hearing more about their adventure. We are very fortunate to be able to offer experiences like these to our students.
May 6, 2019
Week Beginning 29th April 2019 - Christopher Short, DCIS Principal
We had a great first week of Term 3 and I enjoyed meeting some of our new parents at the coffee morning last Friday. Our first House Day of the term was very successful with a variety of Maths activities throughout the school. Congratulations to all the students involved in the ACSIS finals on Saturday.
April 29, 2019
Newsletter February / March 2019 - Secondary School February / March Highlights from Mr. Bull
What a fantastic term we have had in the Secondary school. I am very proud of our young people and their hard work and achievements. Anyone who follows my @dcisheadteacher Instagram or Twitter feeds will have noticed the exciting development of the new Secondary block which is certainly moving at a pace. The Naming of the new restaurant competition has been very popular and I am very much looking forward to picking the winner next term.
April 10, 2019
Newsletter February / March 2019 - Primary School February / March Highlights from Ms Lebihan
We have had a great half term in the Primary School and as ever it has been a hive of learning, activity and fun. There have been some fantastic events and trips, including the EYFS visit to Snow City, the Year 2 visit to the Insect and Butterfly Park on Sentosa and of course the Year 6 residential to Udon Thani in Thailand. I know each trip was well-enjoyed by the children and we thank the staff for their meticulous planning of these activities. 
April 10, 2019
Newsletter February / March 2019 - Letter from the Principal: February / March Highlights
This term has had a strange shape to it with a tightly packed short first half of term and an equally tightly packed but much longer second half of term. We have had the usual round of sporting success including an impressive haul of trophies and medals at the U13 FOBISIA Games in Phuket. We were delighted to host Olympic Triathlon medallist Jonny Brownlee and three other world class athletes who worked with a group of our children to explain the rigours of training to be a professional athlete.
April 10, 2019
Week Beginning 1st April 2019 - Christopher Short, DCIS Principal
It was lovely to see so many of you at school on Saturday night for the DCA Family Movie night. Many thanks to Karyn, the DCA committee and all volunteers for organising the event – even the weather was perfect! One of my highlights during the evening was a Year 2 girl asking me if we could get rid of plastic at DCIS - I explained what we had done so far but we agreed that there is more still to do.
April 1, 2019
Week Beginning 25th March 2019 - Christopher Short, DCIS Principal
We have had three groups of students out last week on a wide variety of trips and expeditions. Year 6 returned from Udon Thani in Thailand on Friday with a host of exciting stories and experiences to share. Our Global Expedition Team in Tanzania returns today and we look forward to hearing how they enjoyed their service learning and safari.
March 25, 2019
Week Beginning 18th March 2019 - Christopher Short, DCIS Principal
It was a very early start for many of our year 6 students and their parents as they met at the airport eager to begin their adventure on their residential trip to Thailand, we look forward to receiving updates from them this week. Students from years 9 – 12 have also embarked upon their week-long Global Campus expedition to Tanzania, we are equally excited to hear about their experiences when they return next week.
March 19, 2019
Week Beginning 11th March 2019 - Christopher Short, DCIS Principal
It was fantastic to see so many children and staff dressed up for our World Book Day celebrations on Friday. The staff went for the theme of ‘Where’s Wally’, which provided much amusement all day – several classes went on a ‘Where’s Wally’ hunt and were not disappointed. It is great to hear that sales of traditional books remain strong globally in spite of a digital assault and events like this help to foster a love of reading.
March 11, 2019
Week Beginning 4th March 2019 - Christopher Short, DCIS Principal
Book Week has arrived! There is a whole host of activities, including our extreme reading competition, across the week culminating in the Book character dress up day on Friday, students may notice a number of Wally characters across the school on Friday!! There is also a Book Fair in the Main Library all week. Our Primary students will visit during their regular library session and parents are welcome to visit between 3 and 4pm, Monday to Thursday. In conjunction with International Women’s Day on Friday 8th March students from 6TH have been reading and discussing their favourite stories from one of the Global Campus Big Reads “Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls”, do have a look at their videos which are being posted over the next few days.
March 7, 2019
Week Beginning 18th February 2019 - Christopher Short, DCIS Principal
Many thanks to the parents who attended the Primary Parent Teacher conferences last week, we have received some very positive feedback from both parents and teachers. This week it is Secondary’s turn and we look forward to welcoming parents of students in Year 8 and above to Cooper Hall today and tomorrow.
February 19, 2019
Week Beginning 11th February 2019 - Christopher Short, DCIS Principal
Gong Xi Fa Cai, Happy New Year to everyone, I hope that you had a wonderful break with friends and family. We are now looking forward to a fun packed second half of Term 2, which kicks off this week with a number of different events for our students.
February 12, 2019
Newsletter January 2019 - Letter from the Principal: January Highlights
As we have tied our Half Term break to Chinese New Year this year we have had a short but packed first half of Term 2. We have adjusted this for next year. Having said that, it seems a long time since we welcomed 70 new children to the Dover Court family at the start of January. It is amazing to see how well they all seem to have settled into life at DCIS.
February 1, 2019
Newsletter January 2019 - Secondary School January Highlights from Mr. Bull
A short but nevertheless busy half term for Dover Court Secondary beginning with the exciting sight of builders and diggers in school as our new Secondary Building begins to be erected. The  ground work is well underway and we are working as closely as possible with the project manager to ensure that this has as little impact on our school and student learning as possible.
February 1, 2019
Newsletter January 2019 - Primary School January Highlights from Ms Lebihan
Firstly, a big welcome to the new families that have joined us this term. I hope your children are now well-settled into school and that your family is enjoying being a part of the Dover Court Community. I know many of you came to the New Parent Coffee Mornings and I hope you have continued to make connections with other families from there.  Of course, welcome back also to our returning families – it’s lovely to see the children back. 
February 1, 2019
Week Beginning 28th January 2019 - Christopher Short, DCIS Principal
I am just back from a very fruitful week in London meeting potential candidates for next year. Apart from interviewing our new teachers we also enjoyed the rare opportunity to meet with all NAE leaders and sharing ideas and visions. Our Academic Advisory Board gave presentations and Lord Puttnam, our Chair and the producer of Chariots of Fire, talked about digital education. It surely is a relevant topic and our student screening of Screenagers this week is well in line with Lord Puttnam’s speech.
January 31, 2019
Parent Workshop: Secondary PSHE by Carla Hyland, Deputy Head of Secondary
In our Secondary school we talk about PSHE - Personal, Social, Health and Economic education and Mrs. Hyland described how our Secondary school have regular PSHE-sessions throughout the year with different key topics specifically chosen for each year group and with the possibilty to customise the workshops, should there be any issues within the year.
January 24, 2019
Parent Workshop: Primary PSHCE by Kiara Gray, Deputy Head of Lower Primary
The workshop was led by Mrs. Gray and based on Primary PSHCE. PSHCE is an abbreviation for Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education and the interactive session included information about how we teach and what we teach.  It also discussed how PSHCE happens naturally throughout the school day and is part of our school Vision.
January 23, 2019
Week Beginning 21st January 2019 - Christopher Short, DCIS Principal
I am in the UK this week, interviewing teachers for the 2019/2020 academic year. Each year NAE hosts a recruitment event in London so that our senior leaders can meet and handpick the staff who will be joining us in August. I will be back in school next Monday.
January 23, 2019
Week Beginning 14th January 2019 - Christopher Short, DCIS Principal
It was wonderful to have our children and students back on Campus last week. A school is an eerily quiet place when there are only a few staff around! We are very pleased with how well our new students have settled in and how welcoming our returning students have been.
January 15, 2019
Newsletter November December 2018 - Secondary School Highlights from Mr. Bull
Mr. Bull reflects on an action packed first term at DCIS.
December 27, 2018
Newsletter November December 2018 - Primary School Highlights from Ms Lebihan
Ms Lebihan looks back over a busy and exciting term.
December 27, 2018
Newsletter November December 2018 - Letter from the Principal
Our Principal Christopher Short celebrates 16 weeks of amazing learning and teaching.
December 27, 2018
Parent Workshop: Exams and Healthy Eating by Ian Moody, Counsellor
The Managing Exam Stress workshop was held on Thursday 13 December to discuss the reactions we may see in our students around exam time and look at some strategies to support parents in what can be a challenging time for the family.
December 13, 2018
Week Beginning 10th December 2018 - Christopher Short, DCIS Principal
It was great to see so many of you at the DCA Christmas Fayre on Saturday afternoon. The rain was a little more persistent that most afternoons at the moment but it didn’t seem to effect the general festive mood – in fact my sponge throwing appointment was cut short, so not all bad!
December 11, 2018
Week Beginning 3rd December 2018 - Christopher Short, DCIS Principal
The school was eerily quiet last week as most of the Secondary students were away on their annual residential trips. I saw the Gopeng group when they returned to school and there was a tangible buzz of energy from students and staff alike. The excitement as the students started to tell their parents about the amazing week they had was electric.
December 3, 2018
Week Beginning 26th November 2018 - Christopher Short, DCIS Principal
I often tell people I meet at functions in Singapore that I have the best job in the world. It's not a comment I make lightly, but to spend your working day surrounded by passionate staff and energetic and enthusiastic children and young people is truly inspiring.
November 27, 2018
Week Beginning 19th November 2018 - Christopher Short, DCIS Principal
Last week was our Anti Bullying and Kindness Week. There were a variety of activities taking place all week to promote this important area across the school. Mr. Tallet, our Primary ICT teacher, shared some excellent guidance on anti-bullying online and the guidelines that various social media companies give out.
November 20, 2018
Week Beginning 12th November 2018 - Christopher Short, DCIS Principal
What a lovely celebration of Deepavali we had on Friday. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the staff and children dressed in their new colourful clothes and celebrating the festival of lights.
November 13, 2018
Week Beginning 5th November 2018 - Christopher Short, DCIS Principal
Last week was another busy week in school. Our children in the Primary School and Year 9 participated in the first STEAM challenge of the year creating some very innovative and creative prototypes of wearable technology.
November 7, 2018
Week Beginning 29th October 2018
Many thanks to all the families who supported our UN Day on Friday. I am very grateful to everyone involved for making the day such a success, especially Mrs. Gray and Mrs. Hyland for coordinating the Primary and Secondary sections respectively. I am also grateful to the DCA for their support with the UN Day t-shirts and the country stamps. 
October 29, 2018
Parent Workshop: Internet Safety
Mr. Tallett, Mr. Kinsella and Mr. Bull gave an internet safety workshop aiming to educate parents about some of the relevant issues surrounding us today.
October 29, 2018
Week Beginning 22nd October 2018
DC Bear and Our Students Prepare for UN Day this Friday 26th October 2018.
October 22, 2018
Newsletter September October 2018 - Letter from the Principal
Our Principal Christopher Short celebrates a successful beginning to the new Academic Year.
October 12, 2018
Newsletter September October 2018 - Primary School Highlights from Ms Lebihan
Ms Lebihan reflects on a very busy and eventful start to the academic year in the primary school.
October 12, 2018
Newsletter September and October 2018 - Secondary School Highlights from Mr. Bull
Mr. Bull talks about his first half term at DCIS and the warm welcome he has received.
October 12, 2018
Week Beginning 8th October 2018
We had another successful House Day on Thursday and I’m grateful to Mr. Liperis and his team for the great work they have done building the house system over the last 18 months. The buzz around the school on House Days is great.
October 9, 2018
Week Beginning 1st October
We were delighted on Thursday that our Year 2 Year Group Leader, Monica Dolan received the Future Leaders Award at the 19th Annual BritCham Awards. We would also like to congratulate Charlotte Prince on being shortlisted for this category.
October 5, 2018
Week Beginning 24th September
We were delighted to open our new hydroponics garden last week. Saesha, 3JR, Kiara, 3JH and Lily, 3CS raised money at the end of last year, when they were in Year 2, for environmental projects for the school.
September 25, 2018
Parent Workshop: Primary Phonics and Spelling
Starting off with the phonics aspect of the programme, the workshop looked at the different sets of sounds and the order in which they are taught. #DCISsg #NAEBeAmbitious Dover Court International School
September 19, 2018
Week Beginning 17th September
Many thanks to those parents who attended our Secondary information session on Thursday evening. Mr. Bull and I were able to give more information on the plans for Secondary development including the new Secondary building and Sport Hall. #DCISsg #NAEBeAmbitious Dover Court International School
September 18, 2018
NAE-UNICEF Student Summit 2018 New York by Lola and Sarah
This year, Lola and Sarah from Dover Court International School, joined the event to share their thoughts on sustainability and to discuss what has been accomplished in their own school community. #DCISsg #NAEBeAmbitious Dover Court International School
September 15, 2018
Week Beginning 10th Sept 2018
Last week we held our first House Day of the new academic year. It was wonderful to see both students and teachers get into the house spirit and partaking in various events on campus. Our next House Day will be next week, Tuesday 18th September, when the students will participate in a house literacy event. #DCISsg #NAEBeAmbitious Dover Court International School
September 10, 2018
Parent Workshop: Settling in to Your New Home
Educational Psychologist Vivienne Scott and Counsellor Ian Moody led this morning's parent workshop about transitions. #DCISsg #NAEBeAmbitious Dover Court International School
September 4, 2018
Week Beginning 3rd September 2018
Congratulations to Ms Prince and Ms Dolan who are finalists in the British Chamber of Commerce Annual Business Awards in the Future Leaders Category. #DCISsg #NAEBeAmbitious Dover Court International School
September 3, 2018
Parent Workshop: Approaches to Homework in Secondary School
During this year's first parent workshop Deputy Head of Secondary, Mrs. Hyland outlined the key approaches we take and what parents can do to support their secondary children with homework. Mrs. Hyland explained how both the Tic Tac Toe homework and regular homework work and what we expect from the students. #DCISsg #NAEBeAmbitious Dover Court International School
August 31, 2018