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DPfective Thoughts

DPfective Thoughts

By Dave Pfendt
Welcome to DPfective Thoughts (A PFO-Culture Joint)

I'll talk Thrones, I'll talk Arrowverse, I'll talk College - I'll just talk

Cover art photo provided by Josh Rakower on Unsplash:
Suit Up Spider-Man Far From Home Extended Cut
Chris and I had so much fun talking Spider-man Far From Home, we extended questions to our TPL Community. Christy was brave enough to answer the call, so here's around 8 minutes on her thoughts on these questions: What did you think about the movie overall? How about the Blip? Did you think the actors gave great performances? Which couple is the cutest? Who is actually the next Iron Man - and did those glasses work? Plus...what say you on that Post Credit Scene? Christy thanks for being part of this!
July 13, 2019
I'm Probably Qualified to Find you a Grad School Program
In the first of many future "Career Talks" - I want to talk about deciding on the type of Grad School and even a little bit about paying for it. More information here!
March 16, 2019
GOT the FO Power Rankings - Preseason
This is the first episode of the GOT the FO Power Rankings for season 8 - this is an Add-on to the PFO-Culture's A Pod has No Name Game of Thrones podcast
March 16, 2019