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Premiere the Play

Premiere the Play

Premiere the Play brings you dramatic readings of new stage plays by contemporary playwrights. Discover fresh, exciting new works from a diverse pool of world-wide playwrights on this unique, international stage!

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Bare Cabin by J.R. Spaulding Jr
Jigger and Topsy have chosen an austere life of isolation deep in the forest, far from the human settlements where they were raised. Though dedicated to sheltering their son, Junior, from the destructive nature of humanity, the forest around them has been slowly dying off, and food has recently become scarce. Now, as the people from the settlements begin encroaching upon their cabin, the family must decide if their struggle to live apart from society is worth fighting for after all. Meet the Artists:
August 3, 2021
Welcome to Premiere the Play!
Premiere the Play presents beautiful readings of exciting new stage plays from contemporary playwrights.
July 20, 2021