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LifeStyle Engineering Podcast with Dr Dave

LifeStyle Engineering Podcast with Dr Dave

By Dr Dave Hillis
LifeStyle Engineer® facilitates clients to heal their past, empower their present and create the future of their choice. Lifestyle Engineering® aims to facilitate rapid change, identify and release unresolved conflicts or factors beyond conscious awareness resulting in major improvement in health, motivation, self confidence, emotional stability, pain relief, creativity, performance levels and habit control.
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Your Biography Becomes Your Biology

LifeStyle Engineering Podcast with Dr Dave

It’s not your emergency part 2
Continuing to dive a bit deeper from the “It’s not your emergency” podcast... and how to potentially put into action with this new mindset.
June 03, 2020
“It’s not your Emergency”
Taking a different approach at learning how we can restructure our schedules and lives to be more efficient once we gain a clearer idea what each situation when categorized appropriately, allocates our focus or attention.
May 26, 2020
Aligning with Neutral Connection, how to engage our “art of allowing” muscle to honor our truths.
In this episode we dive right into getting into Neutral so that we can better define how we have arrived at our truths and honoring our global community and each other tribal belief systems. Spot light on Palmarosa and Douglas Fir essential oil to support this new mindset.
May 20, 2020
Blue Lotu, Pink Pepper & Palmarosa Essential Oil discussion
Blue Lotu, Pink Pepper & Palmarosa Essential Oil discussion
April 23, 2020
Podcast w/ Farrah & Dave 4.2.2020
Triage in a crisis
April 23, 2020
Authenticity vs Inegrity
Authenticity = quality of being “real”, your full self *3rd Chakra* Integrity = quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. *4th Chakra*
April 23, 2020
LifeStyle Engineering & Mission Statement
LifeStyle Engineering & Mission Statement
April 18, 2020
Tools to not “freak out” Podcast with Farrah & Dave 4.14.2020.
Tools to help not freak out and tools to help get grounded before media-driven over run emotional states. Also, how do you art of allowing others to their truth and your integrity in tact through the interaction. Cleary Sage & Celery Seed essential oil education.
April 16, 2020
Your Biography Becomes Your Biology
Emotional energy contributes to the formation of cell tissue and forms an energy language, which carries literal and symbolic information.
January 24, 2020