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Healer Heal Yourself, Reduce Burnout, Discover Your Creativity While You Heal Others

Healer Heal Yourself, Reduce Burnout, Discover Your Creativity While You Heal Others

By Dr. Hisla Bates, MD
This podcast explores the intersection of Creativity, Art, and Medicine. Learn how physicians and healers have used art to heal themselves through burnout. Artists and writers share their creative journeys for inspiration and to provide channels of hope.
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Mystery Novelist Frieda McFadden - Physician writer
Frieda McFadden is not her real name, as mysterious as her stories are, she herself is mysterious. This physician’s identity was not revealed to me even during this interview. I hope you enjoy this interview with a very prolific and talented writer who also works as a physician. “Frieda” has written and sold enough books to retire from medicine but she loves medicine and writing keeps her going. If you are a writer, this episode will inspire you!
August 13, 2022
Note: This episode was taped in Feb. 2020 right before the lockdown of the pandemic in New York City. In this episode, we speak with Dr. Carrie Barron a psychoanalyst and psychiatrist who authored the book the Creativity Cure with her husband, hand surgeon Dr. Alton Barron. They have come up with the concept that there are five elements for tapping into your creativity..."Insight, Movement, Mind Rest, Mind Shift and the Using your two hands." Creativity leads to positive well-being and happier lives.  
June 13, 2022
Willie Macc Actor, Stand Up Comedian, Real Estate Investor, talks about HGTV's new show "My Flipping Family"
Willie Macc has over 20 million views of his standup comedy on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. He is one of the stars from the hit BET show College Hill: Virgin Island. Willie Macc was pinned by Fox Reality Awards as one of the funniest guys on reality TV. Willie Macc has also appeared on TV episodes and movies such as: Hulu's Casual ABC Goldberg TruTV’s Laff Mobb‘s Laff Tracks, CSI TV Show Meet the Spartans with Kevin Sorbo and Tiffany Haddish and Willie is known for his acting in over 40 national commercials such as Snapple, Kia, Residence Inn, Applebee’s and was the face of "Pump", a bottled water brand, in New Zealand. Willie's Show "My Flipping Family" premiered on Feb 16th where he and his brother buy and flip homes in the city of St. Louis, MO. Willie has become one of the few Reality TV stars to make it as a working actor and comedian in Hollywood. Willie Macc now travels as a stand up comic and you can see him frequently at the Comedy Store and Laugh Factory in Hollywood Willie also has a clothing line of T- Shirts and a Children's Book that will be coming out this summer! HGTV My Flipping Family: Willie Macc website:
February 20, 2022
Nancy Prendergast, MD - Anatomical Radiologist, Musician and Visual Artist
Dr. Prendergast is a Radiologist and a visual artist/musician who discusses her childhood, immigration experience and the influence of art and music had on her development as a physician, daughter, wife, and mother. This is an intimate conversation that you don't want to miss. We share stories and feelings about art, having older mothers, and our creative children. Dr. Prendergast's youngest daughter is in the Broadway show Hamilton and her oldest has a daily comic strip that is scientifically based, my daughter is a novelist. Dr. Prendergast is honest, forthright, and authentic. You can view her work here:
February 10, 2022
Painter, Artist Kimberly Santini from a 9-5 job to being a fulltime artist
Kimberly left her job when she found herself dissatisfied and not in alignment. When she rediscovered art she found joy again. She studied art history but wasn't brave enough to call herself an artist until long after her children were born.  She paints animal portraits and landscapes among other things.  Website and paintings: Instagram view paintings:
January 31, 2022
Dr. Lynette Charity from Anesthesiologist to Stand Up Comic!
Dr. Charity is a retired physician/ anesthesiologist with over 40 years of experience in medicine and she has been a paid speaker as well. You can hear her story in a TED Talk as well. In this episode, we talk about the good 'ole days in medicine where doctors had more time with patients and wrote their own notes as opposed to clicking buttons. We talk about connecting with patients and how that has changed over time.  Dr. Charity speaks candidly about her bouts of depression in medical school.  She was a National Merit Scholar and was accepted into medical school in her junior year of high school! Even though she was a brilliant student, she dealt with imposter syndrome and racism that caused her to spiral downward. She finally physically collapsed during one of her classes. Plagued with depression and suicidal ideation, and tells her story of overcoming many of these hardships and dark days. Dr. Charity knows how to use humor, even in the bleakest moments. You will laugh along with us. Of note, Dr. Charity a retired Lieutenant Colonel in the military and is an honorary member of the 555 PIA, the first Black paratroopers' group in the military during WWII. Find out how this group became the Smoke Jumpers and its meaning.
January 23, 2022
Dr. Anu French an Integrative physician and author, painter and health advocate
Dr. French is an integrative pediatrician, artist, and musician. She can be reached at A New Wellness by Dr. Anu French, on Facebook, and on Instagram @anewwellness.anufrench. Her mission through her website is to create healthier communities through healthier kids. Her journey over the last 25 years as a holistic pediatrician and the last 17 years as a mother has been focused on building the resilience of mind, body, and spirit for herself, her patients, and her family.  A yoga student for 20 years, Anu has completed Kids Yoga Teacher Training. She co-authored and published a review on Yoga in Children included in the AAP’s 2016 Clinical Policy Statement on the use of Mind-Body Therapies in Children and Youth. She has created a children’s book, ‘I Am You, You Are Me’ about unity and inclusivity and a sound healing CD ‘Wake Up My Divinity’ streaming on Pandora, Spotify, Amazon, and iTunes. She paints for mind-body spirit balance and offers her healing acrylic artwork the ‘I Am’ series and her ‘I Am Vida’ line of apparel/accessories to support global Literacy for Life and Social Justice programs. She serves on committees for Integrate, a national grassroots Interdisciplinary Network of Trauma-Informed Providers who provide Trauma-Informed Care through the lens of mental health and accessibility, and for IM4US Integrative Medicine for the Underserved.
January 17, 2022
Dr. Kayse Budd: An artist, writer, physician, holistic psychiatrist, astrologer and yoga instructor
Dr. Budd has created an innovative path for herself within the medical community and outside of the medical community, where she has taken astrology, yoga, and Ayurvedic practices to promote mental wellness. She has also played an active role in initiating programs that include the visual and therapeutic arts. Her journey to address her anxiety led her to find alternative ways to thrive. Dr. Budd worked at the Chopra Center (founded by Deepak Chopra) in Carlsbad, CA as an Ayurvedic-inspired physician and intuitive astrologer. The Center closed in Dec 2019 she has taken her practice online. In 2021 working as a digital nomad in Nosara, Costa Rica, and Sayulita, Mexico. She says, "Me amo surfear, viajar, y hablar español." (I love to surf, travel, and speak Spanish.)  She attended college at Duke University and med school at the University of Michigan.  During a break between medical school and residency, she lived at a yoga ashram, became a certified yoga instructor, and embarked on a quest to experience as many "alternative" approaches to wellness (sound healing, art therapy, dance therapy, energy medicine, astrology, shamanism, meditation, herbalism, Ayurveda, and tarot). Her website reads: Integrative Psychiatry, Intuitive Astrology, Ayurvedic Evaluations, Astro Apprenticeship, Wellness Coaching, & Holistic Health Mentorship Follow her on Instagram: @mysticmandala.
November 08, 2021
An Interventional Radiologist Becomes A Classically Trained Chef - Meet Dr. Judith Hanson, MD Owner of Nadia's Indulgence
Dr. Judith Hanson was an interventional radiologist and describes how a challenging time in her life led her to become a classically trained chef. She is now the creator and designer of beautiful sculptural floral wedding cakes and confections. Her latest endeavor is becoming a chocolatier! Please visit Dr. Hanson's Instagram page and website to see the beautiful cakes she designs, you won't want to miss them!!! Website: IG: @nadiasindulgences Entrepreneur / Chef / Cake Designer The Arts Institute - The International Culinary School Practicing Physician for 15 years Cornell/Memorial Sloan Kettering - Fellowship Interventional Radiology Mount Sinai Medical School New York University - Biochemistry
October 31, 2021
Dr. Olapeju Simoyan is an Addiction Medicine specialist, Singer, Musician and more
Dr. Simoyan, MD, MPH, BDS, FAAFP, FASAM was a dentist at 21 and went on to get a Masters in public health before heading off to medical school where she excelled as well. She was a Fulbright Scholar in 2012,2013 and 2014 with multiple awards and she is a creative at heart. In this episode, she even sings and plays the Ukulele!!! Wait to the end to hear sing and play! Dr. Simoyan is a member of the Addiction Medicine sub-board of the American Board of Preventive Medicine and serves on the editorial board of Medical Education Online, an open access healthcare education journal and was the Founding Editor-in -Chief of Black Diamonds, a literary journal. A member of the music and medicine committee of the American Medical Women’s Association, she plays several musical instruments and recently recorded an instrumental piano collection, Christmas Melodies. She curated a photographic exhibit featuring prominent women in medicine from around the world and has combined her interests in writing and photography in two photobooks, Scranton, A Place to Call Home and The Amazing World of Butterflies. Dr Simoyan is a strong advocate for the inclusion of the humanities in medical education and strongly believes in the need to transform the way we educate children and youth, with a focus on creativity, problem solving and integration of the arts and sciences. Dr Simoyan’s scholarships and awards include the Emerging Leader award from the Family Medicine Education Consortium (2010) and the American Association of Medical College’s Herbert Nickens Faculty Fellowship (2012). She was recognized by the Northeastern Pennsylvania Business Journal as one of the Top 25 Women in Business in 2015 and she was a second prize winner in the State Department’s Citizen Diplomacy Challenge in the same year.
October 30, 2021
Therapy vs Coaching with Dr. Bates - Help I don't know which one I need
In this podcast, I talk about some of the differences between coaching and therapy. There are so many choices out there and how do you know what you need. Both can be helpful but each serves a different purpose.  Disclaimer: None of the content should be confused with medical advice. Please consult your physician or psychiatrist to help you decide what the best treatment or course of action is for you. 
October 23, 2021
Dr. Kwandaa Roberts She is the Featured Designer of the TV Show Sell This House
Dr. Kwandaa Roberts is an OBGYN physician who has become an Instagram and television star from her beautiful dollhouses and beautifully designed furniture and rooms. Her Instagram went viral and she has been featured on interior design shows, the New York Times, and Parents Magazine to name a few. She speaks about her journey as a designer in this podcast and how it all started.
October 12, 2021
Jacob Nordby Interview on his recent book "The Creative Cure" and more.
Jacob Nordby is the author of several books, he is a writer and creative guide. His most recent book is called The Creative Cure. He has been a leader of transformational workshops and group retreats. I learned of Jacob Nordby at the virtual Gathering of the Creatives in 2020. Here we talk about drawing, the healing power of art, creativity, and life. Rejection, fear, and traumatic experiences.  I share my personal revelation on art and creativity too. I hope you enjoy this conversation.  Website:
September 27, 2021
Dr. Christopher Loo, MD, PhD - financial independence at age 29 and beyond
Dr. Christopher Loo is a surgeon, serial entrepreneur, investor, author, consultant, executive coach, and keynote speaker. He received his MD-PhD from the medical scientist training program offered jointly through the Baylor College of Medicine and Department of Bioengineering at Rice University. A member of the Valhalla AI Healthcare startup advisory board, where he directs digital strategy, Dr. Loo achieved financial freedom by the age of 29, and F.I.R.E. in 2016 through his multiple passive investment income strategies. After traveling the globe for a year, Dr. Loo started his consulting company in 2017 to spread awareness about the importance of financial literacy among the physician community. Dr. Loo is a 4x Amazon author including "How I Quit My Lucrative Medical Career and Achieved Financial Freedom Using Real Estate", has been a contributor to KevinMD (over 2k shares), SEAK 2018, 2020 Passive Income MD’s Leverage and Growth Summit, and the White Coat Investor Financial Literacy and Wellness Conference in 2021. Dr. Loo has his own monthly career success membership program along with a rapidly growing 780+ member private Facebook group “Financial Freedom for Physicians", and has been named by Board Vitals as one of the top 50 MD’s to follow in Instagram. Christopher Loo, MD, PhD
September 21, 2021
"Art was Buried Inside of Me For Years" Dr. Susie Sharpe, MD - Internist and Painter
When Dr. Susie Sharpe came to the United States at the age of 16 she was bullied and struggled to find peace. Through her strength and fortitude, she learned English and became a practicing physician. She worked many years before she found art and said "Art was buried in me for years." She is now showing her paintings internationally and most recently in Paris and Luxembourg. She has shown and sold her work throughout the US as well. She plays the piano and the music you will hear is from her childhood. I had the pleasure of hearing her play the piano in this interview. Artist: Https:// Medical Director Mercy Clinic at Paul Mueller
September 20, 2021
Sheila Darcey Sketch by Sketch
Sheila Darcey talks candidly about her life and childhood. After many years in the corporate world, she put her art and creativity aside. It was when she made the connection that art can be healing she was able to relieve her anxiety, sketch by sketch. We also touch on topics like NFTs as well.
September 12, 2021
Dr. Jane Phelps a creative child psychiatrist
Dr. Phelps is a Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist who started out in engineering and studio art before medical school. Has a Masters degree in the Arts and studied in London. She continues to paint abstract landscapes that reflect the nature that surrounds her home in Spokane Washington. We also discuss the importance of Children's Literature in the lives of children.
September 11, 2021
Interview with Ardith Goodwin how painting healed her Chronic pain:
Ardith speaks about how she painted her way out of a life of chronic pain, depression, disability and discomfort. She is now a successful painter, and teacher living an "extraordinary" and joyful life.
September 11, 2021
My Creative Journey: The short version
Here is where I tell you about my journey from Fashion Designer to Physician and back to finding my creative self after burning out.
September 11, 2021