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Thrive For The COS

Thrive For The COS

By Dr. John Stenberg
These are the inspirational stories of real people who live, work, and play in beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Our candid conversations reveal the real-life struggles, triumphs, and journey toward thriving within and for the COS.
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The Olympic Mindset: Overcoming Adversity with Kara Winger
Kara Winger has competed 3x in the Olympic games for Team USA as a women's javelin thrower. Her longevity in the sport has spanned over a decade of elite performance and is unmatched in her event.  Throughout her career in a demanding sport, Kara has learned the skills to THRIVE mentally, physically, and emotionally as she has faced obstacles, adversity, and injury.  We discuss: When and how Kara knew that her goal was to go to the Olympic games How to have a healthy and vibrant relationship as a pro athlete Finding balance in a lifestyle that demands total dedication Her development as a mental athlete and how to cultivate the mindset of a champion A day-in-the-life of an elite athlete The business of being an elite athlete - sponsor relationships, social media, and how to stay true to yourself while using your platform for the greater good The Olympic games experience from an athletes perspective - from walking in the opening ceremonies, to meeting other high profile athletes, to witnessing history as a fan and spectator  and much more... I really enjoyed this conversation and could have easily continued chatting with Kara. She's down-to-earth but has the swagger of someone who knows what she's capable of. My key take-aways from our conversation: Focusing on improvement over time vs. other people's goals leads to success and fulfillment Compartmentalizing life and finding balance outside of your primary focus (work, athletics, etc) leads to more focused effort and greater efficiency The importance of communication - with your partner, team, coaches, etc - for breaking through mental barriers and achieving the next level of success Resources: Beijing opening ceremony 2008 Kara's Facebook page Kara's Instagram Kara's Twitter Maddie Dog's Instagram Olympians For Public Lands Kara's website Kara's favorite podcasts: TED Radio Hour, Skimm'd from The Couch, Believed
April 28, 2021
How to Stay Healthy During the Holidays
Top Tips for Staying Healthy During the Holiday Season: Hydrate - how much and how often Get adequate sleep/rest Commit to movement Say NO when/where needed Reflect, re-vamp, and re-establish core values The holidays can be stressful, but you can employ certain strategies to ride out the season and be no worse for the wear. Set yourself up for a happy, healthy and prosperous new year. Zenith Chiropractic on Facebook Dr. John Stenberg on IG Dr. John Stenberg on LinkedIn Zenith Chiropractic Online
November 22, 2019
A Hacker's Take on Cybersecurity with Rodney Gullatte
Rodney Gullatte is a certified ethical hacker. He uses his powers for good in the cutting edge field of cybersecurity by exposing vulnerabilities, developing strategic solutions, and saving Colorado Springs one computer at a time. In this episode we discuss: the emerging threats online why small businesses are PRIME targets for hackers what data is vulnerable (it's not just credit cards) business development, entrepreneurship, and the pros/cons of doing business in Colorado Springs how to protect yourself and your customers from online threats Resources: Firma IT Online Rodney on IG Firma IT on Facebook Rodney on LinkedIn  Colorado Springs Small Business Development Center Cybersecurity Consulting
November 07, 2019
Trick or Treat(ment) - How to NOT Get Hoodwinked in Healthcare
It's easy to be confused about how to best utilize your resources when it comes to making healthcare decisions. In the midst of all of the marketing messaging, how do you figure out what might work for you and what's a scam? Here are my top 5 strategies for evaluating how to think about a healthcare product or service: Educate yourself - a knowledgeable consumer is less likely to be deceived Be wary of outrageous claims - learn how to apply the "sniff test" to health claims Treatments should be data driven - objective testing/measurements are an important part of individualizing care Don't be afraid to look outside of traditional insurance coverage - just because you have poor insurance or no insurance does not mean that you don't have access to healthcare resources Don't give up if you've not found YOUR answer - there's something out there for everyone, keep after it until you find the help you need. Working with a provider on this step will help eliminate the guesswork and save precious time and money Apply these principles when appraising any new healthcare product or service. It will lead to better outcomes, lower costs, and a better overall quality of life! Schedule an appointment with Dr. John Stenberg Zenith Chiropractic Online
October 30, 2019
What college WON'T teach you with Brent Sabati
Many of us who have pursued education as a means to achieving a rewarding career and life have struggled to make the transition from school into the real world. Often we assume that our colleges and institutions are preparing us for the next step when in fact they're not.  Take it from two guys who have gone through the growing pains of that transition - there's a definite learning curve. Brent Sabati is a young professional, podcaster, and all around good guy who has a passion for helping college students understand what life after school is really like. We discuss: Misconceptions about the transition from school to career Why it's not someone else's fault if you're not prepared How to not make the same mistakes as everyone else while transitioning out of college Networking tips for making connections Mentorship, personal development, reading, etc. and more. Check out the Attitude Check Podcast here Follow Brent Sabati on IG Connect with Brent on LinkedIn Follow Dr. John Stenberg on IG
October 24, 2019
5 Things to Do in Your 20's - 30's to Craft A Healthier Life
If you are in your 20's and 30's you have a TREMENDOUS opportunity to establish healthy habits that will benefit you later in life. Rather than having the typical experience of a retiree who struggles with health challenges, you can continue to thrive into your 60's and beyond by making intentional changes now. Here are the 5 Things to Do in Your 20's - 30's to Craft a Healthier Life: Determine the type of life that you DO want to live, and the type of life that you DON'T want to live Be realistic about your strengths and your vulnerabilities Focus on sustainability Prioritize your mental health Build a team If you have questions about how to apply any of these principles for yourself, please reach out! Dr. John Stenberg on IG Zenith Chiropractic on Facebook Dr. John Stenberg on LinkedIn Dr. John Stenberg on YouTube Website
October 11, 2019
Journeying Through a Creativ Life with Lauren McKenzie
Lauren McKenzie is a fire plug of energy, passion, and thoughtful wisdom. The time we spent chatting during this interview was a blast, and I fully expect that everyone will derive value from her  story. Lauren shares her journey through finding her passion, navigating the workforce, and ultimately growing into an entrepreneur. Her work has spawned not one, but THREE companies that she is currently running: REN Creativ REN Creativ Photo Wild West Press Co.  We talked about: Lauren's journey to the work she is doing now The ups and downs of entrepreneurship  Mental health, therapy, and why being a WHOLE person is valuable for the community ...and much more.  To check out Lauren's work, visit: REN Creativ Online REN Creativ IG REN Creativ FB REN Creativ Lifestyle Photography Wild West Press Co. Organizations Mentioned: NAMI Colorado Springs - National Alliance of Mental Illness TESSA - Empowering Victims of Domestic Abuse If you enjoy this episode, please share it with a friend. Show Lauren some love on social media by following her and supporting her work, and be sure to subscribe for more episodes like this one.
September 26, 2019
Exposing the Healthcare System with Dr. Justin Manning - Talk with a Doc Episode 3
On this Episode of Thrive for the COS: Talk with a Doc I sit down with Dr. Justin Manning of Bettner Vision to discuss a hot topic these days - the healthcare system. Dr. Manning is a practicing optometrist at Bettner Vision here in Colorado Springs, but also brings a unique perspective in that he holds a Masters of Public Health degree, has taught and practiced overseas, and is involved in consulting and teaching other Doctors of Optometry on healthcare related topics. We discuss: How does the healthcare system in the United States work? Why is it so expensive (even if I don't use it)? How do we stack up to other countries on spending and outcomes? The personal responsibility that we all have for our own health and well-being How to select a good healthcare provider The future of healthcare spending and more... Resources: Bettner  Vision online Bettner Vision on Facebook Bettner Vision on IG The Kerataconus and Scleral Lens Institute at Bettner Vision To consult with Dr. Stenberg of Zenith Chiropractic - submit a request for a consultation here and mention the code THRIVE50 for $50 toward a comprehensive NeuroStructural Examination!
February 26, 2019
Have the hard conversations - TIP to Thrive with 3x Olympian Kara Winger
Take it from someone who knows from experience - to reach your potential in sport, life, and business you MUST have hard conversations. Kara has learned that honesty, transparency, and the courage to have tough conversations is KEY to optimal performance. In our full interview, we talk about a LOT more interesting things about life as an olympic athlete, what it takes to stay at the top of your sport for a decade, and the business of being an athlete.  Check out the full interview here.
February 21, 2019
The TRUTH about supplementation - Talk with a Doc Episode 2 Featuring Jeff Hunter of Upstream Functional Medicine
Latest episode of Thrive For The COS features MY favorite segment called "Talk with a Doc" where I get to share the behind-the-scenes conversations between healthcare providers. This episode features Jeff Hunter, NP owner of Upstream Functional Medicine and is a primer to a more in depth conversation regarding gut health, inflammation, diet, and more.  We specifically talk about supplementation - how to determine if a given supplement is right for you, the questions that you should be asking in regards to supplementation, and where many people go wrong in trying to use supplements like pharmaceuticals. Resources: Upstream Functional Medicine Online 
February 19, 2019
(Mental) Health Matters: Demystifying Psychotherapy
This episode of Thrive For The COS features James Garofalo MA, CAC II and Kayla Engel LPC, NCC, MS of Viewpoints Psychotherapy LLC, a veteran owned business here in Colorado Springs providing psychotherapy services, provider staffing, counseling, and consulting services.  James and Kayla both entered the field after having their own personal experiences with psychotherapy services, James in the military and Kayla after learning that she had OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder).  We discuss: Why mental health matters and where counseling and therapy services fit into an integrative model of healthcare  Stigmas around mental health and how optimizing performance in life and business requires optimizing mental health as well Areas impacting mental health including family history, genetics, trauma, and more The truth about OCD, it's different manifestations, and how to evaluate your options for minimizing its negative effects This was a fascinating conversation, and I'm grateful to James and Kayla for sharing in their expertise, perspectives, and time around this VERY important topic.  Resources: Viewpoints Psychotherapy Services online Viewpoints on Facebook (including link to our Facebook live stream of this conversation) Be sure to check out past episodes on Thrive for the COS podcast! If you liked this one, then be sure to check out my conversations with Caleb David of The Table Initiative and Frank Sinclair of Dream Again LLC. Presented by: Zenith Chiropractic - Colorado Springs first and only chiropractic clinic focused on NeuroStructural Chiropractic. Structural problems require structural solutions. Zenith Chiropractic provides comprehensive solutions without twisting, popping, and cracking the joints of the spine. For a complimentary consultation with NeuroStructural chiropractor and host of Thrive for the COS Podcast, click here or call 719.301.9650. Enter code THRIVE50 for $50 off of a comprehensive NeuroStructural Evaluation.
February 05, 2019
Talk with a Doc: Episode 1 Dr. John Stenberg
INTRODUCING - Talk with a Doc: Episode 1 This new series will bring health care professionals from around the Colorado Springs community to the table for conversations around health and well-being from all aspects; physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  You'll gain valuable insights into perspectives around healthcare, practical tools for thriving at any phase of life, and a behind the scenes look at healthcare from a providers standpoint.  We'll kick off this series with none other than the host of Thrive for the COS podcast - Dr. John Stenberg. This interview originally aired on the Expect Miracles Podcast with Dr. Kevin Pecca (highly recommend checking out his show) who was gracious in providing the audio to share with the Colorado Springs community. We discuss: The family health scare that got me into chiropractic My experiences as a chiropractic patient and Doctor Insights into the chiropractic profession and the sub-specialty known as upper cervical chiropractic ...and more. Resources: Expect Miracles Podcast with Dr. Kevin Pecca Zenith Chiropractic in Colorado Springs Zenith Chiropractic on Facebook Dr. John's Instagram Zenith Chiropractic on YouTube Colorado Springs residents are welcome to reserve a Complimentary Consultation with Dr. John Stenberg to discuss their health challenges, to learn more about NeuroStructural Chiropractic, and to determine if it can help you to thrive physically. Click Here To Schedule Consultation Call Zenith Chiropractic: 719.301.9650
January 08, 2019
Ascending to a Higher Perspective: Lessons from India with Heather Felde
Heather Felde is physical therapist, athlete, and world traveler who owns and operates Ascend Physical Therapy in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Her unique focus in manual therapy centers on an individualized approach that gets to the root of the problem and has taken her across the world to teach, train, and practice.  Motivated by the opportunity to gain a new perspective, Heather stepped away from a new and growing practice for 6 months to experience life and practice in the Far East. This leap of faith took her to Delhi, India where she treated patients, taught manual therapy techniques, and explored the rich landscape and culture of Nepal and India.  From the summit of Mount Everest to the foot of Pikes Peak, Heather has worked tirelessly to provide the Colorado Springs community with opportunity to Ascend to new heights of health and human performance.  We discuss:  • Why Heather saw a need for a patient-centered approach to physical therapy in our community  • How her unique focus led to international opportunity  • How being overwhelmed in a foreign land led to a mindfulness practice  • The unique experience of being a minority in a new and unfamiliar culture  • Tips for optimal sleep and why it is important for tissue repair and overall well-being  Heather and I also provide a brief “behind the scenes” look into the values, perspectives, and business aspects of going into solo practice. This candid part of the conversation explores the real-world sacrifices and challenges that go into providing high quality care with integrity and a patient-centered approach.  Heather shares some very insightful perspectives from her time in India that I think you’ll find not only interesting, but thought provoking.  Resources: •  • 719.266.1710  •  •  •
December 25, 2018
The Transformational Power of Coming to The Table
On this episode of Thrive for the COS, I talk with Caleb David, Colorado Springs commercial real estate broker and founder of The Table Initiative. Caleb has traveled the world and experienced cultures from Africa to the Middle East. He's a father of two and has experienced first hand the trials and tribulations of international adoption. Through Caleb's extensive work in the non-profit sector, he has worked tirelessly to expose and dark side of international adoption and to seek community driven solutions that equip local adoption when possible. We discussed some very sensitive topics, so approach our conversation with an open mind and consider Caleb's perspective. We discuss: - Cultural paternalism in international mission work - Why trying to "fix" other people's problems often makes things worse - The experience of sharing a meal with Syrian refugees in the Middle East - Evangelical Trafficking and the dark side of international adoption - Tips for mental, emotional, and spiritual health in the midst of intense social justice work - The importance of coming to the table for a meal, some wine, and human connection Connect with Caleb and follow The Table Initiative:
December 18, 2018
From Home-less to Hope-full - Daring to Dream Again with Frank Sinclair
Frank Sinclair of Dream Again LLC shares insights, wisdom, and practical advice for entrepreneurs and small business owners about how to stay the course. The breadth of life experiences that inform his outlook include growing up in a segregated south, traveling the world in the United States Air Force, living in Acacia Park as a part of homeless community, and eventually becoming an integral part of the Colorado Springs small business community. We discuss: - Frank's amazing journey through life - How impostor syndrome derailed his Air Force career and how to overcome it - Why wanting to change the world can limit your real impact - Tips for staying encouraged through the hard times - Why comparing yourself to others is foolish ...and so much more. This was a very dense hour of conversation, and I would encourage you to listen intently to glean all of the wisdom that Frank shared. Resources: Frank's email address: (for Frank's reading list and information regarding the 7 Part Hope Quotient that Frank uses with clients) - Dream Again on Facebook - LinkedIn - Millenials were born to lead - here's why, TEDxMileHigh
December 11, 2018
Inspiring Exploration with Bruce McClintock of Hike for Life
On this episode of Thrive for the COS, I chat with Bruce McClintock. He is the Chief Exploration Officer at Hike for Life, a Colorado Springs based social impact business focused on providing carefully curated guided hikes in the mountains of central Colorado. We talk about: - the 5 Fundamentals of a safe hiking experience - stories about life threatening experiences in the mountains of Colorado - unique history of one of Colorado Springs "hidden gems" - how to experience the health benefits of time spent outdoors Resources: - website 5 Fundamentals Facebook Page Instagram Mountain Equipment Recyclers - Colorado Mountain Club - All Trails - REI Hiking Project - Guardians of Palmer Park - UCCS Business Innovation Program
December 05, 2018
Bridging the Gap Between Ancient Wisdom and Modern Culture at Colorado College
Born and raised in Israel, Kobi Chumash brings a unique perspective on life, culture, and the college experience. Kobi has a unique role as Hebrew professor, adviser to the Colorado College Jewish cultural organization Hillel, and self-proclaimed "Jewish mom" to the students of CC. We talk about: - Growing up in Israel - Lessons from 7 years in the Israeli Air Force - The pitfalls of pushing students to identify with a career path - How Kobi helps to connect the Colorado Springs community to the language, history, and culture of Judaism in an open and welcoming way MUST LISTEN: - Kobi's advice for college students who graduate without a clear vision of their purpose - What the Colorado Springs community should know about life at CC
November 28, 2018
The Humanity of Hospitality with Tyler Hill of Loyal Coffee
Loyal Coffee's Tyler Hill shares powerful insights from his experiences as a cafe owner, boss, and hospitality consultant in Colorado Springs. We cover: - The important difference between providing good customer service and providing a meaningful guest experience - Tyler's history and family experiences that drive him to delight others - The importance of showing hospitality to yourself first so that you are best equipped for service This episode contains a TON of wisdom, so be sure to listen in it's entirety. Connect with Tyler:
November 25, 2018
Thriving together in COS
On this first episode of the Thrive for the COS podcast, your host Dr. John Stenberg shares the vision and mission behind this project, a little bit about his personal story, and invites the Colorado Springs community to engage in sharing stories that matter.
November 08, 2018