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Life Path Healings with Dr. Marie

Life Path Healings with Dr. Marie

By Dr. Marie Feuer / Life Path Healings
What does it mean to have a spiritual practice and to consciously be on a spiritual path? Listen in for discussions on being an earthling in this incarnation while still recognizing you are an evolving soul.
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Is it self care or self abuse?
It's not what you do it's how you do it. It's the timing, it's the energy around it, it's your consciousness about your choice and your self-awareness. Many people are involved with self-indulgence or self-abuse rather than self-care. It is complex. Self-care also has to do with having parenting skills so that you can help yourself mature and handle the challenges of life and if you have no idea what healthy parenting looks like you will be unable to do this part of self-care until you learn.
October 25, 2020
Is it really over giving?
Overgiving can be a trait of codependency. It can be a trait of low self-esteem. Sometimes it's for people pleasing but other times it's to control people kind of like banking. I'm making deposits with these people with the assumption that they will pay me back when I need it. it's easy to put a label on your behavior but what we really need to do is dig deep and find out what's going on. Join life path healings for another dog walk and some contemplation
October 18, 2020
Conscious discomfort and healthy stress
Nothing on this Earth thrives without stress. Stress on the discomfort that goes with it both stimulate and challenges the body mind and Spirit to be our very best. You see this in biology and throughout all the sciences. And Brene Brown's wonderful research has added to this body of knowledge. This means you have to do things. You can't just read and listen. Journey on
October 6, 2020
Is it follow your bliss or we can do hard things?
Two wonderful slogans. They seem to be contradictory but actually they are not . They work hand in hand like yin and yang however if you have not done some self work it is your wounded self that will be choosing the Bliss and it will be your wound itself that tells you how to do hard things. and when your wound itself is guiding you instead of Spirit the path is hard and Rocky. We have to start at the beginning . Listen. πŸ™πŸΌπŸŒ·
October 4, 2020
Can I Self Heal?
Self-healing is a cool concept but not everybody can do it and sometimes even if you do self heal there might be times you cannot. Find out what it takes to self-heal and find out some tools you can use to train yourself and self-healing and self learning
September 28, 2020
Radical Acceptance
Learning to get rid of your narratives is the first step towards healing. What is radical acceptance?
September 17, 2020