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Dr. NYC Empowers You!

Dr. NYC Empowers You!

By Dr. Nycole P. Lyles-Belton
Dr. NYC is a Motivational Speaker, Empowerment Coach, CEO/Founder of Greatness In You, Inc., Author, Youth Pastor, Consultant, Influencer & a Special Needs Educator. She has an earned Doctorate degree in Educational Leadership & is pursuing her second Doctorate degree in Psychology. Through Dr. NYC's journey she has developed a passion for empowering the masses to overcome and step into their greatness. This Podcast will Empower you to step into your Greatness knowing that everything that has happened in your life is preparing you to function & live in your designed authenticity powerfully!
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You Are NOT A Back-Up Plan.
How often we find ourselves living contrary to our worth, value & potential. It seems to become a choice that develops over time based upon “life happening”. True & noteworthy relationships have been traded for situationships and in some instances leaving us to become “back-up plans”. This is never okay despite one’s current status in life. The line in the sand must be drawn and you must give yourself permission to simply yet powerfully break the contract of the “back-up plan”. Why? Because you were never created to be a “back-up plan”.
November 25, 2020
This Is Your Disconnection Notice.
Relationships and Situation-ships... Many times we stay connected and will not disconnect for various reasons. Though we know we need to “Get Out” and disconnect we still stay. This segment will bring enlightenment to you and allow you to know it’s better to disconnect from the wrong things so you can be connected to the right things.
July 25, 2020
I Am Not Wearing That!
For all the days of our life we have come in contact with people who have labeled us, judged us and spoken their opinions about us. Some of these thoughts, judgements and opinions happened to stick to us like clothing but now is the time to proclaim, “I Am Not Wearing That!”
July 21, 2020
I Changed My Mind
What we think about and the way we think ultimately controls how successful we will be & become in every aspect of our lives. It’s imperative for us to know it is perfectly okay and sometimes needed to Change Our Mind. After all, when we change our mind... we change our life.
July 17, 2020
Welcome Everyone!
Welcome & Stay Connected as we Take this Journey to Greater Greatness Together!
July 17, 2020