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On Balance

On Balance

By Dr. Rod Berger
Dr. Rod Berger introduces On Balance, part of the SPN network. Dr. Berger invites you into the conversation around the world of education and explores the stories of today with the personalities impacting tomorrow. Investigating the ideas poised to shape the minds of our next generation and enlighten the path that will lead us towards our brightest future.
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On Balance with Keith Oelrich

On Balance

On Balance with Michael Chasen
In this On Balance episode, Dr. Rod Berger sat down with Michael Chasen, the co-founder and CEO of @Class Technologies Inc., the maker of Class. Michael is an entrepreneur who has dedicated his career to improving the way people live and learn. Most notably, he served as co-founder and CEO of Blackboard Inc., a pioneering ed tech company with software used by over 20,000 institutions in more than 70 countries by 20 million teachers and learners worldwide. Rod and Michael discuss how to overcome the challenges of #entrepreneurship as well as how to and overcome and learn from mistakes. Learn more about Class Technologies here!
July 01, 2022
On Balance with Doug Roberts
In this episode of On Balance, Dr. Rod Berger sat down with Doug Roberts, Founder and CEO of the Institute for Education Innovation. Doug has worked with leading ed-tech entrepreneurs and district administrators for almost 20 years, developing partnerships that improve outcomes for students and help nascent organizations get their "sea legs." Doug and Rod discuss some solutions to common challenges school district #superintendents are currently facing. As Founder and President of Educational Solutions Consulting, Doug found that there was a piece of the puzzle missing, a barrier between those who run school districts and those who start companies to help school districts. He partnered with some of the nation's most innovative educational leaders to form IEI to bridge that gap. A Princeton graduate, Doug is a former public high school social studies teacher and ed-tech business development executive who earned his Ed.M. in Teaching and Curriculum from the Harvard University Graduate School of Education. Learn more about the Institute for Education Innovation here!
June 24, 2022
On Balance with JP Guilbault
In this episode of On Balance, Dr. Rod Berger sat down witih JP Guilbault, CEO of Navigate 360, a leader in holistic wellness and safety solutions. They discussed school safety and mental health in light of recent events.  JP Guilbault leads Navigate360’s executive team, growth strategy and purpose-driven vision to create a world absent of fear and violence, where every person has the opportunity to reach their full potential. He is a proven technology and business visionary, board member and community leader with a passion for helping people and organizations reach their full potential, while advocating for and advancing the underserved. Learn more about Navigate 360 here!
June 22, 2022
On Balance with Paul Ford
In this episode of #OnBalance, Dr. Rod Berger sat down with @Paul Ford, UK Educational Device Lead at Microsoft, to discuss the impact of the digital education solutions parents and educators introduce to students, especially in light of the #COVID19 pandemic. As remote learning become essential, nearly overnight, Paul had to tackle a unique set of challenges in the digital education space. Paul supports education customers to achieve digital transformation with Microsoft technologies, from the needs of a single primary school to higher education. Learn more about Microsoft Education!
June 17, 2022
On Balance with Andy Rosen
In this On Balance episode, Dr. Rod Berger sat down with Andrew Rosen who has served as Kaplan, Inc’s chairman and CEO since 2008. He also serves as Executive Vice President of Graham Holdings Company (NYSE: GHC), Kaplan’s parent company. They discuss Kaplan’s role, as well as the part all education innovators can play as they rise to take on the unique challenges the world faces today. Rosen has helped pioneer much of the company’s innovation and growth, with a focus on student success and outcomes. These innovations include a focus on learning science as the foundation for all its programs, its early adoption of online instruction and competency-based learning, and its commitment to demonstrating measurable results for its students. Learn more about Kaplan here!
June 10, 2022
On Balance with Matthew Mugo Fields
In this episode of On Balance, Dr. Rod Berger sat down with Matthew Mugo Fields, General Manager of Supplemental and Intervention Solutions at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH). They discussed tackling some of the current difficulties educators in students are facing such as learning loss and mental health challenges. Matthew and HMH endeavor to identify and implement district-wide solutions to a variety of problems. Learn more about HMH!
June 08, 2022
On Balance with Bernhard Gademann and Anita Gademann
In this episode of On Balance, Dr. Rod Berger sat down with Bernhard Gademann, President of the Rosenberg Institute, and Anita Gademann, Director & Head of Innovation at the Rosenberg Institute in Switzerland. They discussed many topics, including ways to support both young people and Planet Earth. The Gademanns and the Rosenberg Institute consider themselves artisans of education, recognizing that each student is unique and requires a unique, holistically designed education. Learn more about the Rosenberg Institute here!
June 08, 2022
On Balance with Jennifer Lee
On Balance with Jennifer Lee  Chief Growth Officer Photomath, Inc. Jennifer Lee is the Chief Growth Officer at Photomath, where she is responsible for developing and managing the execution of Photomath's growth strategy. Prior to joining Photomath, Jennifer spent over 14-years in the investing world, including time as a Principal at Learn Capital, where she worked on investments in Coursera, Photomath, GeniusPlaza, SoloLearn, VIPKID, and MentorCollective. Previously, Jennifer was an independent consultant for ImpactAssets, where she helped establish a seed-stage investment platform for their donor-advised funds. She also worked as VP at Developing World Markets, a fund manager focused on inclusive financial institutions in emerging markets. There she led investments in 17 countries, managed the Asia/Middle East team, and helped conceive and execute the investment strategy for that region. Jennifer started her career at Lehman Brothers, as the strategist for the US Treasury, Treasury Futures, and Swaps markets. She has Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry and Management Science from MIT and an MBA from Harvard Business School. Jennifer is also a Kauffman Fellow.
June 07, 2022
On Balance with Dave Sherwood
In this episode of On Balance, Dr. Rod Berger sat down with Dave Sherwood, Co-Founder and CEO of BibliU. Dave is also the Co-Founder and Chairman of Teach Learn Grow Inc, serves as a Board Advisor at Purlos, and is a Founding Member of the Edtech Founders Club. Dave earned his Bachelor's Degree at the University of Western Australia before coming to Oxford University on a Rhodes Scholarship, during which time he co-founded BibliU. Rod and Dave discuss entrepreneurship, disruption and innovation in the education space.
June 01, 2022
On Balance with Johnny C. Taylor, Jr.
In this episode of On Balance, Dr. Rod Berger sat down with Johnny C. Tylor, the President and CEO of SHRM, the Society for Human Resource Management. They discuss the role HR plays in addressing emerging challenges in the current workforce. With over 300,000 members in 165 countries, SHRM is the largest HR trade association in the world, impacting the lives of 115 million workers. A nationally bestselling author, Mr. Taylor is a sought-after voice on all matters affecting work. He is frequently asked to testify before Congress and authors the weekly USA Today column "Ask HR." Johnny is the author of RESET: A Leader’s Guide to Work in an Age of Upheaval. Immediately upon its release in September 2021, RESET was in the top three of the Wall Street Journal’s list of best-selling hardcover business books. All author proceeds benefit the SHRM Foundation, which is committed to empowering HR as a social force for change. Learn more about RESET: A Leader’s Guide to Work in an Age of Upheaval here. He was appointed chairman of the President’s Advisory Board on Historically Black Colleges and Universities and served as a member of the White House American Workforce Policy Advisory Board during the Trump Administration. He is Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees of the University of Miami, Governor of the American Red Cross, and member of the corporate boards of Guild Education, iCIMS, and XPO Logistics (NYSE: XPO). Taylor, Jr.
May 31, 2022
On Balance with Eric Tao
In this episode of On Balance, Dr. Rod Berger sat down with Eric Tao, CEO and co-founder of digital learning platform MegaMinds. They discuss the power of using AI and digital environments to combat learning loss and heighten engagement among students. MegaMinds is a social learning platform for K-12 that leverages virtual worlds, 3D teaching tools, and powerful presentation abilities to empower teachers and engage young minds. The platform enhances classroom and online learning through the experiential and collaborative nature of virtual world gameplay. It enables teachers to easily take their existing presentations and place them in interactive 3D worlds to engage students and increase active classroom participation. Mega Minds is entirely browser-based, requiring no software installation or additional hardware. It is an all-in-one solution designed for both synchronous and asynchronous use with low-powered computing devices both in-person and remotely. We believe our platform can be a powerful tool in democratizing access to education, enabling students to access content and interact with teachers and peers in ways that would often be limited by geography, finances, or venue capacity. Learn more about MegaMinds here!
May 26, 2022
On Balance with Edson Barton
In this episode, Dr. Rod Berger sat down with YouScience CEO and founder Edson Barton. Edson began YouSciecnce to solve the fundamental question of why students are or aren’t engaged in learning. YouScience works to instill hope, purpose, and direction by connecting natural talent, skills, and knowledge with in-demand education pathways and careers. Learn more about YouScience here!
May 25, 2022
On Balance with Ryan Rydzewski
In this insightful On Balance episode, Dr. Rod Berger sits down with Ryan Rydzewski, co-author of When You Wonder, You’re Learning. In a world recovering from the isolation #COVID19 brought, as people reconnect, it’s important we take a moment to consider how we engage with people and understand the communities around us. When You Wonder, You're Learning explores the science behind Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, revealing what Fred Rogers called the “tools for learning”: essential skills and mindsets that boost everything from academic performance to children’s well-being. These tools, which cost next to nothing to develop, hinge on the very things that make life worthwhile: self-acceptance; close, loving relationships; and a deep regard for one’s neighbor. Learn more about the book here!
May 24, 2022
On Balance with John Edelson
In this episode of On Balance, Dr. Rod Berger sat down with John Edelson, the president and founder of Time4Learning, an interactive platform that supports homeschool students and parents with activities, quizzes assessments and educational games, allowing them to keep track of their progress. They discuss homeschooling, the fears associated with it and why homeschooling can be a viable option for some families.
May 23, 2022
On Balance with Dr. Tim Hudson
In this episode of On Balance Dr. Rod Berger sat down with Dreambox’s Chief Learning Officer Tim Hudson. They discuss everything from equipping teachers and students with cutting-edge technology solutions to the need for creative solutions to address teacher attrition. Dreambox found a better way to support students’ math journeys. They meet them exactly where they are—no matter where they start—intelligently adapt to the way they learn and help them excel no matter who they are or where they live. Learn more about Dreambox here!
May 19, 2022
On Balance with Dr. Quintin Shepherd
Dr. Rod Berger sat down with the Superintendent of Victoria Independent School District Dr. Quintin Shepherd. Dr. Shepherd co-authored The Secret to Transformational Leadership, a book that offers advice on how to adopt a new language of leadership to help leaders lead with empathy, compassion, kindness and purpose. Dr. Shepherd also discusses the path toward individuality in education to better address each unique student’s needs.
May 17, 2022
On Balance with Christina Perdikoulias
In this episode of On Balance, Dr. Rod Berger sat down with Christina Perdikoulias, president of Digital Ed, to discuss the immediate need DigitalEd is meeting as well as how educators can bridge gaps in STEM education. DigitalEd is a cloud-based software company with the purpose of shaping the world through digital learning. DigitalEd has used its beliefs, values and core pillars of software development to build the Möbiusplatform, the most innovative and comprehensive learning platform for STEM.
May 13, 2022
On Balance with Austen Allred
Dr. Rod Berger sat down with Austen Allred, the co-founder and CEO of Bloom Institute of Technology (BloomTech). A native of Springville, Utah, Austen’s start-up journey began in 2017 with him living in his two-door Civic while participating in Y Combinator, a San Francisco-based seed accelerator. This experience became the foundation of BloomTech’s rapid growth. BloomTech, believes there is a better way to approach education. Instead of asking its students to bet on it, Bloomtech bets on its students first. This paradigm-shifting model allows BloomTech to align the incentives of the school with the incentives of its students. ‍Before founding BloomTech, Austen was the co-founder of media platform GrassWire. He co-authored the growth hacking textbook Secret Sauce, which became a best-seller and provided him the personal seed money to build BloomTech. Austen’s disruptive ideas on the future of education, the labor market disconnect, and the opportunity of providing opportunity at-scale have been featured in: The Harvard Business Review, The Economist, WIRED, Fast Company, TechCrunch, The New York Times, among others.
May 09, 2022
On Balance with Nicholas Fox Weber
On Balance with Nicholas Fox Weber Le Korsa's Founder and President Join Dr. Rod Berger for an intimate discussion with Nicholas Fox Weber as they break bread overlooking the Atlantic from Senegal's capital, Dakar.  Nicholas Fox Weber is a cultural historian. He is also the Executive Director of the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation and has written extensively
 about each artist. He has curated many major exhibitions and
retrospectives of their work. Weber is a graduate of Columbia College and Yale University. He is the author of fourteen books including 
The Bauhaus Group, Le Corbusier, and The Clarks
 of Cooperstown.
April 29, 2022
On Balance with Dustin Bainbridge
On Balance with Dustin Bainbridge
April 28, 2022
On Balance with Anthony Salcito
On Balance with Anthony Salcito explores the views of a man synonymous with global education. Berger and Salcito discuss the impacts of the pandemic on thinking across the industry and the difference between wants and needs to support an ever-evolving sector.  
April 26, 2022
On Balance with Guillermo Elizondo
On Balance with Guillermo Elizondo
April 26, 2022
On Balance with Yvonne Yancy
On Balance with Yvonne Yancy
April 20, 2022
On Balance with Dr. Michael Duncan
On Balance with Dr. Michael Duncan
April 12, 2022
On Balance with Dr. Karen Beerer
On Balance with Dr. Karen Beerer
April 05, 2022
On Balance with Zach Posner
Dr. Rod Berger speaks with Zach Posner, Co-Founder & Managing Director at The LegalTech Fund about the shifting culture of entrepreneurs and investor relationships. Any entrepreneur faces risk when starting out, but Zach and the LegalTech Fund look for those devoid of that expression, those who know a 'little secret' about the world that nobody else has realized. That confidence comes from subject matter expertise, not elevated risk tolerance. As the world morphs, so does the type of talent which will succeed. In this conversation Dr. Berger navigates the world of early stage start-up investment and what makes the best investment opportunity. From an entrepreneur perspective, it's curiosity, persistence, and agility that's needed. From the investor, it's empathy and Zach having been on all sides of the table, brings that in buckets. Join Dr. Berger as he investigates the interplay of early stage companies and early stage funds and how, at least at The LegalTech Fund, the entrepreneur is treated with respect and the relationship built on support and compassion.
March 16, 2022
On Balance with Keith Oelrich
Dr. Rod Berger speaks with Keith Oelrich, CEO of, a K-12 digital skills education platform, yet one looking to expand to 'skills for life'. Digital skills are a critical component of any student's learning journey, now more than ever. As we move to digital content and digital instructional we're presented with the opportunity to test and assess program efficacy, something not possible in our recent textbook days. In a time where millions of jobs are set to be lost to the digital revolution, digital adoption in education couldn't come any sooner. As a nation we lack digital problem solving, a potential security issue when considering the pace of proficiency in China and beyond, yet the outlook from 2022 onwards is bright. Keith and Dr. Berger analyse the current digital education landscape and's position within this ever growing world, and what it means for ever more large scale players entering the market.
March 09, 2022
On Balance with Daniel Diermeier
Dr. Rod Berger speaks with Daniel Diermeier, Chancellor of Vanderbilt University about the American education system, and his belief in its benefits over other nations' systems, including his homeland Germany. With the unique perspective offered by the head of one of the leading educational institutes in the U.S., the Chancellor gives his opinion on the current benefit of 4 year degree courses, and the future potential balance of upskilling and workforce development. Conversation weaves around the subjects of our day, yet despite the shift towards online learning, the Chancellor has noticed how Covid-19 has reinforced in-person learning. Dr. Rod Berger delves into the future of Vanderbilt and the evolution of education within the institution, including the counter to the national narrative of the impending enrollment cliff, with Vanderbilt seeing a 30% increase over the past year.
March 03, 2022
On Balance with Dr. L. Gregory Jones
On Balance with Dr. L. Gregory Jones President of Belmont University. Dr. Berger explores the relationship Belmont has with the ever-growing city of Nashville and the role the university wants to play in the growth of the metropolitan area. To read up on Dr. Jones' thoughts, in tandem, with neighboring Vanderbilt University read Dr. Berger's latest piece in Forbes, Education Underscores Nashville’s Meteoric Growth.
February 23, 2022
On Balance with Mark Hammons
Dr. Rod Berger speaks with Mark Hammons, co-founder and VP of Operations at Breakout EDU about the concept of the 'Breakout EDU box' and how the successes seen raises questions for the education sector as a whole. Breakout EDU is based on a total rethink of how to spend student time. Replicating the real world where collaborative problem solving and cooperation are highly valued stills, students exercise an ability to agree, disagree, and compromise, while working towards a common collective and individual goal. Able to unify student engagement across disciplines and develop transferable skills for any facet of education or life, Dr. Rod Berger delves into the story behind Breakout EDU and how new education methodologies are impacting the evolution of education. 
February 22, 2022
On Balance with Richard Gephardt & Abby Brody
Dr. Rod Berger speaks with Richard Gephardt, former congressman and current CEO of Gephardt Group, and Abby Brody, CEO of MYX about the need to evoke change in our education system. We are at a time of great optimism in education, both nationally and globally, but also of great division. Covid’s silver lining was the rapid adoption of new technology to close fissures exposed, but does this unique time in our history also allow the opportunity to rethink our entire approach? Higher education should prepare you for the next life step, but when 73 percent of graduates never use their degree, and only 11 percent of employers say graduates are ready for work, questions arise. This podcast explores these questions. Abby Brody, CEO of MYX, a combined online and experiential learning platform that provides flexible choice to students looking to ready themselves for life, shares her insight into the importance of experience and how MYX helps people find more meaningful paths. Former majority and minority leader and former democratic congressman Dick Gephardt gives his expert insight from the side of government and policy. He also shares his story of being impacted by a teacher who noticed and encouraged to follow his passion.
February 14, 2022
On Balance with Bob Yayac
In this special client profile episode of On Balance, Dr. Rod Berger speaks with Bob Yayac, CEO and president of the Council for Aid to Education, Inc. Employers are increasingly looking for graduates with more than just industry knowledge, demanding skills which they identify themselves as crucial for their own success. From critical thinking and problem solving to great communication, the expectations laid at student's feet ever increase. Dr. Berger and Bob Yayac discuss how assessments are changing with the ever shifting landscape of education and how CAE is personalizing the experience. The conversation highlights the need to include all stakeholders in the development of each student, including the parents and educators, but also the role corporate America can have in helping identify and train the skills which they see as pivotal for the America economy in the 21st century.
February 08, 2022
On Balance with Alan Pesky
Dr. Rod Berger sits down with Alan Pesky, director and founder of the Lee Pesky Learning Center and author of the passionate personal tribute, More to Life than More: A Memoir of Misunderstanding, Loss, and Learning. A moving conversation gleaning insight from Alan's challenging relationship with his deceased son Lee, for whom the restrictions placed on him by his father were mimicked by those which ultimately ostracised him from the education system. A solemn reminder that as guardians, and educators, we need to be open, receptive, and encouraging to the potential within our successors. We all have a gift to share and to stifle leads only to suffering. With this great burden of responsibility, however, we all have the chance to create a better world. Hindsight colors a new perspective for Pesky, one with greater scope that clarifies the importance of valuing children’s voices and encouraging them to speak boldly and self-assuredly.
February 04, 2022
On Balance with Melissa Corto
Dr. Rod Berger speaks with Melissa Corto, CEO at Education Modified about her transition from educator to entrepreneur and the pressures which come with developing a new company in EdTech. Investigating Melissa's meaning and motivations this episode dives into the mind of the EdTech entrepreneur and how Melissa keeps the spark of passion through the tough times, manages her fear of failure, and mitigates the ever present risks inherent in EdTech and business today. In this age of data and analytics 'EdMod' aims to bring the story of each student to life, enabling the educator to better serve. In this episode, the story of Melissa shines through. Discussing the dedication that drives Melissa and the personal stories behind the origins of Education Modified, we see behind the curtain of one of EdTech's most promising newcomers. 
February 03, 2022
On Balance with Richard Culatta
Dr. Rod Berger speaks with Richard Culatta, CEO of ISTE and author of Digital for Good - Raising Kids to Thrive in an Online World about fostering a healthy digital culture. Our world has shifted where the physical space we interacted and communicated has been hybridized with an entire digital ecosystem where our youth are eager to engage.  'Screen time' has often been regarded as life lost, however some digital activities nurture creativity and problem solving. As we move further into the unknown of our digital future, we need to be willing to separate the wheat from the chaff, encouraging the digital engagement that enhances experience and educates for the future, while being aware of the lure of non-creative, repetitive digital interaction. This episode covers everything from accelerating innovation to the ubiquity of data and the opportunity this brings to hone and enhance our relationship with the digital world. 
February 01, 2022
On Balance with Mark Angel
Dr. Rod Berger speaks with Mark Angel, CEO of Amira Learning, about the importance of AI and machine learning in advancing education. Mark cut his teeth on Wall Street, building AI systems where the risk-to-reward was low. Transferring his expertise into the education space Mark now sees the opportunity for machine learning to have a wider ranging impact on the future development of our students as we move from an AI influenced to an AI dominated world. Our educators have been forced to adopt new techniques and are becoming ever more accustomed to incorporating technology into their teaching. These new technologies can lead us towards a new landscape of personalized learning, yet the important personal interactions between educator and student still needs to be balanced with the promise and power of these AI systems. Head over to Forbes for my article on how Amira Learning is bringing tangible AI applications into the day-to-day of teaching and learning.
January 31, 2022
On Balance with Mika Kasanen
Dr. Rod Berger speaks with Mika Kasanen, CEO and co-founder of School Day about how the education system in Finland benefits from the innovative and empathetic culture of the country. Dr. Berger delves into the experience of Mika, including his path towards founding School Day and their expansion into the US, including their impressive partnership with Microsoft. The conversation highlights the importance of SEL, both from a perspective of the School Day platform, and more generally within the Finnish education system, and how the wellness of students remains the focus of education within Finland.
January 28, 2022
On Balance with Sari Hurme-Mehtälä
Dr. Rod Berger speaks with Sari Hurme-Mehtälä, CEO and founder of Kide Science about the beginnings of her business and the expansion into the US. Dr. Berger investigates the culture within Finland and how it relates to encouraging female entrepreneurs and nurturing positive relationships within the Finnish education system. Exploring the experience Sari has garnered as an emerging entrepreneur and the skills important for success, Dr. Berger explores the importance of ongoing personal development and positive collaboration and celebration between colleagues. Look out tomorrow for the final episode within our series of Finnish-focused On Balance interviews where we highlight key emerging leaders from the gold standard in education.
January 27, 2022
On Balance with Kaisa Vuorinen
Dr. Rod Berger speaks with Kaisa Vuorinen, CEO and co-founder of Positive Thinking, Finland, and the importance of helping students understand who they are, what they are capable of, and what they excel at, not just academically, but holistically within the 'soft' skills they can develop. Continuing the Finnish focus of On Balance this week, Dr. Berger explores the drive behind Kaisa's success and how the Finnish education system supports student entrepreneurial spirit and teacher personal development. Look out for more episodes of On Balance every day this week as we keep our focus on Finland and key emerging leaders from the gold standard in education.
January 26, 2022
On Balance with Olli Vallo
Dr. Rod Berger speaks with Olli Vallo, CEO at Education Alliance Finland about the need to evaluate new edtech solutions and provide standardized certification aligning with quality and outcome objectives. Exploring Olli's insights into Finnish education, Dr. Berger inquiries as to the need for resilience in leaders and the balance entrepreneurs must navigate between the drive for immediate success and providing exceptional quality. Look out for more episodes of On Balance every day this week as we keep our focus on Finland and key emerging leaders from the gold standard in education.
January 25, 2022
On Balance with Sal Khan
Dr. Rod Berger speaks with Sal Khan, founder of the Khan Academy with the mission of providing free world-class education to anyone, anywhere. This inaugural episode of On Balance explores a different side of Sal and his take on the important skills to instill in our children. Focus on the hugely successful and impressionable Khan Academy can be found elsewhere - here Rod investigates the relationships we have with our children, whether as parent, guardian, or educator and the impact for all our futures. Sal highlights the differences in raising children compared to previous generations, the pressures, expectations, and potential issues of social media. An enlightening conversation, including Sal's respect and inclusion of Vedic philosophy in his own life, will not disappoint. Enjoy listening, and like and subscribe for more conversations around the world of education with the stories of today from the personalities impacting tomorrow.
January 21, 2022
Introducing: On Balance
Welcome to On Balance, a part of SPN. I’m your host, Dr. Rod Berger, and we’ll be talking to the names you know and those you should know. We’ll dive beyond the ‘what’ and focus on the ‘why’ with guests from around the world of education. If you’ve got a story suggestion, let’s connect! In the meantime, check out our first episodes, read my work in Forbes and Entrepreneur, and connect with me on LinkedIn. I’m Dr. Rod Berger and this is On Balance. 
January 20, 2022