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The in with Dr. Tim

The in with Dr. Tim

By Dr. Tim Speicher
The in with Dr. Tim provides listeners cutting edge topics to improve their health and performance. Dr. Tim Speicher has dedicated his career over the past 25 years to advance the health and performance of others through his research, teaching, publications and direct clinical practice. Currently, Dr. Tim is the President of the Positional Release Therapy Institute, a company that provides instruction and certification in positional release therapy (PRT) to health care providers globally, as well as, patient care at the Institute in Ogden, Utah.
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Return to Exercise and Sport During COVID-19 with Dr. Robert Huggins

The in with Dr. Tim

Kelsey Boyer, Professional Snowboarder, Shares her Story of Brain Recovery.
Kelsey Boyer is professional snowboarder and Founder of Save a Brain,Inc.Kelsey has been featured in Snowboarder Magazine, is a sponsored athlete with K2, Giro and Roxy and travels the world both filming her snowboarding feats and helping to inspire other girls and women to take up the sport through her work with Beyond the Boundaries, a company focused on promoting females to get into the mountains through the sport of snowboarding. Kelsey started snowboarding at the age of 13 and quickly advanced in the sport, first competing at age 16 and one year later, winning the Nike Chosen, which sparked her desire to become a Professional Snowboarder. With this goal in mind, she packed her bags and left her family in Pennsylvania to pursue a snowboarding career in Utah. She became a sponsored athlete at age 18. However, in 2016 Kelsey suffered a traumatic brain injury that required brain surgery, which was thought to sideline her from snowboarding for the rest of her life not to mention from being a normal human being. However, after four years of therapy and struggle, Kelsey returned to the sport and regained her professional status with a new goal in mind. Kelsey is now focused on helping others gain the education and financial support to heal from their brain injury through her non-profit foundation, Save A Brain,Inc.  British Journal of Sports Medicine Concussion Consensus:
July 14, 2020
Return to Exercise and Sport During COVID-19 with Dr. Robert Huggins
Do you want to avoid sudden death or illness of a loved one or yourself? Then this episode on how to return to exercise and sports post COVID-19 was engineered for you. Dr. Robert Huggins from the Korey Stringer Institute discusses strategies for a safe return during this COVID time. The in with Dr. Tim highlights key recommendations from an expert consensus paper and how both the soccer mom and elite athlete can benefit.  Highlights You are at great risk for heat stroke and death if you live in a cooler environment.  Social distancing measures may be putting athletes at greater risk for an adverse health event. Heat acclimatization and workout intensity recommendations that might surprise you.   
June 10, 2020