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Drab to Fab Life

Drab to Fab Life

By Lisa Mohager
Welcome to the Drab to Fab Life Podcast where you'll hear stories of women from around the world who have turned their lives from Drab to Fab.

I'm your Host, Lisa Mohager. Having once been an overweight, bankrupt single mom to the best shape of my life, successful business owner, happily married wife; I've turned my struggles into triumph.

I'm glad you're here. Feel free to message me with questions and suggested topics. Be sure to hit subscribe and stay tuned.

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Beauty Queen Overcomes Dyslexia as an Adult
In this Episode Meredith Pope shares how she discovered she was dyslexic as an Adult. She shares what it's like to also have two children with dyslexia. Today this Beauty Queen talks about how she found passion for blogging and helping other women find themselves again, while leading a happy and healthy life. Resources: Connect with Meredith: Connect with Lisa:
June 28, 2020
Stop Pouring from an Empty Cup
Do you ever feel like you’re just drained? Emotionally? Physically? As in you have nothing more to give? You're grouchy, you're tired, you have brain fog?! I was chatting with a mentor of mine last week as she reminded me that I can’t pour from an empty cup and not only that but I should only be pouring from the overflow. Hmmm let that sink in for a moment. I think somehow over time we’ve been programmed to think putting ourselves first is selfish. I’m here to tell you it’s not. If you want to make a difference in the world around you, you have to take care of you!! So how do we keep our cup full? There are lots of different ways, you just have to find what’s best for you. What brings you peace. What fills your SOUL! RESOURCES: Instant Download CheckList Download your FREE clean eating guide + 4 sample meal plans here: Download 10 free virtual workouts here: Connect with Lisa:
June 25, 2020
My Spouse has PTSD ...Now What?
On today's episode Nicole Pottie gets real raw and vulnerable about her experience as a spouse to someone with PTSD. She shares what it was like prior to diagnosis and how it's impacted her marriage. We talk about treatment and she shares some tips for spouses on do's and don'ts to help your family through the. process.  Follow Nicole: Connect with Lisa
June 21, 2020
My Personal Weight Loss Story
In this episode Lisa Mohager share's her personal weight loss story. What it was like being 60 lbs over weight. The feeling of hopelessness and the defining moment she decided enough was enough.  Download your FREE clean eating guide + 4 sample meal plans here: Download 10 free virtual workouts here: Connect with Lisa:
June 14, 2020
Jacqueline Smith - From Pregnant at 18 to Getting "Unstuck"
Lisa sits down with Jacqueline Smith to chat about being a Teen Mom. Jacqueline shares what her experience was like and the turning point where things clicked. Find out how she got "unstuck" and her top tips to help you do the same.  Connect with Jacqueline: Connect with Lisa:
June 14, 2020
Drab to Fab Life Podcast Episode 1
Welcome to the Drab to fab life podcast. A place where you can expect to receive inspiration, motivation and tools to take your life from Drab to Fab. I’m your host Lisa Mohager. In this episode I will share with you my personal story of how I turned my Struggles into Triumph. As well as what you can expect from subscribing to my podcast. I'm glad you're here! Cheers to living the Drab to Fab Life!  Download your Free eating healthy eBook plus 4 sample meal plans here
May 30, 2020