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By Draculina
From the makers of Draculina magazine comes a podcast revolving around B-movies with interviews, information and much more! If you love horror, scream queens, and just the unusual, do not miss an episode!
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Episode 9: Interview with Tony Masiello
In this episode I talk with writer, director, visual effects artist Tony Masiello, who is responsible for the movie Zombarella’s House of Whorrors and the owner of, the company dedicated to preserving shot-on-video movies. Tony talks about doing visual effects on big-budget movies and releasing many no-budget shot-on-video movies on his Sovhorror DVD label. Tony also speaks about his involvement with the never released until now, the 1990 shot-on-video movie Metal Noir.
October 05, 2020
Episode 8: Interview with actress Jackie Kelly
Interview with the star of IN MEMORY OF and TENNESSEE GOTHIC, Jackie Kelly.  A rising star on the indie scene Jackie talks about growing up in Sleepy Hollow, acting in the independent scene and working with B-movie legends Eric Stanze and Debbie Rochon.  Parts of this interview can be seen in the latest Horrible Hugh's Coffin Reviews where he reviews TENNESSEE GOTHIC.  Go to for the link to the video and links to other movies he has reviewed.
August 14, 2020
Episode 7: Kasper Meltedhair
Here is an interview with the star of Hooker with a Hacksaw and the new Cannibal Hookers, Kasper Meltedhair.  This rising star talks about her movies, her piercings, her name and growing up as an off the wall girl doing  what she wants.  Get the inside scoop on this beautiful rising B-movie star: Kasper. See video segments of this interview on Horrible Hugh's Coffin Reviews: Cannibal Hookers.
April 27, 2020
Draculina Podcast #6: Interview with James L Edwards
James L Edwards talks about this directorial debut with My Name Was Christa, which he also wrote and starred in.   James reminisces about his beginnings at age 12 as an actor and production assistant on The Dead Next Door, and moving onto lead acting roles in such movies as Bloodletting and I've Killed Before. With over 30 movies to his credit, James L. Edwards talks about his movies, his personal life and the B-movie scene in general, as well as what it takes to complete a movie and get it out to the public.  An interesting and enlightening hour. 
March 26, 2020
Tim Ritter Interview Part Two
Part Two of the interview with  writer, producer, director Tim Ritter; where he talks about making many of his movies and the ups and downs of being in the B-movie biz.
October 11, 2019
Tim Ritter interview Part 1
Tim Ritter caught the attention of the B-movie world when making one of the first movies made exclusively for the new video market back in 1986; TRUTH OR DARE: A CRITICAL MADNESS.... and he released that when he was only 18 years old!  He would expand his movie making catalog with a list of popular movies like the TRUTH OR DARE series, KILLING SPREE, CREEP with America's favorite nymphomaniac Kathy Willets, EARTH GIRLS ARE SLEAZY and many, many more.  This is part one of a long interview with the writer, producer, director where he talks about making many of his movies and the ups and downs of being in the B-movie biz.
October 04, 2019
Draculina Podcast 3: Interview with writer/director Jason Douglas Smith
Interview with Jason Douglas Smith, writer/director of The Period; the movie about a Sharrie Heiman and her projectile period (yes, it is as gross as it sounds).  This lost interview was done at the end of 2014, here it all now for the first time.
August 11, 2019
Draculina Podcast 2: Gabriela; The Ultimate Climax
Ultra rare interview with the star of Gorgasm; Gabriela.  First time audio interview with Easy Rider and Iron Horse model who talks about her female wrestling videos, adult movies and her one B-movie as Tara in Gorgasm.  Be sure to follow the Draculina Podcast to be updated as new episodes become available.  Your one stop for great B-movie excitement!
August 04, 2019
Draculina Podcast #1: Jennie Russo Interview
From Draculina magazine comes the first Draculina podcast featuring an interview with B-movie star Jennie Russo.  Find out more about the beautiful and talented star of movies SHE KILLS, FANG, THE HORRIFIC EVIL MONSTERS and many more.  
July 27, 2019