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The Recap by Drawing Capital

The Recap by Drawing Capital

By Drawing Capital
The Partners of Drawing Capital dissect the week's most important events in investing and tech in 15 minutes or less.
Drawing Capital Group LLC ("Drawing Capital") is a private investment firm based in Silicon Valley, sharing its journey of growth through technology-based investing.
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E5: Clubhouse, Private Stock Marketplaces, and NFTs
This week the partners of Drawing Capital Group discuss what's happening with audio-only social media platforms such as Clubhouse, buying and selling equity shares in private companies through providers like CartaX and Republic, and briefly touch on NFTs.
April 10, 2021
E4: Archegos Meltdown, WFH, and Real Estate
This week, the Drawing Capital Partners discuss the Archegos Capital meltdown, work environment changes due to COVID, and the impact those changes are having on real estate markets.
April 2, 2021
E3: Stock Price Drivers & BTC as Payment
This week, the Drawing Capital Partners discuss: the key drivers of stock price performance in the short and long-term, the effect that rising yields have on discounted cash flow modeling, and the adoption of Bitcoin as a payment method.
March 27, 2021
E2: Fed Commentary & Payments Platforms
This week, the Drawing Capital Partners discuss: Fed Chair Jerome Powell's comments on policy from March 16th and 17th, the effect of Treasury rates on equity prices, and emerging payments platform technologies.
March 20, 2021
E1: The Growth-quake, Rates, and Stimulus
This week, the Drawing Capital Partners discuss: The recent "growth-quake", its impact on financial markets including high-growth stocks, SPACs, and Bitcoin The new $1.9 trillion stimulus package Where interest rates and inflation are headed
March 13, 2021