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008 - Billy Red Horse on a Life of Purpose

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By Dr. Taylor Burrowes
This podcast brings you interviews with dynamic personalities as we discuss the things that matter most.

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019 - Dames That Know with Ash Pariseau
Summary: We discuss the female perspective of dating and the importance of staying positive and optimistic in a era where relationships are very pressured by feminism and the red pill. Ash Pariseau is a performance artist in the US and dating & relationship writer. Her blog Dames That Know focuses on helping women achieve happiness and respect in their relationships with men. Website: Twitter & IG @ashpariseau Thanks to the sponsors: Exclusive Products DR. BABE Recommends: 1. Best luxury face oil and delicious body scrubs uniquely designed by Johnny Noble for pure, clean, natural skincare. “Because sometimes you just know”: Noble Body Cosmetics 2. Whole bean coffee and one of a kind brand products: “Wake up like you mean it!” Ground Shark Coffee 3. If you have always needed a mentor or role model or some kind of direction and actionable advise on how to be a man of honor, get this recording of a three day conference it just may save your life: Men of Character Conference 4. The "Done for you website service and instruction" that can help you create your dreams on the digital canvas: Victor the Valentine & Mention Code BABE10 for 10% Off
November 13, 2018
018 - The Love Drug with Jason Howard
My guest today, Jason Howard, is a local media personality who began his broadcast career with CBS radio in Rochester New York. Jason hosted several successful evening radio programs in the United States before accepting his current position in the Cayman Islands. Jason currently hosts a very successful morning show, is the Operations Manager for the four station cluster Hurley's Media -Radio, and is the Program Director for Z99 and Iriefm. Jason can also be seen performing live on stage, as a regular fill in covering weather on Cayman 27 News, and in numerous television and cinema commercials. Also lending his time to numerous charitable organizations and can be seen hosting various fundraisers and events throughout the year. Thank you to our sponsors, please support them: The Men of Character Conference Lifetime Pass: Noble Body Cosmetics Ground Shark Coffee for website & purchasing "Done for you website service and instruction" Enter BABE10 for 10% off!
October 9, 2018
017 - The Ties That Don't Break Us, Bind Us
Chuck is a retired US Navy Chief Petty Officer with 24 years of service as a P-3 Flight Engineer and leader. Currently works for the US Government as a Logistics Manager for Foreign Military Sales of aircraft and resides in southern Maryland with his wife of 25 years, Rozanne. His focus is on building and cultivating honor as well as leadership and personal development skills for young men and women. Dr. Jake Veigel is a sports and exercise medicine physician. He enjoys helping others, particularly injured athletes, overcome challenges to become their best and achieve their athletic goals. He is a husband of 20 years and father of three sons. Thank you to our sponsors, please support them: The Men of Character Conference & log on here: (Luxury SKin Care) (Coffee) (Web Design & Marketing Consultation)
September 30, 2018
016 - The Godfather of Twitter Dr. Ralph Napolitano on Business & Mindset
Dr. Ralph Napolitano is a chiropractor and restauranteur from New York. He is also becoming a big name twitter account talking about mindset and business lessons for success. Follow him on IG and Twitter @drralphnap November 10th, 2018 Seminar with Ed Latimore & Alexander Juan Antonio Cortes go to to purchase tickets and get more information. Thank you to our sponsors:
September 17, 2018
015 - Life, Death & Sex with Jason Grey and Red Horse
Jason is a Veteran, Retired Federal Law Enforcement Officer and Spiritual Devotee. His career has seen him work in counter terrorism, operations centers, and deployed to Afghanistan. After a career-threatening injury that led him to question many things about life, Jason became a student of the mind. Specifically, he wanted to understand why we are all so tormented by it. @awareintegrate Twitter Billy Red Horse is a road man trained in both the Japanese Soto Zen Buddhist and North American Flower Soldier traditions. Red Horse is known as The Gentleman Mystic. The focus of his work is Transcendence in all its forms: Emotional, Physical, Mental and Spiritual, teaching people how to find their power and to experience the fullness of a Life well-lived. @BillyRedHorse (Twitter) Thank you to our sponsors:
September 10, 2018
014 - CHARACTER IS POWER with Bill Masur
Bill Masur, Founder of Men of Character talks about his journey from consumer to creator and his inspiration for curating The Men Of Character Conference. This is a free online conference taking place September 24-26th, 2018. It's aim is to help you learn what it takes to become a man of character from 35+ experts on mindset, style, health, mental toughness, fatherhood, relationships, habit-building, discipline, financial freedom, leadership, and more. To register go to: The event is free LIVE and there will be a recording available for purchase after the launch. Thank you to our sponsors: The Men of Character Conference at Noble Body. Bringing you the best in face oil, body scrubs, and hair oil at Victor Valentine Instructional website design and marketing consultations at Ground Shark Coffee "Wake up like you mean it!" at
September 6, 2018
013 – Dating & Personal Branding with Troy Francis
Troy Francis is currently based between London and Berlin, he is the author of nine books, including most recently 10X Happiness, Zero Bullshit. In this episode we get to know Troy on a more personal level regarding his family of origin, his history in relationships, and how he approaches dating personally. He also discusses his online business and focus on personal branding. Join his daily email list here: If you're not already a supporter, and you'd like to help make this show possible, visit to become a monthly supporter for $0.99 (personal thank you email and follow), $4.99 (free 15 minute consult monthly) or $9.99 USD (sponsor shout outs in episode) This episode is brought to you by for Instructional Website Design & Marketing Consultations with a real time application done over skype with LIVE instruction! Mention code BABECAST13 for 10% off until September 30th, 2018
August 28, 2018
012 – Goldmund's Secrets to Seduction
Goldmund is an artist, author, photographer, and men’s coach from New York City. His main goal is to resurrect the artistic element of masculinity and inspire others to develop their own vision. You can find his work at
August 15, 2018
011 – Samuel Hershberger on Trauma & Relationships
Samuel Hershberger holds a BS in Industrial Engineering and a MS in Organizational Change Leadership. He works as a change management consultant in healthcare and has direct real life experience as his significant other struggled to overcome the effects of trauma. One of his core beliefs is that nervous system health is the foundational element of sanity and livelihood. In this episode, he also emphasized a 'spectrum of human suffering' versus concrete traumatic events — relating to varying degrees of trauma that all experience and can be drawn from in normalizing the effects of trauma. To find a solution and resolution to this suffering, Samuel and I discussed how compassion, acceptance and self responsibility are keys to resilience & growth! We also get into the red pill (TRP) about 56 mins in and it gets interesting! You can follow Samuel on Twitter & IG @SamuelHersh9
July 31, 2018
010 – Tanner Guzy on masculine style & family life
Tanner Guzy Handsome masculine man, father to three, husband, and style guru. He coaches men on developing their best authentic masculine style. We touched on what he loves to do as his purpose, but we also discussed how he became the man he is. He shared his personal journey through his own rise to confidence and a successful family life and career. Having to navigate his own trials and tribulations, he knows exactly what it takes to cultivate a preferred path in life: starting with self, then life partner, and now family. Tanner has a keen lens for healthy personal development and family values that can inspire anyone to reflect on what truly matters to start steering yourself (sometimes against the grain) towards a life well lived — dressed accordingly! Website: Email:
July 17, 2018
009 – The dangers of casual sex with Sarah Gosney
Sarah Jean Gosney "I'm a writer exploring my my journey coming back from a radical leftist lifestyle to more traditional American values. I spend a lot of my time pondering gender dynamics and how traditional gender roles can serve us in practical ways. I've always been a walking contradiction, born in the Bible Belt to a Jewish D.C. native and a Texan raised in the Methodist church. Raised in Memphis, TN, I never could decide whether I wanted to be a redneck or an urbane city-dweller. So I chose both. Needless to say, I've been confused my whole life about who I "really" am. I'm constantly waiting for my true identity to leap out at me in a dark alley, holding me at knifepoint and demanding I explain my inconsistencies. That hasn't happened yet, so for now I just write about my identity and how you can shape your own." WEBSITE: Book: All the Cool Girls are Anarchists Twitter:
June 20, 2018
008 - Billy Red Horse on a Life of Purpose
I had the honor of speaking with Billy Red Horse on this episode of the Babecast. He is a gentle and powerful soul. Here's a bit more about his bio: A road man trained in both the Japanese Soto Zen Buddhist and North American Flower Soldier traditions, Rev. Billy Red Horse Starnes is the co-founder of The Zen Earth School, a distinctive school of American Dharma that integrates the Zen Mind with the Native Heart. A student and teacher of metaphysics and mysticism, Red Horse was formally ordained first as a Zen disciple in 1995 by Zenkai Taiun and later to the priesthood in the Church of the East (American See) in 1997 and awarded a Licentiate of Sacred Theology by Patriarch Mar Joseph Narsai in 1998. Read on here: Billy can be found on twitter at @BillyRedHorse and the
May 31, 2018
006 – Touch, Connection & Intimacy in Couples
Gema Gamboa, licensed massage therapist, joins me for an in depth discussion about how massage can be taught to couples to improve their connection, intimacy, and sexual fulfillment. You can Email Gema at
April 22, 2018
005 – The Lived Experience of Bipolar Disorder: Dayna's Story
World Bipolar Day was March 30th, and we were honored it with a look inside one woman's experience living with the symptoms of Bipolar Disorder. Meet Dayna. If you’d like to connect with the Cayman Islands Mental Health Commission on Facebook at: or email On this episode: Dr. Taylor Burrowes — Deputy Chair of the Cayman Islands Mental Health Commission Fiona McDougall — Member of the Cayman Islands Mental Health Commission Dayna, our interviewee— lives with Bipolar Disorder
March 30, 2018
004 – Youth Mental Health: Drs. Day & Lam
Dr. Catherine Day & Dr. Erica Lam The Wellness Centre in Grand Cayman On this episode my colleagues and I discuss teenage suicide, harmful sexual behaviors for at risk youth, & trauma as the predominant adverse child experiences (watch this TEDXTalk on ACES that impact the mental health & wellbeing of youth. We also link these factors to the behaviors of parents & adults significant to the youth, highlighting the importance of systemic resources, environmental supports, & role-models for healthy & adaptive functioning. Connecting the cycle of adult misinformation & ill-health to the reinforcement of youth risk factors reveals the importance of holistic health practices throughout the lifespan. For more information on the Alex Panton Foundation For more information on the Cayman Islands Mental Health Commission
February 4, 2018
003 – Breaking through barriers to wellness & success: Dr. Wilborn
In this episode Dr. Tammy Lewis Wilborn and I span topics of discrimination, diversity, stereotyping, breaking barriers, women’s wellness, and specifically black women’s wellness and success stories. Dr. Tammy Wilborn and I go back to grad school days from when we earned our M.S. in Counseling degree at Loyola New Orleans. Tammy went on to her PhD and did her doctoral research on black women’s lived experiences of discrimination in the workplace. She calls her study “me-search” as it paralleled much of her own experiences in her early career. Highlighting the need for black women to prioritize their physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness, Dr. Wilborn is working hard to educate and inspire as many as she can to maintain balance and self-care on their self development journeys. Tammy Lewis Wilborn, PhD, LPC-S, NCC Wilborn Clinical Services 504.509.3995
January 16, 2018
002 – Exploring body love: Annika Martins
Annika Martins is an expert in the body love movement who encourages women to stop thinking about their bodies as a problem that needs to be fixed. In this episode Annika and I discuss: 1. A practical, applicable approach to body positivity 2. Intentionality - Why am I doing this? 3. Sexual health is separate & related to sensuality 4. ADORNMENT - This allows us to connect to our body, nurture our body & project an authentic reflection vs. projecting a false image based on others 5. Self doubt, internal criticism, and neuroses disallowing us from to being in the moment and being with ourselves authentically. 6. You do not have to wait to love yourself if you don’t like your body. You can love your body now! 7. People shouldn’t judge others based on their deficits; we don’t know if they are unhealthy or unhappy by looking at them. You can connect with Annika here:
December 10, 2017
001 – What does it take to be an entrepreneur: Tom McCallum
Episode Notes: Guest – Tom McCallum 1. Am I an entrepreneur? Am I cut out to being an entrepreneur? Why do you want to be an entrepreneur? (1) See & Fulfill a Gap (2) Get Uncomfortable (3) Be Willing to Do The Hard Work 2. Parallel between work and relationships 3. The Entrepreneurial Age - The comfort zone may not be a safety zone anymore! 4. Relationship to Self as flexible - Adapt & Grow! 5. Know who you are 6. Work can not MAKE you happy References: Tom wrote a couple articles in reference to this podcast: 1. 2. The Icarus Deception by Seth Godin #Lovelife TV show episode:
November 27, 2017
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