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Dread No Mondays

Dread No Mondays

By Kenny Ingersoll
We talk about what makes people dread Mondays, and the things they can do to change that. Topics include Entrepreneurship, Mindset, commitment, sacrifice, Family, and more.
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The power of Art.

Dread No Mondays

Let yourself fly with Matthew Ebel
Today we talk about learning what you love and making it part of your life. We also discuss the importance of acceptance and respect of ourselves and others.   Brought to you by
August 09, 2021
You are in control with Edward Rocha.
We often have more control than we realize.     Brought to you by
July 26, 2021
What is your goal with Wes McBee
Today we talk about identifying what you want and not what others say you want or what you think others think you should want.  Brought to you by
July 12, 2021
'What if' with Michael Whitehouse
We spend so much time thinking about the 'what if'' that we miss the opportunities and it then becomes 'I wish I would have'.   Brought to you by
June 28, 2021
Going down to go up with Garrett Goggins
When building a skyscraper you have to go down in order to have the foundation in place to go up.
June 21, 2021
Organization within an organization with Dave Kramer
Is there organization within your organization? Organization is not always a one-size-fits-all. 
June 21, 2021
Fitness that fits you with Lisa Peranzo
Lisa has over 10 years of experience in the fitness industry. She has worked with a diverse population, including first responders, athletes and adolescents. Her experience in the fitness industry has also included working with clients to rehab from a variety of injuries, from spinal chord injuries and brain injuries, recovery from childbirth, to sports related injuries as well as joint replacements. Her focus is always to help her clients find their own strength and power from their fitness routine. She is a PMA accredited Pilates Instructor, Senior Trainer, Certified CrossFit Instructor, Certified Kettlebell Instructor, and Certified Barre Above Instructor, Lisa also has a certification in Paleo Nutrition, a Bachelors Degree in Psychology, and a Masters Degree in Human Behavior. She is a contributing writer for HealthWeb Magazine as well as Smartrepreneur Magazine. In addition to being the founder and CEO of A Healthful Life, Lisa has been featured in various magazines and on podcasts including San Diego Voyager magazine, Combat Divas, The Pourly Written Podcast, and Radical Resilience.    As a thank you for watching Lisa is giving away a free work out guide.      Brought to you by
March 29, 2021
Turn the table on the table being turned with Adam Knight.
When one door closes or even before that door closes, we often miss opportunities that are right in front of us. Adam is the Creator and Host of The Proven Principles Podcast and Principal at Knowing Hospitality, a full service hotel management company that operates hotels on behalf of owners and lenders. He brings 25 years of experience across luxury brands and independent companies. A hospitality veteran and operations expert, he has lived and worked all over North America and the Caribbean. He loves the left brain/right brain dichotomy of the hospitality industry. One minute you’re diving into a P&L, the next you’re tasting the new seasonal menu in the restaurant. His passion lies in understanding how things work and making them better, be it small service experiences or large-scale project management. Brought to you by
March 15, 2021
Chocolate drop in cooperate America with Genesis Amaris Kemp
Genesis is a Creative Content Writer, Author, Self-Development Advocate, Visionary, Inclusion and Diversity enthusiast, and a Firecracker a force to be reckoned with. Genesis is a woman of color who said, “Enough is enough,” and is now bolder than ever. She tried to remain quiet, but that didn’t work because no change occurred. Today, she is readapting to the current times and making some life-changing decisions. She is stepping outside of her comfort zone by speaking up, challenging the status quo, and refusing to let limitations placed on her keep her down. Genesis sees herself as a visionary and a woman who will go on to do great things that empower others to speak up for themselves. Yes, it may be hard; yes, it may hurt. In the long run, she desires to encourage others to help those who may not have a voice. She is a trailblazer who wants others to live out their dreams, goals, and visions. If it takes her writing this book to accomplish those tasks, then so be it. We all have been given a wonderful purpose in life. It is up to us to walk it out and live victoriously! Brought to you by
March 08, 2021
Be a quitter with Erik Allen.
Be a quitter with Erik Allen. Today we are talking to Erik Allen about how to take the first step and keep moving forward. We talk about being a quitter- quit the negative talk, quit the self-sabotage, quit the bad habits, quit surround yourself with bad influences such as negative people, bad social media, bad/negative media (movies, music, videogames, etc.), quit giving up before the journey even starts. There are many setbacks and struggles and hardships in life but there are many more good things in life and we will find them if we go out and look for them. Facebook - Twitter (@TopRatedMMA) - Instagram (@TopRatedMMA) - YouTube - Facebook - Twitter - (@BeardedBizShow) Twitter - (@ErikGAllen) Instagram -  (@BeardedBizShow) Instagram - (@ErikGAllen) Website - Brought to you by
March 01, 2021
Reconnecting with your heart with Robin Johnson
Today we are joined by Robin Johnson (AKA Robin the Heart whisperer).  We discuss how our mind works and how information is processed in our mind and some of the steps we can take to process the information in a positive and correct manner. We talk about how we can eliminate the bad information and replace it with correct information to allow us to heal and reconnect with our heart. Brought to you by
January 25, 2021
Everyone has a voice with Jason Hewlett.
Today we talk about everyone’s voice (their talent) and how it is our privilege to share that voice with the world for the better. Our ‘voice’ can be our ability to be a good listener or a teacher or a book writer or a shoulder to cry on or a great cook. We each have our own talents that we can use to make the world a better place even if it is just the world inside our own home.  We should find and develop our signature move that we can then share with others to help them find and develop their signature moves. Brought to you by
January 18, 2021
Cruising and Covid with Cruise Director Kabir.
Join us as we talk about the changes of Covid19 in the cruise industry from the aspect of a cruise director. We talk about how he remains positive during the unknow and focusing on the positive. We also cover talking in public (in person and online). Recorded 11/2/2020. Brought to you by
January 11, 2021
Just start with Dalton Jensen
Today we are talking about just starting. If you want to be a guest on a podcast or start your own podcast- just start. If you want to start writing a book- just start. You don’t have to know everything or have the best equipment, just start with what you have. Brought to you by
January 04, 2021
Standing out in a crowd with Sharon-Rose McNeil
Today we talk with Sharon about being a female entrepreneur during a time of mostly male dominated entrepreneur world. We discuss standing out, paving your own path and not being 'one of the boys'.  Instagram: @sharonmcneil  Facebook:  Linkedn:        Brought to you by
December 14, 2020
There is hope with Jon Gossett.
You are not alone. If you are having thoughts of or struggling with suicide, please know you are not alone. There are lots of resources for help. Please reach out. Lifeline 1-800-273-8255 Safe UT app Soon to come 988- another help line. Brought to you by
December 07, 2020
The way up with Kawan Glover
We talk about steps you can take when you are going through a dark time in your life. Recognition, admitting to what is happening, realizing that this event is part of your life but does not have to control your life, knowing there is help, accepting the help- from yourself and others.     If you ever feel that you are in a place and you don't see a way out please reach out. You can reach out to us and we will help you or find people that can help you. You are NOT alone.     Book link:    Social Links: Facebook:   Instagram: - @kawanglover   Twitter: - @kawan_glover   LinkedIn:   Calendar link to schedule free consultation:    Phone:  Kawan 240-723-2134  Kenny 801-597-0063   Brought to you by
November 30, 2020
To be or not to be.......... the Victim with Kyristy Snyder
There are lots of choices that we will have to make in our lives. One of those choices will be to play the victim card or take responsibility and make the best of the circumstance. Brought to you by
November 23, 2020
I See You with Julie Lee
Do we see the person we are near or do we just see someone standing there? Do we try to see them for who they are? If you see someone at the store in line do you make eye contact with them or do you just look back at your phone? If someone cuts you off in traffic do you see a jerk or do you try to be more understanding of the possible reason they did that? perhaps they just left the hospital from visiting a sick relative and they didn't mean to cut you off.   Brought to you by
November 16, 2020
Do more stress less with Alexis Haselberger
Short Bio: Alexis Haselberger is a time management and productivity coach who helps people do more and stress less through coaching, workshops and online courses.  Her pragmatic, yet fun, approach helps people easily integrate practical, realistic strategies into their lives so that they can do more of what they want and less of what they don't.  Alexis has taught thousands of individuals to take control of their time and her clients include Google, Lyft, Workday, Capital One, Upwork and more.   • Free downloads:  o Working Parents Coronavirus Quarantine Survival Guide:  o Distraction Action Plan:• Website: • Youtube:• Insta: @do.more.stress.less • FB: @domorestressless • FB Group:• Online courses:   Brought to you by
November 09, 2020
Feel it to Heal it with Anna Cantwell
You need to feel and acknowledge a feeling or experience in order to be able to correct it and heal it.     Brought to you by
November 07, 2020
Cleaning out your metaphorical Junk Drawer with Rob Tull
Evaluating things throughout your life to ensure they are still serving you and helping you move towards your goals.   Brought to you by
October 19, 2020
Be yourself with Sheri with Cruise Tips TV
People want to see the real you. Don't pretend to be someone your not. When doing a podcast or a video you don't need to play a role or act like someone else. Share who you are, don't worry what others think. Brought to you by
October 12, 2020
Mind over money with Tremaine Wills
We talk about the mindset people are raised with. Brought to you by
October 05, 2020
Making decisions with Sheila J Logan
Having trouble making decisions? Join Sheila J Logan and I as we dive into this topic.
September 21, 2020
The power of Art.
We discuss how art can be used in several forms of teaching, sharing our talents with others and improving ourselves.
September 10, 2020
Choices with Jerrett Ingram
We talk about the power of choice. The choice on how you react to something or someone.
September 08, 2020
Dread No Mondays with Jim Sorensen.
Doing things you may not always want to do in order to get the results you want.
August 29, 2020
Overcoming stereotypes with Alex Beekley
How to recognize and overcome stereotypes.
July 29, 2020
Thinking outside the box with Karin Antigua.
How do you recognize when you don't fit inside the mold or box that society puts us in and what to do when you realize that.
July 29, 2020
Finding your purpose with Justin Maxwell
How to get started in finding your purpose.  
July 09, 2020
Money Mindset with Audri Gallegos
How to approach and think about money differently.
June 22, 2020
Dread No Mondays with Emily Duncan and Melissa Laing
Overcoming mental and physical challenges. 
June 09, 2020
Entrepreneurship with Cody Manning
We talk all things that go with Entrepreneurship, Mindset, commitment, sacrifice, Family, and more.
May 28, 2020
Entrepreneurship with Erika Barney
We talk all things that go with Entrepreneurship, Mindset, commitment, sacrifice, Family, and more.
May 28, 2020