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By Scott Lew
A series of topics ranging from philosophy to personal stories.
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Memories #5 - 'Impossible' Dreams & Red Flags for Relationships
Our final episode for the memories series.  You can watch the full episode at
December 28, 2020
Memories #4 - How to Handle your Money After College
We streamed this podcast episode on twitch. You can find the video on Youtube:
December 26, 2020
Memories #3 - College and Passions
My childhood friends and I talk about college years and our passions. Watch the video at:
December 19, 2020
Memories #2 - High School Troubles
The 2nd episode with my childhood friends Jimmy & Johnny.  Watch the video for the podcast at
December 12, 2020
Memories #1 - Stories from Elementary School
This is a 5 episode series with my childhood friends Johnny & Jimmy. Watch the recorded podcast episode with video at
December 07, 2020
Building a Community that Inspires Action Ft. Ben Smith - Episode 7
In this podcast episode, I'm joined by Ben Smith, the founder of Goal House NYC and the YouTube channel Becoming Ben Smith. We talk about communal living and other related topics. Dreamlet: Ben's channel: Ben's Instagram: @bebensmith
September 12, 2020
Important Tips for Beginner Freelancers ft. Vivi Ton - Episode 6
We talk about our freelance experiences and give advice for beginner freelancers at the same time.   Full Video Disucssion: Vivi's Blog:
August 15, 2020
How to Write a Book ft. Cody Smith - Episode 5
Find Cody's book here: If you liked this podcast episode, considering checking out my YouTube Channel:
April 02, 2020
Haurjie: Tips on Starting YouTube - Episode 4
Haurjie joins me on this episode of the Dreamlet Podcast to talk YouTube tips.   Check Out Haurjie's Channel: Ambitions focuses on the stories of creators, entrepreneurs, and artists as well as the tools and tips they have for those aspiring to do something cool.
March 17, 2020
Stories from a First Year Teacher at a Title 1 School - Episode 3
Blue primarily focuses on real-life stories and what we can learn from them. If you liked what you heard, consider checking out some of my videos on YouTube at
February 25, 2020
Life After College: Dealing with no Social Life - Episode 2
My friend Christine joins me in talking about how we dealt with the lack of social life after college. Hopefully our stories can help if you were in the same situations we were in. If you liked what you heard, consider checking out some of my videos on YouTube at
February 18, 2020
Stories from my Childhood - Episode 1
I hope you enjoyed the first Dreamlet podcast episode!  The past is a very important part of everybody's lives. Even though there were rough times in my childhood, I like remembering my past and sharing important parts of it to my friends. My philosophy is to let your past empower you. Honor the past, appreciate the present, and respect the future. Those are 3 rules in my creed that I try to live by.  If you liked what you heard, consider checking out some of my videos on YouTube at
February 11, 2020