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Dreams Not Memes Podcast

Dreams Not Memes Podcast

By Brian Walker
Dreams Not Memes is a podcast curated by Brian Walker of A Day Without Love. The podcast is about going more in depth about the ins and outs of being an independent creator, collaborator, activist or entrepreneur. This podcast will include 1000 interviews from people around the world and their stories about navigating the struggles associated with finding your own vision.
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Episode 4: Talking with Marcelyn a musician of many voices, faces and talents

Dreams Not Memes Podcast

Episode 4: Talking with Marcelyn a musician of many voices, faces and talents

Dreams Not Memes Podcast

Episode 277: A Conversation on Environment and Creativity: Talking to Permanent Vacation
Permanent Vacation is an indie folk duo from Pittsburgh and Yorkshire currently based in Rome, Italy. They make intimate musical snapshots with the aim of capturing the world around them. Their debut album 'A Love Song for Everyone' is out now on cassette and digitally through Z Tapes. In our conversation we speak about how Italy has shaped their sound and their future goals as musicians. Learn more about Permanent Vacation in today's episode of Dreams Not Memes Podcast.  Instagram, twitter and tiktok are all @prmnt_vctn Bandcamp is Spotify is
April 13, 2021
Episode 276: Community, Creativity and Sustainability : A Conversation with Tim Bauer
I spoke to my friend from Tik Tok Tim Bauer from Indiana. Tim Bauer is songwriter, music blogger, Montessori teacher, and community member from Michigan City, Indiana. Tim started playing and booking shows in 2004, and currently plays with Tigershark Don't Quit and Neighbor Kidz. Tigershark just released Is it Tuesday, an album that reflects on the social, political, and human experience in 2020 . Tim is also part of, a blog that focuses on sharing the wonderful, and often underheard music from the midwest and beyond. In our conversation we talk about Bauer's life in the arts as a writer, creator, and educator and our perspectives on the future of music post pandemic. Find out more on Dreams Not Memes.  Socials
April 6, 2021
Episode 275: Fashion and Entrepreneurship: A Conversation with Sarah Bailey
I spoke to Sarah Bailey, a friend of Leona Francoise ( Episode 263). Sarah Bailey was born in Canada and grew up in Germany. She is a fashion entrepreneur and is the founder of the clothing brand Bad Boys. The style of Bad Boys is a combination of international styles Sarah experienced and was exposed to throughout her life. Sarah’s dream has been to use fashion to help others feel good about themselves. In our conversation Sarah discusses Entrepreneurship vs 9 to 5 lifestyle, her goals in the fashion industry and her insights with taking risks. Learn more on Dreams Not Memes.  Shop: Personal Instagram: Instagram: Tiktok: @badboys.collection
April 2, 2021
Episode 274: Supporting A Community of Recovery: A Conversation with Lauren of Thriving Initiative
I spoke to my friend Lauren Roberts who is acquainted with Leona Francoise ( Episode 263).  Lauren Roberts is the Executive Director and co-founder of The Thriving Initiative (@thrivinginitiative), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to supporting survivors of interpersonal violence (sexual assault, stalking, dating/domestic violence). The Thriving Initiative promotes long-term healing for student survivors through accessible resources such as workshops and public information. Their programs invite survivors and allies to explore non-traditional healing options like yoga, gardening, dancing, and art workshops at any point during their healing processes, completely free of cost. The most unique element of their keystone series, Thriving, Not Just Surviving, is that survivors are never asked to disclose their past experiences, instead The Thriving Initiative unites survivors on their healing journeys to build both community and a set of coping tools to utilize for the rest of their lives. If you’d like to support this new organization or learn more about their impactful work, follow them on Instagram @thrivinginitiaitve or consider donating at Learn more about Lauren's journey as a community focused entrepreneur on today's episode of Dreams Not Memes. 
March 30, 2021
Episode: 273: Serving as a Creative Citizen: Anika Pyle
I spoke to my friend Anika Pyle, a queer musician, poet, yogi, and artist from Philadelphia. Pyle is a queer poet, songwriter and artist from Philadelphia who centers shame-resilience and empathy in her work. Her latest record - Wild River - is a genre bending album of poetry and spoken word making sense of grief, failure and finding joy after the death of her father. Pyle and I discuss the value of creating from a perspective of community and service. FInd out more about Pyle's future goals and plans on the next episode of Dreams Not Memes.  Social Links  Website: Spotify: Twitter: Instagram: Patreon:
March 26, 2021
Episode 272: Singing for the Land and the People : A Conversation with Leela Gilday
I spoke with Leela Gilday, an Northwest Territory native and songwriter who speaks and sings from the heart and about the people and land that created her.  The power in her voice conveys the depth of her feelings of love and life in a rugged environment and vibrant culture, as if it comes straight from that earth. Leela’s family is from Délįne on the shore of Great Bear Lake and her rich vocals dance across the rhythmic beats of traditional Dene drumming as smoothly as a bass line onstage the largest venues in the country. And she has played them all. Leela has toured festivals and concert halls with her four-piece band through every province and territory in Canada. She has played in the United States, Greenland, Australia, New Zealand and several countries in Europe. Her live shows are where she connects with fans who have followed her on a 20-year career and where new fans are born. She reaches into their hearts and feels the energy of every person in front of her as she guides them on a journey through song and experience. She believes music has an inexplicable effect on people. It is a place where she can share light and dark and the most vulnerable moments, with a clarity and genuine purpose that reassures her listeners through every word. She is a storyteller, and through this, reflects the world onto itself. Five years after her last album was released—five years of growth, healing and head-down work—Leela’s fifth album “North Star Calling” was released fall 2019. It is more raw, more intimate and more Leela than anything you’ve heard from her before. Leela and I speak about her journey with writing an album in Dene language, colonialism, and her values as an artist. Learn more on Dreams Not Memes Podcast. Socials
March 24, 2021
Episode 271: The Value of Leadership : A Conversation with Christian Caanen of Global Youth Leaders
I spoke to my friend Christian Caanen the brother of Leona Francoise ( Episode 263). Christiaan is the co-founder and managing director of Global Young Leaders (GYL), an organization created for young people by young people. They work with young people from around the world to assist them in creating life by their own design from a place of connection, authenticity, and through developing the tools they need to tackle their important life challenges and decisions. All their programs focus on key topics like decision-making, self-connection, mindset, soft-skill development, and real-world challenges, and are specifically purposed with creating the room for young people to connect to each other through the exchanging of valuable and meaningful experiences. Christian and I discussed the value of leadership and uplifting people in your own community. Find out more on Dreams Not Memes.  Social Links: Website - LinkedIn - Instagram -@globalyoungleaders Community -
March 22, 2021
Episode 270: The Art of Storytelling: A Conversation with Lahaina
I spoke to my friend Lahaina, a storyteller and writer from the islands of Chuuk in the Federated States of Micronesia. Lahaina is a friend of Chellette Mina ( Episode 254).  She proudly acknowledges her roots reviving from Tunnuk, the village of the notorious Chuukese musicians, and Uman Fonuweisomw, island of the legendary Chuukese warriors. Lahaina is currently expanding her ventures in storytelling through various projects, one of which is a cookbook of indigenous and traditional Micronesian recipes that come with blurbs of stories told to her from her elders. Other avenues where she tells stories are her travel blog and her Instagram. In our conversation Lahaina shares her experiences with the value of cultural preservation and her experiences with cultural adversity and growing up as a Chuukese woman.  Lahaina speaks, reads and writes Chuukese - her native language, in which she also serves as a professional global interpreter and translator. Through her translation work, Lahaina helps her community breaks down barriers in the healthcare and justice systems, and emphasize her community member’s voices. She has been in the language field for almost 10 years. Her goal is to eventually be able to start an afterschool program that teaches the diaspora of Micronesians their culture and native language. Lahaina also pioneered the Chuukese Women Ambassadors, a group consisting of Chuukese women, with the main goal to build an avenue for Chuukese and Micronesian women to tell their stories. They successfully collected and presented a photovoice project and a birth story collection of Chuukese women to the Nation Historical Society.  Through the organization of this project, The Chuukese Women Ambassadors were initiators of the revival of community gardening in the diaspora of Micronesian communities. Lahaina is a storyteller and a writer. She is currently writing a cookbook of collective Micronesian indigenous recipes to help promote healthy eating in her community through a decolonized diet. She also has a blog that tells her stories and experiences as she navigates her way, as a small island person in the big world. When her circumstances allows, Lahaina enjoys traveling to learn about other indigenous communities and culture. Above all, she is looking forward to connecting and working together with other individuals at the 3rd Indigenous Global Workshop in Sarayaku’s Territory. Learn more on Dreams Not Memes.  PS: When I mentioned Wu Tang I meant to say Outkast, in reference to the song by Outkast, "The Art of Storytelling"   Socials   IG: @chuukesegoddess   Website: 
March 19, 2021
Episode 269: And Life Just Goes On Living: A Conversation with Ashley Virginia
I spoke to my friend Ashley Virginia, a musician I met on Tik Tok who is childhood friends with Taylor Wafford ( Episode 102).  Virginia hails from from Greensboro, North Carolina. Ashley Virginia’s style has been described to as bold, unapologetic, and critically vulnerable. Sharing the deeply intimate and terrifying pieces of herself is an important part of her creative process. Ashley started songwriting at a young age as a therapeutic practice and a means of escape, turning to songwriting to express emotions not so easily expressed in mere words. She believes art should be used as a tool for political action and self expression. In our conversation we discuss Ashley's work-music-life balance, her writing process in 2020, and her upcoming record, learn more on Dreams Not Memes.  Social Links  Spotify: Instagram: FB: Kickstarter:  Friends of Ashley Mentioned in the Episode  Quilla - @quillamusic  Molly McGinn - @busterdilly  Mark Dillon - @folkyd @alexeimejouev @aroundtownsessions
March 17, 2021
Episode 268: Art, Music and Animation with A Vision: A Conversation with Jhariah Clare
I spoke to  Bronx-based musician/animator Jhariah Clare about his creative journey. The multi-disciplinary artist has a compulsion for writing larger than life songs, stacked high with strings, horns, keys, and broadway-esque vocal arrangements. Jhariah is also studying at Pratt Institute and is studying 2D animation. In our conversation Jhariah and I take a deep dive to Jhariah's approaches towards creating music, animation, and his future goals. Find out more on Dreams Not Memes.  Email: Instagram: Facebook: Bandcamp:  Youtube:
March 15, 2021
Episode 267: Equity and Diversity for All: A Conversation with Wendi Jensen
I spoke to Wendi Jensen a prominent stakeholder in the Philadelphia music industry. Wendi Jensen is the Director of Touring Operations for the Music Experiences division of On Location (formerly CID Entertainment), and the Chapter Chair of Women in Music Philly. Wendi is as passionate about fan experiences and gender parity as she is about cultivating meaningful relationships with individuals across the industry (and often, their puppies). In our conversation Jensen and I speak about her experiences with live entertainment and the importance of providing equity and diversity in the music industry. Learn more about Women in Philly and Jensen's story on today's episode of Dreams not Memes Podcast.   To Learn More About Women in Music and Women in Music Philadelphia   Women in Music: Shatter the Glass, a curated list of barrier-breaking talent impacting the music world - in celebration of Women’s History Month Women in Music Philadelphia homepage 
March 12, 2021
Episode 266: No Funk Like Bay Area Funk : A Conversation with Youssef Khiari
I spoke to my friend Youssef Khiari, a friend of Summer Alicia ( Episode 257). Hailing from Tunis, Tunisia, Youssef Khiari is a guitarist, composer, and producer. Drawing inspiration in Jazz, hiphop, R&B, funk, and traditional North African music, he is a true visionary of how the music is going to sound like in the years to come. In 2017 Youssef left his home town Tunis to San Francisco Bay Area to pursue music studies and thrive as a live performing and recording artist. He rapidly got active in the SF jazz and hiphop scene playing and touring with the Bay Area artists. In 2020 he moved to New York City where he released his debut Album "Aphoristic Times." "Aphoristic Times" merges Jazz, HipHop, R&B, and other influences. Khiari's record aims to address many worldly issues such as conformism, capitalism, isolation, family, and passion. "Aphoristic Times" includes collaborations from his peers ; Thomas Pridgen, Corey Fonville and Marcus Tenney from the group Butcher Brown, Amma Whatt from Nate Smith's Kinfolk, and Jermaine Holmes from D'Angelo and the Vanguards Socials
March 10, 2021
Episode 265: You Don't Need an Invitation to Start Your Fan Base : Conversation with Birdman
I spoke with Birdman the founder of Foreign Bands on Tour and a friend of Mobina Galore (Episode 217). Foreign Bands on Tour is a worldwide booking agency for independent bands. We sell tour packages for small/medium size bands all over the world. They are based in Brazil and also operate a hostel that is available for travelers, artists and bands. Birdman also plays in a band called End of Pipe ( based in Florianpolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil) that has traveled across the world. In our conversation we talk about building a community organically through international travel and touring. Find out more on Dreams Not Memes.  Social Media  Instagram: Facebook: End of Pipe Bandcamp: Twitter:
March 8, 2021
Episode 264: Ska Around the World : A Conversation with Moisty Atsushi
I spoke with Moisty Atsushi a ska musician based in Vietnam who is originally from Japan. He is friends with Monica Welander ( Episode 251) which is how we connected. Moisty traveled from the UK to Singapore as a touring musician without the use of an airplane. After playing countless gigs, events and festivals, he gained a reptuation of being a person of interest in Reggae in New Zealand. Atsushi was offered to work with overseas artists in New Zealand. He managed to help Chris Murray's tour in New Zealand, promote the film “Rocksteady: The Roots of Reggae” by bringing Stranger Cole and DJ Mossman (music directer of the film) on tour. Moisty records with the intent of creating a retro sound similar to original  reggae/ska records. In our conversation Moisty shares his experiences with how ska has changed his life and his journeys with traveling around the world. Find out more on Dreams Not Memes Podcast. IG: @ Bandcamp:
March 6, 2021
Episode 263: From Tumblr to Walking 500 Miles : A Conversation with Leona Francoise
I spoke to Leona Francoise, Leona and I connected via Instagram through a mutual friend who interviewed me on the Brauns and Brains Podcast ( Thank you Rachel). Leona is an international traveler with a passion for life, love, and a human connection. Francoise works as an author, an editor, a blogger, a communications specialist, but most of all, she is a person enjoying the rollercoaster ride of life. In our conversation we talk about how Tumblr helped shaped her love for writing, the loss of her father, walking 500 miles in Spain, her upcoming book,  and her ambitions as a full time writer. Learn more on Dreams Not Memes.  Social media links: Insta: leona.francoise ( ) Twitter handle: leonafrancoise FB: LinkedIn: Personal Blog: professional site:
March 5, 2021
Episode 262: Everyone is in the Banking Industry: A Conversation with Sarry Ibrahim
I spoke to my friend Sarry Ibrahim, a Financial Consultant, Health and Life Agent based in Chicago. Sarry Ibrahim is financial planner and member of the Bank On Yourself Organization. He helps real estate investors, business owners, and full time employees grow safe and predictable wealth regardless of market conditions using a financial strategy that has been around for over 160 years. Sarry started this journey when he was in grad school completing his MBA. He worked for companies like Allstate, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna Healthspring, and Humana before founding Financial Asset Protection, a financial services firm that focuses on one sole concept; the Bank On Yourself Concept, also known as the Infinite Banking Concept. In our conversation we discuss the importance of investing in yourself, how to stay motivated, and his entrepreneurial journey. Find out more today on Dreams Not Memes.  Links  Company LinkedIn
March 3, 2021
Episode 261: Poetry and Discovery: A Conversation with Nargis
I spoke to Nargis Shabbir Hassanli, we connected over a zoom poetry open mic. She is a 22 year old poet from Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania. She has a degree in Marketing and is a poet/writer . Hassanli started writing poetry in 2013 and picked up a pen one day to write her thoughts that she typically kept inside. Writing served as a way to express healing throughout her life In 2017 Nargis started to share her own writing via Instagram, she was inspired by others writing and considers her work a gift from God.  Currently, you can read Nargis' poetry on her IG and access some poems as digital prints for sale. She hopes to create and facilitate her own writing workshops, self publish a poetry book , submit poems for publication, and get featured in the New York Times . In our conversation we talk about Nargis' experiences with poetry and promoting herself digitally while living in Tanzania. Find out more on Dreams Not Memes Podcast. 
March 3, 2021
Episode 260: Growing Everyday : Conversation with Joe Vickers
I spoke with my friend Joe Vickers, who lives across the worlds largest dinosaur fossil and is friends with Mobina Galore ( Episode 217) and Gunnar of Gunner Records ( Episode 240) Joe Vickers lives in seasonal rotation. In the summer he is an Alberta grain farmer and when the snow falls he hits the road as a storytelling folk singer. The travelling troubadour has logged countless miles touring across Canada and the USA as the front man for folk punk group, Audio/Rocketry. As a solo artist he has backpacked across Europe with a guitar in tow, playing everywhere from all-night bars to punk squats, travelling by whatever means necessary - from camper van to train or hitchhiking. Over the years, Vickers has shared the stage with traveling artists of a similar mind, such as Trampled by Turtles, Chuck Ragan, The Strumbellas, The Rural Alberta Advantage and Elliot BROOD. Socials webpage: solo: band:
March 2, 2021
Episode 259: Photography as a Trade : A Conversation with Erik Pinkerton
I spoke with my friend Erik Pinkerton, a professional photographer and entrepreneur based in Yukon. Erik Pinkerton works mainly as a commercial photographer creating high-end photos for all marketing needs. His diverse body of work is based primarily around product, interior and exterior architecture, and environmental/portrait photography. Erik is a fervent supporter of the arts and can often be found photographing concerts and archival photos for local theatre groups. In our conversation Erik and I talk about his journey as a photographer and the art of photography as a trade. Learn more on Dreams Not Memes.  Socials  FB- Erik Pinkerton Photography  Insta: erik.pinkerton
February 26, 2021
Episode 258 : Travel, Busking, and Community: A Conversation with Paris Pick
I spoke to Paris Pick a musician based in Whitehouse, Yukon Territory , Canada. Pick has traveled from Port Hardy, British Columbia to Halifax, Nova Scotia busking and hitch hiking. Paris found her way from busking and wearing pirate outfits while singing with her ukulele in towns and cities in Canada. In our conversation we talk about Paris' travels as an artist, her life in the Yukon and her future endeavors. Find out more on Dreams Not Memes.  Social Media Links:  Spotify Instagram: @parispickmusic  Website:
February 26, 2021
Episode 257: Unpacking Social Differences Through Creativity: A Conversation with Summer Alicia
I spoke with my friend Summer Alicia, a musician and dancer based in New York who recently moved from Utah as a Wilderness Therapist. Alicia transitioned from living in her car to "pulling a 180" and living in a Brooklyn Apartment. Currently she is working on her own self discovery and creative works while living in Brooklyn. In our conversation we discuss creative diversity, her future ambitions, and social equality. Find out more on Dreams Not Memes Podcast.  Summer Alicia's Spotify: Summer Alicia's IG: @sumasummz 
February 24, 2021
Episode 256: Stay Curious and Stay Creative : A Conversation with Paula Bialski
I spoke to my friend Paula Bialski, Paula is the sister to Rosa Loess ( Episode 241) and is currently living in Switzerland. Paula is an Associate Professor for Digital Sociology at the University of St. Gallen. She is an ethnographer of digital technologies, and has authored many books and articles around the topic. She is also a professional musician with the Warsaw-based band Paula & Karol. They have released the EP “Goodnight Warsaw” (2009), LP “Overshare” (2010), “Whole Again” (2012), Heartwash (2014), “Our Town” (2017), and the upcoming “Lifestrange” (Summer 2021). In our conversation Bialski and I discuss her work as a Professor, marketing yourself as a musician and life in Switzerland. Find out more on Dreams Not Memes Podcast.  Socials  FB: IG: New single:
February 24, 2021
Episode 255: The Power of Linguistics : A Conversation with Ren
I spoke to my friend Ren who is based in Spain and is studying linguistics and literary analysis in Spain. We connected through Machalek ( Episode 243).  Ren is from Hawaii and has lived in Italy, prior to moving to Spain for her University studies. Ren speaks English, Italian and Spanish, in her past she has studied Arabic and is currently pursuing Persian and Pashto a language of Afghanistan. In her future, Ren would like to work as an educator of Spanish and English for immigrants and refugees. During our conversation Reine and I cover the knowledge gaps in American foreign language education, the issues surrounding foreign language exposure, and her experiences with living and being exposed to various cultures as an American citizen. Find out more on Dreams Not Memes.  Socials  Twitter:  IG: Youtube:
February 23, 2021
Episode 254: Academia, Institutions, and Injustice : A Conversation with Chellette Mina
I spoke with a friend of Machalek ( Episode 243) , Chellette Mina (she/her). Chellette is an educator in the Marianas and has taught in Guam, Tinian, and Saipan. Chellette is a Chamorro from the Marianas Islands, which means she is an Indigenous Micronesian Pacific Islander whose home islands are Saipan and Tinian in the Northern Marianas Islands. Mina is currently based on the island of Guahan, the southernmost sister island of the Marianas chain. Chelette has been a social studies teacher since 2010 and is currently working on a Masters of Education at the University of Guam. She believes that education should be equitable, student focused, multicultural/culturally responsive, and, most of all, rooted in social justice.  Chellette is also an advocate for the decolonization of and the ending of mass militarization in the Pacific, especially in the Pacific subregion of Micronesia which includes my home archipelago of the Marianas. Chelette believes that we should work to help better our community, to help change the world. In Chellette's spare time, she posts about all the issues she's passionate about on her art account @decolonize_donne. In our conversation we talk about the struggles of being an academic and fighting injustice. We break apart the bureaucratic systems of activism and academia and the challenges that come along with being an advocate of equality. Learn more on Dreams Not Memes.  For anyone who is looking to learn more about the issues facing the Marianas Islands, please follow @prutehilitekyan @ourcommonwealth670 @independentguahan @deeppacificpod @para.todus.hit @endviolencenmi
February 19, 2021
Episode 253: Decolonizing Western Ideology: A Conversation with Manny Cruz
I spoke to my friend Manny Cruz who is currently based in Aotearoa ( New Zealand),and is indigenous to Guam. Cruz is currently pursuing his Phd in Communication Studies. As an academic and practitioner he is curious about how Western Ideology plays a part in the media and how it effects marginalized communities, primarily those in Guam. Cruz is not only an activist and academic, but also leads the Fanachu Podcast.  In our conversation we talk about his experiences with racial microagressions, colonialism, militarism in Guam, and dealing with racism in New Zealand. Find out more on Dreams Not Memes.  Social Media  Instagram: @native_perspectives Fanachu! Podcast: You can also direct listeners to my most recently published article: "Saying The Quiet Parts Out Loud: Guåhan, The USS Theodore Roosevelt, And The Role Of Journalism In Reproducing Colonization In The Time Of COVID-19,"
February 19, 2021
Episode 252: The Importance of Biodiversity in Oceans: A Conversation with Guilhem Banc- Prandi
I spoke to my friend Guilhem Banc- Prandi a marine biologist and researcher based in Israel who is from France. Guilhem is friends with Kristen Fellows ( Episode 142).  Guilhem is the founder of WeSea a French based international non profit organization. The mission of the organization is dedicated to preserving marine reserves through action and sharing scientific knowledge to the public. Currently, they are focused on research around the Red Sea. Guilhem is studying the impact of heavy metal pollution on corals while pursuing a Phd. In our conversation Banc-Prandi and I talk about his experiences with being a researcher and scientist in Israel. Find out more on Dreams Not Memes.  We Sea Link
February 17, 2021
Episode 251: Leave Your Hometown and Find Your Tribe : A Conversation with Monica Welander
I spoke to Monica Welander of Monica and the Explosion, an act based in Sweden. Welander has been touring and recording since 2007 across Europe, USA, Australia, New Zealand, and India. Monica is also an author of a songwriting book that shares the stories behind her discography. In our conversation Monica and I discuss her experiences as a creative over the past 14 years. Find out more on Dreams Not Memes.  Socials
February 17, 2021
Episode 250: Touring Globally: A Conversation with Charles Megino
I spoke to my friend Charles Megino who is based in Guam and is friends with Machalek ( Episode 243). Megino is the vocalist, main musical composer and founder of Guam-based metalcore act Surrender The Thief. Surrender the Thief has toured in Japan and other areas across the world. In our conversation we talk about mixed bills, touring internationally,  discrimination in music, and the importance of community. Learn more on Dreams Not Memes. Check out Surrender the Thief's new song Voices today.  Social Media: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Youtube: Spotify: Voices Music Video: 
February 15, 2021
Episode 249: Conservatism to Activism: A Conversation with Edward of PulanSpeaks
I spoke to my friend Edward , a friend of Machalek ( Episode 243) and activist based in Guam. Edward is a child of the Marianas. He has a passion to spread free and digestible information about the Marianas, Micronesia and fino’ CHamoru to the community. His passion was realized through PulanSpeaks, an educational channel found on YouTube. Edward is also a CHamoru political rights activist who desires the end of colonization on Guam. Figures that inspire him include Zhou Enlai, Edward Said and Asmaa Mahfouz. In our conversation we talk about Edwards journey to having his eyes opened to activism and community in Guam and the importance of decolonization of Guam. Find out more on Dreams Not Memes.  Social media on IG to follow on Independence in Guam @independent_guahan @prutehilitekyan @theguambus @uogpress @fanachupodcast @lugatlengguahi
February 12, 2021
Episode 248: Sustaining the Mix: A Conversation with Heights Beats
I spoke to Heights Beats the brother of Rosa Loess ( Episode 241). Heights Beats is a Canadian DJ/Producer who has created music for many projects and artists including rapper Shad, J Shiltz, TEDx, and Greenpeace. Currently living in Warsaw, Poland Heights Beats has established himself as a DJ around Poland. In our conversation we talk about his transition from Canada to Poland and how he has continued to sustain a career as a musician. Find out more on Dreams Not Memes Podcast.  Check out his music:
February 11, 2021
Episode 247: Accepting What Is : A Conversation with Marissa
I spoke with my friend Marissa, who is based in Vriginia is friends with Julia Flores ( Episode 100).  Marissa is a native New Yorker and the co-owner of The World Needs You Now (Episode 238), a coaching & hypnosis business based out of Virginia Beach,VA.  She is pursuing a Master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and will begin incorporating movement into The World Needs You Now over the next year. Her passion for helping people express themselves completely through conversation and motion has put her on a career path to help people utilize their bodies as a catalyst for transformation. Combining her understanding of the business world with the holistic approaches of mindfulness, Marissa and the team at The World Needs You Now can help you release unwanted emotions and find balance again through the use of Hypnosis, Coaching, Movement, and other holistic approaches. In our conversation we cover Marissa's journey with Mental Health Counseling and Life Coaching. Find out more on Dreams Not Memes.  Instagram - @twnynow Website - or Facebook -
February 10, 2021
Episode 246: Rabbits in a Cabin : A Conversation with Cud Eastbound
I spoke to my friend Cud Eastbound, a musician based in Dawson City ,Yukon, Canada. Eastbound is also friends with Marisa Sendejas ( Episode 165) and the Cheddar Boys ( Renee, Episode 41). Eastbound considers their sound as rogue folk and can be characterized as innovative and straight to the point.  Cud Eastbound’s songs are best described as imparting a sense of optimism despite adversity. The rawness of their lyricism and vocal style, overtop their well crafted guitar and banjo driven melodies that will bring you to your greatest feelings of loss, before reminding you that you still have the opportunity to grow, learn and change. In our conversation Cud and I talk about life in Yukon Territory, building a cabin, tour life, and their experiences as a songwriter. Find out more on Dreams Not Memes.  Cud's Links
February 9, 2021
Episode 245: Fitness for Everyone: A Conversation with Natalia Vanq
I spoke to my friend Natalia Vanq, a fitness instructor and content creator from Costa Rica. Vanq is a certified dancer and fitness coach who combines exercise routines and dancing lessons. Her goal is to share her experiences with wellness, growth and positivity to others around the world. Vanq started her YouTube channel in Feb 2020 after being involved with dance and fitness for 8 years. Her success has lead her to providing lessons to over 80,000 people on YouTube on a regular basis. In addition to working in the fitness world, Naty is also an architect and has balanced her career with her journey in fitness. Find out more about Naty's journey on Dreams Not Memes.  Socials and Links to Naty's Lessons  Instagram: Youtube:
February 8, 2021
Episode 244: Operations and Construction: A Conversation with Angelina Oliveri.
I spoke to my friend Angelina Oliveri. Oliveri and I connected through my friend Brittany Gillman ( Episode 220).  Angelina Oliveri is the Vice President of Operations at Oliveri Millworks, a architectural window and door company headquartered in West Palm Beach, Florida. Prior to joining Oliveri Millworks, Angelina worked in the Fashion Industry in roles focused on merchandising, production management and product development.  In her transition from fashion to construction industry, Angelina took her past expertise and applied it to developing improved production operations, new marketing strategies, and industry trend research. Angelina oversees all daily operations of the business with a focus on business strategy, business development, marketing, and project management. In our conversation Angelina takes us through her career journey and her experiences with the construction industry. Learn more today on Dreams Not Memes.  Links: Website: LinkedIn Profile:
February 5, 2021
Episode 243: Decolonization and Independence in Guahan: A Conversation with Machalek
I spoke with my friend Machalek, an independence rights podcaster and advocate based in Guahan ( Guam). We connected over Instagram after I found their takeover from Get Better Records. Machalek grew up in Guahan as a child and  moved to the Pacific Northwest in their teens. Machalek shares their perspectives on the effects of the US Colonization and Militarism in Guahan. We also cover the sociopolitical and economic issues associated with living in Guahan such as taxes, segregation, farming, and health. In our conversation Machalek educates me on the history of Guahan, and current affairs in Guahan.  Find out more on Dreams Not Memes.  Social Media /Orgs Associated with Guahan Independence That Were Mentioned in the Episode  @independent_guahan FB/independentgu @fanachupodcast FB/fanachupodcast Blog on Decolonization @guampedia @binarysunsetgu @500sails @sagankotturanchamoru @theguambus @uogpress
February 5, 2021
Episode 242: Starting A Scene in a Pandemic: A Conversation with David Ruiz
I connected with my friend David from Twitter. David is a musician from Mexico that´s trying to make a name for themselves in the middle of a pandemic that has closed all traditional ways of promotion. They got their composing ambient musing at the age of 10 with an iPad, until, at the age of 14, he got hold of a bass and decided that they wanted to find a way to live off making music, while following the diy ethos of their influences such as Mike Park and Lou Barlow. They´re now in the midst of self recording their debut EP and starting their own record label to promote other acts in the Mexican DIY scene. In our conversation we talk about David's experiences with music and how they have been coping through the pandemic. Learn more on Dreams Not Memes.  Links
February 4, 2021
Episode 241: The Value of Music and Music Education : A Conversation with Rosa Loess
I spoke to my friend Rosa Loess, a music educator based in Moncton, New Brunswick , Canada. Loess primarily plays piano and plays a number of instruments and has honed her skills through performances with many of her friends throughout her life. Currently she teaches children of all ages music lessons and focuses on motivating her students learning goals. In our conversation Loess shares her life story about how she transitioned from wanting to pursue a career in the Medical Science Industry and transitioned to Music Education. Learn more about Loess' story on Dreams Not Memes.  Social Media : @rosaloess 
February 2, 2021
Episode 240: Let's Learn About Gunner Records : A Conversation with Gunnar Christiansen
I spoke to my friend Gunnar Christiansen, the founder of Gunner Records based in Germany.  Gunner Records was founded in 2005 by Gunnar Christiansen in Bremen, Germany. It's a One-Man Label with a strong DIY Ethos. The Label is Anti-Racist, Anti-Sexist, Anti-Homophobic. Gunner Records books European Tours and does Promotion for Bands on the Label. Gunner Records is doing DIY Shows in Bremen. Gunner Records loves Friendship, Music and good Ideas. I was connected with Gunnar with the folks from Mobina Galore (Episode 217). In our conversation we speak about the start of Gunner Records and how Gunnar has continued to manage himself as a label owner. Find out more on Dreams Not Memes.  Social Media
February 1, 2021
Episode 239: You Are What You Think You Are: A Conversation with Maria of Vibration PR
I spoke to my friend Maria, a PR Professional based in Aruba.  Maria is the Founder and Director of Vibration PR & Media, an idea that came to life 20 years ago. She lights up when she speaks of creative advertising, innovative careers and the importance of Art,Music and culture on the island of Aruba which has been her home for over the past 30 years. Working side by side with Atelier’s 89 School of Fine Arts, and organizes of a monthly poetry youth night for the past 9 years. She Has developed , organized and supervised Public relations for  Corporate Brands’s events, international music and film festivals ,  to intimate local band gatherings, each with the same dedication and passion. Maria beleives that "the most significant thing we can do for each other as human beings and as a community is to  raise , praise and inspire each other to externalize the best in us , show the world that we are made up some amazing fibers when we are given the chance to express what we love doing”. She is a believer in small businesses, upcoming local talent, and the island spirit of generosity and perserverance. In our conversation we talk about the arts, poetry and creative scene in Aruba and how she helps to promote and develop the local arts in Aruba. Find out more on Dreams Not Memes.  IG: @bashafoundation
January 29, 2021
Episode 238: We Need to Pivot to Survive: A Conversation with Timothy September of TWNYN
I spoke to my friend Timothy September, a hypnotist and life coach, based in Virginia. I met Timothy through my friend, Julia Flores ( Episode 100). The two of them co hosted a digital session that focused on yoga, meditation and hypnotism. Timothy's story as a professional hypnotist is inspiring and relatable. After watching his life collapse in front of him, he knew the only way anything would get better was to become the very change which needed to happen. It was during this pursuit of his own truth that he learned the transformational power of Life Coaching and Hypnosis.  Timothy began to apply his knowledge in his personal life and after noticing the incredible changes effortlessly happened, he and his life partner created The World Needs You Now - Coaching & Hypnosis. By becoming one of the fastest growing coaching and hypnosis businesses in Virginia Beach, The World Needs You Now is where ordinary people achieve extraordinary results toward pursuing their dreams, overcoming their limitations, and defying their own internal beliefs and capabilities. In our conversation we cover the uses and applications of hypnotism, the power of recovery, and why healing should be an important part of our lives. Learn more on Dreams Not Memes.  Social: Instagram - @twnynow Website - or Facebook -
January 29, 2021
Episode 237: Self Care, Survival, Unity, and Creativity: A Conversation with Kim Logan
I spoke to my friend Kim Logan, an artist from Florida who is currently working on projects in various locations overseas.  Logan's story as an artist starts in 2013, where she has spent the past few years since touring America and Europe with a wheel-of-fortune display of diverse backing musicians, making recorded music with Grammy-winning producers to bands made up of childhood friends, and continuing a career in staged opera that has spanned two decades.  Cutting a global and itinerant path, Kim draws from the veins of varied musical sub-genres as reference points for her expression, and works to blur the lines between them all. The next oeuvre of Kim's work, "Pseudoscience," began its release in late 2016, produced and developed by the formidable sonic wizards Vance Powell (Jack White, Chris Stapleton, Arctic Monkeys), and Brett Orrison (The Black Angels, Widespread Panic).  In 2017 came the analog-recorded R&B/soul EP "Fresh Juice," with a cover of Serge Gainsbourg's 1964 tropicalia hit "Couleur Café” as a B-side to these sessions. Her second LP, "Shadow Work," was released on 21 February, made in the UK with her Parisian band The Silhouettes, and mixed/mastered back in Nashville with her collaborators from Sputnik and Infrasonic Sound, the engineers behind projects with Third Man Records, Clutch, & Seasick Steve.  The album was led by the explosive singles "Dirty Business" and "Oedipus Wrecks," while planning a record Logan will also be working on releasing a poetry book which is covered in our conversation. In our conversation we talked about Logan's journey as a creator, songwriter and finding a place of comfort in the midst of the pandemic. Find out more on Dreams Not Memes.  Kim Logan's Socials  VINYL: Twitter + Instagram:  @kimloganmusic
January 27, 2021
Episode 236: Tell the Story Not the Club Banger: A Conversation with Envy
I spoke to Denmark based rapper Envy about his journey as an MC on Dreams Not Memes. Envy runs his own label Allblack Records and has maintained a consistent hip hop catalogue in the past two years. Envy started playing the guitar and the drums by the time he was 9, inspired by bands such as Guns N roses, Nirvana and Bon Jovi. He started writing lyrics at the age of 18 and took on the alias "Envy" and started taking his music more seriously. Envy is all about telling a story with his songs that his listeners can relate to. In our conversation, I speak with the 20 year old rapper about his goals as an MC and how he believes art should be appreciated. Find out more on Dreams Not Memes.  Social Media Links
January 26, 2021
Episode 235: We Know More About the Moon Than the Ocean: A Conversation with Lisa Chen
I spoke to my friend Lisa Chen who is based in Mississauga, Ontario. She is a friend of Kristen Fellows (142) and is a Marine Biology Professional. Chen has worked all over the world doing work in Thailand, Vietnam, Ontario, etc. Currently she is studying a Master of Marine Management at Dalhouise University.  In our conversation we talk about Chen's journey as a scientist, ongoing trends in marine biology, and her goals to be a Marine Manager. Find out more on Dreams Not Memes.  Lisa's Social Media Channels  Facebook: Instagram: @meowstertravel @letstalkbutts LinkedIn:
January 25, 2021
Episode 234: Art as a Platform for Change: A Conversation with Katchan
I spoke to my friend Katchan, an artist , twitch streamer and activist from Tarragona, Spain. Katchan is a friend of Tomillo ( Episode 221).  As a visual artist , they have a wide variety of art styles and works with clients as a freelancer.  As an activist Katchan is involved with support for sex workers and the trans community in Spain.  In our conversation we talk about how Katchan has used art as a platform for activism and uplifting others. Find out more on Dreams Not Memes.  Katchan's Social Media  Instagram Linktree
January 22, 2021
Episode 233: Influence, Individualism, and Identity: A Conversation with Chelsea Rose
I spoke to my friend Chelsea Rose, a local influencer and medical care professional from the Halifax, Nova Scotia area. Rose is 25 years old and works  full-time as a paramedic. As an influencer, Chelsea is a  content creator for predominantly local brands/businesses and has some experience  working with larger brands.  Chelsea is interested in creating positive & relatable content. She uses her platform be an advocate for LGBTQ plus rights, women’s rights, BLM rights, and mental health awareness. In our conversation we talk about Chelsea's journey as a social media influencer, her personal journey with her identity, and her goals for the future. Find out more on Dreams Not Memes.  To Follow Chelsea  @roseonthecoasthfx on both Instagram & TikTok.
January 21, 2021
Episode 232: The Importance of Culture: A Conversation with Miali Coley - Sudlovenick
I spoke to my friend Miali Coley-Sudlovenick who resides in Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada. Miali is a podcaster, teacher, mother, and fashion designer. Coley was born and raised in Iqaluit and  values cultural preservation in her household and community. Her Podcast, the Tusaavisii Podcast is an English/ Inuktitut  podcast that involves conversations with her daughter and Miali's day to day journey as a mother in Iqaluit. In our conversation we talk about the importance of culture, language, and education in Iqualuit. Find out more on Dreams Not Memes.  To follow Miali , listen to her podcast or purchase her merch follow the links below.  Instagram  @mialicoley_eda_designs @miali_coley_sudlovenick  @tusaavisii_podcast  Merch Podcast
January 20, 2021
Episode 231: The Tale of the Mixtape: A Conversation with Go, Homeboy
I spoke to a Hip Hop Artist and Author from  Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada Go Homeboy aka Matt Walls.  Walls is a woodworker as a profession and has found a love for prose throughout his life.  He wrote a book called Alphabet Pie published by Monster House Publishing and recently finished a mixtape called, The Tale of the Mixtape. Go, Homeboy can be characterized as hip hop that consists of  downtempo beats with a unique style, combined with laid back, thoughtful, multi-layered lyricism.  In our conversation we discuss Walls' experience with hip hop, writing and life in New Brunswick. Find out more on Dreams Not Memes.  Alphabet Pie Go Homeboy Social Links  Facebook Youtube Bandcamp
January 20, 2021
Episode 230: Gig Life Balance and Education: A Conversation with Kelsey and Jacinda of Kelsey Cork and the Swigs
I spoke with Kelsey Cork and Jacinda of Philly band Kelsey Cork and the Swigs.  As a Philly act, Kelsey Cork, Jacinda Arellano, and Nolee Morris harness their chemistry off-stage to kick ass onstage, acquiring an undeniable reputation for an energetic show you can’t help but dance to. They celebrate discarding pretentious cynicism to rejoice in surviving as a poor and rowdy twenty-something in the city of Philadelphia. The Swigs use Philly as inspiration for their music and their attitude, letting litter and grime seep into their catchy hooks about having a good time living below the poverty line; they make you wonder why you ever cared about the façade of elitism. The band just released a new EP called Weird Bones released by goodhowareyou records and take some time to talk to me about their day to day with being a rock band.  Tune in on this episode of Dreams Not Memes. Featured Song : ECRNR (East Coast Rock and Roll)  Hyperlinks Bandcamp - Spotify - Instagram - @kelseycorkandtheswigs / Facebook -
January 15, 2021
Episode 229: Behind the Kit : A Conversation with Aaron Greenman
I spoke to Aaron Greenman, the drummer of the New Brunswick, Canada band, Noble Daughter. The band plays a mix of stoner rock and alternative grunge in the bars of Frederickton, New Brunswick. In our conversation Greenman and I speak about what it was like to release Noble Daughter's self titled debut record in 2020. Find out more on Dreams Not Memes.  Social Media IG: noble.daugther FB: nobledaughter777
January 14, 2021
Episode 228: Comedy, Music , and Stressful Podcasting: A Conversation with Gabbie Watts
I spoke to my friend Gabbie Watts, from Atlanta,GA.  Gabbie Watts is a stand up comic and musician who has toured, recorded and created a wide variety of creative content. Her catalogue spans topics around trauma, breakups, and more. Catch her singing about anxiety and how she’s bad at her job on Tiktok. In our conversation Watts and I speak about her relationship with her career, the ethics of content creation, and staying true to yourself. Find out more on Dreams Not Memes. To follow Gabbie Watts Tiktok/Instagram/Twitter: @gahhhbbiewatts
January 14, 2021
Episode 227: Concert Marketing , Equality, Wellness, and Community : A Conversation with Michelle Ivy Ginsberg
I spoke to my friend Michelle Ivy Ginsberg, a Philly based music industry professional and artist.  Michelle is a Philly-based visual artist that has dedicated the past 10 years of her professional career to the local live music industry where she has worn a variety of hats. Her work experience within the music industry ranges from event planning and on-site management to digital marketing and creative ideation. The COVID-19 pandemic has derailed her trajectory, but that doesn't change the vast amount of experience and knowledge she has gained and her passion for uplifting future generations of women within the industry. In our conversation we talk about Ginsberg's career history,  wellness, community, and her involvement with Women In Music.  Learn More on Dreams Not Memes.  Links Personal Women In Music
January 13, 2021
Episode 226: Change Management Is in Front of the Lens : A Conversation with Justin Stinson
I spoke to my friend Justin Stinson, an entrepreneur from Dubuque, Iowa. Stinson has a background in Photography from Eastern Washington University and graduated in 2000.  Throughout his career, he has worked in the telecommunications field in various positions. Stinson has started Capture Coaching and Consulting with the intent to to help Leaders and Entrepreneurs think bigger and solve problems differently in order to gain a competitive advantage. Since starting Capture Coaching and Consulting Justin has grown his professional network from 2,000 to 15,000 connections in order to brand himself and his business. In our conversation we talk about Justin's journey as a professional and his work in Organizational Develeopment. Learn more today on Dreams Not Memes.  To Book a call To download my FREE Ebook.
January 11, 2021
Episode 225: The World is a Community: A Conversation with Kari Lyn Blacquiere
I spoke to my friend Kari Lyn Blacquiere  who is a musician from Rustico, Prince Edward Island, Canada. Kari has traveled and played in 26 countries and grabs her songwriting styles from the various cultures she has been exposed to.  She comes from a long line of storytellers and musicians with her French Acadian blood and her East Coast roots.  When writing her album she recorded  21 songs in one day and selected 12 songs resulting in her album, "Hit the Ground."  Blacquiere plays weekly stream shows that she calls , "This is How I Roll Sessions" where she explains the background story to her songs. You can check them out on her  IG @karilyncelestemusic. In our conversation we talk about Blacquiere's travels, how to survive globally as a solo artist, and her experiences with recording her album. Kari hopes to get back on the road one day and play a tour where she is able to share her story with addicts in recovery and battered women shelters. Learn more on today's episode of Dreams Not Memes.   
January 8, 2021
Episode 224 : Composing, Sound Design, and Live Story Telling : A Conversation with Matthew Skopyk
I spoke to my friend Matthew Skopyk, an Edmonton based Sound Designer and Composer who is friends with Laura Hicklii and Taylor Cochrane (Episode 85).  Skopyk specializes in the research areas of original music composition, theatre, sound design, and sound reinforcement.  As a Professor, Matthew focuses on sound system engineering & design, digital manipulation, and basic music composition.  In our conversation we talk about Skopyk's day to day, songwriting, the live entertainment industry and trends in music education, recording and composition.  Learn more about Matthew's work at the link below
January 8, 2021
Episode 223: Let's Talk About Ornithology : A Conversation with Megan Buers
I spoke with my friend Megan Buers, a Wildlife Biologist specializing in Ornithology based in Labrador and originally from Vancouver Island, BC. Buers is a hobby birdwatcher and has spent much of her life working in various jobs in the Ornithology industry.  Starting this year(2021), Megan will be studying Willow Ptarmigan for her Masters in Labrador.  In our conversation we speak about Buers experience with studying/researching Ornithology, climate change, and her hopes to make the field of ecology more interdisciplinary.  Learn more on Dreams Not Memes. 
January 6, 2021
Episode 222: Writing as a Profession: A Conversation with Francesca Olsen
I spoke to my friend Francesca Olsen, a professional writer and communications consultant who lives in Western Massachusetts. She works with clients on digital marketing, social media, brand strategy, general communications/PR needs, and content creation. Francesca is also part of Assets for Artists’ 2020 North Adams Project cohort and is one of A4A’s trainers, giving presentations on digital marketing best practices to grant-funded artists from across New England. In our conversation Francesca and I speak about entrepreneurship, business to business publications, work life balance and maintaining boundaries as a professional. Learn more on Dreams Not Memes.  Francesca's Website :
January 5, 2021
Episode 221: Cooking for Community and Activism: A Conversation with Tomillo
I spoke to my friend Tomillo , a cook from Argentina who is currently residing in Spain. Tomillo is friends with Emily McKelvey (Episode 193). Tomillo's journey starts as early as 16 with cooking and selling empanadas in Argentina.  Tomillo moved over to Spain as a tourist with the intent to get citizenship and  to make a living as a cook. Currently, he is working on maintaining his community amongst other trans people in Spain who are organizing and advocating for social equality.  In our conversation we talk about the struggles with poverty, immigration,  discrimination and activism during the 2020 Pandemic in Spain. Learn more on Dreams Not Memes.  Tomillo's Social Media  Instagram: (@tom.ill0 (personal) @empatravas (Cooking project)
January 5, 2021
Episode 220: Shifting Gears and Moving Forward : A Conversation with Brittany Gillman
I spoke to my friend Brittany Gillman, a tech professional and organizational consultant from the New York City area. Gillman and I met each other in college through the Society of Human Resource Management. Since then Brittany has focused her life around endeavors involving the voice; coaching, facilitation, public speaking, voice acting, and singing. Brittany is also a voice actor and co-founded a semi professional a cappella singing group in NYC.  Gillman maintains an active professional network to stay informed on topics like Workplace Collaboration, Change Management, Design Thinking, Future of Work, and Responsive Working. Brittany’s mission is to make work better for people.  Brittany empowers people and teams to be more confident and achieve their goals with her organization Find Your Voice. As a coach, she has worked with clients in the Travel, Innovation, and Education industries. In our conversation Brittany and I discuss self awareness, entrepreneurship , leadership development,  change management, and navigating organizational development as a career.  Learn more on Dreams Not Memes.  Website
December 31, 2020
Episode 219: The Reality of Social Media : A Conversation with Jen Advises You
I spoke to my friend Jen, a content creator from Toronto who has gained social media popularity and hosts the podcast, Jen and Tonic Podcast. Jen is a friend of Ioana Busoic ( Episode 199).  Jen created a digital persona known as "Jen Advises You." The persona was based on Jen's dating life and daily musings. While Jen originally did this as a joke, her platform grew to over 75 thousand followers on Twitter.  While amassing social media popularity, Jen realized that getting social media attention was not what she wanted. In our conversation we speak about social media clout, microagressions, and mental health. Find out more on Dreams Not Memes.  Jen's Social Media
December 30, 2020
Episode 218: Creating and Adapting to Change: A Conversation with Last Birds Music
I spoke to Lindsay Arnold and Mike Davis of Last Birds Music based out in Sasketchewan, Canada. They are a folk duo who has recently started their music journey as a band. In our conversation we talk about their experiences with starting as a band in 2020 and their experiences with live streams and recording remotely. You can learn more about their experiences with writing songs in a remote location on today's episode of Dreams Not Memes.  To follow Last Birds Music check out the links below.  Website: Facebook: IG: @lastbirdsmusic Twitter: @lastbirdsmusic YouTube: Spotify:
December 29, 2020
Episode 217: Introduction to Canadian Punk: A Conversation with Mobina Galore
I spoke with Marcia Henson (drums/vocals) and Jenna Preistner (guitar/vocals)  of the band, Mobina Galore. Mobina Galore is a two piece punk band from Winnipeg, Manitoba . The band formed in 2011 and have been nominated for Rock Artist of the Year in 2020 at the WCMAS( Western Canadian Music Awards). Signed by New Damage Records and Gunner Records (EU) the band has been able to tour across the US, EU and Canada to share their catalogue of music.  In our conversation we discussed the history of Mobina Galore, the music community in Manitoba and how the band has been managing their work life balance over the years as a band. Learn more on Dreams Not Memes.  To Learn More About Mobina Galore head to the links below:  Website Instagram @mobinagalore Facebook @mobinagaloremusic Twitter @mobinagalore Mobina Galore's music is available on all streaming services 
December 28, 2020
Episode 216: Serving Others Creatively: A Conversation with Eeden Theta Shale
I spoke with my friend Eeden Theta Shale from Philadelphia about their journey as a creative, author, and curator.  Eeden Theta Shale is an androgynous artist, activist & healing practitioner. Their ancestral roots of both migrant & pre-existing communities reach back in the area at least ten generations. Invested in DIY punk, trauma recovery & plant medicine, they continue to breathe live into the city’s creative community. For over thirteen years, poetic writing & painting have been their pressure release in reclaiming empowerment after abuse. These days, they play in a band called Knife Friend, while working on a solo project entitled “Eeden & the Elder.” Spending most of their time creating, researching, planting, they enjoy life with their three cats. Eeden continues to explore the wide world of art through holistic handpoke tattooing, in the styles of their Druidic & Eurasian lineages. Recently Eeden has finished a book called "Nonbinary Healing Practices"  which has been a new part of Eeden's creative journey. In our conversaton we discuss identity, survival, intersectionality and Eeden's pursuits of empowering other creatives through their ambitions.   Website:  Book: “Non Binary Healing Practices”  Instagrams: Ink Imprints - @sacredpokes Artivism - @gardenofeeden Twitter: (most active) @gardenofeeden Music: or Herbalism:
December 23, 2020
Episode 215: Robotics and Aerospace Engineering : A Conversation with Zainab Saleem
I spoke to my friend Zainab Saleem, an aerospace engineer from Pakistan who is currently doing applied research in Finland. Saleem is friends with Lara Chikani ( Episode 192).  Zainab is currently working as an AOCS Engineer (Altitude Orbit Control Systems Engineer) and is pursuing a PhD in Aerospace Engineering.  Saleem is researching the control and flight algorithms for satellites in orbit and does applied research on autonomous vehicles that navigate in air and space.  In our conversation we discuss Zainab's experiences with her industry  and living in FInland and Pakistan. Find out more on Dreams Not Memes. 
December 23, 2020
Episode 214 : When Things Shake, We Make Some Cake : A Conversation with Melanie Berg
I spoke to Melanie Berg, a mental health care professional and baking hobbyist from Chattanooga,Tennesee. Melanie is friends with Kaia Moore ( Episode 207) .  Berg found a love for baking in graduate school as a coping mechanism in times of stress. Melanie is a fan of making cakes with no rule's which is part of what shapes her unique baking style that landed her to being mentioned in the Wall Street Journal. You can also review her Instagram at (sugarbaecakes) where she made a cake for every song on Taylor Swift's 2020 album, "Evermore."  While baking has provided a space for creativity, side hustling, and coping, Melanie is set to continue her career as a mental health professional. Melanie looks forward to getting her license as a professional counselor and has experience working in residential treatment centers . In our conversation I talk to Melanie about her passions for baking, her mental health care industry ambitions, and catfishing. Find out more on Dreams Not Memes.  Instagram @sugarbaecakes  WSJ Link
December 21, 2020
Episode 213: Creating Purpose Driven Media: A Conversation with Matt Goetz
I spoke to my high school friend Matt Goetz. Goetz is an entrepreneur who cofounded Lucid Creative Agency. Lucid Creative Agency is an Emmy-winning, Minority-owned multidisciplinary production and advertising company, located in Chicago. The organization specializes in video production, photography, and graphic design, creating content that is engaging, artistic, and action oriented. Goetz and his colleagues have worked with brands such as Nike, White Claw and Tidal on a variety of promotional projects. They have also gotten to work with artists such as Lil Wayne, Yo Gotti, Matt Ox, Common and many others. In addition to brand and entertainment work, Matt has worked with the Illinois Education Association where he and his team won two Emmy's for Outstanding Achievement for Public Affairs/ Current/ Community/Affairs Programming Series from the National Television Midwest Chapter for a teacher Story Series. Currently he and his organization is working on creating a documentary about the history of Southeast Side of Chicago called Southeast Documentary. In our conversation we talk about Goetz's professional growth and where he plans to go in his career as an entrepreneur. Find out more on Dreams Not Memes.   Link to Southeast Documentary Southeast Documentary Kickstarter Link to Lucid Creative Agency
December 18, 2020
Episode 212: Marketing for Value: A Conversation with Courtni Frey
I spoke with Lancaster entertainment professional Courtni Frey. Frey is the host and founder of JamHotRadio, a multigenre online radio station that focuses on showcasing local and national artists from different backgrounds. Courtni is also a  digital marketing professional who works with SEO engagement for various clients and has many years in the modeling and acting industry.  While wearing many hats, Courtni is searching for internal fulfillment in her passion and career.  In our conversation we talk about the inequalities of the fashion industry, using marketing to support small business ,and her work life balance.  Find out more on Dreams Not Memes.  To Submit to Jam Hot Radio  Email: :) Social Media and Websites  Jam Hot Radio  IG:  Website : Modeling and acting:
December 17, 2020
Episode 211: From Blogs to Publication: A Conversation with Emily Herbein
I spoke to Emily Herbein, a Philadelphia based journalist who founded Philly Live.  Herbein also works with WXPN, is an artist scout for Memory Music Record Label, and works on a variety of publicity projects with the No Earbuds PR firm. Emily started Philly Live as a blog in college and transitioned to turning the blog into a reputable and respectable publication local to the Philadelphia area . In our conversation we speak about Emily's journey as a music professional and her ambitions to create a women focused print magazine. Find out more on Dreams Not Memes.  Links Personal @emherbein insta Philly Live IG @philly__live  XPN
December 16, 2020
Episode 210: Giving a Platform to Local Produce and Food: A Conversation with Andrea
I spoke to my friend Andrea  about food, local businesses, and the pandemic in Luxembourg . We met each other through the #pizza hashtag when he discovered a photo of my first home made pizza.  Andrea is an appreciator of local produce and vegetarian food. In our conversation we talk about the why local food businesses and farms should leverage themselves on social media to connect with their consumers. Andrea intends to use his social platform to provide visbility to local food products in his community. Find out more about Andrea's story on Dreams Not Memes.  Follow Andrea at eatwith.andrea on IG
December 15, 2020
Episode 209: Turning Ideas to Entrepreneurship : A Conversation with Marie Pier Leduc
I spoke with my friend Marie Pier Leduc from Montreal, Quebec. Marie is an entrepreneur and co-founded Nomade Magazine. Leduc's goal is to share her passion for travel and inspire other people to travel. Her magazine focuses on travel, outdoors and adventures. In our conversation we discuss entrepreneurship in Quebec and how to manage and operate a travel magazine. Find out more on Dreams Not Memes.
December 14, 2020
Episode 208: Field to Table Living : A Conversation with Jen Shears
I spoke to Jen Shears from Newfoundland and Labrador (Canada). Shears is a hunter, blogger, business owner and has a background in environmental biology. Growing up in a hunting family, Shears has learned to about the value of sustainable living and living a field to table lifestyle.  It is Shears goal to "provide tips, tricks and recipes for seasoned outdoors people, and to encourage others (especially women, youth and beginners) to take up an outdoor lifestyle - for health, happiness, and the environment."  In our conversation we discuss ethical hunting, field to table lifestyles, consuming free range proteins, and animal welfare. Learn more on Dreams Not Memes.  To follow Jen Head to the Links Below  Instagram : Website: Here are the two organizations that were mentioned in the podcast: Sharing the Harvest NL: Their mandate is to get local food on the plates of local people. Hunters can now donate their harvests (or portions of it) to local food sharing associations here in Newfoundland and Labrador. So exciting! Raise Em Outdoors: Their mission is helping kids from any background get outdoors, learn about hunting, fishing, bringing food to the table, and the outdoors as a lifestyle. They are based in the United States.
December 11, 2020
Episode 207: Humanizing the Workplace: A Conversation with Kaia Moore
I spoke with Kaia Moore, PHR, a professional out of the Philadelphia area who works in the tech industry. Moore hosts the Warmly podcast which focuses on bringing back "heat " to conversations that "went cold." Kaia is currently in the midst of a career transition. Moore is currently in a client facing consulting role and hopes to change gears by working in an HR based role.  In our conversation we discuss why humanizing the workplace is an important part of creating workplace harmony and productivity.  We cover topics around quid pro quo, workplace benefits, poor leadership styles that demotivate the workplace environment and how to change counter productive work behaviors. Find out more on Dreams Not Memes. To follow Kaia's Podcast and Support the Loveland Foundation head to the links below.  The Loveland Foundation -- This is an organization that leverages partnerships with Therapy for Black Girls, National Queer & Trans Therapists of Color, Talkspace, and Open Path Collective to make therapy for black women and girls possible. Warmly - Warmly is a podcast that brings the heat back to conversations that went cold; Warmly exists to build a community that isn't afraid of it's feelings -- equipping people with space to better understand themselves through the enneagram lens, reclaiming power over hardships they once felt powerless in.
December 11, 2020
Episode 206: For the Love of Hardware Synths : A Conversation with Dan Fur
I spoke with my friend Dan Fur from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Fur  is a songwriter, synth player, producer and works in post production for  film and television.  Some of Dan's post production work involves Automated Dialogue Replacement (ADR) in various films/TV shows which is a post production technique used for re recording audio in various scenes. He has worked in a variety of small projects and recently has had the opportunity to work on the Harlequin film and with Liam Neeson. Outside of film Dan educates the general public via his Youtube Channel Synth School and writes his own tunes and plays in bands in his community.   In our discussion we discuss synth tones, goal setting, and maintaining a music career on your own terms.  Learn more today on Dreams Not Memes.  Some of Fur's work involves
December 10, 2020
Episode 205: Personal Drive Leads to Professional Progress : A Conversation with Melanie Charalambous
I spoke to my friend Melanie Charalambous, a Beauty Industry professional from Ontario . Charalambous has 20  years of experience in the beauty industry dating back to her high school years and has worked in events, branding, retail and make up artistry. Currently, Melanie is working with Monat a vegan cruelty free beauty and wellness organization. Melanie shares her thoughts about online businesses, her life as an aesthetician  and her experience as a coach and leader in her field.  In our conversation we discuss Melanie's origin story, lessons learned about the beauty industry  and how the social media has shaped her work ethic and values.  Find out more on Dreams Not Memes.  To Connect with Melanie Check out the link below  Link
December 8, 2020
Episode 204: How to Work Yourself In : A Conversation with Hashim Peracha
I spoke to Morgantown, WV producer Hashim Peracha aka HASH  about his journey as a producer and engineer.   Peracha is a friend of Spike Yee (Episode 140), Proper (Episode 150)  and DJ Kitana ( Episode 148).  Hash works as the lead engineer for Culture on High producing artists in varying genres and voices his experiences with being a self sustaining creative. Peracha has studied at Berklee College of Music and voices his opinions on creative professionalism and artist development for up and coming artists. In our discussion  we discuss the importance of creating a space for professional creativity in Morgantown, WV. Find out more on Dreams Not Memes.  To Follow Hash head to the links below  Instagram : @cultureonhigh  Facebook :
December 7, 2020
Episode 203: What is a Merger and Acquisition?: A Conversation with Sun Acquisitions
I spoke with my  friend Domenic from the Chicago area. Dominic runs the  M + A Unplugged Podcast and is the  founder of Sun Acquisitions a Chicago Broker and M & A firm.  Dominic shares his story about what his experience has been like to work in the M & A industry, the value of entrepreneurship and how his business has worked in 2020.  In our discussion we talk about his business as well as the value of finding the concept of "unique ability."  Learn more about M & A and the industry and the reasons why organizations may be interested in buying or selling their business on Dreams Not Memes.  To learn more about Domenic's business and his podcast check out the links below.
December 4, 2020
Episode 202: Music and Digital Communities: A Conversation with Matthew Carroll
I spoke to Matthew Carroll of the band See Through Dresses. He is the partner of Sarah Bertuldo ( Episode 190) and is a native of the Omaha, Nebraska Community dating as far back as the Myspace Music era.  In our conversation we talk about Matt's journey and how music and technology has changed over the past five to 10 years.  Matthew and Sarah have been able to share the stage with bands such as Beach Slang, Cursive and Charly Bliss.  See Through Dresses is currently working on an album with Calvin Lauber. Learn more about what Matthew has been up to on this episode of Dreams Not Memes.  See Through Dresses' Website
December 4, 2020
Episode 201: Career Shifts in Covid: A Conversation with Emily
I spoke to my friend Emily about her career in accounting and her desire to switch to working in the mental health field. Emily has worked as accountant for a number of years in varying industries, but did not find satisfaction in accounting.  Emily is currently taking undergrad Psych classes before diving in to a post baccalaureate program and writing a book during the 2020 pandemic.  In our discussion Emily shares her life story about her past trauma and how it has influenced her to rediscover herself and explore a new career in mental health. Learn more about Emily's story and how she is working to become a part of  the mental health care industry in the Philadelphia community to help others.  Books referenced in this Episode  "Maybe You Should Talk to Someone" by Lori Gottlieb  "The Art of Happiness" by The Dalai Lama  Organizations to Support  Info: Donations:
December 2, 2020
Episode 200: A Pier is Ravenous But Most Food is Thrown : A Conversation with Mikaela Cochrane
Today I am speaking with Mikaela Cochrane a musician(Future Womb), burlesque dancer and actor in Vancouver. They are the sibling to Taylor Cochrane (Episode 85) . Mikaela fronts a project called Future Womb, has explored a dance troupe called the Garter Girls, and has acted in various films in Canada as a trained theatre actor. Cochrane is new to Vancouver and is working on an album through quarantine, acting in socially distant sessions and looking to develop a burlesque and music family. In our conversation we talk about the Cochrane's learning experiences with transitioning to creative communities and life in Vancouver. Find out more on Dreams Not Memes.  IMDB Bandcamp Website Spotify Apple Music
December 1, 2020
Episode 199: Connecting Through Content A Conversation with Ioana Busuioc
I spoke to Ioana Busuioc, a Romanian born blogger and marketing professional who resides in Alberta, Canada.  Ioana writes about mental health, food, and for the Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society (AARCS).  Ioana hopes to start writing about the impacts of domestic abuse and global affairs. In our conversation we talk about Busuioc's  perspectives on the benefits of blogging, humanizing social media, and connecting with others.. Find out more on Dreams Not Memes. Blog  @ibeeexo on Twitter and IG  @youwannaeatwithme for Food related Posts AARC
November 30, 2020
Episode 198: People Powered Progress: A Conversation with Sav Miles
I spoke to Alabama based activist Sav Miles. Miles is an activist and friend of Taylor Adams( Episode 172).  Sav is a graduate of Harvard University and is interested in looking at the root cause analysis of social and systematic inequality . Miles takes a  faith centered and people centered approach towards their social advocacy. Much of their work is focused on how to help communities build social autonomy to help eliminate bigotry and other forms of inequality. In today's episode we discuss social psychology, organizational dynamics, transformational justice and percieved interedependence theory and how it relates to activism today.  Find out more on Dreams Not Memes.  Note* In our conversation I used Kubler Ross to describe change and I meant to refer to the Kotter's Model of Change.  To learn more about the organizations that Sav works with view the links below.  Community Protectors Project The Stay Project Alabama Sustainable Agricultural Network RACE Against Injustice NOW | Northeast Alabama Equity Fund
November 27, 2020
Episode 197: Creativity and Collaboration in Philly : A Conversation with Wallace
I spoke to Wallace Gerdy the primary songwriter/guitarist of the Philadelphia based band Wallace.  The band has been active for the past two years and emanated from the thoughts of Wallace's desire to write music on her own terms while working with a collaborative team. In our conversation we discuss teamwork, goal setting, releasing content in 2020, and Wallace's songwriting journey. Find out more on Dreams Not Memes.  Wallace's Social Media Links Twitter: @wallacebandpa
November 25, 2020
Episode 195: The Comfort of Vulnerability: A Conversation with CAARE
I spoke to Toronto, Ontario based artist CAARE. CAARE is on a journey to create music that inspires others using pop elements. As "CAARE" states her project is about "learning about herself and sharing it with the world."  In our conversation we discuss the comfortability of being vulnerable, working collaboratively, and the Toronto Music Scene. Find out more on Dreams Not Memes.  To listen to CAARE listen to the links below  Spotify Youtube
November 23, 2020
Episode 194: Inspiration, Education, Motivation: A Conversation with Ian Pritchard
I spoke with Brooklyn based content creator, Ian Pritchard. Ian is a musician and Youtuber who shares inspirational  and educational content about guitar pedals under the channel Collector Emitter. The channel is a visual library of videos about how to use guitar pedals , drum machines and other music equipment. The content is intended to be helpful for creatives of all levels to learn more about the application of music technology in their music. In our conversation we talk about Pritchard’s journey as a content creator, how to be a disciplined youtuber, and the future of music technology. Learn more on Dreams Not Memes.  To Follow Ian and Review Collector Emitter and his past bands follow the links below.  Collector Emitter YouTube Upcoming Release for Collector Emitter Ian Pritchard's Solo Project Past Bands that Ian has been involved with
November 20, 2020
Episode 193: Writing, Translating and Rhythm: A Conversation with Emily Stein McKelvey
I spoke to Emily Stein McKelvey a writer, translator, and musician residing in Argentina.  Emily writes for a publication called La La Lista which focuses on the music, arts and life style culture in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Emily has done a wide range of creative projects including a 100 songs in 100 days project ( however stopped at 95 songs). Emily is working on four albums with different producers and musicians. In our discussion we cover discussions around the Argentina music community, happiness and the arts culture in her community. Find out more on Dreams Not Memes.  Review the links below to learn more about Emily's Journey.  music insta: @_emily_and_ facebook page for my music: bandcamp (full discography): spotify: twitter: insta of the magazine I write for: @lalalistaba website of the magazine: link to “argentine slang to expand the mind” articles: translator insta (under construction): @trad.uction professional translator profile: and my personal insta: @fisuridades
November 19, 2020
Episode 192: UX Around the World : A Conversation with Lara Chikhani
I spoke to Lara Chikhani a UX Designer and Digital Strategy Consultant from Lebanon. Lara has had the experience of working in UX for fifteen years  working in various industries as a freelancer and with firms. Chikhani is exploring her own set of professional skills and is exploring the next steps in her career.  UX has impacted our day to day lives and COVID-19 has forced organizations and brands to shift how we communicate and work together with clients and employees. In our conversation Lara and I discuss shifts in consumer behavior and how to stay relevant in an ever changing world.  Find out more on Dreams Not Memes.  Linkedin: Facebook: Instagram: @lara_ch Twitter:
November 18, 2020
Episode 191: See Yourself and Know Where You Fit In: A Conversation with Beck Bridger
I spoke to Beck Bridger from Sheridan, Wyoming about her creative journey.  Bridger is Miss Wyoming 2018, a vocal musician for the 67th Army Band, Lifestyle Blogger and Songwriter. Beck has studied at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in LA after discovering her love for songwriting over musical theatre and released a song called "Eternity" in a LA studio . In our conversation Beck and I discuss Beck's experience with self discovery as a creative and growing up as a non white Woman in Wyoming , her advocacy work and what it means to be self aware.  Find out more on Dreams Not Memes.  Website Blog Music
November 17, 2020