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Dreams Not Memes Podcast

Dreams Not Memes Podcast

By Brian Walker
Dreams Not Memes is a podcast curated by Brian Walker of A Day Without Love. The podcast is about going more in depth about the ins and outs of being an independent creator, collaborator, activist or entrepreneur. This podcast will include 1000 interviews from people around the world and their stories about navigating the struggles associated with finding your own vision.
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Episode 20: Playing Your Cards with Miss Christine

Dreams Not Memes Podcast

Episode 20: Playing Your Cards with Miss Christine

Dreams Not Memes Podcast

Episode 151: It Costs Nothing To Be Nice
I spoke to Dr. Evi Prokopi from Athens, Greece. Evi is a Success Coach, Speaker, HR Professional, and does aerial acrobats in Athens, Greece. Dr. Prokopi has been listed as an influencer of HR and has completed research on success and goal setting. In our conversation, we talk about her book on workplace bullying and her passion for aerial acrobats. You can learn more on Dreams Not Memes and purchase her book at the link below. To follow Evi's journey feel free to reach out to her on LinkedIn.
September 21, 2020
Episode 150: Dedication to Your Craft: A Conversation with Proper
I spoke with Morgantown, WV based musician Proper. Proper comes from a funk background and has played in a number of bands and transitioned to the EDM community a few years back. He also does acoustic and sound treatments for rooms within his area. In our conversation, we talk about his journey as an artist, his plans to give back to the Morgantown arts community, and the power of collaboration and teamwork with music. Find out more on Dreams Not Memes.  To follow Proper's Journey go to the links below and follow @dommygills on other socials. Instagram: @dommygills  Twitter: @dommygills FB:
September 18, 2020
Episode 149: The Many Roles of Mikaela
I spoke to Philadelphia local Mikaela. Mikaela was referred to me through Christine Elise(Ep 83). Mikaela works in real estate, marketing, venue management, and music management. In our conversation we talk about Mikaela’s experiences with how living in Philadelphia has shaped her interests to work in multiple roles.  We also cover how real estate can be used to navigate change for prosocial change as opposed to reinforcing gentrification. Tune in more on today's episode and follow Mikaela via her IG @mnastybsonasty to follow her journey. 
September 17, 2020
Episode 148: EDM, Accountability and Connection: A conversation with DJ Kitana
I spoke with Morgantown, WV based artist, DJ Kitana. Kitana has been a DJ since 2007 and has managed to craft her sound by challenging herself in performance and production.  Kitana discusses how the EDM community has changed due to cancel culture and shares her perspectives on accountability and responsibility for artists. In our conversation, we cover production, collaboration, touring, and Kitana's goals as an independent artist. Find out more on today's episode.  Website Socials  Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, SoundCloud under @djKitana. 
September 16, 2020
Episode 147: Health and Harmonies: Talking to Nicole Springer
I spoke to Kansas City local activist and musician Nicole Springer. Nicole shares her journey about being kicked out of her house in her younger years for her sexual identity and spent a number of years being houseless. After getting back on her feet, Nicole started a career as a performing musician singing originals and covers in various platforms. As an activist, Nicole works with an organization called Kansas City Heroes a NPO that addresses homelessness in the Kansas City area. Her current project now is called No Shame in KC which addresses the lack of period product access for houseless individuals. Find out more about Springer's journey in music and community support in today's episode. Make sure to check out Nicole's new music for her project, the Heart Machine. ( Links below in description).  Heart Machine’s new release, The Lonely One: Nicole Springer’s website: No Shame: A Period Product Project for Our Houseless Community’s fb: Kansas City Heroes:
September 15, 2020
Episode 146: Organic Connections with Dave from Casual Burn
I spoke with New Orleans based audio engineer, producer, songwriter, and musician David Sabludowsky. We spoke about the relationships between music and politics, tape deck analog recordings, and his perspectives on productivity and capitalism.  Tune in to learn more about live concerts in New Orleans and about Dave's ongoing musical projects. 
September 14, 2020
Episode 145: One Dance at a Time: A Conversation with Katrina Flores
I talked to Katarina Flores sister of Julia Flores(Episode 100) and Cristina Flores (Episode 67). Kat is based in St Louis, MO and  moved from Pennsylvania after finishing college to pursue a career in dance. She also does spoken word poetry and has an interest in creative collaboration. In our conversation, Flores shares her experiences with working with The Big Muddy Dance Company and her life in St Louis. We also discuss what it has been like to collaborate with Hi Dye remotely over the past few months of quarantine and her insights with working in a family business. Find out more on Dreams Not Memes  To Follow Katarina  IG: katarina_flores Dance Company 
September 11, 2020
Episode 144: Learning About Rickolus
I spoke to Jacksonville Beach,FL area musician Rickolus.  Rick has been a musician for a number of years and share's his story about his first concerts to projects he is working on now. In our conversation we talk about the changes of recording over the 90s and 00s, how booking concerts has changed and life in Duval County. Find out more on Dreams Not Memes.  Rick's Projects
September 10, 2020
Episode 143: Talking to the Real Dayman: A Conversation with Daymon of Happy Happy
I spoke with songwriter and collaborator, Daymon Ryan of the South Dakota based music project, Happy Happy. Happy Happy spans a collection of six albums exploring a variety of absurdist views and perspectives from literature and Ryan's life. I had the pleasure of working with Ryan on two projects; L'Appel Du Vide (Track 10: Arthur C. Clarke Futuristic Fuck Fest) and the DIY Community Chat Board ( Defend Selzer with Local News Legend and Apes of the State). In our conversation, HappyHappy talks about his experiences with living in South Dakota and New Mexico, songwriting, production and his enjoyment of collaboration.  We deliberate about meme culture within the folk-punk scene as well including some deep dives about the Front Bottoms. Stay tuned and learn more about HappyHappy via Bandcamp.  Bandcamp 
September 9, 2020
Episode 142: Bring Your Best Self to Work : A Conversation with Kristen Fellows
I spoke to Southern Louisiana based Lab Manager Kristen Fellows. Kristen is originally from the Rochester, New York area and shares her story with how she became a researcher in Ecosystems and found an interest in Marine Biology(Coral Reef Science) . In our conversation, we talk about academic twitter, work-life balance, and why being honest and authentic is the best thing you can do for your career. Tune in and learn more on Dreams Not Memes.  To Learn More About Kristen's day to day click the links below  Twitter: @KristenFellows_ instagram: @kk_fellows Website:
September 8, 2020
Episode 141: Organizing and Education A Conversation with Melissa Eckert Garriga
I spoke with Melissa Eckert Garriga, an organizer from Southern Mississippi. Melissa shares her story about how she turned her career to being activist centered and used her education to support her community. Garriga has been part of a wide range of organizations and is currently part of the Mississippi Gulf Coast Mutual Aid Network and Mississippi Rising. View the link below to help support and learn more about Melissa's story in today's episode. To support the organizations Melissa is a part of click the links below  MS Gulf Coast Mutual Aid Mississippi Rising
September 7, 2020
Episode 140: Striving for Better: A Conversation with Spike Yee
I spoke with Morgantown,WV native and Chinese American Hip Hop Artist, Spike Yee. Spike Yee is a hip hop musician and performer who has released a number of tracks and performed in the West Virginia community. In our conversation, we talk about Spike Yee's origin story and his aspirations to be a better creator and use project management to see his vision. Yee shares his perspectives on collaboration, team work, and freelancing in content creation. To follow Spike Yee headto the links below.  Website: Instagram:// Twitter://@spikeyeezy Youtube://@spikeyeezy Soundcloud: //@spikeyeezy
September 4, 2020
Episode 139: Sports, Production and Living the Dream: A Conversation with Meghan Robinson
I spoke with sports journalism producer and professional; Meghan Robinson. Meghan Robinson has worked with ESPN for ten years covering a wide variety of stories focusing mostly on college football as an Associate Producer. She holds four Sports Emmy Awards and has also worked on events such as the XGames and USOpen. Robinson takes time to talk to me before traveling to the 2020 USOpen to share her experiences about her career. In our conversation, we cover her life as a producer with ESPN, her experiences with work-life balance, and her next steps in her career as a host and producer for the Oklahoma State University.  Body Bearers Video
September 3, 2020
Episode 138: Global Arts and Education: A Conversation with Jacqueline Cofield of Jreve International LLC
I spoke to Jacqueline Cofield an entrepreneur and founder of JReve International LLC  based in NYC.  Cofield's organization is dedicated to creating interdisciplinary educational programming around culture and community with art projects, audiovisual materials, and communications. In our conversation, we talk about Jacqueline's journey as an entrepreneur, her cultural journey, and her views on why understanding culture is paramount to connecting with the world around us.  To follow Jacqueline's organization view the links below  Website : IG: Facebook: Youtube: 'Twitter: @ladyjMotherScholar
September 2, 2020
Episode 137: Changing the Perspective and Ash Ketchum Syndrome A Conversation with Yankee Roses
I spoke to Atlanta,GA local musician and songwriter Yankee Roses aka George. George has played in a variety of music communities from country to punk and shares their story about how they fell in love with music and the punk community. In our conversation, we talk about facing microaggressions on the road, chasing your own goals with others, the transition from community to consumerism in music fests and creative collaboration vs competition. We also discuss a concept called Ash Ketchum Syndrome, which is the desire to be the best without recognizing your own boundaries and wellness. Find out more on Dreams Not Memes.  To follow or listen to  Yankee Roses head to the following links below  Bandcamp:  IG : @Yankee.roses  Twitter: @shunthemask 
September 1, 2020
Episode 136: Honesty, Integrity and Community with Andrea Murray
I spoke with my cousin, Andrea Murray about her venture, Dresdesignshop.  The Charlotte, NC native started her venture with the idea of creating customizable branding for weddings and events and transitioned to creating apparel for the real estate industry. Andrea is not only an entrepreneur but a grassroots philanthropist who has taken action to help disadvantaged populations with food access and clothing. Find out more about Andrea's journey in today's episode. To support Andrea by booking or purchasing her merch, head to the links below.  Link Merch Instagram  @dresdesignshop
August 31, 2020
Episode 135: Poetry,Pottery and Community with Kaylin Malan
I spoke to South African poet, professional, and pottery maker Kaylin Malan. We were connected through Christine Elise ( Episode 83). Over our discussion, we talk about Malan's journey with finding love in poetry and art and how he has worked with the youth of his community to help cope with COVID19. Learn more about Malan's experiences in this episode of Dreams Not Memes. 
August 28, 2020
Episode 134: Hug an Indie Musician with Allison Leah
I spoke with New York Native and Nashville based musician Allison Leah. Allison comes from a background of musical theatre and singing jingles and is currently a singer-songwriter who has a number of releases and has toured across the US.   We connected from having one of my songs placed one of her Spotify playlists. In our conversation, we talk about the importance of building your community on a grassroots level to have a team of support and talk about her insights on conventional folk-pop songwriting. Find out more on Dreams Not Memes. 
August 27, 2020
Episode 133: Learning is Key , A conversation with Lilliana Serano-Fernandez
I spoke with Connecticut native Liliana Serrano- Fernandez, a professional in marketing, entrepreneur and podcast host. Liliana is originally from Ecuador and has worked in various countries in South America and moved to Connecticut to continue her career in marketing. In addition to marketing, Lilianna runs a podcast on being independent and sharing her story of rising above her own life discoveries and runs a ballroom dance studio. Find out more about Liliana's story on Dreams Not Memes. 
August 26, 2020
Episode 132: Taking It All In with Sam Cox
I spoke to Mississippi Native Sam Cox about his journey with music and film. Cox is currently residing in LA after spending many weeks touring with bands as a photographer and tour manager. In our conversation we talk about tour life, his views of America and social culture in the south. Sam is an aspiring film maker and is currently creating music remotely with his friends. Find out more on Dreams Not Memes. 
August 25, 2020
Episode 131: What's the Score? A Conversation with Max Gowan
I spoke to North Carolina based musician Max Gowan. Gowan is a multi instrumentalist who has released a number of full length albums that he has self produced and released with Z Tapes ( for more info on Z Tapes check out episode 104).  Gowan discusses his songwriting approach, how he became a solo artist and his views on self recording and production. Find out more on Dreams Not Memes.  To listen to Max Gowan go to
August 24, 2020
Episode 130: Chords of Confidence with Louise Page
I spoke to Memphis,TN based musician Louise Page. Louise is a multiinstrumentalist, songwriter, and teacher in the Memphis area. Page shares her story about her experiences with finding her own confidence as a performer. In our conversation we discuss the Memphis music community, songwriting techniques, self discovery and musicians rights and equity. Find out more on Dreams Not Memes.  To follow Louise's journey head here  IG: Website: Bandcamp:
August 21, 2020
Episode 129: Research and Reflection : A Conversation with Workr Beeing
I spoke to the founders of Workr Beeing, Katina Sawyer Ph.D  (DC), and Patricia Grabarek Ph.D. (Los Angeles).  Workr Beeing is an organization that applies science to help build work-life balance for individuals and organizations.  They also run a weekly podcast called The Workr Beeing Podcast where they cover topics on workplace stress, wellness, work-life balance, and host conversations on diversity, equity, and inclusion(DEI). They are both researchers and professors in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, an applied science field that focuses on workplace behavior and organizations. In our conversation, we cover the origin story of Workr Beeing, applying data to solving DEI problems in organizations, and how to educate yourself on conversations around DEI. Find out more on Dreams Not Memes. To tune in to Workr Beeing and their Podcast you can go to and also view their courses on workplace wellness.
August 20, 2020
Episode 128: Black Power Yogi and the Black Community A Conversation with Marie Terry
I spoke with Atlanta based yogini Marie Terry about yoga, self-awareness, and the black community. In our conversation, we dive into Marie's story of wanting to start a food truck business and discovering yoga. Marie discusses why yoga can be used to heal past traumas within the black community and be used as a way to inspire personal growth. As someone who took Marie's class prior to the recording, I have a new perspective of what it mean's to be calm, centered, and focused. Thank you Marie for your time.    Find out more on Dreams Not Memes.  To follow Marie's journey follow Marie on @blackpoweryogi on IG 
August 19, 2020
Episode 127: Community, Representation and Conversation: A conversation with Amanda of Angry Grrrl Podcast
I spoke with Northern Florida native Amanda Starling about her podcast, Angry Grrl Music of the Indie Rock Persuasion. Angry Grrrl Podcast is a podcast that highlights women, LGBTQ+, and minority movements in independent music. In our conversation, we talk about podcasting styles, the origin of the podcast, Amanda's insights over the past four years, and ways to change the journalistic narrative in music communities. Find out more on Dreams Not Memes. 
August 18, 2020
Episode 126: Sex Tech and the Orgasm Gap: A Conversation with Lauren Ryan
I spoke to my friend Lauren Ryan from Delaware about her career in engineering.  Ryan recently completed graduate studies in Engineering and Women's Studies at Penn State. Lauren has ambitions to work in the Sex Tech industry. In our conversation, we talk about the orgasm gap and how engineering could be utilized to close that gap in various relationships. Tune in more on Dreams Not Memes. 
August 17, 2020
Episode 125: Fat Liberation and Advocacy with Heather
I spoke with North Carolina native and Fat Liberation activist Heather about her journey in the Fat Rights movement. In our conversation, Heather shares her thoughts on literature, microaggressions, and the healthcare system on Fat Rights. Heather also shares projects shes been a part of such as the Fat Naked Art Project, which was a photography and modeling project to uplift fat bodies in a digital space.  Currently Heather leads a variety of Facebook groups to provide space and a platform for fat bodies to discuss their experiences and thoughts on fat liberation. Find out more on Dreams Not Memes and view the links below to support Heather's journey.  Fat Acceptance Cloud: Fat naked people: IG @fatgirlposing
August 14, 2020
Episode 124: From Trombone to Teaching to Entrepreneurship: A Conversation with Myrish Spell
I spoke to Virginia based musician/trombonist Myrish Spell. Myrish is an aspiring entrepreneur who wishes to provide a space of entertainment, education and philanthropy to the public. In our conversation we talk about jazz, the trombone, her journey as an educator and session work. Find out more on Dreams Not Memes. To listen to Myrish head to the link below.
August 13, 2020
Episode 123: Our Dreams Come from our Experiences: A Conversation with Reem
I spoke to my friend Reem about her career in behavioral health industry and her experience with moving from Iraq to America. In this episode we talk about food, culture, global relations, and trauma. Reem has lived in many parts of the US such as Michigan, Maine and Virginia and shares her thoughts on what it has been like to live in America while coming from Iraq. Find out more on Dreams Not Memes. 
August 12, 2020
Episode 122: Recovery, Reform, and Revolution: A conversation with Olive Twombly
I spoke to local creative, community organizer, Olive Twombly. Olive is from the Portland, Maine area and shares their story about creativity, DIY community spaces, and recovery. In our discussion, we talk about the Portland Music Scene, Prison Reform, socializing in recovery, and giving back to your community.  Learn more on Dreams Not Memes and check out Olive's band, Lake Over Fire, and check out the grassroots organization they support, Maine Needs. Instagram for Lake Over Fire Maine Needs
August 11, 2020
Episode 121: Who we are Today, Is Not Who We Are Tomorrow: A Conversation with Marinna
I spoke with an Upstate New York-based model by the name of Marinna.  In this episode of Dreams Not Memes, we talk about the competitive culture of modeling and the microaggressions that come along with it. Marinna also shares her thoughts on diet culture, impostor syndrome and owning her own identity. Tune in more on Dreams Not Memes. 
August 10, 2020
Episode 120 : Find What Feeds Your Soul to be Whole: A Conversation with Justin Molush
I spoke to my friend Justin Molush. Justin is a designer who specializes in FX and Animation. In our conversation, we talk about how he applied his interests in film production, photography, and design to a career. His career has covered the automotive industry, working on Marvel films and working in the tech industry. Tune into Justin's insights about working on the design, challenging yourself, and working in different industries on Dreams Not Memes. To view, some of Justin's film work click the link below.
August 7, 2020
Episode 119: A Preview of New Hampsire, Speaking with Hunter Pruett
I spoke with musician and producer Hunter Pruett about life in the New Hampshire music scene. Hunter share his story with me about how he got involved with the music community, his takes on diy music, bedroom pop and vapor wave and his perspectives on producing. Hunter is not a fan of social media, but is a fan of community and working with others in a more organic and community basis. Find out more on this episode of Dreams Not Memes.  To listen to Hunter's Bands check out the links below SafeJoy jailbait
August 7, 2020
Episode 118: Goal Setting and Exploratory Songwriting: A Conversation with Travels with Brindle
I spoke to Chelsea of the songwriter project Travels with Brindle. This project is based out of Massachusetts and started when Chelsea was learning the ukulele and decided to challenge herself to busk in all subway stations in Boston. In our conversation, we discuss the writing style of Travels with Brindle, using songwriting as a way to cope with past trauma and to connect with others. Find out more on Dreams Not Memes. To support Chelsea's journey review the links below.  IG and Twitter: @travelswbrindle  Facebook/travelswithbrindle Bandcamp:
August 5, 2020
Episode 117: The Versatility of Music: A conversation with Lydia Luce
I spoke with Nashville based singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Lydia Luce. Lydia is an accomplished violist, songwriter, session player, and concert performer who has traveled the US playing and studying music ( formerly as an ethnomusicologist). Luce has shared the stage with the likes of Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson, and Eminem and curates her own DIY house shows in the Nashville community. In our conversation, we talk about the versatility of her career, Taylor Swift, contemporary songwriting, and playing multiple roles in music as a string player (viola), and co-writing in Nashville. Learn more about Lydia's journey, on this episode support her upcoming single/record at the links below.  Wikipedia: Website:
August 4, 2020
Episode 116: Eight Hours To Work, Eighthrs to Create, A Conversation with Jake Detwiler
I spoke to my old friend, Jake Detwiler.  Jake Detwiler was my first studio producer, bandmate and collaborator with A Day Without Love.  In our discussion, we talk about Detwiler's journey as a multi-instrumentalist, sound engineer, teacher, and creator.  Detwiler has a number of credits with local and national acts and shares his experiences with working in the studio in various capacities. You can also listen to Detwiler's work under his solo project eighthrs and his collaborative work with Philadelphia based collective Besphrenz. Tune in and find out more on Dreams Not Memes.  To follow Jake and his projects head to  Instagram: @eighthrs  Website: Spotify: (Eighthrs) | (Besphrenz)
August 3, 2020
Episode 115: Crossing the Country with Charley Clayton
I spoke to Charley Clayton, a West Virginia native who recently moved to Los Angeles, California to pursue her professional and entrepreneurial ambitions. Charley has worked in the event promotions and music industry working with venues and supporting brands for a number of years and is currently working as a marketing professional in LA. Clayton has had quite a bit of experience with competing in pageants and is currently a candidate for Miss California. In our conversation, Clayton and I speak about social media accountability, the ins and outs of competing in a pageant, social responsibility as a content creator, and self-care. Find out more on Dreams Not Memes.  To follow more on Charley's journey click the links below  Instagram: @charbabyclayton Twitter: @charbabyclayton FB: Youtube:
July 31, 2020
Episode 114: Social Work is Important Work, A Conversation with Whit Bender
I spoke to Whit Bender, a  musician and social work professional from south-central Pennsylvania. Whit plays in the band, Gryla, and talks about her experiences with making the metal community more inclusive.  Whit is an advocate for Pride Franklin County and shares her experiences with organizing pride events.  Our discussion is focused on social justice rights, Martin Luther King's Philosophy's on activism, and how it relates to today and her work as a Social Worker in training. Find out more bout Whit's journey on Dreams Not Memes.  To learn more about the organizations that Whit is involved in click the links below
July 30, 2020
Episode 113: The Value of Traveling: A Conversation with Katie Horsfield
I spoke with my friend Katie about the value in taking the road less traveled. Katie shares her story about how she transitioned from working a 9 to 5 in the UK to living a life of discovery, culture and traveling the world. In this discussion we talk about global politics, music, the BLM movement on an international level, being independent and why taking on your own journey is much more important than following what is expected of you. Tune in more on Dreams Not Memes. 
July 29, 2020
Episode 112: Learning to Vibe with Tre
I spoke to North Carolina native, Tre Gathers about his art and spiritual journey as musician. Tre is a musician, graphic designer, events curator and works in the Reiki and healing space. In our conversation we talk about the North Carolina music scene, his work with Dreamville, being in past hip hop collectives and making the transition to his own project and collective Inside the Vibes. Tre is multi faceted, speaks about spirituality, working in quarantine and staying centered with creativity. Learn more about Tre and his relationship with art, music and the human experience on Dreams Not Memes.  To learn more about Tre's journey review the links below.  InsideTheVibes @insidethevibes on IG Listen to Tre's newest record NOWorNEVER @
July 28, 2020
Episode 111: Discovery and Self Acceptance: A conversation with Zoe Darc
I spoke with Zoe Darc, a musician from the upstate New York area.  In our conversation, we talk about self-discovery, body positivity/ insecurity, mental health, and owning your boundaries in your creative journey. Darc shares her experiences with transitioning from being a med student to learning music in a conservatory and talks about what it means to be unapologetic and confident. Tune in more on Dreams Not Memes to hear Zoe's journey and how living in Upstate New York has changed her narrative and helped her navigate her creative ambitions. 
July 27, 2020
Episode 110: The Power of Your Platform: A conversation with Portland, Maine Freelance Model and Activist, Kara
I spent some time speaking with a Portland, Maine native who is a freelance model, radio host, and community organizer/activist. Kara works with the only hip hop radio station in Portland, Maine, and shares her insights on how she uses radio as a platform to uplift her community and local musicians in the Portland area. In this conversation, Kara shares her insights about the power of social media,  collaboration, and how modeling has been useful in not only sustaining her goals but also collaborating with local brands. We dive deep into the Black Lives Matter movement, diversity, and growing up as a racially marginalized person in Maine. Find out more about Kara's modeling journey and how she has diversified her ambitions and platform in today's episode. 
July 24, 2020
Episode 109: Empower the People with Fashion: A conversation with Loquat Shop
I spoke with Jordan and Madison, they are two fashion designers who operate a Portland, Maine fashion store called Loquat Shop.  Loquat is a store designed to uplift and empower marginalized voices. The duo has made strides to share their values in being culturally aware and campaign driven by marrying activism and fashion together. As of recent, Loquat has created masks in the midst of the COVID 19 pandemic, created fashion campaigns for accessible menstrual products, and collaborated with local artists to create tote bags. You can learn more about the day to day of Madison and Jordan's journey and their views on challenging the status quo of fashion and uplifting marginalized voices in today's episode of Dreams Not Memes.  To support head to Loquat Shop Instagram: @loquatshop
July 23, 2020
Episode 108: Sharing is Caring and So Is Community: A Conversation with Jake from Fencesitter
I spoke with a friend from the folk-punk community, Jake from the band Fencesitter.  Jake talks about their journey in music, DIY, and community building.  Jake is the last person to have booked me out of state before COVID- 19 pandemics hit, so to say this episode is reflective is an understatement. Tune in to this conversation to hear about Jake's perspectives on identity and inclusion in the music world, their ideas for creating a Youtube platform for content sharing and tutorials, and their diverse approach to songwriting. Listen to more on Dreams Not Memes. 
July 22, 2020
Episode 107: The Clarity of Claudia Varona
I spoke with Claudia Varona , a Berklee alumni, music educator and performer about her journey. In this conversation we speak about Claudia's insights with social media, boundaries, being a music educator and COVID 19.  Stay tuned and listen to more on Claudia's experiences with the Burlington,Vermont music scene and her life as a songwriter and performer on Dreams Not Memes.   Link to Claudia's Tunes: Youtube Bandcamp
July 21, 2020
Episode 106: Write Your Way, But Don't Pay to Play a conversation with Rob Duguay
I spoke with Providence,Rhode Island writer Rob Duguay about writing and event planning. Duguay writes for 10 publications locally and nationally on various topics from sports, music, and day to day events in his community. He also organizes shows for local and touring bands in the Providence area. In this episode we talk about the ebbs and flows of the journalism industry and how to remain sustainable. Duguay also talks and criticizes the predatory pay to play model and how the pandemic is impacting pay to play promoters who have historically hurt the motivations of artists. Tune in on Dreams Not Memes. 
July 20, 2020
Episode 105: Life by Design A Conversation with Mollie Ennis
I spoke with Mollie Ennis based out in Portland, Maine about her career in graphic design. We discussed topics such as systems thinking, design principles, and market research. Ennis works in the marketing industry and shares her thoughts about how graphic design can be applicable to a wide range of industries and academic practice.  Ennis also talks about her transition from working in graphic design for the love of art vs working to remain sustainable. Tune in on Dreams Not Memes to learn more about the well-rounded journey of Mollie Ennis and our conversations on data, design, and research.  To view some of Mollie's work click the link below.
July 17, 2020
Episode 104: Cassettes and Bedroom Records are the Past, Present and Future, a Conversation with Filip of Z Tapes
I spoke to Filip Zemcik, the founder of the Slovakian based cassette label, Z Tapes Records. Filip shares his story about how he started Z Tapes and has remained efficient and sustainable. Zemcik talks about how he has turned his passion for music into supporting artists internationally. We discuss the importance of relationship building, community, and the logistics of operating an independent label. Z Tapes has worked with artists ranging from Andy Burns, Max Gowan, Teen Suicide, Abi Reimold, Alex G, and countless others. Tune in to our conversation and learn more about Z Tapes on Dreams Not Memes.  To follow ongoing projects by Z Tapes click the link below
July 16, 2020
Episode 103: Flying to Success with Tyler Jones
I spoke with Tyler Jones, a Philadelphia actor who shares his story about the difficult and satisfying realities of acting.  Tyler found the desire to become an actor by being an extra on Kevin Hart and Bryan Cranston's "The Upside." Jones left his 9 to 5 gig and has taken roles in commercials, theatre, and film over the past three years.  In this conversation, Tyler and I talk about the challenges of working long hours, auditioning, side hustles, and the realities of being an actor. We share our thoughts about non-white narratives in media, how body image is portrayed in acting. and the Philadelphia film scene.  Tune in to hear more about Tyler's experiences on Dreams Not Memes.  IMDB IG  @realtylerjones Music Video
July 15, 2020
Episode 102: Adjusting the Tone with Taylor Wafford of Blood Root
I spoke to Taylor Wafford of Blood Root, a Nasvhille native project with Sylvan Esso, Maggie Rogers, and Daughter vibes. Wafford and I met while on tour in 2019 over St Patty's Day. In our conversation, we talk about Taylor's back story as a songwriter, her love for pedals, and self-discovery with the ups and downs of life. We take a deep dive into her two singles Teeth and Conversations and talk about her recording approaches with writing her upcoming Quarantine EP, CRUX. In addition to her life as a recording musician, Taylor talks about thoughts with the music industry, collaborating, goal setting, her day to day work in a guitar pedal shop, and life in Nashville during the Quarantine. Tune in and listen to more on Dreams Not Memes.  Check out CRUX on July 24th Follow and listen to Taylor across social media at the link below
July 14, 2020
Episode 101: I Wanna Feel: A conversation with Daniel of Pondering
I spoke to Daniel, a musician local to the Providence, Rhode Island community. Daniel dives in and shares his story about how he became involved with music and booking. Daniel highlights experiences such as booking Mitski and Snail Mail to having to deal with the struggles of booking and relationship management in independent music communities.  Daniel is also the lead singer of a band called Pondering, with no hesitation Dan shares that he wishes to be a full-time musician and wants to share his emotions with others while discussing his own struggles with depression. Tune in to more of Dan's story and listen on Dreams Not Memes.  You can follow Dans journey at the links below.  Twitter: @ponderingband  Instagram: @ponderingmusic Facebook: @ponderingnyc  Booking @spacecloudpresents on Instagram and FB 
July 13, 2020
Episode 100: Inhale the Good Shit, Exhale the Bad Shit, Speaking with Julia Flores
I want to take the time to say thank you very much for listening to this podcast so far. I hope you all have connected, made a friend, found solace, or inspiration through this platform and I am very thankful. 900 more interviews to go!! I spoke with my friend Julia Flores for the 100th episode. Julia and I met at Penn State and have known each other through thick and thin. To say she is like a sister would be an understatement. Julia is a yogini, professional, and advocate for body and beauty positivity. In our discussion, she talks about how she rediscovered yoga to cope with traumatic incidences in her younger years and to rediscover herself. Julia recently has been certified as a Yoga Instructor and aspires to teach those in trauma about how yoga can be used as healing and rediscovery. Julia is also the older sister to Cristina Flores of Hi Dye ( Episode 67). Tune in more to hear about Julia's story of entrepreneurship, survival, and rediscovery on Dreams Not Memes.  You can follow Julia's journey at the handles below via Instagram  @itjuliabetch @torchyoga @hi_dye 
July 10, 2020
Episode 99: Being in the Mix with Drew Gantert
I spoke with a live sound front of the house engineer and studio producer Drew Gantert. Drew shares his story about how he fell into live production and is currently working on widening his skills as a producer and engineer for his own venture, Small Face Studios. In our discussion we talk about ongoing trends in the recording industry, freelancing, preparing for a studio session, how to keep yourself educated and more. Tune in and listen to Drew's story on Dreams Not Memes. 
July 9, 2020
Episode 98: So What's The Hook? : Speaking with Emily Famularo
Emily Famularo is a Rhode Island/NJ / Philly based writer who is in graduate school. Famularo speaks with me about her journey as a writer, and support for community-driven arts communities. Emily is the founder of The Hook Journal, a music publication that has covered various musicians and artists on a non-profit basis.  In addition to The Hook , Emily speaks to me about her self care and self-discovery routine, entrepreneurship, and commute life in the New England area. Listen to more on Dreams Not Memes.  Instagram: Website: Bandcamp: Patreon:
July 8, 2020
Episode 97: The Power of Passion,Paint and the Piano: Speaking with Eric Stevenson of Pocket Vinyl
I spoke with 1/2 of Pocket Vinyl for this episode of Dreams Not Memes. Pocket Vinyl (CT) is a music and art band consisting of Elizabeth Janciewecz and Eric Stevenson. Elizabeth creates improvised paintings while Eric plays piano and shares stories. At the end of their performance Pocket Vinyl auctions the painting and continues to share their story.  The duo has done quite a lot, including touring across all 50 states in 44 days, creating a documentary called Drive. Play. Sleep. , and run a comic book series called The Touring Test ( @touringtest on IG). The most inspirational aspect of Pocket Vinyl is that they are independent. Eric and I discuss the facets of being an independent artist, making sacrifices, and setting goals. Listen to more about their story and how they use their collective creative abilities to keep the engine going.
July 7, 2020
Episode 96: Black Creative Representation is Important: A Conversation with Mynameisblueskye
I spoke with Christopher Bynes, a writer, curator, and musician from Boston, MA. Christopher has booked me at Boston's Dorchester Arts space and has interviewed me for AfroPunk. In this conversation, we talk about black representation in the arts, black stereotyping in entertainment, and how to include others in independent music communities. Bynes recently teamed up with Z Tapes and Counterzine to start a compilation called The Blackwashing which includes a wide variety of black musicians from around the world and is being used to fundraise for a variety of racial justice organizations. Listen to more about Christopher's journey and perspectives on Dreams Not Memes. To follow Chris head to @tokenblackaspie on Twitter To purchase The Blackwashing go to 
July 6, 2020
Episode 95: Riffs,Reality,Reformation a Conversation with Esther
I spoke with my friend and songwriting partner Esther.  Esther is a Columbus, Ohio native who moved to Philadelphia after getting her degree in Social Work from Ohio State. Esther came to Philadelphia to pursue a masters in Music Therapy and started her next phase in her music journey as a solo artist. Esther is a recent graduate of Drexel University and is currently working on the next steps in her career.  In this episode, Esther shares her story about leaving midwest Ohio, dealing with mental illness in her community, leaving a religious cult,  and, shifting from playing in a band to reclaiming her own sound and reinventing herself.  Esther and I wrote a song called CTRL+ALT+DEL which is about the removal of emotional toxicity from strenuous relationships. Tune in and listen on Dreams Not Memes.  To Listen to Esther Click one of the links below  Bandcamp
July 3, 2020
Episode 94: Fashion of Safety and Security: Speaking with Olivia Dwyer
I spoke to Portland, Maine fashion designer Olivia Dwyer about her journey in her career. Olivia shares her story about the supply chain logistics of doing commissions, the ethical challenges of the fashion industry, and how she overcomes her own issues while working. Olivia has been making a variety of custom order masks in the midst of COVID-19 and shares her insights about freelancing and art.  Find out more on Dreams Not Memes. You can follow Olivia at @oliviahalodesigns , Olivia would also like for you to support the following Portland, Maine artists below. Olivia is community-driven, people-centered, and art inspired.  @Loquatshop @Allysunwest @molliennis @christinecolatosti @droseos @000liviacanny @nobodywrote @emilynoraoneil @heychellisea @koltinsullivan
July 2, 2020
Episode 93: Playing the Role A Conversation with Shoot the Messenger
I spoke with Sean Markey a Philadelphia guitarist, songwriter, and music teacher about his journey towards building himself. In this discussion we talk about songwriting angles, playing for other bands, the appreciation of black music, and much more. Sean has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with some of my former guests such as Taylor Kelly, Laura Lizcano, and Maria Mirenzi.  Markey is also featured on a number of jazz records. Some of those include Lucas Brown's record "Skyviews", Corporate Responsibility (Man on a Wire, Jive Turkey),  the Temple University Jazz Orchestra Frank Sinatra record,  Tune in and listen to Sean's story and check out some of the projects he has played with at concerts.  Shoot the Messenger Brother Martin Taylor Kelly Laura Lizcano
July 1, 2020
Episode 92 : Acting and Activism A Conversation with Emily Hill
Emily Hill is an organizer for The March to End Rape Culture in Philadelphia. We spoke about her experiences with the organization, it's mission and the concert that will be happening on July 3rd,2020 via zoom. In his episode we dive into activism, organizing with your skills, Emily's acting career and glass ceilings . Learn more about Emily's career , reflections and accomplishments on Dreams Not Memes. To support The March to End Rape Culture or follow Emily's podcast click the links below.  RTERC Ticket Link -  Popcorn Murder Stories Podcast -
June 30, 2020
Episode 91: Folk Punk is for the People, Spitting Bubby Bars with April Hartman
I spoke with my friend and collaborator April Hartman in this episode of Dreams Not Memes. April and I met through a mutual friend in the folk-punk community, Billy Collector. Hailing from Lancaster, PA April runs a non-profit collective called Second Chance to Play which is dedicated to providing instruments to those who need healing while recovering from addiction. Hartman is also the front person for folk-punk band Apes of the State, drummer for Countersuits, and banjo player for Local News Legend. In this episode, we delve into April's journey with recovery, music, community support, and their long term goals as a creative. Tune in more on Dreams Not Memes. Remember always drink seltzer, it's for the people. 
June 29, 2020
Episode 90: Some People Want Power, Others Want to Empower: A Conversation with Matt Kelly
I spoke with an old Penn State friend Matthew Kelly about his career, politics, and ambitions. Matthew shares his journey as a professional podcaster and working with Matthew is part of One Hit Thunder, My Favorite Episode OF...., The Roaring 20's Podcast, and Horror Movie Night podcast which are available on all digital streaming channels. Highlighted in this episode, you can hear about how Matthew went from being a film writer to becoming a podcaster to working on film again. You can learn a lot about lessons learned with content creation, taking risks, and staying humble. Matthew and I share our thoughts about helping others and using our platforms to connect, today's political issues and uplifting voices at all times. To follow Matt's projects view the links below.  To hear all of Matt's podcasts go to To listen to Horror Movie Night go to 
June 26, 2020
Episode: 89 Help Your Scene and Show Your City, Talking with Carolyn Lederach
I spoke with Carolyn Lederach, an events curator, manager, and photographer from the Philadelphia area. Carolyn and I know each other from our college days at Penn State. In today's episode we talk abut Carolyn's growth and insights towards being in the music industry and community, surviving with COVID19 and her project the Philly Music Caves. Find out more about Carolyn's journey, insights and perspectives towards chasing her ambitions in today's episode.  To follow Carolyn's ongoing projects view the links below.  Website: Instagram: cled1024
June 25, 2020
Episode 88: Getting Comfortable with The Cozy Representative: Speaking with Julian
I spoke with YouTube Vlogger, The Cozy Representative. Julian' vlog provides deep dive docuseries on Myspace Era Musicians and PopPunk/Emo Scene greats of the 2000s( ie Nevershoutnever, All Time Low, Academy Is, etc). In our conversation we talk about tour survival, storytelling in journalism, content creation and more. Take a dive into Julians interests, ambitions and relationship with music on Dreams Not Memes. Follow along Julian's Journey at  Twitter: Instagram:
June 23, 2020
Episode 87: #Goals Traveling with Rebecca Zimmerman
I spoke to my friend and collaborator Rebecca Zimmerman about our new single, "Dear Body" and her journey as a musician. In this episode we cover Rebecca's #GOALS list which includes traveling the us by foot, touring the entire US and exploring different genres of music. Check out this interview and our blues rock inspired song that discusses body -mind comfortability, "Dear Body"  Links XPN Review
June 22, 2020
Episode 86: Use Your Talent To Inspire Others And Gather Community A Conversation with Alyx Mclaughlin
Today I spoke to Alyx McLaughlin, a Cincinatti native radiohst, photographger, videographer and documentarian. I met Alyx through To the Front Fest and they took photos of me at the festival. In our conversation we speak about intersectionality, being a mentor of your own community, current events with protests and activism, and being creative. Alyx is current learning guitar through pandemic and has been shares their story about how they came out of their own shell and deals with anxiety. Listen to more of Alyx's story today and view the links below to follow and support their journey.  Cryptographic (Photo/Video) Website Facebook Instagram Strange Talk (Radio Show) Facebook Instagram iTunes
June 19, 2020
Episode 85: Intersectional and International A Conversation on Tour Experiences and Goals with Laura Hickli and 36?
Today's episode is my first non USA conversation. I spoke with Canadian ( Calgary,Alberta) musicians  Laura Hickli and Taylor Cochrane(36?). We spoke about poverty, intersectionality, the BLM movement, quarantine, and healthcare. Laura and Taylor aspire to have a life based on touring and performing music as songwriters. Listen to their story and the hurdles they face as touring musicians in Canada. 
June 17, 2020
Episode 84: GimmickSurfing and Gigging, The Story of Ryan Erwin
I spoke to Ryan Erwin, a musician in San Diego and friend of Sam Christie's ( Episode 74). Erwin shares his story about being able to be a full time musician in California, hacking social media, writing songs about pandemics and the art of "Gimmicksurfing in music."  Ryan is dedicated to art and shares his feelings towards writing with purpose vs writing with strategy. Learn more on Dreams Not Memes.  Youtube Music Links
June 16, 2020
Episode 83: The Art of Community Expression A Conversation with Christine Elise
I spoke to Christine Elise about the meaning of community healing with the power of music. Christine Elise works with Philadelphia musician Kuf Knotz as a singer, harpist, and music therapist.  Christine strives to deliver workshops coupled with musical performances to foster emotional growth and support across communities in the US. In this episode, we talk about Christine's views on music therapy, the transformative power of enabling others to speak and traveling as a musician. Listen to more on Dreams Not Memes and learn more about Christine's Free Project and her work with Kuf Knotz at the links below. Workshops The Free Project
June 15, 2020
Episode 82: The Melody Brings Meaning and the Music Brings Confidence: A conversation with Juliet Eve
I spoke with my songwriting partner Juliet Eve about her journey with finding herself. Juliet is from upstate New York and moved to Philadelphia to attend graduate school at Upenn. We met at a coffee shop to write a song for an EDM side project, we shifted directions and ended up writing a folk song called, "Meant to Be." Juliet plays clarinet in camp punk band Ghoul Friends, sings and plays synth in Bad Sleeper, has a solo project in development and is a researcher on addiction and neuropharmacology. Find out more about Juliet's journey and how she has come out of her shell in today's episode. 
June 13, 2020
Episode 81: Turn the Dial to Radio Revolution: A Conversation with Emily Schlegel
I spoke to Emily Schlegel who is a radio host, event curator, and videographer about her views towards inclusion on the airwaves. Emily found me via the interwebs through my music and booked me at two events at Kutztown University. In our discussion we talk about shifts in radio and music journalism, diversity and inclusion, having problematic teachers in her academic career and her views towards making a documentary. Tune in and listen to more on Dreams Not Memes. 
June 12, 2020
Episode 80: Be an Advocate for Giving, Growth and Social Change, A Conversation with Paige Davis,ESQ.
I spoke to Paige Davis, ESQ. about social advocacy and giving back in today's climate. Paige Davis is an attorney in NYC and is an entrepreneur who is working on developing a non-profit venture called "Girls Becoming Esquires"(GBE). GBE is designed to create a mentorship program to encourage more women into the legal field as an effort to increase representation in our legal system. In our conversation we talk about upward mobility, social justice advocacy, the challenges associated with being a black professional, and work-life balance. Tune in today on Dreams Not Memes. 
June 10, 2020
Episode 79: Take it one Vocal Track at a Time: A Conversation with Sam the Engineer
I spoke to one of my first songwriting partners, Sameryebread AKA Sam Rosen today. We spoke what it's like to sustain yourself as a studio engineer, producer and songwriter. Sam and I talk about our songwriting processes, applying theory, staying flexible and insomnia. Sam and I also wrote the song Going which was one of my first collaborations in my discography. Find out more about Sam's story in this episode of Dreams Not Memes.  You can check out Sam's projects at the links below  SamryeBread IG: @samryebread Spotify: Website: The Experiment Grease Fire:
June 10, 2020
Episode 78: What's The Score? A Conversation with Isaac Forde
I spoke with Isaac Forde, lead singer of Church Pants, guitarist for Port Arthur, composer, and freelancer. During our conversation we talked about remote collaboration, jingle writing, writing for tension, and writing for advertisement and client work. Issac shares his story about what it means to work with others and writing from varing perspectives. Listen to more on Dreams Not Memes and listen to his latest music video at the link below.  Youtube;
June 9, 2020
Episode 77: 10,000 Hours of Human Connection, A Conversation with Rob Lawless
I spoke with Rob Lawless a few days ago about his journey @Robs10kFriends . Rob is on a journey to meet 10k people by spending 1 hour with them to engage in friendship and connection. I am pleased to share that I was the 10th person and I recall meeting Rob and him feeling very ambitious about his project.  I am pleased to say he is still just as ambitious. In our conversation we talk about how he manages his own project, working with brands for collaboration and his insights about meeting other people. Rob has met many people from many walks of life, from entrepreneurs, musicians, activists, adult entertainers, and so much more. Rob has even landed on the Kelly Clarkson show while engaging in his journey. Tune in today's episode and learn about Rob's journey and gain some insight on networking and communication.  As of today 6/5/2020 Rob has met 3467 people.  Kelly Clarkson Show : Instagram Handle : @robs10kfriends 
June 5, 2020
Episode 76: Navigating Creativity, Inclusion and Identity Through Music and Therapy: A Conversation with Anna Gentile
I spoke to an old gigging friend Anna Gentile a few days back. Anna is a songwriter, instrumentalist, and budding music therapy practitioner. Anna speaks to me about queer identity and destigmatizing trans identity in the music therapy community. We also talk about composing and approaching songwriting from different perspectives with time signatures.  Anna writes in multiple projects as "herefromhill" (solo project), "Mellowbird ( a 3piece pop/folk/jazz project), and "Rally Point" a math/ emo project. Musicians can wear many hats while having many identities, but the sum of the parts is what contributes to the whole. Listen to more about Anna's journey and their perspectives in finding themselves and helping others in this episode of Dreams Not Memes.  Follow Anna at the IG handles below  @herefromhill @mellowbirdband @rallypointmusic 
June 4, 2020
Episode 75: Learning About Salt Lake City Utah vs The Rest of the World: A Conversation with Starly Sam
In today's episode I speak to a young man by the name of Starly Sam. Sam found me via an online stream for Coping With Dystopia. Sam plays banjo for a band called Captain Daniels & the Sunnybrook Sailors. Sam left a deathcore band for a folk punk band and shares his story about how he wants to live and support a world that is bigger than him. In this episode we talk about his experience with being homeschooled, living in the midwest, Mormons and social responsibility. Tune in more at Dreams Not Memes. 
June 3, 2020
Episode 74 : You Can Reinvent Yourself , A conversation with Sam Christie
I spoke to the first person who believed in my music, Sam Christie. Sam and I wrote a split EP called Young Professionals five years ago. In this conversation we talk about his journey as a music therapist in training, learning music outside of your comfort zone, societal diversity, current events with George Floyd, dealing with anxiety, the internet and content creation and so much more. Tune in today's episode of Dreams Not Memes.
June 1, 2020
Episode: 73 Know your Roots, Skip the City and Hit the Town, A Conversation with Dan Drago
I spoke with Philadelphia local Dan Drago . Drago is the founder of Philadelphia podcast 25' O Clock podcast . Dan's mission is to talk to Philadelphia local musicians in long form interview format and highlight the passions of others. Coming from a past touring background, a bonafide record collection and an excellent palate for food in this episode we talk about local music, session playing, the beauty of community in a music scene and being creative during the pandemic. Tune in more at this episode and check out 25'O Clock Podcast.
May 29, 2020
Episode 72: Keeping Inclusion to the Front, A Conversation with Chris of Special Books by Special Kids (SBSK)
I spoke to my old college friend and neighbor, Chris Ulmer. Chris is known by many names, from Sunshine, to Chris to Mr Chris. No matter how you know him, his positivity and charisma is contagious. Chris is the founder of Special Books by Special Kids(SBSK). SBSK is a non profit that started in 2016 that seeks to normalize the diversity of the human condition under the pillars of honesty, respect, mindfulness, positivity and collaboration. Chris created an all-inclusive movement that has been seen by over 2 billion people worldwide across social media channels. His organization intends to highlight people of all backgrounds and to destigmatize and normalize the issues associated with neurodivergent individuals across various spectrums. In this episode, we talk about how he manages his own content as a creator, his day to day life, how he manages self-care and how to stay grounded. Chris has also interviewed me about my own depression and how music helps me cope. Listen to more at Dreams Not Memes and follow the journey of SBSK at the links below.  Youtube Facebook Website
May 28, 2020
Episode 71: Spinning Your Way Into Community: A conversation with Mallory of Spin City Oakmont
I spoke with my old friend and colleague Mallory about her new venture, Spin City Oakmont. Spin City Oakmont (SCO) is a Pittsburgh centric, new boutique spinning gym that is taking on bringing body positivity to the center of their mission. Mallory talks about her journey of how she maintains a 9 to 5 and is prepping for the launch of a gym, her visions of making the fitness world more community-centered, and using social media to promote her brand. Find out more on Dreams Not Memes.  Spin City Oakmont is expected to open in the Summer of 2020 so follow their updates at the links below FB: Instagram: 
May 27, 2020
Episode 70: Growth, Gratitude and Grace a Conversation with Kaymo
I spoke with Kaymo a client success manager in the music industry. We have connected before in the past as Kaymo has written reviews for some of my records. In this episode we talk about broadcast journalism, social media, advertising, the music industry, and dealing with microaggressions in America and in career.  Listen to this episode and hear our perspectives on how musicians can be more sustainable with their content and our thoughts towards diversity and inclusion in an ever changing world. Learn more about Kaymo's journey at
May 26, 2020
Episode 69: Relationships and Project Management, A Talk with Luke Shefski
I spoke to Luke Shefski about the dynamics of relationship building as a creator and independent. Shefski is a songwriter, instrumentalist, producer, and mixing engineer. He has worked in the Philadelphia renowned Headroom Studios,  home of many records local to the mid Atlantic, east coast area.  Luke has been a part of many releases ( 22 releases as a producer, and 20 records as an instrumentalist) including five of my own releases. In addition we are former tour mates and gigging buddies. In our conversation we talk about what it's like to manage his band Port Arthur and navigate relationships as a creator on the collaboration and engineer side.  Learn more about Luke's journey and how he has been able to navigate his wide range of projects as a creator. Check out his website below.
May 22, 2020
Episode 68: Relationships over Everything : A Conversation with Stephanie of Rebel Coast
I spoke with Stephanie Williams, the founder of Rebel Coast Media(RCM). Rebel Coast Media is a  PR, marketing, social media and events management agency  Stephanie started this organization after working multiple years in the mainstream music industry. Williams talks to me in this episode about her experiences and insights on being her own boss, leaving the west coast to continue her career in Philadelphia and the shifts of promotional management in the music industry for independents while managing with changes in music journalism. Find out more on Dreams Not Memes and check out Rebel Coast Media at
May 20, 2020
Episode 67: Environmental and Inclusive Fashion is the Future, a conversation with Cristina of Hi Dye and Co
I spoke to my friend Cristina Flores the founder of Hi Dye and Co about her tie-dye fashion startup. In this episode, we talk about upcycling, diversity and inclusion, accessibility and the rise of tie-dye in the fashion world. Cristina talks to me about her work ethic, working with her family, her vision for herself and her background in the arts and how she is managing a small business during COVID19. Support Cristina's business and get a shirt and learn more about her journey as an artist and entrepreneur on this episode of Dreams Not Memes.  To place an order reach out to Cristina via Instagram.
May 19, 2020
Episode 66: Its important to keep Trying: A conversation with Lauren Mcartney
I spoke to a Pennsylvania native artist who is starting out in their journey towards self discovery. Lauren speaks to me about her vision of herself as a new musician, artist and her own ambitions to be a more creative and confident artist. Lauren's is working on figuring herself out and get through her own story. Listen to more on Dreams Not Memes. 
May 18, 2020
Episode 65: Building Community and Positivity as a Foundation, Speaking with Camp Candle
I spoke with Hetepsa and Nu-Ra of Camp Candle about managing work life balance and instilling positivity in their music. The electro pop and soul duo speak to me about goal setting, managing their own business, coping with emotions and the meaning of community. Camp Candle has been a motivating force for many musicians in the Philadelphia area. Check out this episode today on Dreams Not Memes. 
May 16, 2020
Episode 64: The Benefits of Working From Home and Work Life Balance, a conversation with Beth Willard
I spoke to my friend Beth Willard about the importance of work-life balance and how to be productive while working remotely. Beth has been a technology and communications professional for many years and has worked remotely in Chicago for the past three years. In this episode we talk about work-life balance, self-discovery, exploring a new city and being an extrovert while having a remote role. Tune in today on Dreams Not Memes. 
May 14, 2020
Episode 63: You Can Do What You Want, The First Step Is Self Belief, The Second Step is Ask, A Conversation with Bartees Strange
I spoke with my friend Bartees Strange( also known as Bartees Cox Jr.) Bartees and I are friends an former collaborators. We wrote a song called "Fashit"  which is about corrupt and fascist leadership in America. , Bartees has a well-rounded set of talents to showcase for. He is a producer, a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and singer.  Strange recently released an EP called Say Goodbye to Pretty Boy released by Brasslands Records. The record is an EP of covers by The National including some of his own originals.  In this podcast discussion, we talk about holding your own vision of yourself, existing as a black artist in 2020, the pandemic, taking a risk, and goal setting. Bartees talks to me about his own personal ambitions for becoming successful, his origin story, and what it feels like to continue to be inspired. Stay tuned and check out this episode of Dreams Not Memes. 
May 13, 2020
Episode 62: Exploring the Seattle Music Scene with Musician and Radio Professional Mitch Etter.
I spoke with a mutual friend of Alex Stanilla ( Episode 48), Mitch Etter. Mitch Etter is a guitarist of Seattle Band (Hi-Crime) a Missouri Native and has volunteered at KEXP. In this interview we talk about songwriting, starting over in different music scenes from being in college to navigating the midwest vs the PNW scene. We discuss the amazing support of KEXP and the amazing Cheryl Waters. Mitch shares his vision and endeavors with music, how he's surviving during quarantine and what is most important to him. Check out the newest episode of Dreams Not Memes. Listen to Mitch's tunes at any one of the links below.
May 12, 2020
Episode 61: The Lifestyle of Laura Lizcano and Building a Foundation
Laura Lizcano is a songwriter,arranger and Philaelphia local musician who shares her story from her Colombian heritage and life experiences. In this episode we talk about her newest release Corazon and how the pandemic has effected her plans with growing her platform. Lizcano shares her vision for herself, her approaches towards songwriting and modern day trends in jazz and how music is transforming today. Tune into this episode to hear about Laura's journey and follow her at 
May 11, 2020
Episode 60: Alan works hard ,a conversation on working remotely as a music teacher in the Pandemic
I spoke to South Jersey session guitarist and orchestra teacher Alan Ens. Alan spoke to me about the fluidity of the economy and the devastation of surviving as a musician during the Pandemic. Alan highlights his goals, how he feels about social isolation and how he's managing his work flow. Alan expresses his thoughts on songwriting, arranging, writing music in various ways ( classical vs jazz, contemporary etc) and speaks about work life balance as an independent music teacher. 
May 9, 2020
Episode 59: Why Altruism and Authenticity is Important, A conversation with Ellie of Jam Eater Records
I spoke with Ellie of Jam Eater records a few days ago. We speak about authenticity, becoming a producer, working with bands and so much more. Ellie shares her journey with me about developing a record label, providing reviews with her partner on Jam Eater Records, and how challenging herself is so important. Listen to this episode of Dreams Not Memes and ask yourself, what does it mean to be altruistic in your own craft? You can learn more about Ellie's adventure at the links below.  Jam Eater Records Via Instagram  @jameaterrecords
May 7, 2020
Episode 58: Doing What You Love is What Matters Most: A conversation with Ash Kernen of Lovecartel
I spoke to my friend Ash Kernen. Ash is a Philadelphia musician, songwriter, and legal professional. In this episode we talk about his entrepreneurial journey as an entertainment lawyer and how it intersects with being a musician. Ash shares with me about how he has found resolve in crafting his sound over his years and speaks about being content with falling in love with the art of songwriting. Check this episode today on Dreams Not Memes.  To find out more about Ash's music check it out here 
May 6, 2020
Episode 57: Songs for Change, Songs for Charity, A Conversation with John W of Rent Strike
I spoke with John W of the folk-punk band Rent Strike. John is a musician, songwriter, activist, and bibliophile. We spoke about literature, music, connecting with others, gentrification, and the lack of procedural justice in the government. John talks to me through his thoughts on how his background has impacted his writing and how he has been coping during the quarantine. Tune in to this episode of Dreams Not Memes. 
May 5, 2020
Episode 56: The impact of BIG ART with Katie Trainer
I spoke to Katie Trainer , muralist, artist, and teacher about her journey as a muralist. We spoke about self worth, showing your value and the impact of murals an culture. Tune in to this episode of Dreams Not Memes today. 
May 4, 2020
Episode 55: What's the Big Picture? Hanging with Joshua Kirwin and staying Frank
I spoke with friend, musician, actor and fellow activist Joshua Kirwin this week. We speak about the deep process of writing music, wasteful youth, politics, self care in the quarantine, mental illness, and the beauty of growth in your community. Check out our conversation and stay tuned on Joshua Kirwin's project Tubey Frank and his ongoing journey. 
April 24, 2020
Episode 54: Creative tales of the Creative Corinne, Staying Balanced and Knowing Your Worth
I spoke with Corinne Dodenhoff, musician, designer, songwriter, and freelancer. Corinne is a self employed graphic designer who has worked with venues, bands, brands and other stakeholders in the music community. Dodenhoff spoke to me about her self discovery as an independent creator and how Philadelphia and politics have pushed her into coming into her own. She has played in the jersey band Torpedos in the past and now plays in Philadelphia projects Chub Rub, Queasy, Henderson Century and has her own catalogue of music. Learn more about Corinne's story and the art of testing your boundaries, skills and expanding yourself in this episode of Dreams Not Memes.  Corinne's Website Corinne's Bands ( searchable via streamable websites)  Corinne Dodenhoff (@corinne.dodenhoff) Chub Rub( @chubrubphilly) Queasy ( Henderson Century (@bandcampcity) 
April 23, 2020
Episode 53:Balancing Arts and Self Discovery with Vandon
I spoke with Vandon Tricamo, martial artist, visual artist, and guitarist. Tricamo runs Zen Cat Creations an organization dedicated to bringing people together through art and team work. During our conversation we talked about the art of self discovery and how to balance your internal conflict and trust your heart to be a better and more disciplined creator and lover of your own craft. 
April 23, 2020
Episode 52: Breaking down Healthcare Dynamics with Sociopolitical Dynamics
I spoke with my childhood friend Julian Wallace who has attended Burning Man Festival, works in the healthcare industry, plays guitar and is a fire spinner. Julian has had many introspective opinions about intersectionalism , healthcare and socioeconomic and sociopolitical aspects of our society. Listen to our conversation as we unpack many of the ways our society works in America and our opinions about COVID-19 
April 21, 2020
Episode 51: Folk Punk Connects the Folks and the Folks Connect Friends A Conversation with Tedd Hazard
I spoke with my friend Tedd Hazard from Central PA about his story with music, comic books, Youtube and music videos. Tedd's story speaks about the power of friendship, appreciating art for community sake and the power of art communities. Check out our interview today. Tedd is dropping a lot of his back catalog which can be found on all streaming channels and check out his animations on Youtube under Tedd Hazard. 
April 21, 2020
Episode 50: Writing, Singing, Exploring and Learning the tale of Danielle Johnson
For the 50th episode of Dreams Not Memes, I would like to first an foremost say thank you to all the listeners and dreamers for speaking with me. Today we have an episode with Danielle Johnson, writer, musician and storyteller. Danielle talks to me about the power of giving visibility to underepresented an interesting voices with the power of a story. Johnson speaks to me about the Delaware art scene, becoming a professional musician and being flexible with being an original musician and a cover artist. You can follow Danielle's journey at the links below.  Official Hoochi Coochi website where you can buy merch and see our currently empty schedule. Instagram Twitter
April 16, 2020
Episode 49: Deep Diving with the Story with Scott Fugger
I spoke with Scott Fugger of Fly on the Call Podcast last week. Fugger spoke to me on his podcast about my backstory so I wanted to ask him about his motivation to reveal the stories of musicians. We spoke about his efforts to share the stories about musicians who he finds interesting. Scott talks to me about highlights in his journey such as speaking with Dan Campbell of The Wonder Years, working with The Alternative and the importance of storytelling. You can learn more about Scott's Podcast at the links below
April 15, 2020
Episode 48: Trying is never Bad, Giving Up Is, A Conversation with Alex Stanilla
I spoke with my friend Alex Stanilla this past weekend after failing to save our podcast interview. So we did a mulligan conversation and spoke about branding, creativity, exploring different genres of music, his Toro Sessions and so much more. Alex and I have cowritten two songs Basement and Notice Me and have shared bills together. Stanilla is an instrumentalist, videographer, writer and podcaster and we talk about what it means to explore different ways to express yourself and why experimenting with your craft is not a bad thing. Follow Alex's journey @ alexstanilla across social platforms. 
April 14, 2020
E47: Grassroots Activism Can Be Digital: A conversation with Hambone of Coping with Dystopia
I spoke to my friend Hambone from a non profit concert organization I am a part of called,Coping with Dystopia. Coping with Dystopia is an organization that started out of COVID-19 quarantine when the folk punk festival, Folk Shit Up was cancelled. A group of folk punk artists gathered together to fundraise on a weekly basis using live streaming technology to provide entertainment on Fridays to fundraise for charity. Each week the organization has been able to raise $1,000 an gather musicians internationally to get together. To find out more head to
April 10, 2020
E46: The Cordial Chords of Cory Perkins: An Equanimous Engineer and Songwriter who speaks on Equality
I spoke with St Louis, MO musician,songwriter,composer and engineer Cory Perkins. We met at To the Front Fest in Lexington,KY through Ryann Mathers while playing a show. In this conversation we speak about equality, relational dynamics in the music industry, emotional ownership, developing your network, marginalized communities, Star Wars and more. Check out Cory's projects Bounce House and O'Ivy. 
April 9, 2020
Episode 45: Balancing the Tone and Tech: A Conversation with Kitzy
Today I speak with the producer and engineer of my upcoming full length, Kitzy. Kitzy and I met over an internet group and had coffee together. They are an instrumentalist, engineer, producer who also works in the tech industry. After playing in multiple bands, living in different locations and going through struggles with self-discovery Kitzy talks to us about their journey with finding happiness in music and helping others. Check out our conversation and our approaches towards songwriting, technology and balancing your personal,professional and music life. You can find more about Kitzy and their production, podcast, and day to day journey at the links below.
April 8, 2020
Episode 44: Harmony in Expression: A Conversation with Margot
I spoke with my friend and designer Margot about balancing her life as a musician, artist and music therapist. We talked about principles of finding intrinsic motivation and writing music to let out emotions vs writing music to be heard. Margot shares her journey and her thoughts about finding trust within herself and her own sounds. We talk about looking at perceived mistakes in art as a means for evolving the art itself and thinking outside the box to be creative. Margot aspires to take her jazz background and turn it into electronic sounds. You can follow Margot's journey under her new project The Moon at Noon @themoonatnoonband. 
April 7, 2020
E43: Staying Green, Staying Clean: A conversation with Matt Drozynski (Bad Sleeper, FTTF Studio)
I spoke with a fellow friend, collaborator and engineer Matt Drozynski over zoom. We spoke about writing approaches, finding interest in live sound, playing music, the quarantine, pedals and staying curious about being a songwriter. You can check out Matt's work on IG at @badsleeperband an @furtherthantheforeststudio hit Matt up to collaborate and tune in! 
April 6, 2020
Episode 42: Cold Coffee Gallery: A Digital Gallery of Diversity, Community and Representation.
I spoke to Margaret Uhalde 1/2 of Cold Coffee Gallery about her emerging digital art gallery. The art gallery was created in response to the COVID-19 and with the desire to diversify the arts community. In this episode we cover representation, inclusion, the art curation model of Cold Coffee and so much more.
April 4, 2020
Episode 41 : Be Kind to Yourself : Lessons and Insights from Renee Drezner
I spoke with my friend and vocal coach Renee Drezner. We spoke about Renee's journey with music, representation, diversity , being your own manager, learning to do what you love unapologetically and their vision towards coaching, community and supporting others. Tune in to this podcast and listen to the badass person who is helping me become a better singer and musician.
April 2, 2020
Episode 40 The Aspirations of Advertising: Speaking with Amaury Abreul
I met Amaury via Instagram in a creators group chat. We both aim to inspire others and had a motivational chat about using your skills to chase entrepreneurship, working with clients, using ads to build your brands and staying positive in the face of success and failure. Check out Amaury at @amauryabreul
April 1, 2020
Episode 39: Ingredients of Justice and Fairness: Speaking with Katie Briggs AKA Eclecktik Domestic
I went out to Clark Park and had a coffee with Katie Briggs a local chef, traveler, and activist. We spoke about the injustice of the hospitality industry, exploring the community aspects of bringing people together with food, racism and sexism in society, touring with musicians and chasing your own endeavors. You can follow Katie's journey via Instagram @ eckldomestic.
March 31, 2020
E38 The Art of Animating Your Own Business: A conversation with Klementina of KXB Studio.
I went to Northwest Philadelphia and spoke with Klementina of KXB Studio. Klementina and I spoke about working as an animator, being a teacher and being an entrepreneur. Her studio has worked with people from all backgrounds including musicians, business owners and non profits. Clementina teaches traditional animation classes to the public and will be teaching online classes amidst the Coronavirus pandemic. If you are interested in learning more, hiring an animator or learning how to animate go to
March 30, 2020
E37 A Life of Three Jobs: Learning the Balance of Elaine Rasnake
Elaine Rasnake is a producer, songwriter and works a day job. We talk about the life of balancing the roles of being a mastering engineer, working your day job, staying focused when life happens. Tune in and also listen to her songwriting approach and how she has written her new album,Settle Down.
March 27, 2020
E36 Community is what you do , not what you try to do. A conversation with Kevin McCall of Andorra
I spoke with local musician, venue booker, friend and manager Kevin McCall. Kevin is the front person of Andorra and plays in a variety of bands, books and coordinates at The Grape Room, and manages various bands. I've known Kevin since 2013 when I first got started recording and playing live music. Tune in to our discussion where we talk about self development, giving back, setting up shows and building community.
March 26, 2020
E35 A conversation on growth and the journey of Brian Hamilton of smallsound/bigsound.
I spoke with Brian Hamilton a few weeks ago. Brian is a pedal creator, piano and synth player and former member of the band Cymbals Eat Guitars. In this podcast we discuss the art of making pedals, crafting your own sound, networking and impostor syndrome. You can find out more about smallsound/bigsound at
March 24, 2020
Episode 34: The Journey of The "U" Sports Broadcaster, Podcaster, Rapper, Traveler
The world is going through hard times, but this podcast will live on. I spoke with an old friend and collaborator The "U" this weekend about his journey as a rapper, working with the Harlem Wizards, traveling an dealing with the dreaded coronavirus. Tune into our zoom call and follow his podcast You can follow the U at the links below:  Spotify Podcast Blog Music Video
March 23, 2020
Episode 33: The multifaceted life of Slokey
I spoke to Slokey aka Mitch a freelancer, dj, EDM artist, producer, and curator. We spoke about the Philadelphia music scene, managing his day to day, warehouse shows, his dog and playing in multiple music communities.
March 22, 2020
Episode 32: Staying Hyperlocal and Maintaining Value a conversation with Madelyn VanTriste
I spoke with Madelyn VanTrieste a filmmaker, photographer and singer of Telyscopes. We spoke about managing expectations, boundaries, and the enjoyment of creating film. Madelyn has an upcoming DIY Documentary on the Philly Music Scene. Check out Madelyn @ madelynslens for more projects and updates.
March 10, 2020
Episode 31: Learning the Face of the Bass: A conversation with Jack Zaferes
I spoke to local bassist Jack Zaferes about his journey in becoming a session bassist, fill in bassist and composer. Jack speaks with me about the highs and lows , the regrets and insights of what it means to write music in various settings and capacities and trying to feel empathy with others during times of struggle. Check out our interview and learn about the mind of Jack Zaferes.
March 3, 2020
Episode 30: Try Hard or Try Less? Speaking with Tyler Kearns of Try Less Records
I stopped by South Philly and spoke with Tyler Kearns about his many talents and how he juggles playing music, freelancing with others, and learning how to own his own craft with what he has. Check out this podcast below to hear more about his vision with community, collaboration, and the Philaelphia music scene. 
February 26, 2020
Episode 29: A Photo Tells No Lies: A conversation with Emily P Townsend.
I traveled to Coatesville a few weeks back to visit Emily Paige Townsend's art gallery. We spoke about her approach to photography, supporting her clients, her unique approach to photography and trends in social media for photographers. Check this episode out to learn more about Emily's work ethic.
February 18, 2020
Episode 28: People and Purpose first, Publicity Second, a conversation with Kiara L
I spoke to Kiara L a Philadelphia local event manager, promoter, photographer, and curator for episode 1, Season 3 of Dreams not Memes. We spoke about the importance of investing your time into your community and helping others. Listen to more of our conversation in today's episode.
February 12, 2020
Episode 27: Going Out of State with Out of System Transfer
Out of System Transfer is a political folk punk band that has traveled in Europe, and North America. I was able to play with them in Philadelphia and New York. They are a group of people that embrace the idea that capitalism and consumerism is bad and community is good. Without further adieu hear my last episode of season 2, the touring podcast and check out Out of System Transfer.
February 5, 2020
Episode 26: Writing for Creativity , A Conversation with Andrew Sheldon
In November I spoke with Andrew Sheldon (Best Hit TV, MoonWatcher) about our collabs Getting By and CTRL ALT DEL with Esther Hermiz. In addition we talked about staying motivated, saying no to labels and exploring creativity in a different place in adulthood.
January 29, 2020
Episode 25: Speaking with Valentine and Happy People
Coming from Syracuse, NY I spoke with Happy People and Valentvne about their first tour, the upstate music scene and organic collaboration. Stay tuned for an upcoming Bandcamp exclusive release with Valentvne, Happy People and myself on Bandcamp and SoundCloud on 2/14.
January 21, 2020
Episode 24: Liam Fennecken: Actor, Singer, Songwriters, Rockstar, World Traveler.
While on tour I did a photoshoot in Brooklyn then met up with my friend Liam in Queens. Liam and I met in college and played house shows, we also collaborated and wrote punk rock jingles on mental illness and staying healthy for our campus student health department. Liam came back to America after spending two years in S. Korea being one of the leads for School of Rock The Musical and has traveled all over the US in a variety of musicals. Check out this podcast as we get to talk about the ups and downs of being a musician, an actor and what it means to buckle down and chase your dream.
January 14, 2020
Episode 23: Arts in Athens : A conversation about arts communities in college towns.
I spoke with Julian Runyon about his space Fosters Home and what it's like to curate music in a college down with your friends and roommates. Check this episode today! It's a quick one!
January 7, 2020
E22: Learning about the Love of Lexington and keeping Diversity to the Front with Ryann Mathers
Ryann Mathers is the bassist of NONCOMPLIANT , a master cosmetologist, a touring musician, and curator of To the Front Fest. In this episode we talk about how Lexington gets down with community, the importance of representation in music and DIY communities, safety, consent, the history of To the Front Fest and breakfast. Check this episode out today!
December 17, 2019
E21: DIY Community is important: Hanging with Grandma and Grandma's Boys at Steven in Louisville,KY
I went to Steven in Louisville,KY for the second time to talk to the band members of Steven, Grandma, one of the members mother's and other show attendees. We spoke about the Louisville,KY music scene, what it means to book a house show, the importance of gratitude , ASMR and hip hop . Hands down this is the funniest Dreams Not Memes episode. There are about 18 shout outs in this episode so I'll update details soon . Thanks to Louisville for keeping it real.
December 10, 2019
Episode 20: Playing Your Cards with Miss Christine
I went to Iowa and spoke with Christine Moad of Miss Christine about balancing between contemporary and corporate gigs and the art of touring. Much like myself Christine marks every place she tours and has been traveling for five years. Speaking on a farm you can hear us discussing the highs and lows of a music scene in the Midwest and me running away from Bees. Tune in and listen to this week's episode of Dreams Not Memes.
December 3, 2019
Episode 19: Living the Dream, Quite Literally a Conversation with Bernie and the Wolf
Bernie and the Wolf is a band from Chicago who is currently embarking on a 4.5 month full US tour to promote their upcoming album "Haughty Banter." They currently have a single out called Willingly which shows a preview of their album. This great two piece has been a part of my tour circle for the past three years. In this episode we talk about the ups and downs of touring and taking the risk to sacrifice your life for a life on the road. Check out this episode and check out Bernie and the Wolf to show some support.
November 26, 2019
Episode 18: Maintaining Midwest Emo and Starting a Riot a convo with Reilyn
I spoke with Reilyn of the Riot Room about their experiences with existing in the art and music community of Bloomington University. We talked about the microagressions, the importance of sober spaces and what it means to cultivate a safe space for music listeners and musicians. Check out my conversation with Reilyn and get some tips on how to cultivate your own creative space!
November 19, 2019
November 19, 2019
November 19, 2019
Episode 17: Planting the Seeds for a New Scene
I spoke with Brooke Forrest of Kent,OH on a Sunday tour date. Brooke booked me at The Dome a former strip club turned venue in the area. We spoke about her past experience as a radiohost and her ambitions to turn Kent to a place for local and touring bands to play music. Check out this interview to hear Brooke's grassroots mission to revitalize and cultivate a music scene in a community that does not have much music.
November 12, 2019
Episode 16: The art of the profound: A conversation with Elsa Kennedy
Today's episode is with my friend Elsa Kennedy from Cincinnati. We had an hour long conversation about recovery, mental health, songwriting and coming in to your own and knowledge of self. Please check out our conversation and follow Elsa at @elsakennedymusic. She is new to the Boston music scene and is also working on dropping a new album and has recently dropped two singles, "Cripple Punk" and "Redwoods" available on all streaming channels. Support Elsa Kennedy today!
November 5, 2019
Episode 15: Pink Starburst,Probability, Songs, and Statistics
I spoke with Julia Stelman my Couch surfing host about her dreams and ambitions to be a statistician and the analytics of music, living in Pittsburgh, traveling, and the experience of being a grad student from California. This is my first time speaking with one of my touring hosts but it was a great conversation check this episode out!
October 29, 2019
Episode 14: Balancing Faith,Friends,Family and a City of Steel
I met with Pittsburgh songwriter Carrie Collins to talk about her life -music balance and her journey in Pittsburgh. Carrie tells me her ups and downs with being a songwriter, crafting her sound, her relationship with faith and the Pittsburgh music community.
October 23, 2019
Episode 13: The Balance of Life, Music and Content with Abby Rasheed
Starting of the second season of Dreams Not Memes we talk with Abby Rasheed and the Sundry Collective. They are a band from DC who played with me in Philadelphia,Richmond and DC and have been friends of mine for 3 years. Tune in to this episode to talk about their ups and downs of being a band and navigating the DC music scene.
October 15, 2019
Episode 12: You Never Stop Learning , A Conversation with Erin Fox
For the last episode of season 1 of Dreams Not Memes I spoke with Erin Fox. Erin Fox is writing a song with me that will come out sometime in 2020. Erin spoke with me about her journey touring on a Megabus, being an instrumentalist , surviving brain cancer, giving back, taking on different roles as a musician and why learning is important as a musician. Check out more on this last episode of Dreams not Memes.
October 8, 2019
Episode 11: Eating Chicken with Branden King a man of Wings, Wisdom and Wokeness.
I went to HMart in the Koreatown area of Philadelphia and met up with Branden King. Branden King is a drummer who has played in several bands in the rock, punk, metal and jazz communities of Philadelphia. We have collaborated on his blog bkingwings on Instagram and will be working on a collab in the distant future. If you are a fan of tour advice and chicken wings check this podcast out.
October 2, 2019
Episode 10: "The Best Things Happen Unplanned," a Conversation with Taylor Kelly
I spoke with Taylor Kelly about her journey as a musician and her album Up Up and Away. Taylor played trumpet for me on an upcoming single. Stay tuned and check out our upcoming track and listen to this exciting episode of Dreams Not Memes.
September 24, 2019
Episode 9: We Have a Responsibility to Share and Help Each Other
I spoke with my first friend in music , Ciaran Sontag. Ciaran is a songwriter, teacher, gigging musician and producer. He resides in Jacksonville, FL and we talk about coming to terms with your responsibility as a creative to help others and be supportive. Ciaran has been like a brother to me and we plan to work on writing a song in the future. Check out this episode of Dreams not Memes today.
September 17, 2019
Episode 8: Positively Persistent with Camille of Positive Publicity
I spoke with Camille Mola last week about the beauty of collaboration over competition in the blogging community. Camille is an old friend who worked with me on publicity, recorded a Santa Baby Christmas cover with me and has interviewed me for her lifestyle/music/community blog Positive Publicity. In this podcast we discuss the beauty of finding your boundaries, music journalism in Philly, and collaborating. Check out Positive Publicity at
September 10, 2019
Episode 7: One with the Ground, One with the Sound
I spoke with my friend Maria of Brother Martin about our upcoming song that drops in November. The song is titled That's Where You Take It which is about how our decisions effect our environment. In this conversation we talk about Maria's musical background, finding your voice as a songwriter, our environment and so much more. Check it out.
September 3, 2019
Episode 6: Beautiful Evolutions and Collaborations with Mikie Mayo
On Episode 6 of Dreams Not Memes I partnered up with Paul of Forest Kids Collective as a guest  co-host.  We talked with Mikie Mayo about his album "Beautiful Mess", working as an evolving artist, booking and much more. I have new music coming out with both of these great artists check out this episode and learn something about the power of collaboration and creation. 
August 28, 2019
Episode 5: Streaming Doesn't Help the Small Artist: Collaborating with Ally and the Walrus
I wrote a song that will be coming out in September with Ally and the Walrus. In this episode we talk about streaming, our song, the music industry and how it is sometimes hard to navigate.
August 20, 2019
Episode 4: Talking with Marcelyn a musician of many voices, faces and talents
Today on this episode of Dreams not Memes I talk to Marcelyn who wrote Believe/Daylight with me and also spoke about her new record This is Woman's Lib? Marcelyn also is the creator of the Dreams Not Memes hat. Give this episode a listen!
August 13, 2019
Episode 3: The man of many Pedals: Playing Solo with Bucolic
I hung out with Seth of Bucolic and talkeed to him about the art of storytelling as a solo artist, we talk about the self awareness and self reflecting of finding yourself and telling your story while playing solo. Check out his music on all digital platforms under Bucolic.
August 6, 2019
Episode 2: Collaboration with Internal Rhyme and the Art of Writing Music
I wrote a song called Find Yourself with Internal Rhyme. Internal Rhyme is an MC I met in Philly who now lives in LA. Check out our talk about the power of rap and rock and why collaborating in yourself community is important. Listen to our song here at the link below.
July 30, 2019
Episode 1: Writing Organically with Buck the Lackey
While on tour with Buck the Lackey we talked about how to write a song, how we wrote our single B.O.Y.S. and collaborating with Jake Detweiler. Check it out!
July 23, 2019