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Dreams Not Memes Podcast

Dreams Not Memes Podcast

By Brian Walker
Become a Paid Subscriber: Dreams Not Memes is a podcast curated by Brian Walker of A Day Without Love. The podcast is about going more in depth about the ins and outs of being an independent creator, collaborator, activist or entrepreneur. This podcast will include 1000 interviews from people around the world and their stories about navigating the struggles associated with finding your own vision.
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Episode 321: From the Piano to the Stage: A Conversation with Eydis
As a child, Eydís Evensen would stare out at the Westfjords as the wind howled around her, pretending to conduct the clouds. In these daydreams, she was a meteorological maestro: controlling the Icelandic stormfronts in the distance, bending the weather and the world to her will like an orchestra. “The weather was intense where I grew up but so inspiring. There was such harshness to our winters, but at the same time, such beauty. I used to sit there for hours,” recalls the Blönduós-born composer. Years later, Evensen is still finding musical expressions for the awe she feels when staring out at the vastness of nature. Eydis and I spoke about her album, living in Iceland, learning about her own needs as an artist and staying genuine. Learn more on Dreams Not Memes.  @eydisevensen (Instagram) @eydis_evensen (Twitter) @eydisevensen (Facebook)
January 17, 2022
Episode 320 : NeuroDiversity is a Human Rights Movement : A Conversation with Jude Morrow
Jude Morrow is an autistic entrepreneur, TEDx speaker, consultant, philanthropist, and the founder of Neurodiversity Training International, the world’s premier neurodiversity-led training and consulting firm ( In 2001, Jude was diagnosed autistic at the age of eleven, after having been viewed as having communication and social difficulties. Jude’s journey to becoming a proud autistic adult is chronicled in his first book Why Does Daddy Always Look So Sad?, which also follows Jude’s experience of being an autistic dad to his non-autistic son, Ethan. Jude graduated with an honors degree in social work in 2012 and brings his personal and professional experiences to all the work he does. His most recent book Loving Your Place on the Spectrum: A Neurodiversity Blueprint released in September 2021. Jude and I talk about the importance of inclusion in the world of mental health, inclusion, and his career. Learn more on Dreams Not Memes.  Social media
January 11, 2022
Episode 319 : Discussing the Intersection of Art and Science: A Conversation with Catherine Sarah Young
Catherine Sarah Young is an artist, designer, and writer born in Manila, the Philippines. She uses her background in molecular biology, fine art, and interaction design to create interdisciplinary and experimental artworks on the environment. She has an international award, exhibition, publication, and fellowship profile, most recently in China, Southeast Asia, Austria, and the Amazon rainforest. She is currently doing her PhD at UNSW Sydney, is an Obama Foundation Leader for Asia-Pacific, and is a Creative Peacebuilder for The Peace Studio. In our conversation we discuss petrichor, fine art, and the global climate crisis. Learn more on Dreams Not Memes Podcast.  Social Links   Facebook:  Instagram: @catherinesarahyoung  Twitter: @catherineyoung
January 06, 2022
Episode 318 : The Musician With 1,000 Songs: A Conversation with Paul Marchesani of Forest Kids Collective
Producer and multi-instrumentalist Paul G. Marchesani has over 1000 published songs via his 27+ aliases under the umbrella name Forest Kids Collective. Has worked with artists like Robert Glasper working at Philadelphia's own WRTI 90.1 FM. Has his own podcast and is now freelance recording and producing local and major artists. Learn more about Marchesani's process in today's episode of Dreams Not Memes.
December 30, 2021
Episode 317: The Honest Art of Harsh Noise: A Conversation with Robbie of Human Fluid Rot
Human Fluid Rot has been performing energy filled, crowd oriented harsh noise since 2005. Originally from south Florida, HFR has been scouring the US and neighboring islands with brief but intense electronic performances including shows and festivals from California to the Dominican Republic with hopes to expand further into the world. HFR creates a hardcore and chaotic atmosphere. Audiences are always encouraged to physically interact with each other as well as with the performer. During HFR sets, nothing is off limits. Crowds have been seen moshing and even crowd surfing making Human Fluid Rot performances unmissable. Learn more on Robbie's story as a noise musician and an indpendent artist on Dreams Not Memes Podcast , please note due to minor internet connection errors there are minor audio hiccups.  Instagram: Spotify: Apple Music: Amazon Music: Bandcamp: TikTok: Facebook: Youtube:
December 22, 2021
Episode 316: Jazz, Trumpets and Sweden: A Conversation with Fabian Rosenberg
Fabian Rosenberg (@TheArtByFabian) is a Swedish artist located in Stockholm. He has roots in the jazz tradition as a trumpet player but he moves seamlessly between being a producer, pianist and composer. His music has the capacity to sonically transfer you out of this world. A universe created with artistic accuracy. Intimate piano compositions and field recordings blend together with acoustic instruments and electronics, processed together to create haunting ambiance stringed together with heartfelt melodies. His pseudonym Klangriket has received international recognition as ”a breath of fresh air” on the ambient and contemporary classical scene. Among his solo works there are several international and local collaborations with artists such as Sjors Mans, Dominique Charpentier and Jakob Lindhagen. Among them is ”The Amsterdam Sessions” with the dutch composer Sjors Mans. It was featured on several of the well established blogs in the genre. Headphone Commute wrote this about the album: ”It roots in the known, picks up in the affluent, and expands on the serene. The keys are gentle and earnest, dancing their melody in the warm space touched by peaceful strings, tranquil synths, and beautiful soundscapes. What begins as a lo-fi analogue arpeggio (on “Prinsengracht”), slowly develops into a cinematic theme, that cradles and holds, all that is dear in music.” Learn more about Fabian in our conversation on Dreams Not Memes.  Spotify Instagram:
December 13, 2021
Episode 315: Traveling Around the World Solo and Getting What You Deserve: A Conversation with Lau Noah
Lau Noah and I speak about the experiences of touring solo and colonialism. Lau is a musician from Spain who is currently touring in Mexico and hopes to travel across the world. Learn more about her on Dreams Not Memes and view her bio and socials below.  Lau Noah’s musical tapestry is composed of deep Spanish folklore and classical music influences; is as harmonically rich as jazz and holds the profound lyricism of folk music. Praised by renowned musicians for the virtuosic counterpoint in her music, Noah represents a new era of song composers who bring forth quality, depth, and poetry to the public. Noah performed a Tiny Desk Concert in 2019 and played with Jacob Collier at the Blue Note in NYC in 2021. Noah released her first EP in July 2021 and has been touring extensively through Europe, US and Latin America since. Billboard Magazine: “Lau Noah is enchanting music lovers one song at a time” Mixed world music: ““ Since Joni Mitchell left her unique mark in music history, few have managed to develop a completely unique language with nothing but a voice and a guitar that is recognizable at “ear glance” by thousands; Lau Noah therefore, belongs to a very selected group.” I Socials: Instagram @launoah57
December 08, 2021
Episode 314: Breaking Barriers from the East to the West: A Conversation with Gauri Paghan
I spoke to Gauri Paighan, a singer and a songwriter based in India. Paighan has been influenced by western music on her which makes her write original songs in english despite it not being her native language.  Gauri believes that "human consciousness can be changed with the words we put in our lyrics" this is what Gauri values as a creator and songwriter.  Despite the barriers she faces due to the language in her country she still believes music is a universal frequency that holds power to connect us all. In our conversation Gauri speaks about advocating for herself and her goals as a songwriter and how she hopes to connect with people on an international level.  Find out more on Dreams Not Memes Podcast. 
November 23, 2021
Episode 313: Being Good Enough : A Conversation with Linnea Lundgren
Linnéa Lundgren, is a singer and composer based in Stockholm, Sweden. She has a degree in performance from Berklee College of Music and a music education degree from SMI in Stockholm. She currently works as a musician in church, leading choirs and writing and performing in services and concerts. With her upcoming release “Wish I thought it through”, Linnéa has been working with a large ensemble to explore the borders between pop and jazz music. Intertwining melodies creates the harmonic landscape visualized in her mind. Release date: 8th of december. To see more of what Linnéa does, visit: or contact her on You can tag me on Instagram: @musikarn Learn more on Dreams Not Memes Podcast. 
November 15, 2021
Episode 312: Maybe There's Something Special: A Conversation with Jamie and the Guarded Heart
I spoke to Jamie of Jamie and the Guarded Heart about his music career and goals as an original artist. Jamie has been in the cover band circuit for many years and shares his insights with being a professional musician. Check out his bio and learn more on Dreams Not Memes.  Bio Bonded by tomato pie and storytelling, Jamie Salvatore and Morgan Russo lead the Guarded Heart as they prepare the followup to 2020’s “Nikki Used to Play the Drums”. Chosen as the Band of the Month by world renowned WMMR here in Philadelphia, the song propelled the band into the club scene and led to live appearances for iHeart Philly’s 104.5 with Jammin’ Jesse on Live@5, and support from WXPN as well. The first song from the forthcoming record is “I Don’t Love You” and was released in September via digital outlets and the band’s bandcamp site. The accompanying video, shot outside of Philadelphia and directed by Bob Sweeney, features the band hanging around their hometown as well as performance shots from their home base, The Lannutti Post. “The recording process was the most "us" we've ever felt in the studio. We really had the support and freedom to channel our influences into an authentic representation of who we are.” remarked Jamie about the time making the record and the video. Drawing on their Conshohocken roots and influences, Jamie and Morgan decided to "leave it all on the field" while making this new record, just as they had when they formed the band. After a decade of playing cover music 200 nights a year in bars, Jamie was ready to quit. He was burned out, uninspired and lost. That's when his partner Morgan hatched a scheme. "Why don't you start a project where you just play your songs and you really give it a go? Something real, something you believe in." she asked. "I'll do it, but only if you do it with me." he replied. Jamie and Morgan formed Jamie and the Guarded Heart, a name that comes from a play on their personalities, the always out in front Salvatore and the more quiet and carry a big stick, Russo. They were raised outside of Philly by working class parents on The Stones, Tom Petty and the radio. And they grew up dreaming of playing sweaty packed clubs to music fans like them. With every every show, with every song, they've watched their crowds grow. Now, they're ready to hit the highway and continue to make their dream real. Their new record "Funeral Song" is about that. The dream chasing, the lost nights, the hopelessness, the dead end jobs, the ghost of people gone from your life and the undying pursuit of the thing you love most. If you want it, it's there, and if you need someone to show you how to get it, it's Jamie and the Guarded Heart. Social Media instagram: @jamieandtheguardedheart youtube: Jamie and the Guarded Heart
November 10, 2021
Episode 311: Microniche Twitter Celebrities vs Reality : Speaking with Maja of Queers to the Front
I spoke to Maja of Queers to the Front. Learn a bit more about Queers to the Front below.  We're a queer-run artist management and touring company that prioritizes queer, BIPOC, female, and disabled musicians and performers and advocates for safer spaces. Our mission is to make the touring community and the music industry safer and more inclusive for marginalized artists who often face discrimination in music. We operate all over North America, UK, and Europe. We offer artist management, PR services, tour booking, and crew services at affordable rates. Maja is also the host of  Queers to the Front Podcast where she invites marginalized artists and crew to discuss getting started in music, networking, accessibility and so much more. Tune in for new episodes every second Saturday! In our episode we talk about Maja’s career in the music industry and learn about reasons why she moved from being a musician to working in Management and PR. Learn more today on Dreams Not Memes. 
November 03, 2021
Episode 310: Channeling Your Own Desire Factor : A Conversation with Christy Whitman
Christy Whitman is a New York Times bestselling author and transformational leader. She has appeared on The Today Show, The Morning Show, TedX, and The Hallmark Channel, and