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By Brett, Matt & Jason - Drebler Gaming
Gaming culture and Lifestyle - Brett, Matt, & Jason pick a new topic every week to discuss within our gaming life! Check it out!
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The Future of Playstation
Brett, Matt, & Jason talk about the Playstation State of play and how they cannot wait for some of these new releases! They also dip into the trainwreck that was Diablo Immortal releasing.    FOLLOW OUR SOCIALS   ➥ Twitter: ➥ Discord: ➥ Patreon: ➥ Website:
June 22, 2022
What happened to MMORPGs?
Brett and Jason talk with special guest Bean about how he has made friends and thrived online through MMORPGs, and his thoughts on the genre as a whole in the future.
June 06, 2022
So, we tried Overwatch 2 ....
Brett, Matt, & Jason talk about what they've been playing lately. Brett is back into Atelier, and Jason tried out the Overwatch 2 beta and gives his thoughts - I mean, it should have been an expansion.. we all agree, yeah? But then again - I don't play the single player... maybe this is the future of live service games.   Improve your online shopping experience with HONEY today, use this link when installing to help support the channel (100% FREE)!  If you're shopping for anything on Amazon you can use this link to support our channel, it costs nothing extra to you and a tiny bit of help from a lot of people goes a long way: Amazon:   FOLLOW OUR SOCIALS   ➥ Twitter: ➥ Discord: ➥ Patreon: ➥ Website:
May 28, 2022
Brett Doesn't Like Elden Ring
Can you believe this? He said it's too hard. That's okay though, we talk more than Elden Ring - we go over what the gangs been doing and our updates for the podcast going forward!  THIS IS THE FIRST EPISODE TO BE MADE ON VIDEO - PLEASE GO CHECK OUT OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL FOR THE REAL EXPERIENCE
May 17, 2022
Final Fantasy 7 Remake is the GOAT
HUGE FINAL FANTASY 7 SPOILERS WITHIN - YOU'VE BEEEN WARNED Brett, Jason, Drew, & Kyle talk about their experience playing Final Fantasy 7 remake - how it holds up to the original, and how Tifa is bae and is perfect and cannot be beat. Mommy? Sorry. Mommy? Sorry. Mommy? sorry.
April 26, 2022
Nerd on a Budget: Crossover Event of The Century
Brett, Matt, & Jason are joined by Danny from Nerd on a Budget! We ask Danny about his gaming upbringing, discuss why Lost Ark is both the best and the worst game, and give Danny tips on how to get his wife addicted to gaming! Join us and our special guest to learn why WoW Classic can never be matched.You can catch Danny over on his tech YouTube page: Danny on twitter: @nerdonabudgetIntro Music: Teal by ManKarate: the show (
March 09, 2022
Microsoft Buys Blizzard and We Couldn't Be Happier
Brett, Matt & Jason talk about the Microsoft acquisition of Blizzard and it's ongoing effects in the gaming industry - why we believe it is only a force for good, and how Xbox Game Pass really is one of the best values in gaming in 2022.Support the show (
March 04, 2022
Gamestop Was a Mistake.
Brett, Matt & Jason talk about the upcoming games in 2022 that they are looking forward to, Why Gamestop sucks so hard, and how Starbucks baristas hate me because I ask for light ice and light milk - I don't want to get upset at an hourly worker, but there is something on the systemic side that is hurting me :(Support the show (
February 24, 2022
Our Favorite Games of 2021
Brett, Matt, & Jason talk about their top 5 favorite games from 2021 - man, they really put all the good games at the end of the year, didn't they? There was Valheim in Feb, Resident Evil, then literally nothing until October. Oh, Psychonauts 2 counts I guess ... Oh well, they talk all about it in this episode. Follow us on Twitter: @dreblergamingSupport the show (
February 03, 2022
Game Of The Year Predictions
Brett, Matt, & Jason talk about some of the games they've been playing recently, and why video game awards and critics are a joke - I mean, come on, It Takes Two - are you kidding me?Follow us on Twitter: @dreblergamingSupport the show (
January 03, 2022
The Switch OLED is freakin' NOICE
Brett, Matt, & Jason talk about some of the games they've been playing recently, and how the new Switch OLED matches up to the original. Also, Matt hates New World now, so you know, there's that. Brett goes into more detail on why sometimes he has to hide his Xbox.Follow us on Twitter: @dreblergamingSupport the show (
November 29, 2021
What are our 10/10 SPOOKY games?
It's Halloween season, so Brett, Matt, & Jason go over their favorite spooky games, and which ones are a little too spoopy for us. I mean, I can't even see a paper skeleton without pissing my pants, how the heck am I supposed to sleep tonight after seeing that?Support the show (
November 09, 2021
What are some of the FUNNIEST video games?
Brett, Matt, & Jason talk about some of the games they've been playing recently, and go more in depth into comedy in video games - whether they be traditionally funny like Psychonauts or just funny from absurdity like in Hitman or Dead Rising.Follow us on Twitter: @dreblergamingPatreon: the show (
October 22, 2021
Psychonauts 2 is Awesome?
Brett, Matt, & Jason talk about some of the games they've been playing recently, and with the release of Psychonauts 2, go in depth into what makes games like that so amazing.Follow us on Twitter: @dreblergamingPatreon: the show (
October 05, 2021
Will New World Overthrow all MMOs?
Brett, Matt, & Jason talk about the New World beta and our experiences playing it - and how we are LITERALLY funding Jeff Bezos' next trip to the stars. We also catch up with what games we've been playing and what we are excited for in the future. Back 4 Blood, Diablo 2 R, man we are little beta bois huh?Follow us on Twitter: @dreblergamingPatreon: the show (
September 15, 2021
Dealing with Video Game Burn Out
Brett, Matt, & Jason talk about how they best deal with burn out when they are playing games - do you stop cold turkey, or do you go all in and buy literally everything even if you don't need it? What are some good healthy habits to maintain a good video game life?Follow us on Twitter: @dreblergamingPatreon: the show (
September 06, 2021
Activision Blizzard might be done for...
Brett, Matt, & Jason talk about the ongoing controversy with Activision Blizzard, how they have effed up everything in the space, and they might need a big win in the coming years to stay relevant. Follow us on Twitter: @dreblergamingPatreon: the show (
August 21, 2021
Resident Evil: Village is AWESOME!
*WARNING* MASSIVE RESIDENT EVIL: VILLAGE SPOILERS - IF YOU LISTEN TO THIS, THE STORY WILL BE RUINED FOR YOU.Brett and Drew talk about their experiences playing the newest Resident Evil: Village - why the big baby was super spoopy, and why Capcom hit the mark so well on their newest iteration of their zombie game. But, can it beat Zombi-u?Check out this newest deep diver spoilercast with 2 of our boys!Follow us on Twitter: @dreblergamingPatreon: the show (
August 10, 2021
Why Video Games are so ADDICTING!
Brett, Matt, & Jason talk about what keeps them coming back to games - is it the multiplayer, achievements, or other things that motivates them to keep coming back? Follow us on Twitter: @dreblergamingPatreon:
July 30, 2021
E3 2021 - The Best and Worst of
Brett, Matt, & Jason talk about this years E3 and how much Xbox killed it. Game pass day 1, every time. Also, why didn't they talk about final fantasy 16? Why does Sony skip out on e3? They are cowards, that's why. Also, Nintendo kind of killed it as well. Matt is finally excited for a console game for the first time in...forever?Follow us on Twitter: @dreblergamingPatreon: the show (
July 07, 2021
Couch co-op games are DEAD...and that's sad :(
Brett, Matt & Jason talk about their past experiences with playing couch multiplayer games, and the impact it's made on their lives.Follow us on Twitter: @dreblergamingPatreon: the show (
June 25, 2021
PARADOX GAMES - What are you doing, baby? (Ft. Ryan!)
Brett, Matt, Jason & special guest Ryan talk about Paradox games and their recent controversial decisions to cancel games. Brett also talks about how much he is in love with Resident Evil: Village. I don't know much about Paradox but apparently it's NOT a RTS game, but it also isn't a grand strategy game. Heart of Iron 4, Victoria 2, Europa Universalis - that's some Paradox games that people seem to like!Follow us on Twitter: @dreblergamingPatreon: the show (
June 09, 2021
Video Game Music is better than NORMIE music!
Brett, Matt, & Jason talk about the evolution of music/sounds in games, all the way from the BEEP BOOPS of the 1970s to the BWWWAAAGGGHHHHS of the 2020s. How crazy was it that they could play full scale music on the NES? Megaman II, are you kidding me? Amazing. Is VG music getting worse because they don't need as much to set the mood? Let's all sing the Yoshi Story theme song together.Follow us on Twitter: @dreblergamingPatreon: the show (
May 12, 2021
The most CONTROVERSIAL video game opinions
Brett, Matt, & Jason talk about their biggest HOT TAKES! Some very controversial opinions about video gaming that most people would generally disagree with ... or agree? I guess everyone would be split up. For example, I love gaming laptops but these guys hate it.. HOT TAKES! We talk about our opinions on Pokémon, Sonic, Among Us, Fortnite, and every other buzzword that will increase our SEO. Just kidding.....Unless?Follow us on Twitter: @dreblergamingPatreon: the show (
April 29, 2021
Brett, Matt, & Jason talk about the new Monster Hunter Rise on Nintendo Switch - we are all Monster Hunter virgins, but have been getting into it lately and going to staircases to joker dance because we think its finally time for gamers.. wait, no … HUNTERS to rise up. Hunters are the most oppressed minority in gaming. Come listen to what we think about this game and others! It won't play on a gaming laptop though...Follow us on Twitter: @dreblergamingPatreon: the show (
April 15, 2021
Brett, Matt, & Jason talk about the new gaming laptops - gosh, they are great, huh? Finally, light and thin laptops that are powerhouse!? I can take my laptop into a Starbucks and not have everyone look at me with my RGB mania on the tabletop? C'mon, I'm just trying to play CSGO on my lunch break, gimme a break. Oh god the fans are so loud no one can talk over them. Oh, also Brett goes into Bravely Default II - the hot new JRPG on Switch!Follow us on Twitter: @dreblergamingPatreon: the show (
April 06, 2021
Brett, Matt, & Jason talk about how games are getting more expensive. $70 for new games, are you kidding me? That's not worth it, I bought Undertale for $10 and that was an amazing 10 hours ... but Breath of the Wild was $60 and I played it for 300 hours so I don't know what the heck is going on. Listen to us talk about the value of games and how you should put value and thought into the games you buy.Follow us on Twitter: @dreblergamingPatreon: the show (
March 23, 2021
Why are game sequels so bad?
Brett, Matt, & Jason talk about Sequels and Trilogies - can a sequel ever be as good as the original? What good trilogies exist out there that aren't just cash grabs? We dig deep into these questions and really answer the question, "Is Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2" the best sequel? The answer is yes oh crap I just spoiled the podcast.Follow us on Twitter: @dreblergamingPatreon: the show (
March 01, 2021
Should I buy a gaming laptop??
Brett, Matt, & Jason talk about what's going on in their gaming lives - like switching from gaming desktop to LAPTOP! Are you kidding me? Everyone knows gaming laptops SUCK! Also apparently Magic The Gathering is invading our dreams...Follow us on Twitter: @dreblergamingPatreon: the show (
February 10, 2021
The Best & Worst of 2020
Brett, Matt, & Jason look back onto 2020 and the historic year of gaming. The pandemic had a huge impact on what happened this year, and will continue to impact the future of gaming into 2021. Hey, remember that animal crossing x doom eternal ship? That was cute.Follow us on Twitter: @dreblergamingPatreon: the show (
January 23, 2021
Cyberpunk 2077 is amazing! If only it worked....
Brett, Matt, & Jason talk about their experiences with Cyberpunk and all the controversy surrounded this game that took forever to come out. It's absolutely gorgeous! ... but it runs like a toaster.Follow us on Twitter: @dreblergamingPatreon: the show (
January 04, 2021
Xbox Series X/S - First Impressions (Underwhelming?)
Brett, Matt, & Jason (& Drew) talk about their experiences with the new Xbox Series Consoles - What they loved and hated, and why playstation fans on twitter keep yelling at people and calling them xbots? it's a whole thing.Follow us on Twitter: @dreblergamingPatreon:
December 16, 2020
Virtual Reality! The Future or Not?
Brett, Matt, & Jason talk about virtual reality and why its awesome, but also why it sucks. Is VR just a gimmick, or is it sticking around? VR is definitely awesome, but it has its set backs...Why haven't they remade Jet Force Gemini in VR?Follow us on Twitter: @dreblergamingPatreon: the show (
December 02, 2020
Why are GAME stores so stupid?
Brett, Matt, & Jason talk about their favorite game store memories - walking to Toys R' Us and looking at the wall of games.. going to Gamestop and trading in a week old game for 2 bucks... or abusing Best Buy for their warranty program? We go over our WORST and BEST game store stories and wonder if they even have a place in 2020.Follow us on Twitter: @dreblergamingPatreon: the show (
November 17, 2020
Are Videogames ART? Being WOKE in gaming
Brett, Matt, & Jason talk about if videogames should be held up to the same scrutiny as other forms of media, and if people should be complaining about lack of diversity in video games. huh...they shrunk his shoulders...made him look soft...Follow us on Twitter: @dreblergamingPatreon: the show (
November 03, 2020
Seven Deadly Sins of Game Development
Brett, Matt, & Jason talk about the things that devs/publishers do that literally everyone one DLC? you suck. Pay to win? get out of here. Come listen to use talk about all the dastardly deeds that reside in the video game industry, and where we can go from here.Follow us on Twitter: @dreblergamingPatreon: the show (
October 16, 2020
Playstation 5 reveal was kind of a let down... (Feat. Couch)
Couch, Matt & Jason talk the news this week including the Playstation 5 launch reveal, Nintendo direct, and Among Us! Check out this podcast to get caught up on all your gaming news!Follow us on Twitter: @dreblergamingPatreon: the show (
October 05, 2020
Should games even have an EASY mode??
Brett, Matt & Jason talk about difficulty in video games - the origins in arcades, why games are so much easier today, gatekeeping difficult games, should cinematic mode exist, and much more about this hotly debated topic!Follow us on Twitter: @dreblergamingPatreon: the show (
September 23, 2020
Live Service Games are LEGALLY worse than MMOs
Brett, Matt, Jason, & Drew discuss the differences between live service games and MMOs and which ones they prefer - also fortnite might be the worse game ever and wow classic is the best ethan if you're reading this im sorryFollow us on Twitter: @dreblergamingPatreon:
September 14, 2020
Why do E-Sports even EXIST?
Brett, Matt & Jason talk about E-Sports and why it has exploded in recent years - What constitutes an Esport? Why did they blow up? Should they even EXIST?Follow us on Twitter: @dreblergamingSupport the show (
September 02, 2020
Gaming Setups and Battlestations
Brett, Matt & Jason talk about gaming setups and peripherals - what's the best way to game at your desk? Why does Brett's back hurt all the time? Live Longer, Game Longer. Follow us on Twitter: @dreblergamingSupport the show (
August 26, 2020
The Best Games of This Generation
Brett, Matt, Jason talk about the past generation of gaming (2012 - 2020). Which games are our 10/10? This POSITIVE ONLY PODCAST rates our top 5 for the past 7 years!Follow us on Twitter: @dreblergamingSupport the show (
August 17, 2020
Game Pass and Subscriptions (Ft. Drew)
Brett, Matt, Jason (& Drew!) talk about the reveal of Microsoft's new Game Pass and Xbox Series X - what does this subscription style service mean for the future of gaming?Follow us on Twitter: @dreblergamingSupport the show (
August 07, 2020
When did you know you were a GAMER?
Brett, Matt & Jason talk about the most impact moment in their gaming life when they knew this is it, Chief. They also discuss remakes, remasters, and re-releases and why they matter in 2020!Follow us on Twitter: @dreblergamingSupport the show (
July 29, 2020
Gaming Conventions & Presentations
Brett, Matt & Jason talk about gaming conventions like Tokyo Game Show, E3, and Nintendo Direct - What we like about them, what we dislike, and where the industry is heading in the future. Follow us on Twitter: @dreblergamingSupport the show (
July 21, 2020
The Rise and Fall of Arcades
Brett, Matt, & Jason talk about the history of arcades - from their Japanese origins, the rise in the 80s, and where they are headed today.Follow us on Twitter: @dreblergamingSupport the show (
July 08, 2020
Non-Linear Video Games
Brett, Matt, & Jason talk about the history of open ended games, non-linear games, sandbox games, and any game that isn't just a straight line! Listen to the history and our opinions on this art form!Follow us on Twitter: @dreblergaming
June 21, 2020
Physical Vs. Digital video games
Brett, Matt, and Jason discuss the distribution of video games - physical vs digital, subscription services, online streaming, and other ways of getting your vidya! Join us as we deep dive into the history of video game distribution.Support the show (
June 15, 2020
Economics of Gaming
Brett, Matt, & Jason talk about economics of gaming - virtual economies, microtransactions, DLC, exclusives - all about money inside MMO like World of Warcraft Classic, and even a conversation about Xbox Live Game Pass!Support the show (
June 03, 2020
What are your gaming origins?
Brett, Matt, & Jason talk about their past in video games and how its shaped them into who they are today.Support the show (
May 21, 2020