Thoughts on Maxing-Out

An episode of Eat-Nap-Lift

By Drew Murphy
Let's talk about three great things: eating, napping, and lifting!

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Don’t Ration Out Your Effort
It’s only natural to pace yourself when lifting, but doing this may actually work to your detriment. Every rep of a set should demand all of your focus, and all of your effort. Only after your first rep do you prepare for rep #2. Using this approach will make for more efficient lifting. Yes, it goes against what feels natural. Yes, you have to train yourself to lift this way.
August 21, 2019
I’m Sorry, I Have Failed
I have fallen apart.
August 15, 2019
Maxing-Out vs. Working to a Top Single
I don’t approach a max-out session in the same way I approach the process of working up to a single. A true max-out session can be great and important, especially if you follow a percentage-based training program, but I prefer working to a high single for most trainees because this can be done at a higher frequency, and I find it to be safer. Maxing-out is rugged - lift a weight, add weight, lift again (and continue until you either fail or die). Working up to a single requires more strategy - you don’t want to actually fail (or die), you want to work up to a little before that point, and then move on. I explain the differences in how I view a max-out session vs. a “work up to a single” session in this episode.
August 14, 2019
Confidence is having a deep understanding of your strengths and abilities, then it is not getting too high when people praise you and not getting too low when people criticize you. You shouldn’t feel confident or not feel confident based on feedback from others.
August 12, 2019
The Thing You Don’t Know About People Who Lift Weights
People who lift weights want you to lift weights too! Your level of strength and your capabilities don’t matter. They are pumped to have new and more people into what they’re into.
August 9, 2019
More Routine = Progress
When you feel like your progress has stalled, work on making sub-maximal weights feel more routine.
August 6, 2019
Boredom Can Lead To Disater
If you’re trying to kick a bad habit, you have to stay busy.
August 5, 2019
Prioritize Being All In
Decide what you’re after, then decide to what level you need to be committed.
August 2, 2019
No Respect For The Weights
The goal is to keep adding weight to the bar. If you’re uneasy about making a 20 or 10lb jump for your next attempt, and would rather make just a 5lb jump - using 2.5lb plates, you’re giving the weight too much respect. You’re not confident enough in your strength.
February 20, 2019
Nothing Is More Fun Than Getting Stronger
Get stronger, have fun, everything else will follow!
November 29, 2018
Thoughts on Maxing-Out
I recently wrote an article going over the typical procedure I like to follow for a max-out session. I have some follow-up thoughts on the topic for this episode. Here is the link to the article:
November 16, 2018
Squat Frequency: Front Squats vs. Back Squats
Reducing the load of an exercise will allow you to train the exercise with higher frequency. You cannot load a front squat as heavy as you can a back squat, but the lighter weight needed for a front squat will still give you a good training stimulus. A heavy front squat will not tax your body quite like a heavy back squat will.
November 13, 2018
Follow The Road Map, Don’t Be An Explorer
There is a roadmap to your desired goals laid out for you. Follow the map and you’ll get to where you want to be. Don’t become distracted and start venturing off the path.
October 25, 2018
Weights Two Days In A Row?
Is it okay to lift weights two days in a row?
October 24, 2018
Don’t Look For Easy
Don’t pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one.
October 23, 2018
“Muscle Confusion”
How much variety do you need in your workouts? Actually, very little, but if you do insist on incorporating a lot of variety, be sure to vary up the right types of exercises.
October 19, 2018
Utility Eating
I eat in’s either really good or really bad. I’ll never eat a cupcake on the same day I eat chicken and vegetables!
October 18, 2018
You have time to do whatever you want to do. The things you choose to do are really just the things you prioritize over other things.
October 17, 2018
Q&A: Kettlebells, Shin Splints, and Kipping Pull Ups
2:14 Why I don't use kettlebells 4:35 How to deal with shin splints 9:22 My thoughts on kipping pull ups MARCH 30 DAY CHALLENGE: no chips, potatoes, ice cream, fast food, fried food, chocolate, white breads, soda or juice, cakes or donuts, cookies or candy. 🎶🔊The Naked And Famous - Young Blood (Tiësto & Hardwell Remix)🎶🔊
February 28, 2018
Q&A: Spot Reduction, "Fat Burning," and How to Eat Around Your Workout
Today I am answering 2 listener questions, as well as going on a couple loosely related tangents! Let me know what questions you have so I can answer them on a future episode. 1:34 Is spot reduction possible? 3:18 "Burning fat" 4:47 Eating around your workout 16:13 A special announcement!
February 8, 2018
Use Your Body
If you want your body to work well, you have to continue to use it. Things will start to fall apart if you fall into sedentary habits.
January 26, 2018
Follow Up to Calorie Counting
More on counting calories...
January 22, 2018
Calorie Counting
I'm not into counting calories. Simply eating quality foods, to begin with, takes care of many of the problems you are trying to solve by counting the number of calories you consume.
January 22, 2018
Day 16 on Day 17
Did you start any new habits on Jan 1? No? That's fine, make today day 1 on day 17. 🎶🔊 Clipse - Grindin' (Instrumental) 🔊🎶
January 17, 2018
My New Year's Resolutions
What I have in mind for 2018. What do you have in mind? Let me know. 🎶🔊 Andy Moor - There is Light 🔊🎶
December 20, 2017
Being Thoughtful vs. Being Reactive
It's all perspective. Are you being reactive or thoughful?
December 15, 2017
This Week's Experiment
This is what I've done for my workouts this week. 🎶🔊 Lister-Summit 🔊🎶
December 14, 2017
Nervous About Going to The Gym?
Don't feel nervous about going to the gym. More times than not, the people you are most intimidated by are actually glad that you're there.
December 13, 2017
Step One
This should be everyone's "Step One," no matter what it is you're doing! 🔊🎶 Keep It Mello - Marshmello feat. Omar LinX 🎶🔊
December 11, 2017
An Idea For Warming Up
Pick a few exercises that you want to improve on or maintain and do them at a light intensity for your warm up every single day. 🎶🔊 Simon Patterson-Now I Can Breathe Again 🔊🎶
December 7, 2017
Be Careful In The Bathroom
A quick story of what happened to me a couple weeks ago in the bathroom.
December 5, 2017
There are no rules. I grew up on a farm. I wasn't supposed to listen to rap music but I still blasted DMX all day, every day. Today I own a gym. I'm supposed to have a niche carved out but I don't. My life has always been uncategorizable. My gym is now uncategorizable. I don't care that I don't fit into a category, and I don't care if you understand or not. I have no reason and no time to explain. 🎶🔊 Moguai-Gangsta 🔊🎶
November 29, 2017
You are your biggest critic. Don't let the fear of how others view you hold you back. 🎶🔊 Joel Fletcher-Rattle 🔊🎶
November 28, 2017
A Small Success
I've talked about this before...on days you're not feeling 100%, don't over-do it trying to get back up to speed. Instead, implement one to a few small things that you can be successful with. Then you will be prepared to do a little more on the days to follow. 🎶🔊Kolonie-December🔊🎶
November 27, 2017
Thanksgiving Comin' In Hottttttt
Thanksgiving is just a few days out...make sure to enjoy it with no restrictions! 🎶🔊Giuseppe Ottaviani-Musica🔊🎶
November 20, 2017
3 Questions
For my first Q & A show I answer these questions: 1. Is soreness indicative of a good workout? 2. Should you take a rest day, or do something every day? 3. How do you know when you are ready to progress/take your workout to the next level?
November 9, 2017
On The Clock
According to Parkinson's Law, you will get a task done in whatever time you have to do it- whether it be 20 minutes, or 2 hours.
November 7, 2017
Squat Saturday!
Just a quick message as I cruise in for another Squat Saturday with the squad.
November 4, 2017
Zero Pull Ups
I wasn't able to do a pull up until after high school. It took me to take lifting seriously (and to start practicing them daily) to be able to do them. It wasn't pretty at the beginning but I slowly accumulated more and more repetitions, and therefore more and more pull up strength. Today I am willing to challenge (and confident that I can beat) the majority of the people I come across to a pull-up contest. You can do this too. You just have to get started with a small task and build from there.
November 3, 2017
Roberson At The Line
If you want to learn how to do a movement or get better at any particular exercise, why not do it every single day? If you are always waiting around for your body to feel good enough to train a movement, you're never going to improve at it. High-frequency training! Every day kind of stuff! Video:
November 1, 2017
Break The Cycle
Take a small step today to set yourself up for a bigger step tomorrow.
October 31, 2017
Everyone has days that they struggle. Today is one for me.
October 30, 2017
Get Excited
What do you need to do to get excited to work out? Drop $300 on some new workout gear? chug a gallon of pre-workout? Whatever it is, do it! 🎶🔊 Danny Howard-Apex 🔊🎶
October 27, 2017
Don't Read The (Nutritional Facts) Label On Your Food
There should be no need to look at the Nutritional Facts label on the foods you buy because the foods you buy shouldn't even come with a Nutritional Facts label. Eat more one-ingredient foods and less foods that come in a package with an ingredient list and nutritional information.
October 26, 2017
Same Lift, Different Day
Today I am repeating the workout I did yesterday. Just because I feel like it!
October 25, 2017
No Time For The Gym?
You don't need to spend hours at the gym each week and you don't need to be utilizing a ton of different exercises. In fact, I would rather see you perfecting a few exercises rather than getting wrapped up in trying to use too much variety in your workouts. For reference, I only do about 10 exercises over the course of all of my workouts in a given week. Keep it simple!
October 24, 2017
I am not a know-it-all. I am more of a know-it-none.
October 23, 2017
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