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Documenting the stories and journeys of New York Tri-State area basketball from the figures who've lived them. Each week we explore the careers and experiences of legends like Rod Strickland, Felipè Lopez and many more.


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Sonny Vaccaro: The Don Corleone of Sports Marketing
On this episode of Dribble N' Dimes, hear renowned former marketing executive Sonny Vaccaro share with Manny Digital and Emilio the Poet stories from his exciting career. From signing Michael Jordan to his first shoe deal, to founding the ABCD Camp, where names like Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard, and LeBron James played as young kids, Vaccaro is a wealth of basketball knowledge.  Listen now and hear this Sole Man tell his tale.  🏀 11:50 - Sonny Vaccaro keeps his College scholarship to recruit basketball players   🏀 27:26 - Scouting for the ABA earned Sonny Vaccaro $3K per player   🏀 29:39 - Sonny Vaccaro did George Gervin's first pro contract on a napkin 😳   *****Be sure to subscribe, and follow us on Twitter, Instagram & Youtube.*****  ***Also, check out our new website and tell a friend!*** Mix & Mastering courtesy of DJ Trends
September 30, 2020
Shawnelle Scott: I'm making it to the NBA
He played at All Hallows High School for legendary CHSAA coach John Carey. As a young baller making his way he got advice from a slew of area greats, like Adrian "Red" Autry,  that helped him find the best path for him to learn the game. That path led him to St. Johns and ultimately to achieve his dream of playing in the NBA. Through his travels he picked up some quality nuggets from Carey, Lou Carnesecca and one of the greatest NBA coaches of all time Greg Popovich.  Hear Shawnelle Scott tell his story to Manny Digital and Emilio the Poet on the latest episode of Dribble N' Dimes. *****Be sure to subscribe, and follow us on Twitter, Instagram & Youtube.***** ***Also, check out our new website and tell a friend!*** Mix & Mastering courtesy of DJ Trends
September 23, 2020
Kimani Young: UConn MBB Associate Head Coach
On this episode of Dribble N' Dimes, hear UConn's recently promoted associate head coach talk with Manny Digital and Emilio the Poet about the path basketball has paved for him. He also touches on the misguided steps he took and how he was able to learn from those mistakes and put together a comeback story Hollywood films are made of. We delve into the Coaches for Action movement and why we should all support it. This Lefrak City, Queens representative names several key influences in his life, but few more impactful than Vincent Smith (the older brother of TNT basketball analyst Kenny Smith). Listen now and hear this legend recount his story. You'll hear about... 🏀 His Harlem beginnings and his transition to Lefrak 🏀 How he made his mark in and around the AAU scene in NYC 🏀 Doing fed time 🏀 How Coaches for Action started *****Be sure to subscribe, and follow us on Twitter, Instagram & Youtube.***** ***Also, check out our new website and tell a friend!*** Mix & Mastering courtesy of DJ Trends
September 16, 2020
Bob Hurley Sr.: From Jersey City to the Basketball Hall of Fame
On this episode of Dribble N' Dimes, hear one of the winningest coaches in high school basketball history talk with Emilio the Poet and Manny Digital about his experiences in Jersey City. This Naismith Hall of Famer coached for 4 decades in North Jersey, amassing over 1,000 career wins.  He led five undefeated teams and won 26 state titles during his tenure at St. Anthony’s High School in Jersey City, New Jersey. He retired in 2017, and has two sons who also coach at the college level. Listen now and hear this legend recount his story.  🏀5:00 - On his attraction to the game of basketball  🏀13:30 - On how players earn more freedom  🏀29:30 - On coaching without compensation  🏀40:00 - On losing your spot the day before a game  🏀52:50 - On getting pranked by Karl Malone  *****Be sure to subscribe, and follow us on Twitter, Instagram & Youtube.***** ***Also, check out our new website and tell a friend!*** Mix & Mastering courtesy of DJ Trends
September 9, 2020
Pass The Rock: Dallis Dillard x Danny Basile
On this episode of Dribble N' Dimes, we’re bringing back our new segment, Pass The Rock. Where current players talk to alumni of their institutions to get advice, ask questions, and build stronger bonds with those that came before them. This week, hear St. Raymond and Marist Alumni, Danny Basile, impart some wisdom and talk basketball with current St. Ray’s junior, Dallis Dillard. These two shooters share similarities in their game, and Basile gives great advice on making the transition to the college level. Listen now and hear these two baller’s build. Moderated by Manny Digital. 🏀1:25 - What made Basile attend St. Raymond? 🏀3:25 - How’d you find your role on St Ray’s team? 🏀7:20 - Why are St. Ray’s Alumni so close? 🏀12:00 - Where did you go to college? 🏀14:30 - What player do you look up to? 🏀19:25 - What made Dallis attend St. Raymond? 🏀22:00 - What was the hardest part of the transition into college? 🏀25:50 - How do you think Covid will impact next season? 🏀27:45 - How did winning a city title feel? 🏀29:40 - What was it like playing with no fans watching? 🏀30:40 - Did you have a plan for when you were done playing basketball? 🏀32:40 - Do you ever think about the day you stop playing basketball? 🏀33:40 - Final advice from Danny *****Be sure to subscribe, and follow us on Twitter, Instagram & Youtube.***** ***Also, check out our new website and tell a friend!*** Mix & Mastering courtesy of DJ Trends
September 2, 2020
Kareem Reid: The Not So Best Kept Secret
On this episode of Dribble N' Dimes, St. Raymond legend and best kept secret, Kareem Reid, talks with Emilio the Poet and Manny Digital to discuss his history coming out of The Bronx.  He grew up running with the likes of Stephon Marbury and Rafer “Skip To My Lou” Alston, won three championships in three years at the Entertainers Ballers Classic in the early 00s and led the Arkansas Razorbacks to the Sweet Sixteen in 1996. Listen now and hear this renowned Bronx baller share stories about his illustrious career. 🏀3:30 - On St Raymond’s importance to the history of NYC basketball 🏀11:40 - On playing in a New Rochelle tournament at Iona Prep 🏀19:20 - On playing JV Basketball at St. Raymond H.S. (Bronx, NY) 🏀35:00 - On getting the chance to start 🏀57:00 - On a memorable 2 minutes with Coach Gary DeCesare *****Be sure to subscribe, and follow us on Twitter, Instagram & Youtube.***** ***Also, check out our upcoming blog and tell a friend!*** Mix & Mastering courtesy of DJ Trends
August 26, 2020
Pass The Rock: Malachi Smith x Darryl "Truck" Bryant
On this episode of Dribble N' Dimes we're introducing something a little DIFFERENT. We call it Pass The Rock. A segment where current players talk to alumni of their institutions to get advice, learn some things and build stronger bonds with those that came before them. We kick things off with Malachi Smith and Darryl "Truck" Bryant, each answering some questions about their basketball journey. Mali and Truck discuss what getting recruited is like, how Truck got his nickname and Truck shares his advice on how to stay ready during Covid 19. Listen now and hear these two baller’s build. Moderated by Manny Digital. 🏀1:35 - “Where’s the name Truck come From? 🏀2:55 - “Why commute out oF your borough?” 🏀4:55 - “What was recruitment like, what teams recruited you? 🏀6:00 - “What was the transition From high school to college like? 🏀8:15 - “One jewel For senior season?” 🏀9:30 - “Why do you wanna cover the best guy on the court? 🏀10:50 - Are you someone that can be a leader? 🏀12:40 - Greatest High School Memory?” 🏀14:10 - On Being too Nice on the Court 🏀17:35 - Are you superstitious? 🏀21:05 - Staying ready during COVID *****Be sure to subscribe, and follow us on Twitter, Instagram & Youtube.***** ***Also, check out our upcoming blog and tell a friend!*** Mix & Mastering courtesy of DJ Trends
August 19, 2020
Nick Leon: Coney Island’s “Nick-At-Night”
On this episode of Dribble N’ Dimes, renowned NYC street-baller and St. Peter's University Hall of Famer, Nick Leon, sits down with Manny Digital and Emilio the Poet to discuss his illustrious career.  Growing up with a basketball hoop on (“almost”) every street, our guest talks about his early desires to branch out and face competition outside his neighborhood. From an early age his mentality was that he had to “get to work” and prove to his peers he was capable. After taking a trip to Queensbridge as a kid to play against some fresh faces, his hunger to prove himself to the entire city grew stronger.  Listen now and hear Leon talk about how growing up playing in the projects made him the man he is today. 🏀4:00 - First Trip to Queensbridge 🏀13:20 - On Father’s Influence 🏀17:30 - On Life Goals 🏀20:00 - On Networking 🏀24:45 - On Tiny Morton “Recruiting” Him 🏀34:00 - On Success at Coney Island juggernaut Lincoln H.S. 🏀45:40 - Changing his game for the sake of team 🏀57:00 - The most difficult year or Nick’s life *****Be sure to subscribe, and follow us on Twitter, Instagram & Youtube.***** ***Also, check out our upcoming blog and tell a friend!*** Mix & Mastering courtesy of DJ Trends
August 12, 2020
Chris McRae: For The Love...
Our guy hails from the picturesque streets of the Boogie DOWN! Being a loyal kind of guy he is, he picked up that roundball and parked it over at St. Raymond H.S. where he played his ass off for 4 seasons. Listen as this upcoming author shares his come up in the game (of basketball) and some of the difficult moments he experienced as a player throughout his high school career. On this episode you'll hear Chris talk about... 🏀The camaraderie of St. Raymond high school 🏀Legend Willie Worsley's influence in his basketball life 🏀Some of the tough times he experienced at St. Ray's 🏀The bouts with depression he's witnessed former players go through On this episode we welcome in Emilio's St. Ray's classmate and former Raven's player Chris McRae. Tell a friend... it's your main source for the basketball stories that shape the brand of hoops played and experienced throughout New York, New Jersey and Connecticut... Dribble N' Dimes! *****Be sure to subscribe, and follow us on Twitter, Instagram & Youtube.***** Mix & Mastering courtesy of DJ Trends
August 5, 2020
Jeff Greer: Left it All on the Court
This Cardinal Hayes grad was said to be the most impactful player in the school's history since Jamal Mashburn played there. While growing up in the Heights of Washington (uptown Manhattan to the rest of you), he honed his skills both around the neighborhood and with his bunk bed-mate (older brother) Ricardo Greer. When his friends ended up committing to attend Cardinal Hayes, circumstances push him there as well.  He would go on to play at Rutgers and from there embark on a 16 season professional career where he was able to play a key part in 2 French championships, both alongside Ricardo. On this episode we hear a story of perseverance, determination, tragedy and how Jeff Greer reached some incredible heights. Tune in and learn... We get into... 🏀 Some of the craziness that went on at Rutgers University 🏀 Why the street life never derailed the Greer brother's path in Hoops 🏀 When Stephen Jackson and Antoine Walker flew to France for 1 game 🏀 How this Dominican - American was getting them checks under the NCAA radar 🤫  Tell a friend... it's your main source for the basketball stories that shape the brand of hoops played and experienced throughout New York, New Jersey and Connecticut... Dribble N' Dimes! Be sure to follow us on Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, just search: DribblenDimes *****Be sure to subscribe to the podcast and tell a friend!***** Mix & Mastering courtesy of DJ Trends
July 29, 2020
Ronald Ramon: Machúcalo (Crush it)
As we proceed... Dominican Season's next episode features Ronald Ramon. On this episode we speak with another Dominican - American who's impacted the Tri-State area brand of basketball.  Double R played his high school basketball for coach Ed Gonzalez at All Hallows in the Bronx. A Bronx product himself, he grew up around many hoops influences throughout the city, but none greater than his very own father (Ronald Sr.) who was deep into the game as a player himself in the Dominican Republic.  On this episode we'll learn about the journey basketball has taken him on and what influences helped him along the way. We get into... 🏀 The Dominican pipeline from NYC to Pitt 🏀 Who Ronald looked up to as he was earning his stripes in NYC 🏀 What led him to a fruitful professional career in Brazil 🏀 How he landed on Jeff Capel's staff at the University of Pittsburgh Tell a friend... it's your main source for the basketball stories that shape the brand of hoops played and experienced throughout New York, New Jersey and Connecticut... Dribble N' Dimes!  Be sure to follow us on Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, just search: DribblenDimes *****Be sure to subscribe to the podcast and tell a friend!***** Mix & Mastering courtesy of DJ Trends
July 22, 2020
Luis Guzman: Dominicano Soy!
He played for the Dominican National team at age 16 under coach Orlando Antigua. As an 8th grader his AAU squad was ranked 20th in the nation and consisted of area phenoms Edgar Sosa, Curtis Kelly and Kashif Pratt. When it came time to choose a H.S. he did it differently and took his talents across the George Washington bridge to Paramus Catholic H.S. There he would play for former Los Angeles Laker Tony Campbell and against many NCAA/NBA pros on his way up the hoops ladder. When it came time to go to the next level he accepted legend John Chaney's recruitment offer and became a Temple Owl. Today he's an assistant coach on both the Stetson University Men's basketball team and the Dominican National team. He oversees the Washington Heights Invitational Tournament every summer benefitting the Wash Heights community. Kicking off our Dominican mini-series today we're joined by Luis Guzman. On this episode you'll learn... 🏀 What led Luis to choose Paramus  Catholic over Rice, St. Ray's, All Hallows 🏀 How landing @ Stetson University exposed him to big time championship coaching pedigree 🏀 About the the time Michael Jordan played in the Dominican Republic 🏀How the Washington Heights Invitational impacts the community *****Be sure to subscribe to the podcast and tell a friend!***** Mix & Mastering courtesy of DJ Trends
July 15, 2020
Stephen Thompson: From Crenshaw H.S. to Syracuse Univ.
Back in the 80's the Big East was dominating the NCAA capturing the hearts and minds of hoops hopefuls everywhere. One such standout from the left coast watched in awe on the television as the Orangemen worked their opponents. He was hooked! When it came time to decide where to make his collegiate bones his mother gave her blessing and into the care of coach Jim Boeheim he went. From there our guest took off! His freshman year he suited up alongside the likes of Sherman Douglas, Rony Seikaly, Billy Owens and Derrick Coleman. A member of the prestigious All Century team at Syracuse this current Oregon State assistant coach is on 2 All-Time lists at Syracuse (games played and points scored).  He's a proud father of 2 boys (Stephen Jr. and Ethan) who have both played meaningful roles on Oregon State's basketball team. On this episode, get to know South Central Los Angeles' own coach Stephen Thompson. You'll learn.. 🏀Why this California kid chose Syracuse 🏀The importance of education and how it made it possible for him to overachieve in hoops 🏀The significance the late Dwayne "Pearl" Washington had on him becoming an Orangeman 🏀How he and his teenage basketball teammates dominated in Denmark *****Be sure to subscribe to the podcast and tell a friend!***** Mix & Mastering courtesy of DJ Trends
July 8, 2020
Gary DeCesare: Just a kid from the Bronx
Coaches are meant to be some of the most impactful teachers in an athlete's life. On this episode we speak with a legendary NY coach who's touched the lives of hundreds.  As the head coach of St. Raymond H.S. (Bronx, NY) he rocked the C.H.S.A.A. with powerhouse teams featuring standouts that earned athletic scholarships all across the land. His reputation as a top coaching talent paved the way for him to make the jump to the NCAA as an assistant coach at both the University of Richmond and DePaul. After his tenure in the NCAA he got landed at St. Rita's H.S. (Chicago) where he continued helping talented players maximize their talents. In his 35+ years, he's had the pleasure of coaching some of New York City's most notable players (many featured on this podcast). Today he's the Director of College Athletics Recruiting, a Guidance Counselor and Head Coach at Gulliver Prep in Miami, FL. With us on Dribble N' Dimes... Coach Gary DeCesare. Tune in and hear... 🏀Why Gary DeCesare decided to leave high school for the NCAA 🏀How he met Sonny Vacarro (credited with signing Michael Jordan to his first sneaker deal) 🏀How he's reconnected with a slew of former players via Zoom during COVID 🏀How Daon Merritt played a roll in his move to coach in the NCAA 🏀Why he coached NBA players Mitchell Robinson, Mo Bamba, Michael Porter Jr. and Trey Young *****Be sure to subscribe to the podcast and tell a friend!***** Mix & Mastering courtesy of DJ Trends
July 1, 2020
Anthony Hodges: The Patient Grind
Our guest grew up to a single mother in Queens' notorious 40 projects. He played at IS-8 where he made his junior high team, but got too confident too quickly and caught a taste of humble pie early, by missing the cut before entering High School. At Campus Magnet (formerly known as Andrew Jackson H.S.) he made the squad, but didn't quite meet the potential he and others saw he had.  It wasn't until he got the opportunity to play JUCO for coach Tony Borges at Cayuga Community College that his game peaked. He learned to train his body and skills to improve his game. His journey led him to attend four colleges and come full circle back to Queens to finish up his degree. He's played overseas professionally and together with his wife founded Patient Grind training in an effort to partner with the community to promote and encourage passion in young adults through athletics. He's a published author and standup guy. On this episode we welcome in Anthony Hodges. *****Be sure to subscribe to the podcast and tell a friend!***** Mix & Mastering courtesy of DJ Trends
June 24, 2020
Anthony Epps: A Basketball Dream Unfulfilled
He was well known throughout the city. Ranked among the countries best coming into High School. Scored over 2,000 points in his middle school days over just two years at St. Helena Elementary. A phenom before there was a LeBron James. He played in the Pathmark Tournaments and packed out gyms wherever he went. He played against top names such as Ben Gordon, Lenny Cooke and Trevor Ariza. Arguably the city’s best at the time. However, due to a lack of exposure during his Junior and Senior years he wasn't able to manifest his potential. On this episode of Dribble N' Dimes learn the story of Anthony Epps. *****Be sure to subscribe to the podcast and tell a friend!***** Mix & Mastering courtesy of DJ Trends
June 17, 2020
Kashif Pratt: Destined to be a Rice Raider turned Sports Agent
Growing up in the Bronx our guest gravitated to the Gauchos early. With so much exposure to many of the areas' great talents in that 'Chos gym (several from Rice H.S.), it was engrained in him to dawn a Raiders uniform one day. That goal was met and through it he was able to forge life long relationships with many of his teammates till this day. He never quite received the consistency he needed while a player at Seton Hall or Iona College to showcase his game. However, when those choice moments were offered he took full advantage.  He's had his share of hard knocks, but as luck would have it was afforded the opportunity to work for Jordan brand. From there he buil strong relationships and today is a sports agent with Unlimited Sports Group, representing professional athletes all around the globe. Play yourself NOT and listen to the journey of Kashif Pratt on this episode of Dribble N' Dimes. *****Be sure to subscribe to the podcast and tell a friend!***** Mix & Mastering courtesy of DJ Trends
June 10, 2020
Coach Ed Gonzalez: BX Gael to BK Lion
He grew up in Spanish Harlem and picked up the basketball early. His motivation to play took him to All Hallows, in the Bronx, where as a player he was the floor general and ensured teammates like the late Troy Truesdale ate plenty off his sensational dimes. He's been named on this very show as an inspirational coach by several players who'd touched the Dribble N' Dimes mics such as Randy Williams, Marvin McCullough and Ronald Ramon (to name a few). Our guest attended Dowling college and after spending some time playing in Puerto Rico, he linked up with his homie (another Dribble N' Dimes alum) Tony Chiles to assist in coaching their alma mater All Hallows. Soon Tony would depart and that would set off decades of head coaching for our guest. Today he sits at the helm of the Bishop Loughlin Lions basketball team as their head coach. As a coach he's done some extraordinary things like: Had 8 out of 10 - Twenty Win Seasons, helped kids earn 10 Division 1 scholarships and in a 10 season span racked up 4 city championships, 6 Brooklyn/Queens CHSAA finals appearances (with half of those ending in championship trophies). He recently suffered a brain aneurism that left us all stunned, but incredibly hopeful. He's progressing well and aims to get back on the hardwood when he's cleared to make that transition. For now, hear him tell us the journey he has taken through basketball. On this episode, we welcome in coach Ed Gonzalez. *****Be sure to subscribe to the podcast and tell a friend!***** Mix & Mastering courtesy of DJ Trends
June 3, 2020
Julius Hodge: From a Raven to part of a Wolfpack
From the swag filled streets of Harlem World USA this man took on all naysayers to achieve the dream of many by being drafted into the NBA. Prior to completing that feat this lanky phenom made a name for himself all across the ACC as a ferocious member of NC State's Wolfpack. While there his name rang as he led his team to countless victories against many of he league's top talent. On his ascent up the NYC basketball ranks he was told he'd be spending his formative high school years lacing up for Gary DeCesare and the St. Raymond Ravens (his brother Steve's favorite H.S. program). While there he worked his tail off and earned the opportunity to win a city title and take home Mr. Basketball honors and a McDonald's All American selection. While he still bleeds NC State white and red, his soul is draped in orange and blue. Get comfortable as we explore the basketball journey of current San Jose State University assistant coach, Julius Hodge. *****Be sure to subscribe to the podcast and tell a friend!***** Mix & Mastering courtesy of DJ Trends
May 27, 2020
Dain Ervin: Evaluating Basketball Talent All Across the Land
This man hails from the same stomping grounds as New York legends Kenny the Jet Smith, Kenny Anderson and Hip Hop icon N.O.R.E.  In those Lefrak city streets he honed his skills, competing against some of the best to do it out of the Q borough. Our guest was mentored by Vincent Smith through the Aim High program. He made his bones and earned a spot on the Monsignor McClancy H.S. basketball roster. He would go on to excel and through some trials ended up playing at and graduating from Texas State University.  After graduation he remained close to the game and decided to start his very own national scouting service named Basketball Illustrated Sports. Through his service he provides over 150 college programs with his detailed observations of basketball's up and comers. On this episode, we gets busy learning the story of Dain Ervin. *****Be sure to subscribe to the podcast and tell a friend!***** Mix & Mastering courtesy of DJ Trends
May 20, 2020
Jordan "Flight" Southerland: The World's Best One Foot Dunker
You might have seen our guest throwing down some ferocious dunks on TNT's "The Dunk King" or traveling all over as part of the Harlem Wizards. This Marietta, GA native surprisingly didn't get any burn on his High School teams, although he was blessed with many of the gifts most hoopers dream of. He didn't stress and let God lead the way. Then a combination of luck and opportunity struck that propelled him into the professional Dunk circuit and into one of the world's premiere Dunkers. If you've spent any time caught in the gravitational pull of Youtube or Instagram dunk highlights, you've certainly stumbled upon his jaw dropping flushes. Pump your Reebok Pumps and get ready to take FLIGHT as we learn the story of Jordan Southerland. *****Be sure to subscribe to the podcast and tell a friend!***** Mix & Mastering courtesy of DJ Trends
May 13, 2020
Orlando Antigua: Bronx streets to NCAA Glory
Picture this... You're a teenager rocking with your friends. You get confused for someone else causing ruckus and you get popped in the head. You recover, hoop, do the most and go onto play D1 at the University of Pittsburgh. Through that you experience homelessness with your family and somehow down the line you make it to the bench alongside Hall of Fame coach John Calipari as an assistant and achieve NCAA supremacy. He's had the pleasure of coaching and mentoring some of the most recognizable college players of the last decade. Players like Demarcus Cousins, Anthony Davis, John Wall, Derrick Rose and more. Today he's an assistant to head coach Brad Underwood at the University of Illinois. On this episode we welcome in Dominican born, Bronx, NY/St. Raymond H.S. bred Orlando Antigua. *****Be sure to subscribe to the podcast and tell a friend!***** Mix & Mastering courtesy of DJ Trends
May 6, 2020
Gary Forbes: Humble Panamanian Beginnings
He left his native city in Panama after SWAT teams of military personnel invaded his neighborhood in search of military dictator Manuel Noriega. As a kid he spent a lot of time playing ball with his siblings on a home made hoop hand crafted by his father. When it came time to move to the United States he joined his family in Brooklyn. Basketball stayed with him and in his new surroundings steel sharpened steel and his talent elevated. He starred at Benjamin Banneker where he earned Brooklyn player of the year. When it came time for College he caught a few offers, but chose UVA (then UMass). He worked hard and through a ton of adversity (including being diagnosed with diabetes), but he fulfilled a life long dream and went pro. He played in the league with the Nuggets, Raptors and Rockets. He played all over the world and most recently for Vietnam's Saigon Heat until the coronavirus shut them now.  On this episode we get to know BK's own Gary Forbes. *****Be sure to subscribe to the podcast and tell a friend!***** Mix & Mastering courtesy of DJ Trends
April 29, 2020
The Last NCAA Game of 2020 w/ Terrence Rencher
It's all too familiar right now how significant an impact the coronavirus pandemic is having on our global community. A little over a month ago in the United States things were still relatively "normal." Then Rudy Gobert contracted the virus and shit got REAL in the world of sports! From there the NBA took action and postponed and ultimately cancelled their season.  The NCAA was next, they were in the midst of NCAA tournament qualifications when many of the conferences decided it was best to cancel the remainder of their tournaments. However, the Big East did not. Creighton and St. Johns tipped off at the world's most famous arena and while the arena was nearly empty, the game went on. Finally at halftime it was called and the NCAA was done for the season. On this episode Creighton assistant Terrence Rencher joins us to talk about the experience, what went down on the floor during this last game of the NCAA season and how he has been living his basketball life in our new reality.  *****Be sure to subscribe to the podcast and tell a friend!***** Mix & Mastering courtesy of DJ Trends
April 22, 2020
Tony Chiles - All Hallows Great + Columbia Univ. Grad
Back in the 80's NYC was on fire! The basketball scene was intense. You had a wide ranging cast of characters who transcended the landscape and cemented their legacies both on and off the court. Out of the Highbridge section of the Bronx, our guest took his talents to the Concourse to All Hallows where he would take his team to the city and state championships. He graduated valedictorian and went on to star at the prestigious Columbia University. He's spent over 2 decades coaching in the NCAA for a who's who of programs. He's recognized by many in the tri-state as one of the godfathers of our local coaching tree, helping to identify and develop several to fill important coaching positions in and around the NCAA. On this episode we explore the basketball journey of the honorable Tony Chiles. *****Be sure to subscribe to the podcast and tell a friend!***** Mix & Mastering courtesy of DJ Trends
April 15, 2020
Tim Thomas - Paterson NJ's Giant
This New Jersey product was constantly being discussed in all the major basketball outlets of the mid 90's. He attended Paterson Catholic H.S. where he dominated the hardwood and garnered national attention. He was selected as a McDonald's All-American and played alongside notables such as Stephen Jackson, Jermaine Oneal, Shaheen Holloway and a tri-lingual speaking kat by the name of Kobe Bryant. Before "One & Done" was fly, he finished his single NCAA season at Villanova and made his way to the National Basketball Association. He played 15 seasons in the league with several clubs. He displayed freakish athleticism and toughness all throughout his pro days. Late in 2019 we caught up with him at East Orange H.S. for his NJ High School Showcase. Now the director of basketball at Pioneer Academy, we kick it with the legendary Tim Thomas on this episode of Dribble N' Dimes. *****Be sure to subscribe to the podcast and tell a friend!***** Mix & Mastering courtesy of DJ Trends
April 8, 2020
The Point Goddess - China Crosby
A BX native she starred at Manhattan Center and was named a McDonald's All American. With her late mother's support and sacrifice she was able to spend hours practicing her craft up and down the hill that was her block. As one of the country's top point guards she was heavily recruited, but chose Virginia for the next phase of her career. We're glad to welcome in China Crosby on this episode of Dribble N' Dimes. Special thanks to the plug Kyle "The Sneaker Addict" for helping to make this episode happen. *****Be sure to subscribe to the podcast and tell a friend!***** Mix & Mastering courtesy of DJ Trends
April 1, 2020
The Journey of "The Correction's Officer" Anthony Glover
From top to bottom this dude is BX. He helped the Rice H.S. Raiders grab 2 City & State chips. Played all 4 years at St. John's University helping them claim the Big East title one of those seasons. He's also a 2X graduate of St. John's (Bachelor's and Graduate degrees respectively).  He's played professionally both domestically and overseas in places like Iceland, South Korea, France and Argentina. On the streetball circuit he was known as "The Correction's Officer" and on this episode of Dribble N' Dimes we explore the basketball journey of Anthony Glover. *****Be sure to subscribe to the podcast and tell a friend!***** Mix & Mastering courtesy of DJ Trends
March 25, 2020
The Catholic High School Athletic Association... with the chairman Paul Gilvary
Unfortunately, basketball has come to a screeching halt. Our new normal consists of lock downs and social distancing. This week was supposed to be when NYC's premiere basketball league was deep into its playoffs and en route to crowning a new champion.  While we don't have the CHSAA playoffs happening, you do have this dope conversation we had with the chairman of the CHSAA. Paul talks to us about...  - the history of the league - how things have evolved and  - what he anticipates the future will hold.  Enjoy (and stay safe out there)! *****Be sure to subscribe to the podcast and tell a friend!***** Mix & Mastering courtesy of DJ Trends
March 18, 2020
Lou Roe: Atlantic City Dreams to Pro Hoops Reality
Our guest was born and raised in Atlantic City, New Jersey. He graduated from Atlantic City High School then took his talents 6 hours north to the University of Massachusetts, where he'd cement his legacy as one of the most recognizable student athletes to ever play for the program.  He was drafted by the Detroit Pistons which kicked off a 17 year professional playing career all over the globe. He's now the owner/operator of Hoop Nerds Basketball Life Skills Academy and a newly minted member of the Dribble N' Dimes alumni association 😝. On this episode Lou Roe talks about...  - His climb up the basketball ladder - The beef that materialized between he and coach John Calipari - The challenges of taking advantage of education when you're a scholarship athlete  (best believe we had ourselves some post podcast Antonio's Pizza in Amherst... if you know, you know... FATCS)! *****Be sure to subscribe to the podcast and tell a friend!***** Mix & Mastering courtesy of DJ Trends
March 11, 2020
Coach Dwayne Killings - From Amherst, MA to the sidelines at Marquette University
While out at the PSA Cardinals showcase in December we bumped into Marquette assistant coach Dwayne Killings and finally got a chance to break bread with the homie. Dwayne, an Amherst, MA, product walked onto the Minutemen's squad at UMass and played under coach Bruiser Flint for several years. After completing his education and playing career at Hampton University, he jumped into the NBA to serve the Charlotte Bobcats in the video department.  He's been an assistant coach at Temple, UConn and most recently landed as an assistant beside coach Steve Wojciechowski at Marquette. You can catch him developing Golden Eagle players and jumping in and out of the Tri-State scouting and recruiting area prospects.  On this episode we learn about the basketball journey of Dwayne Killings. *****Be sure to subscribe to the podcast and tell a friend!***** Mix & Mastering courtesy of DJ Trends
March 4, 2020
Coach Ben Gamble: New Jersey's Own
He's revered throughout the state of New Jersey and has served his community on many levels for decades. Both as a state corrections officer and on the bench, as coach Bobby Hurley Senior's right hand at the now closed St. Anthony's H.S.  He eventually left coach Hurley's side and earned a reputation as a "turnaround" master, taking over fledgling basketball programs only to flip the script and dramatically improve them in a short span.  Today he presides as Head Coach over the Marist H.S. Royal Knights basketball team, and remains a community staple. On this episode we get to learn the journey of coach Ben Gamble. *****Be sure to subscribe to the podcast and tell a friend!***** Mix & Mastering courtesy of DJ Trends
February 26, 2020
Ryan "Special FX" Williams - Cardozo H.S., St. Johns Univ., and that AND1 Life!
Straight out of the Q borough this high flyer started playing at Rucker Park at age 16. In High School he was coached by Ron Naclerio at Cardozo and was a standout, as he rocked rims all around the PSAL. He attended and graduated from Monroe College and the St. John's University.  He was known as the super sub, coming off the bench at St. Johns and made his bones playing with the infamous AND1 basketball squad. He's been known to dunk over several cheerleaders in a single bound, but not so quiet as kept has all around game.  On this episode we got the chance to learn the story of Ryan "Special FX" Williams accompanied by his son RJ. *****Be sure to subscribe to the podcast and tell a friend!***** Mix & Mastering courtesy of DJ Trends
February 19, 2020
Mourning the Loss of Kobe Bean Bryant
January 26, 2020 will be one of those unfortunate days in history where everyone will remember where they were when they found out about Kobe  and Gianna Bryant's death.  On this special episode Manny Digital & Emilio The Poet share their thoughts and recount some Kobe history with the help of some friends, You'll hear about Kobe Bryant while at the legendary ABCD camp, his interactions with Harlem youth via Millbank, the charity he provided the Gauchos program of the Bronx and more.  Thanks to our homies Jaime Peterson, Ryan "Special FX" Williams, Jim Sturgis, Book Richardson, Rose Byers and Rich Kosik for sharing with us some of their thoughts/experiences with Kobe Bryant. Opening song on this episode: Brian McKnight - Hold Me ft. Kobe Bryant
February 1, 2020
#55: Terrance "Munch" Williams (Wesleyan Univ./ Pro Scholar Athletics) - SEASON FINALE
His path can only be described as highly unlikely for a kid from the Bronx. Through his basketball ability and his academic achievement he earned his way to the Holderness School, a boarding high school with annual tuition of $58k😲. There he handled his business on and off the court taking advantage of advanced education and a wealth of networking opportunities that he maintains till today. He went on to graduate from Wesleyan University and fell into the field of education. Through the pillar of education he has served his community putting programming in place to enhance the opportunities of higher learning for people that walk, talk and look like us. Today as Executive Director he oversees the growth and development of an elite group of student athletes @ NYC based Pro Scholar Athletes. On this episode of Dribble N' Dimes, we rock with the homie Munch and learn why he believes the PSA Cardinals do things differently, and why his program is improving the ways in which deserving student athletes obtain scholarships to advance their lives. *****Be sure to subscribe to the podcast and tell a friend!***** Mix & Mastering courtesy of DJ Trends
December 18, 2019
#54: Kyle Cuffe Sr. (Rice High School/St. John's University)
Standing 6 feet 9 inches, he hails from the Towers of Tracey in the Bronx. He played at legendary powerhouse Rice High School and when it came time to go to college he stayed local, and balled with the Red Men of St. Johns. He took full advantage of his athletic scholarship and graduated. He played overseas in places like Venezuela and Indonesia. He's a proud father, appreciative husband and standup guy. Listen to how he was discovered by the Riverside Hawks and ultimately fell into a high level basketball career. On this episode we kick it with Kyle Cuffe Sr. *****Be sure to subscribe to the podcast and tell a friend!***** Mix & Mastering courtesy of DJ Trends
December 11, 2019
#53: Emmanuel "Book" Richardson (St. Raymond H.S./Univ. of Pitt Johnstown/Gauchos)
Our guest is a NYC guy all the way through. We claim him in the BX, but he's resided in multiple boroughs and has made a mark everywhere he's set foot. Hanging with older crowds, he fell into the game of basketball and with the help of the "older heads" was put on the path to basketball success.  His climb up the hoops ladder landed him at St. Raymond H.S. and into the Raven family. There he quickly formed bonds with his newfound band of brothers and nurtured an adversarial relationship with coach Gary DeCesare. He developed his game and leadership abilities and was able to take them on a multi-stop college tour that culminated in him earning his college degree at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown. From there he leapt into a coaching career spanning nearly a decade, across several men's programs around the NCAA.  After serving time, as a consequence of an FBI investigation into the NCAA, Book chose Dribble N' Dimes as his first public opportunity to speak since becoming a newly free man. He sits with Manny Digital to walk through his past and share what's in store in his new future with the Gauchos.  Listen to the story of Emmanuel "Book" Richardson with special guest Erin Richardson on this episode of Dribble N' Dimes. Be sure to subscribe to the podcast and tell a friend! Mix & Mastering courtesy of DJ Trends
December 4, 2019
#52: Ed McDonald (Xaverian H.S./Boston College/Goodfellas Actor)
He's a product of Brooklyn NY. He attended and played at Xaverian H.S. and once done there set his academic sights on Boston University. He was good enough to walk onto the freshman squad at B.C., but decided to quit. In his career he's been the former chief of the Organized Crime Strike Force in the Eastern District. He's prosecuted several corrupt politicians, labor union officials and the heads of 4 of the 5 New York mafia families. You might know him from his acting work in several films, but he's most recognized for his portrayal of himself in the cult classic “Goodfellas” starring Robert DeNiro, Lorraine Bracco and Ray Liotta. He’s now Sr. Counsel at international law firm Dechert L.L.P. On this episode hear the journey of Edward McDonald. Be sure to subscribe to the podcast and tell a friend! Mix & Mastering courtesy of DJ Trends
November 27, 2019
#51: James Mooney (Iona Prep/College of Mount Saint Vincent)
He grew up a Bronx guy. Basketball became a part of his life early. He practiced constantly in his private alleyway in the apartment complex where he was raised. He attended Iona Prep, where he struggled, but learned what patience and perseverance can help one achieve. From there he made it onto the hardwood as a student athlete at the College of Mount Saint Vincent, where he'd go on to become the highest career scorer in school history.  Today he's the school's Head Men's Basketball Coach and Assistant Director of Athletics. Take a stroll with us through the basketball journey of James Mooney. Be sure to subscribe to the podcast and tell a friend! Mix & Mastering courtesy of DJ Trends
November 20, 2019
#50: Kevin Bell 🛎 (Rice H.S./Bowie State Univ.)
Our guest is the living Harlem, NY doppelgänger version of legendary fighter Kimbo Slice. As a NY basketball protegè he came up playing with the Riverside Hawks alongside a variety of NY basketball phenoms that would go on to dominate around the city.  He attended Rice High School where like Voltron he would join forces with area notables like Kenny Satterfield, Andre Sweet, Kyle Cuff and Andre Barrett. With this squad they ran the table and took home back to back city + state championships. He later went on to attend Westark Community College, Monroe College and finished out his playing days balling ferociously at Bowie State University. Plop down on the bench and take a listen to our conversation with Kevin Bell. Be sure to subscribe to the podcast and tell a friend! Mix & Mastering courtesy of DJ Trends
November 13, 2019
#49: Eric "Broadway" Jones (St. Raymond H.S./Urbana Univ.)
This Bronx, NY product has been a basketball player since he can remember. Coming up he caught whatever run he could. When it was time to decide on a High School a friend demanded he attend St. Raymond H.S. (in the Bronx) where the basketball program was better than other options he was considering. From there he would go on to play 3 seasons at St. Raymond. After his 3rd season he had a frank conversation with coach Gary DeCesare, which prompted him to transfer to Our Savior Lutheran to finish out his high school career. He went onto JuCo and ended up playing at Division II Urbana University (OH) where he earned two degrees (on scholarship) while also being a part of the basketball program. Today he's a successful entrepreneur with ownership stakes in the Harlem Wizards, City Legendz, LLC and a number of other ventures he keeps close to the vest. You can also catch him hosting From The Bottom To The Top Hoops on YouTube. Listen to the journey of Eric Jones on this episode of Dribble N' Dimes Be sure to subscribe to the podcast and tell a friend! Mix & Mastering courtesy of DJ Trends
November 6, 2019
#48: Marcus Cox (Kolbe Cathedral/UConn/UMass)
On this episode we take our talents to Connecticut and stay true to our Tri-State intentions! We got the chance to sit with a graduate of Kolbe Cathedral H.S., where this man helped lead his team to the state chip. Born and bred in Bridgeport, he's stayed loyal to his city in both his decision to attend UConn, to play for coach Jim Calhoun, and also as a current coach/mentor via his New England Supreme basketball academy. We learn about the events that led him to transfer to UMass Amherst to play for then coach Steve Lappas and how injury and some missteps didn't deter him from making progress in life beyond basketball. Lace up and listen to the basketball journey of Marcus Cox on this episode of Dribble N' Dimes. Be sure to subscribe to the podcast and tell a friend! Mix & Mastering courtesy of DJ Trends
October 30, 2019
#47: Ernie Morris (Benedict College/Hoops Historian)
Our guest is by far the KING of the acronym (you'll see why when you tune in)! He was fortunate enough to play for Harlem legend Holcombe Rucker (the namesake of Harlem's famous basketball tournament/court). He coached many and was witness to some of the most prolific talents to ever come out of the NY area. Hoops fiends get ready, because you're about to tap into some tried and true oral history from a quintessential O.G.  On this episode of Dribble N' Dimes we have the honor of speaking with an RND (Real Nice Dude), Mr. Ernie Morris.  Be sure to subscribe to the podcast and tell a friend! Mix & Mastering courtesy of DJ Trends
October 23, 2019
#46: Rod Strickland (NBA/DePaul Univ.)
Our guest hails from the Bronx, NY. He attended 3 High Schools before starring at Chicago's DePaul University. Once he showed out in the NCAA he set his sights for the NBA where he had a storied 17 year professional career. Afterward he turned to coaching and worked with Kentucky head coach John Calipari for many seasons. Today he manages the professional path program established by the NBA's G-League and can be found working in the community through the Young Athletes Inc. organization.  Right now on Dribble N' Dimes we're blessed to chop it up with hoops legend Rod "Ooh, Ooh" Strickland. Be sure to subscribe to the podcast and tell a friend! Mix & Mastering courtesy of DJ Trends
October 16, 2019
#45: Coach Ron Naclerio (Cardozo H.S./St. John's University)
You could say this man is a lifer. He has been both a player and (for the last 38+ years) the head coach at Queens powerhouse Cardozo H.S. His storied program has helped develop a large crop of talented men all across the basketball landscape.  Players like streetball icon Rafer "Skip to my Lou" Alston, retired NBA vet Duane Causwell and current New York Knicks assistant coach Royal Ivey all credit this man with helping them grow as men and athletes. He attended St. John's where he excelled as a baseball player. So much so that he was drafted by the White Sox, but never gave up coaching under his mentor Al Matican. He's the winningest public school coach in New York city and state history with over 800 W's as of this recording. If it wasn't for his late father, the civil rights movement would have lost one of its major figures, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. On this episode of Dribble N' Dimes we have the privilege of learning hoops history from "The Teacher" Coach Ron Naclerio. Be sure to subscribe to the podcast and tell a friend! Mix & Mastering courtesy of DJ Trends
October 9, 2019
#44: Micah Brand (UMass/Milford Academy)
On today's episode we feature a 4 year student athlete who graduated from the Zoo (also known as UMass to those of you not in the know). He hails from Middletown, NY and had a stellar international pro career spanning over 10 years of service. He took his talents to places like Korea, Lebanon and China. He speaks Spanish and can read Korean. A graduate of Millford Academy alum. Operator at Attack the Rim basketball academy. Today he's a newly minted assistant coach at SUNY Orange. Lacing them up with us today is 6ft 11inch Micah Brand. Be sure to subscribe to the podcast and tell a friend! Mix & Mastering courtesy of DJ Trends
October 2, 2019
#43: Roosevelt "Coach Rose 🌹" Byers (Millbank/St. Raymond H.S.)
He graduated from St. Thomas Aquinas College in Rockland County. He's been affiliated with the Dunlevy Milbank Center since he was a child and today serves as the athletic director and face of the Millbank Flyers basketball program. He's known to have had a hand in helping standouts such as Mo Bamba and several of the members of wildly popular Jelly Fam 🍇crew. You'll find this Harlemite pacing the sidelines at St. Raymond as the head coach of the Freshman squad and assistant to the Varsity team under Jorgè Lopez.  His nickname should be "Chip" given the number of championships he's earned as the head of the freshman team at St. Rays, but also summer tournaments like Nike's NY vs NY and City Is Mine.  On this episode we rock with coach Roosevelt Byers. Be sure to subscribe to the podcast and tell a friend! Mix & Mastering courtesy of DJ Trends
September 25, 2019
#42: Maxwell "Bingo" Cole (Bingo All Stars/Monsignor Scanlan H.S.)
He grew up in the same BX projects that raised Nate "Tiny" Archibald (Patterson Houses). He never suited up for a H.S. basketball team, but at the tender age of 18 began his coaching career. Under his watch many NYC players took flight and earned athletic scholarships to a host of recognizable collegiate programs. He's proud to have had a hand in the development of athletes at both of NY's premier AAU programs (Gauchos and Riverside). His mother nicknamed him Bingo because of her many nights playing the game while pregnant with him. Today he's the CEO of Bingo All Stars, CEO of the Tru Ballaz Pre-High School Classic and also the Athletic Director at Monsignor Scanlan High School.  On this episode of Dribble N' Dimes hear the basketball story of Maxwell "Bingo" Cole. Be sure to subscribe to the podcast and tell a friend! Mix & Mastering courtesy of DJ Trends (
September 18, 2019
#41: Kevin Hamilton Sr. (Iona College HOF/NBA Draftee)
Our guest is in the Iona College Hall of Fame and under the late Jim Valvano helped take his Iona squads to the NCAA tournament TWICE! His genes are strong! All his offspring have played professional basketball all across the globe.   This North Babylon H.S. alum and former NYIT head coach worked his tail off and was drafted by the NBA's Boston Celtics, but never had a chance to log NBA minutes due to injury. On this episode we pass the rock to Kevin Hamilton Sr. and get the story behind his journey through basketball. Be sure to subscribe to the podcast and tell a friend! Mix & Mastering courtesy of DJ Trends (
September 11, 2019
#40: Terrence Rencher (Univ. of Texas/St. Raymond H.S.)
He's known as the all time leading scorer in University of Texas history. He played professionally in the NBA and all throughout Europe. He left for the pros and over a decade later came back to UT to earn his degree.  He's a St. Raymond H.S. alumi and while there took home Mr. Basketball NY honors and he's one of the prides of the Boogie Down. On Dribble N' Dimes, we kick it with Terrence Rencher. Be sure to subscribe to the podcast and tell a friend! Mix & Mastering courtesy of DJ Trends
September 4, 2019
#39: Tyler Brown (St. Raymond H.S./South Carolina State Univ.)
While born in BK our guest considers the Throggs Neck section of the Bronx home. "Sweet Chuck", as he was dubbed by one of his High School teammates was known as a sharp shooting walking bucket.  He ran with notables like Charles Jones, Jerry McCullough and Orlando Antigua on his climb up the basketball ladder. Played for a few junior colleges, but landed at South Carolina State his senior year and helped lead his team to the big dance. He played professionally in Puerto Rico for many years, but yet and still you can find him on a tri-state area basketball court dropping 20 like it was 1995.  On this episode of Dribble N' Dimes we explore the basketball journey of Tyler Brown. Be sure to subscribe to the podcast and tell a friend! Mix & Mastering courtesy of DJ Trends (
August 28, 2019
#38: Steve Burtt Sr. (Iona College/NBA)
The early years were rough for our guest after losing both his parents by age 12. Thanks to a childhood friend he got down with his local Police Athletic League where he began developing his basketball skills quickly and meeting one of his life long mentors Mr. LaMarre Dyson. He played high school ball at Charles Evans Hughes before enrolling at Iona College.  In his time there he became the all-time leader in total points scored. Along with his son, also an Iona product, they are one of just two father-son duos to score 2,000 points each in NCAA D-I basketball, the other being Dell Curry and Steph Curry. After leaving Iona in 1984 he was selected 30th overall by the Golden State Warriors. That kicked off a 16 year professional career that took him all around the globe.  Today you can find him all throughout the city of NY training, educating and developing children and young adults through Young Athletes Inc and a host of events he's affiliated with.  On this episode we explore the life and journey of Steve Burtt Sr.  Be sure to subscribe to the podcast and tell a friend!  Mix & Mastering courtesy of DJ Trends
August 21, 2019
#37: Henry Perez & Joe "Pasta" Cifone (We W.I.L.L. Thru Sports)
On this episode we explore the journeys of 2 distinguished gentlemen from the We W.I.L.L. Thru Sports Program. Our first guest was raised on the upper west side as a member of an 8 sibling family. Nothing came easy, but there was never a dull moment. He graduated from Norman Thomas H.S. and made his way to Lehman College where for the first time he walked on and played organized basketball. He flipped that into a couple of FREE99 degrees and the inspiration to one day establish his own non profit now named We W.I.L.L. Thru Sports. Today as the founder of We W.I.L.L. coach Henry Perez develops groups of children and young adults through expert basketball training and a variety of personal development programs. Our next guest earned the respect of his peers early and as such was given private access to his neighborhood public park where he spent countless hours refining his shooting stroke. He spent time busting that ass all across NYC. Often you'd catch him playing alongside Hoops & Hip Hop icon Bobbito Garcia. When High School hit he attended and played at La Salle Academy. Then he'd go on to the University of Nebraska to play D1 ball and then professionally in Italy. Today "Pasta" (as they call him) is the associate head coach at Riverdale H.S. and both a board member and coach at We W.I.L.L. Thru Sports. On this episode of Dribble N' Dimes we hear the stories of Henry Perez and Joe "Pasta" Cifone. Be sure to subscribe to the podcast and tell a friend! Mix & Mastering courtesy of DJ Trends (
August 14, 2019
#36: Dave Cordova (
Standing 6 feet 9 inches this brother frequented his neighborhood courts to get his recreational hoops on. In middle school his confidence grew, not off the roundball, but with the pen after he earned an A off an essay he scribed. That confidence instilled by his teacher sparked a curiosity in him that years later resulted in the creation of his own hoops site called A walking high school hoops encyclopedia, he'll give you the low down and recent highlights of most standouts straight off the dome. You can find him at most local tournaments and notable games interviewing players and crafting content for his blog.  On this episode of Dribble N' Dimes we kick it with writer - entrepreneur and owner of, David Cordova. Be sure to subscribe to the podcast and tell a friend! Mix & Mastering courtesy of DJ Trends (
August 7, 2019
#35: Dave Schnur (COO of SLAM Media, Inc)
At an early age our guest recalls immersing himself in basketball thru the pages of SLAM magazine. In parallel he became more dedicated to honing his skills in the park. He peaked early and by the end of his middle school years so too came the slow down of his serious on court exploits. He never let up on his hoops fanaticism. He revered NBA icons like Allen Iverson, Kobe Bryant and so on, never missing a beat on all things Basketball culture. As luck would have it he found his way into Harris Publications and became a part of the SLAM magazine family. As a sales person he made a name for himself and earned a solid reputation throughout the company. After a series of interesting corporate shuffles he partnered with SLAM founder Dennis Page and another associate to outright buy SLAM and set it on a new and exciting course. On this episode of Dribble N' Dimes we hear the basketball story of SLAM Media, Inc. Partner & COO David Schnur Be sure to subscribe to the podcast and tell a friend! Mix & Mastering courtesy of DJ Trends (
July 31, 2019
#34: Daniel Artest (Queensbridge Houses)
As a young'n this Queensbridge product ran tournaments in his neighborhood park using the spaces in-between the monkey bars as baskets. A raw talent he grew and developed into a low post barbarian, unstoppable in his pursuit of wiping the glass clean and getting his text book put backs. The bulk of his playing days were spent on the streetball circuit where he earned the nickname "Da Guardian".  When his brother made it to the league, the family headed west to the great state of Indiana, where he found himself practicing with NBA pros giving them the business (his brother included). Throughout, he's struggled with depression and has been in some dark places, but with the help of his bride to be and the love of his family he's been able to work through terrible times to get himself to a happier place.  On this episode of Dribble N' Dimes, It's a pleasure to share the basketball journey of Daniel Artest. Be sure to subscribe to the podcast and tell a friend! Mix & Mastering courtesy of DJ Trends (
July 24, 2019
#33 - Rich Kosik (pt. 2)
Hope you enjoyed listening to part 1 (a.k.a. Episode 32) w/ Rich Kosik. On this episode Rich returns with part 2 and tells us stories of his time with ABCD camp,  breaks down the history of the program and much more.  Be sure to subscribe to the podcast and tell a friend. Mix & Mastering courtesy of DJ Trends (
July 17, 2019
#32 - Rich Kosik (pt. 1)
This Astoria Queens native grew up playing all sorts of sports up and down his block. Self admittedly he wasn't the best basketball player, but his defensive prowess got him court time at his neighborhood Boys & Girls club. He attended Rice high school and though he tried out annually, he never made the hoops team. He spent years working with the youth giving them opportunities to engage in basketball and utilize it as a tool to further themselves through vehicles like the PSAL and his Game Plan For Success workshops. When sports marketing guru and founder of ABCD camp, Sonny Vaccaro, was looking for an east coast camp head our guest was the guy. Through ABCD he was able to help in the development of the nation's brightest stars... Tracy McGrady, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Tim Duncan, Jason Kidd and many more. On this episode of Dribble N' Dimes we kick it with basketball historian, educator and youth advocate Mr. Rich Kosik. Mix & Mastering courtesy of DJ Trends (
July 10, 2019
#31 - Charlton Clarke (former player Univ. of Massachusetts)
Straight out of the Boogie Down our guest was taught to dribble by one of the most unlikely teachers, his slightly older Greek neighbor. This self proclaimed fire escape All-American, would adjust the height of his building fire escape ladder to accommodate his shooting stroke and dunk game.   At age 11 he was invited by neighborhood homie Orlando Antigua to try out for the Gauchos. He arrived late, missing the age appropriate try-out. With little choice left he ran with the much bigger 16 year olds and made the cut. He honed his skills and attended St. Raymond H.S. As a freshman, he killed, capturing well deserved attention throughout the city for his performances. In his sophomore year he was promoted to the Varsity squad under Gary DeCesare and blossomed, garnering national attention that ultimately led to him committing to the University of Massachusetts. On this episode we sit with that dude Charlton Clarke. Mix & Mastering courtesy of DJ Trends (
July 3, 2019
#30 - Jarrett T. Lockhart (former player Univ. of Pittsburgh)
The son of a former NBA draftee, this Sweden born Bronxite established a reputation for himself as a fierce hoops competitor throughout NYC. His stock rose quickly and as a result he became the youngest player ever to attend one of the more prestigious basketball staples.. ABCD camp. When it came time, he picked Puff Daddy's Alma Mater (Mount St. Michael H.S.) as his primary training ground toward the elevation his game. His relationship with former NBA player Mark Blount made his decision to attend the University of Pittsburgh an easy one. While there he played with folks like Dribble N' Dimes alumni Ricardo Greer and Seton Hall head coach Kevin Willard. Most recently this skills trainer and player development specialist was an assistant coach on the men's team at Florida International University. This month he debuts as an author with the release of the book "Cheers to Fears" with co-author and former Pitt teammate Jeremy Holmes. Stop. Sit and Listen to our chat with Jarett Lockhart  Mix & Mastering courtesy of DJ Trends (
June 26, 2019
#29 - Jose "Chucky" Martin (Asst. Coach @ Univ. of South Carolina)
Yankee stadium's lights turned the attention of passerby's onto his neighborhood court. Crowds would form and from there our guest and his boys would put on a show to hear them cheer. From these humble beginnings this Puerto Rican kid started to generate a buzz that, with the inspiration of Gary Massey, helped him build a solid career as a player at St. Raymond H.S. From there he went on to play at Monmouth college and later joined the NCAA coaching ranks as both a Head and Assistant coach for schools like Marist, UMass and Memphis. He was an assistant on Calipari's bench on the juggernaut Memphis Tigers squad that featured Derek Rose and Chris Douglas Roberts. Today he's an assistant to coach Frank Martin on South Carolina's Men's team. Rock with us as we take you through the basketball story of Jose "Chucky" Martin. Mix & Mastering courtesy of DJ Trends (
June 19, 2019
#28 - Karl, C-Nick & Pauli (The Nickerson Boys)
This trio's basketball roots can be traced back to the patriarch's days at Cardozo H.S. where he was the school's first ever basketball MVP and team captain. He's also been an integral part in the development of several NYC area basketball standouts such as NBA All Star Kemba Walker and former Villanova Wildcat Corey Fisher. His sons followed suit carving out respectable careers on the hardwood both as players for St. Raymond H.S. and all throughout the AAU circuit. They played with some of the fiercest kats of their era. Names like Andre Barrett, Kenny Satterfield, Ron and Daniel Artest to name a few. Karl Jr. (also known as C. Nick), was said to be one of Ron Artest's toughest opponents (by the man himself). Pauli, the consummate NY Point Guard, held his own and took full advantage of the opportunities the game has yielded him. On this episode we get into a dope conversation with our first basketball family. Coach Nick, C-Nick and Pauli... The Nickerson Boys! Mix & Mastering courtesy of DJ Trends (
June 12, 2019
#27 - Marvin McCullough (former Iona College player)
His family members were some of the baddest mother flowers balling throughout NYC in their day. His dad not only played professionally in the NBA, but was one half of the duo that started the Rucker Pro Tournament. This Harlemite attended All Hallows high school in the Bronx where he led them to back to back Catholic High School championship finals taking home the chip in their first appearance.  He proceeded to earn a college scholarship and play for Iona College where he became the first player in Iona history to record four straight 100+ assist seasons. While there he also earned three MAAC All-Academic Selections and graduated with an accounting degree. Today he's the head coach of the All Hallows Varsity basketball team, math teacher and active participant in his father, Bob McCullough's, Each One Teach One program. On this episode of Dribble N' Dimes... Marvin McCullough Intro/Outro Credit: Mix & Mastering courtesy of DJ Trends (
June 5, 2019
#26 - Talkin' That Isht (feat. Los)
Being a hoops fan there's a lot of angst, love and war that is spewed! The boys are back to talk that wholesome basketball SHIT and debate things every basketball fiend is thinking about. The homie Los joins Digi and the Poet for another candid back and forth. Happy listening!
May 29, 2019
#25 - Greg "Scott2Be" Scott (former player Fairfield University)
He's spent time working to improve our inner city community through his work in the social services. For over 25 years he has been a part of St. Raymond High School's administration mentoring, teaching, coaching and guiding the many students who have walked those halls.  As a student athlete at St. Raymond's he beasted! With his grit and leaping ability he excelled mightily racking up all sorts of rebounds and monstrous dunks. He chose to attend Fairfield University on an athletic scholarship, shutting down offers from programs such as Wake Forest and Tennessee. On this episode of Dribble N' Dimes we sit down with the current Chair of the Guidance Department and St. Raymond H.S. legend Mr. Gregory Scott. Intro/Outro Credit: Mix & Mastering courtesy of DJ Trends (
May 22, 2019
Episode 24 - Randy Williams (All Hallows H.S./Iona College)
He first hit the hardwood when he joined the St. Dominic middle school basketball team. He recalls coaches George Ramos and Larry Villar being the reasons why he fell in love with the game. Money was tight, so in order to afford his middle school uniform, coach Ramos would subsidize $5 from the cost of the uniform for every completed dunk. Needless to say he earned his uniform and finished his time at St. Dominic balling out! When it came time to choose a high school, he side stepped St. Rays to attend All Hallows where he dominated. Regretfully, in his junior season he passed up on committing early to a few D1 mid majors that later resulted in many of his scholarship offers drying up due to a serious foot injury. Thankfully, he was offered academic dollars to attend  Iona college. Once there he was able to walk onto the Iona Gaels men's team. That set the stage for him to live his dream of playing D1 basketball and ultimately graduating as an IT professional. On this episode of Dribble N' Dimes hear the basketball story of Randy Williams. Intro/Outro Credit: Mix & Mastering courtesy of DJ Trends (
May 15, 2019
Episode 23 - Shane "The Dribble Machine" Woney (And1 Mixtape)
Raised in the Edenwald Projects of the Bronx this hoop star bounced around between the streets and basketball to earn his keep. At the Rucker he earned his moniker "The Dribble Machine" which paved the way for an opportunity to be one of the original members of the infamous And1 Mixtape Tour. Through the tour he was able to travel the world showing off his ball handling mastery while embarrassing the opposition. He was also able to Today he spends his time training and developing up and coming hoopers across the NYC. On this episode of Dribble N' Dimes we sit with the homie Shane "Dribble Machine" Woney. Mix & Mastering courtesy of DJ Trends (
May 8, 2019
Episode 22 - The Block Boys (feat. Los)
On this episode your beloved hosts sit down with childhood friend and Dribble N' Dimes supporter Los to argue, debate and inevitably talk our shit on all things basketball.  YOU'RE WELCOME 😆 
April 24, 2019
Episode 21 - Howie Harrison
This brother has his Harlem swag on 100,000! He came up playing ball via the Gauchos program traveling all over the country. He left Harlem for boarding school in Massachusetts attending the Bement school and Williston Northampton School while both hooping and slaying the academics. A graduate of UMass Amherst he went on to earn several post graduate degrees and a slew of certifications. Today he's an assistant coach at Hostos Community College and serves as both the Supervisor of Phys Ed and Assistant Athletic Director for the city of Newburgh's school district. On this episode of Dribble N' Dimes we welcome Howie Harrison.
April 17, 2019
Episode 20 - Matt Augustin
Right off the 6 train in the Boogie Down is where this lockdown defender was raised. The son of St. Lucian parents, he was taught early to appreciate what he was given and to extract lessons from the adversity he faced. He grew up surrounded by basketball phenoms like Terrence Rencher and Carl Krauser and knew early that he would make a name for himself with that same rock. In high school he was regarded as the heart and soul of his team. Teammates nick named him Matt Lock for his tenacious D and never back down attitude. In 2001 he played an integral role in St. Raymond's championship run and impressed onlooking collegiate coaches enough to earn an athletic scholarship. Get comfy as we take you through the basketball journey of Matt Augustin on this episode of Dribble N' Dimes.
April 10, 2019
Episode 19 - G. Moody Returns
We're joined once again by Brooklyn's finest! G. Moody stops by to get into some real deal NYC hoops talk. We also get the update on his FIVE STAR podcast "This That & The Third" and so much more.  Get your hoops serving NOW with your homies from the Mecca of Basketball podcast!
April 3, 2019
Episode 18 - Jerry McCullough
This cat was around the game of basketball from an early age. The park was his home and where he got nice with his. You could find him hooping his tail off at the Gauchos gym and at Rice High School for coach Lou Demello. He was considered by his coaches and fans alike the example of what an inner-city basketball player is supposed to be about. In college he led the Big East in steals one season and is debated as one of the best guards to ever roam the hardwood at the University of Pittsburgh. Upon graduating he took his talents overseas playing professionally in France, Russia, Turkey, Italy and winning back to back chips in the Dominican Republic (while getting nice with his merengue and español). He's coached at both the High School and Collegiate ranks and today operates the City Legendz tournament with partner and Harlem Wizard Eric Jones to help elevate youth basketball in and around NY. Tune into this episode to hear the basketball journey of Jerry "Ice" McCullough.
March 27, 2019
Episode 17 - Ricardo Greer
Tragedy struck this young man's family at a tender age when his mother unexpectedly passed away. Thanks to his older sister taking on the motherly role plus with the help of his extended family he was able to persevere, hone his skills and flourish as a phenom on the basketball court. A current assistant coach for the Dayton Fyers men's basketball team, he went from Washington Heights, to the Univ. of Pittsburgh and overseas (winning a few championships along the way). Ricardo Greer now sits with Manny Digital and Emilio the Poet to tell us all about his journey on this episode of the Mecca of Tri-State area Hoops podcast! 
March 20, 2019
Episode 16 - Dana Dingle (former Univ. Massachusetts player/N.Y. Lightning Co-Director)
When he wasn't break dance battling in building lobbies with his boys, this kid could be found roaming Parkchester playing the game of baseball. In the height of the crack era his parents decided to send him to a nearby Catholic high school to help shelter him from the crime and violence surrounding them. On his first day at St. Raymond H.S. he expected to try-out for the baseball team. However, he was a month late and was quickly directed toward basketball tryouts. From there fate, hard work and boundless dedication led him to become a city wide standout on a stacked St. Raymond squad. He then joined forces with Carmelo Travieso, Donta Bright, the Padilla brothers, Marcus Camby and hall of fame coach John Calipari to arrive at the NCAA Final Four with the UMass Minutemen. On this episode of Dribble N' Dimes we chop it up with the co-founder of the NY Lighting basketball program and hoops legend, Dana Dingle.
March 13, 2019
Episode 15 - Coach Jorgé Lopez (St. Raymond H.S. Varsity)
His passion for coaching awoke when a group of local Wash Heights kids needed a coach to enter a tournament and they asked him to commit. From that spark he made his way up the local coaching ranks which set him up for the opportunity to enter the family of St. Raymond. This season he recorded his 100th win at the helm as head coach of the Raven's. Varsity team. On this episode of Dribble N' Dimes we learn the basketball journey of Coach Jorgé Lopez.
March 6, 2019
Episode 14 - J.R. Gamble
Season 2 starts NOW! As a child this St. Albans native carried the nickname "stats" for his spongelike ability to memorize, calculate and dictate sports statistics at the drop of a dime. He parlayed this fascination with sports into a career as a sports columnist, writing for publications such as Newsday, The Undefeated and a host of radio, print and TV stations around the country. He even partnered with childhood friend Phife Dog from A Tribe Called Quest to produce a radio show called "Fanalyst" prior to the untimely death of the rap legend. He covered hoops throughout the city in the 90's, when NY basketball was on fire and ascended the sports writer ranks. Today he's the Deputy Editor and Senior Writer for On this episode of Dribble N' Dimes we rap with sports writer J.R. Gamble.
February 27, 2019
Episode 13 - "Halftime" End of Season 1
It's unbelievable that Dribble N' Dimes was born just a few short months ago. After 12 episodes we're taking a small hiatus to retool and re-up! We thank you for your listenership and look forward to serving up some fly content soon.  In the meantime we ask you to give us your thoughts and suggestions via Also... be sure to share an episode (or 12) to a few folks you think would appreciate what we've been cooking up. Peace.
January 2, 2019
Episode 12 - Absolutely x Dribble
On this episode of Dribble N’ Dimes we sit with White Plains Road Alumni Daybar Is Open to talk about basketball in India and a whole bunch of Millennial-istic debates.
December 26, 2018
Episode 11 - Peter Mulligan
He grew up 4 blocks away from Rice High School in Harlem, but chose St. Raymond because of the adventure it offered. Considered the consummate blue collar player, he used his full arsenal of skills and basketball IQ to adapt and play alongside a slew of top flight talent to help bring the state championship back to St. Rays. He attended the University of Maryland - Baltimore County then transferred back home to Manhattan College to finish up his years of eligibility and earn his degree. On this episode of Dribble N' Dimes we sit with the recipient of the 2000 Mr. New York Basketball award, brand new father and St. Rays Hall of Fame inductee... Mr. Peter Mulligan. Mix & Mastering courtesy of DJ Trends (
December 19, 2018
Episode 10 - Rickey Rivers
As a teen the streets of Brownsville Brooklyn tempted him to head in the wrong direction. Luckily, he connected with the father of Brooklyn basketball, Mr. Gil Reynold's, which put him on the path toward All American honors as a player at Lamar College. From there he found his way into the division 1 program at Iona College. Faced with the responsibilities of fatherhood and being a collegiate student athlete, he persevered and was able to do well athletically, parent effectively and earn his degree from Iona. With his degree he went onto have a successful career in the financial services sector and stand up 2 non profit organizations. Through his Funsport programs he's had professional players like Kemba Walker, Isaiah Whitehead and Kyle Anderson hone their skills and compete against high caliber hoopers across the country. Rock with us as we sit down with CEO Rickey Rivers on this episode of Dribble N' Dimes. Mix & Mastering courtesy of DJ Trends (
December 12, 2018
Episode 9 - Vohn Hunter
This Bronx native attended St. Raymond H.S. The son of former Harlem Globetrotter Bobby Hunter, he excelled mightily on the court and was regarded as a reliable bucket getter throughout his high school career. So much so that you can find his name among the short list of most prolific scorers in the 1,000 point club at St. Raymond. He impressed several collegiate programs, but committed to the University of Texas and coach Tom Penders. Eligibility challenges took him back east to play at Champlain Junior College and finally at the University of Delaware. He enjoyed his playing days and was happy to reconnect with us to recount his story on this episode of Dribble N' Dimes. Mix & Mastering courtesy of DJ Trends (
December 5, 2018
Episode 8 - Felipe Lopez (a.k.a. Miguelito Jordan)
He arrived to the South Bronx not knowing the English language. He frequently walked past crack infested blocks to attend Rice High School. Through hard work and determination he learned the language and dominated the basketball landscape. He racked up every basketball award within reach all while repping hard for his beloved Dominican Republic. In his senior season he led the Rice Raiders to the city and state chips and took home the 1994 Gatorade National High School Basketball Player of the year award. He went on to attend St. Johns and played several seasons in the NBA. We're honored to chop it up with NYC legend, Felipe Lopez on this episode of Dribble N' Dimes.
November 28, 2018
Episode 7 - Coach Massaroni & R.J. Davis
Last season Archbishop Stepinac H.S. took home the NY CHSAA boys championship and then went on to Glen Falls to win the NY State Federation chip. Since his appointment as head coach in 2015, Patrick Massaroni and his staff have taken Stepinac basketball to new heights.  Along with exemplary student athletes like R.J. Davis Stepinac is preparing to battle for another opportunity at NY basketball supremacy.  Check out our conversation with Coach Massaroni and R.J. Davis on this episode.  Mix & Mastering courtesy of DJ Trends (
November 21, 2018
Episode 6 - Digi & The Poet (a.k.a. The Montilla Bros)
The hosts of Dribble N' Dimes crack open some whiskey and get into that good old NY basketball talk. They go through a series of random rants, drop a gang of names, and talk some Knickerbockers. Mix & Mastering courtesy of DJ Trends (
November 14, 2018
Episode 5 - Mike "Da Mayor DP" Jones
He's known in Wash Heights as da Mayor. He's helped assemble a number of streetball legends who've put on the Dominican Power jersey and gone to war for Dominicans on the court. As the coach of DP he led the team to the 2006 Dyckman Tournament championship, a chip he's longing to take home again in the upcoming 30th season of the league. Here he is... Mike "Da Mayor" Jones on Dribble N' Dimes. Mix & Mastering courtesy of DJ Trends (
November 7, 2018
Episode 4 - Nesta Felix
We sit down with former Iona College athlete and current women's head basketball coach of the Westchester Community College Vikings, Nesta Felix. We learn about her basketball journey, the New Flex Hoops program she runs and the numerous chips she's been a part of in the National Junior College Athletic Association. Mix & Mastering courtesy of DJ Trends (
October 31, 2018
Episode 3 - Jaime Peterson
Manny Digital and Emilio the Poet talk basketball with former Pitt Panther, international pro hooper and Dominican descendant Jaime Peterson. We learn about what drove him to persevere through homelessness, earned him athletic scholarships to remarkable programs and set the stage for this gentle giant's basketball career in France, Italy, Spain and the Dominican Republic. Mix & Mastering courtesy of DJ Trends (
October 24, 2018
Episode 2 - Gerald Moody a.k.a. G. Moneti
In this episode we sit down with the 3x podcast co-host of the year from the Michael Rapaport Podcast to hear his stories of World B. Free and how he fell in love with the game of basketball. He tells us about how he met and played with Queens legend Kenny Anderson and well known actor/comedian Michael Rapaport. Of course we debate top players in NY & NBA history and learn about his brand new podcast launching soon. Mix & Mastering courtesy of DJ Trends (
October 17, 2018
Episode 1 (Part 2) - Darren "Mr. Q" Quinlan a.k.a. Buck
We continue with the final part of Mr. Q's story. He shares the challenges and opportunities that led to him hanging up his basketball kicks to focus on developing the youth of the Bronx. Mix & Mastering courtesy of DJ Trends (
October 10, 2018
Episode 1 (Part 1) - Darren "Mr. Q" Quinlan a.k.a. Buck
We kick off the Dribble N' Dimes podcast with Long Island basketball standout and former St. Bonaventure Bonnie Darren "Mr. Q" Quinlan. Mr. Q walks us through his basketball journey and how he transitioned into becoming a vessel to help develop, empower and enlighten the youth of the Bronx via the Renaissance Youth Center. Along the way he shares classic encounters with legends like Pearl Washington, Scooter & Rodney McCray and explains some of the fundamental differences in how the game of basketball was played in the 80's. Enjoy part 1 of the Mr Q. interview. Mix & Mastering courtesy of DJ Trends (
October 3, 2018
Episode 0 - We Got Next! (Intro)
Wondering what Dribble N' Dimes is about? Here's a quick primer. Be sure to follow us on @dribblendimes across Instagram, Twitter and Youtube.
September 6, 2018