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The Drifting Pretty Podcast

The Drifting Pretty Podcast

By Nadine Sachiko Hsu
A podcast that inspires you to turn your dreams into achievable goals. Hosted by Nadine Hsu, one of the first female race car drivers to drift, mom of 4 and entrepreneur. Co-hosted by Nadine's woman racer colleagues who come from all walks of life. Together they form Drifting Pretty, a non-profit that inspires independence and instills confidence that empowers women to break down barriers in life.
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Drifting Pretty Podcast Episode 10- Season 1 Finale
It's all hands on deck as we close out our first season! The guests of the first season get together to share gifts and share how the Drifting Pretty organization has helped their lives.
November 19, 2020
Drifting Pretty Podcast Bonus Episode 2- Your Voicemails Answered
We're back with another Q&A episode! Drifting Pretty members Linda, Sarah, Rochelle and Julie join host Nadine on a party line to answer your voicemail questions. We delve into our dream cars, weight loss tips, what motivates is day-to-day, and our advice for keeping life-long relationships going strong!
November 12, 2020
Drifting Pretty Podcast Episode 09- Liz Medina
With our final guest of the first season, hosts Nadine and Cathy interview Liz about her beginnings in social activism, discovering her love for jiujitsu, and her future regarding marriage and opening an animal sanctuary! 
November 5, 2020
Drifting Pretty Podcast Episode 08- Cathy Tapia
Nadine and Liz interview Cathy, who's expecting her fifth child. They discuss her experience being a mom in a blended family, and how her love for cars and motorsport fueled her to not only take jobs in the automotive industry, but to set up shop in her own back yard to work on peoples' cars. Her love for drifting also led her to go to Japan to see it first-hand and explore the racing lifestyle there. As if that weren't enough to talk about, Cathy then fills us in about living with gestational diabetes. And in honor of October's Breast Cancer Awareness, everyone shares their stories on how breast cancer has affected their lives.
October 22, 2020
Drifting Pretty Podcast Episode 07- Rochelle Desamito
In this episode Rochelle, who is coined as being Drifting Pretty's best auto mechanic, holds nothing back as hosts Nadine and Andrea roast her about her time working at Jiffy Lube + GM and how tough it is dating in a pandemic while always being considered "one of the guys." Rochelle's genius strategy of using due dates with scheduled life changes is uncovered and reveals her surprising new life changes up ahead.
October 8, 2020
Drifting Pretty Podcast Episode 06- Andrea Roldan
Hosts Nadine Hsu and Rochelle Desamito have an emotional discussion with Andrea Roldan about being a nurse to COVID patients and how difficult it's been to plan and cancel, then uncancel her wedding due to COVID.  We also talk about finding strength after leaving a bad relationship and what drove her to start racing cars at the tender age of 16 years old.
September 24, 2020
Drifting Pretty Podcast Episode 05- Elene Ung
Elene is our guest for this episode, and Nadine and Julie discuss how she is experiencing new things in life all the time. Whether talking about becoming a social media pet influencer, tales of working in the ER in Los Angeles, or taking up pole dancing for fitness, Elly is living a life without boxes or boundaries! She also fills us in about how being misdiagnosed with depression led to a difficult bout with her prescribed medication. We close out the episode with a fun discussion of the “Japanese Blood Type Personality Theory”.
September 10, 2020
Drifting Pretty Podcast Episode 04- Sarah Bantay
Nadine and Elene talk to Sarah about coming to terms with an alcohol addiction, avoiding a toxic mindset that can arise when comparing yourself to others, and her decision for a future without marriage or kids. She also talks about what fueled her to pursue racing and fitness.  To close out the episode, we put Sarah on the spot and have her show us her singing skills!
August 27, 2020
Drifting Pretty Podcast Bonus Episode- Julie Van Update
Bonus episode! Episode 3 guest Dr. Julie Van returns to update us on how her egg retrieval surgery went (and settles a bet among the Drifting Pretty members).  Then, thanks to your many voicemail questions, Julie tells us her favorite L.A. restaurants, gives us tips on how to clean the roof of your mouth without gagging, and more.  Send us a voicemail or text YOUR questions anytime to 626-657-6608.
August 20, 2020
Drifting Pretty Podcast Episode 03- Julie Van
Nadine and Linda interview Dr. Julie Van as she recounts the traumatic experience that sparked her desire to pursue a career in healthcare. She tells us what she loves (and hates) about being a dentist, and how her family history led her to joining the Air Force. And as if that weren’t enough, we hear about the on-going process of having her eggs frozen! Dr. Van then gives her take on visiting the dentist during Covid and tips on keeping your teeth clean.
August 13, 2020
Drifting Pretty Podcast Episode 02- Linda Nguyen
Nadine and Mazda enthusiast/fitness guru Sarah Interview Linda about leaving a toxic relationship, building a life as a single mother and guiding her daughter through the world of social media. Linda and Sarah then give their tips in taking the first steps towards fitness.
July 30, 2020
Drifting Pretty Podcast Episode 01- Nadine Hsu
We turn the tables on our host Nadine as her husband/VP of Drifting Pretty Benson and long-time member Linda interview her and bring her to tears. She recounts being a teen mom, how she left an abusive relationship, and what it was like being one of the first woman race car drivers in professional drifting. Linda (mom of 1) and Nadine (mom of 4) then discuss having a daughter that's breaking into singing and performing on YouTube and TikTok.
July 16, 2020
Drifting Pretty Podcast Episode 00- Introduction and Sound Check
In this intro to the Drifting Pretty Podcast, Nadine Hsu will tell the story of Drifting Pretty the organization. She will also introduce you to some of the members, who will also be this season's guests. We break the ice and play "2 truths and a lie: car edition". 
July 16, 2020