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Drinking The Cool-Aid with Naïma and Lyla

Drinking The Cool-Aid with Naïma and Lyla

By Drinking The Cool-Aid
Lyla and Naïma here. We're friends on a quest to understand the human condition, ourselves, and each other by examining different frameworks and modalities each episode. From the Scientific to the New Age, we love a good personality test, but we can't really believe something until we've thought critically about it.
Join us as we take it in turns to present a topic (THESIS), raise questions and concerns (ANTITHESIS), bring in someone who knows a lot more than us (EXPERT), and ask them to educate and maybe even test it out on us. In our SYNTHESIS we ask ourselves, are we Drinking The Cool-Aid?
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Give Me A Sign!
How do we understand ourselves through the four essential elements? No, not Carbon, Oxygen, Hydrogen, & Nitrogen. We’re talking Water, Earth, Fire, Air. And yes, we love Avatar The Last Airbender as much as anyone, but in this episode we’re talking about ASTROLOGY! Is it just us, or is EVERYONE always talking about Astrology? Why? What about this ancient system is resonating so much with us today? And how can we use it to better see ourselves and our relationships? This week we finally dive deep into the world of Astrology with A.M. Penn. She gives us a fabulous intro to how Astrology works, and a personal chart reading to show us our cosmic karmic contracts coming into this life! Naïma’s only gone Magazine-Horoscope deep before, so she gets her first peek into the nitty gritty details of her natal chart, and Lyla finally tries to get to the bottom of her Cap Trap! If you want to check out A.M., take one of her classes, or get your own chart read contact her at or follow her on Instagram @tenth_house_sun 22 Teachings School of Hermetic Science and Magical Arts -
September 16, 2020
Dream On
This week we dive deep into the subconscious by examining the world of dreams with Giuliana Davar!  We talk Freud, Jung, archetypes, symbolic language and dream circles. Lyla walks us through the difference between snakes and swords, and Naïma wonders: do all dreams have to be meaningful? Or can you just be havin' a dream?  Then Giuliana comes on to share her amazing experience and insight. Naïma shares an epic dream and Giuliana and Lyla offer some understanding.  Check Out Giuliana on Instagram @thehoneyhivebuzz and at  Referenced in the Pod:  Robert Moss (dream teacher)  Llewellyn's Complete Dictionary of Dreams by Michael Lennox 
August 25, 2020
Do It For The enneaGRAM
Challenger? Peacemaker? Perfectionist? Achiever? This week we examine The Enneagram with the magnificent Robert Mulhall. We talk about our deepest fears, the different motivations that can influence our same behaviors, and how understanding ourselves better can help us have more empathy with others. Naïma tries to convince Lyla that no one is trying to trap her, and Robert asks some very probing questions to figure out what type she truly leads with. Nobody really understands the Sacred Geometry, but boy does it sound sexy! Want to work with Robert? References and Resources: The Essential Enneagram by David Daniels Enneagram Worldwide (Narrative Enneagram): The Enneagram Institute: Truity Free Personality Test (not recommended by Robert):
July 29, 2020
Intro to Human Design
Manifestors, Generators, Projectors, Reflectors and Ra Uru Who Dat? This week we go deep into the world of Human Design. Have you ever wondered how to move through life with the least resistance? How to make decisions?  Lyla introduces the topic and does some mental gymnastics to make her 'shitty' type the 'best' type, but Naïma wonders why we put so many judgements on ourselves and whether it's really helpful to divide everyone into categories.  Then the remarkable Jessica Rose comes on to fill in the massive gaps in our understanding about this complex system, take a look at our Body Graphs, and give us each a reading. Much to our surprise, we find it VERY compelling.  Contact Jess at or visit  Human Design Resources: Calculate your body graph for free! Read up on your chart here: 
July 16, 2020
Slide Into The DSM
This week we're talking about the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th Edition: DSM-IV Or at least...that's what we thought we were talking about. But, we get in over their heads trying to understand the ins and outs of psychiatry, insurance, and the politics of diagnosis. Lyla wonders if we should be asking some bigger picture questions about why everyone is so anxious, and Naïma is sick and tired of the word "normal." Then, our expert, Bria Adimora Godley gets candid about her experiences with mental health and studying to become a psychiatrist.  In terms of testing this week's framework out, we tried to diagnose ourselves with a questionnaire...but decided to leave that on the cutting room floor. Best left to the experts on this one! 
July 05, 2020
Let's Talk Tarot
In Episode 1 we talk Tarot with Sam Aotaki, the Eastern Priestess. Lyla delivers the "Thesis" and tries to explain how a Tarot deck works (but can't quite remember how many cards there are). Naïma wants to know where the magic comes from, who invented this anyway? And was ever it just a card game? Then the fabulous Sam lays it all out and gives us both a reading. Listen to find out if we're Drinking the Cool-Aid, and whether you might want a sip too! For more Sam check out @samoftheeast on Instagram Referenced in the Pod: The Fountain Tarot Journal: A Year in 52 Readings by Jason Gruhl, Johnathan Saiz, and Andi Todaro
June 26, 2020