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Drinks With Shan

Drinks With Shan

By Shanèy Vijendranath
Want to start a business or a side hustle but not sure how or where to begin?

Drinks with Shan was launched to help you through your entrepreneurship journey with tips and tricks from guests who share their stories on how they managed to succeed and build a brand.

Shanèy Vijendranath is an award-winning Entrepreneur who was listed on the Forbes Africa 30under30 list in 2019. Let's connect on Instagram -
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Becoming an Author With Arlene August
Thinking about publishing a book but no idea where to begin? Arlene talks about her journey as a published Author and also shares tips and tricks on how you can get started. Arlene August is a qualified make-up artist & image consultant. She is also an Inspirational & Beauty Blogger, Speaker, and Co-founder of the Inspired group of companies. You can follow her journey on Instagram -
May 25, 2021
Is Motivation a Myth?
I used to live my life reading a bunch of quotes every day to make myself feel good and pumped for the day. At the beginning of this year, all that changed. Quotes and those Instagram accounts telling me to stay positive and look at the brighter side started frustrating me... I asked myself: How do I motivate myself? You can support Arlene -
January 20, 2021
How to get on the Forbes Africa 30 Under 30 list with Karen Mwendera
Nominations are now opened for FORBES AFRICA’s 30 Under 30 Class Of 2021. Karen Mwendera is an award-winning journalist and a journalism and media studies lecturer. She is the curator of the Forbes Africa 30 under 30 lists bringing together game changers from across the continent in business, sports, tech, and creatives fields. She has worked with numerous local and international publications and has interviewed the likes of Naomi Campbell, President of the AfDB Akinwumi Adesina, Naspers CEO Phuti Mahenyele, Danai Gurira, Femi Kuti, Yvonne Chaka Chaka, Mr Eazi, President Cyril Ramaphosa and more.
January 07, 2021
Becoming a Comedian in South Africa with Lihle Msimang
Curious about Comedians in South Africa? Lihle shares her journey and what has been the highlight for her thus far. Lihle Msimang is a South African stand up comedian born and raised in Meadowlands, Soweto. She uses her humour to shed light about her upbringing and every day, South African, social norms. Having performed on several stages around Africa, New York and London, telling her stories, she continues to prove that it’s funny because it’s true. You can follow her on Instagram -
December 15, 2020
Protecting your Mental Health During a Pandemic With Carly
It's been a year and a half! Protecting your Mental health right now is so important. Carly Abramovitz is clinical psychologist and runs a Psychology practice called Carly’s Couch in Cape Town. She's also a mum of a two-year-old. You can listen to her podcast called On the Couch with Carly. We discuss everything that has happened this year and tips on how you can work on your mental health. If you feel like you need to speak to someone, contact a counsellor at the South African Depression and Anxiety Group between 8am-8pm Monday to Sunday, Call: 011 234 4837. For a suicidal Emergency - 0800 567 567
December 08, 2020
Becoming an Actor in South Africa with Zahir Bassa
Zahir Bassa is an Actor, Voice over Artist and a Radio Presenter who got his big break into acting with the famous international series Homeland. You might even recognise him from the local popular series called Imbewu: The Seed where he played the character of Yuveer. Zahir shares his journey with me and what he has learned over the years about the industry in South Africa.
November 26, 2020
How to Think like an Entrepreneur with Mishanth Ardithpersad
They say the mindset of an entrepreneur is extremely important but the reality is we don't wake up every day, ready to take on the world and smash those goals! So how do we do it? Mishanth shares a few golden nuggets which I personally have been applying to my mindset. We talk about failure and how Covid-19 has changed our mindset. Mishanth is the brains behind Strata Game Changers. You can find out more here -
November 02, 2020
How to Run a Successful Crowdfunding Initiative
In July 2020, I launched the Back-a-Mom campaign to help as many moms as possible in South Africa. Thanks to our community, we helped 91 moms and more than 100 families with R500! I'm sharing the process and lessons I learned during this initiative. Hopefully, this will inspire you to start one. You can watch the video on my Instagram page -
October 15, 2020
What you need to know about Investing with Sebastian Patel
What is the difference between savings and investing? What are the 4 main types of investments?  Seb and I chat about everything you need to know when it comes to investing your money.  Sebastian Patel is the Co-founder of Franc. Franc was one of two South African startups chosen for Google's for Startups Accelerator Africa program. With the Franc app, anyone can now invest in leading cash and equity funds in just a few minutes. No minimums. No paperwork. No fine print. Just the way investing should be: smart, simple and Franc. Learn more here -
September 29, 2020
Why Digital Strategy is extremely important for businesses with Kenneth Sun
Ken is the founder of Flint Studio.  He has over 17 years of experience in digital marketing, digital strategy, and web system development. Having worked on brands across all sectors and specialising in digital transformation for brands when it comes to digital marketing. Kenneth is a keynote speaker, a serial entrepreneur with several startups on the go. He consults tech startups and has successfully launched several APPs in healthcare, security, and consumer space.  Find out more -
September 01, 2020
How to get TikTok famous with Witney
Witney is a South African TikToker who went from 0 to a million followers in a year all thanks to a trend she started on TikTok. The video got over 22 million views and had celebrities like Jason Derulo catch on the trend. I chat with her to find out about this video. Was it sponsored by Starbucks? Did she plan it? Hmmm... Listen to find out how she beat the algorithm and built an engaged following.  Follow Witney on TikTok for more trends -
August 17, 2020
101 on Food Photography and Blogging with Cat
Cat is a Johannesburg based Food Stylist & Food Blogger with a passion for making pretty looking, gluten-free, and on-trend healthy foods. When she's not shooting content for brands and restaurants, she's spending her time developing recipes for her own blog called Le Famished Cat which she started 2 years ago. You can find all those yummy recipes here -
August 13, 2020
What does an Influencer Engagement Manager look for? With Sharon Van Wyk
Sharon is an Influencer Engagement Manager by day for some of South Africa’s top baby and childcare brands and a content creator for Kween B by night! Mom of 2, Sharon, has been a content creator for 12 years and has been involved in the online growth and development of some of South Africa’s most recognized and loved brands. You can follow her journey on
August 06, 2020
The impact of Covid-19 on the Beauty Industry with Esna Colyn
Esna joined Imbalie Beauty in May 2010 as the CEO of the Group, after many years’ experience in banking, private equity and corporate finance. Her vision of the Imbalie Beauty Group is to be the leading and most desirable beauty and wellness solutions group, nationally and internationally. Her passion at Imbalie Beauty has always been to empower and elevate women in the business of beauty and wellness. Imbalie Beauty is celebrating 40 years in beauty and wellness this year.
August 03, 2020
What do PRs want from Content Creators?
Dominique is the Managing Partner of Hello Conversations, an influencer-led content creation and PR agency. During her 17-year career, she has worked on many brands, from pet food and toys to diamonds and banking and everything in between. Mo has over 8 years’ experience in communications and currently works for an award-winning PR Agency. Her background in in Consumer & Corporate Public Relations. She has worked across a wide range of clients include Cadbury, BBC Studios, OMO, Radisson Blu, Mama Magic The Baby Expo, Hasbro. Mo has a passion for Influencer Marketing and how its helped brands speak to audiences and engage consumers around the world.
July 24, 2020
Raising a Kidpreneur with Romona Mahadeo
Romona Mahadeo is an Entrepreneur who is also the mom of Kidpreneur – Kiara Mahadeo. We catch up with her to find out how the entrepreneurship bug caught the entire family and how Girltivity was created. The Girltivity Box is a unique subscription to remind girls about how amazing they are. To inspire girls between the ages of 3 and 12 and to celebrate fearless women who helped make the world better.
July 06, 2020
Why Diversity in Marketing is important with Adi and Nashieta
Black Lives Matter has made many people take a step back and evaluate their actions and impact on the community. In South Africa, we have noticed for years that many brands are not using diversity in their marketing. We chat with Adi and Nashieta who brought this up on social media. Adi, short for Adrienne. Wife to a drummer, and Mumma to Hunter (2yrs) and River (8months). Interior Designer by qualification, Equestrian by passion, and Self Employed entrepreneur by day (and most nights). You can find her on Instagram @homewithadi. Nashieta is a mom of 4 and a fairly new content creator and microblogger who loves all things fashion. She enjoys capturing beautiful images and is a social butterfly ;) based in the lovely Cape Town South Africa. You can find her on Instagram @_nashieta_
July 06, 2020
Building a side hustle with Deejay Nivaadh Singh
Deejay Nivaadh Singh is an Engineer, Deejay and Entrepreneur. He currently owns and is signed under Destination 4:13 Records which has become notoriously popular in the South African entertainment scene. Nivaadh was the first DJ ever in Zululand to be nominated and awarded the prestigious Zululand Chamber of Commerce Award when his single 'Whoopah' was in the Spinnin Records (Netherlands) Talent Pool Charts Top 30. In 2018, he was awarded "DJ OF THE YEAR" by City Awards.
July 06, 2020
How to make esports a career in South Africa with Sam Wright
Sam Wright aka Tech Girl is a tech and gaming Blogger/YouTuber who entered the World of esports broadcasting in 2016. She is a leading host, interviewer and MC for gaming and technology related events in South Africa and has worked at various esports events in Europe and Asia, including Overwatch Contenders and Gamescom. You can also listen to her on 5FM where she has a segment that focuses on gaming.
June 10, 2020
Why bartering in business isn't a bad idea with Vije Vijendranath
Hi, I'm Shan! Welcome to my first podcast! Drinks with Shan. In this first episode, I talk to Vije, the co-founder of my kids about building a business when you don't have much and what can you do when times are tough. It's all about aligning your energy with what you really want to do and building a network of people to help you. 
June 04, 2020