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Driving Towards FIRE - Alternate Lifestyles for FI

Driving Towards FIRE - Alternate Lifestyles for FI

By Brett
Just your average Mid-Thirties married couple on a debt free and financial independent journey. We travel, work, and play in our 42 foot 5th wheel RV named Chappie. We’ve been on the road more than 20 months (600 days) and we’ve successfully paid off $168,000 worth of debt. We have just $75,000 left. Each week we’ll discuss our plans, path, & journey to reach FI. We wanted to have a place where the nomadic, travel, debt free, & Financial Independence communities have a place to share their stories with us and others. Please join us!
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Driving Towards FIRE - Alternate Lifestyles for FI

Ep. 2 - Tucker & Janae of AdventureswithTucknae - RV’ing, Exploring, Working From the Road Fulltime

Driving Towards FIRE - Alternate Lifestyles for FI

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Ep. 6 - Debt Snowball vs Debt Avalanche
In episode 6, I'm solo again and discussing one of the most heavily debated topics in the financially independent and debt free camps.  I discuss both methods and compare our journey towards FI as an example with both methods.  Below is a concise article by Investopedia about each method.  Check out our blog to learn more about our FI and fulltime RV journey!   Investopedia - Debt Snowball vs Debt Avalanche 
August 19, 2020
Ep. 5 - Geoarbitrage and the FIRE Movement, Highlighting Our RV Journey.
In today’s episode, I’m flying solo. I’m discussing a technique of the FIRE Movement that we use as fulltime RV’ers on our debt free and financially independent journey. For a good reference on Geoarbitrage, check out
July 30, 2020
Ep. 4 - Cody & Megan of DollopofAdventure, Living Tiny, Paying Off Debt, Chasing Dreams of Travel
In Episode 4, we welcome Cody and Megan on the show. Fulltime RV’ers who are pursuing financial independence for a future of travel. Cody is active duty in the Army and Megan is an online English teacher. They follow a debt free path to live their lives on their own terms. Cody is actively pursuing his dreams of becoming a Pilot. Check them out on Instagram @dollopofadventure ( and on YouTube (
July 24, 2020
Ep. 3 - Brandy Seats - Certified Fiduciary, Financial Planner & Advisor, On Her Mission Towards FI
In Episode 3, we are fortunate to have Brandy Seats, SR. VP at Active Wealth Management join the show. She’s a Certified Fiduciary, Financial Advisor and Planner on her own mission towards FI. She’s also a volunteer and passionate about animal welfare. We discuss many FIRE topics including investment and retirement strategies. For those looking to connect with Brandy, she’s very active on LinkedIn: Also online Email:
July 15, 2020
Ep. 2 - Tucker & Janae of AdventureswithTucknae - RV’ing, Exploring, Working From the Road Fulltime
On today’s episode of the DrivingTowardsFIRE Podcast, We interview Tucker and Janae (and their cute dog named Cap) about their RV journey as they travel, explore, and work fulltime from the road. We talk about their current journey, their future goals, and what brought them to RV Life. Follow Tucker, Janae, & Cap on Instagram @adventures_with_tucknae, they are also on YouTube, Facebook, and their Blog (
July 8, 2020
Ep.1 - Mike with RVFishingAdventures - RV’ing their FI Dream
In this episode, Mike Van Nattan of @RVFishingAdventures joins the Podcast to discuss he and his wife, Sarah and their unique debt free & financially independent journey in their RV. Mike & Sarah started their journey with an estimated $360,000 of debt. Find out where they are now and their plans to achieve FI. Mike can be reached at
July 1, 2020
Driving Towards FIRE Introduction
Hi everyone! Welcome to the Driving Towards FIRE Podcast. If you are looking for motivation, inspiration, and information related to RV Living, Nomadic Lifestyles, Van & Bus Life, Fulltime Travel, as well as all things Financial Independence and a life of Debt Freedom, this is the right place. Each week we’ll discuss our journey, our experiences, our plan for FI, & feature many others living alternate lifestyles living a life on their own terms. Financial independence looks different for everyone, come join us to hear stories that may motivate you!
June 24, 2020