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The Dr Joey Kramer Podcast

The Dr Joey Kramer Podcast

By Dr. Joey Kramer
Dr. Joey Kramer and his guests discuss, debate, and explore trending topics in the health and wellness field. These topics surround the idea that health is a complete state of mental, emotional and physical well being, not merely the absence of disease or infirmaries.
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Hope After Brain Injury with Dr. Deana Adams and Patti Foster

The Dr Joey Kramer Podcast

Hope After Brain Injury with Dr. Deana Adams and Patti Foster

The Dr Joey Kramer Podcast

Are you in alignment?
One of the most frequently used statements in chiropractic is "align the spine." However, when I think of the term "alignment," I recognize that the word nor the definition is unique to the field of chiropractic. You hear the term in mechanic shops, spiritual seminars, business seminars and even family life. However, a better question about alignment would be: how do you actually apply alignment to your life, evaluate it in your life, and pursue it in your daily life? For many of us, we fail to even begin the process of evaluating our own life for alignment. A majority of the time, we are sold a premise of what alignment looks like by modeling our life of what we believe or perceive to believe a successful (aligned) person. However, this often leads to anxiety, chaos, distraction and a disruption of our own internal peace because we are attempting to live someone else's alignment. Today, I challenge you to look at your own life and evaluate your alignment. Are you chasing someone else and their alignment or are you pursuing alignment in your own life? 
July 19, 2021
Hope After Brain Injury with Dr. Deana Adams and Patti Foster
What is the first thing that comes to mind when I say traumatic brain injury? For most people, it would be the big hits we see on NFL Sunday in the fall - which is just a result of the media consumption. However, for those of us who are part of the traumatic brain injury field, we know that this is just a small percentage of reasons why people suffer from a traumatic brain injury. On today's show I interview Dr. Deana Adams and traumatic brain injury survivor Patti Foster. In this show we discuss the cognitive and emotional challenges of navigating a traumatic brain injury as well as the biggest challenges the industry faces as it relates to helping these amazing people and their families heal after an injury. The biggest statement comes from Patti Foster who wants you to know two important things. First, as long as we continue to operate in silos, we will always have issues with funding and communication. Second, know that there is always HOPE for the journey. Hope After Brain Injury is a non-profit based out of the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex. You can learn more about their mission at
July 15, 2021
Disrupting your peace, violating your solitude
There is a subtle part of my soul that is yearning for the peace and solitude that we had in the year 2020. If you missed it, it was an opportunity you may not get again and one that provided so much growth for the spirit. Unfortunately, In the recent months, I have observed the slow and steady restoration of the chaos that was life before COVID. More distractions. More activities. Just being more busy. As a result, stress has started to creep back into our lives. This perception of hurry has started a cascade of events that can and ultimately will lead you back to life in 2019...the western idea of health: burn out. Over the course of the last 3 months, I have been casually observing people as they return to "the new normal" and what I have seen is somewhat scary. The overwhelming amount of people are back into the high stress, high dopamine, high anxiety lifestyle and it is wreaking havoc not only on their physical health, but their mental and spiritual health as well. In today's episode, I dive into a simple solution I have learned over the last year to help you regain your peace and restore your solitude. It may be simple, but in this game, consistency wins the battle. 
July 12, 2021
The Mental "Health" Game
"Where the mind leads, the body follows, lead your mind to victory that you can see, feel, and believe and your body will follow you to hell and back." "Prepare your mind to be an ally, rather than an enemy." Too often we surrender our mental health to the narrative that the western pharmaceutical industry has engineered. Whether it be a commercial, your doctor, or your therapists, they have you believing that your mental health struggle is a result of a lack of serotonin and that the only solution can be found in drugs. But I want to challenge this narrative. I believe this is the single greatest disservice that has been given to us in the west. To simply relate an emotional state we are experiencing to the quick fix idea of a drug. This is a broken system and a broken game that has only net generated millions of addicts in conjunction will billions of profit. Instead, I want to challenge you to ask yourself a few questions:  1. How did I arrive here in the first place?  2. What live events took place that put me into this mental/emotional state?  3. How is my nutrition?  4. How is my exercise? 5. How prepared is my mind for the activities of the day?  You see, I find that the more important questions surrounding mental health all start with your intention for the day.  Health, in all arenas, is not for the faint of is as demanding as it is rewarding.  Thus, if you have found yourself being a product of the massive marketing campaign that has convinced you that you have a low chemical in your brain and the only way to fix it is with drugs...I challenge you to listen to this episode.  I then challenge you to take a stand and start the process of reclaiming your health.  Will you continue to have your mind as an enemy?  or Will you prepare your mind to become an ally?  The choice is yours. 
June 29, 2021
The Fear of Success
We all live and breathe a story that holds us back from getting what we truly want in life. This story has the potential to impact, limit, and reduce our growth in marriage, self development and even our own health journey. As a result, when the opportunity for growth smacks you upside the head like a 2x4, 95% of us will shy away out of fear. This is a result of past experiences, previous failures, and even limiting beliefs we have placed upon ourselves. You see, fear is said to be nothing more than false evidence appearing real. Said in a different way, "the mind is its own place and in itself can make a heaven of hell of a hell of heaven." Too often, for the 95% of us, our story creates a hell out of the heaven we have been given in this life. The longer you allow this story to take root in your life and cultivate this reality, the harder the change will be for you when the opportunity for growth presents itself. have two choices...stay stuck in your story or find a guide to help you navigate the path to success. In either case, the choice is yours...will you continue to struggle, or will you find someone to help you uproot the fear and cultivate the soil for success? 
June 15, 2021
The Opportunity to Create
How often do you take an assessment of what you have created lately? Do you do it on a weekly basis? A monthly basis? In the course of the last month, I have had the freedom to explore creation, not only as a biblical principle, but as an avenue of health. You see, in life, we are given opportunities to create health in the 5 pillars of our life: spiritual, mental, physical, emotional and relational. However, I see that too often, we literally bypass these opportunities by filling our life with work. In choosing to labor and choosing the engage in the endless scroll and comparison of social media, the energy that we would use for creation is slowly being sucked away. And thus, this is where I found myself the last two weeks. Caught up in the right race of seeking work instead of embracing the moments of silence. It took three stories that I share in this weeks podcast to help me link together the importance of not only rest, but of truly detaching from this world to give your body rest in order to participate in the creation process. So I ask you again, what have you created lately? Have you found yourself in a draught, lacking the desire to create? Hopefully the points of this podcast will help you reassess your own life and how you prioritize rest. 
June 7, 2021
Sometimes, I Miss
Recently, it has occurred to me that there is an 800lb gorilla in the room that so many of us avoid talking about. This gorilla impacts our businesses, our faith, our marriages, and our health. This gorilla is so big that we as a society have suddenly started to not only demand it, but expect it. The gorilla I am talking about is perfection in everything we do. Perfection in our marriages. Perfection in our businesses. Perfection from our service providers. But the truth is perfection is absolutely not possible. While every person may strive to achieve perfection, we cannot continue to expect that every single person we engage in services with deliver perfection. With that being said, the truly successful people in these areas of life, are the first to admit that sometimes, they miss. Myself included. 
May 25, 2021
The Pedestal Effect
Too often, in our health journey, we engage in what is called "The Pedestal Effect." It is a state of mental health in which we find ourselves continually comparing who we are and where our health is to everyone around us, especially those we want to be just like. Said in another way, comparison is a deadly sin. Just know, that in your journey, you are not alone. Every single day I discuss with people their own progress. I discuss their unique goals and what they are doing today to achieve them. What amazes me is that as soon as they reach their pedestal, most people quit. They give up the very thing that helped them achieve that goal! They quit their diet. They quit their program. They quit their habits. Because they have been sold the lie that once you arrive this state is apparently permanent... Nothing can be further from the truth. The amazing thing about a pedestal is that once you reach a new level, you realize that everyone else is just like you at that level. They have the same problems. They face their own unique health challenges. They too have to face their own pedestals. In this race of life, the choices we are presented with are incredibly simple. Do you choose to live in the perpetual state of comparison in which you are chasing someone else life? OR Do you choose to navigate your journey on your terms and ensure that you are living your best life right this moment? The choice is yours.
May 19, 2021
And then it started to rain.
The challenges we face in today's society may seem unique to us. However, over the course of the last 123 days of listening to the Bible in the Year podcast, I have been blessed with the opportunity to learn that this is absolutely not the case. The challenges we face today are the same challenges Adam and Eve faced, the same challenges Cain and Able Faced, even the same challenges that Noah faced. In it, I find that these challenges can be broken down into three simple categories: 1. Trust. 2. Distractions. 3. Vanity. Each one has a unique role in how we choose to engage in society. Each one has its own unique way of interrupting our life. Each one is a way for the things of this world to distract you from your goal. In this, I can only imagine the criticism that someone like Noah faced. He had no trust. People thought of him as a distraction. The vanity of the culture at the time would make him seem to be a lunatic. But then, someone felt the first rain drop. 
May 4, 2021
3 Hours
The average American gets home at night from work and plugs in to 3 hours of binge watching bliss on Netflix. I cannot imagine a more unfulfilling life. Punching a clock from 8-5. Sitting in traffic for an hour. Punching the remote for 3 hours. Going to sleep. Rinse and repeat for 30 years. Wake up and wonder why my health is in the gutter and my life is not full of joy and passion. On today's episode I dive into the harsh reality of where we are as a nation with regards to our health and the steps it is going to take to begin the process of actually creating health. Remember a little bit of accountability, discipline, and commitment can go a long way. All I ask is that you start with you. Take inventory on your own health. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. 
April 28, 2021
Stay the Course
It has been two weeks since I recorded a podcast. To be honest, I really didn't have anything to say. I was stuck in a state of self-reflection and didn't really feel like the words I was sharing on the podcast were making a difference in anyone's life. I quickly found that I was out of alignment with my purpose in the content I was creating. I had given into the media narrative and the fear and was sharing my anger and passion on the podcast as an outlet. On today's episode, I share how we are making a course correction on our ship. My purpose with Hope Healing Center is to transform health in mind, body, and spirit in a holistic and natural way. Keeping that in mind, learning to appreciate the moments of silence where there is no "creation" is sometimes the greatest gift to help you right your own ship. Stay the course. 
April 20, 2021
Winners Win
I have seen a recurring theme starting to emerge in today's society for people who choose to red pill themselves and break away from the Western Medicine approach to health. For many of you, you are young in your journey - meaning this is just the start. I want you to know that it is perfectly okay and it is never to late to start this journey in your life, to shift your health habits to improve your alignment in mind, body, and spirit. However, there are two things that will ensure your success in this journey that need to be addressed. First, embrace adversity. Understand that your journey will be exactly that, your journey. Shiny object's don't work and never have worked. In fact, there is not one area of health that you achieved without going through a trial or a challenge. Second: dump the naysayers. When you start this journey, when you actually speak into existence what you want to achieve, some of the people who you believed to be your closest friends will virtue signal you and make you feel stupid for your choices. These people are nothing but an energy suck. I want you to know that it is okay to believe in yourself and take that step forward. Leave them in the dust. It is okay to win. Ultimately winners leave the herd! Don't let sick people hold you back! 
March 31, 2021
Because health...right?
Over the last year we have been inundated with non-sense politicized mandates all in the name of Health. But were they truly for health? Were they truly designed to help YOU set up your health? In my opinion, nothing could be further from the truth. When we are incentivized by Krispy Kreme with free donuts for a year when we have a Vaccine card, something is wrong. Obesity is the number 1 co-morbidity for COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths with the current percentage at 78% of all records within the CDC. And we think that we are all in this together? It is time to wake up America. 
March 24, 2021
What is it about milestones that cause you to stop and reflect on life? This phenomenon is absolutely interesting to me. Whether it is a major birthday or the end of a quarter in business, each of these milestones tend to cause us to reflect on where we have been and where we are going. They are opportunities to pause and to ask questions. "Did I achieve my goals?" "What would I change about the last 90 days?" "Where would I like to go in the next 90 days?" However, I often find that most people, when approaching a milestone are typically defaulting to one state of mind: fear. They are afraid of what that milestone will mean in their life. They are afraid that milestone will expose them to the world. They are afraid of self-reflection and self-introspection. On today's podcast, I dive into the concept of milestones and how to maximize this experience in your own life so you stop living in fear and start living in freedom. 
March 17, 2021
The apple and the tree
True healing must go beyond treating symptoms to reach the underlying issue. In this weeks episode I use an illustration of an apple and an apple tree to help us further grasp and understanding of how we obtain health. Keep in mind that the western approach to medicine is outside in focused - continually chasing symptoms and never really getting to the root cause of the problem. However, when we change our perspective and assess health from the inside out, it all makes sense. The question becomes: do we want to keep picking apples off the tree that produces bad fruit or do we pull the entire tree up from its roots? The choice is yours! 
March 11, 2021
Have I done enough?
I had a first happen to me in practice this week. I had a patient who was under my care die. While attending his funeral I had the opportunity for grace to be given in a statement that was made during the Eulogy given by his daughter. She started with telling a story about her dad and how about a year ago they were having a conversation and he asked her "have I done enough to warrant this life?" A sobering question. A question every single one of us will have the opportunity to answer in our life. But also, a question that, today, can draw deep introspection into the choices we are making in this life. Regardless of where you are or what challenges you are facing, I ask you to take a moment today to reflect on this question and ask yourself this very question. Have I done enough? 
March 2, 2021
Follow the Science
What does that even mean? Over the last year it is one of the most common used phrases from not only our media, but also from our politicians. When I hear this, I ask myself, "so did you not follow the science before Covid?" Ultimately, I believe this phrase has been indoctrinated into our daily lives as a fear generating mechanism. It is used to divide us over issues and to keep us from actually making our own decisions about our health and how we choose as free people to pursue it. In my opinion, over the last decade we have actually thrown true science out the door and have introduced a new political regime that is designed to control us in every choice we make. In this weeks episode, I challenge you to truly "follow the science." 
February 24, 2021
The wider the foundation.
Many of us have had an opportunity to encounter a challenge in our life. These challenges come in many shapes and sizes but each one of them has a few unique principles that will either all us to succeed or to fail in the face of them. The first is what does your process look like for deciding which path to take when you reach the metaphorical fork in the road? The second is how well did you prepare for the challenge once you decide to go down that path? You see, I have found that over my years of life that the wider the foundation I focus on building, the higher the peak experience I will have in any arena of life, especially in my health. But here is the kicker, building a foundation is slow, boring work. It is a trial that requires testing of your faith, your grit, your entire being that will produce perseverance. You know what is awesome about that, when you let your perseverance be perfect, you will be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing. So, in light of all the challenges you are facing in your life, remember, the wider the foundation, the higher the peak. 
February 9, 2021
What shall I do?
For the last 10 years I have been on a journey of self awakening. Finding purpose, discovering strengths, and evaluating what talents I have and how I can best apply them. For the most part I have lived a life in fear of judgement stemming from early childhood bullying that I have never truly processed. It was just this week that something finally culminated in my life and I realized that there was one question I was needed to help steer my ship in the right direction. This question led to to a journey in discernment that has helped me realize that I have not been showing up as my authentic self. As a result, I have now committed to making some significant changes that will allow me to show up and change the world. Many of you who are subscribers are on a similar journey. I hope this week's episode gives you the frame you need to ensure that you, too, are on the right path! 
February 3, 2021
Jesus is for losers.
75,000,000 people were absolutely distraught on Wednesday last week. They found themselves asking questions such as "how is this happening?" or making statements like "this is the end of America." Which happens to be not so different from the same statements the other team made when Donald Trump became the 45th president of the United States of America. However, in the context of both of these scenarios, one theme seems to be common...Jesus Christ is for Losers. You see, we have been taught this idea that to be a true American Patriot means that we also have Faith. "Jesus is my savior and _____ is my president." That is, until your spirit of nationalism is found to be wanting when your favored candidate didn't win. So Jesus still your savior? Or, are you the one who walks away from faith because your candidate didn't win? On this episode, I dive into this concept and really help us unpack the truth that Jesus is actually all we need. Not Donald Trump. Not Joe Biden. Not any past president or future president. 
January 25, 2021
Are you a creator or a victim?
How you choose to show up in the world will dictate your reality. Too often we choose to show up as a victim. We rarely take responsibility for our actions and want someone else to fix our problems. You see, playing a victim is when you focus on a problem and don't take responsibility for the habit that got you there. And when you are stuck focusing on problem for long enough, you begin to build a cycle of disease in all areas of your life. You start to see your pillars of health collapse and as a result you show up as a person who is fat, sick, and nearly dead in all areas of your life (not just your physical appearance). This is the number 1 problem facing us in our approach to health in Western Medicine. We are too busy chasing problems (symptoms) instead of being creators and focusing on building habits that help us show up as a healthy individual. You see, creator focus on two things: opportunities and solutions. When you choose to create habits that align with your specific health goals, you begin to create freedom in your life. Freedom of your time, money and energy so that you can show up as your own creator. Here the deal, starting today you have a choice. You can continue to play victim and focus on the problem. OR. You can start to show up as a creator and focus on solutions and opportunities. The choice is yours. 
January 19, 2021
Who would I be without comparison?
In the present day addicted and triggered society we live in, comparison is number one on my list for the reason you do not have the health lifestyle you desire. Too often you are caught up in comparing yourself to other people's results. As a result, you are defeated and believe that you are not taking the right steps or actions to achieve their results. The issue is, when you start playing in the comparison game, you learn that many of the reasons you aren't achieving your own goals is a result of fear. When you keep living in comparison of results, you play small. When you live in comparison, it keeps you from doing the things you want to do because you live in a safe bubble. Instead, ask yourself, how would you show up differently if you chose to play the game differently. What if you compared work instead of results? You see, if you answer the question "who would I be without fear, judgement, or a place of lack," you find the exact answers to achieving your desired results. You can choose to continue with the comparison story and live in a place of lack, or you can choose to show up as a creator in the world and take massive action to change your life. The choice is yours! 
January 12, 2021
Vanity of vanities: the external chase for an internal problem
65% of Americans are obese or overweight. The diet and fitness industry is a $60 BILLION industry. And yet, we could not be more unhealthy. The western culture is obsessed with external appearances. However, our internal systems are leading indicators that we are absolutely not healthy. The top 4 causes of death in America are Heart Disease, Stroke, Cancer, and Lung Disease. Sure, we can do external things to try to improve these but all the leading indicators let us know that no matter how hard we work out or how healthy we eat, there is still a problem going on internally. On today's episode I break down why the majority of Americans are actually not healthy.  I also dive into how we can address this massive problem...and no, the solution is not found in the western medicine approach of pills, potions, and lotions. All it takes is a lesson in basic human physiology and that is what we will cover today. Remember, all symptoms are the result of a deficiency of one system. If you live the western life style of stress stacking for long enough, you will begin to develop chronic disease. If you treat chronic disease with pills, potions, and lotions for long enough without addressing the underlying cause, you develop the top four causes of death. The solution is simple, and the answer is located inside you. 
January 6, 2021
The 4 steps to winning 2021
The most awkward time of the year takes place between December 25th and January 1st. We don't know whether we should keep partying, start planning or maybe a combination of both. With that being said, I often see two camps of people start to arise on social media platforms. We have the community of people who use this time for celebration, reflection and focus on the upcoming opportunity of the new year. We also have the community who maybe burnt out, suffering, and anticipating what might happen in 2021 considering the year of 2020. In either situation, I find that the most effective devil in America (the MEDIA) is typically hammering us with the idea that regardless of what community you are a part of, you need to make a massive change to your life in these 6 days or you will somehow miss out on the magical unicorn of winning life in 2021. I think this is a terrible strategy and one that we all need to boycott. All you have to do is look at your social media memories on Jan 1 and see what "resolutions" you had made last year to realize that you quit that by January 14th. Instead, I like to offer a solution that many of you know you need to do, but for some reason forget to do it. I challenge you to evaluate your habits. With this four part strategy I give you today, this will be the key to setting up 2021 for the greatest year ever. Just remember, at the end of the day, New Years Resolutions aren't all they are cracked up to be...but Habits are...and most importantly - your habits are either leading you closer to or further away from your goals. 
December 28, 2020
The paralytic, the friend, and the great physician
Many of us have a distorted view of ourselves, the world, God, and virtually our role in this life. In most of the biblical parables, we often times have a hard time identifying with the characters in the story. Mainly because we believe that we are not them - meaning, we are not paralyzed, deaf, dumb, blind or even broken. However, I challenge you to change your perspective in these parables and find a way to relate to each character in the story as a visualization exercise. In today's episode we dive into the story of the paralytic. While we may not be physically "paralyzed" as we know it today, we are definitely paralyzed in a different way at different times in our lives.  We area paralyzed in our marriages, our businesses, our personal development and our families. In this episode I break down the steps one needs to take to break through this paralysis and move into a state of alignment in which you see the beauty, joy and HOPE that God has given us in this life. 
December 10, 2020
Consistency is King
In a day and age of quick fixes, shiny objects and MLM solutions, we need a real dose of what actually works for success. Over the last three years I have learned thousands of lessons on success as they relate to my business and my personal life. One of the most common threads that I can weave through all the lessons is the idea of consistency. Consistency starts with how you set up your week for success. I have learned that there are two very specific steps we need to take when we set up our week. First, we need to know what our goal is for the month with absolute clarity. This can be a goal for physical, mental, social, spiritual, or even financial health. Second, we need to identify 6 critical tasks that are urgent and important that we need to accomplish every single day. Third...wait there are three? Yes...Third - you need to identify 1 task that you perform daily that is NOT urgent, but is important to help move you closer to your goal. Now, here comes the real kicker - you have to do this day in and day out for your life. This is not something you quit because you are bored. This is not something you quit because it didn't work after 5 weeks. This is something you continually commit to doing. The people with the greatest opportunity for success are those who are willing to be the most consistent! Are you willing to cultivate success or continue living a mediocre life? 
December 1, 2020
The psychology of being stuck
One of the biggest challenges we face as people is breaking the frame of the story we tell ourselves daily. For most of us, this results in the feeling of being stuck in life.  Over the last several years, I have been on a journey of working with coaches, reading books, and trying many different hacks to help myself become unstuck. It wasn't until recently that my coach, Jesse, helped me finally get unstuck. It all starts with answering the question "what story am I living in today?" From there, we begin to set the stage for building and creating the life we want. Remember, if you find yourself saying you want to go back, the reason is typically one of comfort. Growth requires you to comfortable with being uncomfortable...and breaking the story frame you have been telling yourself for years is probably one of the most uncomfortable processes you'll ever go through.  However, it is also one of the most fulfilling. 
November 25, 2020
Stress is a result of a lack of discipline.
Stress is a concept we all have to face. However, how we choose to manage stress is exactly that, a choice. I find that too often we decide to become a victim of circumstances and react to stress to situations that are outside of our control. As a result, the storm starts to weigh on us and we start to encounter seasons of despair and failure because we have focused on things that we cannot control. In this episode I dive into stress management and focus on the things we can control. Micro habits and disciplines are the secret to long term stress management. But do you have the grit to see it through?
November 17, 2020
Tossing and turning all night
It is reported that roughly 30% of Americans will suffer from Insomnia over a given period in their life. Of the 30%, 10% will actually have what we call chronic insomnia (the kind that most believe requires medication). However, what if I told you that your sleep didn't have to suffer? That you could actually get between 7-9 hours of quality sleep a night? This is a journey that I have personally been on since 2012. I suffered multiple concussions in my high school sports career that decided to rear their ugly head 10 years later in the from of insomnia and hand numbness. As a result, I have been on an 8 year journey navigating sleep and getting the best quality possible. On today's episode, I dive into the 7 hacks that have transformed my sleep. I hope you find them useful. Some of them you already know, others will blow your mind. Who is ready for getting the sleep you deserve? 
November 10, 2020
Chiropractic Doesn't Work
A hot topic in today's medical field is the idea that chiropractic care doesn't work. So many people have stories about how they have engaged a chiropractor looking for answers to their health related issues only to be let down again. No results. No change. Still throwing more money and more time at a problem that has yet to be solved. Yet, I want to challenge you on that topic. You cannot expect results from a doctor who does not measure for a problem. If you don't measure anything, how do you know it exists? Second, if you don't measure it, how can you improve it. The most common problems I see in the chiropractic industry is a patient being over adjusted. Followed by a series of choices - being adjusted at the wrong place at the wrong time...being adjusted at the wrong place at the right time...and finally being adjusted at the right place at the wrong time. In each of these instances the issues falls on the doctor making the best decision to ensure that the patient has the opportunity to heal. do we as doctors know when we adjust the right place at the right time? First: Measure it. The central nervous system doesn't lie to you about how it is functioning, but it has to be measured. Second: Measure it. The upper cervical spine has very specific points to measure. Third: Measure it - if it is in the right place and the right time, then give an adjustment. It's as simple as that. 
November 2, 2020
Storms of Life
Mental health is a hot topic in today's climate. Did you know that recent estimates from the suicide hotline suggest that 1 out of 4 people under the age of 30 have contemplated suicide in the COVID crisis. I don't blame them and wouldn't be surprised if this was actually higher. However, just because our daily life has been disrupted doesn't mean that we need to end our life. A smooth sea never makes a skilled sailor. I like to think about today's situation and compare it to the storm on the sea of Galilee. The disciples are afraid, full of doubt and anger, they are sailing into the unknown and not sure what is going to happen while Christ is asleep on the boat. They wake him in the midst of the storm and they ask him to save them. Like Christ always does, he says oh ye of little faith, why did you doubt me, and calms the storms. The truth is, storms come in all shapes and sizes and they will always challenge you in your life. Whether it be the storm of silence in a calm sea or the waves of a Cat 5 hurricane, they will happen. The question is, how do you choose to engage the storm? How do you calm the storm? 
September 29, 2020
Balance is Overrated...but is it
It is a common theme in the field of self help to talk about the top 5 strategies to achieve balance in your life. We all know that is a load of crap. Balance is something that many people will every achieve. In fact, it is a terrible word for the way life is truly experienced...organized chaos will definitely be a better word. However, there is one area of life that we cannot sacrifice balance, your health. You see, your central nervous system is responsible for organizing and maintaining your body in a perpetual state of balance based upon the factors your body is exposed to. When your nervous system is out of balance, it causes chaos in your body which can manifest as an unending litany of symptoms that impede your performance as a human! Keeping this in mind, today we dive into what causes the nervous system to become out of balance and how upper cervical specific addresses this issue to restore balance to your body to allow you to continue to thrive and operate as the best version of yourself. 
September 23, 2020
The Complacency Trap
How many of you dream? I can imagine that there are many of us that have dreams of health, success, and what our life could potentially look like. I think this is something incredibly common in this social age as well when we see what everyone else is doing with their life through our tiny idiot box we keep in our pocket. However, the question I have is, how many of you take actions on your dreams? How many of you are willing to make the sacrifices? How many of you are willing to step into the storm of being uncomfortable? I'll say, it is probably less than 2%. A majority of people are all talk and no action, this leads to nowhere. As I said on my last podcast, there is a difference between winning and losing, especially in life. Winners take action. Losers watch from the stands. What type of person do you want to become? Remember...complacency kills. 
September 16, 2020
The Vocabulary of Winners
In health, we have winners and losers. There is a big difference in the actions, words, and media consumption between the two. Losers typically follow the fad diet, the 30 day challenge, the next shiny object. They are obsessed with comparison and letting everyone know they tried the most recent cool thing. They are the people who never commit to a long term process and typically rebound into the next MLM. They are the ones you cringe at when you see them at a social event because you know they are going to sell you on their next health trick! They chase followers and likes and embrace a shallow life. They never achieve health because what they consume they become. Winners on the other hand are a different story. They are people of action, discipline, commitment and courage. They focus on the now and the today. They don't let yesterday's choices impact today's focus. They don't sign up for the latest and greatest smoke show because they already know it is another shiny object. They consume media that directly applies to their life and that will help them become better. People of health take action today. They execute on the information given to them and make a decision now. They get their nervous system fixed today, not when a symptom pops up. They take vitamins today, not just in flu season. They take care of their spiritual life today, not when everything is falling apart. They eat health today. They work out today. They get quality sleep today. They drink 100oz water today. They continually execute on being the best version of themselves day in and day out, and what you see is the product of 1000 days of action. But for those of you who want to stay sick...there is always tomorrow. 
September 8, 2020
Cultivating Health
Health is not something that you suddenly discover. You have to develop it, nurture it, cultivate it. How many times a day are we exposed to an ad that shows us what we dream of becoming. A dream of what health is supposed to look like? Most commonly its a fit male with rocking pecs and a killer 6 pack or a woman who is wearing a scantly clad bikini showing off her body that she has worked so hard to achieve. How many times have you seen this ad in conjunction with the idea that in 30 days you can achieve it? The lies of today are designed to trigger emotion and to get you to take action, but the question is, what happens on day 31? Do you have a consistent habit of execution that will keep you from falling back into your old ways when you suddenly realize that it was nothing but a smart marketing system sold to you? Health is a battle day in and day out. It is developed over time. Much like disease. You don't just suddenly become sick. The choices you make today create the version of yourself that is shown tomorrow. Which version do you want to sell? The version of health? or....the version of Disease? 
September 1, 2020
If I were to ask you about your life over the last 3 years, I am sure you would have a rather rich story to share, especially with the last 5 months we have been exposed to in our brief period of time here on earth. However, If I asked you a different way and said, "over the last 1000 days, have you made every choice possible to help create the best version of yourself?", I guarantee you that 99% of people would answer that question as no. One step further, I would guarantee that if you said you have, and you are not where you want to be, then you still have not made that commitment. What I seek to challenge you on in this podcast is the concept of choices. Let's say you dedicated 750 days of the next 1000 days to working on 5 very specific tasks each and every day, do you think that your life will greatly improve? My challenge to you is to start document this change today. If you accomplish the 5 tasks that are designed to help you improve your health - you get a W. If you don't, you get an L. Then, on May 22, 2023, you get to add up the wins and the losses and see what your average is for improving your health. The choice is yours. Are you a winner or a loser? 
August 25, 2020
Are you designed to be sick?
In this episode, Dr. Kramer covers the topic of what it means to be sick and what it means to be healthy. The goal is to discuss what health is and how it can be measured. In this discussion we will cover topics such as - is your health the same as my health, principles of health that are consistent, environmental factors that can contribute to a lack of perceived health, and treatments. We all want to be treated as unique individuals, so why is it when we engage a health care provider that we submit ourselves to the same treatment everyone else gets. If my health is unique, shouldn't the care provided also be unique? 
August 18, 2020
Certainty vs. Guessing
Let's face it. We have all been lied too in the last 5 months. At first it was 2 weeks, which suddenly has turned into 5 months. That is a fair statement to start the topic of today's discussion. When navigating a health crisis, up until March of 2020, I would suggest that the ivory tower of Medicine was our go to avenue for finding answers. However, with the recent flip flopping of policies, I would also suggest that for most of us, our trust has been violated. This is where we arrive with the current conundrum of "who do I trust?" Is it America's Frontline Doctors or is it the media? Is it a upper cervical chiropractor or a full spine chiropractor? This leads us to the path of how we can navigate certainty vs guess work in our ownership of our health. 
August 4, 2020
Because I Feel Better
The biggest lie you can ever tell yourself is “because I feel better.” The self justification for quitting the very thing that changed your life makes zero sense. Stop quitting on yourself and the people who sink their life into helping you achieve the best version of yourself. Start investing in the things that help you optimize your performance. Because I feel better is not an acceptable answer for quitting.
July 27, 2020
Long Term Health
Today we discuss the 5 points of long term health. 1. Things that are in your control. 2. Things that are out of your control. 3. Just one visit, one work out, one meal 4. Oxidative Stress 5. Specific Chiropractic.
July 17, 2020
Who's it for?
In today's emotion filled social media environment, we have to ask ourselves a few questions. First and foremost - who is it for? Meaning, of the information that is being shared, what message is trying to be sold and why. You may be familiar with this as the "narrative" and it may change based upon the social/political/economic view of your friends list and the algorithm that is shown to you through the social platforms. The next questions is the biggest one - Am I using social media or is social media using me? If you find yourself in the position of division driven, emotion filled responses with controversial headlines - you are probably being used by social media to help aid in the division. Here's the thing thought, if you can use a principle called ETA instead of EAT - you will be way ahead of everyone else from a health perspective. When you decide to let social media use you, you are following the principles of EAT - emotion, action, thought - meaning you are triggered by a post, you take immediate action without thinking, and then think about it when it is too late (I am super guilty of this over the last 3 months). The alternative, when you decided to use social media, requires more discipline and an acronym called ETA - emotional trigger, followed by thought, and then taking the responsible action. In order to save everyone and to instill community, I prefer to work hard at using ETA from this point forward when I engage social media. It all starts with asking yourself the questions - who is this post for and what is the reaction I want? 
June 22, 2020
A Journey to Health
Health is not an arrival point. In today’s world where the mass media is trying to scare you into believing that your body is a weak organism that cannot thrive without modern mommy medicine and daddy pharma, there needs to be a voice of change. This episode is about the small things you can do to transform your life.
June 4, 2020
Chiropractic 101
If I were to walk into a room and say "I am a Chiropractor," the general consensus of the room would believe that I am a neck pain, back pain, headache specialists and that is about the limitations of what I do. This is incredibly disappointing and couldn't be further from the truth with regards to what a Chiropractor does and what they seek to accomplish with their specific recommendations to care. In this episode, Dr. Kramer dives deep into the premise of Chiropractic and what we aim to accomplish with our care. Hint: it's not about your back. 
May 22, 2020
A Hero’s Journey: Francesca
In this episode I briefly walk through the story of Francesca and her health journey. She has been a patient with us at Hope for the last two years and has a tremendous empowerment story of gaining control of her health and helping her become the best woman, wife and mother she can be.
May 19, 2020
Our Values #4: Healing through all seasons
Modern media would have us believe that once we achieve a state of health it should be permanent. There is nothing further from the truth. The human experience is full of seasons of life that can interrupt our health at a moments notice. In fact, often times, we are caught by surprise when we have a less than desirable state of health. It is our goal to interrupt this paradigm and help you maintain a state of health as long as possible through preventative measures. By keeping your nervous system strong and resilient, you have a better opportunity to maintain health through all seasons of life. Tune in as I dive deeper into this value and how it is more common in our everyday life than we realize.
May 12, 2020
A Hero's Journey: Anxiety
Every single human being will have a season of anxiety in their life. It is pat of the human experience. Many of us may laugh at this statement however when we understand what Anxiety is, it is easier to identify a season of our lives when we experienced it. According the the Mayo Clinic, anxiety is persistent and excessive anxiety and worry about activities or events — even ordinary, routine issues. The worry is out of proportion to the actual circumstance, is difficult to control and affects how you feel physically. It often occurs along with other anxiety disorders or depression. The major concern we have with Anxiety is when it lasts longer than a season. For many of us, our first encounter with anxiety is happening right now during the COVID19 pandemic. The fact that you have a perceived lack of control has paralyzed many of you from taking action to pursue your goals and your dreams. In fact it has crippled a majority of American's to live in a state of perpetual fear causing a ton of health related issues even while practicing social distancing. In this episode I talk about patient #186 and her life time battle with Anxiety. With the help of Upper Cervical Specific, we have been able to strengthen and balance her autonomic nervous system to allow her to be the hero of her own story, even amidst the chaos of the current pandemic. 
May 5, 2020
A Hero's Journey: Meniere's Disease
This week the Journal of Upper Cervical Research published a great case study on navigating Meniere's disease with upper cervical specific chiropractic care. The story was of a 65 year old patient who had debilitating vertigo that would cause her to vomit. She would experience a hangover like feeling for several days after the episodes and was at her wits end. She had gone to her ENT who recommended several dietary changes and tried several months of full spine chiropractic care with little to no results. At the end of her rope, she took a chance on an Upper Cervical Specific doctor who understood her unique healing crisis. After 5 visits, the patient reported that her Meniere's was completely gone. She continued through a course of care that took 13 months and at the end, she went to her ENT who proclaimed her virtually cured. Today, it is my pleasure to share the story of patient number 18 from Hope. She, too, has a very similar story to the patient in this study. 4 years later, she is still vertigo free and living life to the fullest.
May 5, 2020
Episode 12: Our Values #3: No Cover Bands
One of my greatest mentors, Andy Frisella, loves to make the statement - There are no cover bands in the rock and roll hall of fame. I think this applies greatly to the health paradigm we face in today's model when most of the solutions are geared at a cookie cutter approach for health found in a pill, potion, and lotion. At Hope we have a unique lane that we navigate with our patients that is aimed at respecting each person's unique health journey and human dignity. Our goal is focused on healing the whole person through optimal expression of the nervous system. In this episode we break down "No Cover Bands." Take a moment to look at your own life - are you living like a cover band or are you trying to get into the rock and roll hall of fame? 
April 15, 2020
A Hero's Journey: Loss of Hand Function.
Over the last 4 years, I have had the privilege to work with some amazing people. These will be a weekly opportunity to learn more about the patients who make up our community at Hope. This first episode is about patient number 1. If you know someone who would identify with this do us a favor and share it with them. Remember, you never know how far reaching the things you think, say or do today will effect the lives of millions tomorrow.
April 8, 2020
Episode 11: Our Values #2: Default Adaptability
The majority of Western Medicine wants you to believe that for every symptom there is a pill. I wonder why we have the highest addiction rate to pain meds and antidepressants in the world to this day. It's fascinating because every single doctor is taught in basic human physiology and neuro-physiology that the guiding principles of the body rely entirely upon the neurological system and it's ability to adapt to both the internal and external environment. As BJ Palmer is quoted: "while other professions are concerned with changing the environment to suite the weakened body, Chiropractic is concerned with strengthening the body to suit the environment" - this leads us to the path of studying how to improve your own bodies unique ability to adapt! 
April 7, 2020
Episode 10: Our Values, #1 - Squirrel
Over the course of the last month, Dr. Kramer has taken the time to dive deep into the practice of Hope Chiropractic to better understand the values that make up his patients and his practice. With the help of his office manager, Paige, they have created a list of values to describe what the practice stands for and how it delivers these values time and time again with our patients and our product. We hope you enjoy tuning in over the next 5 weeks to learn more about the values that guide Dr. Kramer. 
March 31, 2020
Episode 9: Opportunities and Commitments
The world is in a state of chaos. As Mike Tyson likes to say, everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth. In this episode Dr. Kramer dives into his thoughts on the recent health crisis and the impact it is having on our communities around us. We have an opportunity here to really change how we engage as people and as a community. Also, don't forget that at one point, you made a commitment to show up. Winners find a way around the obstacles of mainstream media to continue showing up for their commitments. Corona will blow over, but will the opportunity still be there for you to ensure that your commitments are kept? That is up to you. The choice is yours. 
March 17, 2020
What’s your story?
As Jocko likes to say, all your excuses are lies. On this episode, Dr Kramer dives into understanding the foundation of your story and how it leads to your reality. Too often we build a foundation on sand and it is quick to crumble. Instead, take a moment to reflect deeply and check your own foundation. If it is made of sand, maybe it’s time to change your values. Believe me, it is definitely worth it!
February 25, 2020
Thursday Thot 3: Focus
99% of people believe that America has the best healthcare system in the world. However, there exist a 1% of the population who truly believe that healing takes an internal commitment to creating the environment you want. You want to know the difference between those who conquer disease and those who don't? It all comes down to focus. What story are you feeding and how can you change it?
February 20, 2020
Episode 7: Straighten the Frame with Justin Lewis
Justin Lewis is part of the foundation that is the Health and Wellness community of Southlake Texas. He found ProCore Fitness in 2014 on the premise that a consistent product is not offered to the world. For the most part, we are sold bad strategies when it pertains to health. Then, when these strategies fail us, we end up blaming ourselves leading us down a path of discouragement and cynacism. He notes that he wanted to be able to look a client in the eye and guarantee them a great experience, not the one size fits all model that has been sold time and time again. From training UFC world champions and Hall of Famers across multiple sports to Super Moms and CEO's, his staff has your best interest at heart. 
February 18, 2020
Episode 6: All things pregnancy with Dr. Meghan York
Dr. Meghan York has a passion to serve the families of Southlake and Surrounding area. She has spent over 300 hours studying all things Chiropractic that surrounds the pregnancy journey and child growth. On this episode we dive deep into why you need someone with her qualifications for Chiropractic when it comes to Chiropractic; not just someone who took a weekend Seminar!
February 11, 2020
Thursday Thot 2: be a better human
In this day and age we could all afford to be better human beings we’ve lost the opportunity to connect to people and we lost the opportunity for responsibility this that is a byproduct of people who decide to no-show appointments and who choose not to follow up with people you guys can all be better humans
February 6, 2020
Episode 5: Medicare with Sean Turner
Sean Turner is a local insurance expert. He specializes in helping our aging population navigate the field of Medicare. From supplemental policies to advantage plans, it is his goal to help you keep seeing the doctors you love as you move into your golden years. He can found online at Buffer Benefits on Facebook and LinkedIn. In this episode we discuss the positive and negative sides of medicare and its impact on our population and our doctors. Tune in for some great content as for many of us, 64.5 years of age isn't that far off. 
February 4, 2020
Episode 4: Bullying is a trigger word
This week, Dr. Kramer and guest Cory Procter dive deep into the reason why bullying has become such a trigger word in our society. Without setting a strong foundation in our lives, we have no guiding principles. And when we lack principles, we fail as people and communities.
January 28, 2020
Thursday Thought 1
How you control the thoughts that take place between your ears dictates what you attract into your life. These Thursday’s are designed to be short and fast pieces of wisdom Doctor Kramer has accumulated through the years
January 23, 2020
Episode 3: Protecting your Legacy with Ryan Peabody
It is estimated that over 85% of all American's do not have an Estate.  This can be a scary subject for many of us as we are concerned with the question "what happens to my legacy when I die."  In this episode, Ryan Peabody walks us through his journey of life that lead up to him opening Peabody Law here in Southlake.  Tune in for an amazing story about growing up in a family of entrepreneurs and how this set the stage for his great success as an attorney.  
January 21, 2020
Episode 2: Building the Foundation with Casie Garner
In 2010, Casie wasn't really living her best life. She found herself pregnant, weighing in over 230 pounds and not really sure where life was going to take her. After a tough decision to break up with her daughters father, Casie decided it was time to get back in the game of life. She had hopes and dreams and notes that in order to live those dreams and attract them into her life, she had to become the person that would live in that life. She notes: "You have all these excuses, but you have to go look for answers at some point." So, she went to a trusty source called YouTube to learn about fitness and cooking. It was at this time she discovered the hunk, Rich Froning, and Crossfit. From there her life was never the same. Tune in to the story to find out how she became a small business owner and competitor in Southlake, TX but listening to the episode! Also, if you find that you identify with Casie, share her story with two friends who also need to hear it. 
January 14, 2020
Episode 1: Why Hope
Welcome to the first Podcast of The Dr Joey Kramer show. On today's episode we dive deeper into Dr. Kramer's past and how is able to live each and every day with Hope. As a young man Dr. Kramer suffered from being bullied from his struggle with weight, through the guidance of a Wrestling Coach, Dr. Kramer was able to start the transformation process of his health. This was also his first encounter with Chiropractic. This story works through the many challenges he faced from concussions to low back injuries, ultimately allowing him to confidently help people of all walks of life in his private practice in Southlake, Texas. 
January 8, 2020