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Dr. Love's Quest For Love (Feat. QuestLove)

Dr. Love's Quest For Love (Feat. QuestLove)

By Dr. Love's Quest For Love
Just a couple playboys talkin’ whoopie with some experts in the field. This podcast is created in association with WTBU Radio. Visit for more. [no affiliation with Questlove]
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DLQL Episode 9: Holding hands waffle or clam style? (Feat. Mad Dog Moose) #VALENTINESDAY

Dr. Love's Quest For Love (Feat. QuestLove)

DLQL Episode 11: Lead Babies
Whoah! what? we finally have the funding to fly in Emily Walke from Michigan so we can talk about kinks.  Tee hee... Hi Emily... --hugh
March 2, 2020
DLQL Episode 10: The episode 10 special is about the opposite of love
Wow! what? breakups more like steak push ups.  Yeah That sounds good
February 24, 2020
DLQL Episode 9: Holding hands waffle or clam style? (Feat. Mad Dog Moose) #VALENTINESDAY
IT"S VALENTINES DAY.  This funky man says weird things.  Maybe he wanted to talk about his family's age gaps? or his classmates children? or writing essays on his phone at a T stop? all related to valentines day.
February 14, 2020
DLQL Episode 8: 2020, or as the French Say, Douze Douze
Langley Mustard and us are in the studio so you dont have to be.  No nerds allowed.  We are pro bullying
February 3, 2020
DLQL Episode 7: Unlucky Number Friday the 13th (Feat. the real Cher)
A short episode gets a short description.  Listen to find out why it's short ho ho ho
December 16, 2019
DLQL Episode 6: Everything Tastes Like Chicken (Feat. Jinx)
We are in the doctor's office with my (Dr. Hugh's) bedmate, Jinx.  And by bedmate, I mean my roommate who sleeps in another room.  Why is sex weird and awkward? ehhh who knows? We cant answer that but we definitely can make fun of it
December 9, 2019
DLQL Episode 5: Stuffin' the Turkey with Olivia Yeehaw
yooo only thing we like more than sk8boarding at the doctor's office is gettin our back home kissy on.  Not with each other, creep.  Lol ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.  anyway we need to hear Oliva hines' thoughts on what you do when you get back home.  Even if that means breaking up the fam, not like that, creep.
November 25, 2019
DLQL Episode 4: Will Martella is CRINGECELLED - The Tinder Episode
What happens when you combine the words cringe and cancelled for the purpose of post ironic neo-memeage humor? You get an in depth analysis of tinder? what does it do? how do I use it? are the uggos all on bumble?  How does Bon appetite's Brad Leone factor into this?  Ehhhh... Listen to this all inclusive episode featuring Sheriff Will Martella
November 18, 2019
DLQL Episode 3: Long Distance Relationships AKA the Phone-Sex Cat Burglar
Two doctors talking about one of the juiciest love advice topics: Long distance relationships? Impossible.  We need court mandated Nurse Practitioner miles to help us cover this topic.  We might even learn something about how to get your homework done during sex? I don't know
November 11, 2019
DLQL Episode 2: "If pee is involved, I feel like I'm not too concerned." (feat. Lauren the specialist)
Well we totally missed releasing this as a halloween episode because incidentally we recorded on halloween.  So think of this as general, sexual, costume advice.  Also we're talking zodiac signs --oh lord help me-- so much zodiac signs.  Basically if you wanna know where there is crossover between furries and halloween sex or which of the star sign monster animals can get it, this podcast holds a lot of relevance.
November 4, 2019
DLQL Episode 1: Joking off in the back of a theatre
Hey we re-uploaded because we left all the names in whoops.  The doctor's are in for the first time ever issuing some spicy romantic love advice.  Is Joker a good first date movie? is my friend group the how I met your mother friend group? find out now!  patch notes --removed herobrine
October 27, 2019