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Dr. Mignon Online

Dr. Mignon Online

By Dr. Yvette Mignon
Dr. Yvette Mignon is an internist who provides holistic care focusing on mind, body, spirit approach helping her patients live life on life's terms. Helping individuals find their inner joy and peace and love life to the fullest is her driving mission .
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DrMignonOnline 003: Rachel's Story (Part 1 of 2)
Rachel's story is one of survival and resilience.  A story of pain and persistence with overcoming.  A story of continued hard work.  Her story is like so many of our own, where we continue on.  Listen in to this first part of her story.
November 14, 2020
DrMignonOnline 002: Addiction & Setting Healthy Limits
Setting limits and boundaries can be some of the most difficult things to do, especially when it is with out child, our spouse or someone you truly care about.  Boundaries are key to our individual life recovery.  It forces us to learn how to really love ourselves and others.  Setting limits will give us strength, respect  and confidence in ourselves.  Others will know that we mean what we say and magically you  will find that the individual will change or won't change.  That is up to them and there is nothing we can do but respect their choice.  Being empowered to make our own choices and strong enough to carry it out shows that we are evolving and opens us up to receiving the next gift, Relief and Serenity and Happiness.   
September 21, 2020
DrMignonOnline 001: Childhood Trauma
Introducing Dr. Mignon online  podcast 1.   Special Guest L. Michelle Savant copyright Dr.MignonOnline 2020.
July 19, 2020