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Dr. Mignon Online

Dr. Mignon Online

By Dr. Yvette Mignon
Dr. Yvette Mignon is an internist who provides holistic care focusing on a mind, body, spirit approach. Helping her patients live life on life's terms. Here I discuss the real life concepts that I see daily to help others find their inner joy and peace. Helping others to enjoy and love life to the fullest is my driving mission.
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Real Life Medicine Audio Journal, Episode 1
This is the first of the Weekly audio Journal Real Life Medicine. After three months of not recording Dr. Mignon is back with more Real Life Medicine. In this episode Dr. Mignon discusses this time of transition and how it is impacting her life.
December 5, 2021
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What does Dr. Mignon think about change? Change is a part of our lives. Drastic change is happening now with the pandemic. Change in our work lives and in our personal lives. Transformation requires us to change which is often frightening and difficult. Resistance to change causes friction and only makes change more difficult. It does not have be so difficult if we can let go of the resistance and lean in to the process of change.
October 8, 2021
Covid Exhaustion: The Doctor’s Experience
Fresh, Relevant, Authentic, Timely.. Real Life Medicine Content in real time.. this is no joke
September 3, 2021
Unapologetically Happy
Today's topic was inspired by me wanting to focus on being Unapologetically Happy in my own life.  Recognizing that often we get caught up in the challenges of life or in our old behaviors or learned behaviors of not allowing for or appreciating life to the fullest at all times. Recognizing that life is not full of daises however more often than not there are more rainbows than we allow ourselves to see. 
August 28, 2021
The Forty-Year-Old Version (a film review)
Dr. Mignon shares why she was so taken with writer and director Radha Blank’s The Forty-Year-Old Version. This Sundance winner is cleaver and refreshing . “I loved the story being told from the perspective of a nearly forty year old woman who still has dreams and isn’t afraid to chase them.” Well even if she is afraid to chase them she doesn’t let that stop her and in doing so she finds her strength and her truth which leads to her being authentically her. You see whether Radha knew it at the time or not this was a lesson that her mother taught her through her own life. She learned not to stay in the box that others drew for her and in doing so she became the person that she wanted to be. What a lesson and told with great humor. Thank you RadhaMusPrime. Namaste
June 25, 2021
DrMignonOnline: 09
It’s post-op Day #4 and I am getting ready for my first Physical therapy session. I’ve been behaving (I really don’t have much of a choice). My pain is really well controlled but this may change soon??? I am trying to embrace my status change of being the patient amongst other roles.
May 23, 2021
DrMignon Online 008 Today my Healing work involved a surgery
Today I addressed a physical problem that I have been having for five years.  It has affected my life and how I feel for that period of time.  I have a knee issue, injury that caused me to have pain, to wear  knee  braces, get MRI's and injections, an orthoscopic surgery and  a stem cell injection which requires a bone marrow biopsy to obtain your stem cells. All of these procedures work for many but it did not fix my problem.   I decided that I needed to stop prioritizing everyone else, my practice, my patients and take care of myself. Take care of myself for my future, my happiness and my health and well being of course.   This podcast is about my surgical procedure day... check it out. 
May 18, 2021
This is a timely review of the Netflix release Two Distant Strangers, a brief but moving short film.
Hear Dr. Mignon’s review, thoughts and feelings regarding this 32 minute short film which brings to the forefront the issues is racial bias, killings of black men and women which has continued to be an issue and seems to be getting worse. As we watch the trial of Officer Derek Chavin in the George Floyd murder trial we all must process what this means for us as a nation, as individuals and as Americans. This film is clever in that it brings these issues to the forefront in 30 minutes. Ending with a significant list of recent police encounters resulting in death. The time for love and open hearts is past due. The time for acceptance and fairness is past due. Hopefully it can help others see some of the challenges of simply being black. Being black is not a crime.
April 10, 2021
DrMignon Online 005: January 2021
Dr. Mignon's first podcast for January 2021, this week had a number of unexpected challenges that put me and my inner circle  to the test .
January 13, 2021
DrMignon Online 004: Rachel L. episode 2 of 2
This is a dramatic continuation of Rachel Lopez's story.  One of having her life attacked, or surviving an attempted murder, one of heart break and  survival. This is a story of continuing to give love in the face of pain, because it is love that makes life worth living and relieves the pain.  This is not a story of self sacrifice, it is a story of survival and growth.  A story of being human and the gifts that we all have and should work everyday 
December 19, 2020
DrMignonOnline 003: Rachel's Story (Part 1 of 2)
Rachel's story is one of survival and resilience.  A story of pain and persistence with overcoming.  A story of continued hard work.  Her story is like so many of our own, where we continue on.  Listen in to this first part of her story.
November 14, 2020
DrMignonOnline 002: Addiction & Setting Healthy Limits
Setting limits and boundaries can be some of the most difficult things to do, especially when it is with out child, our spouse or someone you truly care about.  Boundaries are key to our individual life recovery.  It forces us to learn how to really love ourselves and others.  Setting limits will give us strength, respect  and confidence in ourselves.  Others will know that we mean what we say and magically you  will find that the individual will change or won't change.  That is up to them and there is nothing we can do but respect their choice.  Being empowered to make our own choices and strong enough to carry it out shows that we are evolving and opens us up to receiving the next gift, Relief and Serenity and Happiness.   
September 21, 2020
DrMignonOnline 001: Childhood Trauma
Introducing Dr. Mignon online  podcast 1.   Special Guest L. Michelle Savant copyright Dr.MignonOnline 2020.
July 19, 2020