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Dr Nancy Knows

Dr Nancy Knows

By Nancy Gaines-Dillard
We talk personal wellness and business with celebrities’ and leaders.
Awareness, motivation, inspiration or just some feel good talk.
Inspiration for all of life. You’ve come to the right place!
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Dr Nancy Knows Chase Brendle
Alcohol-free, trend-setting botanical wellness beverages! Shop online, dine-in, takeout or curbside service in Phoenix and Sedona.  Chase Brendle, owner of Lacuna Kava Bar joins Dr Nancy Knows to talk wellness, kava and business!  You don't want to miss.  Article: #drnancyknows #celebritydoctor # LacunaKavaBar
June 18, 2022
Dr Nancy Knows DJ Barton
Most people already know that switching to an alternative energy source, like solar, is incredible for the environment.  Watch DJ Barton and Dr Nancy Knows for Solar Info and how DJ built his businesses.  You won't want to miss. #carpediempartners #CelebrityDoctor #DrNancyKnows #gosolarwithdj #momentummakers
June 11, 2022
Dr Nancy Knows Dr Ryan Starzyk
On this episode of Dr Nancy Knows, Dr Ryan Starzyk shares his passion for helping businesses through digital transformations and his perspective on LGBTQIA+ Global Issues. Dr Ryan shares tips on how to be an ally, advocate and supporter of the LGBTQIA+ community. Learn more at #drnancyknows #celebritydoctor #bluefiregroup
June 04, 2022
Dr Nancy Knows JC Donaldson
Working with tailors around the US we bring our passion of contemporary clothing creating exceptional garments for individuals who demand the very best. Watch now!   More #DrNancyKnows #CelebrityDoctor #HouseOfDondaldson
May 28, 2022
Dr Nancy Knows Carlos Velasco
Carlos Velasco, CEO of Novle shares how a company can fulfill its desired potential through a genuine partnership with its community. Novle connects business owners, corporate executives and non-profit organizations develop genuine relationships with the Latino community. Watch now!  Connect #drnancyknows #celebritydoctor #wearenovle #novleactivators
May 21, 2022
Dr Nancy Knows Dawn Jackson
Dawn brings wines and works with the hosting organization or individual to bring together tapas foods with the perfect wine for social and networking events.  Dawn would love to come to your non-profit and host a wine pairing party with you. Learn More and Connect
May 14, 2022
Dr Nancy Knows Maddison Gaffney
Whether you’re just starting out or looking to restructure your LLC or Business Corporation Maddison brings years of financial experience. Her mantra is: analyze, identify, advise, execute.  Watch Now!  #BizCreditGuru #CelebrityDoctor #DrNancyKnows #MaddisonGaffney
May 07, 2022
Dr Nancy Knows Jodi O'Malley
Jodi O’Malley holds a Master’s in Critical Care Nursing. She was on the front lines treating Covid patients at a federal hospital for Native Americans which ended abruptly when she courageously shared her insider video with Project Veritas. The real time footage showed the extent of underreported vaccine injuries and outright corruption of the healthcare system where policy and protocol have taken precedence over the Patient’s Bill of Rights. Today, she continues to be a strong advocate for patient rights and encourages other to speak up and uphold theirs oaths. Watch Now!  #drnancyknows #celebritydoctor #vaccinewhistleblower #jodie-omalley
April 30, 2022
Dr Nancy Knows Jerone Davison
Meet Jerone Davison. Father, Pastor, Author, Speaker, Former NFL Player & Candidate for U.S. Congress. Watch Now at  Meet and connect with Jerone Davison - #jerone4congress #drnancyknows #celebritydoctor
April 23, 2022
Dr Nancy Knows Justin Johanson
Building a Business is Hard Work. Protect It. These days, copycats are everywhere. In the blink of an eye, you could have your intellectual property stolen from under your nose. Justin at Innovative IP Law makes sure that NEVER happens. Watch Now & Get $250 credit towards your Trademark project. #DrNancyKnows #CelebrityDoctor #Justin-Johanson #InnovativeIPlaw
April 16, 2022
Dr Nancy Knows Mark Warlick
Beneficiary Deeds have some pro's and a few things to consider.  Benefits include avoiding probate and a quick transfer of property upon the death of the grantor.  Considerations include that the property may be taxed and if the beneficiary dies before the grantor, it is not part of their estate.  Learn more today on! #drnancyknows #celebritydoctor #nationalrealestaterecyclers #markwarlick
April 09, 2022
Dr Nancy Knows Dr Brenda Combs
Brenda grew up in a middle-class family, but fell into a bad crowd, began using drugs and dropped out of school.  During her darkest days on the streets, she endured unspeakable trauma, including being beaten, shot, stabbed, raped and burned with cigarettes.  It took hitting rock bottom for Brenda to find the strength to turn her life around, praying and seeking forgiveness and help.    As an overcomer, Brenda’s life work focuses on empowering others. As an author, publisher, Event Speaker and Theatre Group Producer she provides opportunity for others to find their voice. Dr Brenda has founded MTB. MTB is a drug and alcohol-free living environment for women. Our purpose is to Make Things Better for each man and woman who enters our home. We provide shoes, food, care items and resources to homeless brothers and sisters.   Learn more and connect at   #drnancyknows #celebritydoctor #drbrendacombs #mtb 
April 02, 2022
Dr Nancy Knows and NG Cares Network
Sit in with Dr Nancy Gaines-Dillard of Dr Nancy Knows and Shasta Broadus on this Coffee Chat. Learn how you could have an online show and increase the reach of how you do good in the world.  #drnancyknows #ngcaresnetwork #coffeechat
March 26, 2022
Dr Nancy Knows Larry Witherspoon
Dr Nancy welcomes Larry Witherspoon.  Larry's passion and business is creating minority ownership in the next generation of TV & radio.  Founded by Larry Witherspoon, Connect To Your City, LLC (CTYC) is a Phoenix, Arizona based company focused on providing leading edge broadcasting platforms for the traditional broadcaster seeking to amplify their audience and develop distribution channels for local podcasters looking to become broadcasters. Learn more and connect
March 19, 2022
Dr Nancy Knows Eliot Tabron
The wealth shift is here! Eliot shares that bitcoin is the grandfather of cryptocurrencies. As an investor and financial coach, Eliot has years of full-time research and personal experience winning in the cryptocurrency market. Watch Now at and get to know more about Eliot Tabron at #CelebrityDoctor #coedbillionairesclub #DrNancyGainesDillard #DrNancyKnows #drnancyknows #eliottabron
March 05, 2022
Dr Nancy Knows Donna Williams
Navigating conflict in your professional and professional life is not easy but it is necessary.    For almost 20 years, Donna Williams has been dedicated to helping individuals, families and organizations resolve conflict and get back on track.  Ms. Williams mediates a variety of issues, including employment discrimination, sexual harassment, housing discrimination, and special education disputes as well as divorce, custody, and parenting time issues. She also mediates and investigates workplace disputes that can often lead to formal grievances and EEO complaints if not addressed in a timely and effective manner. for more info and to connect #drnancyknows #celebritydoctor #donnathemediator
February 26, 2022
Dr Nancy Knows Kurnita Wallace
Laser hair removal can be used to remove hair from all over the body.  Most people treat the under arm, legs, upper lip, back and the bikini area. With 18 years of experience Kurnita provides individualized care for all people, especially of color.  Join Dr Nancy and Kurnita Wallace to talk Laser Hair Reduction.    Connect and learn more here ->   #drnancyknows #celebritydoctor #laserhairreduction
February 19, 2022
Dr Nancy Knows Kaneka Trotter
Senior and Elder Care.  Whatever the elderly are facing, Kaneka takes joy in helping them and their families navigate services to assist.  Depending on the seniors needs, Kaneka can connect and walk along side families on everything from moving assistance, veterans solutions, home care help, skilled nursing and rehabilitation to memory care or assisted livings. Connect! #drnancyknows #senioronesource #seniorone #eldercare #kanekatrotter #celebritydoctor  
February 12, 2022
Dr Nancy Knows Iysha Wedderburn
New is the Oxygen facial.  Join Dr Nancy Knows for a chat with Iysha Wedderburn of Sparkle-n-Shine on skincare, the Oxygen Facial and to learn about Skincare Bootcamp!  Watch now More info and to connect: #CelebrityDoctor #DrNancyGainesDillard #DrNancyKnows #IyshaWedderburn #sparklenshine
February 05, 2022
Dr Nancy Knows Shasta Broadus
31.7 million Small Businesses are the lifeblood of the US economy. They create two thirds of the net jobs that drive innovation and competitiveness. Small Business entrepreneurs matter. Shasta and her team at Capital Stewardship partner with leaders to help them develop and scale their business.   Scaling your business starts with the leaders personal and professional development. Shasta summarizes “Better stewardship of your wealth starts with you. It benefits your business bottom line and pour into other people who care about what you care about.” Click here for more on the Interview and to connect!  #drnancyknows #celebritydoctor #capitalstewardshiporg #shastabroadus #followyourdollars #mindyourbusiness
January 29, 2022
Dr Nancy Knows Scott Freymuller
Scott Freymuller's foundation equips people to identify red flags and out-of-character behaviors and help those who are affected begin the healing process through self-awareness and stepping into their truth.   Scott is the CEO of OIB Consulting and Founder of The Knot Foundation.   Learn more about The Knot Foundation, OIB Consulting and to connect with Scott:   #drnancyknows #celebritydoctor #scottfreymuller_the_knot
January 22, 2022
Dr Nancy Knows Doug Caporrino and COVID
Less than 10% of people who are intubated with COVID-19 survive. Doug not only survived but is on track for a full recovery.   Doug shares his personal story of COVID-19 with two rounds of intubation, a pulmonary heart attack and a loss of 45+ pounds. Doug was very fit before contracting COVID as well as a leading authority on fitness and nutrition, with 400 published articles, celebrity clients and a scientifically grounded researcher with a biochemistry degree and a functional medicine nutritionist.   Learn more and connect at   #drnancyknows #celebritydoctor #dougcaporinno #covidsurvivor
January 15, 2022
Dr Nancy Knows AC Caswell
AC Caswell is the co-founder and CEO of Million Dollar Mingle, Future Pro Gear and Lavxurious Magazine. Caswell says, “You can come above your situation…rise above all the doubters and naysayers.”.  Join Dr Nancy and AC for a stimulating conversation.  More at #drnancyknows #celebritydoctor #milliondollarmingle
January 08, 2022
Dr Nancy and Jill Nicolini talk natural supplements tips
Award winning entertainment and business journalist Jill Nicolini interviews Dr Nancy Gaines-Dillard for New York Cities broadcast of Podcast Business News Network. Episode 7. Supplements - synthetics verses natural and five tips!  #drnancysim #drnancyknows #celebritydoctor #pbnn #jillnicolini
December 29, 2021
Dr Nancy and Jill Nicolini talk water and cleansing the body.
Award winning entertainment and business journalist Jill Nicolini interviews Dr Nancy Gaines-Dillard for New York Cities broadcast of Podcast Business News Network. Episode 6: Cleansing the body from the inside out. 
December 29, 2021
Dr Nancy Knows AJ Coulter
Kidney Disease is no laughing matter ... unless your AJ Coulter.  Meet AJ, a standup comedian, who takes dialysis three times a week while waiting on a match with the American national kidney transplant list.  With humor and perspective, AJ shares that "Every hard think is perspective to make you better".  Be inspired.  Meet AJ Coulter with Dr Nancy Knows. More about AJ & How to Connect: #DrNancyKnows #CelebrityDoctor #FocalSegmentalGlomerulosclerosis #FSGS #AJCoulter   
December 25, 2021
Dr Nancy and Jill Nicolini talk leaky gut, cold and flu season and what you can do!
Award winning entertainment and business journalist Jill Nicolini interviews Dr Nancy Gaines-Dillard for New York Cities broadcast of Podcast Business News Network. Episode 5: Leaky Gut and the Cold & Flu Season    #drnancysim #drnancyknows #celebritydoctor #pbnn #jillnicolini
December 17, 2021
Dr Nancy and Jill Nicolini talk Micro-toxin, heavy metal, food sensitivity, environmental testing.
Award winning entertainment and business journalist Jill Nicolini interviews Dr Nancy Gaines-Dillard for New York Cities broadcast of Podcast Business News Network. Episode 4: Micro-toxin, heavy metal, food sensitivity, environmental testing. #drnancysim #drnancyknows #celebritydoctor #pbnn #jillnicolini
December 16, 2021
Dr Nancy and Jill Nicolini Talk Using Plant Based Supplements for Healthy Glucose Levels
Award winning entertainment and business journalist Jill Nicolini interviews Dr Nancy Gaines-Dillard for New York Cities broadcast of Podcast Business News Network. Episode 3: Essential Oils and Whole Plant Supplements for Healthy Glucose Levels.  #drnancysim #drnancyknows #celebritydoctor #pbnn #jillnicolini
December 16, 2021
Dr Nancy and Jill Nicolini talk telemedicine and supplements.
Award winning entertainment and business journalist Jill Nicolini interviews Dr Nancy Gaines-Dillard for New York Cities broadcast of Podcast Business News Network. Episode 2: Integrating western medicine with holistic plant based, vegan solutions such as supplements available via telemedicine and virtual visits. #drnancysim #drnancyknows #celebritydoctor #pbnn #jillnicolini
December 16, 2021
Dr Nancy and Jill Nicolini Get Acquainted
Award winning entertainment and business journalist Jill Nicolini interviews Dr Nancy Gaines-Dillard for New York Cities broadcast of Podcast Business News Network. Episode 1: Getting to Know Dr Nancy.  #drnancysim #drnancyknows #celebritydoctor #pbnn #jillnicolini 
December 16, 2021
Dr Nancy Knows Tina Marie Fowler
Tina Marie has been featured on ABC and Fox News for the work that her organization does for women! In 2006, she founded Tina Marie The Bridge Builder (TMTBB), an organization focused on empowering women to build stronger communities and sisterhoods. TMTBB has provided women across the greater Phoenix-metro area a place to learn, network and thrive both professionally and socially regardless of age, status or background. Tina has also curated a space that is geared towards the needs and desires of the middle aged woman; it is important for them to have a place that they belong to and a place that also belongs to them! Meet Tina and her organization at  Visit this link for a very special membership discount! 
December 11, 2021
Dr Nancy Knows Janylle Radden
It's darn right impossible to eat out when you have food sensitivities / allergies ... but not anymore!  Meet Janylle the co-founder and CEO of  An iOS and Android friendly app -- and website -- is available!  Restaurants upload their menu and tell you ingredients and spices in each dish.  You can dine out with confidence.   32 million Americans have food sensitivities. Check out this interview with Janylle and learn more about MenuMD at #drnancyknows #celebritydoctor #menumd @menumd  
December 04, 2021
Dr Nancy Knows Lloyd Hopkins
The Million Dollar Teacher Project's vision is to create a world where every student is taught by a highly trained, qualified, understanding and engaged teacher. Meet Lloyd today on Dr Nancy Knows.  Lloyd Hopkins, an organizational leader with extensive experience in community and nonprofit work, has always been committed to the advancement of K-12 education in Arizona. He graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Nonprofit Management and Leadership. With his education and passion for ensuring quality education for all, he launched the Million Dollar Teacher Project in 2016. Lloyd also serves as the Chair of Real Engagement through Active Philanthropy, a fund under the AZ Community Foundation to make a positive impact on African-American Youth. #DrNancyKnows #drnancyknows #mdtproject @mdtproject #celebritydoctor
November 27, 2021
Dr Nancy Knows Christine Ellis
Christine Ellis serves as a City of Chandler, Arizona City Council member.  As a long time Arizona resident, Christine has a legacy of investing in others from co-founding the Haitian Disaster Relief of Arizona and collaborated with actor Sean Penn to help earth quake victims.    In Arizona, she has served as a Registered Nurse and administrator with over 30 years of elder care experience. She has received appointments by the Governor to serve on many different boards representing assisted living homes helping families and organizations.   She has been acknowledged with a nomination as “one of the top 10 most inspirational woman in Arizona” for her dedication to people in need by The Arizona Republic in 2011.   Meet Christine Ellis and get in touch #drnancyknows #celebritydoctor #christineellis #cityofchandler
November 20, 2021
Dr Nancy Knows Essence Yarbrough
Want to reduce pain and anxiety? There is power in touch! If you'd like to improve your wellness, let Dr Nancy Knows introduce you to Essence Yarbrough. Reflexology is generally relaxing and may help alleviate stress and reduce pain.  Essence has 10 years experience as a reflexology provider.  Meet Essence as she chats with Dr Nancy about reflexology, wellness coaching and what you can do to promote soothing and wellness!  Learn more about reflexology, Essence self-paced, on-demand Coaching practice at #CelebrityDoctor #DrNancyGainesDillard #DrNancyKnows #drnancyknows #essenceyarbrough #reflexologist_n_mindsetcoach
November 13, 2021
Dr Nancy Knows Doria Tabron
Doria knows that when she looks and feels beautiful, she is influenced to be her best self. Her mission through “Focused and Fearless” is to help other women look and feel beautiful so they can be all that they aspire to be. As the 2021 Mrs. Maricopa County and a woman entrepreneur, Doria knows that it means to face obstacles and overcome.    Leading with a heart to help women discover and act upon their full potential, Doria also serves as a leader in the Radiant Women Christian Organization.  With 30 years experience in the beauty industry she founded Doria MeChelle Haircare to help women of all ethnicities. Meet Doria with Dr Nancy Knows and learn more about her story or get in touch with her directly. Watch Now! #drnancyknows #celebritydoctor #doriamechellehaircare #doriamechelle #mrsmaricopacounty2021
November 06, 2021
Dr Nancy Knows Polo Championships 2021
Join Dr Nancy as she interviews surprise guests attending the Bentley Scottsdale Polo Championships!  Keytona Bankston, Jason Rose, Danielle Williams, Dr Brenda Combs and Alfred Molina.  On Location!  More:
October 30, 2021
Dr Nancy Knows Donna Turner
Grow up to 30% more healthy food, 3x faster! Watch Dr Nancy Knows today as she and guest Donna Turner talk health and growing food. Donna 's own story drew her to tower gardening.  She shares it's benefits for your own health. Want pesticide free food?  You can achieve that with your own tower garden. Watch now on Dr Nancy Knows. #drnancyknows #celebritydoctor #aeroponictower 
October 23, 2021
Dr Nancy Knows Anniversary Show
Now is a great time to practice gratefulness.  Join Dr Nancy for a look back at some of her favorite guests from Season One and Two!   Former refugee. First generation attorney. Inventors. Addiction Coaching Overcomers. Health and Medical Experts. Computer Science Doll Creator. Entrepreneurs. Sports Legends. Cancer Survivors. Celebrities. Real people with real stories who take life's challenges and find opportunity.     Listen here or Watch now!
October 10, 2021
Dr Nancy Knows Lee Radden
Do you wear high heels? It can be a love / hate relationship with shoes. Three-inch-or higher heels put seven times higher pressure on the ball of your feet.  Ouch!   High Heel Solution uses a custom-created, brand new 3M technology design to distribute weight off the metatarsal bone.  Happier feet while wearing your favorite high heels!  More info:
October 02, 2021
Dr Nancy Knows Gary Charlson
Listen Now!  These three lasers work together to reach the fat just below the skins surface as well as the fat at deeper layers. The 7D is a combination of three lasers. The Red Laser, Infrared Laser that reduces visceral fat and a Tweener Laser.  This approach will tackle cellulite. If you have a lot of fat, you could loose up to 2″ per session. There are no side effects. It is not invasive. There is no pain. Dr Nancy interviews inventor and entrepreneur Gary Charlson of PRO-FIT Laser.  #DrNancyKnows #LaserLipo #CelebrityDoctor #PROFITLASER #GaryCharlson
September 25, 2021
Dr Nancy Knows Jincy Kelly
“Perseverance stretches us. If everything was handed to us. Life wouldn’t be exciting. Every human heart has to learn to preserver. It stretches us. It enlarges us. Keep going so your soul and heart are proud of who you are.” - Jincy Kelly Author, Motivational Speaker, Model, Fitness Trainer, Cellulite Product Developer and Matchmaker. These only begin to describe the positive, life affirming energy that Jincy Kelly brings into the world. Join Dr Nancy and Jincy as they talk about loving your body, loving yourself and finding love. #jincykellycoaching #cellugonemax #drnancyknows #celebritydoctor
September 18, 2021
Dr Nancy Knows Darren Chapman
Agricultural Landscaping incorporates features of “agriculture” and “landscape”. It seamlessly blends both together with the use of fruits, vegetables, and plants while optimizing water usage all in an urban setting. Meet Darren Chapman, CEO and Founder of the non-profit TigerMountain Foundation.  The multi-cultural, inter-generational vision of Tiger Mountain Foundation means they don’t give a handout, they give the community a hand up.  80% of Tiger Mountain participants stay in school or out of jail.  Growing food together works. More: #drnancyknows #celebritydoctor #tigermntnfdn #TigermountainFDN
September 11, 2021
Dr Nancy Knows Kathleen Francesca
Dr Nancy and Kathleen "Frankie" Francesca talk life, single parenting and regenerative procedures!  Kathleen is COO of R3StemCell. Regenerative therapies are cutting edge prompting your body to heal. These therapies harness the body’s regenerative capabilities to bring patients hope and options. Hope that tissue injury can be repaired with the ability do things like play with your kids again, go hiking, swimming, ride a bike and be… Pain Free! Join their conversation and watch this episode of Dr Nancy Knows for encouragement. Take action to reduce your or a loved ones pain. Dr Nancys Integrative Medicine provides stem cell therapies that are ethically sourced.  We've eliminated concerns over fetal involvement with the latest procedures that either use the patient’s own tissue elements (blood, adipose or bone marrow), amniotic fluid or umbilical cord tissue collected from consenting donors after scheduled C-sections. More: #drnancyknows #celebritydoctor #stemcell #regenerativetherapies #r3stemcell #kathleenfrancesca #drnancysim
September 04, 2021
Dr Nancy Knows with Cherian Jacob
With CareGenie, loved ones can ask “CareGenie, may I have some water?” and the confirms the request and alerts the appropriate staff in residential living. From simple requests to “I need help”, requests are giving priority and routed to the right facility or emergency provider. Arming a Senior with natural language statements using internet enabled devices supports their freedom and your families peace of mind.  Dr Nancy chats with Cherian Jacob the Founding Chief Technology Officer and CEO of CLIFint LLC, the creator of CareGenie.  More about CareGenie and Cherian visit 
August 28, 2021
Dr Nancy Knows Alicia Haygood
Want to find out awesome things happening and meet new people in Scottsdale? Checkout Scottsdale Vibes Podcast! Alicia Haygood, host and CEO, worked for 12 years behind the scenes in Sports Television. She loved her work but decided the hours weren’t conducive to the home life she and her husband wanted. “How often, as women, we gradually loose ourselves in the focus of caring for others” Alicia reflects. Once settled into their Scottsdale neighborhood she felt a longing to hear her own name once again. Alicia shares her journey to creating Scottsdale Vibes in this episode of Dr Nancy Knows. Learn more: #DrNancyKnows #CelebrityDoctor #ScottsdaleVibesPodcast
August 21, 2021
Dr Nancy Knows Beverly Brown
Ready to pursue your personal and professional dreams? Are things getting in your way? Beverly Brown, the DreamSteerer can help. “The only competition an individual has, is themselves” is a motto Beverly Brown and Dr Nancy share. Beverly is a best selling author and coach. She work with people to learn and pursue their dreams and gifting. She will help you move forward with practical steps to achieve your dreams.  #DrNancyKnows #CelebrityDoctor #DreamSteerer #CreativeConsultingDreams
August 14, 2021
Dr Nancy Knows Andrew Day
DayLite Films is a full service video production company. We also offer creative advertising, and other audio/visual media based services. DayLite works directly with clients and with ad agencies.  While based in Phoenix we partner with companies nationally and internationally. Andrew, CEO and founder of DayLite Films, shares tips for doing your own video for social media.   Learn more at #daylitefilms #andrewday #drnancyknows #celebritydoctor #videotips #videoproduction
August 07, 2021
Dr Nancy Knows Daniel Hewson
The first time people notice something is up with their hearing is usually the inability to understand what others are saying."  At Ascent Audiology we are passionate to help people live their best life well and improve the way the brain processes what you hear.
July 31, 2021
Dr Nancy Knows Hormone Replacement with Doug Caporrino
Let's talk anti-aging!  The health aspect of anti-aging is what people are tuning into today.  How do we prevent oxidation from inside the body based on what we are exposed to such as physical, chemical, Electro Magnetic Frequencies and emotions?      Doug Caporrino is a renown biochemist and functional nutritionist who specializes in treating patients in the most natural way possible.    Connect with Dr. Nancy and Doug Caporrino. Learn more at    #drnancyknows #celebritydoctor #dougcaporrino #tellmeteachmehealme #hormonereplacementtheraphy #antiaging #anti-aging
July 27, 2021
Dr Nancy Knows Ricky Jimenez
Ricky "The Dragon" Jimenez is well known as "Dragon Snake" in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).  In addition to his MMA career, Ricky is a Fitness Gym Owner. 
July 24, 2021
Dr Nancy Knows Nick Lowery
Near Las Vegas?  Join former NFL Star and Kansas City Chiefs Hall of Famer Nick Lowery at the Unsilenced Voices event on Thursday, July 22, 2021.  The theme is "Hope, Love and Unity: Stop the Separation".    Catch this special edition of Dr Nancy Knows.  Nick and Dr Nancy talk about making a difference and helping people making their way out of domestic violence. More Info: #drnancyknows #celebritydoctor #domesticviolenceawareness  #nicklowery
July 21, 2021
Dr Nancy Knows Debbie Romano
Fountain Hills Healthy Heartbeats founder Debbie Romano is a certified health coach.  She empowers small groups and one-one-clients to make healthy plant based and behavioral changes through knowledge empowerment and support.     Get to know Debbie and connect with her for a free consultation at
July 17, 2021
Dr Nancy Knows M'Jaie Mangus
Dr Nancy Knows M'Jaie Mangus.  Host of the Love & Lies Podcast, M'Jaie tackles the tough topics like bulimia, divorce,  social influencers and depression with guests telling their own experiences.     Learn more about M'Jaie Mangus' story  at      Watch at... website -   facebook -    Listen on your favorite podcast platform -
July 10, 2021
Dr Nancy Knows Shasta Broadus
Shasta and her team help leaders solve problems such as financial  strategies, time management, direction clarity, better processes and more.    Shasta Broadus is the CEO and Founder of Capital Stewardship.      Meet Shasta and learn more about her offerings and free podcast at Watch at Listen on your favorite podcast platform -
July 03, 2021
Dr Nancy Knows Doug Caporrino
What are the secrets celebrities know to retaining their youthfulness and health? Did you know that 77% of all people who came down with COVID had a Vitamin D deficiency? How can you give your body specifically what it needs to heal and improve your own wellness? Dr Nancy Knows Doug Caporrino and Doug shares practical answers!  Join Dr Nancy and Doug to learn how YOU can improve your wellness through personalized functional medicine. Learn more about Doug's story and recommendations Watch at, or Listen on your favorite podcast platform -
June 26, 2021
Dr Nancy Knows Bonnie Stevens
"Can I go three more feet?"  Dr Nancy welcomes Bonnie Stevens who is an Emmy award-winning documentary producer and journalist and new friend of Dr Nancy Knows. Bonnie shares her passion to bring compelling stories that inspire and overcoming challenges.    To watch the documentary "Forest Under Fire" and find out more:  #BonnieStevens #BonnieStevensPRcom #DrNancyKnows #drnancyknows
June 19, 2021
Dr Nancy Knows Danielle Williams
Are you living with a medical diagnosis that has turned your world upside down? In need of inspiration to face it with strength while not allowing it to define who you are? This episode is especially for you. Danielle Williams, aka #DivaStrong, lives out the reality of fighting stage 4 lung cancer as a non-smoker by “killing it with kindness” while undergoing aggressive treatments starting in 2018. This Saturday at 9am join Dr Nancy for Danielle’s story and about how helping young people build communication skills was the inception of Community Link AZ, being a cancer warrior and her work with Diva Strong Media as a Professional Media Consultant, Community Liaison, Visionary Content Creator and Motivational Speaker. #Cancer #cancerwarrior #communitylinkaz #DivaStrong #DivaDanielle #DrNancyKnows #celebritydoctor
June 12, 2021
Dr Nancy Knows with William Higgins
Are you or someone you know looking for work? Would you like to “earn as you learn”? Then the Arizona Apprenticeship Program is for you! As State Program Director Mr. Higgins oversees 244 apprenticeship programs statewide incorporating over 1,100 employers with 4,400 registered apprentices and counting. Learn more about the Apprentice Program and Mr. Higgins - #ArizonaDES #azapprenticeship #CelebrityDoctor #DrNancyKnows #OfficialArizonaDES
June 05, 2021
Dr Nancy Knows with Bukola Somide
Bukola joins Dr Nancy sharing her spirited passion to enrich lives and give back to the community, especially to empower the youth. She is the founder/CEO of Innovant Technologies LLC and invented the first-ever Computer Science educational interactive doll, “Somi”.  Bukola also authored “Somi the Computer Scientist: Princess can Code” storybook and Computer Science Activity Books for girls & boys. Listen in with Dr Nancy and Bukola. Visit to learn more! 
May 29, 2021
Dr Nancy Knows with Julie Jones
Who you are is enough. You’ve been given gifts to touch your world. The able to be who you truly authentically are is the topic of this episode of Dr Nancy Knows. Get Sh*t Done! Julie Jones is an Award-Winning International Speaker and Alignment Coach and Chief Inspiration Officer of the Get Shit Done Platform. Julie is a master connector of people who is passionate about supporting purpose driven entrepreneurs to live their best life NOW without regrets. As a former police officer and SWAT member, Julie knows that there is no promise of tomorrow, and coaches individuals to face the fear and live in the moment.
May 22, 2021
Dr Nancy Knows: Getting to Know Dr Nancy
Get to Know Dr. Nancy Gaines-Dillard! Dave Pratt, the CEO and Founder of Star Worldwide Network and Dr. Nancy talk about her journey! Get to know Dr. Nancy. Her early life and beginning college education in communications and media. How her path changed to pursuing medicine from her mother’s encouragement to pursue her passion to help others.
May 15, 2021