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Dr Nurse F Show

Dr Nurse F Show

By Dr Pinky Pie
We in medicine. We got stories and shenanigans. Like straight out the trailer park shenanigans. So listen and laugh at us, and with us, but mostly at us.
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Dr. Nurse F Show Episode 76: Should I get my uterus removed?
Dr. Pinky Pie and Nurse Fiona talk about uterus removal, is it a good or bad decision and it somehow kicks into donuts, glazing and body parts playing peak-a-boo out the vajay jay hole. Somehow the show spins right out of control into ink spraying octopus costumes, burping ridiculously, dry pussy and sex drives. Somehow we cram in sucking your own dick and the perfect shape cock into this one as well. In Studio with Dr and Nurse are The Kid from the Goin’ Deep Show and Dr. Mike Hunt.
January 17, 2022
Dr. Nurse F Show Episode 75 - Will you look at my flippity flaps?
In Studio with Dr. Pinky Pie and Nurse Fiona are The Kid and newcomer Dr. Mike Hunt to discuss looking longingly at each others flippy flaps, retained tampons, vagina falling in and dogs pooping in cars.  Dr. Pinky Pie asks why surgeons are the way they are and we tell everyone that Skittles knows all.
January 10, 2022
Dr. Nurse F Show Episode 74 - Patients are Awesome
The Dr. Nurse F Show drinking game attempts to happen in this one with In studio regulars Dr. Brony and The Kid join Dr Pinky Pie and Nurse Fiona to read a love letter from a very special patient. At one point Dr. Pinky Pie talks about jamming shit in asses, and we do some spell checking and grammar critique. Remember pager alert = drink.
January 03, 2022
Dr. Nurse F Show Episode 73: Ho Ho Ho Christmas Spectacular
A Ho down in this extra special HO HO HO episode of the Dr. Nurse F Show Christmas spectacular. Dr. and Nurse dedicate an entire episode of all the Ho activity that goes on at work. We wish everyone a very merry ho filled Christmas.
December 25, 2021
Dr. Nurse F Show Episode 72: Travel nursing and swear time
Dr. and Nurse give everyone the lowdown on the travel nurse situation going on these days. Reasons to do it, how much cash you can pocket and the critical nurse shortage thats happening. Dr. Pinky Pie wants to rip the head off of the Elf on a Shelf and is ready to light it on fire, then goes on to tell the story of how her little Pinky Pies have had some pretty epic swear time.
December 20, 2021
Dr. Nurse F Show Episode 71: What Not To - COVID Pee Edition
Dr. and Nurse dive into an episode of What Not To with a call to one of our show regulars who is down with the VID but can’t piss, our hosts think some type of butt sex is going on to create the situation. Other What Not To’s include when not to stuff a face with food, how not to use melted rock salt and where not to take a nap. Keep an ear peeled for when Dr. Pinky rips ass on the mic… literally.
December 13, 2021
Dr. Nurse F Show Episode 70: Locking The Green Arrow in the basement
Dr. and Nurse get all lovey with each other early on in this one since they haven’t seen each other in a while. L.B. and Kid become bystanders as the intoxication ramps up. Nurse Fiona gets her search history questioned, we don’t read lists very well and Dr. Pinky Pie reveals that we have a pretty great group chat, begins to get really drunk and just starts pushing every button on the soundboard. We slip into finger in the butt conversations, Dr. gets a little snail trail kicking when she starts watching Magic Mic and barely describing it and we call out Channing Tatum for almost being gay no matter how many dirty things Dr. Pinky Pie would do to him. It’s the fastest 18 minutes of your goddamn day. We wrap up the show with LB’s talkative neighbor and not being able to tell if she was cute or a Jesus skank.
December 06, 2021
Dr. Nurse F Show Episode 69: After Hours and Israel fun
It’s episode 69 so why not get dirty. In this one we start off talking about squirting and if it’s real or if its just piss. We try to get Fiona to give her wedding speech, talk friends ruining relationships with drunk idiocy and kids growing up too fast these days. Dad Daughter relationships vs Mother daughter relationships and how to keep from being all grandparented. We talk nostalgia which includes, Janet Jackson, boobs and y2K. We pick out which food item we’d make love to and Dr. Pinky Pie talks about her time in Israel, how many camels she is worth and drunken gun handling in bars and walking the path of Jesus. We wrap up with Ric Flare being accused of going down on a lady in a plane.
November 29, 2021
Dr. Nurse F Show Episode 68: Cards against humanity and so much more
Exactly what you think. The crew in studio playing cards against humanity and believe it or not its Nurse Fiona’s First time. Stick around post game for some numbers chat, a cover song by Dr. Pinky Pie, fucked up queef sounds and ripping ass in front of your significant other. We wrap with some Top Gun chatter, dogs and go figure we all want some tacos.
November 08, 2021
Dr. Nurse F Show Episode 67: Plan B, Handjobs in the station wagon
Dr. Pinky Pie, Nurse Fiona and Kid talk drinks, abortion, plan B and knowing as a man you’re getting some dirty looks for a while after using it. We discuss how important boobs are to a man and Dr. Pinky Pie discovers ways to get fucked twice in Texas. Nurse Fiona considers purchasing a station wagon, a party bus and we point out the finer details when creating your creeper van. Kid tells the tale of hand jobbing in the back of a station wagon which triggers stories of sex in the same room as others, waterbeds and Nurse Fiona slicing her hoo ha while hitting potholes getting fingered. We wrap with road head, banging while driving and mirrors on the ceiling in no tell motels.
November 01, 2021
Dr. Nurse F Show Episode 66: Your lung is full of hoax and blood is half booze
Dr. Pinky Pie and Nurse Fiona tell everyone to settle down about your positive covid test hoax. We reveal that the one and only Beetlejuice finally has died even though we all thought she was immortal. Dr. Pinky Pie deals with a sniper aka a fucking liar who has an absolute ridiculous amount of booze in his blood. We invent a new beer, Kid and Nurse Fiona can’t stop coughing, and we salute the way Nurse Fiona has been kicking some ass on the Goin’ Deep Show.
October 25, 2021
Dr. Nurse F Show Episode 65: Thirty-Two ounces of carpet slurpage
What’s the worst thing you’ve done trashed? Pegging and how not to impress Nurse Fiona in this episode of the show. In studio its a packed house with Dr. Pinky Pie, Nurse Fiona, Dr. Bronie, Kid A.G. and L.B. Topics include sucking booze from carpets, knocking up wives, how many goddamn kids we all have and how to identify as a unicorn. We dish out an obscure sexual term, recap a bar stool throwing contest at a local bar and tell everyone to try and not let words make you nutty. DETAILED TIMELINE 1:00 Play Skittles song 2:00 Welcome to Karaoke Night - Big penis… I have to love him 3:00 Its like a hotdog down a hallway - There’s no going back 4:00 Seriously sold 10K - What is that mustard 5:00 My Dad Told me This is bullshit - We give a fuck about our patients 6:00 People want that - Getting drunk and throwing bar stools 7:00 High Five - Trashed enough that I sucked it out of the carpet 8:00 Carpet Slurpage - Puked into shoes, backpack and dresser 9:00 It’s really not sexy at all - Grabbing my arm and sitting down at the neighbors 10:00 Blowjob, Handjob - That happened to me on spring break once 11:00 Dutch Rutter description - He wanted to snipe my va-gag 12:00 She wanted to go poopy - I gotta go - I’m gonna go now 13:00 How Cliche can you be - Richard Gere’s dick is not on the screen 14:00 Work through your problems - - Straight bullshit 15:00 Is that a dildo? - You my motherfucker 16:00 You share everything with your partner - You don’t want to know that shit 17:00 My Ex told me not to tell - You ever fucked them in the ass 18:00 When are you into pegging - If you’re done having kids, snip it 19:00 Knocked up - Now he’s hitting up the friend 20:00 They ruin everything - I never wanted kids, I hated kids 21:00 Is L.B. the only one without kids? - Skittles has one, she has 3 22:00 So many fucking kids - Do you wanna knock a bitch up? 23:00 Same nose - Everything being fluid 24:00 Identify as a unicorn - I don’t understand this liberal bullshit 25:00 Suck it the fuck up dot com  26:00 Heard words and throws stools - I can’t remember hearing upset things 27:00 Doorway dumper - Whatever be gay 28:00 Slob the knob 29:00 Ten years older - Watch your asshole with a dirtier asshole
October 18, 2021
Dr. Nurse F Show Episode 64: A nose full of maggots
Its a little crossover action in this episode with the boys over at the Goin’ Deep Show which means we go from Robot butthole licking to maggots inside a woman’s nose. We wrap-up with Beetlejuice death, and someone really really intoxicated. DETAILED TIMELINE 1:00 Smell my fingers check this out 2:00 No time for that - Roomba name 3:00 Butthole play is not gonna do it for me 4:00 Finger in my butt 5:00 I gave that bitch a run for her money 6:00 Explains alot about non sexual Fiona 7:00 Exploding blood and 60 man buttholes 8:00 She Loves Anal 9:00 Say you’ve never done it 10:00 Okay we should do that 11:00 Bot Flies 12:00 Something is moving in her nose 13:00 Dumping out of her face 14:00 Hopefully she had no idea 15:00 Beetlejuice died 16:00 Do you think she’s in heaven 17:00 Motherfucker couldn’t see shit 18:00 Maybe she just lost the will 19:00 You were Doc of the month 20:00 Half of him is alcohol 21:00 You are pathetic 22:00 Fat in my room and a sammich
October 11, 2021
Dr. Nurse F Show Episode 63 Time for the Claw
It’s product review time here on the Dr. Nurse F Show. In this one we review the Claw. Do some dramatic review reading and wonder how far does something really need to be shoved into your ass. DETAILED TIMELINE 1:00 Intros around the room 2:00 I’m here for the ganging 3:00 HD have you ever even thought about it 4:00 A room full of dick 5:00 Wrestlers cock dildo - Ron Jeremy dildo 6:00 Sex toy up the ass 7:00 Toilet plunger fucker 8:00 Walking a little funny 9:00 He now has a shit bag 10:00 The handle on that thing dragging 11:00 Do it now, now, now 12:00 Product description 13:00 not my favorite toy in my box 14:00 7 straight days and no insertion 15:00 Sadistic partner 16:00 Dead sharp edges 17:00 Love the Claw 18:00 it nearly escaped 19:00 you’ll never get it out 20:00 The pleasure and pressure 21:00 The Claw 22:00 Listen to our shit thanks by
October 07, 2021
Dr. Nurse F Show Episode 62: The Asshole Battle
Nurse Fiona and in studio guest are missing Dr. Pinky Pie who is out sick for this episode of the Dr. Nurse F Show. In Studio we have H.D., Kid A.G and L.B. from The Goin’ Deep Show discussing how to prove your an asshole, banging fatties, cougars pumping in mini vans, ass eating nuns, tampons and having Eiffel towers with midgets. Its another action packed episode of content that may be too much for many of you lightweights. DETAILED TIMELINE 1:00 Intros - L.B. The Kid - Popquiz 2:00 Double stuffed Oreos - Fatties not messy 3:00 How much give and take was there? 4:00 Chunky Dunker - Splunkin 5:00 An asshole with bad dick - just end it 6:00 Try to be the hopeless romantic - Nice vs Asshole 7:00 L.B. is not an asshole? Who’s the least asshole 8:00 The Wife Side piece story 9:00 H.D. 24 hours and three girls 10:00 Hop Riot Redhead 11:00 No more liquor vs the Wife 12:00 Tampon pull start 13:00 Putting fingers in faces 14:00 L.B.’s 50 year old mini van story 15:00 What cemetery did you go to 16:00 Miami during spring break 24 to 54 H.D. 17:00 Climbed into third row seating 18:00 L.B. struggling to keep up with 50 year old 19:00 Seeing her kid 20:00 Midget Eiffel Tower 21:00 Better to bang a pocket pussy 22:00 Mario game over
September 23, 2021
Dr. Nurse F Show Episode 61: Hey Pizza man! How many naked chicks have you seen
The Ladies yank the pizza guy into the studio, talk about naked deliveries, do some marriage sex chatter, almost kill some teenagers for stealing and we try to come up with reasons the pizza guy is late to his next delivery. It’s a quickie but isn’t that what we all need from time to time. DETAILED TIMELINE 1:00 It’s L.B. from the GDS 2:00 Call him Midge 3:00 Straight out of porno 4:00 Don’t Worry I write you a script 5:00 Pull the pizza guy into a 6:00 Hands up - Married doesn’t mean payed 7:00 Who’s taking my fucking pizza 8:00 Do you have another big tittle poster? 9:00 Getting to know midge 10:00 Pretend you got caught at a bridge 11:00 Are you going to get in trouble 12:00 Repeating shit to me that I forgot 13:00 500 kids slid out of her 14:00 You want a beer for the road
September 13, 2021
Dr. Nurse F Show Episode 60 Mario Porn Smells
Time for some Mario YouTube porno. In Studio with the Dr. and Nurse this week are Kid A.G. and L.B. from the Goin’ Deep Show. Topics include stinky crotch smellers, fingers in buttholes, poo covered hands in grocery stores and how to attempt at impressing someone when you smell to high hell. DETAILED TIMELINE 1:00 Curvey bitches are curved bitches 2:00 Cue up your shit so we can see it 3:00 Fat makes it sink in - move the flesh back 4:00 Whipped his dick out 5:00 What you said is retarded 6:00 Mario thirsty 7:00 Mario porn 8:00 Hearing it for the 6th time 9:00 Blue Pie Number 1 10:00 I don’t know how it slid in there 11:00 Mom and Dad’s Chevette 12:00 Mini Fiona 13:00 Push the drooling fucks around 14:00 What’s next - 15:00 She’s just itching her asshole in public 16:00 I don’t lick buttholes 17:00 Its going to smell the same way - Endo loves asshole 18:00 The stench slaps you in the face 19:00 Rotting Jew foot 20:00 Italians live with the grand parents 21:00 Does he have one leg now? 22:00 Allegedly button 23:00 Cleaning up shit 24:00 Bye! 25:00 Because we’re awesome
September 09, 2021
Dr. Nurse F Show Episode 59 The Party Recap
In this episode the ladies recap the epic party they threw that of course that asshole Kid A.G. wasn’t at… again. There was broken dresses, White Claws in cleavage, foam machines and rumor has it that they’ll be carnival rides at the next one. In studio with Dr. Pinky Pie and Nurse Fiona are The Kid and L.B. from the Goin’ Deep Show. DETAILED TIMELINE 1:00 Alot more time together 2:00 Kid is in studio - His ass didn’t show up to the party 3:00 The Nurse Fiona floor 4:00 White Claw between your tits 5:00 She did it in no time 6:00 I’d pay 150 dollars for that 7:00 Super straight - LB introduced 8:00 Killed at Hooters 9:00 Dress got fixed and looked hot 10:00 Women get weird like that 11:00 Batman loves his wife 12:00 The band was better last year 13:00 The Foam Machine 14:00 Gravitron - Carnival ride next year 15:00 Cram the hose in your mouth 16:00 Remembering - Food recap 17:00 The cost breakdown of the party 18:00 Angry musicians 19:00 An impulse buy from hell - speaker system 20:00 No more breaking shit 21:00 How do you spell LABES 22:00 23:00 Is it Suck My Labia? 24:00 Dr. Nuse F Show party colors 25:00 Hey no sucking the labia 26:00 Wrap-up.
August 30, 2021
Dr. Nurse F Show Episode 58 Doctor vs Nurse Game
Time for a face-off between the Doctors in studio and the nurses. Listen in to Stump the Doctor in this episode of The Dr. Nuse F Show. DETAILED TIMELINE 1:00 Dr.’s step out 2:00 If a girl snorts out cum 3:00 Its got to be a real disease 4:00 Do we get 5 minutes 5:00 Lets play 6:00 I can’t even get myself off 7:00 I’d like to see some lab work 8:00 Muscles hurt all the time 9:00 Pee burning 10:00 Skittles joins in 11:00 That was pretty good 12:00 Painful pussy disease 13:00 I did bang this girl though 14:00 Lets make it one organ 15:00 BTW I’ve got some stuff draining from my penis 16:00 What kind of problem are you having? 17:00 Blood pressure 18:00 Is there more? 19:00 Why is she obsessed with the pee stuff 20:00 Shortness of breath 21:00 Confused 22:00 Multiple blood clot 23:00 Next Time
August 23, 2021
Dr. Nurse F Show Episode 57 Are you a prepper?
How much prep do each of the in studio guest do to be ready for the end of the world. Underground bunkers and lots of fridges/freezers and why any of us would prep for the worse. The perfect plan for the zombie apocalypse or just a blizzard is revealed and we’re relying on rednecks. We tell the world what’s in a go bag and believe it or not someone has a bone saw in a bag. Get preppin’ folks and stockpile that TP for your bunghole. DETAILED TIMELINE 1:00 Remember when the virus started 2:00 There were only 4 packs 3:00 Do not let Diane come out here 4:00 Not a hardcore prepper 5:00 Tupperware in the ground 6:00 Underground bunker 7:00 Taking over a hospital 8:00 Oh Black Betty 9:00 Inviting cops in 10:00 He even lets us wax him 11:00 Listen to what I’m saying 12:00 Disaster stockpiling food and amo 13:00 Why are you looking at me funny? 14:00 Deer hits car 15:00 Everybody’s had something somewhere right? 16:00 A run bag to make sure you don’t die 17:00 Essential items 18:00 Multiple giant refrigerators and freezers 19:00 Pull my IUD out and we’re good
August 16, 2021
Dr. Nurse F Show Episode 56 The Salad Toss Episode
We kick off this episode with a little singing then it's straight into butthole licking. Nurse Fiona threatens you if you miss her parties, We call Dr. Scorpio, wonder how a vag gets so destroyed, toy with purchasing more domains and tell you who the fuck swears the most in movies. Its action packed and all over the place. DETAILED TIMELINE 1:00 Nuts butthole and taint 2:00 The Toss Salad Man 3:00 Gettin’ Yo Salad Tossed 4:00 Buttsex when you’re pregnant 5:00 Med School 6:00 OnlyFans didn’t exist back then 7:00 On the Phone with Scorpio 8:00 Run this town 9:00 DNFS references 10:00 Call Wrap-up 11:00 Kid and attendance 12:00 Nurse party fun 13:00 Just older than me 14:00 WTF are you doing 15:00 Vag-blaster 16:00 How do you fuck it up this bad 17:00 That is the definition 18:00 Domain segment 19:00 20:00 Who swears the most in movies 21:00 Beacon of useless knowledge 22:00 Have you ever been distracted by someone 23:00
August 09, 2021
Dr. Nurse F Show Episode 55 Forbidden crushes at work
High school grass, hot docs with ugly wives, beer rolling around between some hot tits and guys losing just the tip of their finger in this the 55th episode of the Dr. Nurse F Show. We advise everyone with a mullet to steer clear of Nurse Fiona. She’s got some issues with that bullshit. The gang asks who the hottest of the hot crushes are at work and we sprinkle in some breast feeding with Mt. Dew. The girls preview the band for the upcoming Fuck Covid Party and wonder if more retarded 90s trends will be assaulting their eyeballs. In Studio with Dr. Pinky Pie and Nurse Fiona are Dr. PEN15, Dr. Brony and Kid A.G. DETAILED TIMELINE 1:00 Perfect High School Weed 2:00 Ugh- Did he have a big load 3:00 Just want it to be done - Get louder 4:00 Masking answers via the burp 5:00 Why do hot dudes have ugly wives 6:00 Trama me baby 7:00 Do you know? 8:00 Rolling beer on tits - Hot a fuck 9:00 Business Time 10:00 Mountain Dew breast milk 11:00 Do you find any female Doctors attractive? 12:00 She’s pretty - 13:00 I can’t just one person it 14:00 Give the band a plug - Sensory Overload 15:00 How much is this party? 16:00 Comes with tridents 17:00 No strangulation involved 18:00 Just the tip of the finger 19:00 This isn’t 1990 whatever the fuck - Kill the mullet 20:00 I didn’t like New Kids either 21:00 Early 90s are coming back 22:00 If you are dumb as fuck and get a mullet - STOP immediately 23:00 Party everywhere - Grilled cheese burrito
August 02, 2021
Dr. Nurse F Show Episode 54: How much do you make pooping?
In this episode of the Dr. Nurse F Show we bring you stories of getting knocked up, jizz in the face being better than botox, Dr. Pinky Pie Challenges Dr. Brony to a quiz, and we tell the tale of side whore eskimo brothers banging with an Olympic superstar. I think we do some chick with dick talk and wrap it all up with how much we make pooping. DETAILED TIMELINE 1:00 I didn’t want a big old bush hanging out 2:00 Kid is our actual producer now 3:00 That escalated real quick 4:00 The Challenge 5:00 Can I tell the story? 6:00 The Opposite of Dr. Pinky Pie 7:00 Negative 3 personality 8:00 Michael Phelps banging 9:00 How do people not know this mofo 10:00 Love child 11:00 What the fuck are you saying right now 12:00 They moved when knocked up 13:00 They do everything together 14:00 There is a Tranny 15:00 So this transgender 16:00 You’re not shitting on his penis 17:00 Dr. Sidecar 18:00 Whatever floats your cock into mouth 19:00 The whole day without pooping 20:00 Ladies room 21:00 Drunker than Fiona 22:00 Finger painted shit 23:00 It was Dr. Hawaiian 24:00 Best place to poop 25:00 Love you
July 26, 2021
Dr. Nurse F Show Episode 53: Hospice LSD
Satan gets a visitor, we make fun of depression and suicide and more importantly we learn that Buttsex does not make you a whore. Nurse Fiona throws out the mini van sex maneuver and some in studio guests don’t know who the fuck Thanos is. We discover that Dr. Pinky Pie is much loved by her people which means no suicides and Nurse Fiona tells the tale of a patient blowing their brains out. It’s a happy go lucky Hospice LSD and Suicide episode of the Dr. Nuse F Show. DETAILED TIMELINE 1:00 We’re gonna get it on with hospice 2:00 How do I determine if they are of sound mind 3:00 75 year-old male stage 4 lung cancer 4:00 This is why I ask these questions 5:00 When Fiona did hospice 6:00 I have done everything except babies 7:00 Listen… and tell the story 8:00 We’re talking about Kid hospice - TELL THE STORY! 9:00 He’s very very flat - No titties 10:00 Next morning… the dayshift comes on - Paient blows out brains 11:00 He shot himself 12:00 He might be not dead - Officially pronounced 13:00 The motherfucker’s dead - Suicidal 14:00 Satan has a suicide visitor 15:00 Booze and guns - hookers and blow 16:00 Two fingers - The shocker 17:00 The Devil is not a freak 18:00 Can you believe people don’t know what I’m talking about 19:00 Working on the next costume - balls not near the mouth 20:00 Brony - Do you have butt sex with your wife? 21:00 Dr. Pinky Pie jerking off the mic 22:00 This episode is fucked up 23:00 Christ in a hot air balloon 24:00 Promo
July 19, 2021
Dr. Nurse F Show Episode 52: Hearts, Rainbows and Happiness turns for the worse
We have questions about gay stuff In this episode we kick off with Dr. Pinky Pie wondering how many drugs it takes to keep Nurse Fiona wrangled and focus, They welcome in special guests Dr. Pen15 and newcomer Dr. Brony… the male counterpart to Dr. Pinky Pie. They discuss some gay undies, why its more acceptable for lesbians in the world today, go over a few gay myths and wrap up with a downward spiral of depressing shit. WTF. Way to ruin gay underwear talk. DETAILED TIMELINE 1:00 That makes me so happy and wet 2:00 Very special guest introductions 3:00 We’ve been talking about Dr. Brony 4:00 She doesn’t like beef curtains 5:00 He showed us his underwear - its gay approved 6:00 Made of leather with studs 7:00 Nurse Fiona’s friend 8:00 Dad’s funeral 9:00 Letting him down very easily 10:00 Hippy version of an old man 11:00 Lets talk about gay stuff 12:00 Hottest of the hot men are gay as fuck 13:00 So I’m a bi-fly 14:00 Gay myths 15:00 Everyone knew you were gay 16:00 Partially true 17:00 The top vs bottom myth 18:00 The submissive one? 19:00 What fun is that for your partner? 20:00 Laugh out Loud - Its a radio show 21:00 No I wanna get off 22:00 I think you’d be a power top 23:00 Who’s your mommy  24:00 Gay underwear 25:00 That’s an internal flaw 26:00 Turning the gay episode into depression
July 12, 2021
Dr. Nurse F Show Episode 51 - Our fancy new domain name
Forgetting to record is never a good thing but when it leads to what Dr. Pinky Pie and Nurse Fiona develop on the fly in this episode it was probably worth it. The duo get creative on the boards and it leads to a most spectacular new promotional domain name for the show. One that will probably be hard to forget. If you want to play a long do a shot every time you hear dot com in this episode and hope and pray you don’t come down with alcohol poisoning. There’s some seriousness that happens later in the episode but thats not the important part. It has to deal with children, bisexuality and parents not parenting….. but then right back to the domain name fun. If you have a question, comment or want to participate with Dr. Pinky Pie and Nurse Fiona contact the show at DETAILED TIMELINE 1:00 Show me the money 2:00 3:00 Oh my god legs buy it 4:00 5:00 The auto words that it comes up with 6:00 7:00 $60 - Its not a deal 8:00 Hold on I almost got it. - I’m almost there 9:00 Massive amounts of everything in my poo box 10:00 Hold on… I’m almost there 11:00 Which category describes your domain 12:00 Dot Com Dot Com Dot Com 13:00 Dot Com - I’m so happy 14:00 Shut Up - Summer Sand me? 15:00 Daughter says she’s bi 16:00 I worry about her - Therapy pushback 17:00 Daughters with EX 18:00 Never ever ever ever ever 19:00 More important to spend time at home6 20:00 Doing Laundry or soccer 21:00 That’s not my job 22:00 He does love 23:00 It’s okay - Excited for new domain 24:00 Special Promo
July 05, 2021
Dr. Nurse F Show Episode 50: What Dr.’s actually make
Dr. Pinky Pie and Nurse Fiona fall in love with the soundboards, spend a few seconds chasing down a mosquito in studio and talking about how much money the average medical professional really makes. DETAILED TIMELINE 1:00 Damn I love the Soundboards 2:00 What the Fuck am I doing wrong 3:00 Getting paid like a pimp 4:00 Mosquito die bitch 5:00 $1,700 a month in student loans 6:00 Maybe thats me being a stuck up Dr. 7:00 Only 40k away from what a Dr. Makes 8:00 The Sub-Specialties 9:00 Pretty sure Minnesota’s in the top 10 10:00 The top states that pay the most to their Dr.’s 11:00 Come on bitch spit it out 12:00 I think you may have got it - Good Job 13:00 Using the soundboard for conversation 14:00 That’s pretty perfect - Introducing 15:00 Bugga Bugga - Dotcom 16:00 It was not number one in any list 17:00 $511,000 a year 18:00 Keeps you alive when you’re half dead 19:00 An ER nurse and a critical care nurse - functioning 20:00 We need more psychiatrists 21:00 Why do they make double what I make? - I’ll fucking cut 22:00 A melted human being. Like pizza the hut from Spaceballs 23:00 Come on you gotta try to get that big 24:00 The dick Dr. 25:00 So that’s why he makes as much as he does
June 28, 2021
Dr. Nurse F Show Episode 49: The Sexual Health Episode
In this episode the ladies welcome in guest Kid A.G. and he’s bringing up all sorts of boner related questions. We discuss guilting a friend into going to the Dr. because its been far too long and we chat about sex toys, dog snores, and relationships. This episode features a dog fart that you can practically smell through your ear buds. DETAILED TIMELINE 1:00 Introduction of Kid from the GDS 2:00 Meds for women 3:00 If the drive is there its not weight related 4:00 You’re still thinking about sex - No random hardons 5:00 Not having as many boners 6:00 I didn’t pull any blood out. I injected 7:00 I appreciate that you’d poke me 8:00 I went to the hoochie dr. Last week 9:00 Going to the hoochie dr. 10:00 Is he shaved or trimmed 11:00 How heavy of a load is round 2 12:00 Does it vibrate like the dog snoring? 13:00 Do you have any other sex questions? 14:00 Erection control 15:00 Relationship issues and ejaculation - losing wood 16:00 Can you smell that? Dog farts 17:00 Just let it out slowly 18:00 Who’s your valentine 19:00 Fuck me and then don’t look at me 20:00 No dicks just alot of smokes 21:00 Almost overly attentive 22:00 Its just me - Isolate me 23:00 Burps and Snoring dogs
June 21, 2021
Episode 48: OMG we actually waxed JayBird
You know you want to hear what Jay Bird sounds like when we rip the hair from his chest.... this was the most fun we have had in quite some time....JOIN US!! 
June 07, 2021
Extra short: This is what we are.... Kinda medical, kinda mess....
Short for all: We explain what we are.... and what we aren't  Listen in and see how we see ourselves.
June 07, 2021
Episode 47: Waxing parts of Jay Bird - Part 1
It takes us some time but we FINALLY talk Jay Bird into letting us wax parts of him..... OMG yes..... 
May 31, 2021
Episode 46: Mating calls and maple syrup
Join us while we hear about two crazy patients and my extreme displeasure with the trophy I won.  Stupid stupid trophy. Uhg.  Hope you enjoy!
May 24, 2021
Episode 45: PARTY at Dr. Meat's house!!
Who wants to party with us??! Everyone, duh.... LOL So we had a bunch of old friends and some new ones all meet up for a fun night at Dr. Meat's house. OMG was it great. Joined by Ms. Banker, Dr. PEN15, Dr. Meat, and many more...... Listen in and meet some new friends too. Wow. What a night that was....
April 26, 2021
Episode 44: Surgical procedures you won't believe are real....
A head transplant?! No way. Can they actually do that? We also talk about the things patients do that drive us crazy!!!!!!!!!! The constant cough, screaming for hours....... I just can't even....
April 19, 2021
Episode 43: You wanna let me laser hair removal you?
I've always wanted one so I bought my own.  AAAAAnnnnddd I use it on Fiona.  It was fun. 
April 12, 2021
Episode 42: Meet "The Hammer"
What do you do when you are recording and you want pizza? You make the pizza guy come in and put him in an episode.  Why the hell not? LOL and his nickname? "The Hammer"  Oh yes....
April 05, 2021
Episode 41: Whats in my butt? And who brings a knife to the hospital??!!
Dr. PEN15 does a segment of "Whats in my butt?" and we follow that with some new crazy ass stories, like Greys Anatomy type someone taking people hostage type shit.  No joke.
March 29, 2021
Episode 40: Mad Libs Gone Wrong
So we tried.  We thought we would try Mad Libs again! It was fun before.... But well.... This one not so great. But anyway, we were joined by Dr. PEN15, JayBird, and HD NP!!
March 22, 2021
Episode 39: You want stories? Here ya go
What we do best. We tell stories.  Dr. PEN15 joins us and we catch up on all the great stories we missed.  Then Dr. PEN15 teaches us what "sounding" is. Who the hell knew?!
March 15, 2021
Episode 38: He said what during sex??!!!
We talk about sex. Like a lot. But whatever.  Just wait until you hear what nurse AP said to Fiona on valentines day. Its all here in episode 38.  Lots of sex talk this time. Again, joined by The Kid, and "he who shall not be named.... ahem.... silverback...."
March 08, 2021
Episode 37.5: Bonus episode!
Its not our show, its THE GOIN DEEP SHOW! But its us on it as guests! Have a listen! All I know is shit goes down when the pizza guy tries to deliver us a pizza.... heheheheheh
March 04, 2021
Episode 37: Stories and more, because we missed you
We can't help it. We have so many stories to share!! ITS BEEN TOO LONG with us slacking. So, we are back! Stories of happenings from the world of hospital medicine.  Joining us are The Kid from The Goin Deep Show and another guy. Who pissed me off so I won't even list him and give him credit... hehe....
March 01, 2021
Episode 36: We back after the Vid of Co got us
Well, its been a while.... Again.  We suck. But it isn't our fault.  We were both sick AF and so is everyone around us.  IT SUCKS. And you can get the inside scoop on what its really like having it and what its like dealing with the second wave. Again, IT SUCKS.... Listen and learn!!! On instagram: @DrNurseFShowPodcast On Twitter: @DrNurseFShow
December 10, 2020
Random we miss you
Just listen!!!!!
November 14, 2020
Episode 35: Kid and Endo from Goin Deep Show join in
We need a little pick me up, so Kid and Endo from the Goin Deep Show join us in this episode! We talk about a ton of different things. As always, we are all over the map. LOL Enjoy!
October 26, 2020
Episode 34: Free ballin' and strokin it
So usually we can't stay on topic. Well this time we decide to just free ball and what happens? We actually stay on a topic. Specifically, we discuss strokes, and a new addition to one, one, one and bugga bugga! Now we also have no, no, no, NO!!! Oh yes.....
October 19, 2020
Episode 33: Free medical advice? and train of thought
Just like us, we can never stay on topic. But that's why you love us right? We are able to keep it together when we discuss giving free medical advice to friends but later we just can't figure out what we want to talk about. Sorry in advance! LOL hope you enjoy it!!
October 12, 2020
Episode 32: Lets meet Dr. Pen15 and talk about sundowning!!
We have the formal introduction of Resident Doctor Pen15 and his Pen15 news! Then we talk about some cases we just had that made us crazy. Talk about sundowning! Of course, it wouldn't be us if we didn't go off topic would it?
October 05, 2020
Episode 31: Oh man, did Fiona mess up.... and some news!
Fiona tells a story about how BAAADDD she messed up.... and it's pretty epic.... And Im sorry but the New Kids on the Block bled over to this episode too. Never again, I promise.  We also give you all some updates on some on going #DNFS projects!
September 28, 2020
Episode 30: F Ethics, alternative medicine, and stupid hospital changes
As always we eventually go off topic, but whatever. You know us by now. We talk about alternative medicine and how it sometimes pisses us off. We also try to talk about changes that have occurred in our hospital, but the New Kids on the Block get in the way.
September 21, 2020
Episode 29: Story and gameshow time!
I finally tell a story I have been making Nurse Fiona wait two weeks to hear! We are joined in studio by HD NP, nurse Jaybird and the Kid and we play a game..... is it a queef or a fart? It is interesting.... to say the least!!
September 14, 2020
Episode 28: Lets talk with a superfan and then disgusting urban dictionary with Mr. Kleen
At it again in episode 28! We talk with our super fan, Nurse Maggot and it gets VERY interesting! Later, we sit with Mr. Kleen, the king of urban dictionary and test his knowledge. Its gross as normal, but eh, it is what it is! Enjoy!! Like and subscribe our show! Facebook: Instagram: @drnursefshowpodcast
September 07, 2020
Episode 27: Stupid ICD codes and Medical Mad Libs, featuring Dr Boss Lady!
There are stupid ICD codes for EVERYTHING! We try to think of the most ridiculous diagnosis and see if there is actually a code for it in the ICD 10! Joining us is Dr Boss Lady. Then we decide to try out some mad libs, DNFS style.... trouble ensues....
August 31, 2020
Episode 26: Answer your questions and whats in my butt??!
You had questions! We got your answers. In this episode, we grabbed some random questions sent to us through email from our listeners and discussed our answers! We also had another great patient story from the ER.... can you guess whats in his butt?
August 26, 2020
Episode 25: We get serious - Implicit bias and to mask or not to mask
In this episode, we decide to get serious. Talking about topics on everyone's mind!
August 08, 2020
Bonus audio from recording Episode 24
We just had soooo much fun that night, we just kept going!! Enjoy some bonus audio from that night... Beware, its almost raunchier than normal. LOL 
July 26, 2020
Episode 24: OMG we are grown up and in a REAL STUDIO
Like a virgin!! Its our very first time in an actual studio.... Can't even believe it! We get a little crazy when we figured out how to use a voice changer. Yeah. Its bad.
July 24, 2020
Episode 23: Dr Nurse F Show is Goin' Deep!
Its the cross over episode!! We were invited to join the Goin' Deep Show, who has been on air since the birth of podcasting in 2004!! No joke!! Take a listen to what happens when you let the Dr Nurse F Show go deep.... its kinda epic. And moist.....
July 19, 2020
Bonus content! Our kids wouldn't leave us alone because they wanted to be on too
Bonus for our listeners! The kids would NOT leave us alone. They alllllll want to be "famous" and be on the show. Obviously, its not a kids show LOL so we found a way to let them feel involved. Here it is!
July 13, 2020
Episode 22: Two beach bitches
This is what happens when you allow Nurse Fiona and Dr. Pinky Pie on a family vacation together.... Trouble. We get serious, we attempt to watch porn, and we discuss penis molds... (WHAT?) Yup. Your typical family vaca. Enjoy!
July 12, 2020
Episode 21: The wait is over.... and its covered in poo
Finally! We are back! Unfortunately we are back to our old ways.... And for some reason, we keep coming back to poop. And Ford Guy..... The two are synonymous anyway. LOL  We also introduce a new guest, and my long time friend, Ms. Banker! Here it goes!
June 13, 2020
Episode 20: Nurses, furloughs, and pickles
Welcome back after a three week break! Sorry. Covid Sucks.
May 01, 2020
Episode 19: My, My My, My sexy tiger post-apocalypse 'Rona.....
Again, with the 'rona, plus some. We discuss what happens after this covid bs and the Tiger King on Netflix. We also touch on the male nurse calendar and where we are with that. Turns out, we need your help!!! If you have any male nurses that would be willing to send us pictures for the calendar we will take em!! Dad bods and all. We don't care. Whatever works for us!! We would be forever greatful, and all proceeds, every single cent, we will be donating to "Wounded Warrior Project." Please consider helping us out! Don't forget to find us on: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Or on our website,
April 02, 2020
Episode 18: The Rona is ruining our lives
It's all everyone else is talking about so we figured we would do the same.: A round table discussion about the coronavirus with nurses, NPs, and a doctor.  Plus booze. Enjoy! Don't forget to find us on: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Or on our website,
March 25, 2020
Episode 17: Dedicated to the JayBird
We did this episode a little differently. More of a conversation style, with your favorite dad-bod nurse, RN JayBird. Soon to be a centerpiece in our male nurse calendar! I hope you enjoy it! Don't forget to find us on:  Facebook:  Instagram:  Twitter: Or on our website,
March 18, 2020
Episode 16: Let's share some coronavirus and ass s'mores!
In episode 16, we cover what everyone is talking about! Coronavirus (CoViD - 19). The real scoop. We also talk about paranormal happenings witness by medical personnel. It goes off the rails and somehow turns into roasting s'mores over dead bodies. No idea how that happened.....   Don't forget to find us on: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Or on our website,
March 11, 2020
Episode 15: DOs do it better, like moist, dark chocolate cake....
Ever wonder what the difference is between MDs and DOs? Well, I'll explain that to ya here. We also talk about our oldest memories and talk about multiple "what not to's" during Code Blues. 
March 04, 2020
Short Featuring Nurse Dodgy Geezer. You are welcome.
A short commercial featuring one of the boys who will be seen in the up coming Male Nurse Calendar!! Swoon ladies..... SWOON....
March 02, 2020
Episode 14: Policy, law and tits
Episode 14! We discuss some legal issues, drug laws, and some insurance policy problems.
February 27, 2020
Episode 13: Mixed Bag: Admissions, Sucki Saki, and Would you Rather?
We combine a few things in this episode.  Want to know how an admission to the hospital actually happens? We will explain.  We do a rapid fire "would you rather," and introduce our amazing Instagram helper, Sucky Saki.  We also recap the origins of "Bugga Bugga...." GOD DAMN!!!
February 20, 2020
Episode 12: Rage fest Dr Nurse F Show Style
We get serious and talk about suicide. We also get ANGRY A LOT.  One high point though; the introduction of an idea for an epic calendar.
February 13, 2020
Episode 11: We answer your questions!
In this latest episode, we used suggestions and questions from the Facebook topic we posted in Nursing Humor and Motivation Facebook group.  We love your suggestions and all of our fans! Listen and enjoy! Topics include: bullying in medicine, a day in the life of a hospitalist and would you rather.
February 05, 2020
Episode 10: Birthday, helium and fuckery....
Organized a bit different than normal, this episode is a compilation of things we have been dying to use! Plus, its someone's birthday!!!
January 22, 2020
Episode 9: Spanking game!
We do another game per request from our listeners, and it goes somewhat off the rails..... you shouldn't be surprised. 
January 15, 2020
Episode 8: Talking about people is fun!
In this episode, we discuss what we think about being friends with the opposite sex. We also give ya more of what you asked for!! More #DrJTT stories! Another what not to, and some more poo talk. Who could ask for more?!
January 08, 2020
Episode 7: Random assortment with a Surprise Guest!!
We discuss christmas presents, play another game and introduce a new topic we will come back to each episode, all with a surprise guest. It was a surprise even to us. Sorry in advance for the sound. Just learning to use our new equipment. Have fun rock stars!!
January 01, 2020
Episode 6: Christmas Special! Ho, Ho, Hoes, and Jingle Balls!
Christmas Special! Ho, Ho, Hoes, and Jingle Balls! All about balls and Ho, Ho, Hoe STD trivia. Plus us singing crap. Links that are mentioned in the episode below as promised Reindeer Banana Hammock Santa Hat Banana Hammock
December 12, 2019
Episode 5: Grow some balls and ask your questions! And then force Princess Leah to play with us
What questions have you always wanted to ask a doctor, but you don't have the balls to do it? We asked our listeners and we respond to those questions in this episode. We also try to force Princess Leah to play a game with us.... but she is lame and refuses... Oh well we can play with ourselves. :)
December 04, 2019
Episode 4: At the salon, talking crap.... sounds about right.
We are gonna say what you are thinking whenever you go to Walmart.... Our very own People of Walmart, or Ollies. Whatever.... Don't forget to go and vote in our poll on our facebook page!! Some really fun talk about hair extensions! Learn about Natural Beaded Rows, NBR with the expert Gabby, owner of G's Creative Studio in Freeland, Michigan. @theegabbyg on Instagram! 
November 28, 2019
Episode 3: The first appearance of Skittles and his stink
Skittles makes his debut! And we end up talking about his poo.... And stink. 
November 18, 2019
Episode 2: ADHD, no bucket of adderall
We can't stay on topic.... we're going to blame Captain Redbeard.
November 16, 2019
Episode 1: Deflowering Show
Our very first show!! A doctor and a nurse from the trenches discuss medical topics in "shameless" fashion. Be ready.... (hookers and blow). FYI kick your kids out the room.....
November 14, 2019