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The Lead Limitlessly Podcast

The Lead Limitlessly Podcast

By Dr. Sarah Renee Langley
It is time to lead, love, and live life without limits. Lead Limitlessly podcast empowers successful Women Executives, 6 and 7 figure CEOs, influencers, and leaders to boldly take the limits off of their lives and unapologetically decide to make themselves #1 as they go after their dreams while creating a legacy along the way. Learn how to silence hidden fears of self-doubt, achieve even greater success, and maintain a life, livelihood, and lifestyle filled with happiness that you desire and deserve. Lead Limitlessly.
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GOAL SETTING: Drop the 4 Ls and Pick up the 5 As to Creating An Incredible Year
Keywords: self help, limitations, limiting beliefs, new year goals Hashtags: #selfdevelopment, #personaldevelopment, #mentalhealth #goals What have you learned  from 2020? In this episode of Lead Limitlessly podcast, Dr. Sarah Langley wants to share what she learned this year and encourages you to do the same. Episode Timeline: 2:16 Losing is either you win or you learn and the only reason why you didn’t win that time and you had to learn was because of the fact that there was something that you had to do or grab or to take in for you to cultivate for you to grow. 4 L’s: 7:48 Loss. We look      at a lot of things as if we are without something. 8:44 If we focus on things that we do not have, we’re going to have more of it because our mindset is focused on that. 9:47 Lack. It’s      as if we’re lacking in something. Something’s missing about ourselves as      opposed to looking at what we do have. A lot of times, we think about lack      because we may be comparing ourselves to someone else and what they have. 11:08 Limitations. We      keep limiting ourselves. 13:11 A lot of times, we don’t pay attention to ourselves. 17:20 It’s hard to pay attention to ourselves. It’s hard to really look at ourselves because there may be some things about us that we just don’t like. We just don’t want to see them. We just don’t want to acknowledge that. 19:29 Liability. You      don’t have to held liable and be okay with, “Oh, that was my bad. I should      have understand this more. I should have done more.” 22:35 When you recognize that you just be honest with yourself, it may make a world of difference. You don’t have to keep holding yourself accountable for something that you’re tired of it showing up in your world. You have to be mindful. These A’s will get you to where you need to be: 26:43 Alignment. You are in alignment with your purpose. 29:10 Acceptance. 31:57 Allow. Allow life to now bring it to you 34:16 Appointment. Key Quotes: 3:27-3:31 “Even if you don’t know what to say to people, your presence alone, speaks volumes.” 9:29-9:33 “Stop thinking about what you don’t have. Start thinking about what you do have.” Never miss an episode! Make sure you subscribe, like and share my podcast! Lead Limitless channel with Dr. Sarah Langley: Check out my website and products: Follow me on Social Media: Also, go to my Youtube and subscribe:
January 17, 2022
GOAL SETTING: How To Do A Real Vision Board
Keywords: vision board, setting goals Hashtags: #motivation, #mindset, #visionboard Did you meet the goals you have set for yourself this year? In this episode, Dr. Sarah Langley discussed about how to build a strong and effective vision board to achieve your desires in life. It is easy to say the things we wanted to achieve, but the journey and challenges we face towards the goal is never easy. Let’s rethink our goals and see how we transform the goals we have never achieved. Episode Timeline Achieving goals is all about a stable mindset 1:40 We have conditioned our minds to the point of giving ourselves a time limit. Things that we did not get in a certain limit, we give up. We make excuses and we therefore go with what our brains tell us to do. 4:14 One of my goals in 2020 is to be rich, so that I can further my message and expand my reach as I simultaneously create the lifestyle I desire and deserve. The recipe for an effective vision board 5:08 People do their vision board differently. Some would cut out pictures and post them on a board. Some put words and be inspired from it. 5:42 You wanted to brag and prove to other people that they are wrong, then it may very well be a wrong intention to have. You may not see the result because your intention is strictly for yourself and not for anyone else. 7:10 It's one thing to start the goal and it’s another thing to complete it. We all know the way to get to the finish line and this year, you will make it. 7:52 Take your goals to another level. To see it actually happen, be among your goals. 9:03 It’s too easy for us not to do certain things and its easy to stay to our comfort zone and complain about it. That’s why we do not get the results we are looking for. 11:41 Set your intentions correctly and accurately. Don’t make it all about you, fully and completely. But include yourself in that goal to make greater purpose. Things manifest from how we think about it 19:19 We say so many negative and we might be joking, but be aware of what you say. The way you think determines how you will behave. 28:03 We fear the things we do not want to analyze, but we ended up imagining the worse. It will end up in our mindset, placed in our heart and then kept on meditating on that thought, then it will be manifested. If it is true that way, then it also means true for the opposite. We declare the goals we wanted to achieve 29:06 You will move the heaven and earth to get what you want, when you want it bad enough. 32:51 Be like an emperor and declare, that this is what you are going to do. Keep it all in the present, keep until you see everything come to past. Do not quit. Key Quotes 9:56 – 10:10 “The reason why we don’t get what we wanted because we don’t hang in there. Our intentions were not sincere and pure, and we keep on looking and comparing ourselves to everyone else.” 12:30 – 12:39 “Set your intention in your resolution with your goals. That is will make a difference to someone else’s life.” 19:35 – 19:38 “Life and death truly are in the power of the tongue. 24:37 – 24:41 “I decide, I deserve my desires.” Never miss an episode! Subscribe and like my Podcast! Also  check out my Youtube Channel: Check out my products: Follow Me At:
January 10, 2022
GOAL SETTING: How to Start your Day With Purpose, Power and Profits
Keywords: Life changes, setting your goals, achieving success, new year goals Hashtags: #inspiration, #success, #newlife #goals Why do you expect to get a different result, when you do the same thing over and over? In this episode, Dr. Sarah Langley discussed about how we can change our lives for the better. We persist on things that we have a habit of doing but it takes a lot of energy and effort to deviate ourselves from doing it. Let’s take a deep breath and assess ourselves how we can make our life be successful. Episode Timeline Main point starts at 7:00 How should we start our day? 7:02 You need something visual for you to see when you wake up in the morning. It does not matter where you get it from, it can be a sticky paper where you will right down your to-do list for the day, your goals, but as long as it something for you to see. Start your day with gratitude. 9:39 Have a journal and release yourself there. If you will not speak your mind and what you feel, and end yourself keeping it all in your mind and heart, then its going to eventually come out. 14:37 We affirm ourselves. Talk about the things that we wanted to have and do. Speak it in present tense. Affirmations are powerful. 16:23 The way you start your day will determine the rest of your day. 17:48 A peaceful day allows me to face my challenges in full form. I can face the challenges that may come in my way, as long as I keep myself peaceful. 20:06 Picture yourself with the thing that you wanted to happen in your mind. It might be getting a new job or starting your business, picture yourself in it. Feel all of it. We change our outlook in life 25:52 I write the things that I am thankful for. To keep me reminded that something good has happened to me and the things that I am looking forward to for the day. 28:37 Everything is based on your belief. If you wanted to change something, it will change. Keep at it every day, and it becomes a new habit. Now, you have conditioned yourself. You are reprogramming yourself. Key Quotes 0:55 – 1:06 “My whole attitude is doing different things to get a different result. You cannot expect a different result by doing the same thing, because that is called insanity.” 09:29 – 09:33 “You want to hold your time, but you just don't know how to hold your tongue.” 18:32 – 18:38 “There is nothing we can do about the things that happened in the past, it’s all over. Yet, we still insist on bringing it up. It’s the reason why are stuck.” 23:04 – 23:12 “If you do not have any goals, you are going to face the day having no direction, no purpose and no meaning. Have yourself a goal to strive to.” Never miss an episode! Make sure you subscribe, like and share my podcast! Lead Limitless channel with Dr. Sarah Langley: Check out my website and products: Follow me on Social Media: Also, go to my Youtube and subscribe:
January 03, 2022
OVERCOMING UNCERTAINTY: Control What You Can Control
Keywords: uncertainty, overcoming, pandemic Hashtags: #mentalhealth #controlwhatyoucancontrol #bekindtoyourself Humans in nature are creatures of habit. But because of this pandemic, there are so many areas in our lives that may have shifted tremendously. Be kind to yourself and know that it is okay not to be okay. Focus only on what you can control and when things begin to fall into places and start making sense, come up with a plan of action to overcome uncertainty, especially in this time of pandemic. Overcoming Uncertainty 03:15 Tell yourself that It is okay to not be okay. Sometimes you have to allow yourself that space and that grease to get to know or grapple with what is going on, to make sense of it all, and then come up with a plan of action and a strategy to help get yourself out of the situation. 03:44 When we have question marks in our heads, we have to answer it. Even if the questions or the answers that we come up for the questions are wrong, we still have to have some type of answer for it. The first thing you need to do is to acknowledge the fact that you have these question marks and that you are looking for an answer. When it comes to uncertainty, unknown, and unfamiliar, you have to now find the answer for it, we just cannot leave unfinished business. Controlling What You Can Control 06:18 Give yourself grace and extend the courtesy to yourself. It's no different than what you would do for the next person, someone that you know who are just going through it, and they're beating themselves up and they feel guilty, they feel disappointed that they weren't there for their family or they weren't prepared for this. 06:53 There's a time for everything. Yes, there's a time to be upset. There’s a time to be sad. Then there's a time to get yourself together to have a plan of action. Oftentimes, we're trying to jump ahead because we don't want to deal with the pain. In this whole ordeal with the pandemic, what you can do is now create certainty for yourself. 07:22 You don't have to stay in uncertainty. You can now make sense of it all. You can now ask yourself, how is this serving me? How is this supporting me? How is this helping me? What do I need to do to now create certainty for my life during this pandemic? Dealing with Uncertainty and Moving Pass It 16:09 Don't disregard or diminish yourself and your abilities and your capabilities. Don't play yourself short or play yourself small. Don't say it was luck. Or it was my mama's prayers, my grandma's prayers. It was you. Take some credit in that as well. See that you have to feel empowered to be able to face uncertainty. 23:32 Instead of meditating on what you don't have, what you don't want, or what you feel like you need, meditate on what you do have that will put you in the advances. That will boost up your motivation and your energy and your vibration and your outlook to now attract more of that. 24:28 Shift your mindset. How are you going to look at this differently? What do you want to see happen and to manifest in your life during and after the pandemic? That will start to eliminate the uncertainty when you start to meditate and focus on what you want to see more of and that. You now put your heart, your focus, your attention on that. You will attract that and you will get more of that. Leveraging This Current Pandemic to Your Advantage 35:05 · #1 Be kind to yourself. · #2 Normalize your feelings. · #3 Get to know your feelings and get to know you a little bit more. · #4 Reflect on your successes. . #5 Focus on what can you control, what have you control,
December 27, 2021
OVERCOMING DEPRESSION: Fight For Your Peace and Discover Your Purpose
Keywords: Depression, Mental Disorder, Pandemic Hashtag: #depression #mentalillness, #stressmanagement We are here to talk about depression, know how to handle depression and what we can do to help ourselves over depression. We might be affected by depression with all the factors that is affecting our mental health specially during this time of pandemic where there are a lot of factors that are affecting our mental health. Let’s listen to Dr. Sarah as we unfold how we can overcome depression. Clinical Depression and Mental Health disorder. 10:00 Mental illness is a disorder, which has a certain time frame where you can consider you are clinical depressed. You lose interest on what you do and everything becomes a struggle. Depression is a whole-body experience meaning it affects your physical state. If you find your self having a hard time your everyday tasks and things that you enjoy you need consultation to properly diagnose your mental status. Depression Factors 18:35 Loss of control, we need to realize and understand that it is okay. 19:00 Connection, can be a reason why you had been feeling down since pandemic because we lost the connection. 19:20 Purpose, we must consider our purpose. Tips to help your self out through depression. 22:26 Normalize your feelings and realize what you can control, doing this can save you time from wasting your energy and time on things you can’t control. 24:06 Do things that make you feel good. Do things that bring you joy. 26:00 Keep it moving, don’t get stuck and make sure you move and stay active. Keynotes 3:29 “This is a fight for your mindset, it all starts with a thought.” 18:40 “It is okay and it’s going to be okay.” Never miss an episode! Make sure you subscribe and like my Podcast! Check out my website and products: Follow me on Social Media: Also, go to my Youtube and subscribe:
December 20, 2021
OVERCOMING GRIEF AND LOSS: How to Hold On To Hope for Opportunity, Blessings and Growth
Keywords: Grief, Hope, Adversity Hashtags: #loss, #mindset, #growthmindset #grief  How do you overcome grief and loss? Do you truly know yourself and what your emotions are saying to you? Have the time to stop and be still and acknowledge your thoughts and emotions. Realize that life is full of opportunities and full of hope. It’s okay to not be okay. You are not alone and we can overcome adversities together. Adversities, Grief, Hope, and Opportunity 02:11 When you have adversity, you have challenges, circumstances, and situations that you think are going to knock you or break you. But then you find yourself still able to muster up the strength to still stand and to overcome. 02:53 In great adversity, it brings great opportunity. And through pain, instead of succumbing to pain. rather use that to your advantage, to not just absorb it, and to get stuck with it, but to use it and leverage it accordingly. It’s Okay Not to Be Okay 03:52 If you find yourself that you're at a loss, loss of words, lost with faith, lost with hope, loss, and finances, lost in control, lost in your mentality, your mental state, your physical state, your emotional state, just know that is going to be okay. And it's okay to not be okay. You have to first extend the courtesy and the grace to yourself to not be okay, that you're going to go through all kinds of emotions because we all are experiencing a loss. Facing and Overcoming Grief 06:08 When it comes to grief, trauma, loss, pain, suffering, first and foremost, extend the grace and the courtesy to yourself to not be okay. Acknowledge the feelings that you have by finding out how you're feeling. We're so conditioned to just keep going, but not take the time to stop to come to know ourselves and what the emotions, thoughts, and grief are saying to us. Here's your opportunity to know yourself, and your thoughts and your feelings and what your emotions are saying to yourself 07:36 Even if you are gone through so much loss. Notice that we all here together. We're all here for one another together, we stand together we overcome. Give yourself that courtesy and respect to give yourself that moment to stop and be still. 08:58 Just because everything else will be different in your life doesn’t mean that you will be different. Stop and be still. Give yourself that courtesy and that grace to be okay in being not okay, to normalize your feelings, to acknowledge your feelings, and to come to know what your feelings are saying. Blessings and Growth 09:29 You never know how you're missing out on your blessing, your cultivation, your growth, and becoming who are called and designed to be on this earth. Through that pain and that suffering that if you just face it and allow yourself to experience and be present at the moment, answers come, healing comes, release comes, restoration comes, deliverance comes, the breakthrough comes, and preparation comes. Don’t run away from what is what's going on in your life and with everything. Shifting your Mindset 12:00 You have to understand whatever your mindset focuses on, the rest of you will follow. The way that you think determines how you behave. You need to take the time to come to know who you are. Pay attention to your thoughts, emotions, and feelings. What are they saying to you to get to know what's in your mindset so that you no longer succumb? Stopping and Being Still 13:53 Stop and be still give yourself a few minutes of your day each and every day to come to know who you are, which your thoughts and emotions are telling you. And then from there, normalize them and acknowledge them. It's okay to not be okay give yourself a moment to grieve. You have to have that moment.
December 13, 2021
How To Have A Limitless Mindset For Success Interview
How big is your Dream? Are you fully committed to reaching your goals? Everybody has dreams whether it’s big or small. Some reach their goals faster than others and that’s normal. Everybody has their own pace. Just dream and commit yourself to your goals. Dream big but realistic. Always focus on yourself and not others and remember that it’s about being limitless and focusing on what you have.  Viveca Hess of Hess Connect interviews Dr. Langley on the steps to having limitless success by first having a limitless mindset for success.  Key Moments The Behavior and Mindset 6:09 The way that we think determines and how we behave. 6:40 It’s a matter of understanding how we change the way that we think. Being Specific 8:49 Be specific about your goals. Track and Measure 9:32 Track and measure what you're doing. Be Actionable 10:56 Make the actionable steps necessary to get to your goal. Accept yourself for being you 11:54 Accept yourself for who you are, either good, bad, or indifferent. Being Realistic 12:25 Make sure that it's feasible and realistic for yourself. 12:52 Make your goals challenging realistic. Dreaming Big 14:46 The dream is going to take something bigger than ourselves to be able to attain it. 15:23 Reverse engineering the dream 18:06 Our dreams, desires, passions and everything is outside of our comfort zone Focusing on what you have 20:23 Visually imagine to see yourself to feel what is it like to be in that space 20:52 Instead of always looking at something limiting or challenging, how about looking at what we have and how to make it happen Getting to a place you deserve 25:03 Decide to get to a place of knowing that you deserve it 25:33 Change your perspective, change your words, and start focusing on what you do want. Self-Importance 26:02 We tend to think about everyone else but not ourselves. 26:21 You are important, you are enough, you know beyond what anyone has ever said about you Believing 26:38 Believe in yourself. See yourself fulfilling it. See yourself successful in it Chasing your Dreams 29:53 It's about being limitless. It’s about pulling out the limits and going after your dreams and going after your next and being your next Allowing things to Happen 30:08 A lot of times we think it's action but sometimes we just have to allow certain things to happen 30:20 it's really about the mindset and how you shift your perspective DCBA 30:40 Decide, Commit, Believe, Allow Key Quotes: 11:22-11:26 “Perfect is the enemy of progress and moving forward.” 14:00-14:02 “If you're not dreaming big or if it doesn't scare you, it's not big enough.” 18:26-18:30 “Go after your dreams where it’s so big that it's worth fighting for.” 25:52-25:55 “Commit to the goal, but also commit to yourself.” Never miss an episode! Make sure you subscribe, like, and share my YouTube Channel Book me for your next event or podcast!  Email us at Also check out my website and products: Follow me on Social Media:
December 06, 2021
Michelle's Conversations that Matter - How to Thrive Through the Holidays & Into The New Year with Dr Sarah Renee
Do you give yourself permission to do the things that you love? Or do you celebrate the small things that you put your effort into? The pandemic has taken a toll on our mental health and has affected the way we connect and live our lives. Remember that you are resilient and together, we can overcome this. Listen as Michelle Anderson interviews Dr. Langley on having the courage to make the decision to take your control back. Who is Dr. Sarah Renee Langley? 1:50 Born and raised in Philadelphia, she’s a licensed clinical psychotherapist and she focuses on leadership, helping women, women leadership, and empowering women, in particular, to take off the limits and go after their next level of greatness. What drove Dr. Sarah to be a Psychotherapist? 3:30 She and her friend from 11th grade decided to pursue a career in psychology. When her friend changed her course, Dr. Sarah stuck with Psychology and become a Psychotherapist. Since she was 14, she knew that being a Psychotherapist was what she was called to do. 4:12 Many people have come to Dr. Sarah to open up since she was young. They always thought she was someone who can keep secrets and not judge them and Dr. Sarah knew that this was something she has to do and she loves to empower people, help people transform, and become who are they called and born to become. How can people reclaim control in their Life? 6:00 Have control over are the compounds that we're able to control.  6:57  We're too busy looking at what we can’t control. When we focus on what we cannot control, it's like a spiral effect, it just spirals down to everything else that we can think of that we are not in control of. What we need to do is look at what we can control. How do we have more discipline in controlling our focus? 8:29 Make a decision. You have to first decide that you're not going to let this control you because if we try to do practical things, but we didn't change the mindset about it, we get right back to it. 9:05 You have to give yourself grace and give yourself the courtesy to add more control to what you're doing and that means making the decision to be in control. 9:28 Write down your vows or what are you now committing yourself to. Write down what your goals are and what you are committing to. Celebrating yourself 9:49 Start celebrating yourself for the performance that you're doing. You'd celebrate how you are doing making progress and now taking control or regaining control of the whole situation. 10:28 A lot of times we don't even acknowledge, celebrate or give ourselves credit for the changes that we are making. Celebrate yourself so that you can do more of that, and that gives you the advantage and momentum to continue onward. Recommendations to Survive and Thrive  1:38 Find things that make you feel good. Instead of trying to change the behavior but not changing the mindset, you're going to go back to what you've done in the past is going to add more misery and frustration. Rather, Go ahead and start looking at what makes you feel good. Power of Presence 30:03 A lot of times we're pre-determining the future that hasn’t happened and now we're anxious. Bring yourself back to the present for what is today and the fact that you are here today, and you can do something differently to get different results. You can't change what happened yesterday, but you can decide today how you want tomorrow to be. Never miss an episode! Make sure you subscribe, like and share my YouTube Channel Check out my website and products: And book me for your podcast or event email us
November 29, 2021
LEAD LIMITLESSLY INTERVIEW: How to Keep Motivated and Succeed in Transforming Lives with Janet Taylor
· Keywords: Success, Motivated, Connect, communicate · Hashtags: #journeytosuccess #connectandcommunicate #transformingmylifeandothers What is Success? Is it being rich or being happy? It’s a question that anyone of us will answer differently and all of us have a certain vision and definition of success that we want to achieve and throughout our journey to success will include challenges and trials. But without those, we won’t really know what success is and today, Dr. Sarah talks with Janet Taylor, President of Totally Organized LLC. She shares with us her own definition of success and how to stay motivated in your journey. Defining Success 1:50 I define success as a feeling and not necessarily material things that a lot of people equate success with and for me, true success, specifically as a professional organizer is seeing when a client gets it. Being able to transform a person's life so that they can get rid of stuff. That is success to me because that makes me feel so happy that they enjoy their space, they begin to see life beyond all the stuff that they had, and they plan for the future. 2:40 Also, success for me is being able to use my position, my experience, and be able to give back. I really love doing that and be able to my voice and my title. And being able to help the children in the neighborhood that I grew up in. That truly just makes my heart melt and I'm able to utilize the resources that I've acquired over the years to be able to help them. Greatest Accomplishment 3:36 Making it on TV and becoming a celebrity, doing workshops in a community, and being hired by HGTV. Greatest Challenges 6:29 The Greatest Challenge for me is staying motivated · Connecting regularly with other business persons. · Learning how to make sure that my income is consistent. · And how to make sure you take time and prepare for those times that may not be as income-producing as you would like them to be. Steps to Triumph over the Challenges 7:52 · Making sure I stay in constant communication with my mentor and peers. · Keep yourself motivated and encouraged. So I think those are some of the things is just making sure you stay connected with people and do what you need to do. Never miss an episode! Make sure you subscribe, like and share my YouTube Channel! Also, check out my Podcast Lead Limitlessly with Dr. Sarah Langley: Check out my website and products: Follow me on Social Media:
May 03, 2021
LEAD LIMITLESSLY INTERVIEW: Defining Success and Leadership as a Woman with Jamil Rivers
In this episode, we have Jamil Rivers a senior finance director for the school district and also has an online fashion jewelry store. Jamil shares a lot of insight that you’ll enjoy and can use to reach your own success. How would you define success? 1:14 Success I would say is following your choice, being able to do what you enjoy doing or what you do well, and being able to be yourself. What has been your biggest success today? 2:00 The family that I have, my husband and my three children, and the effort, time, love, and specification that goes into just seeing them grow. What would you say has been your greatest challenges that you may have accounted on your way to success? 2:45 Learning how to be true to yourself, having that integrity, and not falling under pressure. Follow your instincts. Listen to what works for you, whether that spirituality where you have a relationship with God where he’s not going to scare you astray or if it’s just that inner voice of telling I have your back. What have you taken to triumph over your challenges? 4:24 A lot of inner reflection. Being able to have that support system and protocol, balancing so much and still being able to care for yourself and look out for what’s best for you and your family. What would you say is missing between where you are and where you are next? 5:55 I would love to see more resources for women to support each other more so than lash out at each other type of mentality where opportunities are scared. We feel what we have to hold our ground and prevent anybody else from achieving that same success. We should not be intimidated or threatened by a black woman that is shining as much as you are. You should be empowering because we’re more powerful together. Are you being mentored/coached? 8:35 Yes, I am. They have been great resources to me where I’m so obsessed about complacency where I’m constantly trying to challenge myself and to generally improve. Final thoughts 12:21 Women actually make the best leader in my opinion. We have the empathy, we have the intellect, we have the analytical ability, we have the ability to multi-task. I would just encourage women, to take a chance on yourself and just yourself. We”re so afraid of failure or more second-guessing ourselves and I would implore to women to still go after those opportunities and pursue them. And even if she fell, there’s so much to learn from failure. Key Quotes: 7:33-7:36 “The more we know, the better that we’re going to do collectively.” 13:43-13:49 “Even if we’re qualified for the opportunity, we still judge ourselves twice as much over as men do.” Never miss an episode! Make sure you subscribe, like and share my YouTube Channel! Also, check out my Podcast Lead Limitlessly with Dr. Sarah Langley: Check out my website and products: Follow me on Social Media: Keyword: Success, Opportunities, Encourage, Challenges  Hashtags: #pursueopportunities #encourageselfandothers #successisachoice
April 26, 2021
LEAD LIMITLESSLY INTERVIEW: Be an Exceptional Leader with Kishma George
Keywords: Kingdom Investments, Delaware, foster care hashtags: #leadership #coaching How does leadership reflect in your life? How do you empower and create a difference in the lives of different people? In this episode of Lead Limitlessly podcast, Dr. Sarah Langley has invited Dr. Kishma George, the President and CEO of Kingdom Investments in Single Hearts (K.I.S.H. HOME, INC.) as she shares her mission to make an impact in the lives of girls & women in Delaware, as well as those young women who are presently in, or have aged out of the foster care system. Join us in this episode and together let’s get inspired on how Dr. George has made a difference in the lives of people through her leadership and great vision on what she is doing. Episode Timeline What do you do? 1:30 We empower women and young girls and helping them to become great world changers, helping them find their identity and purpose. We have an transitional home, that we help young ladies who are homeless, who have aged out of foster care system to transition into their own place, and to have faith transition from foster care into another safe haven place. Definition of Success 4:00 When you have a dream and you complete the assignment. How many people show up. It doesn't matter how many likes you get on Facebook success of actually completing the tasks, the job that she was supposed to complete, and making a difference in the lives of so many different people. Definition of Leadership 4:10 Leadership is someone who knows the way and is able to see other people. They're able to pull other people and have them get to their destiny and to their journey as well as actually helping someone get to their destination. What are the challenges you've encountered on your road to success? 10:15 Learning how to be patient and how to wait. Because it's like a cake, I can't eat the cake. While it’s still in the making. It will not be tasty and it will not serve its purpose. I had to learn that everything that I went through I have to go through a process and with that process at the end of the day is going to help me to fulfill and to be successful in the dream that God has placed us. I have to remember to stay focused. Key Quotes 4:30-4:50 “Many people they may reach the top and then forget the people at the bottom but a great leader is the one that shows the wind knows the wind and helps you get to the way you're supposed to be in destiny.” 5:40-5:50 “God always ordered your steps and the things that you go through the things that you enjoy in life is to get you to that place called destiny. Never miss an episode! Make sure you subscribe, like and share my podcast! Check out my website and products: Follow me on Social Media: Also, go to my Youtube and subscribe:
April 19, 2021
LEAD LIMITLESSLY INTERVIEW: How to Create Your Own Success with Monica McCoy
KEY WORDS: inner peace, journaling, Monica Motivates HASHTAGS: #motivation #inspiration #positivity Do you wake up every day with a sense of fulfillment because you are living life authentically and with purpose? What gives you inner peace and joy? In this episode of Lead Limitlessly podcast, Dr. Sarah Langley talks with Monica MacCoy, a global speaker, executive coach, business-driven strategic consultant, and the founder of Monica Motivates. Let’s get ready for great dialogue with Monica as she shares the importance of accepting our failures and letting go of our ego to fully embrace our authentic selves and be in a state of inner peace and joy, and live a life with purpose that makes a difference in the life of others. Episode Timeline Define success 3:13 My definition of success is if you have inner peace and inner joy, it will cause you to be in that state of inner peace and inner joy. Many individuals, unfortunately, get caught up in their ego. Success is when you can wake up each day and say that you're walking in your purpose that you truly can look in the mirror and say that I love this person that I see in the mirror. 4:00 I walked away from a very lucrative corporate job and executive title, but knew that in my heart, that I want it to be more aligned with my purpose, and to really do what I was called to do in this life. What challenges have you encountered on your road to success? 9:00 So, the challenges that I have encountered are really being okay with except the failure. In my 20s I was the perfectionist to the extreme, everything had to be perfect. When you get to a point in life, where you learn that failure actually becomes one of your biggest champions. 13:30 Most people are struggling with their authentic selves and struggling with accepting failure. And when you learn that your ego is truly the one that is driving you to want to be shameful of failure, you learn to put that ego in check and understand that all you ever have is the present moment. And all you can ever do is enjoy each moment. Whether things around you're going as planned or whether it's in complete turmoil. You got to find that light, find that that whisper and find that just that clue from the universe about how to move forward and how to keep going. Key Quotes 8:45-9:10 “You learn that failure actually becomes one of your biggest champions, one of your biggest teachers, and one of your biggest propellers forward. You're going to see that even in the midst of adversity you will become stronger.” 12:40-12:58 “Take time each day to write down three good things that happened. In the midst of the struggles, in the midst of the disappointments, of the failures, always know that in any darkness there's always light. And through any failure on the other side is triumph. So, appreciate the moments in the valleys as much as you appreciate walking on top of the mountains.” Check out my website and products: Follow me on Social Media: Also, go to my Youtube and subscribe:
April 12, 2021
LEAD LIMITLESSLY INTERVIEW: How to balance leadership, success and motherhood with Brigitta Hoeferle
Keywords: Leadership, Motherhood, Balance, Success Tags: #success #motherhood #leadership In this episode of Lead Limitlessly podcast, Dr. Sarah Langley talks with Brigitta Hoeferle to share her knowledge about leadership, success, and at the same time being a passionate mother of two beautiful kids and being a wife! Episode Timeline: Who is Brigitta Hoeferle? 00:58 She is an entrepreneur and passionate about people, assisting people to communicate in a very efficient way. She has been called buyology master, called a listening master helping others to understand what is it that they are listening for. She is also a communications major by communications degree, her master’s degree. She is a passionate mother of two fantastic girls. A master of cultural and diversity communication. She is a certified MLP trainer and also certified bank trainer. How would you define Leadership? 3:13 The term leadership is leading by example. Being a model and a leader that continues on a consistent and persistent basis to learn. When learning ends, the leadership ends. Having an incredible balance of humanity and expertise, being expert at one thing. What characteristics does a leader has? 4:22 Learn more and never stop from learning so that the constant desire to know more being tapped into their own vulnerability and allowing to be vulnerable with others. 5:20 A leader also has the yearning to want to learn more and continues to learn more on a regular basis and there is never enough learning. A leader also takes massive action and creates an incredible structure and creates stability for their team for them to grow and for them to be vulnerable and for them to take action. Define success 6:10 Success is defined by the individual person and the individual leadership. And their success can be very small. 7:08 Success is really in the eyes of the team and of the leader what success is. For me, success is I set a goal. I take massive action on the goal and I go not just to the goal but through the goal and I have the outcome of something greater from what I have anticipated, exceeding of the goal.
April 05, 2021
LEAD LIMITLESSLY INTERVIEW: Passion Leads To Successful Entrepreneurship with Esther Wildenburg
Wildenberg, Napoleon Hill, Don Miguel Ruiz #success #selfhelpbooks #gratitude In this episode of Lead Limitlessly podcast, Dr. Sarah Langley invites Esther Wildenberg and they will take about the Hills and Valleys of Wildenberg. Esther Wildenberg originates from Amsterdam, Netherlands. She is the president and co-founder and owner of BANKCODE. Don’t know what to do but you have the burning interest to pursue what you want? The problem is, most people start something and they quit in less than 90 days. Ester believes that everybody has an unlimited potential of doing everything with patience. Esther Wildenberg will explain to you on how to find all the pieces come together and have that inner peace that will eventually lead you to success. So c’mon join us today! Episode Timeline What is your definition of success? 2:00 My success comes from having the balance that I found between very successful in business with also very heavy in my relationship and in my friendship and being healthy. I have many challenges in my life and in every area. Success is coming from finding all these pieces together and having inner peace. Readers: Advise to moving forward, getting over hurdles. 10:39 Most importantly is that you when you don't take action you will stay where you are today. So, you have to decide the toughest step is the first step. And then decide what you really want to do with something and then taking that first step and then the risk becomes easier and easier the more steps you're gonna take. I really want people to tap into their inner power and take time to be silent and quiet and go on a retreat or sit on the top of a hill or just be with themselves and get not distracted what people are saying to them or telling them what to do. Books to look into the library 18:10 1. Cheri Tree: Why They Buy (Good for business but also for relationships in general) 2. Don Miguel Ruiz: The Four Agreements 3. Napoleon Hill: Think and Grow Rich 4. Stephen Covey: The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People Key Quotes: 4:50-5:02 “If you don't feel it in your core in your soul, then it's draining, and you just do it for a paycheck or because you don't know what else to do. But you have to find that little, little diamond inside of you what you want to bring to the world.” 6:38-6:42 “I realized when you are really focused and you really want something, you can do.” 9:30-9:35 “Everything that happens to you whether small or something big, it's the meaning you give to it and what you believe you can do with it.” 15:50-15:56 “Sometimes you have to suffer in one area to get success in another area. But you always have to keep in mind that you need all areas in your life, there's not just one” Never miss an episode! Make sure you subscribe, like and share my podcast! Check out my website and products: Follow me on Social Media: Also, go to my Youtube and subscribe:
March 29, 2021
LEAD LIMITLESSLY INTERVIEW: How To Live a Happy and Abundant Life with CeCe Clark
keywords: women in business, happiness, abundance #womeninbusiness #personaldevelopment #goals Never miss an episode! Make sure you subscribe, like and share my podcast! Lead Limitless channel with Dr. Sarah Langley: Check out my website and products: Follow me on Social Media: Also, go to my Youtube and subscribe:
March 22, 2021
LEAD LIMITLESSLY INTERVIEW: Live Every Day Like A Champion with Cheri Tree
Keywords: BANK Code hashtags: #womenleaders #womenleadership #psychology In this episode of Lead Limitlessly podcast, Dr. Sarah Langley talks with Cheri Tree. She is the Founder and CEO at BANK CODE. They will talk about the Hills and Valleys of Cheri Tree. With our podcast, we aim to guest the leaders from diverse backgrounds who have all the answers to all of your challenges. Cheri Tree cracked the code on how to make money in just lesser time. In this way, you will have more time for you family. If you think and feel that you have imbalanced life and you want to balance and correct it, Cheri Tree would love to be able to share her knowledge and expertise! C’mon and listen to this podcast episode! Episode Timeline What is your definition of success? 2:00 Success comes in many forms and it's not just financial. Success is having a life where you're happy and living in balance and fulfilling your purpose. It's being healthy and fit so that you can live long. And it's having your finances in order so that you can enjoy the boundaries of life without feeling stressed. Suggestions for the lady leaders? 13:10 One of the things that I discovered along the way that allowed me to experience phenomenal success was figuring out a better way to do things. 16:12 Do it in full authenticity and transparency with my customers to serve way more clients. And to help them get what they want, which automatically gave me more of what I wanted. And that code that I cracked, I ended up developing it into a full-blown training program. Is there anything that's missing? 18:00 The whole key and the foundation for me was realizing that I needed and deserve to live a life that was imbalanced. Doing things that reward you for hard work because all work and no play is not fun and who wants to work that hard. So being in balance, eating healthy, and having exercise are some of the common basics. 22:12 You have to seek after mentors and coaches and people who are further ahead than you that are living the life that you want to live and seek after them and be willing to pay for their advice. Key Quotes 15:56- 16:03 “The only thing they should be focused on that, that impacts the bottom line is understanding why they buy.” 17:32-17:42 “I focused every day on happy, healthy, wealthy and doing at least two things a day in each category.” Never miss an episode! Make sure you subscribe, like and share my podcast! Check out my website and products: Follow me on Social Media: Also, go to my Youtube and subscribe:
March 15, 2021