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The Lead Limitlessly Podcast

The Lead Limitlessly Podcast

By Dr. Sarah Renee Langley
It is time to lead, love, and live life without limits. Lead Limitlessly podcast empowers successful Women Executives, 6 and 7 figure CEOs, influencers, and leaders to boldly take the limits off of their lives and unapologetically decide to make themselves #1 as they go after their dreams while creating a legacy along the way. Learn how to silence hidden fears of self-doubt, achieve even greater success, and maintain a life, livelihood, and lifestyle filled with happiness that you desire and deserve. Lead Limitlessly.
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GOAL SETTING: Track and Measure To Get Real Results
Keywords: SMART goals, mindset, goal setting Hashtags: #habits, #success, #goals Tired of not achieving your goals? People say promises are meant to be broken but promises are words that we bind to our limited selves. In this episode of Lead Limitlessly podcast, Dr. Sarah Langley talks about how to achieve the goals that we keep on missing out. Don’t be scared of the chain that binds you, be confident that the heavens are by your side! Let’s make a goal for ourselves and achieve it! Episode Timeline What makes an effective goal? 3:31 A goal provides a sense of direction and clarity to know where we should aim and what we should target. We need a particular goal in mind that will direct us to the right path and be able to complete that goal. 5:12 A goal should be S.M.A.R.T. Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time Conscious. Specify the goals we are after, measure the progress, check if we can attain it and if it is realistic within our own capabilities and if we can truly accomplish it with the timeframe we set for ourselves. Setting yourself free from the chains of habitual activities 11:26 We are equipped with the tools to handle challenges and overcome them. Give yourself a chance to go beyond your comfort zone and not limit yourself from the things that you created. 11:58 Do the talk and walk the walk and be amazed on how you can do things that you never thought you could accomplish. 12:40 Check your mindset, your intention and your reason on why you wanted to accomplish things that you set for yourself. You can’t hide from the face of reality 15:15 Sometimes, you need to take off the mask that you insist on covering to yourself. Things that you wanted to stay hidden from all these years. If you insist on hiding, it will slowly creep up and you will not be prepared to face what it has to offer. 16:08 Settle your problems and do not allow it to dictate the pace of your life. The aspects of learning 17:48 It’s one thing to have all the information at your hands, but its another thing on how you utilize it. 18:20 Be limitless. Be free. Stop faking everything that you do. Faking will never make you reach to your goal. Key Quotes 8:16 – 8:27 “I would add spice to my goals, to motivate myself to do it. Even if its repetitive, remember that repetition is the key.” 10:54 – 11:04 “There will be situations that will challenge us. It does not mean that we shall falter, we are built resilient enough to challenge it.” 13:58 – 14:07 “There are things we don’t want to see and want to keep hidden. Things that encourage us to keep the mask on.” 28:35 – 28:48 “You are born for a reason. Born not by coincidence or an accident. You are born because the heavens gave you the reason to be here.” Never miss an episode! Make sure you subscribe, like and share my YouTube Channel! Check out my website and products: Follow me on Social Media:
January 25, 2021
GOAL SETTING: Drop the 4 Ls and Pick up the 5 As to Creating An Incredible Year
Keywords: self help, limitations, limiting beliefs, new year goals Hashtags: #selfdevelopment, #personaldevelopment, #mentalhealth #goals What have you learned  from 2020? In this episode of Lead Limitlessly podcast, Dr. Sarah Langley wants to share what she learned this year and encourages you to do the same. Episode Timeline: 2:16 Losing is either you win or you learn and the only reason why you didn’t win that time and you had to learn was because of the fact that there was something that you had to do or grab or to take in for you to cultivate for you to grow. 4 L’s: 7:48 Loss. We look      at a lot of things as if we are without something. 8:44 If we focus on things that we do not have, we’re going to have more of it because our mindset is focused on that. 9:47 Lack. It’s      as if we’re lacking in something. Something’s missing about ourselves as      opposed to looking at what we do have. A lot of times, we think about lack      because we may be comparing ourselves to someone else and what they have. 11:08 Limitations. We      keep limiting ourselves. 13:11 A lot of times, we don’t pay attention to ourselves. 17:20 It’s hard to pay attention to ourselves. It’s hard to really look at ourselves because there may be some things about us that we just don’t like. We just don’t want to see them. We just don’t want to acknowledge that. 19:29 Liability. You      don’t have to held liable and be okay with, “Oh, that was my bad. I should      have understand this more. I should have done more.” 22:35 When you recognize that you just be honest with yourself, it may make a world of difference. You don’t have to keep holding yourself accountable for something that you’re tired of it showing up in your world. You have to be mindful. These A’s will get you to where you need to be: 26:43 Alignment. You are in alignment with your purpose. 29:10 Acceptance. 31:57 Allow. Allow life to now bring it to you 34:16 Appointment. Key Quotes: 3:27-3:31 “Even if you don’t know what to say to people, your presence alone, speaks volumes.” 9:29-9:33 “Stop thinking about what you don’t have. Start thinking about what you do have.” Never miss an episode! Make sure you subscribe, like and share my podcast! Lead Limitless channel with Dr. Sarah Langley: Check out my website and products: Follow me on Social Media: Also, go to my Youtube and subscribe:
January 18, 2021
GOAL SETTING: How To Do A Real Vision Board
Keywords: vision board, setting goals Hashtags: #motivation, #mindset, #visionboard Did you meet the goals you have set for yourself this year? In this episode, Dr. Sarah Langley discussed about how to build a strong and effective vision board to achieve your desires in life. It is easy to say the things we wanted to achieve, but the journey and challenges we face towards the goal is never easy. Let’s rethink our goals and see how we transform the goals we have never achieved. Episode Timeline Achieving goals is all about a stable mindset 1:40 We have conditioned our minds to the point of giving ourselves a time limit. Things that we did not get in a certain limit, we give up. We make excuses and we therefore go with what our brains tell us to do. 4:14 One of my goals in 2020 is to be rich, so that I can further my message and expand my reach as I simultaneously create the lifestyle I desire and deserve. The recipe for an effective vision board 5:08 People do their vision board differently. Some would cut out pictures and post them on a board. Some put words and be inspired from it. 5:42 You wanted to brag and prove to other people that they are wrong, then it may very well be a wrong intention to have. You may not see the result because your intention is strictly for yourself and not for anyone else. 7:10 It's one thing to start the goal and it’s another thing to complete it. We all know the way to get to the finish line and this year, you will make it. 7:52 Take your goals to another level. To see it actually happen, be among your goals. 9:03 It’s too easy for us not to do certain things and its easy to stay to our comfort zone and complain about it. That’s why we do not get the results we are looking for. 11:41 Set your intentions correctly and accurately. Don’t make it all about you, fully and completely. But include yourself in that goal to make greater purpose. Things manifest from how we think about it 19:19 We say so many negative and we might be joking, but be aware of what you say. The way you think determines how you will behave. 28:03 We fear the things we do not want to analyze, but we ended up imagining the worse. It will end up in our mindset, placed in our heart and then kept on meditating on that thought, then it will be manifested. If it is true that way, then it also means true for the opposite. We declare the goals we wanted to achieve 29:06 You will move the heaven and earth to get what you want, when you want it bad enough. 32:51 Be like an emperor and declare, that this is what you are going to do. Keep it all in the present, keep until you see everything come to past. Do not quit. Key Quotes 9:56 – 10:10 “The reason why we don’t get what we wanted because we don’t hang in there. Our intentions were not sincere and pure, and we keep on looking and comparing ourselves to everyone else.” 12:30 – 12:39 “Set your intention in your resolution with your goals. That is will make a difference to someone else’s life.” 19:35 – 19:38 “Life and death truly are in the power of the tongue. 24:37 – 24:41 “I decide, I deserve my desires.” Never miss an episode! Subscribe and like my Podcast! Also  check out my Youtube Channel: Check out my products: Follow Me At:
January 11, 2021
GOAL SETTING: How to Start your Day With Purpose, Power and Profits
Keywords: Life changes, setting your goals, achieving success, new year goals Hashtags: #inspiration, #success, #newlife #goals Why do you expect to get a different result, when you do the same thing over and over? In this episode, Dr. Sarah Langley discussed about how we can change our lives for the better. We persist on things that we have a habit of doing but it takes a lot of energy and effort to deviate ourselves from doing it. Let’s take a deep breath and assess ourselves how we can make our life be successful. Episode Timeline Main point starts at 7:00 How should we start our day? 7:02 You need something visual for you to see when you wake up in the morning. It does not matter where you get it from, it can be a sticky paper where you will right down your to-do list for the day, your goals, but as long as it something for you to see. Start your day with gratitude. 9:39 Have a journal and release yourself there. If you will not speak your mind and what you feel, and end yourself keeping it all in your mind and heart, then its going to eventually come out. 14:37 We affirm ourselves. Talk about the things that we wanted to have and do. Speak it in present tense. Affirmations are powerful. 16:23 The way you start your day will determine the rest of your day. 17:48 A peaceful day allows me to face my challenges in full form. I can face the challenges that may come in my way, as long as I keep myself peaceful. 20:06 Picture yourself with the thing that you wanted to happen in your mind. It might be getting a new job or starting your business, picture yourself in it. Feel all of it. We change our outlook in life 25:52 I write the things that I am thankful for. To keep me reminded that something good has happened to me and the things that I am looking forward to for the day. 28:37 Everything is based on your belief. If you wanted to change something, it will change. Keep at it every day, and it becomes a new habit. Now, you have conditioned yourself. You are reprogramming yourself. Key Quotes 0:55 – 1:06 “My whole attitude is doing different things to get a different result. You cannot expect a different result by doing the same thing, because that is called insanity.” 09:29 – 09:33 “You want to hold your time, but you just don't know how to hold your tongue.” 18:32 – 18:38 “There is nothing we can do about the things that happened in the past, it’s all over. Yet, we still insist on bringing it up. It’s the reason why are stuck.” 23:04 – 23:12 “If you do not have any goals, you are going to face the day having no direction, no purpose and no meaning. Have yourself a goal to strive to.” Never miss an episode! Make sure you subscribe, like and share my podcast! Lead Limitless channel with Dr. Sarah Langley: Check out my website and products: Follow me on Social Media: Also, go to my Youtube and subscribe:
January 4, 2021