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By DrSean T. Hubbard
DrSean Hubbard is a health promotional physician, who invites caring & knowledgeable guests. Topics vary from medical care to finance and community wellbeing. Ultimately, DrSean & his guests want to support the growth you desire for yourself. Follow us here & look for upcoming online content on #KeepWinning
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18. On the Hearts & Minds of Men - Jorge Maldonado in The Winners Circle✊🏾
Jorge Maldonado is the not only the owner of Barbernados Barbering Lounge, but this men’s grooming expert is also providing community leadership. He’s been recognized by the City of Camden for his reach & volunteerism recently. He and his staff actually host & promote an annual back-to-school event, to support the academic development of neighborhood youth. We were honored to have him in The Winners Circle last week to get his perspectives on the modern man - what’s on his mind and what are chief among his concerns. Jorge and I meet regularly; he freshens my fade and during that time, we resolve all the worlds issues. Given that he has this same meeting all day long and every working day, we couldn’t wait to learn from him what he learns about us. There actually aren’t many men’s spaces; places where dudes can relax, let down our guards, and speak frankly - the barber shop happens to be one of a few. And the shorter your hairstyle, the greater the need for maintenance. Jorge and his staff cultivate such an environment capable of providing a boys first haircut, to being a place where elderly gentleman bring their coffee several times weekly to sip and connect with other fellas. If you’re a man, you get this - if you’re not a man, enjoy this exchange casually and listen closely for the nuances of how men communicate and what concerns we carry. Drop a comment, like, & share amongst your contacts. 💇‍♂️
August 18, 2021
17. LADIES, KEEP YOUR MAN’s SKIN IN THE GAME LONGER - Dr. Jennifer David in The Winner's Circle
Dr. Jennifer David, board certified dermatologist, joined us in The Winner's Circle, to educate us on the most common skin exposures, cause damage. She informed us on the different types of soaps; why some are good for the body, but not necessarily the face. She walked us through the best types of shaving creams and utensils, as well as the four main things we need to promote skin health. When was the last time, you participated in a discussion about what's good for men's skin? If you are a man, or especially if you have a man, this is a segment you won't want to miss! We are focusing on men's health for these several segments, so stay tuned in to help your son, boyfriend, brother, or husband #KeepWinning  #KeepWinning
August 18, 2021
16. IT’S A MAN’S WORLD🤣 (not so fast) Coach Rudy Hubbard in The Winner’s Circle
Coach Rudy Hubbard joined us in The Winner’s Circle to provide a historical & personal perspective on men’s place in society… He shared the importance of communication, and problem-solving without previously conceived agendas. We discussed several misunderstandings many women have regarding men. My dad and I talk about everything; this segment was a natural for us!! I hope you find it enjoyable! The intention was to engage in an exchange which is supportive of men - everyone won’t understand every idea shared here; however it should ignite some good convos in your circles. #KeepWinning😎
July 12, 2021
15. 🤔SOCIAL MEDIA: Good? Bad? Indifferent?🤔Psychiatric NP, Anna Marks in The Winner’s Circle
👨🏾‍💻Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, Anna Marks, joined us recently to discuss the impacts of social media. She shares, from her professional experience, who seems most at risk to suffer, as who seems to benefit. Anna provided a thoughtful, insightful perspective on a tool, which affects us all. Listen in for the tips and basis for why being extra careful reacting, replying, & commenting makes sense. Give this talk a good listening, before sharing it with others in your circle. Has social media been good for you? Not so good? Share your concerns✨
June 22, 2021
14. 💡PERSONAL GROWTH MAY BE THE MISSING LINK - Tam Luc in The Winner’s Circle🌟
Tam Luc, Executive Coach, joined us in The Winner’s Circle to discuss the topic personal growth/development, as a deliberate act of daily working on oneself in every area of life, to enhance the lives of others. She shed light on the barriers of thought, as well as  facilitating factors toward emotional growth.  She made a POWERFUL case for moving forward!! Watch this from the beginning, and accept the inspiring unfolding, as she unpacks her uplifting, practical messaging. Follow Tam Luc & share with those you love, that they may #KeepWinning🌸
June 22, 2021
13. Dawn Doherty - Never Give Up!
Dawn Doherty was going through the worst changes; loss of job, divorce, identity crises just to name a few. She became anxious, depressed and fell into a spiral, which is all too common... Through the grace of God, she was able to turn it around... She joined me in The Winner's Circle specifically because she wanted to share her story and help others. She has a detailed message for others, who she's seen in that particular predicament - Dr. Sean, however remains convinced there's something very universal about her story from which we may all learn to #KeepWinning
June 07, 2021
12. FANTASTIC DISCUSSION ON HEART HEALTH🌺Dr. Hafeza Shaikh in The Winner’s Circle
 We’re focusing on women’s health - what better place to start, than the heart? Dr. Hafeza Shaikh conversationally educates us on symptoms of heart disease, cardiac symptoms, diagnostic testing, and approaches to achieving heart health. She talks us through what actually happens, during a heart attacks, how the damage ensues, how to minimize damage. She shared information around medical therapy and even cardiac rehab. Please share this very informative message with the women about whom you care, that they may #KeepWinning!💪🏾🔥 #cardiac #health #heartattack
May 31, 2021
 🙏🏾🌸Theta healer, Connie Lam, provides guidance on miracles!!   She very powerfully makes the point, that you and I regularly experience miracles on a daily basis; perhaps we take much of our existence for granted...🤦🏾‍♂️  Listen closely and take notes; Connie shares the ingredients and process for developing a mindset for success - a miracle mentality!!   Do you have a goal?  Do you want to level up?  Do you want to fulfill your potential?   Listen to Connie’s amazing presentation!! And follow her on her YouTube, Instagram, and YouTube channels: YOU CAN BE HEALED🙌🏾
May 19, 2021
💐Much of our focus, when practicing medicine, centers around restoring, fixing, correcting, rehabilitating, and the like.........   ......however, all too often, we find ourselves in situations, when we’re not able to restore someone’s previous function or even restore their livelihood.... But, there remain other appropriate - and perhaps more humane - types of care we can provide.   Trish Kirk, my nurse colleague, lays these topics out with perfect compassion, informed by professional & personal experiences. You’ll absolutely love this discussion; please share it amongst your family and medical professional friends!! Very important!! 🙏🏾💐 
May 13, 2021
🌸SPRING INTO HEALTHY SKIN - Dr. Jennifer David in The Winner's Circle  Dr. Jennifer David, a dermatologist friend, is loaded with answers regarding how we can achieve healthy skin. During her visit, she discussed eczema, psoriasis, skin cancer, wrinkles, and so much more!! Additionally, she shared her availability by way of Skin & Scripts Virtual Dermatology. She's an awesome collaborator, a health-promotional physician, and an extremely caring person. She's very generous with her expertise and we so look forward to working more with her in the future!
April 20, 2021
  Dr. D'wan Carpenter joined us in The Winner's Circle - she helped us to understand the challenges felt by moms of multiple children - especially twins. As a fulltime, practicing physician, wife, and mother to 4 children, including daughter twins, she has worked through the struggle - now, she has a lovely community, TWIN MOM Chronicles, to support those who may feel at wits end. Listen in, as Dr. Carpenter leverages her informative, experienced, educated, and sincere voice to love on mothers who struggle with the dilemmas, associated with nurturing children, while nurturing a career. If you or someone you know expresses being overwhelmed, please tag them or share this message with them, that they may #keepwinning from "the power of community," as Dr. Carpenter describes.🙏🏾❤️
April 14, 2021
7. “WOMENS’S HEALTH & A Message to Men
 I was thrilled to host Dr. Michelle Powell, of Powell Health Solutions, in The Winner’s Circle recently. She helped us to understand the challenges women face achieving the health they desire these days and her recommendations to people she treats.   Dr. Powell’s level of insight clearly reflects her frontline’s status & decades of experience. She has a natural focus on women, family, relationships, and community health - she offered tips on how, both men & society at-large, can be more empathetic and supportive of the women, in our lives. Listen in, share, like and subscribe. Let’s do what we can to KEEP OUR WOMEN WINNING🙏🏾💕🙌🏾🌺
April 09, 2021
So many of us do!! We feel like we don't have enough choices, particularly work/career wise. We were honored to have Executive Coach, Oluremi Sano, in The Winner's Circle, to offer some tangible definitions, direction, and perspective on the matter. She shared how a person can transition their personal passions and solutions into an additional stream of income. It's a discussion many have been compelled - and even forced - to have, during times, which seem un-certain.  Listen in and share this message with those in your community, whom you feel can benefit. Connect with Oluremi directly at if you're in need of further coaching.
April 04, 2021
  Registered dietician (RD), Amanda Bombay, joined me in The Winner's Circle, to share healthy approaches to something we do multiple times daily, everyday - EAT. She and I are colleagues at a local hospital, so sparked up an impromptu conversation recently; it seemed like one from which we could all learn, so...   Listen in, as she sweetly and sincerely shares, that much of how we approach life probably involves too much shaming and judgement... One couldn't ignore the underlying message, that we could do well, by lightening up on ourselves... #KeepWinning
March 30, 2021
“Everyone needs coaching” was the thought, which came into my head, during my exchange with Certified Executive Coach, Chelese Perry. It reminded me of when my car feels sluggish or pulled to one way or the other, and I need to talk with someone who knows how cars work.   Chelese keenly understands the nature of people, the universe, and how we are connected; she is therefore able to share space with us and facilitate our discovery of the barriers, between where we are and our next level. Listen in and enjoy the shared wisdom of a talented, seasoned coach. Everyone needs a coach to #KeepWinning🙏🏾🔥💪🏾 Book a consultation at
March 27, 2021
Dr. Nivedita Lakhera is a hospitalist, however she is so much more... She is profoundly expressive in her life: she writes poetry, authors books, sketches, dances, and even artfully promotes equality for women.... I have found her such a colorful personality, it made me wonder if there wasn't something else I should or could be doing to shine a brighter light to make a difference in the world... Before meeting, I was anxious to see if Dr. Lakhera saw herself as more of a physician or more of an artist; having met her, I was impressed, that she herself is actual art. She is art and art is her... #KeepWinning, Dr. Nivedita Lakhera. Find her work on Amazon.  I am not a princess I am a complete fairytale
March 24, 2021
 Connie Lam, my amazing friend and theta healer, shares that we already have it inside of us!! She joined me in The Winner’s Circle, to share pearls of wisdom how we can experience more of it and enjoy more of the life we have.   No spoiler alerts, here - listen through, to the end, as she offers step-by-step approaches to discovering your hearts desires. You'll want more, so follow her on various YouTube and IG at “You Can Be Healed.”   You should also get her journal, which she has designed to support our emotional growth:  And what’s lovely about the way Connie lays is out, is how much fun she is to listen to and learn from. Listen with your heart, to #KeepWinning🙏🏾❤️🙌🏾💯
March 19, 2021
Dr. Jubril Oyeyemi, trained in caring for people within a hospital setting became uncomfortable seeing patients come in, having suffered preventable medical crises. During our discussion, he shares how he came to understand  that there were generally social issues at the core, which served as barriers to access.... Listen closely, as he described his next steps - you won't believe it, as it seems too good to be true.   Share this information with friends and family, who you feel may benefit.   Also, this is a community effort, so if you can contribute expertise, donations, etc, please use the contact listed to connect with Dr. Oyeyemi's organization.  #KEEPWINNING 🙏🏾🔥💪🏾💥🙌🏾
March 18, 2021