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Dr. Sharon Johnson LEADS Communicate2Motivate

Dr. Sharon Johnson LEADS Communicate2Motivate

By Dr. Sharon Johnson
Dr Sharon Johnson LEADS. Spiritual, emotional, and mindset - Live, energize, activate, and discover your power. It’s about Leadership, Motivation and Job Satisfaction. Maximize your potential, enhance your life, and add value to the lives of others. Let Go & Let God! Connect with Sharon Johnson at: Comtivate Leadership Training & Development: Email:, Facebook: Comtivate Academy 24 / 7 Self- paced Training:
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S3. EP 16. The Subconscious Mind
Experience the book, Think and Grow Rich. Take a moment on the subconscious mind. Dr. J
June 18, 2022
S3. EP15. What is Success?
How successful are you in your life? One of the best ways to define success from the world standard point is that it’s a power to acquire whatever we want without violating the rights of others. What is God‘s plan for our success? Join me as we talk about what is success and why do people fail. To learn more about the services of Sharon Johnson, or to book her. visit Also check out the online 24/ 7 virtual Academy for your personal and professional training at Email to set up 30 minutes consultation. Big Love. Dr. J
June 07, 2022
S3. EP14. 10X Your Leadership, Motivation, and Job Satisfaction
10X your leadership by standing up. Know that a gift may take a leader to the top, but humility enables endurance. Join Sharon Johnson as she shared leadership qualities and prerequisites for responsibility as in the book of Daniel and how God 10X their wisdom and understanding. To learn more about the services of Sharon Johnson, or to book her. visit Also check out the online 24/ 7 virtual Academy for your personal and professional training at Email to set up 30 minutes consultation. Big Love. Dr. J
May 09, 2022
S3. EP12. Rocky Point Story 4 & 5 - Victory
Join Dr. Sharon as she shares the story of the gift and victories in the Rocky Point. is good news while going through the Rocky Points.  Imagine that all your Rocky Points can bring you the greatest joy in life.  A life more abundant.  A life you never imagined.  A life that God has prepared for you.   Life has a gif for you and it has your name on it. God will take you from one place to another without you knowing.  Sometimes we just have to adjust to the gifts that God provide for us.  He will turn it around and place you in leagues you cannot imagine. Your poverty moments can change to pride and prayers in moments. Are you really ready to accept the gift of life that you are expecting?  I believe that you are moments away from your victories.  I hope my story help yours. To learn more about the services of Sharon Johnson, or to book her. visit Also check out the online 24/ 7 virtual Academy for your personal and professional training at Email to set up 30 minutes consultation. Big Love. Dr. J
May 05, 2022
S3. EP11. Rocky Point Story 3 - Journey Process
The Rocky Point process is Real.  Have you ever recall all the things you did in your Rocky Points?  Well, join Dr. Sharon Johnson on the journeys of her Rocky Point process How are you doing in your Rocky Points in life? Is it your old or current lifestyle?  How are you leading in yourself from your past into your current situation as you process those Rocky Points? To learn more about the services of Sharon Johnson, or to book her. visit Also check out the online 24/ 7 virtual Academy for your personal and professional training at Email to set up 30 minutes consultation. Big Love. Dr. J
April 28, 2022
S3. EP 13. The Ultimate or the Immediate?
Has anyone ever ask you what is your priority?  If we forget the Ultimate, we will be enslaved to the immediate.  What is your priority.  Listen to Dr. Sharon speak about the priorities laid out with leading with priorities. When it comes to leadership and priorities, leadership means you lose your right to be selfish.  When leaders and people fail to maintain proper priorities, disappointment always results.  Think of the 80/20 principle.  With the right priorities 20% efforts give 80% desire.  With the wrong priorities 80% effort gives 20% effort.  It's not about working hard, but smarter.  To learn more about the services of Sharon Johnson, or to book her. visit  Also check out the online 24/ 7 virtual Academy for your personal and professional training at Email to set up 30 minutes consultation. Dr. J
April 28, 2022
S3. EP10. Rocky Point Story 1 & 2 - The Journey of Dreams
What kinds of Rocky Points have you experienced?  What kinds of dream do you dream of in those Rocky Points of your life?  Join me as I share some of my Rocky Points to add value to yours.  God puts us in spaces and places with people all through our lives. To learn more about the services of Sharon Johnson, or to book her. visit  Also check out the online 24/ 7 virtual Academy for your personal and professional training at Email to set up 30 minutes consultation. Big Love. Dr. J
April 22, 2022
S3. EP8. Leaders Must Remain Teachable
Leaders must remain teachable. Why? Your growth determines who you are. Who you are determines who you are attract. Who you attract determines the success of your team.  To learn more about the services of Sharon Johnson, or to book her. visit Also check out the online 24/ 7 virtual Academy for your personal and professional training at Email to set up 30 minutes consultation. Big Love. Dr. J
April 09, 2022
S3. EP9. Alicia Stone from Jamaica - From Ordinary to Extraordinary Woman
Listen to Alicia Stone - Coach and Law Faculty in Jamaica talk about how she moved from ordinary to extraordinary.   Dr. Sharon Johnson celebrates ordinary women who are doing extraordinary things in their lives, for their families, for the community. These women are either running a home, being a professional in the workplace, and or running their own business. The intent in celebrating these women is for other women and girls to see that women do have the potential to change the world. These women are women who are maximizing their potential and allowing themselves to live according to how they are destined by God. To learn more about the services of Sharon Johnson, or to book her. visit   Also check out the online 24/ 7 virtual Academy for your personal and professional training at Email to set up 30 minutes consultation. Big Love. Dr. J
March 21, 2022
S3. EP6. What is Leadership in the Middle of a Crisis?
Join me as I speak with International Speaker and Coach Robin Lewis from South Florida talk about Leadership and some tips to win as a leader. What is Leadership?  How do we define the realities of fear and leadership?  How do we see ourselves in the middle of a crisis and find the opportunities around us?  What is a major struggle that we go through?  We will see that it is in the difficulties of our lives that we grow strong.  We get to understand that through the struggle we get better and stronger.  Connect with Robin Lewis or Dr. Sharon for more leadership resources.  Listen carefully to learn more about Robin. To learn more about the services of Sharon Johnson, or to book her. visit Also check out the online 24/ 7 virtual Academy for your personal and professional training at Email to set up 30 minutes consultation for you or your team.
March 06, 2022
S3. EP7. Leaders Connect Before They Expect
Effective leaders connect before they expect. The stronger the relationship and connection between individuals, the more likely the follower will want to help the leader. Paul was a master communicator. Listen to Dr. Sharon Johnson talk about connection and how you can’t move people to action unless you first move them with emotion. The heart comes before the head. To learn more about the services of Dr. Sharon Johnson, or to book her. visit Also check out the online 24/ 7 virtual Academy for your personal and professional training at Email to set up 30 minutes consultation. Big Love. Dr. J
March 05, 2022
S3. EP5. Grandma's Yahweh Faith
Listen to Dr. Sharon Johnson speak about her Grandma's Yahweh Faith.  Who do you get your strength from? Big Love! Learn more about Dr. Sharon Johnson here: - Self-paced 24/7 Academy - Web - Linkedin
February 21, 2022
S3. EP4. Stretch to Success
Did you know that we are just like rubber bands? We come in different sizes, we come in different colors, and we surely come in different shapes. Our personalities, our talents, and even the gifts that God gives to us are different, but they are not effective until we are stretched. Why are we not stretching ourselves? Thanks To learn more about the services of Sharon Johnson, or to book her. visit Also check out the online. Also check check out the online. Also check out the online 24/ 7 virtual Academy for your personal and professional training at Big Love. Dr. J
February 13, 2022
S3. EP3. The True Measure of Leadership is Influence.
The true measure of leadership is influence, nothing more nothing less. If you watch the dynamics that occur between people in our every day aspect of life, you will see some people leading and others following. Listen to Dr. Sharon Johnson talk about the factors that come into play and the qualifications of spiritual leaders. Visit to learn more about her services.
February 06, 2022
S3. EP2. You Have Great Value
You have great potential. Not only are you good enough, but you have the ability to get better and to achieve great insignificance in your life. If God can use a man without arms and legs to be his hands and feet, then he will certainly use any willing heart. Listen to Dr. Sharon Johnson talk about the limits that we place on ourselves and how we can recognize our value and increase our capacity. Visit to know more about her services.
January 23, 2022
S3. EP1. You Have to Raise Your Lid
To reach the highest level of effectiveness, you have to raise your lid one way or the other. The relationship between leadership and its effectiveness is perhaps the most evident in sports where results immediate and obvious. When talented teams don’t win, examine the leadership. Listen to Dr. Sharon johnson talk about leadership and victory while raising your lid. Visit to learn more about the services that she provides.
January 10, 2022
EP. 21. S2
If you want to successful tomorrow, then you must be teachable today. What got you where you are won’t keep you here. It won’t take you to where you want to go. You need more than a great mind for learning. You need to have a great heart for learning. That’s what the teachable spirit gives you. Listen to Dr. Sharon johnson as she talks about be teachable. Visit for more information on leader ship, motivation and job satisfaction
December 24, 2021
EP 20. S2
Hope is a powerful thing. Hope provides a power that energize us with life. It keeps us going when times are tough. It creates excitement for us for the future. It gives reasons to live here. It gives us strength and courage. Listen to Dr. Sharon johnson talk about Hope. Please visit to learn more about leadership.
December 10, 2021
EP 19. S2
Self-awareness: Are you where are you want to be in life? Listen to Dr. Sharon johnson talk about self awareness and some factors that impedes us from being self-aware. For more information from Dr. Sharon johnson contact
November 26, 2021
EP 18. S2. Leaders Must Maintain Perspectives with Problems
Leadership depends to a large degree and problem-solving. Listen to Dr. Sharon talks about how in the book of James how we can remain relevant as a leader. Hear some of the approaches to problem solving
November 10, 2021
EP 17 S2. The Power of Prayer
The Power of Prayer. What are you praying for? There is so much power when we pray with confidence. Hear Dr. J talk about the Highlights of “Our Father” and how we can understand it more as we pray.
November 10, 2021
EP 16. S2. Thinking About Goals
Listen to Dr. Sharon Johnson talk about how we think about our goals sometimes. Without a meaningful, significant goal, life becomes a deadly, dull existence. During times of testing, our will to fight is lessened, and we often just give up and quit. Remember Jeremiah 29:11. To know more about Dr. Sharon johnson or to use her services visit
October 26, 2021
EP 15. S2. Biblical Values of Leadership
Biblical Values of Leadership. These values does not change with a specific position. Practice them and watch your team grow.
October 19, 2021
EP 14. S2. Managing Emotions is Valuable
The reason for why you feel the way you do it is very important to understand. Knowing what emotions you are exhibiting or understanding the reason for that emotion is not enough to manage your emotions. It is important to remember that your emotions are not the enemy. They contain valuable information that if used properly can help you make sound decisions
September 23, 2021
EP 13 S2 Get Over Being Average
This was a graduation speech with nurses graduation from a college in Florida.  This speech was when one of my favorites. When I fell in love with speaking, I thought it was just a small idea, until I grew into it and started speaking across the country.  God never gives small ideas. Hope you enjoy this.  Please connect with me and share your thoughts. Visit #comtivate #drsharonjohnson Dr. J
September 06, 2021
EP 12 S2. Are you a Climber or Connector?
Are you climbing or connecting wherever you are? Listen to Dr. Sharon johnson discuss the differences between a climber and a connector and think about where you are and if this fits you. Do you think that climbers and connectors should have some balance? Well enjoy the session and climate and connecting and realizing that we need the balance Connect with Dr. Sharon Johnson @
August 21, 2021
EP11 S2. Enthusiasm - Think Excited!
How enthusiastic are you about life? I am so enthusiastic about life because of what it offers and the opportunities that I get to be excited and act excited and be so appreciative of life? What makes you happy. What makes you excited to become enthusiastic?
August 14, 2021
EP10 S2 Outward Pain …Inward Peace
God sweetens outward pain with inward peace. ~ Thomas Watson. We can achieve our dreams by doing the things that we would not normally do. You might say great minds have dreams but others may say great minds have wishes. It is so important to realize that our potential lies in God.
August 07, 2021
EP9 S2. Don’t Be Afraid to Belong to God
Faith is the bird that sings when the dawn is still dark. This is Dr. Sharon johnson reminding you that in your quiet desperation that you should have faith and don’t be afraid to belong to God because he will make a way out of no way. Have faith.  For all your training, coaching and speaking needs please visit
July 15, 2021
EP 8 S2. Life Toughest Challenges
Hope is the power of being cheerful in circumstances which we know to be desperate. GK Chesterton.  Everyone at sometime in life faces his or her own Gethsemane. This is a time when the heart hurts through the night and you wonder whether or not you are still in love with life. You even wonder whether or not you are still in love with God. But don’t give up because there is good news for you. Listen to Dr. Sharon in this podcast to encourage you in Life Toughest Challenges. Connect with Dr. Sharon  For all your coaching speaking and training needs, please book me at
July 15, 2021
EP#7 S2. Connecting Is Key
Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
I failed in my first level leadership position. I simply did not know how to lead effectively. I did not know how to connect effectively. That is the truth. However, when I know what I did not know, I did it the right way and gain influence with people. Connecting was my key influence and lead effectively. Connect with Dr. Sharon Johnson on the Comtivate Online Leadership Academy  Dr. Sharon Johnson
July 14, 2021
EP#8 S2. Are You Ready To Be A Public Speaker?
Learn some tips on Public Speaking with Dr. Sharon Johnson.  If these tips work for you, I would love to share more with a Learning Management System that will help you achieve a certificate in Public Speaking. Thank You Contact Dr. Sharon
July 14, 2021
EP#6 S2. Impact, Impress, Influence
When it comes to leadership, it’s everything. Leadership is about relationships. When we look at the levels of leadership we realize that it’s the will of the leader and the will of the followers that creates the impact and creates trust. How do you lead? Do you impact, impress, and influence? Listen to this episode as we talk about the book of Colossians and how Paul uses relationship to drive how we should not divorce leadership from relationships.
June 22, 2021
EP#5 S2. Energize
Our energy sometimes comes from our reflection. Learning to pause allows growth to catch up with us. What kind of energy do you have when you look into yourself? Think about some questions that will assess your life today. Like a rubber band, growth stops when you loosen the tension between where you are and where you could be.  Visit
June 19, 2021
EP#4 S2. Live
How do you live? You must visualize value in yourself to enhance value to yourself. You must know yourself to grow yourself.
June 12, 2021
EP3 S2. Labor to Gratitude in Colossians
Our growth doesn’t just happen any more than like climbing to the top of the mountain. None of us just get to the top of a mountain without some kind of huffing and puffing, stopping and struggling. The same is like growth it takes time. Growth is a result of hard work. When Paul wrote the letter to the people of Colossians he reminds them of how and what must happen for growth to occur. Learn more about Dr. Sharon Johnson by visiting the Comtivate Leadership and Development or
June 03, 2021
EP2 S2 A Life of Design - Simplicity
Don't be reluctant to making systems and designs for your life.  Start working on your life.  Your mindset engagement will help you to think and grow rich.  Life is very easy and all we need to do is to create more simplicity in designing and aligning. Enjoy! Visit and connect with Sharon today Books by Sharon Johnson Comtivate Leadership Academy Executive Director John Maxwell Team
May 31, 2021
EP1 S2 - Organizational Change
Change can be awkward.  Leaders should know that people do not naturally resist change, they resist being changed. Contact Sharon Johnson to help stabilize Organizational Change in your organization.   Visit Contact Dr. J Visit Executive Training
May 24, 2021
EP#23. Preparing Today Gives Confidence Tomorrow
How prepared are you today as we exit a crisis? Preparing for today gives confidence tomorrow. Make decisions once and mange them daily. Dr. Sharon Johnson
March 11, 2021
EP#22. Our Potential As Frozen Pipes in Adversities
What a week! Speaking straight out of my head as I reflected on the experience of the big freeze in Texas February 2021.  Can I see a drop of water?  Unpreparedness and adversities will teach us lessons and brand new meaning to life.  My biggest impact was no water and electricity with frozen pipes.  It was exciting and frightening at the same time.  However, it taught us many lessons about our potential.  We can be like frozen pipes not maximizing our potential.  Being present helps us to capture precious moments in life There are things we need in life to be our full potential.  God created us to have Flow!  When we cannot do what we were created for we lose our WHY. Connect with Dr. Sharon
February 20, 2021
EP#21. No Action - No Communication
Grandmother says,  "Actions speak louder than words". She was so right. Do you get people to act when you speak? Hear  about three components to ensure that your words create actions. Connect with Dr Sharon Here o the COmtivate Online Leadership Academy  Sharon Johnson
January 24, 2021
EP#19: Anger Management
What makes us angry?  Is Anger a natural emotion? Listen to hear about anger management strategies and the cycle of anger.  How do we respond to anger?  The cycle helps us to understand ourselves. Learn more about the trainings with Dr. Sharon Johnson at  Do you have a team who may need help with leadership development and performance.  Let's connect. Sharon Johnson
January 09, 2021
EP#18. Lead Yourself First
This is a selfish plug on how to lead yourself.  Why shouldn’t you lead yourself? Only a lit candle can light all the other candles.  You cannot give what you do not have. Dr. Sharon Johnson
December 26, 2020
EP#17. Coach Carlos Vargas, Chicago: What more Can A Leader Do and Move Forward in this Crisis?
Meet Coach Carlos Vargas, Entrepreneur  on Service, Leadership, and Technology.   Learn from Carlos as the shares the perspectives of aspiring leaders and the significance of learning something new.  How do we move forward in this crisis? Leaders must understand that they are spiritual beings.  A leader needs to learn to be in peace to communicate and lead.  Leaders need a community. Leaders to develop the leader within them.  He learns that he needed to be the catalyst.  Leaders must recognize that they need to grow. Leaders must know what to with opportunities and be available to lead. Visit Carlos Vargas at and Learn more about Dr. Sharon Johnson and the Comtivate Online Leadership Academy resources at
December 07, 2020
EP#18. GIRAFFE Leadership - People, Profitability, & Plan, Executive Coach Victoria Trabosh - Oregon, USA
Learn how Victoria Trabosh partnered with other leaders for their success, her Rwanda projects, health, and the power of victory in leadership.  What is GIRAFFE LEADERSHIP? A Giraffe has no voice. How do you lead if you have no voice? Leaders must decide their priority.  Leadership is the most important thing.  There are leaders who lead and those who are just in positional leadership.  Leadership is influence.  Leaders must have a heart.  Leaders need to look at the details but also keep a deeper view.  Leaders reflect on their own leadership. Leaders must invest in people, profitability, and strategy. Learn more about Victoria Trabosh and People, Profitability and Plan at Watch the live video of this conversation with Victoria and Sharon Johnson Visit
December 07, 2020
EP#16. Christian Leader Sylvia Dryer: Prayer and Effective Leadership
Leadership talk with Coach Sylvia Dryer, Dallas Texas.  Get excited about leadership and its impact.  God has opened doors for her and she is excited to share her journey, especially with organizations and directions to people. People are looking for comfort and answers with leadership and that is in the active response in the recovery of crisis. Prayer is the answer.  Leaders need to develop a relationship in prayer to lead people more effectively.  Leaders must be engaging and transparent with continual communication. Lack of communication leads and breeds distrust. Learn more about Dr. Sharon Johnson and the Comtivate Online Leadership Academy resources at  Visit Coach Sylvia at Learn more on the live video of the conversation with Coach Sylvia and Dr. Sharon Johnson
November 17, 2020
EP #15. Lead With Powerful Coaching Questions
The power in asking powerful coaching questions is getting powerful responses from your clients. Questions will enable clients to connect psychologically with the coach. Powerful questions makes powerful transformation. Enjoy. Sharon Johnson
November 02, 2020
EP#14 Leadership Health & Wellness in COVID Crisis
DR ENAKA YEMBE – Louisiana, USA.  Family medicine and emergency physician.  Listen to learn more about leadership health and wellness. Nothing can be done without the entire heath-care team.  Her passion is taking care of people and weight loss.  She hit rock bottom with weight loss and created a formula that she created and is currently teaching.  She feels that we need a healthy body to reach our God-given potential. Learn how she leads with the COVID crisis and how influential leadership impact our desired outcomes. How do we lead ourselves through this pandemic?  Listen carefully.  Watch the video on the Comtivate Online Leadership University and see more information on Dr. Yembe Thanks for listening  Sharon Johnson
October 19, 2020
EP#13 The Jeremiah Story Of Leadership? Meet Dr. Dorothy Bonvillain, Arizona
God told her, "Get up and open your Bible".  Hear her Jeremiah Story.   How did she get from there to here? Learn about leadership with Dr. Dorothy as she speaks about life as a 50 years military spouse.  She talked about the discomforts of uncertainty in times of crisis. In the process of leading she talked about how she lost herself especially in the military family.  In her analysis of self, she realized that at the end of all her journeys, leading projects,  all the obstacles, even ended up as a single female in remote villages, she found herself. God told her, Get up and open your Bible".  God delivered her.  She prayed to God for the next right steps.  OMG.  She randomly opened her Bible and it opened to Jeremiah Chapter 1 - "Before I formed you in the womb I know you."  Listen more  My book "Loving Your Life: 7 Steps for Military Wives" is nominated among authors in the Self-Help category! Watch the video conversation here on the Comtivate Leadership Academy with Dr. Dorothy Bonvillain and Dr. Sharon. Dr. J
September 22, 2020
EP#12 Understanding Emotional Intelligence
Listen to Sharon Johnson on this audio Course on Emotional Intelligence.  How are you tapping into your emotional intelligence?  Emotional Intelligence is the ability to understand one's own feelings, and that of groups, and how these emotions can influence motivation and behavior. The concepts of Emotional Intelligence have been around since at least the 1900's, but the term was first introduced by Wayne Payne in 1985. Listen to know more about how to: Define and practice self-management, self-awareness, self-regulation, self-motivation, and empathy. Identify the benefits of emotional intelligence. Relate emotional intelligence to the workplace. Balance optimism and pessimism. Want to learn more?  Connect with Sharon Johnson at Comtivate Online Leadership Academy and schedule an appointment today. Sharon Johnson
September 09, 2020
EP#11 Dr. Gloria Burgess: God Will Chase You Down as a Leader - Leaders are Oxygen of Hope
Featuring Christian CEO and Founder of Jazz International, Dr. Gloria Burgess is a sought-after speaker. Gloria has impacted the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in over 35 countries, from Austria to Australia… Canada to Chile… Nigeria to Norway… Spain to South Africa… UK to Uganda…. Clients include Boeing, Google, Microsoft, Starbucks, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, British Public Radio, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, MSNBC, Royal Dutch Shell, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Providence Health Systems, South African Embassy, Kenyan Parliament, and Women’s International Network. An inspired presenter, Gloria has shared the stage with luminaries such as Les Brown, Dr. John C. Maxwell, Marianne Williamson, Nick Vujicic, and Immaculée Ilibagiza. A keynote speaker like no other, she impacts audiences through her artistry and insightful, thought-provoking commentary. Known for her real-world, in-the-seat leadership experience, Gloria connects with your heart and the topic at hand. Learn more about Dr. Gloria at Watch the Video of this conversation on the Comtivate Online Leadership Academy
August 31, 2020
EP#10 Voice of Hope: Performance Coach Jan Bayer Mcdonald
Leadership Performance Coach Jan Bayer Mcdonald, Washington State, USA.  Leadership Consultant Crisis moves us positively or negatively.  As a woman of Faith she has learned so much about leading people in the right direction.  Leaders have a choice. Leaders should have a voice of hope, calm, security and ready to shaw the way. When leaders show that they have a plan, it provides hope fr the people.  The emotion of FEAR can be impacted by our perspectives of the event.  The fear of the crisis was debilitating.  Philippians 4: v8 - a verse to calm us.  We are to think of things that are true.  Think on the good things going on.   Written the book Fruitful Leadership available on Amazon. Watch more about Jan Bayer McDonals and Sharon Johnson in the Live Conversation on the COmtivate Online Leadership Academy Thanks for listening.  Please share with everyone
August 25, 2020
EP#9 Risk Reward Ratio in Leadership -Executive Coach Deb Ingino, New York City
Leadership is the ability to influence outcomes in people. How do you lead smack in the middle of a crisis in New York City hot bed of COVID?  How do we keep employees safe and still be productive.  How do we look at business today, change and step forward in the way business should be?  What does it take to reengage in a certain way?  There is a high degree at risk.  We can potentially enjoy the risk.  There is a lot to be gain from failure when we fail, reinter, and adjust..  What is the Reengagement Strategy. Learn more about Executive Leader Deb Ingino.  Watch the Live Video Conversation with Dr. Sharon Johnson and Deb Ingino here on the Comtivate Online Leadership Academy.
August 17, 2020
EP#8 Leaders Lead from the STOP & RESET: New Zealand's Coach Elias Kanaris
Conversation with New Zealand's Leader and International Coach, Kanaris.  Leadership  starts at the top. Leaders Lead from the STOP and RESET.  Learn how he listen to God.  With this compulsory pause, how do we lead? How do we use the pause and lead successfully? Leaders drives the initiatives in their organization. Leadership will successfully reinvents us.  Recalibration is an important part of your business, your team, and your success.... Be sure to contact Elias for your needs. Watch the Live Video Conversation here with Dr. Sharon and Coach Elias here on the Comtivate Online Leadership Academy.  
August 17, 2020
EP#7 Lifelong Leaders Must Be Lifelong Learners.
Hear Dr. J consult on Leadership lessons from the book of Colossians. Christ is the center of all complete leadership. To be a lifelong leader, you must be a lifelong learner. Leaders cannot simultaneously pursue pleasing God and pleasing people. Excellence is not an accident; it happens when leaders call for it. Leader ship begins on the inside, it starts with been not doing. Learn more about Dr. Sharon Johnson and the COmtivate Online Leadership Academy
August 13, 2020
EP#6 A Leader's Quest: "God If You Are Real, Reveal The Truth and Yourself to Me." Coach Robin Lewis, Florida
Listen to Coach Robin Lewis from Fort Lauderdale as he speaks about Leadership.  Robin talks about his Love for Christ, his passion for people, and how his leadership plays a significant role with entrepreneurs.  He has travelled tremendously and led teams worldwide.  He talks about life growing up and how he was called all kinds of names as a child.  If explores "if God is Real, then why does things happen". Hear how he defines leadership in the crisis in today's society.  He has share the stage with John Maxwell and so many others. He goes into a deep dive into passion and purpose to discover and live one's potential.  Bad Leadership affects organizations. Watch the Video interview with Dr. Sharon Johnson and Coach Robin Lewis.. Please share with friends. Big Love! Dr. J
August 12, 2020
EP#5 The Mental Hats of Leadership -Coach Elizabeth Hoa Nguyen, Austin, Texas, USA
 Coach Elizabeth Hoa Nguyen, Author, Philanthropist, Austin, Texas, USA.  Elizabeth talks about the essentials of leadership.  Leaders wear many hats and so leaders need to create opportunities.   Leaders need to do the inventory of what they can and cannot do. Watch the full video of Dr. Sharon and Elizabeth are on the Comtivate Online Leadership Academy. Learn more about Dr. Sharon Johnson here
August 11, 2020
EP#4 The Power of the Brain
Hear about the brain and how powerful our thinking abilities are.
August 10, 2020
EP#3 Your Dreams
Are you thinking about your dreams?
August 09, 2020
EP#2 Who are we as Leaders? Grief Recovery Specialist & Coach Tracy Washington, Atlanta Georgia
Who are we as leaders?  Coach Tracy Washington and Grief Recovery Specialist speaks about how we lead our lives after a pandemic.  She details how important leadership is with teams and what matters most with our leadership perspectives.  How de exercise God's power and authority in the market place? WATCH the video of this Conversation Here on the Comtivate Online Leadership Academy with Dr Sharon. If you have question for myself or Tracy, please let us know.
August 09, 2020
EP#1 Are You Present?
Are you really present to Live, Energize, Activate, and discover your Power? Learn more about Dr. Sharon Johnson Here
August 08, 2020