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Working It Out Series with Dr. Traci K*

Working It Out Series with Dr. Traci K*

By Dr. Traci K
This is a Question & Answer Podcast hosted by Dr. Traci K on areas or Self-Growth and Well Being. In service to vibe higher and create balance she addresses these areas with holistic tools and resources. To Learn more about Dr. Traci K* visit htps:// Become a Patreon and Join the Academy and get access to exclusive only for listeners
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Pick a Card 🎴 Day Meaning. The Card drawn is...
TRUST THE UNIVERESE. Listen to the full episode on what this card is meaning and how to it may relate to what is going on right now in your lifestyle. to get more visit my website WORKINGITOUTSERIES Thanks for listening.  You can also see the video podcast by subscribing to my YOUTube Channel!
July 30, 2021
7 Chakra Activation System- Introduction to Chakras and How it can help with Manifestation
Listen to a brief 30 minute intro on the 7 Chakra Activation System.🧘‍♀️ Try this Pick a Chakra Card Test Understand Why wearing a Chakra Bracelet can make a difference. Claim your 7 Chakra Healing Orgone Reiki Pendant Necklace and Free Mantra  BECOME A CLIENT  
June 30, 2021