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Working It Out Series with Dr. Traci K*

Working It Out Series with Dr. Traci K*

By Dr. Traci K
Become a Paid Subscriber: Working It Out Series WebTV & Podcast hosted by Dr. Traci K on areas or Self-Growth and Well Being. In service to vibe higher and create balance she addresses these areas with holistic tools and metaphysics. To Learn more about Dr. Traci K* visit htps:// Become a Member and Enroll in the WIO Academy and get access to exclusive only for listeners Please follow this on spotify and partner with Dr. Traci K as a supportive listener.
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Choosing Joy✨🙏
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September 19, 2022
Happy Birthday to Dr. Traci K and all the virgos this month come celebrate you listen
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August 27, 2022
Blessed by Your Enemies
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August 13, 2022
Dr. Traci K- Being Elegant #sundayspiritualvibemessage🌸🙏✨
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August 08, 2022
Spiritual Declaration of Independence 🎆
A  Watch and listen to this message.  Subscribe to her Youtube Channel   Learn about history of independence through spirituality that is founded for christianity for our nation and planet .  Shout Out to the armed forces special.  Dr. Traci K grew up her family served including herself sponsored by the us army for close to 15 years.  She is a civilian veteran and also contracted with airforce in her younger years.  She has trained some of the best in service including police officers as a performance specialist formerly.  She got her fame through become 10th in the world in fitness competitions and ended up on international media channels later went on to after coming home with medical injuries continue her support through arts and sciences.  Earning her an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and many other awards.  Check out her freedom sale with support those who served by buying from them
July 03, 2022
Being Mindful as We Speak - Dr. Traci K #spiritualvibemessage
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June 28, 2022
Dr. Traci K in this episode shares an amazing motivational message to lift up and motivate you to start in learning how to become a better version of yourself.   WANT A FREE ACCESS TICKET subscribet Listen all the way to the end cause she brings something amazing to you and you don't want to miss it.  It will leave you feeling amazing for the rest of the day.   TO BECOME A MEMBER OR CONNECT TO HER ON THE WIO WEBSITE OR SOCIAL MEDIA FOLLOW THIS AND THEN SHARE IT WITH FRIENDS AND FAMILY
June 22, 2022
Empty Out the Negative (Renew)
In Kind Spiritual Donation maybe tax deductible-  Help us keep sending these messages. #spiritual #vibe #challenge #motivational service full episode SUBSCRIBE light a yellow candle for strength and courage.  LevelUP Tour. Want a free ticket to an amazing virtual experience buy the new book and send us your receipt order# buy books EMPTY OUT THE NEGATIVE ( RENEW)🙏👑✨🕊 to follow Dr. Traci K* Podcasts:  find it on top audio channels, like spotify,, iheart , etc... Elevate your spiritual self.  Join us every Sunday and GIVE thanks for sharing your practice with me. To enroll in the 12 Fruits of the Spirit Program plus Dr Traci K book. Earn a spiritual vibration certificate.   visit the website. Come subscribe be part of our gathering and watch messages every Sunday.  As part of the Level Up Tour please share this help us spread good vibes. If you missed this one subscribe cause we will do another  Thanks for joining us and please invite others and connect with us every week for messages and events. Come Listen to Dr. Traci K message for you.   if you are seeking answers or would like to gift a donation or check out books or programs please  go to if you want to shop or update your beauty , fashion, or fitstyle  routine visit  We would love to have you share in your practice by clicking the like button , commenting and sharing us with you on our social media channels.  if you seek a group for support  Get free ticket Levelupfor2022- Women- of attraction-  Spiritual support- join and enroll in the free masterclass of 12 FRUITS OF THE SPIRIT ENROLL IN PROGRAM AND GET YOUR CERTIFICATION PLUS  BONUS book go here learn about Mindfulness & Christianity. - buy the #Joy #Meditation Music to help program your mind to choose and practice Joy get here-💲🙏Your donation is very much appreciated so we can continue spreading the spiritual fitness messages- or please like , comment and subscribe sharing is caring #howtopray #drtracik #spiritualservice #sundaymessage #findhealing #howtoletitgo #lettingitgo #personaldevelopment #selfgrowth #success #health #relationships #selfesteem #motivationalspeakers #sundaymessage #spiritualsupport #vibration #goodvibes #drtracik #howto #encourageyourself #seekinganswers #youareloved #spiritualvibrationchallenge #howtoforgive #movethrough #letgoofpast #rebornagain #healing
May 24, 2022
Raising Eagles - Mothers Day 🌸🕊
Happy Mothers Day.  Enjoy this episode to give you a history of women of all time and also inspiring motivational personal development tips.  Honoring the Mother and Mother figures in our lives.  Also listen to get a free gift to listeners.  to watch this episode subscribe to this channel  subscribe and ring the kitty cat bell to get reminders of upcoming episodes.
May 08, 2022
7 Habits to Start Practicing in 2022
New Beginnings for 2022 listen to this podcast with guest contributors from Top Self Growth Experts to connect visit  or subscribe free ticket Listen to  Lewis Howes Brendon Burchard Mel Robbins Danica Patrick John Assaraf Marvin Lewis Robin Sharma
April 06, 2022
Dating Over the Age 50- Why do men get more rigid as they age?
If you are a single woman over the age of might see that men as they get older don't take the time tor even showcase romance on dates. DISCOVER THE ELEMENTS BEHIND WHY MEN CAN BE LIKE THIS. HOW BEING SO INDEPENDENT CAN BE INTERCEPTING THIS AND MUCH MORE. FREE INVINCIBLE GODDESS ACTIVATOR MANIFESTION Subscribe to Dr. Traci K  Follow Dr. Traci K Buy Her Books and Claim a Free Ticket to a Virtual Experience
February 04, 2022
Pick a Card 🎴 Day Meaning. The Card drawn is...
TRUST THE UNIVERESE. Listen to the full episode on what this card is meaning and how to it may relate to what is going on right now in your lifestyle. to get more visit my website WORKINGITOUTSERIES Thanks for listening.  You can also see the video podcast by subscribing to my YOUTube Channel!
July 30, 2021
7 Chakra Activation System- Introduction to Chakras and How it can help with Manifestation
Listen to a brief 30 minute intro on the 7 Chakra Activation System.🧘‍♀️ Try this Pick a Chakra Card Test Understand Why wearing a Chakra Bracelet can make a difference. Claim your 7 Chakra Healing Orgone Reiki Pendant Necklace and Free Mantra  BECOME A CLIENT  
June 30, 2021