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Druff Records

Druff Records

By Wilson Novitzki
A music podcast from Druff Records, with a focus on improvisation. Check out our releases on Bandcamp, Spotify, and all other outlets.
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Transcontinental Music and Parenting Tips from Louise Dam Eckardt Jensen and Tom Blancarte
Tom Blancarte and Louise Dam Eckardt Jensen of Marksen Records discuss touring with kids, the differences in American and European culture and music, and normative screaming in the Danish countryside. Check out their musical projects at
May 05, 2021
Brad Allen Williams, Talking Non-Judgement and Other Things
The second episode of the Druff Records Podcast, talking with Brad Allen Williams. In this unedited talk, we focus a lot on the topic of self-judgement (or the absence thereof) while playing music, or while simply being a person. We also talk about his mom's clothes. Good material here. Everything you ever wanted to know about Brad but were afraid to ask can be found at The music heard here is from the re-release of his album "The Vostok Record". Enjoy!
March 16, 2021
Chat with Adam Caine, Guitarist and Good Friend
The premier episode of the Druff Records podcast features New York guitarist Adam Caine, an old friend and musical companion/mentor. Here we talk improvisation, guitar, deep listening, the influence of our mutual teacher Connie Crothers, the year of covid (of course), and fake fingernails. Interspersed are samples of music from Adam's various projects, including the newest record from the Adam Caine Quartet, "Transmissions", a re-release of "Thousandfold" from the Adam Caine Trio, "The Damn Think" in duo with Robert Dick, and under the name New York 69 with drummer Kevin Shea. All titles are available on Bandcamp, Spotify, and other familiar outlets.  Stay tuned next time for our feature with another outstanding New Yorker, Brad Allen Williams, and check out our latest release, "WNU", on Spotify and Bandcamp under the Druff Records banner.
February 23, 2021
The Founding of Druff Records, Hannover's new label for Avantgarde and Improvised music
A short announcement of the founding of Druff Records, out of Hannover, Germany. Druff features true and honest avantgarde and improvised music. Our first release, the eponymous debut of the guitar trio WNU will be available in the spring on Bandcamp, in digital and vinyl form. More information coming soon, but stay tuned to further podcasts for audio samples.
January 09, 2021