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Digital Soldier Network

Digital Soldier Network

By Jeff Dow
Educational Podcast designed around giving YOU the tools needed to join the fight of our lives.
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Interview With Royale Dinero
Interview on 2 February 2022 Outspoken MAGA supporter here in Florida. We started the conversation of Florida politics and what's taking place here. These people need to be exposed for NOT standing up for us like they should be. There was a lot of good discussions in this interview.... Don't worry, he will be back soon enough. If you want to follow me on other platforms:
April 24, 2022
Interview w/ Nurse Erin
Date of interview: 20 Dec 21 This is the first episode I am uploading to the platform so it is mostly a test at this point to see how it works out. It was a really good interview though. Erin and I are pretty good friends now and it's been cool to get to know her as a person, a fellow Veteran, and a Patriot in this crazy war we are in for our country. Erin's website for America's Clinic: To follow all of the other platforms I am on:
April 19, 2022