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How to be more like a duck. The Duck Legs Podcast is a show hosted by physiotherapy students seeking to gain wisdom & knowledge from successful professionals. The podcast is focused around this quote by Jacob Braude: “Always behave like a duck- keep calm and unruffled on the surface, but paddle like the devil underneath.”
We're trying to go beneath the surface to learn the tools and traits that gives our guests the mindset to overcome challenges and thrive. The podcast will be an inside look into how our guests are able to work so efficiently and impact positive change.
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More places to listen

Listener Q & A with Lisa Maczura & Edwin Porras
Patient rights advocate & Twitter Legend, Lisa Maczura answers questions from PT students on soft skills, patient communication, disability, and education. Organized and moderated by Edwin Porras, SPT.
July 12, 2018
The Social Model of Disability with Lisa Maczura
We're back with an amazing interview with a legendary advocate for patients, Lisa Maczura (@LisaMacNCheese)! Special shout out to fellow student physical therapist, Edwin Porras for organizing this show and compiling some questions from the greater healthcare community for Lisa to answer. Lisa Maczura shares her trials and triumphs living with spastic cerebral palsy and gives our hosts a new perspective with which to view their communities. Jared, Tyler, Trace, & Edwin also hear Lisa's stories about learning how to walk, Neuro vs Ortho PTs, what makes an accessible city, cars, mass transit, personal space considerations, trains, rollators, race, abled-body privilege, soft skills, crying, curbs, killing your fear, being bullied, negative associations with exercise, inspiration porn, and being ordinary. Check out Lisa on Twitter & other podcasts here:
July 10, 2018
Love & Grit with Dr. Chanelle Yoder the Embody Boss
Aye, we have The BOSS herself, Dr. Chanelle Yoder (@the.embodyboss) on the show! Chanelle joins us to share her experience in the Flex DPT program at the University of St. Augustine and help us with our journey through the same program on the Texas campus. She also keeps it so 100% with us as she discusses love and how to handle relationships in graduate school. Jared & Tyler have their minds blown when hearing how Dr. Chanelle managed working while in PT school, crazy commutes, constant levels of anxiety, proving her haters wrong, missing connecting flights, bad relationships, stress, support systems, GRIT, CONFIDENCE, 75 flights to Florida, being a HOT MESS, catty bitches, inspiring others, finding your audience, online education, communication, and finding the love of your life. Chanelle is the best and it was an absolute pleasure to learn from this BOSS! We hope you are inspired as much as we were chatting with her. Enjoy! FB/ChanelleDPT
June 18, 2018
Online Nutrition Coaching with Dr. Brianne Showman Brown
Jared recorded a quick episode during the Smart Success Physical Therapy (SSPT) Live conference with Dr. Brianne Showman Brown to chat about how she runs her online nutrition coaching business. He was joined by long-time co-host buddy, Dy'mire Jones, and new co-host buddy, Aliya Bajhet! The group discusses "Discipline & Consistency" (again), why Dr. B is waking up even earlier now, clicks and leads, what we're learning from the SSPT conference, digital marketing, how Facebook Ads work, budgets, legalities, making stuff sexy, copywriting, branding, international clients, nutritional programming, what the future holds for Dr. Brianne, why naps are awesome, drive, and what certifications/credentials are necessary for nutritional coaching. Thanks for listening, friends. You can find Dr. Brianne Showman Brown via her websites, FB pages, & Instagram handles: @GetYourFixPT @GetYourFixNutrition
June 10, 2018
How to Build Your Audience with Jordan Syatt
Jared & Tyler had the opportunity to hop on a call with Jordan Syatt of Syatt Fitness. Jordan is a world record power-lifter, phenomenal online personal trainer, and all around nice human. Jordan drops knowledge on truth, authenticity shooting videos with your cell phone, how to be good on camera, how to run an online personal training business, how to prioritize your day, how to relax, consistency, how to be a great writer, how he became the first to create the famous Instagram infographic, breaking dogmatic thinking, and doing something you love. Jordan is also regularly trains Gary Vaynerchuck (aka Gary Vee) who has already been mentioned on the show a bunch. Thank you for listening!
May 23, 2018
PT Branding Problems with Rob Vining & Allan Besselink
Here's one of our favorite clips from a fire episode with physios, Rob Vining & Allan Besselink. Jared throws a question about the brand of physical therapy in the U.S. at them and the guests do not disappoint! Rob & Allan did not pull any punches in this clip. Enjoy!
May 18, 2018
Sex, Poop, & Pee with Dr. Sandy Hilton of Entropy Physio
Tyler & Jared were super excited to have an opportunity to chat with Dr. Sandy Hilton of Entropy Physiotherapy & Wellness and from the Pain Science & Sensibility Podcast! Dr. Sandy has been a huge force in elevating pelvic health physiotherapy, persistent pain treatment, and pain science education. Also Dr. Sandy is just an all-around badass. We picked her brain about: nerdy physical therapy jokes, how to measure the strength of literature, manual therapy, finding the magic, is it wrong to make people feel good, dopamine, self-efficacy, words, orgasms, the Gemelli Brothers, incontinence, loading, how long should we be peeing, kegels, how to lift our testicles, clinical practice guidelines, trigger points, and Richard Pryor. Thanks for listening!
May 14, 2018
What Matters to You? (our thoughts leading up to graduation)
This is a continuation of a raw and honest conversation with Jared Aguilar, Tyler Adams, and Trace McClintock. In this episode, our hosts share many insecurities and emotions they feel as they approach graduation from physical therapy school. A loaded question from Tyler leads to a very complex discussion about the best moves to make as a new grad PT and how to best create your path to your own success. Our hosts bring the vulnerability in this episode and discuss two main schools of thought surrounding the growth of new grad physical therapists. Congratulations to all those who passed the NPTE and graduated PT school. Good luck finding your path, friends! You got this shit! Thanks for listening!
May 7, 2018
The Beginning of the End (of Physical Therapy School)
Jared Aguilar, Tyler Adams, and Trace McClintock are back for another "host-full" episode (shoutout to the Nerdist Podcast). We congratulate Trace on finishing up physical therapy school and landing a job! We hear how Jared and Tyler wrapped up their formal internships and handled their paperwork. The hosts also get into a raw and honest discussion about the marathon of physical therapy school, some hardships they've had during PT school and during the application process, and being rejected multiple times. Jared and Tyler reflect on how far they've come in school with only one trimester left before graduation. The following episode, "What Matters to You" is a continuation of this raw conversation with our hosts. Thanks for listening!
May 7, 2018
Best Of 2017 Pt. 2
[Re-published because it wasn't showing on some platforms] Join Jared & Tyler as they finish reminiscing on their first year of podcasting (with clips from previous episodes). Part 2 features Aaron Perez, Zach Long, Ryan Michael Smith, Cruz Romero, Will Boyd, Jarod Carter, Quinn Henoch, Scotty Butcher, Danny Matta, Mark Powers, Jarod Hall, Jenna Kantor, Katie Schmitt, Fairy Tale Physical Therapy, Monique J Caruth, Alex Engar, Joses Ngugi, Casey Coleman, & Brianne Showman Brown. Thanks for riding with us on this journey. Let's make some shit happen in 2018.
April 30, 2018
How to become a K9PT with Dr. Francisco Maia
We had the pleasure of chatting with the K9PT, Dr. Francisco Maia, PT, DPT, CCRT about all things canine rehab and his journey to becoming a canine rehabilitation therapist. We were also joined by our friend and fellow student physical therapist, Kelsey Adams to help co-host the show. We talked to the K9PT about miniature donkeys, Little Sebastian, Chicago, Brazil, what organizations to work with if you'd like to specialize in K9 rehab, how to treat dogs, starting your own business, non-verbal cues, common K9 injuries, Lt. Dan, legalities, insurance, rates, evaluations, business goals, and how often you should be walking your dog. You can join Dr. Francisco's Facebook group here, if you're interested in learning more about the field of K9 rehabilitation: Also check out: @TheK9PT on Instagram & Twitter.
April 30, 2018
Kryptonite vs Confidence with Greg Todd
This episode features a conversation with PT biz and marketing powerhouse, Greg Todd, and our host, Jared. They discuss consumerism, branding, thankless jobs, the mixture of business and healthcare, nature vs nurture, sharing, the abundance vs scarcity mindset, how a small group can help you grow, and how to be confident as a professional in the service industry. Also, Jared tries to figure out what he wants to do with the rest of his life after he graduates from physical therapy school. Thanks for listening!
April 18, 2018
The K-Tape of Hip Hop? w/ Derek Miles & Josh Walters [Pt. 3]
In the finale (Part 3) of our discussion with Derek Miles and Josh Walters, we hash out all things Hip Hop and philosophy. Jared does his best to defend Lil Yachty against Derek. Plus: evidence-based flows, Big Pun, why Future sounds like a washing machine and a dryer having sex, Jay-Z, Chance The Rapper, Migos, Cardi B, Desiigner, simplicity, and getting kicked out of CSM. Thanks for listening!
April 10, 2018
Tissue Change Or Nah? w/ Derek Miles & Josh Walters [Pt. 2]
Part 2 of our chat with world-class-west-coast physios, Derek Miles and Josh Walters, includes our discussion of manual therapy, tissue change, ribs, cooking, shitty studies, a constant fear of failure, American Flag Pants, it's ok to be wrong, The CTFD Talk, 401Ks, the basics, and hip hop. Thanks for listening!
April 10, 2018
The Great Buy-In with Derek Miles & Josh Walters [Pt. 1]
[Part 1] Newly west coast physios, Derek Miles and Joshua Walters join us in this fun episode to discuss southern accents, blue steel, internships, Clinical Athlete, genetics, research, sales, being an ordained minister, brand, questioning what you think you know, flies, and philosophy. Thanks for listening!
April 10, 2018
Doing It For The Culture w/ Mike Eisenhart & Alison Hartman
We had the honor of chatting with the great Mike Eisenhart & Alison Hartman of the Academy of Prevention and Health Promotion Therapies (APHPT)! We can't even do this episode justice by anything we write here in the description section. If you have even the slightest desire to change the world by educating the public on how to live a healthy lifestyle and combat the epidemic of chronic health disease, this episode, and the APHPT is for you, my friend. Also, Jared sings "Pure Imagination" from Charlie and The Chocolate Factory near the end of the that's something that happened...
April 3, 2018
Vestibular AF with Dr. Mickey Shah & Dr. Stephen Tijerina
Dr. Mickey Shah & Dr. Stephen Tijerina of come on the show to drop the science of vestibular rehab on Jared, Tyler, & Trace. If you feel like you don't know enough about the sweet science of all things balance and equilibrium, this is a good place to start. Check out Mickey & Stephen's FB group: EvidenceCEU Vestibular Study Group to learn from videos, read the latest research, ask questions, and gain some mentorship about all things vestibular rehab! Thanks for listening, friends! *If you're a DPT student and would like a 50% off discount on courses, reach out to Trace McClintock on social media or email
March 22, 2018
[Part II] The Disruption Will Not Be Reimbursed
Here's Part 2 of the most savage of discussions involving PT and Healthcare with Rob Vining (PT Live Chat, PT Tech Talk) and Allan Besselink (Run Smart, Jared and Tyler talk to these Physio OG's about abundance, federal anti trust law, the right to choose, grass roots, the Iraq War, connecting with people, Get PT 1st, legislation, telehealth, action, and marketing vs public outcry. Thanks for listening.
March 15, 2018
[Part I ] The Disruption Will Not Be Reimbursed
Part I of the most savage PT & healthcare conversation you'll hear on the interwebs. Jared & Tyler chat with Rob Vining (PT Live Chat, PT Tech Talk) and Allan Besselink (Run Smart, about the Therapy Cap Repeal, NPR, the history of reimbursements, ego, direct access to PT, cash based healthcare, culture, and self-image. Thanks for listening.
March 15, 2018
What We Learned At CSM 2018! (Spoilers: It's the relationships)
Here's a recap of what 3x CSM Champion, Trace McClintock learned from his latest Combined Sections Meeting experience down in New Orleans, Louisiana. Jared & Tyler share their stories from #PTPodcastPalooza and the French Quarter.
March 7, 2018
A Preview of The Leaders In Social Media Panel
See these Leaders in Social Media at their panel on Friday Feb 23rd at the Hilton Hotel in New Orleans - Jackson Room at 9pm CST!! It's totally FREE. Have a blast at CSM!
February 22, 2018
How To Crush It At CSM 2018!
We had the pleasure of introducing our new co-host on this episode, Trace McClintock, SPT!!! Trace walks us through the American Physical Therapy Association's Combined Sections Meeting and how to set yourself up for networking success! Trace is a 3rd year PT student and this will be his third time in attendance down in New Orleans for CSM 2018. We also share our past networking stories and why it's important not to kiss people when you first meet them.
February 19, 2018
How Jared Snuck Into PT School
Here's Jared's interview from an episode of The Pre-PT Grind Podcast with Joses Ngugi & Casey Coleman about the journey of being accepted into a physical therapy school. Lots of self reflection in this episode. Good luck if you're currently going through the process.
February 16, 2018
Live The Life You Want
Are you living the life you want? The Movement Dr, CJ DePalma kept it so real and raw with us in this week's episode of the Duck Legs podcast. He shares his story of leaving a secure job he hated to pursue his dream. This episode is all about doing what you love and nothing less. "You’re never going to have more time than right now to do what you want to do." - CJ CJ is a cash-based physiotherapist and CrossFit coach based in Pensacola, FL. He has a fire IG and holds seminars on how to manage pain while training. You can learn more about this litty and revolutionary doc in a box at
February 9, 2018
That New Grad Side Hustle Life
Do you have the audacity to just go out & do some shit?! Well our friend, Dr. Josh Walters of The Human Movement Rehab did. He's a coach & clinician based out of Corevalis, OR who is a new grad a new solo-biz owner. We chat with Josh about weightlifting, strength training, moving from Texas to Oregon, competitions, new grad life, side hustles, working as a clinician inside a CrossFit box, complete totality, balance, support systems, simplicity, respecting the time of your loved ones, paper work, time, research, hip hop, and the importance of asking questions. In summary, patience, questions, and humility will get you where you need to go. Enjoy friends!
January 30, 2018
How To Level Up With Greg Todd
We back! Hello again friends! “Talk to your doctor to see if physical therapy is right for you.” So you already know what it is. We had one of our all-time favorite entrepreneur-clinicians, Greg Todd back on the show again to chat with us about passion in physical therapy. We were also fortunate enough to be joined by new grad PTs, Dr. Fallon Heddings from Elite Feet Performance & Dr. William Mills from The Musings of Mills blog. Greg talked to us about building relationships, trust, protective parents, belief, ideas, love, branding, being a control freak, solving problems, dating games,skills, pixels, change, and officiating a wedding. If you’re someone in the PT world, who is frustrated by the negativity in your peer group, this episode will light your ass on fire. If you’ve been feeling stale at your current job or frustrated by your current salary, check out the replay of Greg’s webinar on “How to Double your Earning Potential as a PT in less than
January 21, 2018
Best Of 2017 Pt. 1
Join Jared & Tyler as they review their first year of podcasting and fondly remember all their interviews of 2017. Thank you for a great first year of Duck Legs! Part 1 features Greg Todd, Mitch Babcock, Charlie Weingroff, Jerry Durham, Alan Fredendall, Johnny Owens, Jarod Carter, Cheryl Keller Capone, Dan Pope, Lisa Holland, Aimee Depelteau, Ben Fung, & Aimee Kent. Thank you to all our listeners, guests and co-hosts that have joined us on this journey!
January 7, 2018
Danny Matta on why people suck
January 6, 2018
Discipline & Consistency
We had the pleasure of chatting with The Queen of Discipline!! Dr. Brianne Showman Brown is a physical therapist & owner of Get Your Fix Physical Therapy based in Arizona. We learn about transitioning from insurance to cash based practice, running a start up clinic, working with CrossFit athletes, overcoming plateaus, building your online presence, consistency on social media, waking up early, meal prepping, programming workouts for yourself, creepy folks at the gym, handling trolls, nutrition coaching, & why you should create content. Also checkout Dr. Brianne's new course to help clinics boost their organic leads through content creation! Visit to get a blueprint on how to build your audience. Dr. Brianne doubled her numbers in 30 days by using social media & creating content! Huge shoutout to Brian from Legal Zoom for joining us! Thanks for listening!!
December 24, 2017
How To Influence A Generation
We had the pleasure of interviewing our good friends, Casey Coleman & Dr. Joses Ngugi from Pre-PT Grind. We talked about how they have created such a stellar platform allowing #prept students to dominate the process of getting accepted in #ptschool We also talked about advocacy, impacting lives, building communities, positivity, serving others, cultures, mentorship, work ethic, honesty, and living life with no regrets. This episode is a lesson on how to serve a community and positively influence a generation. ·   Email: ·   *If you want to start your own practice inside of a gym or fitness facility, you should check out Dr. Danny Matta's (From The Doc & Jock Podcast) Gym PT Blueprint Course here: ·   (If you think the course would be valuable to you, use our affiliate link above to help support our show! Thank you for your support!) ·   *Also if you'd like to le
December 14, 2017
How To Make Money As A Student
Hey there! We had the pleasure of learning about digital marketing with Dr. Alex Engar, PT, DPT of Healthy Funnel and the amazing Healthcare Digital Marketing Facebook group. Alex is dropping a ton of valuable marketing content on the interwebs. We talked side hustles, making money while in school, marketing consulting, social media, leveraging yourself, learning new skills, and much more! If you're looking to make moves outside of the profession you went to school for, this will be a great listen! Enjoy! HERE'S ACCESS TO THE FB ADS MINI COURSE ALEX MENTIONED: JOIN THE HEALTHCARE DIGITAL MARKETING FB GROUP!…igitalMarketing/ CLICK BELOW TO LEARN HOW TO RUN YOUR OWN CLINIC INSIDE OF A GYM!…id=780602 JOIN THE DUCKLEGS PODCAST AFTER SHOW PARTY GROUP! USE THIS LINK TO SUPPORT THE SHOW BY SHOPPING ON AMAZON!
November 26, 2017
Biggest Mistake Injured Athletes Make with Dr. Quinn Henoch of Clinical Athlete
Here's a clip from episode 21 with Dr. Quinn Henoch of Clinical Athlete. Quinn talks about the biggest mistake injured athletes make on their road to recovery. Thanks for listening! If you’re interested in becoming a Gym PT, Dr. Danny Matta has a badass course giving you the blueprint to do just that. Click this link ( to learn more about Doc Danny’s Gym PT Blueprint course.
October 29, 2017
024 | Understanding Pain with Dr. Jarod Hall & Dr. Mark Powers
We had a blast talking with some badass physiotherapists, Dr. Jarod Hall ( and Dr. Mark Powers. We learned a bunch about mirror therapy, pain science, how to communicate with patients, IPAs, football, the central nervous system, the spine, posture, and how to serve patients the best you can. Thanks for listening! Check out Dr. Hall’s online OPTIM OCS prep course at
September 19, 2017
023 | How to start your Gym PT practice with Dr. Danny Matta of the P.T. Entrepreneur Podcast and Do
Doc Danny ain't messing around. In this episode, we learn how to become a doc-in-a-box and create a physical therapy clinic inside of a CrossFit or wellness gym. Click here to sign up for the Gym PT Blueprint course: Also, check out Dr. Danny's website:
August 28, 2017
021 | Dr. Quinn Henoch on fear-mongering, business, & LeBron James [Part 2]
In this episode, we talked to Dr. Quinn Henoch about fear mongering in physical therapy, research, the rapid evolution of physical therapy, movement screens, LeBron James, posture, business, and over-medicalizing society.
July 31, 2017
021 | Clinical Athlete, programming magic, & strength coaching with Dr. Quinn Henoch [Part 1]
In this episode, we talked to the most clinical of athletes, Dr. Quinn Henoch about living in California, terrible metcons, favorite workout time of day, common weight lifting injuries, programming, strength coaching, and Clinical Athlete.
July 31, 2017
003 | Dr. Charlie Weingroff
January 9, 2017
003 | Dr. Charlie Weingroff
January 9, 2017
001 | Greg Todd, PT, OCS, CSCS
November 14, 2016
001 | Greg Todd, PT, OCS, CSCS
November 14, 2016
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