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Make Money Building Websites With Tom Connery

Make Money Building Websites With Tom Connery

By Tom Connery

The dudaverse podcast creates and shares duda website builder content that enables agencies, freelancers, and small business owners to spark or improve upon their website design and digital marketing business. Other topics include alternate website builders, web design, SEO, social media, e-commerce, local ranking, sales techniques, and more! Would you like to be a guest on the show, please use the contact form at - We also welcome relevant sponsors.
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You Do Not Need WordPress For Your Small Business Website
You Do Not Need WordPress For Your Small Business Website
In this episode, I summarize a comparison of sorts between Duda and WordPress. This topic tends to generate some heat from ardent WordPress supporters and that's ok. I'm not bashing WordPress as it still has use cases that can surpass Duda BUT I do think that there are thousands of WordPress websites on the internet today that could easily become Duda sites. Why? Because. web design and web builders have changed for the better and most small businesses do not need a high-end developer or agency in order to have a successful website. Interested in Duda website design? Please visit
December 19, 2020
Welcome To The Dudaverse Podcast
Welcome To The Dudaverse Podcast
Welcome to the VERY FIRST dudaverse podcast! This podcast primarily discusses content related to the drag and drop, coding optional, duda website builder. In this episode, we're going to talk about four specific items: First, a new blog title fix to ensure your H1 text is working properly. Second, duda's pricing plans and how they differ from the older grandfathered duda pro plans. Third, the fall 50% and 25% off promotion coupon codes, and fourth, a special shout out to a member of the learn duda user community.  Be sure to use the code Nov50 for a 50% savings on the purchase of a new annual Team plan activation or you can also use the code Nov50 for new annual website activations. Monthly plans are not included. And use code Nov25 for a 25% savings on the annual Agency plan. There is no promotion for the Basic plan.
November 02, 2020