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By Brian Cobb & Domingos Robinson
All great discussions begin with a question. Each episode, we start with a question about music, movies, or life in general, and see where the conversation takes us. Pull up a chair and join the discussion.
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Ep. 2: Drop the Needle - What’s the best way to experience music? (Part 2)
In the follow-up to our discussion on live vs. recorded music, we bring in DJ Randy Deshaies to talk about what DJs do and where dance and house music fits into the discussion. Dude...Exactly is edited by Brian Cobb. Intro, outro, and trailer were written by Domingos Robinson. Original music by Brian Cobb. Cover art by Randy Deshaies.
June 29, 2022
Ep. 1: Drop the Mic - What is the best way to experience music?
In our first episode, we discuss the merits of live performance vs. recorded music from the viewpoint of both listener and performer, and using Glenn Gould’s infamous High Fidelity article as the impetus, we wonder if one or the other is more essential to serving the art of music.
June 15, 2022
Dude…Exactly Trailer
Dude…Exactly Podcast Trailer. Don't forget to subscribe to Dude…Exactly.
June 01, 2022