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Dudes Talk Food

Dudes Talk Food

By Jason & James
We're Jason and James and we are two dudes who like talking about food! Every week cover a range of topics like "is a sandwich a dinner food?", debating proper burger toppings, power ranking our favourite foods to reminiscing delicious memories of our youth.

WARNING Dudes Talk Food is not to be listened to on an empty stomach. Possible side effects WILL include hunger, binge eating, a penchant to try new foods and super attraction to the hosts.
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Potluck and/or Game Night Foods
In this week's episode, the dudes salivate over their favourite potluck foods, while trying to distinguish if there's a difference between potlucks and "game night" food spreads. - Twitter & Instagram @DudesTalkFood Hosts: Jason and James
January 09, 2020
Ready to get fat together? It's the Dudes Talk Food annual holiday podcast spectacular! Every year we like to sit back and reminisce about the last 12 months of dudes talking food. From family traditions, to the best and worst holiday chocolates, festive desserts we look forward to eating and beefless Christmas trifle. Wait, what? That's right, this week's episode we talk about what makes the holidays great; the food! Thank you for a great 2019 and we will see you all in the new year!  (1:09) – Holiday YOLO (4:58) – Family Traditions (7:03) – Different kinds of stuffing (8:47) – Holiday chocolate (9:52) – Festive meal traditions (11:23) – East meets west dinner table featuring ancillary stuffing (14:41) – Festive desserts featuring celebration pie (15:43) – Unintentionally getting high on whipped cream (16:28) – Turkey soup and congee (18:15) – “Thupthupthupthupthup” – Cranberry sauce (18:48) – Juicy White Meat (21:19) – All turkey, all the time (22:33) – Leftovers forever (24:00) – Going Ham (25:05) – Jason’s New Year traditions (27:27) – James’ New Year traditions (28:17) – Worst chocolate in the world (28:51) – Second worst chocolate in the world (30:11) – Holiday chocolates (31:34) – “The Purple tin” (32:22) – Quality street is old people chocolate (32:48) – Pot of gold, The “budget Laura Secord Box” (33:16) – Ones gotta go HOLIDAY EDITION (34:26) – Toblerone the secret weapon (36:00) – Holiday desserts (37:18) – Fruitless fruitcake and Rumless rum-balls (39:20) – Desserts are for the weak (40:09) – James’ mom’s famous shortbread (41:00) – What else can be ‘Nogged” (41:26) – Panettone (42:15) – Wilkinson’s “Christmas Crack” (43:05) – Christmas Logs: Shout out to Lambert and Les Delices Lafrenaie (44:19) – Ginerbread (44:24) – Holiday Pies (46:42) – See you next year! _ Twitter & Instagram @DudesTalkFood Hosts: Jason and James
December 19, 2019
Episode 7 - The dessert episode
The sweetest episode so far - The dessert episode! This week we talk all about types of foods that are considered desserts and what shouldn't be considered desserts (cookies?).  Desserts all the way from the spooky Black Forest or the African safari to the kind sold in your local grocery store, we talk about different kinds of cake.  We also decide fruit and Jello are certainly not desserts. (0:00) - Costco sleeper cakes (2:40) - "Zebra cake" (4:17) - "Chinatown cake" (6:14) - "Black Forest cake" (8:26) - What is the "correct" cookie (11:32) - Types of cookies (including "The Comfort Cookie") (14:05) - Cookie eating techniques (17:00) - Girl Guide cookies (20:33) - Brownies / Blondies / Bars (25:45) - Jello is the worst "dessert" (28:12) - Ones gotta go _ Twitter & Instagram @DudesTalkFood Hosts: Jason and James Producer: Fiona
December 12, 2019
Episode 6 - The Quebec food episode
Quick, when you think of "Quebec foods" or "Montreal foods", what's the first thing that comes to mind? Poutines? Steamés? Smoked meat? This week we discover the greasier side - and arguably, tastier side of Quebec terroir cuisine! (1:50) - Montreal "Steamés" (3:08) - Steamés vs Toastés  (5:12) - Ketchup on hot dogs?! (7:07) - What not to put on a hot dog (8:11) - What makes poutine so good (8:57) - Jason's favourite poutine (12:00) - James' favourite poutine (13:09) - Montreal bagels (16:16) - Bagel sandwiches (16:43) - Montreal smoked meat + James' favourite (18:54) - Schwartz's smoked meat snob (20:26) - Smoked meat dinner and a show (20:57) - Jason's favourite smoked meat (23:19) - Our favourite place for Orange Julep (24:47) - Pâté Chinois (25:54) - One's gotta go  _ Twitter & Instagram @DudesTalkFood Hosts: Jason and James
December 05, 2019
Episode 5 - The Weird Food Combinations Episode
Being sick sucks, but this episode about the foods that you eat when you're sick doesn't! Why are we told to eat chicken noodle soup when we're feeling under the weather? Can we eat pho instead? How about white toast with butter? This week we discuss comfort foods, an ancient Chinese cold remedy, proper uses of HP sauce and our favorite weird food combinations that test friendships and more! -  (0:35) - Why Chicken noodle soup?  (3:30)  - White toast and soda when you're sick  (5:55) - Ancient Chinese cold remedy  (8:43) - First meal back   (10:21) - Free range ketchup and HP Sauce.   (11:44) - A1 sauce, the American answer to HP sauce.   (14:26) - Weird food combinations   (17:30) - Weird food combinations with peanut butter  (22:25) - One's gotta go  _ Twitter & Instagram @DudesTalkFood Hosts: Jason and James Producer: Fiona
November 28, 2019
Episode 4 - The "are sandwiches a dinner food" Episode
What's in your favourite sandwich? Do you use mustard or mayo? More importantly, is a sandwich a proper dinner food? This week we discuss our favourite sandwiches and decide that once you eat a sandwich with a knife and fork, it is no longer a sandwich. We also demystify the age-old question of when does a side salad become a "meal salad?" This and a lot more including  "time relative" foods. What's that you ask? Listen to find out!  - (0:25) – Time relative foods – Can you have a steak for breakfast? (1:20) – Favourite sandwiches (5:27) – Official definition of sandwiches   (6:32) – Is it still a sandwich if you use a knife and fork to eat it? (7:00) – James gets uninvited from future meals at Jason’s (7:40) – Breakfast foods for dinner and morning fruit (9:37) – Party sandwiches (10:27) – Meal salads vs side salads (11:13) – Saladception (13:10) – Ones gotta go _ Twitter & Instagram @DudesTalkFood Hosts: Jason and James Producer: Fiona
November 22, 2019
Episode 3 - The Fast Food Episode
If food was defined by speed, fast would be king... Burger King!  What's your favourite fast food chain? Do you remember the names of the scary characters in the Ronald McDonald's gang? Ever wonder what is the correct ranking of all the usual suspects of fast food restaurants? We put together the definitive list of fast food chains for the WORLD... Ok maybe just for Canada.  This week we talk all about fast foods! _ Twitter & Instagram @DudesTalkFood Hosts: Jason and James Producer: Fiona
November 14, 2019
Episode 2 - The Burger Episode
What's your favourite kind of burger? More importantly, what do you put inside the burger, do you use ketchup or catsup? This episode, we talk about the intricacies that is the summer staple: the humble burger! We also deep dive into what are the definitive burger condiments and how they rank in the world. Ps, cheese is NOT a burger condiment!  Featuring: Fiona "The Producer". _ Twitter & Instagram @DudesTalkFood Hosts: Jason and James Producer: Fiona
November 07, 2019
Episode 1 - The Food Memories Episode
Think back, what was your most favourite treat you found in your trick-or-treating bag when you were young? Or what is your favourite Halloween treat now? Full-sized chocolate bars and soggy charity collection boxes, this week, we talk about all the best (and WORST) halloween memories of our youth.  _ Twitter & Instagram @DudesTalkFood Hosts: Jason and James Producer: Fiona
October 27, 2019