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Beyond the Spiral

Beyond the Spiral

By DuelCircle
Beyond the Spiral is a fan podcast presented by DuelCircle Media and sponsored by KingsIsle Entertainment and Gamigo Group. Hosted by Thetechboy, we talk about almost every aspect of KingsIsle's MMORPG Wizard101, from high level overviews of various metas in the game such as PvP and it's inner workings to game mechanics, and give community feedback!

Join us on the adventure through the fabric of time itself!
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6 | '22 DuelCircle Competitive Spring Player Profiles and Projections Special
The Beyond The Spiral Podcast is back for the DuelCircle Competitive 2022 Spring Split and drops weekly on Wednesdays at 6pm Eastern. This week, Michael Firehammer and Ryan preview this year's player slate with the infamous over/under projections, as well as give updates on new changes!  Presented by DuelCircle Media and Sponsored by KingsIsle Entertainment and Gamigo Group. Secret Code: K423D8L66869U8M2L24Q Redeem at!
March 11, 2022
5 | '21 Fall Split Player Profiles and Projections Special
The Beyond The Spiral Podcast is back for the 2021 Fall Split and drops weekly on Wednesdays at 6pm Eastern. This week, Michael Firehammer joins the podcast as the first of many rotating guest hosts to preview the 2021 Fall Split. Presented by DuelCircle Media and Sponsored by KingsIsle Entertainment and Gamigo Group.
September 01, 2021
Beyond The Spiral Episode 4: DuelCircle’s 5th Anniversary Clash
Host(s): Thetechboy [Twitter] & Pebble [Twitter] Join us as we go through the new PvP meta and talk about what’s new in DuelCircle’s 2019 Clash! Clash ‘19: Spell Nerfs – The good and bad. Daybreaker/Nightbringer + Upgradeable Spellement Spells Sinbad Wand (No PvP Tag on Maycast) Dragoon Gear. Celebrating the 5th Anniversary of Tournaments. Gamemodes this year are a mix of ones from every DuelCircle Tournament since 2015. Scion is formally banned. The introduction of the new predetermined penalties for rule infractions. Participants can now challenge a match results if they feel that the referee was incorrect or misapplied a rule, resulting in a decision. ManderBot Streams: Thetechboy and Shadowhorn
December 21, 2019
Beyond The Spiral Episode 3: Luau ‘19, Tournament Meta, and Enchant Treasure Cards
Beyond The Spiral Episode 3: Luau ‘19, Tourmeant Meta, and Enchant Treasure Cards Host(s): Thetechboy [Twitter] & Pebble [Twitter] In this episode of the Beyond the Spiral podcast, we will be taking a look at our latest tournament the Luau ’19 and why you should be excited. Then, we will take a more in depth look at our general rules and talk tournament meta. Lastly, how Enchant Treasure Cards as we know them, may be endangered. If you wish to contact us you can do by Tweeting us @DuelCircle_PvP or by emailing Luau ‘19: DuelCircle’s 3rd summer tournament 32-64 participants single elimination over the course of two days Includes our own custom general rules to decrease luck and allows for more skill base execution of matches In addition we push player’s deck building skills with “gamemodes” which are round specific rule sets that restrict certain cards, changing the battle environment, or adding other staff members to cast spells Our biggest prize pool yet! (refer to graphic) Thanks to Matthew Anderson over at Kingsisle for sponsoring the tournament prizing. Saturday and Sunday, June 29th-30th at 2pm Eastern / 11am Pacific As of the release of this podcast on Wednesday June 19, 2019, Participant Signups are still open if you have yet to enter. They close on Friday June 21, 2019 If PvP isn’t your thing, we’ll be giving away codes in multiple avenues, from streams to Twitter and site giveaways. The event itself will be streamed in whole by our hype “On Air Team” Tyler (IAmTheChezz) Nicholas LionRider MollyShadowHunter Mozzy, Nacho, and DuelCircle Community Relations Organizer MysticShadows Thetechboy MrDemomAxe, Robert DragonEyes, and PotatoWizard Tourmeant Meta: We go over the general rules and talk about the rationale behind them. * You can find the change log here. Enchant Treasure Cards: Wizard101 Producer’s Letter talking about the Enchant TCs Message Board Post with Developer Ratbeard
June 20, 2019
Beyond the Spiral – Episode 2: Flat. Stats.
Host(s): Thetechboy & FiestyOrange In this episode of Beyond the Spiral, Thetechboy brings on FiestyOrange to discuss the current stat system within Wizard101 and ways to improve it with a system broadly used in other MMOs, Flat Stats. Overview of the stat system: * Percentiles: Damage: Multiplier for damage, no hard cap. Resistance: Takes away percentage of incoming damage, no hard cap. Accuracy: Decreases chance of fizzle/miss spells, over 100% counteracts debuffs. Armor Piercing: Takes away percentage of pierce from player, starts from aura -> tower shield -> stats. “Counter” to resistance. Stun Resistance: Chance to resist stuns. Healing in/out: Multiplier for healing, no hard cap. Power Pips: Increases chance to get power pips, over 100% doesn’t give any benefit. Shadow Pip Bonus: Increases chance to get shadow pip, the effect of maxing out is unknown. Fishing Luck: Increases chances to get fish. Flat Stats: Critical/Block Rating: Solid number, translates into a percentage based on a predetermined ranged. This range changes as you level. Pip Conversion: Refer to Critical/Block Rating.
September 25, 2018
Beyond the Spiral – Episode 1: Intro Of The Legend
Host(s): Thetechboy Check out his social media here! Twitter | Twitch Special thanks to Tavia for making the  awesome podcast cover art! What Beyond the Spiral ? * Beyond the Spiral is a podcast from DuelCircle, hosted by Thetechboy, we dive into the MMPORPG of Wizard101 and discuss almost everything under the sun. Such as game mechanics, story, updates, and the community overall. We will bring guests along the show from time to time such as DuelCircle’s Organizers: Crusader Kyle, Shadowfishy, SeffersTM, Vanessa Mythdust, Man0fbass  ( now known as SlothPlaysNecro), Michael FireHammer. Regular staff may also appear. DuelCircle in 2018: * DuelCircle is planning to do more in 2018 then in previous years with more events, articles, content, and memes. * Most recently we have announced (on Twitter) that we are doing an event on April 15th, 2018 called the Staff Showndown during Fansite Festival at 11AM PDT. * List of people playing in it:   SlothPlaysNecro FireChaosAngel Michael FireHammer Eric Stormbringer Vanessa Mythdust Michael Wildflame Pebble Beach Wizard Luke Death This is different than last year’s event Spring Fling tournament as we have staff face down each other under our own rules. Also during Fansite Festival Ryan will be streaming the entire event from 9AM PDT to the last event. After Fansite Fest we will have many surprises to come. The Test Realm:   Petmaking Kiosk: Basically a Pet Marketplace to find pets and hatch Cost is only applied to the buyer not the seller Sellers get hatching peppers which can be used to craft #9 potions, hatch egg elixir, and a new elixir to get your next hatch for free. You can only offer up 5 pers per wizard, when someone hatches there is an hour cooldown; if a pet is hatched 10 times it is removed from the market though you can put it back up after it is removed. Alternatively pets are removed if it doesn’t reach 10 hatches within a week. Crown pets require you to pay a fee, though recently (3/29/2018) KI has posted on Facebook that if you had previously discovered the pet (have it in your inventory, house, bank) and is added to your “Pet Tome” which is basically a Pet Pokedex the hatch doesn’t cost any more. Other then the crown pet issue, the overall UI isn’t the nicest as to find a pet you have to browse pet type aka the pet’s body by school o...
April 01, 2018