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Dumpster Kitty Diaries

Dumpster Kitty Diaries

By Tippy Southcloud
What it's like to live with PMDD and how to manage your shadow self! 🖤🖤
Love your fat love your lazy
Oops thought I published this a month ago lol
January 10, 2021
That Big Blue Moon
How the full moon and PMDD pulls up internal wounded self and how to manage and even benefit from such extreme emotions. Happy Halloween!!
October 31, 2020
What do I need during hell week?
It's always so hard for me to know what to ask for when I'm in the hell dimension. And I always feel so anxious about being vulnerable. This week though I'm feeling okay and it's time for me to have my own back. Join me as I speculate on things that could help when I'm trapped in the darkness of PMDD.
October 29, 2020
Coming out and Staying Strong
The relief of feeling seen. A little story of victory.
October 29, 2020
Why Dumpster Kitty
Talking about why I identify as a Dumpster Kitty and how the name relates to living with PMDD.
October 18, 2020