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Duxpod — For Web Designers

Duxpod — For Web Designers

By Duxpod
An unconventional podcast that shares generally design and web design tid-bits.

Disclaimer: Thoughts and opinions shared via this podcast may not be entirely accurate. The ideas and thoughts shared are from a perception, or personal-point of view thus subject to change without notice, for what is the truest and accurate of findings sooner or later.

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E14 - Design Trivia: White-Space
A Design Trivia as usual, in one shared a definition for what I think a white-space should be. As mentioned you may use #PODUIUX20 Product code when you shop for a programming book from If you enjoyed this podcast and love to reach out sometimes you may do via Twitter Humphrey Pietersen @iampietersen
March 15, 2021
E13 - Transitions
More on explaining what transitions are in Web UI Designing
March 15, 2021
E12 - Design Trivia : Transitions
A definition of what transitioning in UI / Designing means
March 15, 2021
E11 - Web Animation
As promised we go beyond definition to explain what is animation and why animations may be are required . Like and subscribe if you think this was helpful
March 15, 2021
E10 - Design Trivia: Web Animation
So we take a look at web animation again. The best way to understand these terms is to form your own definition per your understanding whilst it might not be accurate sometimes it does helps to validate you knowledge of the subject.
March 15, 2021
E9 - Backgrounds
Explains what a background is and what may constitute a background on the web these days.
March 15, 2021
E8 - Rant + Design Trivia: Backgrounds
After many episodes of podcasting by the title “Daily UI UX Inspirational” it was now time to move on from a misnomer to “DUXPOD”, that truly represent this podcast for what it is. Not been daily but been periodic of some sort and along with some rants. Then I also shared the Design Trivia , today’s topic was Backgrounds.
March 15, 2021
E7 - The Motif
Got a little deeper into what the “Motif” means in the realms of crafts and design and how it applies to web design as well.
March 15, 2021
E6 - Design Trivia : Motif
Touched on what a “motif” means in design realms. Don’t mistaken it for the word “motive”. Those two mean totally different.
March 15, 2021
E5 - The Value of Ideas
Talks about the value of ideas and why you may need to guard against idea theft or copycats by being clearer with what your ideas entail and patent.
March 15, 2021
E4 - Design Trivia: Ideas / Ideation
Part of a series of design tit bits sharing, perspectives of what the meaning of some design terms are or as understood by me.
March 15, 2021
E3 - The Essence of Mastering Web Typography
Sharing some insight as to what makes a good typography and what doesn’t . And the impact of bad typography on users.
March 15, 2021
E2 - Design Trivia : Web Typography II
Giving Design Trivia a Kick again. Hope you like it, if you do let me know by commenting and leaving me a message on Twitter @huffypiet
March 15, 2021
E1 - Foundations of Modern Design Trends
Peek into what’s to come after some ranting.
March 15, 2021
E15 - Plans and Preparation for New Season
Things got off to a slow start but definitely not a complete inhibition that shall stop this podcast. So next season is in production, and I wanted to apologize for yet another delay... 😔😞 I am sorry the week had been a bit difficult and it seamed unrealistic, more realistically it might take a bit longer if you wish to reach other or be kept updated you may contact me via this form
March 15, 2021
E14 - How are we doing, Business Health Check ✔
You probably, might have been wondering, Where has Humphrey gone past three months, well i haven't gone anywhere just, I've just been studious . Also in thus podcast i share with you my insider experience as a internet software engineer , founder and entrepreneur. This is a global update☺ - Honestly reaching out asking for help DM on Twitter @humphrypietrsen .Thank you
March 15, 2021
E13 - Design Trivia: Design Sprint
I'd wanted to continue with the daily designer trivia topics. And in this episode went ahead to talk about Design Sprint the way I understood it. I might be wrong you may look it up as well lets discuss this 😀😀☺💪💪
March 15, 2021
E12- The Design of Web API (Cont'd) with Arnaud Lauret
"The Design of Web APIs" is one of the greatest books out there by the title Design of APIs you could grab and learn from worth every nickel dime or penny. By kind courtesy of I had Arnaud Lauret over to discuss his book . If you listened till the end of this episode you might be looking here for the goodies:) . So you can use the permanent product code #PODUIUX20 to access a 40% off any product purchase on including our Guest, Arnaud's book, "The Design of Web API"( Also use the codes below to access a 100% free ebooks off's website #tdwapr-F02F #tdwapr-D442 #tdwapr-0AB4 #tdwapr-5807 #tdwapr-ACCC  
March 15, 2021
E11- The Design of Web APIs - with Arnaud Lauret
"The Design of Web APIs" is one the great books out there you could grab and learn from worth every nickel dime or penny. By kind courtesy of I had Arnaud Lauret over to discuss his book . If you listened till the end of this episode you might be looking here for the goodies:) . So you can use the permanent product code #PODUIUX20 to access a 40% off any product purchase on including our Guest, Arnaud's book, "The Design of Web API"( Also use the codes below to access a 100% free ebooks off's website #tdwapr-F02F #tdwapr-D442 #tdwapr-0AB4 #tdwapr-5807 #tdwapr-ACCC  
March 15, 2021
E10 - Designer's Trivia: Web API
Today we talk about Web API. Although I am not so sure I might have nailed this episode . I shall think its a good thing for a start to speak from how I understand this technologies and topics. I shall soon go ahead to discuss at depths what a Web API is in a Future episode much detailed. Do stay tuned. And if you wish to support this podcast in any ways for the best is to join me on its a free podcast recording app. Don't worry if you are not podcasting you may be able to leave voice notes on the various podcasts you love and the hosts may get back to you.
March 15, 2021
E9 - Designer's Trivia: Design Trends
Trends and how they impact usability is what this episode all about.
March 15, 2021
E8- Designer's Trivia: Grid System
I thought I should share some facts about in this episode. What a Grid system system is and why as a web designer you may need one. I shared trivia's essentially by how I understand web design technologies and how to implement such technologies.If you should disagree with me you may send me a message to correct. And i will promptly update and credit you. Subscribe! if you derive any value from my podcast. Your support is crucial it enables me to keep improving/enhance this podcast. You may also choose to join my Patreon following to become a patron of my podcast. Visit:
March 15, 2021
E7 - Designer's Trivia : Web Layouts
Another trivia. In this one I share why its important to separate Markup from Presentation.
March 15, 2021
E6 - Designer's Trivia: The View-port
Today we go forward to understand what the View-port is. As a designer you may have to understand what the view-port really is before you start design targeting various devices accurately.
March 15, 2021
E5 - Designer's Trivia : The CSS Box Model
Staying true to my word. I've just began a daily Designer's Trivia. listen reach out comment ..will love to hear what you think. Stay blessed!
March 15, 2021
E4 - Add Pizzazz and Swag to Your Design - UI Design in 2020
As one of the popular trends i saw was cropping up in late 2019, Motion Design has finally moved from Videos finally to the web! But how should we use it?
March 15, 2021
E3 - Be yourself in your Design Approach
I reflected on how to go about designing my personal home page again and this are some thoughts I pondered. Enjoy
March 15, 2021
E2- Introduction to Firebase with Gareth Brown
This is a special episode featuring a guest on my podcast. My Guest, Gareth Brown talks about his course on and how he got into  Web development.   Use the code below to gain 40% discount on all resource in any format from including Gareths course. PODUIUX20 And the code: BWFWPR-0976 to gain exclusively 100% discount on any live video purchase. See Gareth's Course on Firebase from Manning Publications website at by visiting :
March 15, 2021
E1 - Do's and don'ts with Typography
I stumbled upon a Gold nugget with setting up the right typography for any blog post .In this blog post i share this nuggets with you! Enjoy
March 15, 2021