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By Georgette Taylor
Sharing Inspiration and Transformation Through Words, Stories and Conversations!
Sharing Inspiration and Transformation Through Words, Stories and Conversations!

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"In The Conversation" with Dr. Keshia Keith
We are In The Conversation with Dr. Keshia Keith, Dr. Keshia D. Keith is a native of Rock Hill, South Carolina. She is a best-selling author, international speaker and licensed professional counselor (LPC). Dr. Keith is the owner of Life Interrupted Counseling Services, LLC Dr. Keith shares her personal journey into Post Partum Depression, leading to some time in a mental institution herself, leading her to do the work that she does.  She also sheds light on her  amazing counseling work which I witnessed first, hand at her annual "Drop Your Bags Here" Women's Retreat where women were able to reflect, refocus and refuel their lives. This retreat is an annual event focused on self-care and re-building women from the inside out.  We also talk about how the importance of self care is to our emotional, physical and mental health and some ways in which you can incorporate small things into your life that will help you tremendously. She also stresses how important is to seek help before the stress becomes too much for your mind or body to bear.  To connect with Dr. Keshia Keith please visit  We also share the I AM-YOU ARE Word of the Week with you after the In The Conversation segment, so we hope you stay tuned to receive your inspirational word of the week after this empowering conversation.
October 1, 2019
No Matter What!
Join us for another inspired show as I share my Super Soul Afterglow insights from another segment of Super Soul Sunday with guest author Wes Moore, who has this amazing way he was able to know what is passion and calling was.  Can't wait for you to hear how this could also help you to hone in your calling.  I also share the inspiring story how one young lady has made the Bronx, my home tow,  a more well read community when she took it upon her self to fundraise money to open the only book store in the Bronx.  Also learn what the I AM YOU ARE-WORD of the week is to help you to stay inspired throughout your week.  Hey can you guess what the word of the week is?  If so you can win a free I AM-YOU ARE card deck. Excited about this episode and again I hope that you share your feedback with me by leaving me a message so that I can share it with other listeners, and hey if you do and I use a portion of that message on an upcoming show, you will win a free I AM-YOU ARE card deck.  For more info about our company Dynamic Life Enterprise, other resources or just to get your own I AM-YOU ARE card deck, visit  Until next week, Live an inspired, impactful and dynamic life! Namaste!
September 17, 2019
In The Conversation with Lee Gaitan, Humorist Writer and Author
This show introduces my "In The Conversation" segment of The Dynamic Life Show, with my friend Lee Gaitan, Humorist Writer and Author of My Pineapples went to Houston. Join us as Lee talks about how her ex-husband broadsided her by announcing he was leaving her on Christmas Eve, losing all their money and at the same time dealing with her father just passing away and her mother in a coma, Well hell, Merry Christmas!! How do you bounce back from that? Well join us In The Conversation as well talk about how she finally picked her self up again,  choosing to survive and then finding the humor in this messy situation to live an even more impactful life.  To learn more about Lee Gaitan and to purchase her books please visit. I also share our inspiring I AM Word of the week after the end of this conversation, so continue listening and please continue to do what you do, my dynamic  listeners and share the show with others and don't forget if you send me a message via the voicemail on the podcast and I add your message to any of our upcoming shows you will be entered into our drawing to win your own free I AM-YOU ARE card deck.  Or you can visit to purchase your own set. Until next week, have an inspiring and dynamic week! Namaste!
September 2, 2019
Why I Do What I Do: My Origin Story OFA
Hello My Dynamic Life Listeners,  this episode of Why I Do What I Do is in a little different format.  It is part of my OFA (One Funnel Away Challenge) to share my Origin Story of Why I Do What I Do, so I hope you enjoy, also I hope you get more of a sense of who I am and why I love working with positive words and affirmations and how they have and continue to effect me in my along this journey we call life. I will be sharing a few more things about me through these Why I Do What I Do episodes, so would would love for you to take a listen as well and again I hope you enjoy. 
August 26, 2019
Who Do You See?
This episode we talk about Who Do You See when you look at your, as I share my Super Soul Afterglow segment about how we see ourselves as oppose to how others see us from a great Super Soul short that gives us  an interested insight into this. I also talk about this great task that my sister-in-law asked me to do that helped me to learn a little more about I really see others and myself and of course the I AM-YOU ARE word of the week.... I also continue to share my journey with the One Funnel Away Challenge and how this is changing my business and how I see myself as well. Thank you for listening and checking us out today!!
August 26, 2019
What's Your Story?
As I attended a family funeral and listened to the people share my aunt's story, I wondered a lot about what our stories will be once we are gone. In my Super Soul Afterglow segment, I gleam some amazing insights from Oprah's Super Soul Sunday guest DeVon Franklin, movie producer and author, as well as beautiful inspired story about how a 6 six year old is helping some children who are being bullied find a friend. I also share the I AM-YOU ARE Word for this week. ..Don't want to miss this one.  
August 12, 2019
Compassion, Cooperation and Choices
How compassion shows up in the most horrific of situations and how meditation can change a community.
July 31, 2019
Sprinkles of Inspiration!
This is my first show and was feeling a little inspired as I shared my Super Soul Afterglow about Legacy and also how a man in Japan planted his way into his wife's heart and also in to over 7,000 other people a day! Also please if you would like to leave a message about the show about something that inspired you from the show, please share via the microphone on the show page, but please only make it a 1-2 mins long. Thank you.
July 22, 2019
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