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اول منصة جزا‏ئرية تعطي للناس, للجمعيات, للصفحات و للشباب الفرصة لتعبير، الابداع و نشر الوعي -
- The first Algerian platform that gives citizens, communities, pages, and youth the opportunity to express, create and spread awareness
- La première plateforme algérienne qui donne aux citoyens, les communautés, les pages, et aux jeunes l'opportunité d'exprimer, de créer et de sensibiliser
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ICOSIUM Podcast #6: With An Algerian Economist
Algeria's future and development are largely linked to its economy, which has always been at the heart of the various debates between economists. In this Podcast, hosted by Chahrazed; Adel Amine Bengharabi, economist and teacher-researcher at ISGP, tries to answer some key questions ....
August 31, 2021
ICOSIUM Podcast #5: Space startups in Algeria
With the COVID-19 situation occurring worldwide, many are focusing on keeping locked down and safe inside. The last thing you may think of is anything around traveling, especially specifically, space travel. However, for the last few years, space tech has made huge advancements. From sending 3D printers to the International Space Station to more innovative approaches to satellite communication, we’ve made advancements into space tech more than ever before leaded by startups. This has raised awareness for many newer space tech startups, especially increasing their access to capital which otherwise, would have never allowed some of their innovation to ever exist in the first place. So now so many students started studying aerospace fields especially in algeria with a hope to get invoved or create their own space project but after graduating, they will find themselves without any plan or a real opportunity to get a job – 3labiha lyoum m3ana wahd dar une start up fi dzair bch ykhli students ta3 hada field connected and practice and working on space related projects with international partners in the space sector /// Algerium - ICOSIUM podcast - Icopodcast - Algerium Podcast - Dzairgram -
April 25, 2021
The Fourth Estate • السلطة الرابعة
What does this term means ! Is media actually an estate, how powerful it could be and what's its actual duties especially in Algeria... Gae mea l7aj djamal ! Enjoy !
March 19, 2021
English In Algeria ?!?!
Lyomatiq m'3a Ramzi, Ines and Guenda... Discussing about the language it self in Algeria... Is it valued ! Do we really know English ! How does our society see this !!! Aya mealih all this will be answered. Enjoy !
March 11, 2021
#1 - الرؤية الجديدة...
في العدد الأول من "ميراث الحراك" (The Hirak Legacy)... مع أسماء و أمينة عن الرؤية الجديدة أو رؤية الحراك الذي جمع ملايين الجزائريين من كل أنحاء الوطن و العالم، تعرف على أمينة و تجربتها كمناضلة في الحراك الطلابي و أهداف الحراك, آدابه وديناميكيته على العموم !!! Dans le premier numéro de "The Hirak Legacy" ... avec Asmaa et Amina sur la nouvelle vision ou la vision du mouvement qui a réuni des millions d'Algériens de partout au pays et du monde, faites connaissance avec Amina et son expérience comme un combattant dans le mouvement étudiant et les buts du mouvement et son étiquette en général !!!
February 12, 2021
ICOSIUM Podcast #4: Touris-Guide
- In traveling, a man must carry knowledge with him, if he would bring home knowledge. Our guest " El Guide" took not only his knowledge but his bag and hat too, heading straight to a journey full of new people and interesting conclusions which can for sure serve the listener and the country as a whole. Things are said differently and tourism is for sure seen in another way in this podcast. Enjoy 🏕.  - Chaque voyage que l'on entreprend est différent. Il nous emporte toujours vers la conquête de soi, sans atteindre à notre foi, qui s'amplifie bien des fois. Dans notre pdocast "El Guide" vous emmène dans une expérience touristique a couper le souffle, en passant de l'Algérie et du Sahara algérien, jusqu'à arriver arrivant a nos cerveau ou il vas nous illuminer avec sa manière de voire le tourisme et sa culture touristique qui est lui est propre. Bonne écoute 🏕️. Algerium / Icopodcast / Icosium 
January 30, 2021
ICOSIUM Podcast #3: Science in paper and in lab - with Dr. Mehellou
Science is a systematic knowledge based on facts, researches and experimentations... in today's podcast we will tackle all the basics mentioned above, in a critical and a creative way. with more than 45 scientific publications, our guest is ready to take you in a journey full of interesting events and full of amazing life rules. Science after this... will take another dimension inside your head. This episode with Dr. Youcef Mehelou. Icopodcast / Algerium Podcast / Algerium / Dzairgram
January 12, 2021
ICOSIUM podcast #2 - Mental health "depression"
La santé mentale est aussi importante que la santé physique , et qui par moment présente des anomalies / des troubles... très sérieux et mystérieux parfois ; tel la dépression, un des troubles les plus répondu dont le fonctionnement, les symptômes, le traitement et le rôle de l’entourage... sont abordés dans ce podcast avec Chahrazed et Lamia / Algerium / Algerium Podcast / Icopodcast
January 01, 2021
Start a business with Nadir !
Creating a business, startup or any kind of a field project... Could be very interesting and cool but in the same time very challenging and requires a bunch of skills to make it successful rak faham. M3a Nadir a founder of an amazing buisness... You got this, with Nadir... Learn the fundamentals and the requirements bah tkon 3ndk and make successful business Insha'Allah !
December 28, 2020
ICOSIUM Podcast #1 - Cinema here and there
Cinema is by itself a world which deserves dozens of podcasts to be talked about as it should be.. but guess what! In this podcast we asked all the questions turning in your head to our Amazing guest... find out all that and much more in the best cinema podcast ever made.  Icopodcast / Algerium / Dzairgram
December 11, 2020
Visual Arts Fl'algerie
Wait ! Wshno visual arts ? And visual arts in Algeria !?. Yes today with Marwa we will discuss a very important matter in Algeria... How is it like to be an artist or a photographer...etc in Algeria, is there any careers.... Issues and obstacles... Join us in this podcast with Amir ! استمتع
October 18, 2020
#3 - Algeria is calling
With the natural resources, tourism, beautiful places, Algerian talents and industries like petroleum, natural gas, light industries, mining, electrical, petrochemical, food processing... but yet the government corruption still exists and with the power of the Hirak hopes and dreams insha'Allah will come true. With Ramzi, Nassim and Guenda, we will talk briefly about the brain immigration and what should the Algerian diaspora do (Opinions) !
September 04, 2020
#2 - Racialism and Inequality
Racial Inequality (تحيز عنصري) and Racism that most of people face outside Their countries especially "The Algeria Diaspora", is one of the hardest experience ever for individuals. This podcast will bring some experiences from the Diaspora !
August 30, 2020
#X - Diaspora in North America...
With one of our amazing and best guests so far... Sumi, Nassim and Aicha this time with an extra special episode to express thier side and give a sense on how being part of the diaposra feels and look like, especially in North America bien Sur. Check this Episode to know more and enjoy this stunning conversation !
August 20, 2020
#1 - Identity
With Guenda, Sumi and soumaya. Discussion about the difficulties that Algerian diaposra is facing regardless identity and values, but wait ! What is identity and how is the Algeria identity defined and......., Check this Episode !
August 12, 2020
#0 - The Algerian Diaspora ?
What is algerian diaspora? And how does Algerians from homeland see the diaspora ? ..... Gae Les questions njawbohom !. Weclome to the 1st Ep of this serie, In this podcast with Sumi and soumaya we will discuss the topic, give the opportunity to the team members of @ connectingalgerians to share Their voice and express themselfs, a big honour to have them with us !
August 05, 2020
"..الثورة بعيون جدتي.."
Révolution threw my grandma's eyes | حين تمتزج التعاسة و الحزن مع الضحك و حلاوة البساطة في اناء الثورة ، تعطينا خليطا بعبق مغامرات المراهقه! حكايات من عمق الشعب بعيدا عن البلاطوهات ،اوراق الصحف و اروقة المتاحف . انها ببساطة حكايات جدتي عن الثورة
July 08, 2020
Modernism and Algerians (الجزائريين و الحداثة)
بين المعتقدات والعصرنة , بين الحتمية والفقر، مرورا بالشعب و الفن، نزولا عند التكنولوجيا وقطاعات البلاد . المهم بودكاست برعاية الجديد حبو و لقديم لاتفرط فيه. مع رمزي بودواو، أمير عبد-الرؤوف خليفي و ماطمة زهرة ڨندة... راح نعالجو الموضوع !
June 22, 2020
A student in Algeria | طالب في الجزائر
محادثة بين طالبة في الطب وطالب في تكنولوجيا الكمبيوتر
May 30, 2020
(1) Laws of power that not gaa El-ghachi should know (with Ramzi)
The laws li nahdro 3lihom: "Law 2: Never put too much trust on friends/ Law 16: use absences/ Law 25: recreate yourself/ Law 31 control the options/ Law 36: ignore" (Book by Robert Greene)
May 26, 2020