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The Dumbest Guy in the Room

The Dumbest Guy in the Room

By Eric Rauch
A podcast hosted by Eric Rauch focused on learning about Bitcoin, economics, and the way the world works from the most intelligent people around.
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017. Tomer Strolight - Painting a Portrait of Bitcoin

The Dumbest Guy in the Room

017. Tomer Strolight - Painting a Portrait of Bitcoin
Recorded 8/5/21 Bitcoin price at the time ~$37,500 Tomer Strolight is a Bitcoin author and the Rabbit Hole Sherpa. He joins us again this week to read and discuss two of his most recent essays. Where to find Tomer: @TomerStrolight ( Why People Wonder if Bitcoin is Alien Technology ( Painting a Portrait of Bitcoin ( 1:45 - Tomer’s last 6 weeks 4:35 - Why People Wonder if Bitcoin is Alien Technology 20:00 - Inspiration and discussion 47:15 - Painting a Portrait of Bitcoin 56:15 - Inspiration and discussion Resources mentioned: Bitcoin white paper ( Swan Bitcoin ( Cash App ( Strike (
August 14, 2021
016. Lord Fusitu’a - Not If But When
Recorded 8/2/21 Bitcoin price at the time ~$39,000 Lord Fusitu’a is a Lord Member of the Parliament of Tonga and a formally trained barrister, he also serves on the board of many organizations not only in Tonga but throughout the world. We dive into the history and facts of Tonga, how he was introduced to Bitcoin, the relationship that Tonga has with remittances and why Bitcoin can be such a great help to the Tongan people, geothermal Bitcoin mining in Tonga, and much more. Where to find Lord Fusitu’a: @LordFusitua ( 1:45 - Lord Fusitu’a’s background 8:00 - The history, structure, and facts of Tonga 24:45 - Introduction to Bitcoin 32:00 - Tonga’s relationship with remittances 42:15 - Bitcoin adoption in Tonga 52:30 - The benefits and education of Bitcoin to the Tongan people 1:02:30 - Geothermal Bitcoin mining in Tonga Resources mentioned: Bitcoin white paper ( Swan Bitcoin ( Cash App ( Strike ( Church and State in Tonga - Sione Latukefu ( The Tongan Constitution - Sione Latukefu (
August 06, 2021
015. Untapped Growth (Joel) - The Pursuit of Truth
Recorded 7/28/21 Bitcoin price at the time ~$40,000 Joel is a farmer specializing in regenerative agriculture and the founder of Untapped Growth. He is a lock for the 2021 Bitcoin MVPleb award with the work he has done to create citadels across the United States. We cover a range of topics from the details of regenerative agriculture, to the base pillars of technology, to pleb culture, and much more. Where to find Joel: @untappedgrowth ( 1:45 - Introduction to the Untapped herd 8:45 - Joel’s background and the foundations of sovereignty 13:00 - Regenerative agriculture 22:30 - Untapped Growth model 25:30 - The three pillars of technology 34:00 - Broken money leads to deception 46:30 - First Bitcoin exposure 50:00 - What can be accomplished with a universal language such as Bitcoin 1:03:30 - The excitement of pleb culture 1:08:00 - Bitcoin in Christianity and religion 1:18:45 - The difference between lawyers and small business owners Resources mentioned: Bitcoin white paper ( Swan Bitcoin ( Cash App ( Strike ( Pineywood Cattle ( Greg Judy ( Dallas Willard ( Harder money quote - Saifedean Ammous ( Arrival ( Dances With Wolves ( G.K Chesterton (
July 30, 2021
014. CJ Wilson - Rage Against the Machine
Recorded 7/20/21 Bitcoin price at the time ~$29,500 CJ is a former MLB All-Star pitcher for the Rangers and Angles who now owns multiple car dealerships in the Fresno area. We talk about CJ’s journey to the MLB, what separates the goods from the greats, racing cars, why Bitcoin is different, on-chain metrics, and much more. Where to find CJ: @str8edgeracer ( @cjwilsonphoto ( Bitcoin Bottom Line ( Throttle Dogs ( 2:30 - CJ’s background 5:15 - Path to the Show 17:15 - Putting in extra work 31:30 - College and the minors 47:45 - The career journey of a Major League All-Star 59:30 - Introduction to racing cars 1:08:15 - Straight Edge lifestyle 1:18:30 - Defensive investing and Bitcoin 1:31:00 - Why Bitcoin is different 1:37:30 - On-chain metrics 1:51:30 - Favorite books and movies Resources mentioned: Bitcoin white paper ( Swan Bitcoin ( Cash App ( Strike ( Heads Up Baseball ( The Art of Learning - John Waitzkin ( The Power of Now - Eckhart Tolle ( Pedro - Pedro Martinez ( Thank God for Bitcoin ( Léon: The Professional ( Arrival (
July 23, 2021
013. BTC Sessions (Ben) - 'It’s Only' Until 'It’s Everybody'
Recorded 7/5/21 Bitcoin price at the time ~$34,000 Ben is the creator and host of the YouTube channel BTC Sessions which has now racked up more than 4.5 million views! We have an awesome conversation ranging from why Bitcoin is greater than the altcoins, the importance of sound money, the super-cycle theory, and much more! Where to find Ben: @BTCsessions ( 1:45 - Ben’s background 5:45 - First introduction to Bitcoin 13:00 - Why Bitcoin stood out from the altcoins 18:00 - Why sound money is important and what it changes in life 34:00 - Why Ben is bullish 45:30 - Big banks denying access to your own money 49:15 - Thoughts on the Bitcoin super-cycle 57:15 - Orange-pilling your significant other 1:04:30 - “Fiat” 1:20:30 - Fiat to Bitcoin transition Resources mentioned: Bitcoin white paper ( Swan Bitcoin ( Cash App ( Strike ( Let’s all please stop calling dollars ‘fiat money’ ( Dominic Frisby and Robert Breedlove (
July 14, 2021
012. Alex Gladstein - Bitcoin is The American Idea
Recorded 7/6/21 Bitcoin price at the time ~$34,000 Alex Gladstein is a humanitarian working with the Human Rights Foundation and a true Bitcoiner. He has written many essays discussing the flaws of the petrodollar system in the US, how Bitcoin helps to fight monetary colonialism in Africa, and how Bitcoin can get us back to the original American idea. We cover these three works and much more in this episode. Where to find Alex: @Gladstein ( Human Rights Foundation ( Bitcoin And The American Idea ( Fighting Monetary Colonialism With Open-Source Code ( The Hidden Cost Of The Petrodollar ( 1:45 - Alex’s background 3:45 - Introduction to Bitcoin 6:15 - Why Bitcoin stuck out 10:50 - Bitcoin helping the unbanked 19:20 - Mining projects financing energy development 23:15 - Monetary colonialism in Africa 34:00 - Bitcoin and the American Idea 41:00 - The petrodollar system Resources mentioned: Bitcoin white paper ( Swan Bitcoin ( Cash App ( Strike ( Bitcoin & Black America - Isaiah Jackson (
July 07, 2021
011. Peter McCormack - The Accidental Podcaster
Recorded 6/30/21 Bitcoin price at the time ~$34,500 Peter McCormack, aka The King of Bedford, is the host of the What Bitcoin Did Podcast and has traveled the globe interviewing a wide variety of people and some of the brightest minds in the Bitcoin space. In this episode, we cover the terrors of being a fan of England soccer, his journey into and through podcasting, what it is like to interview a President, why Bitcoin matters, and much more. Where to find Peter: @PeterMcCormack ( Beginner’s Guide to Bitcoin ( Interview with President Bukele ( 2:15 - Peter’s background 3:15 - The pain of being an England soccer fan 13:45 - Underrated US cities 17:00 - The accidental podcaster 32:00 - The journey to interview El Salvador’s President Bukele 48:30 - Why Bitcoin matters to the people of the world 57:15 - Why Bitcoin stood out 1:02:00 - How Bitcoin changes personal health decisions 1:22:30 - Reaction to Ross Ulbricht’s recording Resources mentioned: Bitcoin white paper ( Swan Bitcoin ( Cash App ( Strike ( Rich Roll Podcast ( Pat Flynn Podcast Course ( Bitcoin Beach ( The Bullish Case for Bitcoin - Vijay Boyapati ( BTC001 - Preston Pysh and Robert Breedlove ( Headspace ( Wim Hof Breathing ( Calm ( Ross Ulbricht Bitcoin 2021 ( St. Vincent de Paul (
July 02, 2021
010. Gigi - Bitcoin Stands for Truth
Recorded 6/24/21 Bitcoin price at the time ~$34,000   Gigi is a well-known Bitcoin author and deep-thinker whose works always push the reader to understand Bitcoin on a deeper level. He does a fantastic job of expressing his thoughts in a way that is easy to consume both verbally and in writing. We cover a variety of topics on this episode including the history of fiat systems, the Bitcoin ban in China, why everyone in the world doesn’t need to understand Bitcoin, the future of the banks, and how Bitcoin relates to time.   Where to find Gigi: @DerGigi ( 21 Lessons: What I’ve Learned from Falling Down the Bitcoin Rabbit Hole ( Bitcoin is Time (   1:45 - Gigi’s background 11:30 - Bitcoin and game theory with nation-states 16:30 - The bleak history of fiat monetary systems 31:00 - Bitcoin unit bias 40:00 - China bans Bitcoin 45:30 - The exponential adoption curve of Bitcoin 55:00 - Every single person doesn’t need to understand Bitcoin 1:08:20 - The future of banks in a world on a Bitcoin standard 1:17:00 - Fractional reserve banking 1:21:45 - Money trends towards the cost of production 1:27:00 - Bitcoin is Time   Resources mentioned: Bitcoin white paper ( Swan Bitcoin ( Cash App ( Strike ( War Games - 1983 ( Island of Yap ( Bolivar vs. Chicken ( When Money Dies ( The Ultimate Resource 2 - Julian L. Simon (
June 29, 2021
009. Tomer Strolight - Choosing Bitcoin
Recorded 6/23/21 Bitcoin price at the time ~$33,500 Tomer Strolight is a Bitcoin author and is described as “The Rabbit Hole Sherpa” for his ability to help people understand and digest Bitcoin in a succinct and straightforward manner. In this episode, we dive into the choice you make when using Bitcoin, the decentralized network that is Bitcoin and the network effects that stem from that, how Bitcoin has integrity, and much more. Where to find Tomer: @TomerStrolight ( Important Constants ( Why Bitcoin’s Imitators Are Scams ( Bitcoiners are Not Toxic — They Have Integrity. ( How Bitcoin is Like A Giant Cybernetic Meta-Brain ( 2:15 - Tomer’s background 6:00 - What stands out about Bitcoin 12:30 - Why you have to choose Bitcoin 23:00 - The network of money and Bitcoin 29:45 - Why Bitcoin has such deep entrenchment 42:30 - How a fixed supply changes monetary standards 53:15 - Bitcoin is enforced by physics 59:30 - Why decentralization is so important 1:06:00 - Is Bitcoin Myspace? 1:19:00 - The integrity of Bitcoin 1:33:00 - How a decentralized network selects the best ideas and how we see this in organic life and throughout history Resources mentioned: Bitcoin white paper ( Swan Bitcoin ( Cash App ( Strike ( The Blocksize War - Jonathan Bier ( Flagrant 2 - Andrew Schulz ( How secure is 256 bit security? ( Altcoins vs. Bitcoin ( Deadcoins ( Bitcoin is the Mycelium of Money - Brandon Quittem ( Proof of Life - Gigi (
June 25, 2021
008. Greg Foss - It’s Just Math
Recorded 6/15/21 Bitcoin price at the time ~$40,500 Greg Foss traded credit for more than 30 years and has been all-in on Bitcoin for the last 5. He has a tremendous wealth of knowledge across multiple topics and I did my best to explore them all! Where to find Greg: @FossGregFoss ( Why Every Fixed Income Investor Needs To Consider Bitcoin As Portfolio Insurance - Greg Foss ( 3iQ ( 1:45 - Greg’s background 7:30 - Why Bitcoin excites him 11:30 - How Canada escaped insolvency 18:00 - 2008 financial crises 27:00 - Bitcoin ETF 33:00 - The current Bitcoin price is the best risk-adjusted trade of our lifetime 34:30 - Bitcoin’s energy usage and how it can help the power grid 50:30 - How Bitcoin’s energy consumption and how it will push society forward 53:00 - More countries and leaders exploring the possibilities of Bitcoin 57:30 - Bitcoin and Canada’s economy 1:02:00 - The petrodollar and its implications 1:07:20 - What happens if nations default 1:16:30 - Money printing and the effects on an economy Resources mentioned: Bitcoin white paper ( Swan Bitcoin ( Cash App ( Strike ( The Rant - Jim Cramer ( Bitcoin Beach ( Bitcoin Lake ( The Hidden Cost of the Petrodollar System - Alex Gladstein (
June 17, 2021
007. Brandon Quittem - Bitcoin: Our Most Important Tool
Recorded 6/9/21 Bitcoin price at the time ~$36,500 Brandon Quittem is a writer, amateur mycologist, and the king of analogies. We cover a crazy range of subjects on the show spanning from mycology to Bitcoin’s energy consumption, to the fourth turning hypothesis, and absolutely everything in between! Where to find Brandon: @bquittem ( Bitcoin is the Mycelium of Money ( Bitcoin and the Rhythms of History ( 1:45 - Brandon’s background 8:20 - Mycology interest and parallels to Bitcoin 18:00 - The economy of mushrooms 24:15 - Money, language, social scalability, and the sovereign individual 34:00 - El Salvador adopts Bitcoin 38:30 - Biology, proof of work, energy FUD and why the energy consumption of Bitcoin is good 47:15 - How pioneer species transform their ecosystem 57:15 - The fourth turning hypothesis and the long-term debt cycle 1:25:30 - The great filter and how it pertains to Bitcoin 1:39:30 - Can Bitcoin help humans get to Mars? Resources mentioned: Bitcoin white paper ( Swan Bitcoin ( Cash App ( Strike ( Planting Bitcoin - Dan Held ( Lessons from fungi on markets and economics - Toby Kiers ( Future Fossils ep. 163 ( Dunbar’s Number ( Social Scalability - Nick Szabo ( The Sovereign Individual - James Davidson ( El Salvador Adopts Bitcoin ( Gradually, Then Suddenly - Parker Lewis ( How Much Energy Does Bitcoin Actually Consume? - Nic Carter ( Twitter Spaces with President Bukele ( Bitcoin mining in DRC ( The Fourth Turning - William Strauss ( Bitcoin Astronomy - Dhruv Bansal (
June 11, 2021
006. John Vallis - Bitcoin is a Profound Sense of Truth
Recorded 6/2/21 Bitcoin price at the time ~$37,500 John Vallis is the host of Bitcoin Rapid-Fire and a notoriously deep thinker in the Bitcoin community. We dive into many topics including how Bitcoin affects people, the implications of Bitcoin on society and humanity, the impending Bitcoin Renaissance, and more. Where to find John Vallis: @JohnKVallis ( Bitcoin Rapid-Fire ( 2:45 - John’s background 6:20 - Why Bitcoin stood out and what the implications are for the future 11:00 - How and why Bitcoin transforms people 26:45 - Realizing the paradigm shift Bitcoin will inspire 31:00 - Bitcoin and psychedelics 37:45 - Get curious and do the work 43:30 - Why Bitcoin is the incorruptible substance that will transform humanity 1:01:30 - What a Bitcoin renaissance looks like 1:12:00 - The next year in Bitcoin Resources mentioned: Bitcoin white paper ( Swan Bitcoin ( Cash App ( Strike ( The Bitcoin Standard - Saifedean Ammous ( Bitcoin is the Mycelium of Money - Brandon Quittem (, Saylor Series - Robert Breedlove and Michael Saylor ( Maps of Meaning - Jordan Peterson ( Thank God for Bitcoin (
June 04, 2021
005. Dennis Porter - Body, Mind, and Money
Recorded 5/20/21 Bitcoin price at the time ~$42,000 Dennis Porter is a hard-core Bitcoiner also from the Portland area. We dive into many subjects and have a fun conversation about Bitcoin and our world’s future while also covering the transformative properties Bitcoin has on the human psyche as well. Where to find Dennis Porter: @TheMachineBuilt ( Smart People Shit ( Email: LinkTree ( 1:50 - Dennis’s background 4:15 - Mind, money, and body 12:45 - Introduction into Bitcoin and the impacts it has had on his life 22:30 - The impacts of hard and predictable money on society 35:00 - Lightning network and the future of transactions 44:00 - Bitcoin and energy consumption Resources mentioned: Bitcoin white paper ( Swan Bitcoin ( Cash App ( Strike ( Dr. Jack ( Andrew Huberman ( Dr. Glen Zielinsky ( Headspace ( Mastering Bitcoin - Andreas Antonopoulos ( Jimmy Song ( Bitcoin Beach ( Layered Money - Nik Bhatia ( Peter McCormack ( Cory Klippsten ( Kardashev Scale (
June 02, 2021
004. Dylan LeClair - Quantitative Easing and the Long Term Debt Cycle
Recorded 5/25/21 Bitcoin price at the time ~$38,500 Dylan LeClair is a 20-year-old writer for Bitcoin Magazine who has excelled in studying and analyzing the macro-economic backdrop and world we are living in. Dylan walks us through what is really going on when the government is doing quantitative easing, why the Fed cannot stop printing money nor raise rates, and how Bitcoin gives us hope for a brighter future. Where to find Dylan LeClair: @BTCization ( Co-Founder 21st Paradigm ( Writer for Bitcoin Magazine ( 2:10 - Dylan’s background 5:00 - The struggle of being a college Econ student and also a Bitcoiner 11:00 - What is and what is the goal of quantitative easing? 15:30 - The effects of the long and short term debt cycle 23:30 - What happens if the Fed stops printing or raises rates 25:30 - The death of a currency regime 32:00 - How Bitcoin can smooth the transition 38:15 - How Bitcoin stops the manipulation of money 43:00 - Rules not rulers: proof of work vs. proof of stake 51:00 - What Bitcoin’s second layer will look like Resources mentioned: Bitcoin white paper ( Swan Bitcoin ( Cash App ( Strike ( The Bitcoin Standard - Saifedean Ammous ( The Bullish Case for Bitcoin - Vijay Boyapati ( The Cantillion Effect ( The Conclusion of the Long Term Debt Cycle and the Rise of Bitcoin - Dylan LeClair ( Big Debt Crises - Ray Dalio ( How the Economic Machine Works - Ray Dalio ( How secure is 256-bit security? - 3Blue1Brown ( Ethereum Issuance History ( Bitcoin Issuance History ( Bitcoin is a container ship ( Lightning network growth (
May 28, 2021
003. Guy Swann - How Bitcoin Will Shape Our Future
Recorded 5/24/21 Bitcoin price at the time ~$37,500 Guy Swann is the CEO of One Eleven Productions and the host of Bitcoin Audible and he is very well known as “the Guy who has read more about Bitcoin than anyone!” We cover touch all of the bases on this one, from Guy’s journey to understanding Bitcoin to how Bitcoin will change the world moving forward. Where to find Guy Swann: @TheCryptoconomy ( @BitcoinAudible ( @ShitcoinInsider ( 2:00 - The start of Bitcoin Audible 8:00 - Guy’s background 10:45 - Discrepancies while trying to learn Keynesian economics leads to his introduction to Bitcoin 26:00 - How Bitcoin is the best risk-adjusted investment opportunity 29:30 - What is money - how it should hold value over time 43:15 - How the creation of money is the theft of time 58:00 - What fiat money has done to the dollar and the economy 1:12:30 - How Bitcoin can correct the wrongs of fiat 1:23:00 - How Bitcoin’s increasing price leads to an increase in the security of the network 1:28:15 - How money is a communication tool 1:40:45 - Lightning network and where it is headed 1:54:30 - Film industry and the future of streaming Resources mentioned: Bitcoin white paper ( Swan Bitcoin ( Cash App ( Strike ( Shelling Out the Origins of Money - Nick Szabo ( Masters and Slaves of Money - Robert Breedlove ( The Hidden Costs of the Petrodollar System - Alex Gladstein ( Sphinx Chat ( Breez (
May 26, 2021
002. Phil Geiger - An Introduction to Money and Bitcoin
Recorded 5/19/21 Bitcoin price at the time ~$38,000 Phil Geiger is a Director at Unchained Capital and exceptionally well-versed in the Bitcoin space. I made this episode specifically for people that are newer to Bitcoin and the ideas that it introduces so that they can start to learn from the base layer--Phil does a phenomenal job of explaining these concepts in a clear, concise, and easily digestible manner. On this show he does a wonderful job of walking the listener through the properties of money, how Bitcoin is different than what we are accustom to and much more!  Where to find Phil Geiger: @Phil_Geiger ( Email: Unchained Capital ( Medium ( 2:00 - Phil’s introduction to Bitcoin 4:30 - Keynesian and Austrian Economics 5:30 - How Bitcoin solves gold’s problems and establishes itself as sound money 7:15 - What is money? - Money at its core is the first layer and a communication tool - “Which is ultimately why I believe that bitcoin will be selected as the global reserve currency.” (13:35) 13:45 - Digital scarcity, what is it and how did Bitcoin achieve this? How Bitcoin increases in decentralization over time 17:00 - Bitcoin vs. Ethereum, Doge, all other altcoins 21:45 - Network effects of Bitcoin 24:30 - Bitcoin being anti-fragile due to its decentralized nature - short term volatility does not equal fragility 27:30 - Is Bitcoin alive? 31:15 - Have you been afraid at any point in Bitcoin? 36:40 - Multi-signature and owning your own keys - self-custody of your Bitcoin 45:00 - Bitcoin's future as humans become an interplanetary species 47:45 - Bitcoin as a clock 55:30 - A deeper dive into the 5 properties of money - scarcity, divisibility, durable, fungible, portability 1:01:40 - Altcoins - “Bitcoin gives you the power to reject other people’s money” 1:03:25 - Volatility and how it leads to long-term stability Resources mentioned: Bitcoin white paper ( Swan Bitcoin - ( Cash App - ( Keynesian vs Austrian Economics ( Gradually, Then Suddenly - Parker Lewis ( Bitcoin Astronomy - Drew Fonsell ( Kardashev Scale ( Bitcoin is Time - Gigi ( HODL Waves ( Bitcoin is the Mycelium of Money - Brandon Quittem (, The Blocksize War - Jonathan Bier ( An Economic Analysis of Ethereum - Lyn Alden (
May 20, 2021
001. Daniel Prince - How to Break Away From a Deferred Lifestyle
Recorded 5/17/21 Bitcoin price at the time ~$43,500 Daniel Prince is a father, world-traveler, author, podcaster, former FX broker, avid Bitcoiner, and much more. We dive down some fun rabbit holes as we explore his family’s journey around the world after quitting his job and selling everything, what led him to Bitcoin, and questioning the way in which we view everything around us. We are joined by two of his daughters, Lauren and Sophia, for the first 30 minutes as they share fun stories about their travels and insights about schooling! Where to find Daniel Prince: @PrinceySOV ( Once Bitten ( Choose Life ( Prince Family Travel Blog ( 4:15 - The antiquated school system - studying how each individual learns best can help to grow and grow faster 15:30 - Traveling frugally and creatively - “If you are willing to step out of your comfort zone doors will open up and opportunities will open up” 27:00 - FX background and what life was like before their travels 32:30 - Lauren and Sophia sign off! 33:30 - What was the final straw and getting the courage to leave - “The things you own end up owning you” 40:00 - Self-sovereignty leads to the analysis and questioning of 3 major pillars - Money, Food, Education 50:00 - The start of Daniel’s journey down the Bitcoin Rabbit Hole 1:00:00 - Why Bitcoin is needed 1:19:30 - Elon/Tesla Bitcoin FUD 1:27:30 - Future of Bitcoin excitement around lightning Resources mentioned: Bitcoin white paper ( Layered Money - Nik Bhatia ( Why Buy Bitcoin - Andy Edstrom ( Masters and Slaves of Money - Robert Breedlove ( The 4-Hour Workweek - Tim Ferriss ( Do schools kill creativity? - Sir Ken Robinson ( Bitcoin Audible - Guy Swann ( What is Money? - Robert Breedlove ( BTC001 - Preston Pysh and Robert Breedlove ( The Bitcoin Standard - Saifedean Ammous ( Ioni, Knut, and Guy Swann - YouTube videos ( Daniel Prince and Paul Itoi - (
May 18, 2021