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Marissa Carpio is an Actor and appeared on CBS FBI and Netflix action comedy film Sleepover
Born and raised in Chicago, IL, with family roots in Los Angeles, CA and Manila, Philippines, Marissa has appeared on CBS' FBI and as Mrs. Patoc in the NETFLIX action-comedy film THE SLEEPOVER, with Malin Akerman, Ken Marino and Joe Manganiello. Our team spoke to Marissa about her journey as an actor, the many struggles, lessons and can help the youth.
May 07, 2022
100k Tiktok local content creator. Foodie with GG
Known as a content creator/food blogger and travel blogger. Giselle is known for having 100k organic followers in tiktok and 2.2 million likes. A milestone a d groundbreaking news around the community. GG’s captured the essence of being inviting in front of the camera and articulating each restaurant and it’s distinctive menu. Our Asianapost team had an open discussion with her, and how she build an organic following and a strong community around her. GG is amazing and the value she brings. Join us as we watch and continue her progress.
April 24, 2022
Learn about Blockchain, NFT’s and other crypto currency’s with Sundeep.
Sundeep is a Technical Architect, project advisor, creator, and a collector there’s no other person that can explain this more intuitive than him. let’s learn about the #crypto space, #blockchain, why people at time get caught up on (FOMO) #fear of #missing out. Let’s start learning the difference of some of the most popular #crypto coins
January 23, 2022
A multi-award winning R&B/Soul/Jazz music artist. Tracy Cruz
Tracy Cruz a multi-#award winning R&B/Soul/Jazz singer, #songwriter, performing, and recording artist. This interview consists of understanding how creative musicians are all about. Understanding the mechanics of being true artist. With Tracy’s experience she explains the detail of being an independent artist versus being in a record label company. Truly enjoyed this one.
January 17, 2022
Amelia and Adinah are 2 prominent stars in their community
These lovely duo are twins, and delightful stars in their community. Amelia and Adinah are equipped with talents and interviewed several #rappers, #boxing stars such as Manny #Pacquiao, local leaders, #entertainers, and spreading information globally.
January 08, 2022
Mayor Melissa Ramoso of Artesia, CA · Los Angeles County, CA
Let’s all support her in this vital role. Mayor Melissa Ramoso serve as Artesia’s first #Asian #American and Pacific Islander and Filipino female Mayor. She is deeply honored and humbled to be elected by my peers into this role.
December 19, 2021
Asian/Filipino American and the Youngest Vice President of Columbia Records!
Meet John Vincent Vice President of Digital Marketing of Columbia Records. Tenacity in leadership, well deserved accomplishment, taking music to the next level, he is here to inspire the youth and exhilarate the community! We are very proud of him not just as Filipino American but also as an Asian American. A well deserved accomplishment in a such young age and he is just beginning. Join us with 1 on 1 session with John Vincent from Columbia Records.
December 07, 2021
Featured in ABC-Shark Tank, Jason helps the people in the Philippines by employing the locals…
1 and 1 with CEO Plili Hunter. Jason Thomas, was featured in Shark Tank. Tremendous asset in the community by helping out local Filipino and Filipina in the village by producing jobs. Not only Jason is a humble person but he also is very active in the Philippines, and his business. Exporting the delicious, buttery, nutritious Pilinut nut. The very first to introduce the amazing healthy Pilinut to the masses. Jason, took the time and sat with us.
September 05, 2021
Philippines product PHILINUT
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August 10, 2021
High performance master alignment coach at Google Sales, and holistic wellness and life coach.
Most of us are struggling to get to with the challenges and changes that resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic. Reason why you need to work with a life coach right now...  Alexis Loevenich Lee, a master alignment and international life coach. Alexis Loevenich Lee in the past worked at a high profile company such as Google. Alexis bring different elements and value in her industry. Understanding underlying issues and teaches empathy to others. She speaks about the difference between therapy versus coaching. Helping others to get to the next level. 
July 24, 2021
Asianpost had the opportunity talking to a rising tech savvy, founder entrepreneur Romel Romero.
Romel Rommero is a brilliant tech founder of the app called DipSocial. Romel gives back to the community by donating, helping, organizing, producing jobs, giving his time and tech hardware away. Now that cities are opening and getting back to normal. A better way to be more efficient with your time is by downloading the app called dip social. Dip social is an effective app that helps communities save time. Because time is the most valuable asset that we have. If your business is B2C, C2B or B2B this app brings value to your business and lifestyle. Not only you can chat with members but also gives real time feedback on social events, gatherings and restaurants around the world. Come join us and listen to-our exclusive interview. The wonderful gems he shares with us. The knowledge Romel have gotten along the way building a successful business.
June 02, 2021
With numerous attacks on the Asian Community and the elderly. Meet Evelyn a safety trainer.
Independent Damsel Defense Pro Evelyn Mizukami. Her message is empowerment, self defense, and awareness about safety. In this topic Evelyn educate us about our surroundings, being vigilant, perpetration, and prevention of future attacks. It is imperative that you listen. Please don’t miss this one.
April 09, 2021
Understanding what Assertiveness skills you need and why. Discussion with Dr. Abby
Dr. Abby is an industrial/organizational Psychologist. She advocates and teaches assertiveness. Discussion on how her path on being an assertive person. Most Asians Americans has barriers inside the corporate organizations. A term called bamboo ceiling. Learn to be an Assertive individual. Able to get your point across without upsetting others, or becoming upset themselves.
March 18, 2021
Discussion about mental health in the community
What we learned about mental health?Special guest Cynthia Siadat discuss the importance of mental health. Cynthia is a mental health speaker and writer. A Fil-AM social working Trauma Therapist. Her current project is called Kapwa Psychotherapy. At time like this it is imperative that we understand the importance of mental health.
February 20, 2021
Spectacular local live musician Violet Jeffries sits 1 on 1 with Asianapost
Meet Violet Jeffries, she consistently delivers high notes, with her crisp and clear vocal sounds. Violet Jeffries is a well rounded musician and very talented. Studied songwriting at the Arts at Belmont University. With her latest single, and astonishing vocal called “No Chemistry”. This single proves it all, she has that talent and delivers. Press play and listen to our 1 on 1 interview with Violet Jeffries.
October 09, 2020
Meet Brendan G. Flores. NaFFAA’s youngest National Chairman. Our 1 on 1 interview with Brendan.
Brendan G Flores the National Chairman and President at the National Federation of Filipino American Associations. He is a true Millennial, made history during the 12th National Empowerment Conference, a leader, a philanthropist, a banker by profession from Sarasota, Florida. Touched on subject such as relationships, embracing one’s culture and being proud of it. His adversity of being a young immigrant in the United States. Being the effective leader in his organization. Dealing with elderly, and the youth but bridging the gap together.
September 13, 2020
Founder of the Bisayan Connection, Meet Leonora Perron. Asianapost sat down with her.
Promoting Asian Culture, she worked with local politicians in the past, Democratic party and Republicans party. Being involved in politics because is a big thing for Nora. The founder of the Bisayan Connection in Panama City. In the past she was in several organizations. She was featured in local television. She was able to raised thousands of dollars in the past. After her term with FIL-AM she started the Bisayan Connection. Bisayan Connection was able to raise about 100 thousand dollars donations. Promoting Bisayan Connection was her focus and celebrating 20 years.
September 12, 2020
Meet Fe Amehan, she is the proud owner of Ultimate Healthcare Inc.
Living the American dream. The founder and administrator of Ultimate Healthcare Inc., a nurse staffing company, which she has been running for over 30 years. Fe has also spent a decade operating a second company, UCI Home Health Services, which provides quality medical care in the home.
September 11, 2020
Roslynn Alba Cobarrubias, Marketing Advisor, TV Host, Producer, Entrepreneur
Roslynn is a proud Filipina American. She is a Serial Entrepreneur. Roslynn is also a Marketing advisor, founder of ROS Marketing,, and currently she the global Head of Music & Talent, ABS-CBN. Roslynn overseas their MYXTV and MyX Radio on Dash Radio platforms in the U.S.
September 07, 2020
Belinda Keiser - Vice Chancellor at Keiser University. Speaks about the importance of voting.
1 on 1 with Belinda Keiser. She is a member of the Asian Pacific Americans for Trump Advisory Board. She is also an educator, workforce development professional, board member of Enterprise Florida, board member of Space Florida and a former member of the Constitution Revision Commission (CRC), 2017-18. Also, Belinda Keiser is a member of the Women for Trump coalition.
August 27, 2020
Brad Baldia - Filipino Americans For Biden Eastern Region Co-Chair
Mr. Baldia is the Founding President of the Philadelphia Chapter, was elected as the Executive Vice President of NAAAP National and served as National President & CEO from 2008-2012. He is also the Eastern Region Co-Chair for Biden and Harris. He also volunteered in different type of non for profit organizations. Brad loves giving back to his community. We discussed several topics about the democratic Party. He described Joe Biden and why he is a better person for the job.
August 26, 2020
His slogan ” I’ve signed the humanity forward pledge”! 1 on 1 community hero Steven Lee
Meet Steven Lee, a Chinese American, political candidate for New York City, Gentleman, scholar, Guardian, poet and a community hero. Steven has been in the NYPD force for more than 15 years. Steve also assist and feeds homeless people. Steven Lee has seen it all.
August 21, 2020
1 on 1 interview with Lou Marin, Orange County Republican Executive Committee Vice Chair.
They call him Typhoon Lou, OCREC Vice Chairman, Vice President Florida Republican’s United. 2016 Trump FLORIDA Deputy State Grassroots Director, United States Navy Chief and Conservative. We had the opportunity talk to him. He is about educating the public, and the future of the Republican Party. He touched on special topics such as president Trump helping the Veterans Affair. He touched on a lot of important topics.
August 16, 2020
Her name is Saima Farooqui, a D20 delegate. President ACLU of Broward county.
She is an Asian, American, Muslim Democratic Caucus of Florida. A treasurer at Democratic Progressive Caucus Of Broward County. Our 1 on 1 interview with her, and the big active role that she adds in her community.
August 14, 2020
A description about the explosion in Lebanon. An in-depth, 1 on 1 interview with an OFW.
WARNING!! Interview with a Filipina OFW at Lebanon. She witnessed a gruesome explosions. She gave us the full details with vivid description, and the struggles they had to endure.
August 08, 2020
1 on 1 interview with Filipino American Boynton Beach Vice Mayor Ty Penserga. Amazing person!
Ty Penserga currently serving as Vice Mayor of Boynton Beach. Term of Office: March 2020 to March 2023. Graduated from Temple University. We had the opportunity discussing racial disparity, the pandemic, supporting small business, and how the city is leveraging the use of technology.
August 07, 2020
DJGQ Intro Asianapost
Thank you DJGQ
July 31, 2020
She’s a young DIVA on the rise to stardom. Her name is Zeyonce.
Straight from California. Zeyonce has been singing since she was at the age of 6. Zeyonce is well known in her community, and had many performances. Her friends call her Z. With her many amazing performances. With her busy schedule, we had the chance and opportunity to do a 1 on 1 interview with her.
July 14, 2020
A destination specialist and a travel advisor. She had traveled all over the world.
Luisa Yu, has a vast experience traveling all over the world. Nothing will slow her down to seek another adventure. As a destination specialist, she provides visitor information, staffing at convention, events, and generate extraordinary information of experience.
July 13, 2020
A conversation with a concerned American Veteran.
Served in the Armed Forces, his views on today’s Political agenda’s and his concerns about the United States progress.
July 04, 2020
A Young Filipino Rapper with Aspirations to make it. Even against all odds.
Randy Evangelista Badillia aka GATILYO. Which means sharp as knife. With vivid Filipino rap punchlines, and that can stand anything. Against all odds and in GOD he trust.
July 02, 2020
APASWFL - Asian Professionals Association Of South West Florida. Understanding the community.
Our 1 on 1 interview with Pearl Cruz. She articulates, and explains the community. How her team is able to organize, with collaborative efforts, and working with sponsors. APASWFL is a non for profit organization that’s brings different type of people, and communities together. While showcasing Asian cultures such as Korean, Chinese, Filipino, Middle East Americans.
June 21, 2020
She’s a successful business broker and field analyst. She’s a proud Puerto Rican-Filipina American.
Studied Business Management in FIU. A multi talented woman, Fil-AM beauty pageant, business woman, and an ambassador in her community. Madeline has one of the best interpersonal skills, and the qualities of a leader.
June 19, 2020
Little Rexx is only 6 years old and adorable. He has 4 million plus views on his blog.
With the help of her aunt, and his team. Little Rexx has gotten a lot of attention over the past months. Little Rexx and his team was able to accomplish 4 million views on their Facebook Blog. Being creative during this pandemic pays off. (Tagalog listeners only)
May 29, 2020
She’s a community businesswoman and radio talk show in Australia.
Australian Filipina broadcaster and also a community business woman. She is articulate and very passionate person about her industry. She has a background in accounting and leveraged that in her business.
May 25, 2020
Straight from the U.K. she is actively raising charitable organizations around here continent.
She’s from the U.K. (Lancaster). Julie loves helping the community. She started a beauty pageant with a good cause, and it benefits the winner by giving charity back to the Philippine community.
May 25, 2020
He’s a respectable doctor in Jacksonville, FLORIDA. An Internal medicine physician working in VA medical hospital.
An Internal medicine physician specialist in VA Medical Center.  His professional career spanned in years in the medical field.  He express the concern about the economy, the corona virus,  the telehealth solution, and how technology would be the driving force behind improvements in the healthcare sector. Listen to his discussion about the medical field, and dying passion for his favorite sports. Now matter what age you are, you will enjoy listening to this interview. 
May 20, 2020
She’s a Filipina actress, model, and singer. Was featured in the top single 90 in the UK.
She is a star in the vocal trance music community. Jenn Cuneta, is a famous singer, and has been featured in several vocal trans hits in ULTRA-MUSIC. Her aunt is the famous Mega Star Sharon Cuneta. Make no mistake she earned her stardom from hard work, adversity, talent, all can do and positive attitude. Hence the reason why Jenn Cuneta has her own platform to stand on. With a plethora of talent, and her global smash hits songs. We are pleased, and excited doing a 1 on 1 interview with her.
May 17, 2020
Understanding J1 visa. The struggle, the hardship and the cause of the global pandemic.
The lives of a J1 visa holder, the struggle, and how the pandemic is affecting them. How local and other organizations is helping.
May 16, 2020
Filipina Mom in Hanoi Vietnam, and she created a small group in here community.
She’s a stay home mother in Hanoi, in Vietnam. Married to an esteem Filipino Principal. She one of the individuals that wanted to assist kids and community by creating a local niche group.
May 16, 2020
Gravitated by his style and work, He has the vision and the right recipe of a great designer.
He continues to push the envelope and delivers an impressive, imaginable, and different type of style in the fashion industry. You will be please to see his work of art. In the mind of a talented designer.
May 09, 2020
He’s an ER frontliner, been in the field for 25 years, a positive, and sincere individual.
Has 25 years of experience in the healthcare industry. Has an in-depth knowledge, how to handle covid-19 patients. Understand the work flow, and very detailed oriented individual. Also, has years of years experience on travel industry.
May 02, 2020
She has vast of experience being a Register Nurse/ Frontliner respected in her industry.
She demonstrates comprehensive technique and knowledge in her space. Respected in her industry and community. She explains how rewarding it is to be a nurse, and how skies are the limit. She speaks about compassion, understanding team work. A professional knowledge of the nursing industry.
April 26, 2020
President and Managing Partner and has more than 45 years of a wealth travel experience.
Always has his finger on the pulse of the travel industry, brings a deep perspective to every venture and his engaging nature. He has an impressive professional background includes serving as interim COO for two dot-con travel start-ups, held key executive positions in the airline, travel agency, tour operator and travel network sectors.
April 26, 2020
Interview bloopers gone wrong. Funny and bad.
a recent interview with a frontliner. He has an immense experience in the food industry a total of 13 plus years. We investigate and interview him. We ask several key topic of the #pandemic. But the interview was one of the most hilarious piece ever. Nakataw sa bugnot namin.
April 25, 2020
She is a multi talented model, golfer, a business broker, and operates recovery a services.
She demonstrates leadership, a model for 10 years, self-motivated, self-oriented, vibrant, well educated, and operates a recovery services. She has the characteristics, and qualities of a leader in a community.
April 22, 2020
A Filipino rising star in the making.
Peyton Garcia! A multi talented Pop star. He is amazing! On his cover songs, his fans are in tears of joy. An exclusive 1 on 1 interview with him.
April 21, 2020
Inside Lens. The story of how a UK medical front-liner describes his day to day agonizing exp
In the eyes of a UK medical front-liner. An Unimaginable description of his day to day. How civilians should take this pandemic seriously? Also, the shortages of medical PPE.
April 17, 2020
Do you have what takes to be a beauty pageant? An In-depth examination on how to become one.
She explains what it takes, and the hard work. She speaks several languages, a well spoken, confident, and beautiful, Mrs. Universe 2019 Top 22, Mrs. Universe Beautiful Woman 2019, Mrs. Euro-Philippines Universe 2019 and many more.
April 16, 2020
She helps her community by helping others, especially the youth.
She helps the youth by assisting with baton twirling training. The youth calls her mother!! The best part of it, she guides the youth. Mentor’s them to be successful in the baton community. She provides and create mask for the youth and with beautiful logos. An amazing interview and the impact she does to young generations and her community! We enjoyed this interview with her!!
April 15, 2020
She has a vast of experience dealing with top level leaders and mastered the word leadership
A Filipina American and well respected individual in her community. She mastered the word leadership, she has the ability to bridge together segregated communities, and has immense success. Words can not explain what she has done. This is a must listen interview!
April 13, 2020
A UK Filipina and a stay home mom. How she is helping the frontliners in her community
Front-liners in the medical field wear the mask consistently and complaint about irritation around the ear. A UK Filipina mother creates a hand made headband with buttons to help her community. An inside interview on how she made it happen.
April 11, 2020
Insurance industry, and how are they surviving in this pandemic times.
With extensive knowledge of experience in the insurance industry. Johnny delivers an educational explanation. If you’re a newbie or just want to understand this space.
April 11, 2020
Local County doctor talks about his proactive approach and being vigilant.
In the eyes of a local county doctor as he speaks for the very first time. How he tackles covid-19, and his opinion on preventing it.
April 10, 2020
An in depth conversation on how a Frontliner Physical Therapist follows the proper protocols and procedures. To prevent #Covid-19
A dedicated Physical Therapist that puts her life, and family at risk in order to provide a service for her local community
April 10, 2020
What you need to know about the fashion space and industry from a 10 year veteran
A 10 year veteran in the fashion space. Experience in creating unique design and working with a close knit group of people in the fashion industry. She collaborate with many designers and models. How she turn her passion in to business.  
April 08, 2020
How a young entrepreneur mindset tackle the hard times!
How a young entrepreneur spirit, realigned himself, being innovative and have a cutting edge ideas.
April 07, 2020
Great extent of experience and an expert the Real Estate Market.
#Real Estate Industry# applying new and innovative solutions while leveraging technology and going beyond the norm.
April 06, 2020
Diving in the Technology sector
#ITauditor#technology#IT risk assessment, established a 4 years of experience in the field and having an MBA. 
April 05, 2020
Landscape Of Music
April 03, 2020
Retail sector
Aaron has a vast amount of experience in the retail space.. You don’t want to miss.
April 02, 2020