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The Life and times of a DC Salsero

The Life and times of a DC Salsero

By Earl Rush
A Half Realty Half Fictional Online Salsa Soap Opera based out of Washington, DC in the year 2008
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Real Fellas talk Sports no 19
show no 19 
December 11, 2020
RealFellas Talk Sports No 18
show no 18 
December 11, 2020
Straight Up Talk with Earl Rush one on on with JJ Shaban
One on One with JJ Shaban 
December 11, 2020
Straight Up Talk with Eileen Torres
So excited that i will get to sit down and chat with my Latin Dance Events Mentor  Eileen Torres . She was the first Edutainmnent Promoter I had ever met .  She would provide Education and entertainment  to all who wanted to learn and be entertained . The DC Salsa Scene is what it is today because of her as she set the Blueprint for  all following promoters o how to have a real Salsa Party  She taught thousands of people in DC their ON 2 foundation  and brought thousands  of people together for unforgettable evens with live music and  Kick ass djs  She created Platforms for The dancers to perform and kick started many Dancers and Dance teams careers . To this day I never knew how she convinced the club owners to bring Major artists to her events but she did and i got to meet all of them because of her.  I shudder to think what the scene in DC would have been like without her .   BiO EILEEN TORRES Eileen Torres, a pioneer in the DC salsa community, built a career based on her knowledge of salsa music and dance. She was responsible for creating the Tributes to Women, Men, and Choreographers in Salsa and an Old School Mambo Tribute that took place at Zanzibar over 10 years. She also brought the top salsa recording artists in the industry to Zanzibar Juste Lounge, and at VIP Club. As a salsa historian she lectured at The Kennedy Center, National Geographic Society, Smithsonian Museums, Artishphere , Congresional Hispanic Caucus Institute, numerous federal government agencies , and Salsa Congress in Puerto Rico, The Netherlands, Los Angeles, Chicago and Washington, DC in addition to numerous colleges and universities. In 1998 Starbucks Coffee Company contracted her to write the liner notes and assist in the selection of the music for the CD titled Mambo Mio. Recently she wrote the liner notes for Gary Sosias, a well-known percussionist in the DMV. She served as ethnic dance instructor at the Duke Ellington School for the Arts, directed and choreo-  graphed for LPG comprised of Arlington County adolescents and teens. She also co-wrote and co-directed with Ted David the music and dance revue, Remembering the Palladium presented at Atlas Theater in Washington, DC in 2013. She received Hollywood credits as Associate Producer for the short-film, MANO and Executive Producer for the feature film, SHINE. After 28 years in Washington, DC Eileen relocated to Ohio to help care for her 90-year old mother. There she is involved in the Latino community.  She has presented video lectures on salsa, traditional Mexican music, and Latinos in Rock n Roll at Mexican Mutual Society- an organization in existence for 91 years. She serves on the Board of Trustees of the Roberto Ocasio Foundation that hosts a summer Latin Jazz music camp for teenage musicians. Its musical director is Bobby Sanabria. In January she will serve a two year term as president of the Hispanic Fund- an affiliate fund of the Community Foundation of Lorain County. Their mission is to improve and promote socioeconomic and educational opportunities within the Hispanic Community. Eileen’s book dealing with gender inequality, female empowerment, politics and sex will be published in 2021. Eileen co-founded the University of Colorado's first Ballet Folklorico, choreographed for two Ohio dance groups, Alma de Mexico and Salseros Unlimited in the late 70s and  toured for two years with The National Chicano Dance Theater based in Denver, CO. We have plenty to talk about !
December 11, 2020
"You Know GoGo Earl is Petty "Episode No 10 of the Life and Times of a DC Salsero
When we last left Helena had just been dropped by her lover Juan Carlos and her man Nick Johnson. In her office she fainted after receiving walking papers from Nick Johnson . Was it a case of her being pregnant and not knowing who the father is like on all soap operas? No Helena was a diabetic and had not taken her insulin or eaten all day. She was not pregnant. She did not go to the SOS pool party because she wanted to get away so she went  down to Chris Soto's party in Miami. to hang out with J G J Renard Johnson Victor Perez and Burju and Ana and Joel GoGo and Nick Johnson owner of Club 1 where they only dance LA Style On 1 used to be be great friends but when Nick refused to shut down his Club after GoGo Earl asked him to shut down for Shaka Brown's DC Salsa Congress, Earl caught feelings and has a Major problem and Beef with Nick. Nick has asked Kelvin Harris to intervene but he was not  aware that Kelvin Rick or Tanya  , Soror Salsa , Maribel Soto and Sheila McNeil  the SOS Crew never get involved with Earl's drama , They all love him but know he is Notoriously Petty and it could years for GoGo to get over .the  Beef Nobody throws  a Salsa Party like Kelvin Harris Whether  Salsa Cruises or Poo Parties it is always first class , Salseros from all up and down the East came to Kelvin's Roof Top Pool Party . Ii was a great time but everyone that did not have a life and the Gossip Mongereres  were watching the interactions between Nick Johnson and The Betcha Didn't know SOS correspondent Sheila Mc Neil;. Lee El Gringuito and GoGo Earl discuss having a Bachata Congress with a Salsa Ballroom at the Pool Party . Roberta  the mysterious  lady from Chicago had a great week in DC and promised to come back to DC  for the SOS two year anniversary party. She thought DC was a great salsa town, she loved Juan Carlos' dance studio in his house and though curious on why he never made a move she liked the fact that he treated  her with the utmost respect. She was beginning to like him and was starting to feel bad about why she really came to hang out with him. If you remember she had a meeting with a mysterious man  while in DC but we will get back to that later. After the Party everyone went to Ramiro's Spot and partied until the Wee Hours At 4 am Nick calls Sheila and tells her it is not a Booty call he just wanted to invite her as his date for the Stuckonsalsa Anniversary  party HMMM will GoGo Earl get over the fact Nick did not shut down for the Congress or will it be a 7 years war ? Will Sheila and Nick go to the SOS  anniversary together? Will Helena start taking her insulin on a timely basis ? Will GoGo tell Kelvin he ant messing with Nick Johnson any more ? Stay tuned for the next episode of the  Life and Times of a DC Salsero
April 19, 2020
"Let's Stop fighting and Work together " Episode N0 10
GoGo Earl came up in the game being mentored by Eileen Torres , Wendell Robinson Ramiro El Padrinoand Ricardo Amigo Loaiza. Whenever any of them had a party , they were always well attended with good dancers and beautiful people These were the top promoters in the DMV who were throwing any kind of Salsa events possible from Parties in Clubs and Hotels to live concerts in Clubs and Hotels Now Ramiro El Padrino was a person who just wanted to have fun and party and partake in a few Daddy Sodas was more well rounded and flexible but the other Three never played nothing but Salsa at their events Just like his mentors GoGo Earl and Kelvin Harris did not play that Bachata stuff. Salsa and Mambo Only Lee El Gringuito Smith Jr. and the Elite Rumbero Edgar Recinos were the new School Promoters They played Salsa and Bachata so we had different crowds but more and more people were becoming open minded to Salsa and Bachata not just Salsa . Though not intense but yet still it was a competition because Lee El Gringuito Smith Edgar Recinos Kelvin Harris and GoGo Earl Rush all have a competitive nature and thy all play to win Lee El Gringuito Smith Jr. and GoGo Earl Rush would Troll each other daily on The DC Salsa Meet Up page and both  would try to get Cathy Freeman and Liz Strom Mario Salsa and Liz Cruz to bring the DC Salsa Meetup to their events because at the time the DC Salsa Meet Up was the most powerful group in the city as far as Salsa . They were like powerful Salsa Lobbyists If you got the DC Salsa Meet Up to come yo your event that meant another 100 people easy . Though somewhat Rivals but not really Lee El Gringuito Smith Jr. tells Earl Rush he wants to talk to him about doing an event together in a Hotel . He said let's stop fighting and let's work together  He said you can bring a Salsa Crowd and He could bring a Bachata crowd .  They parties will be in separate rooms GoGo Earl invites Lee El Gringuito Full to the SOS Pool Party at Kelvin Harris Roof top coming up on Saturday and tells him we can discuss it here . Well !!!! Will the D Salsa Meetup come to the Salsa Cruise? Will Lee and GoGo hook up or will GoGo say F%$#@k Lee El Gringuito Smith Jr.  and Bachata ?
April 18, 2020
GoGo Earl sings Happy Birthday to BeBe
Yes that Bebe 
April 13, 2020
Episode no 9 of the Life and Times of a DC Salsero
In one day Helena had been dumped by two men her man,  Nick Johnson and her lover Juan Carlos and her luck was about to get worse as she fainted right after Nick Johnson broke up with her. Slim Johnson Private detective who had been hired by his cousin Nick Johnson was about to give his report. He told his cousin Nick he had been following Helena for a week and he he had not seen any strange behavior. Nick listened to the report but  he really did not care any more what Helena was doing because he had just dropped her like she was hot!! Roberta and Juan Carlos were getting ready for the StuckOnsalsa pool party Hosted by Kelvin Harris and she was wondering to her self, this guy invites me to spend the week with hin and he has not made any kind of moves towards me. .Juan Carlos is thinking to him self this lady comes all the way from Chicago to spend a week with me and she has not made any moves toward him. They spent the whole week  dancing but no hanky panky. By the time of the pool party everyone had heard that Helena and Nick Johnson had broken up. Gossip spreads quickly in DC just like any other small town. Nick was now single and ready to mingle and there were plenty of pretty and single ladies at the StuckOnsalsa Pool party, He noticed SOS correspondent Sheila McNeil was there by her self and he had always been checking her out but his friend GOGoEarl would never try to hook him  up with her because he was with Helena and GOGO was not going to let Nick Johnson  try to play his girl Sheila McNeil. Secretly Sheila had always been checking out  Nick Jonhson out and was glad when she heard that Nick and Helena had broken up. They hung out at the pool together then went to Yuca hosted by Ramiro and  exchanged emails and telephone numbers at the end of the night. HMMMM Will Helena find out that she is pregnant or was being fired by 2 men in one day too much for her? Will Sheila McNeil and Nick Johnson hook up even though Nick dances strictly on 1 and Sheila prefers to dance on 2? Will Roberta and Juan Carlos do more than dance before she goes back to Chicago? Stay tuned for the next episode of the Life and Times of A DC Salsero 
April 11, 2020
Episode No 8 of the Life and Times of a DC Salsero
Nick Johnson  Owner of Club One where they dance only Dance LA style On1 at was a proud man who worked hard all his life to get where he was. He was educated , successful and some say good looking to  boot. He had been around the block a couple of times and he had no time for foolishness. Already on thin ice with him  for her behavior the other night at Clarendon Grill he basically snapped when his Lady Helena threatened him about their relationship. She had put doubt in his mind  about their relationship and he no longer trusted her and he was always going to look at her different now so he told Helena there is no need to wait there relationship was over right now.  Wow Helena has been dumped by her man  Nick Johnson and her lover Juan Carlos  within 24 hours.. It been a rough day for Helena. HMMMM Will Helena say forget it and show up to the StuckOnsalsa Pool Party with a thong Bikini? Or will she become depressed and starting going to the Merengue and Bachata Clubs? Stay tuned for the next Episode of the Life and Times of a DC Salsero 
April 4, 2020
The Life and Times of a DC Salsero Episode No 7
It's her ring . Juan Carlos gives all the ladies that he is involved with their separate rings so he never needs to look at his caller id. This ring was getting ready to be eliminated from his phone any way because she had broken the Cardinal rule. She had become too involved. She had been ringing his phone off the hook ever since she saw him with the out of town chick named Roberta at the Clarendon Grill, and he has been ignoring her calls. Finally answering her call he proceeds to tell her immediately that it is over and he does not want to see her any more and that she should get a new mambo instructor because he was no longer giving her private lessons. She knew it was coming but this guy was cold hearted, he acted like it was no big thing for him to tell her it was over. He sounded like he had never met her at all. Lucky for her since she is being followed by Slim Johnson private detective , his reports will come up showing no hanky panky going on and Nick Johnson will be thrown off the case. Or will he Friday night at Divino's was hot as all the hot dancers met to celebrate Tony Nardolillo's Birthday. He had a heck of a Birthday dance. Roberta had a great time at Divino's . She also met Kelvin Harris one of the partners of StuckOnSalsa. at Diivinos and Kelvin invited  her to the SOS Pool party. Club Whatever was happening on Friday night as the DC Salsa Congress was finally out of the systems of the DC Salseros. Club Whatever usually has  a great crowd becaue they have a great wood dance floor and they play nothing but salsa and mambo in the main room. They have great DJs and sometimes they have live music. Nick was acting strangely to his lady Helena and she was picking up on it. She confronts him and tells him if he keeps acting strange , it will be over real quick. HMMMMM????? Will Nick tell her not only will it be over quick it's over now. or will he feel foolish after Slim Johnson private detective tells him nothing is going on.with his Lady Helena. and Juan Carlos ? 
March 31, 2020
Episode 6 of the Life and Times of a DC Salsero
Episode 6 of the Life and Times of a DC Salsero Juan Carlos and Roberta got up at  6 AM and worked all day long . They did not break for lunch or the customary 1 hour private dance party they normally have  in the new studio. They finally stopped at 4 pm and went down to the Georgetown waterfront for some dinner. Afterward   they went to the StuckOnSalsa Mambo Suite and hung out with Julio Perez and his crew who drove all the way  from Norfolk Va  to learn some on2 moves from GoGo Earl and Psyon Mauricio. From there they went to hang out in Baltimore with Susan Leiter and her crew over at Club Uno in Baltimore. From there they rush back to catch DJ Andy's last set at Zanzibar. As you can see Juan Carlos and Roberta both work hard and play hard. Nick Johnson was starting to build a case against his lady Helena. The fact that there is some doubt means the relationship will never be the same. This relationship is on rocky terms. Come to think of it Helena never danced on2 until she started taking classes with Juan Carlos. And she is always talking about how great  an instructor he is , and come to think of it she never ever misses his class. HMMMM???? It looks like she wanted to broaden her horizons in more ways than just dancing on 1 and on2 Nick calls Slim Johnson private detective and tells him to keep an eye on Helena when ever he sees her at Club Whatever. He does not tell him who he suspicious of he just tells Slim Johnson private detective to report on her actions. HMMMMM? Will Juan Carlos and Roberta chill on Thursday night and  get ready for Tony Nardolillo's party tomorrow at Divinos or will they go to Club Five and get those$1.00 drinks from 9:30 pm until 11pm
March 29, 2020
The Lost Episodes No 5 of The Life and Times of a DC Salsero
Even though they went to breakfast after Lucky Bar and did not get in until 3am, Roberta and Juan Carlos were both up at the crack of dawn pecking away on their lap tops handling their business. They both were not only salsa- holics they were work a -holics  as well. They worked until about 1pm went to lunch downtown and headed straight back to dance at the studio. It was when they were dancing together is when they seemed to have the best time with one another. . They took a nap and got ready for Michelle Reyes Birthday Michelle Reyes party at Barking Dog.  After the nap Roberta said she wanted to go shopping but she really had to meet a  friend,  a friend she definitely did not want Juan Carlos to know about . After the meeting they go to the Barking Dog in Bethesda  for Michelle Reyes Birthday celebration. Roberta was impressed with Dj Mike "El Sonero" Morales  Mike El Sonero Morales play list and could not wait to hear him Saturday at the SOS Pool Party . She was also excited about taking classes tomorrow with PsyonMauricio who she knew from Chicago Salsa Congress when he was then named  Dee Scott at the Mambo Suite on Connecticut Ave . She likes the small  semi private  class concept. PsyniiGianni Scott Nick Johnson , owner of Club LA had been around the block once of twice before. His lady Helena was fine before they got to Clarendon Grill last night. Something there upset her and he was going to find out what it was. He had decided to have Helena followed by his First Cousin Slim Johnson a well known salsa holic who just happens to be a private detective. Slim was always at the salsa club so you never knew whether he was spying on you or just getting his salsa fix attended to. The words Club Whatever  still kept ringing in his ears Hmmm! Will Slim Johnson Private detective  who is Nick Johnson's Club owner of Club LA  first cousin get the goods on Helena Nick Johnson's Lady ? Will Roberta and Juan Carlos ever do more that take naps together? Will Nick Johnson find out that his lady is doing more than taking mambo lessons with Juan Carlos? Stay tuned for the next Episode of the Life and Times of A DC Salsero Mateo Johnson Virak Chhang Morris Jackson Kim Yizzle Jimmy Yoon Shaka Brown Alex Mistério Rodriguez Tanya J Smith
March 27, 2020
Episode 4 The Life and Times of a DC Salsero
When we last in Episode NO 3 Helena who was cheating on Nick Johnson with our Hero Juan Carlos disses Nick Johnson at the Clarendon Grille Those words Club Whatever left a funny feeling in his stomach. It left a bad taste in his mouth. He had  to sit back and analyze the situation. His gut feelings were never wrong..  Why in the Heck did hi lady mention Club Whatever  She was starting to feel something for Juan Carlos besides just having great sex. She was falling for him,  getting all involved emotionally which was what she promised him would never happen. Helena knew it was only a matter of time before it was over and lucky for her it will be soon because her man Nick Johnson was about to have her followed. by his private detective. and first cousin Slim Johnson. Slim was very useful to Nick because he had a salsa addiction and would work for cheap at any salsa venues just to be around the music and the dancers. He could steal moves and work at the same time. After having a great time at Clarendon Grill they went over to the Lucky Bar where the dancers are not on the level of Clarendon's dancers but they know how to have fun with the best of them. Roberta was really impressed with Dj Bruno and she thought that the Clarendon Grill was a great spot for a Monday night. She immediately wanted to leave because it was just to crowded , so she did not understand why Juan Carlos had taken her there. She seemed to catch an attitude about it actually.  She had no idea that  Juan Carlos  was testing her to see how hardcore she was .  She was mad because the pace was too crowded and  she needed room to do her Ladies Styling  Yes!!!!! His kind of Lady. Will Slim Johnson the Private detective find out Helena is cheating on his cousin Nick Johnson ? Will DJ Bruno play Go Go Earl's Theme song  ? Hache Y Machete ? Will Shaka Brown move Back to DC from Miami ? Stay tuned for the  next Episode of the Life and Times of a DC Salsero 
March 25, 2020
Episode 3 "The Life and times of A DC Salsero"
Episode 3 "The Life and times of A DC Salsero His name was Nick Johnson and before Juan Carlos opened up Club Whatever he was the man who had the most successful salsa club in town. He is no longer considered competition for Juan Carlos because this guy never plays Mambo at his club and he is strictly an On1 dancer and his club caters to On1 LA style dancers thus the name of his club is called  CLUB LA Now Juan Carlos is definitely competition to Nick because at Club Whatever they play a little bit of everything and everyone is still going there because it is still fairly new.  He has not liked Juan Carlos ever since he opened up Club Whatever. Also unknown to him is his lady is having an affair with Juan Carlos.They both have Mondays off and they all 4  end up at Clarendon last night. Juan Carlos is parading his date from out of town around and Nick's lady Helena is stewing inside from his behavior and trying her best not to show any emotion for fear of tipping off to her man that she has something going on with his arch rival Juan Carlos. Of course Nick being a On1 fanatic could not be seen anywhere near the corner where you first come in at Clarendon  Grill. This is where the infamous On2 clique reside and they are very territorial. So Nick just hangs out on the other side where the on 1 and novices hang out. He gets in an argument with his lady Helena because she is dancing On2 with some guy and doing real sexy shines. He pulls her to the side and demands that she stop embarrassing him by dancing on 2 in front of his friends. She tells him she will dance on whatever whenever at Club Whatever  whenever she likes , and leaves the club and gets in a cab. Nick's friends are just sitting there in shock as he just got dissed in front of all his boys.............. He is thinking "who said something about Club Whatever? Why would she bring My Arch Rival's Club up in one of of our arguments ? Well Well Well  Will Nick wise up  and realize something aint right in Denmark as far as his lady and his rival Juan Carlos ? Or will he be playing  On1 Songs and No Mambo at Club LA ?  A lot more questions to be answered in the  next Episode 
March 24, 2020
The Life and Times of a DC Salsero The Lost Episodes No 2
The Life and Times of a DC Salsero Episode 2 Her name was Roberta and that's all she said . He did not ask her for her full name because the way she could dance her last name was the last thing on Juan Carlos' mind. She was a wheeler and a dealer just like Juan Carlos and had her own successful advertising business and as always since graduating from Howard ,  she was caller  of her own shots.  She had met Juan Carlos a week ago at Club Whatever a Salsa club in DC while there for the DC Salsa Congress. She left the hotel because she said it was too hot in there too many people were dancing and having a great time but the air conditioner was not at full blast. and  for one of the few times of her life she had to get out of the kitchen because she could not take the heat. So she went over to Club Whatever for what every one goes there for and that is for some "Whatever" She met Juan  Carlos and they danced the night a way , and unfortunately for the club owner they had plenty of room to dance since every one was at the Congress. She danced equally well On 1 and On 2  A great beginning , his kind of lady. . Next thing she knows she is accepting his invitation to come and hang out in Washington  for a week to show her how we do it here in DC. He meets her at the airport . they have lunch and race straight to his home. They cannot wait to be alone to dance in his new dance studio Juan Carlos had just built into his home. They have a 1 hour private party in the new studio and then take a nap together on the couch to get ready for Clarendon Grill and Keith Givens intermediate class. There was no kind of funny business going on during the nap because at this moment it was not that kind of  party..........
March 23, 2020
The Life and Times of a DC Salsero The Original Lost Episodes No 1
Welcome to The Life and Time of a DC Salsero  is Salsa'sa only On line soap opera . The Life and Times of a DC Salsero is a half fictional half reality salsa soap opera based out of Washington, DC DC Salsa Scene 2008 Era  Opening Characters The Hero of the story Juan Carlos Club Owner of Whatever where they dance On1 and On2 Nick Johnson Club Owner of Club LA where they dance only on 1 Bachata Barbara New trouble maker Bachata Holic from Chicago Helena  Nick Johnson's girlfriend who is sleeping with his rival Juan Carlos Roberta  a  Mysterious Salsera from Chicago Slim Johnson  Nick's cousin a private detective and all the DC Salseros and Salseras Episode No 1 His Great grandfather  was a hustler his Granddfather was a hustler , his father was a hustler and  Juan Carlos was no different. He has 2 serious addictions which are making money and salsa. He grew up in DC and knew the city like the back of his hand. .He was the owner of Club Whatever one of the Salsa Hot spots in DC . His rival at the moment was Nick Johnson owner of Club LA  another DC Salsa hot spot. Though he had made money all kinds of ways and had many connections Juan Carlos had left the Hustler life alone and had gone completely legitimate. This story is about Juan Carlos ' addictions and other people's addictions and how it affect their lives in  Washington. DC, DC
March 23, 2020
Day 11 of No Social Salsa Dancing
Earl GoGo Rush explains how he is handling Social Disatncing 
March 18, 2020
DCBX 4th Annual Excellence Awards
Event Information Description DCBX.ORG CORDIALLY INVITES YOU TO THE 4TH ANNUAL DCBX EXCELLENCE AWARDS SHOW Thursday, August 22nd Renaissance Downtown Hotel - Grand Ballroom 999 Ninth St NW - Washington, DC 20001 MISSION STATEMENT Honoring Leaders who Impact Lives By Celebrating the Global Experience. OUR VISION In it’s fourth year, DCBX Excellence Awards aims to celebrate and  recognize the private and often unseen efforts of leaders in the  cultural and dance community.  Help us highlight their unsung efforts. Honoring excellence for one special night and featuring live  performances and red-carpet moments, voted by people’s choice, DCBX  honors those in the Latin Dance, Hispanic and Greater Diverse DMV  Communities who make a difference through their commitment to positively  affecting lives & celebrating The Global Experience. Recognized by their peers for outstanding achievements throughout the  year, we honor excellence across 16 categories and nominated by the  People, along with Life-Time Achievement Awards procured by the DCBX  Selection Committee. The Global Experience is the celebration of Cultures by all who  impact lives through the passion & energy of Music, Dance, &  Community involvement! Last year thousands of votes were cast with over 18,500 impressions for last year’s awards show! Join DCBX in recognizing those in our community, August 22-26th, 2019. Nominate here: And, join us for a wonderful night of entertainment recognizing those in our community. 2019 DCBX Excellence Awards will be announced live at the Official Awards Show on Thursday August 22 at 8 PM at the Renaissance Downtown Hotel in Downtown Washington DC. DCBX SELECTION COMMITTEE AWARD CATEGORIES INCLUDE: Life Time Achievement Award Diez (10) Excellence Awards Viente (20) Excellence Awards PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARDS INCLUDE: BUSINESS CATEGORY Small Business of the Year impacting the Community Community Influencer of the Year Latin Entrepreneur of the Year ENTERTAINMENT AWARDS Photographer of the Year Radio Personality of the Year Latin Band of the Year TV Personality of the Year Latin Vocalist of the Year Kid Model of the Year - up to 13 years old Model of the Year Fashion Designer of the Year - Local Fashion Designer of the Year - International LATIN DANCE ACHIEVEMENT CATEGORY Male Latin Instructor Female Latin Instructor Latin DJ of the Year Latin Dance Team of the Year Latin Dance Night of the Year COMMUNITY CATEGORY Cultural Festival of the Year Community Non Profit of the Year Volunteer of the Year
August 22, 2019
Mix Thursdays
  1 FREE DRINK 4-8PM, FREE ENTRY B4 9PM & $10 DISCOUNTED ENTRY TILL 9PM w/REGISTRATION/RSVP ATTENTION ALL DANCERS...YOUR WISH HAS COME TRUE! 2 of the Best Salsa, Bachata, French Caribbean & Brazilian Zouk, Kompa & Kizomba DJ's are now Sharing the stage Each & Every Thursday for what we call "THE ULTIMATE MIXOLOGY". DJ OSCAR aka "MR SAWA SAWA" along with Guests DJ's! SALSA CLASSES by Earl Rush promptly starts 7:30-8:15pm KIZOMBA CLASSES by Eric Kizomba (as known on FB) & Charlie Devine 8:15-9pm Then its ULTIMATE OPEN DANCE FLOOR with DJ's OSCAR & GUESTS DJs! hosted by Juste Pehoua & Earl Rush!
August 15, 2019
The Infamous Sunday Fun Day in the DMV
Hot Sunday Salsa and Bachata events in the DMV 
August 11, 2019
The Ultimate Mixology at Mix Bar and Grille 8241 Georgia ave Silver Spring Md
 rsvp for free tickets “GET TICKETS”(1 FREE DRINK4-8PM, FREE ENTRY B4 9PM & $10 DISCOUNTED ENTRY THEREAFTER) ****ATTENTION ALL DANCERS...YOUR WISH HAS COME TRUE! 2 of the Best Salsa, Bachata, French Caribbean & Brazilian Zouk, Kompa & Kizomba DJ's are now Sharing the stage Each & Every Thursday for what we call "THE ULTIMATE MIXOLOGY" These DJ's Need NO introduction... Announcing DJ OSCAR aka "MR SAWA SAWA" & DJ RENZO aka "MR CAPITAL SALSA CONGRESS" ****SALSA CLASSES by Earl Rush promptly starts 7:30-8:15pm *****KIZOMBA CLASSES by Eric Kizoma (as known on FB) & Charlie Devine 8:15-9pm Then its ULTIMATE OPEN DANCE FLOOR with DJ's OSCAR & RENZO!
August 8, 2019
Summer Kizomba Bash at Tenley Bar and Grill
Class with DJ Oscar Music provided DJ Oscar  and DJ Roland 
August 3, 2019
Viva La Bachata Update Saturday Aug 3, 2019
First Saturday Bachata Social with Workshops and Open Dancing 
August 3, 2019
Fusion Urbana 6 Year Anniversary
Come on out to the Palladium on Sunday Aug 11, 2019 to celebrate 
August 2, 2019
Hot Picks for Friday Aug 2, 2019
Friday Salsa DC  DC TSR  The Game 
August 2, 2019